Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 18, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1939
Page 3
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Wednesday, October 18, 1939 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE SOCIETY fnrs. Sid Henry Simple Things Give me the simple things close to my home The things that are familiar, old and dear. I do not have to wander fnr, or roam The i Seven Seas—when we have splendor here. Give me a crackling flame upon the grate And Die warm .s'mcll of bread upon the fire. We do not have to ride abroad in slate To find the very core of heart's desire. A shining teapot—friendly hands to pour And jam Unit smells of grapes from our own vine. Could any noble king desire more? Let thusc who will seek promi.scd lands afar, Fur treasures so remote I shed tear, Why should we strive to reach a distant star When home with all its beauty right here!—Selected. Telephone 321 Viisscs Jewell McCulley anl Rosa Inrrie. Prizes for best costumes went o Misses Gladys Wntson nnd Elsie rVcisenberger. Mrs. Lula Green announces the marriage of her daughter, Lorcnc to Richard Byron Arnold, son of Mr. md Mrs. J. M. Arnold. The marriage WHS .solemnized, October 22, 1938 in the home of the officiating minister, Kcv. U. K. Musscr in Ashdowti. Both •ire graduates of Hope high school, and Mrs. Arnold is employed by the S. W. Bell Telephone Co., in this city, and Mr. Arnold is associated with his father in agricultural interests at DeAmi. The couple, with Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Arnold are attending the Livestock Show in Little Rock this week. Mr. and Mrs. George Crews have returned from n short stny in Dalla> where they attended the fair and purchased supplies. They were ncci/nv- pnnied by Miss Martha Waddle ; G. T. Crews. Master Johnny Brigft-s of Davis, Cal. is the gin-si of his grandparents, Miami Mrs. J. K. Briggs and Mr. anc; Mrs. Waller L. Carter. The American Legion Auxiliary held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Lloyd Spencer on East Third street with Mrs. M. M. MeCloughan as joint hostess. Fourteen members responded lo Iht- roll call. The business period was conducted by the president, and Mrs. Ernest O'Neal presented Mrs. McClciughim who told in a most in- tereMing manner, "Why You Should Join the American Legion Auxiliary." Mrs. Glenn Williams read the high lir.hls from the recent national con- venliun in Chicago. During the social hour the hostesses served a tempting salad course with hot lea. Ci.'.nmins and daughter. Carolyn have returned to their home in Eunice, N. M., after a visit wilh Mrs. Cummins' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Arnold. The following ladies from the local auxiliary attended a group conference of the Ouachil.-i Presbylerial held in Prescott on Tuesday, Mr.s. Chcd Hall, Mrs. Dorsey McRac, Mrs. A. W. Stub- bcYnan. Mr.s. Ernest Wingficld, Mrs. R. W. Muldrow, Mrs. W. M. Cantley, Mr.s. Paul Simms, Mr.s. Thos, Brcwster, Mrs. W. H. Anderson, Mrs. T. U. King, Mrs. J. K. COOIXM-, Mrs. A. J. Neighbours. Mrs. M. C. Butler, Miss Annie Allen, Mrs. S. H. Briant, Mrs. N. T. Jewell iuid Mrs. J. R. Williams. After a two week's vacation with his mother, Mrs T. R. King and sister, Mrs. Lucille Dildy, Harold King left Tuesday for his home in Dallas, Tex. The Service class of the First Christian Sunday .school will have a Weincr ron-st at 7 o'clock Thursday evening lit the Fair park. Rich member is requested to bring a cup and a spoon. Fur -transportation call -12'J-J. The Woman's Missionary Union of the First Baptist church will have its annual Stewardship program, Wednesday evening at 7:.'iO in Faith hall on South Main street. The following program will be given: Song. "I Love to Tell the Story," Scripture reading, Kcv. W. H. Hamilton; Inspirational Message. Mrs. A. C. Kolb; Playlet, "My Church Envelope," Sunbcams.G . A.'s and K. A.'.s; .special music, "Give of Your Best to the Work," Mrs. C. B. Backus,- "Stewardship for Jos us Sake," Y. W. A.; "Trust Me, Try Me, Prove Me," will l>e the closing song. Here's a 'Beauty' Hint for the Men Man May Not T»y for Beauty But He Can Treat Head Right By BETTYCLARKE A I' Feature Service Writer Here arc some "bcnuty" hints that lots of wives think their husbands need—and Unit lots of single men might profit by, too. Get a haircut every ten days or two weeks. Don't wail for your wife (or your best friend) to tell you need one. In between haircuts give yourself a slufmpoo—unless you get your shampoos in the barber shop too. Don't soak and soap your head every time you get under the shower. If ytmr .scalp is oily, use H little astringent tonic for a while; if it's dry, try a stimulating tonic, and cut down on your shampoos. Don't neglect brushing. Brush youi hair once a day—the first thing in the morning, or the last thing at night. When you're shaving, don't ncglcc' your adam's • apple and the region round about, either. Stubble on the neck—this is an economy tip as wel as a beauty hint—wears out collars and neck bands. Most women like to have a man use an after-shaving lotion—if you're won dci-ing about that; one with a fresh aroma, but not too sweet. Nothing that could possibly be mistaken for perfume. And while we're on the subject, don't think that only women use dcodrants. Many 'men wouldrfdo well to use them regularly. Be meticulous about your nails, toenails as well as fingernails. Another economic idea: You'll keep the toes of your .socks intact much longer if you wear them half a size too large, WAR STORIES IN STAMPS Three Baltic States Face Poland's Fate ' ami always keep your loenails short. Toe and fingernails may be cut with heavy manicure scissors or clippers— if you're sensitive about using a nail file, a.i many men seem to bat If that hi gtoenail seems awfully tough, try reading your evening paper while sitting on the edge of the)tub or on the bathroom stool. Then you can soak your feet for fifteen or twenty minutes at the same ti'mc. Your toenails will .snip off easily after a soaking. Note: Don't use scissors or clippers that arc the toast bit rusted. Every time you finish using them, rub a little petroleum jelly on them to prevent rusting. Don't push back your cuticle with anything too sharp, either. Use an orange stick. Germany and Soviet " Russia apparently in full ac» cord over the partition of Poland, the three World War-born Baltic triplets, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia helplessly await developments which may doom their independence. Although protected from German invasion by non- aggression pacts with the Reich, the three little countries are Jn danger of being returned lo Russia. Hitler lias already recovered the important port of Mcmcl, ceded to Lithuania by the Versailles treaty, and apparently has no further ambitions on the Eastern Baltic coast, but possession of the countries would give Russia a vastly greater -coast line and many important ports. AH together, the thrcd nations nre not as large as the state «! Missouri; most of, their area is flat coastal plain. For centuries these plains have been battlefields, for Germany's eastward expansion, for Napoleon's campaign against Russia and during the World' War. There are no natural barriers, such as Switzerland possesses, to safcguar4 neutrality. Exports consist chiefly of forest products and foodstuffs. Flax is also exported in quantity. These goods constitute a rich prize for a belligerent nation. A view of Lioland is shown on the Latvian stamp, above, issued in 1938 in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the republic. One of the most delightful parties of the early fall season was the "Gypsy Party" given Tuesday evening by the Jelt B. Graves Sunday- School class of the First Methodist Sunday School, at ihe fair park. The gypsy customs and .spirit were evidenced by the huge log camp fire, around which the class members sal i.iul told fortunes and enjoyed singing and conte.sls. The .entertainment wasfeature d with a visit from two Kj-psics from another tribe, who were so well disguised and (heir costumes were so splendid, (here's still some doubt as to their real identity. About £"> members of the class were present nnd enjoyed the mulligan slew, served with hot coffee. Hostesses were Mrs. Hiilis Luck, Mrs. Charles Thomas and Vew Cars Bigger, OO 7 Prices Are Lower ) Here Is a Preview of the New Models for the Year 1940 With the New York Onto Show opciing and other exhibits scheduled throughout Ihe country, you'll he hearing a lot aliout the new cars. Here's a c|iiick look at (hem. SUEZ* LORETTA YOUNG TYRONE POWER PLUS 1. I.ATKST NKU'S 2. NIITTV NKTWOHK Merle Oberon Is Back From the War Returns to U. S. After Starring In British Picture A I' Feature Service DETROIT - U you really don't want to buy a 19-10 model automobile it would be well lo keep away from the automobile shows or the retail salesrooms—because the motorcar industry thi.s year has turned out some NEW WKD. & TIIURS. "Street of Missing Men" with CHARLES UICKFOIU) No. '1 No. 2 ••WITHOUT HONORS" with IIAItllY CAREY THURS. NIGHT 8::t() ON Till: STAC.K IN PERSON A HUMAN RKINfJ "FROZEN ALIVE" WEDNESDAY ARTIE SHAW DANCING CO ED THURSDAY — FRIDAY Matinee Thursday in a great performance ...in a great role...in a great dramatic pi'cfuref of the finest looking cars in its history. Sleek isn't the word for them. They nil look biger and more massive than ever; even the lowst priced units look like the $2,000 car of a few years hack. Gone almost enlriely is the "shark nosed" appearance of last year. The chrome-plated grilles are retained many of them have been lowered, but the hood has been straightened up Most of the new models have the dligator type of hood cover. Carrying batteries under the hooc cover, most of the new units hnvc i lockcd-down cover which can be re leased only by operating a lever at the side of the instrument panel. Finger- lip gear shifting immediately undc the steering wheel is virtually uni vcrsal. There arc few mchanical departure: in the coming year's models, most o the designers' efforts having been t make the vehicles roomier and mor attractive to the eye. The new "scald beam" lights will be found on practical ly every 19-10 model; more accessories have bccnm ade "standard." The most drastic mechanical change in the coming models is Old.smobile's automatic gear shift, eliminating both the standard type of clutch nnd the clutch pedal. This feature, however, is to he optional equipment, at a small additional cost. All units arc priced lower than comparable types of last year. Where prices have not actually been cut, additional equipment has been made standard. The price reductions have ben made on the expectation of increased sales. Leading observers of Ihe industry are looking for the production and distrublion of approximately 4,000,000 units ni the UHO model season. Approximately 85 per cent of these will be acountcd for by the low priced firoup, headed by Chcvorlct, Ford and Plymouth, inthat. order. Ford has added a front end stabilizer to his models. Chevrolet has developed a "completely nrw ear," which looks more ib»j; ever like some of its older brothers in the General Motors line. Plymouth not only has added an entricl> new model, as have several other makers, but also has provided wide bodies and greater luggage space. CHARD DIX »A JOYCE Ihe seiuotionol discovery c( "The Roins Come* "HEREfAM A STRANGER" By JACK CTIKNETT AJ* Feature Service Writer NEW YORK — Merle Oberon is back from the war. She stopped over here on her way to Hollywood after a. tense voyage from London where she starred in Britain's firsl out-and-out propaganda picture. It's "The Lion Hns Wings," produced by her husband, Alexander Korda. Discussing it, Miss Oberon had a chance to spill a little propaganda all her own. "Alex had some beautiful pictures of Royal Air Force maneuvers which he 'wanted to use in the picture," she said. "They were taken only six months ago, but government officials pointed out that the planes used, at that time already are obsolete, 'For one scene in the picture," she reported, '^we showed the actual photographs of the plane fleet that took off lo bomb the Kiel canal. Another shot shows them earning back and if you, over here, think we lost dll the planes the Germans said we did, you just ought to sec that picture." She's Going Home In the propaganda picture, she plays Red Cross nurse, the wife of Ralph Richardson already is playing in grim [act on the Western Front the role lie portrayed in the film. Miss Oberon, whoso exotic cliunn, dark hair and dark slanting eyes have earned her a top spot in Hollywood, says she will return to England as soon as her next picture for Samuel Goldwyn is completed. 'With every one over there knuckling and carrying on as they arc, no true Englishman (Miss Oberon was born in Tasmania in 1911, of an mother) can stay out of it," she says. Women at Work Miss Oberon says she went through three air raid alarms, wept hysterically during the first. Practically all of her women friends have enlisted for service, she says. Some are chauffeurs ("all British officers are officials have women chauffeurs assigned to them"); some aviators (they fly messages and medicine, pilot officers about England)", am "Jaud girls" (you called them farm- erettes in 1918)". COMING SUNDAY TYRONE POWER MYRNA LOY — in — "The Rains Came" To Our Staff Miss Faye, Samuel of Little Rock Experienced Beautician and Hair Stylist (One of Little Rock's most popular operators) Phone for Appointment Kate's Beauty 6- Gift Shop "For Something New - C.ll 252" We're Not Weather Prophets - But we do know from experience that "OLE MAN WINTER" has a habit of slipping up on us along about this time of year, sometimes very unexpected. Don't let him catch you napping! Buy that coat you've been threatening to get and be ready when cold weather does arrive. Our stock is still complete and to make even easier, buy your coat this year on ROBISON'S PAYMENT PLAN. •Reputable Names •Moderately Priced •Credit Terms Arranged Redfern Coats A look will give you just a hint ... a try-on will convince you. But it's the quality of Redfern Coats you'll appreciate most. Painstaking tailoring . . . Julliard's fabrics for extra wear. Ripples and swirls of luxurious furs and georgeous new colors and patterns in exclusive tweed sport coats. 50 $49 Hirshmaur Coats You can appreciate the style of a Hirshmaur coat the second you slip one on ... but it's the painstaking- craftsmanship that'll make you and Hirshm^ur coats such warm friends in the long run. Commodore's famous Caracuna cloth, Hirshmaur's twisted boucle tweeds, and new master-loomed Oncle' fabrics. $1A75 $11050 _L u to \js Stoneleigh Coats The season's outstanding fashion hits. Proven styles unforgettably low priced for such luxurious quality! Every important fashion in magnificently tailored styles. A large selection of the seasons most popular colors in all sizes. IVc Gicc- Euijlc, S ROBISON'S PAYMENT PLAN Unquestionably the most convenient and dignified plan for the purchase of wearing- apparel on extended credit terms. Coupon books are issued for the amount of credit you wish to arrange for, you pay only 10', down and the balance in weekly or semimonthly payments. Coupons may be spent as cash in any department of our store. The Lfiidiinj Dc/xn I incut Store Geo. W. Robison &• Co. HOPE NASHVILLE

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