Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 20, 1952 · Page 37
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 37

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1952
Page 37
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THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 1932 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH fftdl Don't Monkey WITH CAR V THAT'S ACTIN' UP SEE THE NEW DODGE TODAY 1948 CHEVROLET Fteetmmter A maroon 4-door with all Chevrolet equipment. A very Imprewlve our for the money. 1946 CHEVROLET Stytomasttr Red finish on a little Ford or that'* rrnlly nice, tin* all equipment and a guarantee. 1950 NASH Super Here's one of thoie economical Naith Tudor* that'* a« near perfect at a new one. Has factory radio and heater. 1950 PLYMOUTH Sedan A deluxe with heater that'll'priced to sell. If you're looking for a clean '80, thin In It. 1948 CHEVROLET Oonvertlbli A metallic gray flnlih with new top. Car I* fully equipped and exceptionally clean. Alton'* Oldest and Most Reliable IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 1952 DeSotos Liberal Triule In Allowance "Yps, It's True Brown Still Gives the Best Denl." John T. Brown 1610 E. BROADWAY Dial 3-S5S4 ARTICLES FOB SALE STOVE FUKNACB fc BOILER REPAIR — P»rti most all makes. Quick service. Try us. WISEMAN. 1128 E Broadway Phone 2-9294, _ ____ ..... THROW RUGS FOR SALE— Will take . orders. Also custom weaving done. USED REFRIGERATORS -^Ranges, washers televisions. Reasonable prices. Tc^m^Phpne .?: 7722 or 3 '. 8B4 °TH¥HMO-LINK WA'TER IIEATERT $J7.75 Waymlre Electric. 1136 Lorena, Wood Blver. 4-51)80^) r_ J.-7 65_ 4 : WRINGER ROLLS Parts, Greases, Oil, Service FOR ALL MAKES WASHING MACHINES VACUUM CLEANERS New Tank Type Cleaners ••;••—* SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES AUTOMATIC WASHERS DRYERS HOT WATER HEATERS STOVES REFRIGERATORS F MIDDLK.COFF REPAIR SERVICE 828 East 7th St. Dial 2-4423 Res._Phone 2-1132 — 2-2585 L 1~GREEN DAVENPORT—Bed style, reasonable. Call before 4:30 p. m. 2815 Cirandview. __ 6uTBOA~RD MOTOR—Golf clubs and bag, never used. Thor automatic glad- iron. 3-5888. FOR SALE--One 72-fnch double drain- board sink, cast Iron on porcelain legs. FOlT'sATE^Antique Jenny Llnd baby cradle, good condition. Phone 410W, JerseyyJMe. . . JUMBO PECANS-1951 crop. Rt. 140. near Bethallo. 3 - DAY SPECIALS 8!i Cu. Ft. Refrigerator. . .$179 36" Electric Range $179 30-Cal. Elec. Water Heater $89 Apartment Gas Range $79 Electric Blanket $29 FREE GIFT to every adult visiting our store Friday or Saturday. ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. _-_MERCURY MOTORS— New and used. Repair servic. on all makes Ca £?±L n molded bonte. Easy tormt. Ray *£"•{ Glendale Garden*. Vt milt «ast of Wood Klver. 4-8836. _ NEW FLAT BOATS FOR SALE— Two 14? on. !«', on. 12',, on. 9' Kayak; alia boat* mad. to order. Francis Jon.i, 27 Missouri Ave. Phone 2-4623. _ _ - JOHNSON OUTBOARD MOTORS REPAIR S1BVIC» Martn. SuwUea KRAMER ELECTRIC ___ 1H a. Broadway ___________ 14-Ft WOLVERINE BOAT— Molded plywood. 25 h. p. Evinrud. motor; good condition. Phone 2-4381. _____ _ 3 OF THE BEST 1951 PLYMOUTH Suburban Radio niul Heater. Very Nice. 1950 STUDEBAKER Champion 2-I>oor Fully Equipped. 1948 M-5 STUDEBAKER Pickup Overdrive and heater. Very low mileage. Extra Good. LELAND KREID MOTOR CO. Sfudebaker Safes and Service 310 STATE STREKT I'hone 3-8887 ALTON, I C'OAI.-COKE-WOOD 7$ COAL, ROCK, SAND & DIRT—General hauling._R J _A._CRqSS,_4-4pn. FIREPLACE WOOD —~ Kindling, coal, rock, sand and livestock hauling. Dial 3-nnu. NORGE dltlmi. _OOOpg ELECTHTc~STOVE— Price $70. 2I» W. Elm. :i-SI32 75A HENERAL HAULING BASEMENT DIGGING—Tawn dirt, yard graded, plowing, driveway rock. Earl BASEMENT bTGCliNCJ-^Back filling and leveling off: dirt for lawns, fill dirt. Rock for driveway. John H. Wolf, Excavating and Trucking Co. For free estimates dial 2-7111; evening*, 3-B208 CINDERS^- Rocks, sand." dirt;~gener»l hauling. Phone_4-944B. 7ANO"SCAPING — ~"SoddTng7 seeding, shrubbery, hauling dirt, rock, gravel grading, bnck-flll._4-B235, ROCK," SAND —" And'lawn dlfI. immediate delivery on driveway rock. Clyde DeGerlia 4-3R.16. "•ABAGE HAULING—Rock, sand. dirt, an_d_limjbs. Dl a I 2-4H08. Ja mes Sanders i^ZZZT 7H JBJ^TH iNcr~~~ GIRL'S COAT * HAT "-Size 3. 3 suits. 2 GIST'S "SPRING" COATS— si/.en 9 and 10: ladles dress, 15. Phone .'1-5098. HOUSEHOLD GOODS ____ __ p ___ APT. SIZE ELECTRIC STOVE — Very good condition. Dial 2-7087. __ A~cT615TJ"s'fubTd~COUCFr^"l'or" sale. Like new, only several months old. Will sell very reasonable. 484 Sheridan, rugs, Star . . _ _ CURTAINS— Draperies. linens, spreads, etc. Convenient terms. Specialt.v_Co. 2-6732 __ _ DAVENPORT & "C 1 1 A i i~E xr'e Merit Ton. MAGGINI VIOLIN _ Made In BrescU Italy in 1(120. This violin has been I S. sovenimcnl Inspected. For furthe in forma (mil phone 3-3173. MUSICAL INSTRuivjEWs ";_ "New an used pianos, guitars, amplifiers, cler inets ukeleles. etc. Gould Mutie Co 551 E Broadway, Alton. HI fiAf>ios~ TELEVISION SPECIALS I2' a Capehart Consolette Son.5 17" Admiral \ $1RO r. 20" Cnprhnrt Conaolette ".','. $2011E ALTON nEFRIGERATION CO. 550 East Broadway I'hone 3-7722 E yen I ngs :_ 3-8B40 FOR SALE . _ General Electric refri erajor Good condition $25. 4-70.11 FOR SALE Large 20" Jackson TV < on sole in fine mahogany cabinet, almo new and priced cheap for quick Mil Parkrr Tollev. Shipinart, III. «i(io TRADE-IN "ALLOWANCE--" For yiur old refrigerator on the purchase of a 115 cu. ft. International Harvr-ltr refrigerator. Ehbler Electric, 2512 Stale Phone 3-7588 n 8¥wiNO_ MA CHIN K8 S'EWING MACHINES—Before "you buy see our complete line of new and used sewing machines; all makes and models, priced to fit your budget. CENTRAI SEWING MACHINE CO 14 West Broadway Phone 2-5214 1950 DODGE CORONET 4-DOOR- Gyromatic traiumlftsion. Thic ii a baaulilul ear with iota of fine equipment, good color, mechanically perfect '1695 1080 STMDKBAKI2II CHAMPION 4-DOOR — With overdrive. With nil the M«Cf*Mry equipment, new rubber. \. M^AR hentity At I *99 1080 FOIID "8" CUSTOM 2- DOOtt—Ratlin, heater, seat covers, 28,000 aotltnl miles, Very 9 .44fi nloe iVni 1049 FORD CUSTOM 4- DOOR—Rndlo, heater and •eat cover*. Very Clean .. 1195 1048 1'LYMOtmi SPECIAL DELUXK 2-DOOR ~ Clenn aft a pin, nicely "flQR equipped, good rubber QwB 1948 POJVTJAC "»" S K D A N STRKAiMMMOIl with synod r o m e « h shift. Fully equipped, In a beautiful Intone, Excellent II I4C condition II19 1980 lUIICK SI'ECIAL SUDAN- ETTE with dynnflow and a full line of equipment. New rubber. A beautlhit IICQi; family car IO»W 1941 PON'I'IAC "8" 8TKKAM- UNEIl 4-DOOR. Practically «ew rubber, two-tone green, fully equipped. An UIQR Ideal fitmlly car 999 104» 1'ONTIAC "8" SUDAN STREAMLINER with hytlra- inatlo and all the trimming liioliKllnfr whitewnll tired. This car I* H9AR perfect • ••HI 1947 PONTIAO "fl" TORPEDO 4«DOOR — Newly painted. Very clean Interior. 9OOfi Menhanlcally perfect 999 ALL CARS INSIDE-SEE THEM AT YOUR LEISURE JONES MOTORC PHONE 4-2121 WOOD RIVER PONTIAC DEALER 60 EDWARDSVILLE ROAD, WOOD RIVER Our re/ining material will stand up (o the hardest usage—if is designed tor heavy work and will give long, satis/acfory service. Superior Brake Service is available here at moderate cost. \ DAN'S BRAKE SERVICE ^_ I. T FI. 35211 ' i 9O9 W NINTH STREE f CAR* 4MB RETZER'S 24-HOUR TOWING SERVICE • COMPLETE • PROMPT • INSURED RETZER AUTO SERVICE 558 St. Loula Ave., E. ALTON Ph. 4-4828 or 2-8181 87 TOP CASH PRICES PAID for used dining room, living r oom, bedroom and kitchen furniture Dii L 3 _- 30 _ 24 - or . 2 -. 1 5 07 :_ USED PULLEY & PLOW — For Ford tractor. 4-0405. WANT Tb BUY Good garden tractor with altachrrirnjs. Phfme Bethalto 6331 WANTED TO BUY"—2'o-inch tricycle in good rondltlon._Call_ 2-42110. WANfED" - Slnx's^ 'baihtube',"""tolleti, furniture Anything of value bought told or exchanged Vroman's. 217 St Louis Ave. East Alton 4-3932 or 4-48H2 WANTEII- Baby fi'ili, good condition Dial 4-IW52. KB" vv A N'TK j)' ""Tb "i it A b iT£i' wA P' ~ WANT TO T'RAUE~ A 40 Chevrolet 2- cltxu- for 35 - 30 Kurd coupe and *150 Call 2-4218 or 2-43IIO nfler 6 p. in. ^ WANTED— Srpall plywood or aluminum boat »nd trailer. Dial a-28*6. 3848 JWesterri. 7J. BUILDINO MATZK1ALS _____ '_ FOR SALE— Small building, 10x14. Call -^-— - .-j_.--— USE~YOUR CREDIT— for needed repairs and improvement*. 10% down required. 36 months to pay. Call u» for free «s- m BETHALTO LUMBER CO. 15 SQUARES-Of rock siding for «»le cheap. 904 Washington. 3-8359. COAL COAL-CORK-WOOD CLAY EAST SUPPLY CO. GODFREY ROAD COAL. ROCK. SAND. CEMENT. MORTAR. LIME. CONCRETE BLOCKS AND SEWER PIPE PHONE 3-6353 .___. ___ _ __ FOR SALE-- Strictly modern gal range and Crosley Shelvador refrigerator; used 6 months. Bargain Phone 2-fi««3 FOR SALE — I oak dining table, fi matching chaJrn, buffet. Server, anlique wal- nul bed, Iron bed and nprmgs. dresser. Phone :i-9484_ ___ FOR SALE — Fully automatic electric range .cost $2.18 75 i:sed only 14 months. A-l condition. Will sacrifice for *9S._2 ; 4!512_ HOTPOINT ELECTRIC STOVE-- Reasonably Alter 6 p._m . :i-:)270 QUALITY LINOLEUM At big savings. Armstrong's Nairn gold Seal and Sloan's A.sphall tile 9x9'. inch perfect, Se each 12 ft linoleum sq. yd. 5Bc V18.50 play pens $1193 $1195 baby walker $795. 5Bc genuine congo wall, first quality, sq ft 12c $1195 brass table lamps $595. $8950 5 piece chrome and plastic breakfast set $5995. Shop here and save money. NATE ARSHT'S FURNITURE STORE Foot of Milton Hill at the bridge. One store - one location Dial 4-3321 Convenient front door parking. Open Friday and Saturday night until 9 pm SALE OF TRADE-IN: ...... TABLE TOP RANGES FOR CITY GAS Magic Chef, excellent condition $4j Orbon. good condition ........ $25 Lawson automatic 20-gal. water heater. used only few months ...... $25 Star deep fat fryer. 2 basket stainless •tee) for restaurant ............ $63 Phone 3-9352 before t p. m. __^ SEWING MACHINES—'Repaired end rebuilt: parts it supplies for 426 brands Old machines made like new with our special rebuilding process Treadle machines e'eclrlfied and converted into consoles. portables or desk models Central Sewing Supplj Co Alton Brsjnch 14 W Broadway Cell 2-5214 for free^ estimate SEW'lNG MACHINES REPAIRED-H<Tve your sewing machine repaired by expert repair men Repairs on all makes All work guaranteed No charge for estimate Free pickup and delivery Call Singer Sewing Machine Co.. 212 State street. Alton. Phone 3-6313 WANTED 81 _WA\TED TO BUY ANTIQUES"" WANTED siivfr." chma- v.are. glassware, Iron toys, anything old. _odd,_unusual. i-3276 ATTENTION-Wanted, sinks bethtubi. toilet;,, furnaces etc Call us We pty top prices WISEMAN 1124 E Bdwy Di«l 3-9294 _ ANTIQUES — Furniture, glass.w«re chlnaw4re. picture frames silver, cut glass, lamps, clocks 2-7583 CASH "PAID—For «ll kinds of good used ] furniture Call 3-6322 or 2-6727 HICHEST^PRICES i Furnace* scrap Iron. brau. copper ! wire, lead batteries, radiators, zinc C; ALLAY METAL CO Dial 4-8090 _Wood_River, 111. WA'NTED "— smaii wood lain.*. C»u 2-4686. AUTOMOTIVE Ul AUTOS—PASSKN'OKR CAE» W35" TUDOR CHEVri'OLET-- Price $55 Ph_on** 4-liriiiij ^ _ 1B4I BUIC'K - SednneTte. radio, neater. Must >.ell ((iiickly._Dlal 4-6«08. _ 104f STUDEBAKER CI(AMPION -4-door Overdrive, healer and seat covert 6 good tires, yi ry clean Phone 2-4104. 1941 C1 1K V R O LET -G oodi condl"tioni rea- sonalile Dial 3-9308 io42~ 11U1CK .SPECIAL B-Foi sale. In good condition. Reason for selling, owner gone to service Inquire at 116 S Main Wood Hlvrr 4-11588. J.B48 Ol DSMOU1I.E .SERIES "78"—Perfect condition. Will lake trade-In. Dial 2-11471 1B4H CHEVROLET 2 DfJ'Oit Si F. I) AN". SB50 A-l ctindlllon Hifband Kone to kerv- l<-e. '.l .'<<! tt. ft .10 at Lou ?, Seivice Station. 1 I Ili Cenlial ii'.inuc Fo47 KAISER Radio, liealci, good tires. $4511 3-504B 194'J 'PONTIAC And I!l42 Chevrolet, good condition clean. Ka>l Alton Service Station._321 St. Louis Ave 194H MERCURY 5-pauenger coupe Radio and healer I12S5 1949 HUDSON SUPEH "6"—Radio and heater . . .. . 11095 1911) DE SOTO < I.l'B COUPE - Radio and healer SI29S 194fl BUICK SEDANfcTTE- Hatlio. heater and Dynaflow. Very clean. 194U CHEVROLET—Fleetline Deluxe Sedan Radio and heater $1295 MAJOR MOTOR CO. 102 W Edwardsville Road, Wood River Dial 4-M21 _ Lot Open Evenings Till 9 _ 1951 f'ORD Custom 5 Passenger Coupe Radio and heater. 7000 actual milos . $1795 19.'.! PLYMOUTH — Cranbrook 4-Door 10,'XJO nules. Will berve as new car. . . . . J16B5 1950 OLDbMOBILE "88' 4-Doof Sedan Radio heater and Hydramalic . $1695 MAJOR MOTOR CO. 102 W. Edwardsville Ro*d, Wood River Dial 4-8321 Lot Open Evenings Till ( '50 ChwvroUt Convtrtible You won't believe your eyes when you see how clean this canary yellow job is. Believe us, it's like new inside and out. Radio, heater, seat covers, back-up lights and turn signal. Anyone would be pround to own this one. '48 Plymouth 4-Door This Special Deluxe has plenty of miles left in it. Original light blue paint. A perfect set of tires. Plenty of extras including radio, heater, seat covers and spotlight. This one's a real buy, don't miss it. '51 PLYMOUTH 4-DOOR This dark gr««n "Cambridge)" run* and drivM perfect in «v«y way. Plenty o( troublt-ir«« mil«i left in thi> one, A perfect (own car b«aau>* it handles perfect and in eaay for the wile to park. Economical to operate, tool '50 PONTIAC 2-DOOR Here'* a deluxe streamliner that has real class. Rich dark green finish, set off by whitewall tires. 8 powerful cylinders and proven hydramatie drive. Radio, heater, seat covers, sunxyisor, backup lights and turn signal. See this one now. Open Evtnlngs Till 9:00 w i j MANY OTHERS front & alby 3-8881 • 9th & belle 3-6668 cast alfon 4-3871 220 st. louis ave. Leader in fine values! 1951 NASH if Ambassador Sedans * Station Wagons Lihoral Trmlo In Allownncn. "Vets, Il'ii True, Brown Still Ciivcs thn BEST Drnl." John T. Brown IfllO E. BROADWAY 8-8H84 01 AUTOS— PASSKNOBR CABS THESE SPRING ! ! ! CARS AND TRUCKS ARE READY 1951_Ford Custom 2-Door— A beautiful Alpine blue with full equipment including heater, defrosters and radio with back scat speaker, 1951 FORD Custom Convertible, Demonstrator. A honey of a car, Alpine blue color with light top. Fully equipped, with radio, heater, bumper guards, spotlight, turn indicators, windshield washers, and Ford-0-Matic transmission, low mileage, new car guarantee. 1950 FORD Custom 2-Door — Palisade green color like new, equipped with radio, heater, custom made seat covers, and overdrive. Perfect. 1949 FORD Custom 6-cylinder— New paint and equipped with radio, heater and seat covers. 1949 CHEVROLET Deluxe 2 Dr. A nice grey finish, with all the accessories. Very nice. 1946 STUDEBAKER Champion 4-Door Sedan — Equipped with radio, heater, seat covers, and white wall tires. Good paint and motor. 1948 FORD Dump — Reconditioned motor and good tires — just waiting for the job. 1946 CHEVROLET Dump— Newly overhauled motor, with 4 new tires. Ready for work. CARTER WOOD RIVER MOTOR CO., INC. 315 Wood River Avenue Wood River Your Volume FORD Dealer. Dial 4-3421 Lot Open Evenings Till 9. 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline 4-Door Sedan throughout. Excellent motor and tires HARV & PHIL REILLEY 1949 CHEVROLET Fleetline 2-Door l)clii\i> model, pi'rfccl cmiilitiiin, tires anil motor $| IQC perfect. Beautiful hlack flnUh. Totlu.v's price HARV & PHIL REILLEY "SALE— f<)49 i'lymoulh 4-door tpe- cial deluxf _f hr >1«_2 : '.'" 19 1»48 "PLYMOUTH — Special" "DiFuxi 2- Door. Radio, heater, original hlack fin ish ............ $B!!5 11)47 fOHU Super Deluxe Radio, heater, nun visor, driving lights |76A 1947 CHEVROLET 2-DOOH Radio and hcatci, vi-ry t-lcan .. SH9S lf»4« PLYMOUTH —-Sperial Deluxe: Ha- dio and hnator. Very nice 5750 MAJOR MOTOR CO. IH2 W. Kdwairlivllle Hoad, Worxl River I Dial 4 9,'iai I I.ol Oji«n Evening! Till B ' 1'i'tiT "KI.EETMASTEK "z-h6'6n CHEV — ! Will take older Par in Irade. Phone , 2-W04.'! i O1HVK ;in<l (T)MI'AHK ' nv.fonr. YOU BUY ! IB.'il Plymoulh -1 OfKJr n;ir)H>. hfnter. Rftat '•over^ Pnfect ronflilion $l<i!*3 1U» Buirk Sed^n Fully equipped A-l ILL AUTOg —I'AHgENCEB CARH SPECIAL TODAY AT LE's 1 MOTORS— Illlli Pniuiac Chioflaln 4.door. Radio arid heater $1105 I.ES' MOTORS 1:1011 Broadway Phone 2-G631 UIA TllATLERS FOR .SALE~lfi.'il Rocket 31 ~ftT~trailer will, hath, full fci/c island bed, living room TUK and 2 chairs; never pulled more than 50 mile*. A $4000 value, piiced at $3000 Write M. Dale Honck. Irving. Ill . or call 41(18 I'Olt SALE -House trailer, good condition. $1800 liKjuue al Brushy Grove Tiailcr Camp No 2 1»51 HOUSE TRAILER—3 rooms and liath, all modern Jiibt like new. Phone 2-.Vi2u 1124 Milnor avenue. I'ltn Dodge ' t Ton Pickup Heater, like ni-w. I94S Chevrolet Flectline 2-Door. Radio. hi-uter. new tires ..... I10BO 1948 Plymoulh Sedan Radio, heater »eat covers and new tirc.s . . . . W95 H)47 Pontiac Stdiineile Hadlo, heater neat rover* 194« Ford 2-Dnur. llc.'ilci, »eat covers and good tiics ....... W*il rill, Oldi Sedanctle Hc-,-.ter, hydramatie itnci nr-w tire* • •• $H95 1018 Studebaker <'lu|j Coupe. Radio. dealer and ovudnvc ....... $950 1!<4'I Bulck Sedan Hadio. heater, gwid lirei, . .. ....... *'95 I0:i!< Plymouth Sedan. Healer, good tires *»»» HARPEK'S A I TO SALES Junction Route 140 &. Kosterburg Road Dial Z-4'':i3 1846 NASH ..... 4r DOOR- Excellent con-. ditlon. Low down payment. Pbon« 4-6394. IIJ.1I FORD ', ion pickup deluxe cab. radio and heater . $1-95 1948 CHIiVHOLET J / 4 -lon $705 MA OR MOTOR CO. 102 Edwardsville Rd. Wood River Dial 4*9321 Lot_ Open Eveniungii Till 9 1049 FORD—Long Stake body. Lookb and runs very good, with almost new tire.s $895 MAJOR MOTOR CO. 102 W. Edwardaville Road. Wood River Dial 4-8321 Lot Open Evenings Till V U5 ACt'lbSOBIES ArrtKlt-b »450 excb«oge UP. used tires, all slx«« MAUL'8 AUTO PARTS 1 103 _8«Ue_JOUlJM''>J P'EBMANBNI ANTI rR*eze - Zerone betters stop-lea* U**»< tubtf, t>«tter SSr «» itoS iSlkl. M»-J*!l*-"-^»*- 1 NEVER USED— 4 U- 6. Royal 760x15 white lidewall tire*; lift price. 439 Dul»ney, Wood River. KEEP YOUR CAR SINGING IN THE RAIN WITH THIS COMPLETE TUNEUP SPECIAL • Scientifically analyse engine performance with factory recommended analyili equipment. • Clean and adjust carburetor. • Irifltall new carburetor KaikeU • Clean and adjust spark plugs. • Clean fuel pump. • Overhaul distributor. • Install new points • Check Ignition and wiring. • Adjust generator. • Clean oil bath air cleaner. • Chock cooling system. ALL FOR ONLY $ 11.95 CARTER WOOD RIVER MOTOR CO,, Inc. 315 \Vood ftivcr Ave/iuo WOOD RIVER I'h, 4-4385 ACCCSSUgiBB _ ___ _ , __ __ _ GUARANTEED REBUILT MOTORS! — factor]! rabullt to prrfection, guwwt> teed tame as n*w car motors! Guaranteed exchange prleesi Plymouth "34- '48 I142BS! Dodge TC- 49 1142951 IruWll*- tlon arranged Only 93.50 weekly. Spiegel J * B too Belle St. Alton [&, _ ___ 4 TIRES— Tubes and wheeU tor model A Ford. Sites 19x475. 3-8917. _ WANTED AilTUMOBU.|t| LUKEN PONTIAC PAYS l'Hi HIGHEST PRICES roR USED CAR* uon't r$n to Uft out M4 Before You faU tt, U>gis Ave C*it A BTwt * _Alb«—3-4«» WANTED TO BUY - Lat« m«4f) «Vfi all body styles. ALBRECHT CHEVBOHVT, iftc. Dial 4-4338 for further intorm«Uo^. WILL PAY CASH — For clc«q, 4J »uiomobUe. 9-9191 |4tw 8.00.

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