Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 2, 1971 · Page 9
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 9

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1971
Page 9
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I New Style of Black Leadership, Tactics, Weapons By AUSTIN SCOTT Associated Press V/riter WASHINGTON (AP) — "What do we want?" "Freedom!" "\Vheai do we want it?" "Now!" The chant rose out of the boiling dust cloud raised by hundreds of marching feet on a back road in the South. The tinii* was 1965, and blacks were fighting segregation in Bogaiusa, La., in one of the few ways that they had— mass marches behind big name civil rights leaders. But now many of the famous names aire gone, Dr. Martin Lutiher King Jr- and Whitney M. Young Jr., to name just two. Those 'Still around from the earlier days, like James Farmer, who led so many of those mairches in the South as head of the Congress of Racial Equality, no longer operate as thsy once did. The marches have faded from lihe black scene. The Servicios Especiales For el Rev. Cruz Molina de Crosbyton, Texas Se llevaren a cabo en la Iglecia Temple ElCalvario Asamblea De Dios 1311 New York and Conklin Dio principle el 31st de Mayo, 1971 Hasta el dia 6 de Junto a las 8 p.m. Todos Bienvenidos Pastor—Rev. Joseph! Romero, Jr. Telef ono 276-3919 years since Bogauisa, and Selma, and Birmingham, and Albany, Ga., and Jackson, Miss., and a hundred other v marching campaigns, have brought new tactics, a new style of black leadership and a new kind of black leader using different kinds of weapons. Some of the best-known faces now are in fields that were closed to blacks six years ago. Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes is symbolic of one of tire most important reasons for the changing leadership style, the rise of the black politician. "Blacks who rare willing to do the homework and learn the techniques will be able through politics to make just incredible cham'ges in the whole lifestyle of black people in this country," says Willie Brown Jr., » man very much a part of the new black political style. In a poll of national black leadens, Brown's name probably would not even be recognized by most blacks. Yet earlier this year he was voted one of the 10 most powerful movers and shakers of San Francisco. As chairman of California's Assembly Ways and Means Committee, Brown has a good deal of control over what goes into—and comies out of-Gov. USDA Choice Center Cut Chuck Roast Lb. 59 USDA Choice—Boneless Chuck Roast,. u . 79 C USDA Choice Center Cut Chuck Steak « 65 C Cudahy—Thrifty Sliced Bacon u». 39° Winchester—Picnic Pak Luncheon Meat Lb. 69' THIS WEEK'S FEATURE Sheffield ^PROVINCIAL Dinner "B€^\ PLATE «4iJl REQ. 69* VALUE *" WrenaS * Decorator inspired "deep lustre" blue and white fine quality dinnerware. 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"We are going to sett fee tome lor the black Iharatioin stoiiggite in this «ounitry," said Rep. William Clay, D-Mo., tfhe morning alter he amid 12 other black congressmen banded a list of 60 demands to President Nixon. "The House Black Caucus plans to evaluate what is 'done for blacks -ait all political levels, the Nixon ladministraitiofl included," Clay sa4d. "Black people in this country have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent interests." That remark itllustraites the belief of Clay and other members of the Black Caucus that blacks no longer need emphasize cultivating the goodwill of white allies, that they can now make serious bids for power. A study completed recently by the Joint Center for Political Studies in Washington showed 1,860 black officials holding public offices, including key law enforcement positions. Sixty-eight cities have black mayors, and California's superintendent of public instruction is a black. These officials represent a local power that did not exist five years ago, and several at- King Is Beheaded — From Postage Stamp MASERU, Lesotho (AP) — The king's head has been erased from the latest set-of 13 standard postage stamps. Official explanation for removing the picture of King Moshoe- shoe is that Lesotho is "moving away from the old colonial system where the monarch's head is inset on a stamp." King Moshoeshoe II spent six months in exile in Holland last year after political tensions flared into bloodshed during an abortive election in January 1970. , tempts to consolidate this power have begun. As some observers siee it, the rise of the black p'olitioian IVRS preceded by another important •change, the sliiit of emphasis from the rural South-to the urban North as first'Harlem, then Watts, then a hundred other black urban ghetiioes erupted in Biots. 'The shift of emphasis, they argue, helped catapult such people as Malcora X and Stokely Carnidcihael Hit*, positions of strong influence. But equally important, it shifted attention toward a variety of black communally activist groups and gave them their first chance at gaimfag enough influence and federal funding to put tiheiir programs into effect- In the North, such individuals as SCLC's Rev. Jesse Jackson began to be heard; black united fronts under a variety of leaders were formed in Washington, Boston', Cairo, HI., and a dozen cities. The Black Pan- developed* a small but dedicated following, supported by a much larger group of sympathizers, and hundreds of commmniity self-help organizations such as Pride, Inc., in Washington, were formed 'in every urban area. The local black leader came into his own. A 1969 San Francisco meeting called to ask hi- fliuential community members for a unified position on the mi- florii? student strike at San TWI Cisco State • College inch-tied r..,ore than 200 blacks whose rapustions did not extend be- yont the na'ghboi'hoods in hich they lived and worked. A .year ago in Chicago it wasn't any nationally known figure who- won an agreement Poqt 10 Garden City Telegram Wednesday, June 2, 1971 fram the buildiag trades unions lo try to hire more minority \va-. v frs, but a coalition o! tha city'? black activists Including some notorious gang leaders. i^«^"^"^^^— tell your 1 husband about [r. spen-Jel-jr APPLE PECTIN Let him think you slaved all afternoon making home-made jam. Let Pen-Jel's fantastic new way to perfect jam without cooking be your secret! Our "cook-no-more" recipe—and 32 others—are included in the Pen-Jel box. 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