The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1940
Page 3
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SATURDAY. MAY t, 1HIO He Would Be President \>crn Sees Thai As First Move Townrd Na- iional Stability ny JOHN T. IXVN.V NRA Service Sliccial Oorrcs|ioinle!it Senator Arthur ll. Vamlenbeiii of Michigan, candidate for ih« Republican uominaiiou . for President, Is one of those who believe the' niospbiw of Die tuition must b? changed before any real recovery can be brought abnui. I asked tin; leadini; cundidatc.s to tell me what the next 1're.v- de::t must do to put an end to borrowing, to revive private inveat- int'iit. io create jobs in Indus-try. Here is the answer given me by Senator Vandeiiberg: "The first thir.B we l must do." said the senator, "is to create a'n utterly diffcreiu atmosphere. The time is here and the need for tremendous Investment In equipment oi railroads, i.-uiustrial plant, Iwild- insjs, uiilitles. Our industrial plant has an accumulated obsolescence ol SIS - OfiO.OOO.COO. We have plenty or money and credit lor this; we have wore than enough. Industry cries out for funds. Investors huiieer for an opportunity to supply them. Why do they not gel together? "MUST THINK Or 1950" "The i-casuii is plain—the atmosphere. Industry and investors exist j TET SELECTED Wliclhcr Blytluiville Will Be Rcpi'esx'iitccl In Con- tcsl Is Uncertain WRTr.y^nomiTfln ttippfr folk-Vii bv of cards, Tulips, rwhy .iiul [itiriile Iris were iis«| hi (li'cnriuliiK II"' home. A double deck of cnrd.1 ivtis (jlivn Mrs. A. J. Horliln f or hlishcsl, score, unil ii l>i« of d l; ius t,, u. H, l.iuicv f«r !••':;!:<•:;( «:nrc ,)„. m ,,,; • PA OF! THRER Mrs. John Aiulrciv I'.'driiiijliiii, ' Wilson Society—Personal NOTJOB Wit nil American price on that. _ nearby window. setting five to the eiirtiiins part of his crop consumed in this acd almost the entire room The , country, !„, ,sell our .surplus abroad quick thinking of .Mrs Wa»iicr in an atmosphere of hostility anil " P workl ' Jncc '- Wc U1 " 5 <- )W !>roliablv saved Iheir hoinr Bv the " omists to SM conservation, but limn the fire Hcparlmenl' arrived must make Incentive payments ' uncertainty. This is :\ profit, system we live in. If it is no good we ought to get rid of it. But if we want to keep it—and we do-then we must have profits. A profit .system without profits is unthinkable. "But we must liavc been hymns of hate against the profit- makers. Every investor and every enterpriser feels that tile government is against him — wants to punish him. regulate him, penal- ise him, disarm him. '•Who is the nrofltmakerV lie is tlic manufacturer, the .storekeeper, tile rail and utility enterpriser who must hire men and pay wages before he cun make a profit. There is no use quibbling about this Die administration has succeeded, in creating this reeling;, a feeling that this man is a public enemy. As long as this lasts investment Ls imti.uikable. i "To end that we must first of! all put into the White .House si [ man and into'.'Congress n • party ' which everyone knows is not hos- i tile to business. 'Flint act alone will produce, in a thrice, confidence—not just blind confidence, but an assurance that, the government is not lying in wait for the man who starts a business, hires a laborer and makes a profit. "But. v.c must do move than just change parties. We to plant the crops we need—not lo destroy crops. •'The President say.s we ought to have an 80-uillicii-dollar country. We ought lo have a 100-billion-dollar country. Bin Uiere is only one way to do that. That is by creating wealth. "There is only one way to solve unemployment. That is by creating jobs. "There is only one way to create 1 | wealth and jobs and that is by i pultlrg business to work. 'There' is only one way to do that—by freeing enterprise, instead of .shackling it, by encouraging profit instead of nlla-kiii" u " •till 1 Manila Society ---Personal think not merely of 19-10. but. of 1930. We must change the personnel of the Securities Exchange Commission nnd eliminate from the act the provisions which make ' it, so costly lo put out, nn issue of a few hundred thousand or a million" Hint no sane man will attempt "Wc must change the personnel of tile National Labor Relations Hoard, even if the »ct were not changed so that an employer will Mrs. Fiank Homer spent last Monday in Memphis on business. .Mr. Md Mrs. Hob Joe David, Miss Jewell Middleton am! Luther Middlcton spent the weekend in . Bycrsburg. Tc-nn. They were «c- nuist coinp&nicti home by Miss Rosella Tucker who will spend about I wo weeks here visiting friends nnd relatives. Lloyd shocklcy, who hnr, been visiting here for a few weeks, returned lo his home in Black Oak Tuesday. Mrs. H. A. Stroup and ( i Pauline, of NettleUm. were visitors here the past week of Mr. and she Imd the fire out without ,,..- ther loss. Mr. and Mrs. liyrl Mcllenry, Miss Hue Tuiubow and Mr. and Mix j. c. Chapin of Manila visited the past weekend in porlla Ark., with Mrs. Mcllenry'.s and' Mrs. Clmpin's father, J. M. Walliny. MANILA SOC— ig The ladies of the Church oT Christ, met for their regular Bible study Tuesday afternoon in (he home of Mrs. George Brown. Services were opened with a song. "When All of God's Children Get Home." The scripture reading was by Mrs. Alvln Tlpton and prayer was by Mrs. Mamie Perkins. Special talks were given on "The Greatness of (lie Church" by Mrs. Ada Car- pcitlcr. Mrs. c. L. Hughes and Mrs. Slum-on Edwards. The Bible lesson which followed was from the last two chapters of Second Corinthians. service was dismissed with a prayer by Mrs. E. P. Alston, who with Mrs. class. At the . Mamie Perkins wa.s selected lo sur.- eceil Mrs. George Hrown as teacher. , l Mobley, visiled the business session Mrs. 1 Whether or not lUylhevllli. uiici 1 a beauty candidate in the MidKouth Shrine Moticm iMoiuro Mo.-lel.s- I'nv.caiil, tu be hold in Memphis wiih I'onneiHion idili (lie National Sliilnei.s Convention the week of June 12, bus not yet been decided. Hccmillng to Mayor Marion Williams. Because lilytlieville h, ls no active Shrliu'rs Group, some oilier on;iintoilluii or commlttc,' would have lo Sponsor the Innil nnd Mayor Williams Mild unlay Unit in' liuil Hindi' no plans for participation. Forty towns in the MidSouth have been chosen to conduct, the elimination contest with the deadline for these cllinlnulloii.s iriiin- lively sin at May 20. An extrusion will be allowed, however, lor »ny town unable lo complete Ihe contest in this period, which would ttivc some lilytlievllle Bitnip ample lime lo sponsor such <m iindcitnl;- iny. it has been pointed out. In an effort to llnd n u . s ,, lnosl attractive girls fvom the. MidSouth, final elimination in the stales will be held at Jackson, Tenn.. Clnrks- dale. Miss., mid Forrest, Cily. Ark., us soon us possible nftcr M«y 20.' 'Hie winner will bo named "Miss Tennessee," "Miss Mississippi" mid "Miss Arkansas". "Miss Memphis" will be selected in Memphis alid Ihc four winners will compete lor the tide of "Miss Mld.Sontli". The. winner wll be selected mid announcement made llic night of the Motion Picture Electrical Pngcnnt at Crump Stadium, Thursday. June All the winners' from these 41) towns selected for contest will go lo Memphis nnd be iissljjnect. to floats to be sponsored by motion picture studios. A Hollywood representative, Fred J, Tuiiery, is already in Memphis ami will be in complete charge of assigning girls to respective sludlo floats. The committee in eiicli town will select its own method of naming the town's beauty representative, according to rules of the conlcst'. ... . •• --• '"'• I ('uiiiH'i alive Clul , • >J.v Mi'-f. Lr-iiiiiird I'm- i,,,, 1 , .. ,.„ dciw-nsi mid ll,,. |(ev. u mu „. , , ' .'' '"" I'lllniiin drove to l'miii;oiild Mdnv ' where Ihe Itov. Mi. Tillmnn ,u-r- wlll ! "" wtl "»' nninliiuc mi'iuoiiy Kir "'"•tin- ivpddliiK of M,-!,. Hdrlnyion's niece. M|.;s JCMUIK Wynn in Henry llensiiii ,)( chnlhi)iooi;ii. '1'lie \vodillnii oeciirird nt (he MI-SI linptist Church in l'.u'ii|:cmld mid oiviuB In the fud timi. the new pastor nf u,,. ,.1 U | U .|, | UK | 11(U iirrhvil. the Itcv. Mr. Tillman was Invlied t» ojiicliue. MKs Wyim hat, vlsiiod In OM'colii on M'Verul umislmK us KIIIM of her mint. The young i, H iple will nmke Ihi-lr liiimii in chuiiaiKionn where Mr. Unison [ s , m niiorni'y. Both single women may 'I'he class will home of Mrs. meet at the and married , enter, according to geiieml rules which may be modified. An all-expense trip for the winner of this contest lo Hollywood and the Sim Francisco Golden Gate Inlernationni Exposition Is being arranged with one day at the Pair, lo be designed as "Miss Mid- South Day." Winners from the 40 towns se- jlccted will be classed by film scouts In Memphis for that purpose. It has been pointed out. Costumes to be worn by the contestants will be provided. »" Williams llmKUVil Mr. and M,.,. p, ]mt; Williams HI Mr. and MIS. (luy nryinil iw hosts lo , r iO KiK'sts for dinner •luny nisht In tin. Williams country hinnc , M ,,.i|, of U)wn ,„ compluim !0 nielr ,,011, 1,11,, \yil- llnui.s III, imd Henry j,, m ,, s Hw i r , nephew «f M, S , }j, v , ml i)i ( .,,,b ns of- llic ifiiiduallni; class of Die CX- ccoln hiijh school. Tables im« set on the t'roiit lioicli fur the :n .nieiubers nr the lilgh school fiu-ulty, Mr. ,u H l Mrs' Hiyum, Mr. and ,M,- S j.,,,, wil . "«m\ Mrs. K. D. Hn/eiimn „,„) son. Claieiuv Itacman of Criuv- foriKvilie, seated in Hie dlnlm- room. e tables were centered wilh bowls of tulips, *|)lrra and neiicla. Corsiiui-s of pink „,„] w |,| lt . ,-„,.„„. lions were given Hie glr|» mill pink biiuonieies provided [or the boys of tlic class. Follatviiij. dinner, the younger members of (he crowd played lions This allnii series of leas," parlies, and ttuets to be given in honor of senior class. appr<Tliillvi' nudlenc". ii.v.M'iiil>l('d nt Hie Methndlsl i-liiiriih Tiiur.sday iifii'moiui, when Hie Milsli: Depurlmi'iil ui ihc C'oopciiithi: Club prc.seiilvd t)i" priwriiii! lur |)i,; May mi'i'ilu,', ,i| u,,. t .) u |,. amslllut- m;^ llic last meeting of Hie siMvion Miss Mary .Symotuls played two Wfjnn :.clc:'(lon;:, "Ave Marie" by I'Vniiv. .Srhnbcn, ,in<t "t.lebesuaiim" iWoillj II] l.llVfl, Mild tin' Idlest 111- list, hiiss l-Uejinoi' l/.iwnnn', K( ,| ( ,. IM, was liitroducixl by Mrs. w. J. iJidivIn, chalrmun oi ihe pn, K nim. Mi.w l.uwreure, will) K (inly U yniiff ol nifc, v.\i\.f scvflill sele^iions, iH'cc.'.ip.-iiilcil by In.,- mint MI-;. nf nl, i inl ll.,. if III, hi Wl,,.. t H I.1..I 01' STATB LANDS IN MISKIHSll'I'I OHtOKAHAWIlA DlS'/'Illor I'OKIT.ITOI) fOll 1010 TAX11S I'lll of T«, I'cna I I ifiici! U ii very inlentui yoiinu ur- llM. liiu-lni; ii n, : -e and beautllii) viiicc. Tile church clinm-cl WHS lovely «'l|li liu>;i- baskets m Mum-bulls', •••Pimi, tull|i:,- nnd imu'Lviux, banked wllli jiJicneiy. l-'iilKnvliic, the )>ro;jriiiii o! music. Ihii inwtlinj was leMimed al Hie club house, where n business sessrnn wu.s presided ( ,v ( .r by Mrs. c, 1,. Illrd, lui'sldeiil, and' M rs . .| 0 |i,, Unocbs, iictlnj; us secretary ui llic piirt of the numiuiaiiii; cominlttci 1 was read by Mis. j. A. Apple, nnd Hii' tnlluwhi;. biillut was iilieivd mid accepted: Mrs. Wesson incildciK; Mr-,. Herry CJriiiu vlci president; Mr.s. Albert arwnwi.ll' sciremry; Mr.s, W. A. Williams ircusuicr, and Mi.s, A. j. Cult- piirllaui(.||iailnn. Mrs. W. II. llur- kett coniiiicied Ihe Insliillm'lmi ol officers. Mrs. .]. ,\. Mel llll mv liresented wilh a pin lor belnij IU L mail iicllve cliibwiiman the A. D. Harmon. Members of the local Methodist church and members from the St. John church met in the church here last night for (heir combined quar- narncy Threlkald and Mrs. terly conference. Much i.eeded business was attended to with the pastor of the local church, the Rev. W. J. LeRoy. giving a report on "The Achievement of Ihe , I C1>1 "' ch (1 »'ing Ihe last three . mouths." The Sunday school siiper- inlendeiil, Prcd Powell, gave a report on the .si'/.e of the various Osceola Society—Personal H. W. Cowan band. the Re Mrs. Stroup's bus- H. A. Straii|), w«> both laborer and i NcUleton make it fair to employer. Wo competition with private business "WK'ltl-: ON THE WHIMSICAL STANDARD" "We must end not only hostility to business, but uncertainty. Therefore we must reiKal all the floating powers of the President. Our currency now is based not on ,-ioy mctal. but on the President's whim. Wc arc not on the gold standard! but on the whimsical standard. "We must put an end to Ihe President's power to change tariff schedules at will. No business is safe while this power exists. Congress must resume the powers which it has . abandoned lo President. "We have lo overhaul our fiscal system. We have put a huge foundation of government spending under our system. We cannot yank it out suddenly. But we must build a new foundation under the structure and remove the dangerous government - spending pillars as quickly as possible. Hence we must abandon pump-priming, as a policy at once. "We must refuse to gran 1 nnv new bounties or subsidies, no matter how meritorious, until we have found a way to pay for those already established. "Wc must, of course, permit no one to starve. Hence we must think of the man who nas not got a dollar; but we must also think of the man who has one. He is l °*"" [ '° sas in Ulythevillc. I Air. and Mrs. C. R. Shelby Mni.'ila visited Mr. and Mrs. " of Young and daughter. Diiiim Youii" of Maiden. Mo.. Sunday. " Mrs' Young is Hie daughter of"Mr and Mrs. Shelby. Mr.s. Buster Robinson ai:d Mrs. E'inH'.st Hittlon and d:uit;iitcr. Er- iiiistine. visited in Parma. 'MO Sunday. Mr.s. Hutton and her daughter will ictnain for a week's visit witli friends and relatives j Viola Kin? of Parma. Mo.." was [ in Manila Sunday visiting friends I Earnest Kisncr and Browne Dot"' e |son ol Kemicft, Mo., and Misses Robert Joimston awl Myi of Manila spent Sunday in | villc. ' Robert KiUian. who has been ill for some time, was taken to ihc CaptUti hospital in Memphis Wcd- . ncsday for an examination. He will remain there for an indefinite tune. He is said lo be sufferim? from an allack of arlhrilis Mrs" departments in tlic Sunday school and Jinncs Moore, president of the Young People's Division talked on •'What, the Young People Are Doing." E. W. Potter. Presiding Elder of the Jonesboro District presided over Hie business meeting at which time delegates were appointed to examine the church register. They arc Mrs. Myrtle Pearson and Mrs.' Bill Law-" lioru. It was pointed out, at the meeting ihat indications points to a in financial affairs wilh the pledges likely to cover budget for the year and the churches have paid in full (he General anil Jurisdictional Conference assessment, as also have the college day offering and the Orphanage offering been paid in full. Four delegates were appointed to attend a church meeting at the Huntiiigton Avenue Church in — Jonesboro next Thursday. Mav 9 yi-an Byrd They arc Barney Threlkald, charcc 111 ll)|-)I)rt_ !_. »__!__ ,.,rtt .... . ' D Illythc- Robert Killian and her mother. ss Bob McKpiinon of Manila - the only one who can invest and hire others. "And of course we must pro- | | er . iva Dell ««1 as rapidly as business revives ! Jcmesboro is P ,, under the new order lo reduce ex- ' riumcr in honor penditures and balance the budget. Mrs Stuck »r ^. »>, ........ UHllJll-l. ^ II M. Plcenian returned home Wednesday nftomoou. Mr.?. Cora David is in at hcr home In .Marila. Jamc.s VermilJloti of Manila is ill In a hospital in Memphis He is expected to be returned home scon. wi ! iss J X » Itlm! Hmlt of Arkansas State College at Jonesboro spent Hie weekend with her sister Mrs Mrs. Melvli I ler. Iva Downing allc i daugh- •Tcnt Sunday In L S at a birthday 0[ her mother, lu-d ov-ertlhe states 0 ^ tht pvernmenfs share of it should be paid the states in lump sum = ,,, s to be administered ab^> free of !)01 itica, e.vploHa- "OUGHT TO HAVE 100- %£ C "™* - Jo-1sbor o ' Si>ent T " es[la5 ' ,, "*" " " ''^^ All tlectrtc MrS ' N ' W - Johns community, ll, w. Cowan and Mra. Claud Grain. At the meeting here last night n report of the St. John Sunday school was given by J. D. David, with indications pointing lo greater interest in the community. ft was decided here that the next quarterly conference will be held at St. Johns church on the fourth Sunday in August. Preaching will be at eleven o'clock by Ucv. Potter and Ihe quarterly conference will be held in Ihe atlernoon.^ COURTS J. W. Smith, of Luxora, was lined SIOO in Municipal Court today on a charge of driving while under the influence of liquor in connection witli a Highway 61 accident several nights ago when his track struck a tractor near Burdettc. H is reported that a driver in Give Coc* Cola Parly Unique among the many inter- cstliiB parties that have been yiven in honor of Miss Catherine Harwell, whose wedding to Phillip Parks Burks will occur Saturday ji llic dis- Irlcl. Ouesls ol Iho club iveic Mrs pons. contexts-, nnd oilier "ilni'iiis llUWn>llc(; ' Mi's- Uvonbcck mill ,MI W „„ hilereslliiif ElL1 "" 01 ' Lawrence, nil o( ininktey '"'(Mint, |im( Ml . s wnuo Cnsli <)f |lnmb(i)(1 -> t Tenn. Tlie club riuiins wern deconilci wllli largo boii(|iic(s of snowball's splrcn, lullps. |r|. s «,»! citcliis. A brief memorial service wiis hel( by Ihc IWilliiK of a candle, wlilli Mrs. Berry (jniln softly pliiyei '•Crossing llic Um-" O n Hie plu'uo In lavtiiK memory iif MIS. w. M Wallace, who passed nwny recently Concluding the mccttiiff, rcfrcsh- meuls of slruwberries. eflho am coifce were served by Hie hostesses: Mrs. UciTy Grain, Mrs, A. R Wll- llnms, Mis. John Williams, Mrs H. R. t.. Wilson Jr.. Mis A. I, Crlltciiden and Airs. N. ». R[|| S _ ''• K. O. Aleuts Mrs. Frank Williams, president or Ihe Osceola cluipler "O" of the P. K. O. Sisterhood was hoslrs' to chapters "D" and "N" frou Ulj'lhcville for luncheon in hci home on Wednesday. The 1'. (•;. o. colors, white ant yellow, were u.sed mil wilh In combined branches. flcors were scaled decorntfi iitui yellniv nnd splrcn with dainty ncnclu I'lesldents and other ol- narcissi, yellow tulips nt the dlnlni aftcmoon, ivns the coeu. Coin Party yiven b}' i\frs. E. H, Burns •- -" [-.....u j..u.,j iu,-,nn iu cuncmci and Mrs. M. E. McDearmnn in (be a - sc l'ool of instruction in tho Mil- Burns home on Ecmmcs Avenue on "" Wednesday mornini;. While and pint were the colors used in decoration, with white arrangement of spirea, snow- an all- balls nnd narcissi on the tJiblc on each side of which burned crystal holders. Cola bottles lo which pink cellophane straws wer l)ink candles Miniature Coca table. The remainder of the forty Snesls were scaled ul card tables Place cards contain rhymes lypicti, of Hie person and each had to llnd her place by the description ol herself. The invocation was .said by Mrs W. j. Driver, Jr., chaplain' aflci which Mrs. Williams welcomed Ihe uuesl.s. * « t John H. Miller was taken to the Haird-Urewer Hospital In Dycis- "!»!; Sunday suffering from several broken ribs. Mr. Miller fell over barrel of cm is In his back yard that, had been moved from Its accustomed place by a servant, after he had put his cnr In the gaia^c Friday night, Apr. 19. He was accompanied (o Cotlon- vvood I'oint. Mo., by Mrs. Atlllcr and Mr. and Mrs. J. S. WcCnuls and met there by his daughter, ,1. I'uiii nat K [ (,„(] D| . „„!,.,[ of Dyeisuury. J. li.nnnn, Aubrey Cowan, W. I). Kelly and ff. p. Duniivunt went to Lepanto l-Yiday nfehl. to conduct sonic lodge there. Mrs. T. Ii. Schooler of (his city, worthy million of the Eastern Star, and Mr.s. J. H. Sliiyton ol Joiner, deputy grand lecturer oi Hie fifteenth dlstticl, were lunch- con guests of Mrs. E. II. Hogiin of Luxora when she entertained Mrs Juliet Ullliinjslcy of Utlle Hock, liiand malroii of Ihe Arkansas lied with white ribbon were gi'vc'ii fim "<l Chapter, with a luncheon at as favors. Ihe Pcabody Ifolcl in Memphis The guests came in Spring Wednesday. morning frocks. I Mr. nnd Mrs. E. H. Held, acconi- Mrs. C. M. Harwell and j panlcci b y Mrs. J. W. Wright and Nell Rhodes, mother and aunt, ol ss Mnr >' Sllc Wright'of Ulythe- villc, drove lo Woodland, Miss, Tuesday for the urnduallon ol then- niece, Miss Sue Wright from ihc Woodland High School They rcliirned Wednesday. Memphis visitors lliis week have Ciilllllnn (Hub lUniT Flflcnii couples iliinccil al Die club-house on Thursday evening when Mrs. iiul Alcorn ami M, K Iluijli Allen were hoslcs-scs to mem bera of me 'cotillion ciub ' nnd their guests. I'lofiislmis of snow- biills. spiren, liili|)3, • 'niirclssiiji wen distributed lhrou«hoiit Ihe Imllioom ami Jiiuslc wns luiiilslicd by Ihc nlekelodlon. A plate lunch nnd cold drinks were .served nt u late hour, Clucsl!. of tin; club were Alr.s. Anderson of Jacksonville, MIL. who Is visiting her brother, Jimmy llarlrlch, anil Mr.s. Hartfleh, , )nl | fj],,y -[.j.],,,. c]t Chicnjjo, who is visiting his sisters. Mrs. C. t,. Uird and Mrs. W. O. \Viirkcis Council Eighteen members lit I lie Sunday .School Workers Council ol the iSnptlst Church were entertiiiiied In the home or Mr. and Mr.s, W. A Williams on Tuesday evening. A covered dish supper ivu.s served buffet style, followed by a business mcelinp; conducted by Mrs. W. A. Williams, president, + * • Mrs. John E. craiu returned •lome Tuesday from Memphis, where .she has been a jKitlenl at "Jaiupbell's Clinic for Ihe iiasl few weeks. Mr. and Mr.s. Wallace Thompson spent Tuesday and Wednesday In little liock vlsltluu relatives and illemllng lo business. the bride-elect, were numbered among Ihe guests. Osccolaus going to Memphis Saturday for the luncheon given by Mrs. Charles I'Viend in honor or Miss Harwell were .Mrs. E. S. Driver, Mrs. D. 8. Ltmcy, Mrs, Allan Segravcs. Mrs. Godfrey White Mrs. n. R. Wcvl/, Mrs. George.' Adams, Mrs. t,. D. Massey, Mrs. J. T. Polk of Kciscr. Mrs. D. Fred Taylor. Jr., Mrs. Herbert Shippen Mrs. C. M, Harwell. A number of Osccolaiw were Guests in Ihe home of Mrs. John Uzzcll at Pecan Point Wednesday for the luncheon honoring Miss Harwell. Mr. nud Mrs. John W. Edrlnglon arc entertaining the families of the groom at luncheon lo- bride and day. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lowrance and Mr. and Mrs. Allan Segravcs will be host to members of the two families and the wedding party 'or a rehearsal dinner tonight at their home at Driver. In addition to the bride and groom's families. . been Mrs, J. L. Williams, Hip llcv. and Mrs. Harold ». Tlllman, Mrs. K. H. Jones, John Kciscr and Mrs. K. A. Teaford. Harrison School. Students Win Contest A. Ii. Taylor won first ami Elnora Johnston, second prize in the Tuberculosis Essay coiilcst which was conducted recently. These essays will be entered in (lie state contest, nnd they win guests Include. Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Mcrrit and Miss Charlotte Holt of Salem, 111. Mr. and Mrs, E. S. Driver nnd Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Wertz will entertain the bridal party and members of the two families al brcak- Itierc. wilt be sent to the national contest. Present Hook To School A copy of "Historic Places In Arkansas" compiled by Miss Clara U. Ena of Van Buren, has been presenlcd lo ihc Richard B Harrison scliool by the Elliott fr'Iclchcr chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in honor of Miss Ena. New passenger cur registrations totaling a.053,377 were reported during 19119. Announcements: The Courier News 1ms been formally authorized lo announce the following candidacies for office subject lo the action of the Democratic primary in August. Mississippi Cnunty Jmljc ItOLAND GREEN CLARENCE H. WILSON • Sheriff ami Collector HALE JACK.SON County Treasurer ft. L. (BILLY) GAINES (For Second Term) JACK FINLEY ROIJINSON County anil Probate Clerk T. W. POTTER (For Second Termv Circuit Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS (For Second Term) ' Congressman first Arkansas District BRUCE IVY * * • Representative <For the scat how belli by VVoodrow Hutton) J. LEE BEAR DEN I'm.. IV., I'nln T«wii»lil|i 'l I ... I,',I Vii, . . . , . l.i.i N,,. .... liny. >! 'I'UWllsMii lit North Ha,. - -. . XW Nl 'I'OWnslilll 1 l Uorll,. lift,. . N\V HI: i: '/i xu' si: sw . NW Nl: . .SK sl: .W'.-, .VIV .\'F . sw s\v NI: xw . Nvv N'VV . .si; NW K\V NW I'll, Ntt' Xw M: sw NK SW I.I.I I — si-: si; sw UK ..... ..... --.w. „( D. sr, N ----- --!•'(. xw NI: ........ ------- wji SK xi: ........ NVV HW ............... SK SW ----------------- Ktt' HVV ........ ........... S.i. 1 NW owiinlilji in Norlh, llniuo 10 E ............... IVI. NW S1V ...... ........ _____ r'rl. SK Xi: 1'rl. »W Ni: ....... ...I'll. HK XW - ....... -------- H'4 XW Ki: --- ............ ...W',4 UK SW ..... ------------ .\'^-i .viv ««• ------ ....... .... .vvi. sw XK W o(. It ll NVV Tow.uliln If, NtlTlll. IliUlild II T.ajl --. .l.ol :i XK --- l-»l N». a XK , I :.-_ , l.ol 7 llllf 1 N '4 NK i Tovniitilji II Nrtrllj, Hftngo 1^ Kiisl _-K. .if i,. K'.:, xi: s\v — K. nr i,. sw ,sw Towimtjjii ,r, N Ilr ij,. ]|j,,g C J3 uasl --- - tt'l,4 HI', SK K'A W.4 XII wii, «••.; NI: . ' ', s. 'JO A. Nli S]j;J.E, i Tovmnliln 15 Norlli. llsiist l:l E»lP., .• ' .....Krl. NK ,VW "' ;{' "111(1 I.A1CH LANDS" Town>lil|> in Norlli. Haunt 0 T.itl .-- IMy. HK SK •••- K. nr Kclj'.' NVV NK - I.', nf IMy. XK NK '•11,111 IU,XI 1.1.81 1:1 01 I,Oil 11.77. IU7 .1.171) :u.70 111.7ft I'l.lll 10,'Jfl 0.7H 1'i.TR . 1 ll. Ill (1.110 , 7.:I7 ., Hi. or, IB:, >'K NI: !\\' S'K i: NI: CSMl1 i.oi ink ii COM TOWH O) 1 HI.YTllr.Vlu.i: Kurvoy Allhoi, Aililltlon lo Illyilitvlllc ' iii- iiin '•, , ",';','; mil * f.llly Aililllloil lo Ulyllicvii'l, Sim,,,.,, ,;, „ ,.-, sw NI; .".' .XW S'W " Towiulilji IB NnrlU. IMiigc 10 I.'asl - I'rl. Nn. II Towiulilii in Hnrlli. IUHHC 10 Haul . .. .. KV, HW +. ~ :. fan Ailillllan 10 Illvll.tHII,- 12 f '-M.ll to nlyUiovlUe I'. Mtli :l :i 7 311 . M. llrycatm Aihllljon lo Chlcaiin Mill in. Mrr'Krl I 2 I,.11 :i - j in.9.< )>l>-lbcrlll« n ;. i.Rr, is . r. i .mi I'J "• 1,8(1 :lon lo BlylhcvtUe 7 •!. R.n7 I 7 211. Hi ft Ltllllticr Co. 3rd - f , ., , Aildlllon lo Elytlittllic v. u uu .1 .*-i-.*m,L/CrH copy has n roused much in-; For post now is eld by Frank WiDlatiu itlYlntiCr Mio mmUc l« tt»A \-,i~ , •crOAvirj- XT** , s. . .. • - --- j u%. 11 vt L l\, L\| IU .. years In prison because he refused to dim his nutomobllc headlight 1 ! during a blackout, The average weight of the cars >|fnst, in Ihc Driver „ o'clock Saturday morning. « 4 * Has Supper Club use. «* „.,. lul(Jl , Mr. and Mrs. A. \v. Bowcn were does no Tlic American company having the largest fleet of trucks, 16,210, , ,, delivering whatsoever, FRANK WILUAMS (For Second Term) CFor post now held by L. H. Autry) Ii. H. AUTflY (Ftor Second Term) FRANK I). UNDERWOOD * • • Assessor W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON (For Second Term) . nr j Aildltlon to Dongmi A.lilUlc I.. N. ll r ,-, c ,, n Ksl. s .-.9 1 ll, S. »,!,„„ K 5 |. I.. .S ll,i,,,v K,,. Hc»rn Additio ll lUghl.tml 1'ljco Aildlltoii I'. T. u< .. ,. Blylticvlllc I I ..-ill I l.«r. ion lo l.ljr Slii.ii>-,, l:n<l Ark »:».! Ark. Ki-rlyn II II. I.. Cl,»inl.i.|.» KliMli.Ui Tiilniim O. II. l-liilli,,. O. II. Mil)!,,, S 2 10.9H BlfUcTlllo to Blylhcville . lo.'.is .1. Id MI-K. K.I Malioi, .', n ijior Mr... IM M,|,»,i ,; „ ,;.,,, UllklHKVII (1 |) ,,; |j. Hlcluirila AiUIUmi lo Blrltiavll'le .1. N'. (l...,i.|l 7 K ivj.or, Mwlii UoliliiM,, AiWlllon lo Blylhcvillo (loniui, Wrieiu C, 10,10.i .1.111 .1. S. llllwr n s ,,•,.,„ AllirM Tl,,,mn, ,; r> iun . Illlildlo Kclglits i\ctili(lon lo Biitti A. w.iihc,. n :i i l>. M. Kalnn .1 |.i West Bml Sub AiMllfou lo Biylh Null, Xorilii-n, lii-n TOWN OF DELL OtiglMl Survey n..|l:i (!>PC i ,1 1>rll.l lit,... •> /j TOWN Or r.EAOHVILLE Milllion-j 1st Addition to lc.,c .1. T. Al,,j,,,,l.. r ,; » •I. T. ,ll,M,i,l,.r 7 ; Nelsons Lit Ailillllon lo LcKlir A. Slur); ,V' Sou X 2V S f,0' I .Smith Aildlllon II. ,V 1 n llurr II. * ll,, r U. V'ilsoi, 1-. WMM.H 11 lo L«achr!IIc lo Leachvlllc a II 3.?7 1> l'.77 Shonyo Actdlllon to Arthur Hnfjnriiu.rc 11 ? | sc ItrtjuUr Lois In Blylhtvllle Mrs. M. .T. linWI t.ol No JI ^SK 17-IS-ll <0nt) .;,() .lew I.S.I N\V L 15-1S-H '"' C-..72 NW lii-K.-ll''' " 13.53 Le« Snb Division (o Elythtvllle -Niinnltf Pool ;> j £8 1'tWe Aadlilon "Out" lo Blytheviua I|.J||A« Nni.llvrav,.« "liv,. A. Mmlm-illc Slutloiliieyer Addllton Mr, II c IVw Mrs. II. C. Dow 4 TOWN Or MANILA Original Kurvfly K!_' KlirnH.-l,l' io 2 i;,'n; K. S'lirullioUJ in 1 i.dfi ' <;»«" 1.12 II I.M ' <'«ili'r l-si 11 ' l.'eii I( - Kiuf 1,17 11.\ | ,7,; S. llutttun Ni,i 17,; 1:1 721 I'urkvtcw Adrttllon lo ManiU H. Shell) I I 22 77 ". Shi-lhy a \ \'SR H Sliflliy 7 t, U. SUll.j. 7A I 16.10 *r^« M«llli(.\vs 7 r, l.dr, II. Ir. Chninlicr^ 0 o':, Will,.*' K. llnnvf, 10 t\ •> 77 tt'illi» K, llroivn 11 Weil End A.ldlllon lo M.irlin OilWrl .5A t.Cf, \Vilnpss in)- Knnit Anil seal thii 20 day >t April, laid. It.MlVf.V MORRIS. CT«ncfry ClorV. It Many cities in an effort to decrease pedestrian fatalities have Installed chain barriers which prevent crossing streets jiiid highways at dauEerour. places.

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