Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 21, 1936 · Page 53
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 53

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1936
Page 53
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, DECEMBER 21 • 1936 SEVEN BLOODHOUNDS WALTER S. MASTERMAN CHAPTER 28 j after a pause. "We'll have coffee SMALL as the incident of and liqueuers up there, and then Reid's playing with the children was, and hardly worth recording, it seemed to break the spell of horror that hung over the dismal place, and to cement a sort of defensive alliance between these people against an unknown enemy. "Run off to the bathroom and get washed," Sylvia ordered the children; and they knew when to obey. "You'll come again, Uncle Jack?" Marian cried, as she skipped out of the door that led to their bedroom. James had gone, and for a moment they were alone. "I'm so glad." Sylvia said breathlessly. "You don't know what it means to me." Her mouth and eyes smiled at him. "Listen, we've only a moment, they will be calling me in a minute. I believe that if we had stayed in that part of the house something dreadful would have happened. I was; up nearly all last night; and I heard someone try the children's dooi after you had gone. He may come tonight." "And find you flown?" we can talk." Reid rose without a word, and the silent Indian, inscrutable and menacing, held the door open. They ascended the broad staircase to the first floor. As in most old manor houses, there were only two stories and no attics. Colonel Graham paused, though listening to the wild and GAINS SHOWN IN FEDERAL INCOME Administration Experts Put Finishing Touch Next Budget. noises of creaking the weird beams and rafters, inseparable from an old house. "I'll show you your room," he said, turning quickly, as though for a moment he had forgotten Reid's presence. Reid shrugged slightly, it was no good protesting; and Graham opened a door, showing a large, weD-furnished bedroom with a bright fire burning, and an electric light over the bed for reading, with a conveniently placed bookshelf by the side. A decanter and siphon lay on a small table. "I hope you will find everything you want here," the colonel said urbanely. "You can ring if you require anything: I have one of my Indian servants on duty at night downstairs, a relic of my old She did not respond to his light | campaigning days, I suppose." He ords. _ "That's the point, Mr. spokt lightly, but Reid thought he words. "That's Reid—don't you the point, see—if he Mr. docs not try it will prove that the attempt is made by one in tlv: house, for they all linow we have moved; but if the person does try, it's from outside and that will tell us that there is no spy here," "That's clever of you." ''Miss Lawrence," a shrill voice shouted, sponge!" "Quick—I must go-—" "Where can I see you,?" he whispered earnestly. "Come to my bedroom when you come back from Colonel Graham's. It's the third door from here along the corridor. If there is any danger I'll put a light in my window. If it's out you'll know everything is all right." James insisted that Reid should take the car, and it seemed not only ungrateful, but sheer madness to refuse on such a night. So he drove up to the door of Paynton Manor, a less imposing, but healthier place than the Abbey; in fact, really a .arge farmhouse of the time of Queen Anne, altered and enlarged into a manor house. There was a square hall with a broad staircase ascending to a gallery that ran round the first story. The Colonel kept a good cook and an excellent cellar. An Indian servant waited on them, in native costume, and Reid learned that there was not a women in the place. "You saw nothing on the road?" Graham asked casually. "You can •speak freely before Ramdas, who is an old servant" "It is too roush a night; and 1 came by car, you know." '•Quite so! Try some of this curry; my chef will be distressed if we send it dovra unfinished." Reid kept a tight hold over himself. The experiences he was undergoing were novel, and although he could adapt himself perfectly lo any environment, he could not understand his sudden access to favor, especially with the overbearing Colonel. The latter seemed nervous, rather more talkative than usual. Reid watched him keenly, and before long came to the conclusion that the Colonel was in desperate fear and that he was talking because he feared silence. "You live alone here, Colonel?" he asked, whrjn there was a momentary pauso. "Alone, yes, quite alone, and doubly so now that poor Henry Severinge has gone." He wiped his forehead furtively as Reid was engaged with his meal. Up till now noi a word had been said about the matter of the estate, and Reid began to think that he was in some nightmare from which he would presently wake up. The rich dishes of strange Indian cooking and the generous wines, with the bizarre surroundings, all combined to heighten the air of unreality. And then in a lull in the tempest, out of the night came Ihc deep bay of a blcr^hound r.t large. • The Colonel started to talk feverishly, but Reid was staring intently at the window, and the story limped and trailed off Again the ominous sound came and the Colonel could not pretenc to be deaf. "Coats is taking the hounds for night exercise," he said quickly, "He might have chosen a better night, but it's all practice." For one brief moment Reid wondered why an explanation was necessary, but the Colonel's keen, deep-set eyes were on him, and the thin beak-like nose seemed to menace him. "I hope," he said, taking up his glass, "they will be back in their kennels when I go." "Oh, I couldn't think of letting you go on a night like this!" He save a forced laugh. "You know, Reid, you have only just moved, so it doesn't matter about taking up your quarters tonight." "The car is coming for me; I said I would return." "Come, come'" There was a note of impatience in the voice. "One would think you were a married man. What possible difference can it make to you? As a matter of fact, my syce told the chauffeur not to come back. I thought we should be having a long chat." So he was neatly trapped! Bloodhounds loose in the grounds, his car sent away, and no reasonable excuse for not staying. But his mind went to the girl who was going to show a light for him "if things went wrong." and sudden fear gripped him. He became icy cold with a determination to prove Himself worthy of her trust. "I- have rather a queer little smoking den," the -jolonel said, detected warning in the smooth words. They went along the gallery to a door, which the colonel opened, disclosing a short, steep stairway between walls, such as generally leads to lofts, and switched on the light. To Reid's imagination this !ed to some prison in the roof, but I can't find my j a t the top, on opening another ' door, a delightful, cozy room was revealed, square and nestling in the roof. The walls were almost entirely of glass, uncurtained, and the fierce rajn beat against the panes. Skins of beasts lay on the WASHINGTON, (&)— As administration experts put finishing j touches on next year's budget, the treasury recorded a $164,000,000 gain on the income side, of its ledger since July 1. For the first five months of this fiscal year, its receipts totaled SI,385,767,000, compared with $1,221,786,000 in the corresponding period last year. . Gains were shown in 55 of the 73 categories of taxation. Leading the upswing were income taxes, which totaled $413,863.000 between July 1 and Nov. 30, an increase of $86,535,000. Of the income tax receipts. 5238,918,000 came from corporations and $174,944,000 from individuals. The next largest gain was in liquor tax revenues, which, al $268,606,000, were $47,417,000 above the same period last year. Others included: Tobacco taxes, $235,128,000. gain of $24,020,000; gasoline, $90,019,000, gain of $4.701,000; automobiles, 821,551,000, gain of S7.546,- 000; tires and inner tubes, $16,984,000, gain of $3,732.000; telephone and other communications, S9,921,000, gain of $1,093,000. chimney and the strong wind. "There is a fine view, from here," the colonel said, taking a large black Indian cigar from a box filled with tea, "In the daytime one can see right over the valley, -and the village lies below. It's my favorite room." It was indeed comfortable enough, and a good snuggery for floor, and comfortable armchairs were scattered about. Seen from outside, the place would be taken for a lantern to light the hall. Reid took a seat before a wide i onel, like a human eagle, could fireplace, where the fire smokr-d I watch the valley beneath him. badly with the shortness of the I TO BE CONTINUED a lonely man; but somehow Reid felt that there was a sinister atmosphere about this room, placed like an eyrie from which the col- DECORATE YOUR HOME WITH COLORED LIGHTS Tell the world it's Christinas at your house. Nothing expresses the Christmas spirit more than Christmas lighting. Sparkling strings of colored lights over doorways and shrubbery—lighted wreathes in thar make Christmas REAL. Let the sparkle and glow and radiance of colored lights create an atmosphere of cheer —of joy—of gaiety—of generosity—an atmosphere of Christmas in your home. Write or 'phone for free book- the windows—a tree of shining let, "How to Light Your Home glory-these are the things for the Holidays." CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATIONS of highest quality at no higher cost. 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