The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on March 29, 1998 · Page 17
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 17

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1998
Page 17
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THE SALINA JOURNAL LIFE SUNDAY. MARCH 29. 1998 BS THE SUNDAY CROSSWORD T SPORTS MEDICINE "ILL WINDS" By RICHARD THOMAS ACROSS 1 Mince and shuffle 6 Close 10 Crook: Yiddish 15 Aspen pair 19 "I-acrook" 20 City in TUscany 21 "-of Divorcement"; K. Hepburn debut 22 Remove rind & Start of a • , "current" •.';,„» £r Frightened • , comments 28 Newsstand ,29] Wee •30 Actor's aid '•$?• Paddle boat 32 Batman foe 33 Cronus' twelve df Insertion mark .38 Out of sight :39, "...with — :'.•". - bodkin?": Hamlet 40 Affectionate 41" Hit a homer 41 Nos. experts 46: More of verse :J>1; Incisive ;62; Track shape S3 Give one's two ;• cents worth 54" Triumphant cry 55 Femme tatale 57, Domestic >", disagreements & "Glgriyricist 59,' Garment worker ,6V Fine net 62 Sameness ;63; Pamper ^•64-; Turncoat •C5 Asserts wildly £$* Japanese dog 'J57j Type of cigar ;68; Kwan leap $j; Cantina v"* concoction 73; More of verse •77= South African 78 Wishes '.- '.'otherwise ^9; Mind "^0 Wipe out • i jji; Wet blanket \ 82; Elitist group '84; Chips consumer 85* Permission 89 By chance 90 Not worth a — 91 Heads of state 92 Country's Crystal 93 Destroy deliberately 97 End of verse 101 Assures success 102 Bridge response 103 Faucet flaw 104 Sore 105 Sober time 106 Citadel student 107 Fill up at the table 108 Overruns DOWN 1 Humpback 2 Tan and Lowell 3 Foot part 4 Unit of pressure 5 "Family of Man" photog 6 Lee of cinema 7 Bunts and bingles 8 Uncle Sam 9 Mugs 10 Klutz 11 Employ improperly 12 Price or Nolte 13 Large ruminant 14 Crane's cousin 15 Use up 16 Afghan capital 17 Fit to be tied 18 Passover rite 24 God, to Oalus 25 Wine's complement 26 Soarer Sally 31 Clinton's Erie — 32 Way to go 33 Nob Hill hotel 34 Woodwind 35 Handle 36 Electronic device 37 "Yankee Doodle Dandy" role 38 Small valleys 40 Mania 41 Hit, the old- fashioned way 42 Singing group 43 Make murals 44 "Veronica's Closet" lead 45 Luminary 47 French landscape 48 "Lincoln Portrait" composer 49 Iridescent stones 50 Ward off 56 Of the small intestine 57 Red Sea country 58 Tenor Mario 59 Qinza'scity 60 In a separate place 61 Big brass 62 Fall guy 63 Harvard's loc. 64 Tropical food Ash 65 Smoke screens 67 Was capable 68 Influential group 70 Asian nanny 71 Lawsuit 72 Polish border river 74 Dinosaur time period 75 Novel supporters 76 Equip anew 81 Sprightly 82 Most Machiavelian 83 Invalid 84 Intellect 85 Chalice 86 Prevention dosage 87 Mayflower passenger 88 Stickup 89 Disloyal 90 Extent 92 Joyful 93 Huff 94 Biblical weed 95 Actor Perry 96 Grade sen. 98 Shrinks'org. 99 Gershwin 100 B. Favre feats Weight training improves pitcher's performance DR. PAUL DONOHUE North America Syndicate 3/29/98 01998 Los Angeles limes Syndicate ANSWERS TO TODAY'S PUZZLE ARE ON PAGE B2. Dear Dr. Donohue: I need some help. I pitch for my high school. What's a good way to improve my throwing? — T.L. Dear T.L.: Throwing a ball entails a chain of movements. It begins with the feet, progresses to the legs, then to the torso, and finally to the shoulder, arm and hand. About half of ball-throwing force comes from rotation of the trunk. Probably the best way to improve throwing speed is through weight training for the entire body. Squat exercises are good for the legs. Twisting abdominal exercises are important for the trunk. In one such exercise, you lie on the floor with hands locked behind your head. Bend your knees. Rotate your right elbow to your left knee, then your left elbow to your right knee. Ballistic exercises are important. With a partner, practice standard medicine-ball tosses to one another, releasing the ball as quickly as you can. If you can find a slightly overweight baseball, devote some time to pitching it. Dear Dr. Donohue: Now that the weather is turning warm, I'm about to start my jogging program. Every year, however, I get foot blisters, which come and go all spring and summer. How can I avoid this curse? — P.O. Dear P.G.: Blisters form when the outer skin layer — the epidermis — slides back and forth over the deeper skin structures, which are more tightly anchored. A cleft between the layers of skin develops and fills with fluid. If you can sufficiently reduce friction between the layers of skin, blisters won't develop. Look to your shoes. There should be a thumb-width space between your big toe and the front of the shoe. Don't throw away old shoes when you buy a new pair. New shoes need a breaking-in period of about two weeks. Wear the new shoes for an hour the first few days and gradually increase wearing time during the next two weeks. Next, look to your socks. Polypropylene or other synthetic fiber wicks moisture away from the feet. Wet feet encourage blister formation. Before running, spray the bottom of your feet with an antiperspirant containing aluminum hydroxide. If a blister forms, keep its roof intact. Clean the blister with alcohol. Heat a straight pin to sterilize it. Let the pin cool and then puncture the blister to drain the fluid. Cover the blister with a bandage. Dear Dr. Donohue: What is an "abdominal crunch"? I hear it's the best exercise for stomach muscles. — P.P. Dear P.P.: Crunches are excellent exercises for abdominal muscles. Lie on the floor with knees fully bent. Raise your back and head off the floor to a point where the shoulder blades clear the floor. IN THE HOME assists insurance adjusters List of possessions irnportant in case tragedy strikes home - If your house was hit by a tornado and you had to make a list of your possessions, could you do it? X Tornado season & is approaching for Kansas residents, but a fire can happen any time. Wrien tragedy strikes, your insurance adjuster will ask* you to compile a*list of what you rm^e lost so the insurance company e$n pay your $aim. In the event oj a burglary, the police will also rieqd to know what 1 Was taken. "To recover stolen items, settle insurance claims, or possibly take an income tax deduction for casualty or theft losses, it is important to have a detailed list of what was lOst, proof of ownership and docu- ntehtation of value of items. "Prepare now for a possible loss by "making a household inventory. f4 household inventory is basi- eidly an itemized list of household fUpnishings, equipment and other gersonal possessions. r-Several methods can be used MARY LOU ODLE KSU-Saline County Extension Agent- Family and Consumer Sciences when developing a household inventory. Each has advantages and disadvantages. A combination of several methods may be most effective in establishing loss, ownership and value. Whatever method you choose, develop the inventory room by room. Start at one point and go around the room listing and photographing or video taping each large item and area. Be sure to open closet doors and drawers. Don't forget the attic, basement, garage and workshop. Pictures and detailed listing are especially important for unusual or expensive items. Close-up pictures of special collections, paintings, silver, jewelry and antiques are recommended. If an item is extremely valuable, consider having a member of the family in the picture as additional proof of ownership. Group small pieces such as jewelry and silver on a plain tablecloth or other solid background. If the brand, pattern, manufacturer or other information on the items is important to establish ownership or value, be sure that information is readable in the picture. For possessions most subject to theft, such as bicycles, audio and video equipment, power tools and musical instruments, you may want to engrave an identifying number on them. This is especially important where serial num- bers can be easily removed. Make a list of brand names and serial numbers for electronic equipment, televisions and microwave ovens. If items are found after a theft, you will be asked to provide proof of your ownership. Make a notation on the inventory of dates items were purchased. Check your insurance policy or with your agent to determine if you have replacement coverage for personal household property or current value coverage. Replacement coverage means you will receive insurance money to replace your lost item with a similar new item. Current value coverage generally allows you money to cover the replacement cost less depreciated value of items. Also check the limits of coverage on an- "I don't have time right now." Pre-arranging and pre-funding your gift to your loved ones. ri 'Pre-planning your funeral is an easy thing to put /off. The fact is, it is not as time consuming as you I may think. We can help you prepare for the future. [ Call us for answers to your questions. It will be well |worth your time. Roselawn Mortuary can help you with your pre-arrangement and pre-funding plans. Call 825-8231 for further information or to set up an appointment. See our ad in the Feist Area Wide Yellow Pages. KOSl-l.AWN MORTUARY Hold that position a few seconds. Then slowly lower yourself back to the floor. : • For better body control, you can do crunches with your calves resting on the seat of a chair. '. • Dear Dr. Donohue: I am a 56;year-old woman. I rollerblade about eight miles in 50 minutes almost every day. I also do the same on a bike. About how many calories am I burning? — C.R. Dear C.R.: Rollerblading a distance of eight miles in 50 mlnutfes burns roughly 270 calories. Biking at a speed of five miles an hour burns 200 calories in SO minutes. If you eventually pick up the pace to tl miles an hour, you'd be burning 400 calories. Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his column whenever possible. Readers may write him at P.O. Box 5539, Riverton, NJ 08077-5533. Norma's Custom Drapery 'Everything for the windoyt but the vlewl 20 Years Experience By Appointment 785-823-3288 tiques and jewelry, art, computer, and other items. You may want to purchase special coverage for certain items through a rider on your policy or a separate policy. What perils does your insurance cover? Most homeowners or renters policies do not cover damage and loss from floods. If your washer hose comes loose and floods your basement, you may be covered, but if water comes in from outside, you must likely are not covered. Be sure you know what coverage you have. Make several copies of your inventory and store one copy in a safety deposit box. A second copy can be kept at home, and perhaps a third copy should be given to a family member or good friend to store. Holuit I iol».nuis 1307 S. Santa Fe Diana I lobcnius Just in for Easter! Purchase any Suit or Sport Coat and Slacks combination and receive a FREE Shirt and Tie. 110 S, Santa Ee * Downtown 888-8181 Mon- Fri 9-5:30, Sat 9-5 f *- Thinking Balloons? *J\jrtful Parties & Events 921 Sltalimar Dr. (behind the Soutligatc Dairy Queen) • 827-8448 An Automatic Wheelchair Lift For Your Whole Family: Clearway' The Clearway allows complete access lo your vehicle when the lift is slowed. The fully automatic split platform folds out of the way, leaving the doorway clear. , . vailable with your choice of: (A) internal swng oor operator, (B) slide door operator ami (C) optional remote for independent operation. 785-825-4000 Innovation in Mobility 1-800-572-6177 PROFESSIONRL L/7 /@t/y /"^/ \b 3WKJ- **J\^&&wrl> \^<G/l<C'; \Jt 1331 Armory Road Salina This faster Bunny has made appearances at the Internationally known Walt Disney World Swan! Would you like the Easter Bunny to visit \ you, your family or your customers? Give us a call now and make your reservation for Good Friday thru Easter Sunday. >« - Personal Visits $20 452-9712 Salina LOSE BRESS SIZES IN 30 DAYS! ^ipjir'Tpft MBrmtif MOW FOR (7«f) 827-3000 WEIGHT LOSS CLINICS ( l.lMt I U »l 1 V I'UIUAN

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