Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 22, 1957 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, August 22, 1957
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DEPT. OF HISTORY 4 ARCHIVES DfcIS V.OIDSS 19, IO.VA VOLUME 42, NO. 8 Price Five Cents FAYETTE, IOWA Price Five Cents thru the week with the editor Roger Otterstein comments that "the only place where success come before work is in the dictionary." We were driving past Russell l.ockard's home north of Maynaid the d.her day and noticed a sitjn on a tree which said, very t• m p h a t i r a I I y, "NO FEfU) AGENTS ALLOWED!" • • • • People use to concentrate on insurance agents, but now its tin- feed salesmen. • » • • Supt. Paul Picket has annoucfd that the FHS annuals and letters have arrived and they can be picked up at his office. Saw Mrs. Harold (Vera) Schmidt, Butch Heth and several others ifrom Fayette at the Great Western Picnic in Oelwein last Saturday afternoon. .Miss Marcia .McNee, formerly of UIU as student and faculty, was in for a subscription to the LEADER 'Monday. She remains with Morningside College at Sioux City. Wilfred Clark was standing in front of the Slate Bank Monday afternoon with a determined look on his face. He made a large deposit that day. « • * • The Newspaper Iowa Depends Upon had quite an article about a deserted city near Maquoketa last Sunday, Wonder if they've ever seen Fayettu during Fair Week? * « • * 170 Pound, 40 year old, Roger Olson has returned to Fayette from his recent vacation to California and Mexico. • • • • «^-,.^. As many of you probatJly know, he appeared on the TV show Truth or Consequences. He was paid $15.00 a minute while a lady guessed his age, weight, and profession. Sh* was right on the profession but 14 years off on the age and—let's see, about 85 Ibs. off on the weigl/t. Under, that is. * * » » Art Langerman has found a new way to get some of the State Bank horde. He was tunnelling underneath the street in 'front of the bank 'last week. » • • • • ' Brother-in-law Frank read the editorial last week and thinks we should put in a plug for the hog raisers, too. » * « • Learned Tuesday that you can get some very good chocolate cake at the G & B Cafe 1 . » « • » Doris (Mrs. Dave) McGee gave birth to a new daughter last week. Dave tells about his little boy, Billy, and how he expected that Mommy would bring one home for him and his sister. Anyway, he startedcrying when Grandma brought a basket for only one. New School Map Of Organization Filed Wesl Union (Special) -- The map of the proposed South Central reorganized school district has been filed in the office of County Superintendent. A. S. Morse, it was announced by John Hofmeyer. Committee Chairman Van Sickle 29th Family Reunion Tin- 1VI l!i iviiiii.ui of Sickli. family was hi'lil Aug. Hi, at dates Park in Wat, : - loo. In the absence of the Presi di'lit, Mrs. Rhoda Penii'in^ky ol Des Moiiics, tin- Vice-President Elwood Mabow, of Anlu-ny presided. Calling the iirotip to order he u.sked Donald Van Sickle o: Fayette to offer thanks for the noon meal. Following dinner a program was given. El wood ex. ended th- welcome to the group and Mrs Orvile Van Sickle of Hawkeyc gave the response. Tile Historian report was made. giving 10 births. 3 weddings an<: 5 di'aths in the past year. Amoiu: ihe deaths was our liistonali of many years. Mrs. Rhoda Van Sickle. A memorial poem was road in memory. Mrs. Alber! Van Sickle of Waterloo was chosen Historian. Many letters and cards from absent ones were read by the Sec. and i.hese were assembled iiij.o a Round Robin letter an.! started on its way. Albert Van 'Sickle sho'.vrd many lovely pictures taken during his visit to the Regina Reiter of East Coast. Dunkerton played an accordion solo and was joined by her sister, Candico an a duet. Regina also entertained with a drum solo and accompanied Linda Van Sickle of Fay ette who sang. Election of officers placed El- Mabow in the i j r_es> cnajr Mrs. Nellie Frye of Randalia, Vice-President and Ethel Clark. Fayette was retained as Secretary-Treasurer. The third Sunday in August was voted to be the date for the aothreunion in 1958 and the same place, Gates iPark in Waterloo. Fayette High School Summer Baseball Season record 4 wins .'! losses First year for Summer baseball. Max Gross leading with a 417 batting average. Mike Eischeid and Larry Maxson had the most hits with six each, Larry Maxson and Jerry Doyle scored the most runs with 7 each. BATTING AVERAGES AB H R AVL-. Max Gross 21 5 Mike Eischeid 10 0 14 Nancy Brockway Visiats Henry Proctor Nancy Brockway, West Union, spent a few days last week in the home of her uncle Henry Praetor and family. D. Dumermuth 14 a Larry Maxson 17 0 Gene VanBuren 7 2 Jerry Doyle 21 4 Dave Dennis 12 2 Duane Watkin 14 2 Chuck Gooder 9 1 Deaue Watkins 15 1 Roger Earle 0 0 Bob Marvin 2 0 Duane Voshell 1 0 Fayette 146 34 Opp. 140 33 4 0 4 7 1 7 3 1 1 1 1 0 0 36 .417 .375 .357 .353 .190 .107 .143 .111 .067 .000 .000 .000 .234 22 .236 Dahls To Funeral In South Dakota Mr. and Mrs. Vic Dahl and Judy are attending toe funeral of Mr. Dahl's brother-in-lav*, Parker Newcombe of Madison, South Dakota. Funeral services will be held today (Thursday). Little League Baseball CROSS AGAINST THE SKY Pitted against a bright summer sky is the modern-day replacement of the old Church s~teepUp\vith the cross of stone set in brick. Admiring the structure, which is the recent accomplishment of the Wesleyan Methodist Church $f Fayette, is young David Johnson, sorj of the Reverend Howard W. Johnson, pastor of the church. Following fire, industrious members of the church started the new building. Worship was continued in the high school audiloriiim until the nc.tr gatvcutary provided enough shelter for services. FAYETTE COUNTYLEADER GRANTED SECOND CLASS MAILING PRIVILEGES Washington — The U.S. Post Office Department has granted Second Class Mailing privileges to the Fayette County Leader, Fayette, Iowa. The LEADER is now qualified to publish legal notices and other items heretofore not permitted. 2nd Half Final Fl/TURE CITIZEN — Dennis Hendrix, son of Upper Iowa Dean and Mrs. Herschel C. Hendrix, is pictured above as one of Fayette's Future Citizens. Fayette Stone Co. Fays Trailor Court Farm Bureau Chamber of Commerce Inter State Power 1st Half Play Off Inter State Powar 13 W 4 3 2 1 0 2 3 4 Fays Smithfield Jolly Jr. The August meeting of the Smithfield Jolly Jr. was held at the home of Deloris Humphry. Roll call was answered by 11 members. There was a team demonstration on "How to Obtain Good Posture" which was given by Ja- Nella Palmer and Sandra Sheldon. 'Mrs. Nelson judged the style review girls and the articles which were to go to the fair. There were 9 guests present. The next meeting will be held at the home of Elva Jean Sanders, August 31. UIU Alumnus Visits Here George Stchison (UIU 1939) and family of Midland Michigan was a caller on the campus last week. He was happily amazed at the change on the Upper Iowa campus. Trailor Court 11. CHAMPIONSHIP PLAY OFF Fayette Stone Co. 13 Interstate Power 12. TEAM CAPTAINS Fays Trailor Court — Roger Earle — Lee Burns. Interstate Power Co. — D wight Durfey — Alan Finger Fayette 'Stone Co. — Steve Ver- mazen — Dave Burget Farm Bureau — Mike Smith — Barry Zobornik Chamber of Commerce — Doug Fay — Randy Van Bogart Local People Enjoy Picnic Mrs. T. W. Wilder, Oelwein visited Henry Proctor and Larry Ashby last week. All joined in having a picnic with the Jack Howards at Klock's Island. Visitors In John Hastings Home Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Keefe from Hemet, California are here visiting her sister and husband, Mr. I and Mrs. John Hastings. Visitors In Paul Davis Home Mrs. Ada M. Bing, sister-in-law of Mrs. Paul E, (Lois) Davis an Howard Painter from Indiana polis, Indiana, and Mrs. Morri P. Hall and Dorothy Jean from Saint Louis, Missouri, arrive Tuesday to visit in the home o Mr. and Mrs. Paul Davis of Fay ette. Polio Project Now Being Organized A new project is underway for f t */**\ TTf\ T c Fayette County Chapter of / I 1 VIS / V e National Foundation for In •*• ^^ ' ' •*• * ••** H. Turner Enters •iolstein In Iowa >tate Fair W. H. Turner of Fayetie has ntcred 1 Holstein in the million ollar livestock show which will e a feature of the Iowa State r in Des Moines, August 23 tirough September 1. This year's show promises to e the largest in Iowa State Fair listory, with upwards of 8,000 iead entered in the competition or prize-winning cattle, swine, heep and horses. Judging in the open class live- lock competition will start Monday, Aug. 26 and continue hrough Friday, Aug. 30. FFA md 4-H entries will be judged i'riday and Saturday, Aug. 23 and 24. Judging rings will be open to ,he public each day, so fair visi- ors may see the actual process of udging and selection, as the ribbons and well over $130,000 in cash prizes are awarded. Albany Votes 23-2 In *avor Of Reorganization In a straw vote at the Albany school last Monday evening voters present at the meeting voted 23-2 in favor of the proposed South Central School Reorganization. The vote was trictly unofficial, however. Committee members expressed satisfaction with the support given the proposal, according to John Hofmeyer, district chairman. Visitors with Mrs .Chris Rasmussen Miss Karen Cowles and aunt, Mrs. Cora Husberg of Eau Claire, Wis., were visitors Wednesday and Thursday in the (Mrs. Chris Rasmuasen home. Jean Ann Cowles accompanied them home to visit there and with other the the fantile Paralysis according to John Hofmeyer, Chapter Chairman. The program has begun simultaneously in every county in the United States and is term ed "The Forward Look for the Polio Patient." First step in the still limited program is an historic survey to de-ermine the precise number and the location and condition of every person wtio has ever had polio. When the survey is completed it will be the first master list of victims of any disease. The Fayette County Chapter will complete the survey and forward it to headquarters of tin- National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis by September 10. According to Chairman Hofmeyer this survey is the first step in a long-term program tu bring Die most complete possible rehabilitation for these past and present polio victims, with the new techniques developed by medical science in recent years. With Iowa polio incidence only 17 as of July 29, there is a possibility that money, personnel and facilities will be adequate to begin the extensive work necessary to put many past polio patients into the most complete participation in daily life, said Hofmeyer. None of the work except for the patients receiving assistance from the March of Dimes now, will begin until the first step of the new program is completed. The survey is necessary to determine the needs in both funds and facilities. The Fayette County Chapter is busy now working on the lists which are available from many sources. However, because so many polio patients from past years have moved, both into and out of Fayette County, all pust polio patients have been requested to report to the Chapter by calling Chairman Hofmeyer or by sending the name, address and telephone number to Box 415, Fayette, Iowa. That applies for all patients, of either paralytic or non-paralytic polio, said Hofmeyer. Mrs. Edward Hollows was ro lurni'd to her home from the Sunnier hospital where she had been a patient following transfer from the Methodist hospital in Rochester, Minn., where she had been a patient and under gone major surgery. The Wesleyan Missionary Society will meet Friday afternoon for their August meeting with Mrs. Howard Solomon. • * * * • Mr. and Mrs. Lorcn Ostrander are moving to the Steggall house from the apartment in the Humphrey house where they lived for several years. have 22 AUGUST 1957 F. Claxton Announces Bond Sales Results Fayette — Forrest B. Claxton, President of the State Bank of Fayette today announced that during July, residents of Fayette county invested another $153,478.00 in United States saving bonds, pushing the seven-month total to SI.172,885.00 for 79 per cent of the 1957 quota. For the like period, Iowa had attained 59 per cent of quota anJ has the best quota record among the midwestern states. National average was 54 per cent. F. B. Claxton, a volunteer cochairman of the savings bonds program, reported that July sales throughout Iowa were $10,535,762 giving the state a total of 385,000,847 for the first seven months. G. J. Douglas Attends University Of Colorado Eouldor, Colo, — Drover J. Vaglas, modern languages in- i- at Upper Iowa Universi- .yetic, is attending the Uni- 'y of Colorado summer ses- aoairding to a recent re- 'j .o session, which includes 2 l.vc-wi-fk terms, annually at- trivts students and teachers from every style in the nation. The university is serving more than 0,500 persons during the summer. In addition to the wide variety of regular course offerings ia virtually every field of study, special workshops, conferences, lectures, plays, concerts anU ex hibits provide an abundance of cultural opportunities. The university's recreation de- payment sponsors mountain climbs, bus trips, hikes and steak fries throughout the session as a supplement to the academic life. One of the high points of the July and early August. relatives week. at Colfax, Wis., this Philatheas Club To Meet August 28 The Philatheas will meet with Mrs. Ida Burns, on Wednesday, August 28, with a Picnic dinner at 12:15 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Kd Shelton of Delhi are visiting her mother, Mrs. John Mori'. * * * * Miss Dura Tann spent several days last week will) relatives in Council Bluffs, returning on Saturday. She accompanied her brother, George Tann of Waterloo, who was going to Omaha. Rev. Frank Cass will be the guest speaker at the First Methodist church 'Sunday, August 24th in the absence of the pastor who is on his vacation. The Charles Webb family have returned from a three week vacation trip to California where they visited Mr. Webb's sister and other relatives and friends. Mrs. William Steinspring, Durham, N. C. and her sister, Miss Shirley Albright of Beach, Va., are visiting their anut, Miss Ella Foxwell and other relatives for a few days. Sunday a family gathering was held in honor of the ladies at the City Park in Fayetto with ovei 40 attending. Miss Foxwell plans to leave with the ladies on Wednesday * * » * President and Mrs. E. E. Gar bee and Rep. and Mrs. Don L Kirnball have been invited to dine with Lt. Governor and Mrs W. H. Nicholas at their Clea Lake home Sunday. * * « • Craig Roberts of Austin, Texa who has spent the summer wit! his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs Karl Masters, is leaving toda for his home in Austin. •Mr. and Mrs, Masters are tak ing him to Mason City to tak the train. Everett L. Garbaa QUANTICO. Va. (FHTNC) — vcrelt L. Garbee, son of Mr. nil Mrs. Eugene E. Garbee' ol Uii Washington st., Fayette, la., ompleted six weeks of officer raining July 27 at the Marine orps Schools, Quantico, Va. As a member of the Platoon ,i>;ulfrs Class, he will 'be eligible jr appointment as a second lieu- LMiant in the Marine Corps upon." ompletion of college. This was his second and final ummer of training at Quantise. or Virginia, and perhaps to pend the winter with them. Her address will be Chesterfield, Va. Box 105, R.F.D. » • « • Mr. and Mrs. Ira Chapin are expected today for a visit in the lome of the Misses Amy Leigh md Margaret Paine. Mr. and ,Mrs. Chapin's home is n Chicago and Florida. * • • • Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Shoemaker and family, Miss Pat Reese ol Cedar Rapids, and Mr. and Mrs. len Johnson of Oe'lwein were Sunday dinner guests in the M. E. Reese home. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Skipton's returned the last of the week from a vacation trip spent in California. Mrs. Margaret Pfieffer and. sons left Wednesday for St. Joseph, Mo., where they will operate a motel. • • • • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Milligan and children were Saturday guests in the home of Mrs. Milligan's parents, the John Solomon's, and sister-in-law, Mta. Howard Solomon and also visited in the Ed Solomon family. • • « • Continued on p«g* »ix

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