Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1939
Page 2
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ttOfE STAR, For Rent FOR RENT—Downstairs lioil ANIWIR TO CRANIUM CRACKIR FOR RENT—Unfurnished two-room apartments in Dr. Weaver home by high school, 12-2ti> ^ October 17, Ster of Mot*, 1«»; Press, 1921. ConsolUlated January 18, 1929 * • I I • • ~ -*-r ~'-- ' • __ .. _ Office, Deliver Thy Hemht From False Report; Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. G.B. Palmer and Alex. H. Washburn, at the Star building, 212*214 South Wftlnttt tfwet, Hop*, Artt. -' -------- ""• *i " a ------ _..-i--^-"-- B •*-*- •_•_ - •- i_-..i-- ___ __ ...jniLj-, - -- _______ 1.1- ___ .-.. ---_!..__-- - ----_._. __ C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. It. WASHBimx, Editor Mid Publisher — ---------- . ....__ ^... CAP) .. . _ | __ ____ ____ _______ ..._ Means Associated Press. Newspaper fcnterprise Ass'h. . . . . . .. i i . iii ...... _ tUtt (Mwayt Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per V«ek 156; J*r inohth 65c; one year |8.&. By mail, in- Hertipstead, Nevada, H6W»rd t Mller *&d UTayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. -^ .- • T---. jg-.s.-J..... - »_?;;.-_ .- ._ - - ---- ,.. ... ..._,.. ... -~——'tht AfltadatMl Prest: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the \i*» tot ftepublidttion of all news dispatches credited to It or ftot othtfwfae credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Outlet on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made Tor all tributes, cards of t} ]MJw, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial n «'wspBp« ! » RoM to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers frota a dtlufc of space-takin* memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Induttrialiitt Want No Part of Another War . The National Association of Manufacturers is holding a series of meetings in key cities to try to make it clear to America that industry wants no part of another war. • , t There ii a widespread belief that the United States was somehow jockevcd into the World xvar by manufacturers and industrialists intent on big profits It wasn t that Simple, as every student of war causes knows. The desire for profits xindoubtedly did its share, but so did the desire for jobs, the desire of the farmers for $2 wheat, and the desire of the cotton-growers for exnor 'ft arkets. • ' ' Nothing is simple, and the causes of a war are among the most complex o .ail phenomena. . • , A f^ Jn * A . Ai aching at all was learned from the World war certain!' ^MrS^ T l6 ^ thCSe thingS - ftnd their prwcnt »««"» » dicate that they have learned them: ' 1. ; Th* »>te profits not only to manufacturers and industrialists, but to farmers, workmen, and everybody else, accrue during neutrality, not during Question* nn Page One 1. False. Norway's coastline i.s- on the North Sen, the Atlantic and Artie oceans. 2. True. Both the White and Black sons lie on the line of longitude 35 degrees and -10 degrees east of Greenwich. 3. False. The Skagorrak straits lie between Denmark and Norway. The Ural mountains lie between Russia and Siberia. 4. False. Uranus is a planet. Tallinn is capital or Estonia. 5. Trill'. Glasgow, Scotland, is one-fourth degree (about 15 inilcsl farther nrth than MsfW, Russia. • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS • "The More You fell the Quicker You Sell" • • You Can Folk to Only One Man a Want Ada Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All }Va,nt Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One lirn»— 2i word, minimum 30c Thre« times—3^0 word, minimum Me Six times—«c word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum Rates are tor cpntinttou.i insertions only. For Sale Going Fust. Felt Base $5.00 Rugs while the present .supply lasts at 53.47 Franklin's. 112 S. Elm. 12-3tc Neutrality As a Pence Policy FOR SALE — Rough am! Dressed Prices ' high taxos ' government re to sueh an exlcnt that thc pickings the de I Cntriely boom is pretty likcly to cat up Shadow Gathering Lumber and Shingles, see Claude Waddle. Phone 298W or Q2 1m SALE 45 acre. Two houses, orchard, on gun. water, telephone line. '/, ln i| e f vom School, near city limits on Highway one barn. light anil 40 acres open ami pasture. A thorough and judicial sum-up of the operation of the 'Neutrality Law' 'since 1935 through three wars, is presented in "Can America Stay Neutral?" by Allen W. Dulles and Hamilton Fish Arm- strc.ng (Harper & Bras. S2.MH. The clear-sighted tone of the hook is well indicated by this initial definition of what thc authos are talking about, which ought to be read by every person who uses the word "neutral' ,'in these days. The time has come to stop talking about the alleged virtues of'neutrality as such and to turn our attention to the concrete question of planning the general policy which promises to bedpost expedient for the country to follow now that war has broken it between several great powers. Wo want to stay out. To this end legislation may help in certain particulars. But we should restrict general legislative enactment to general and recurringsituations, and deal with me special problems arising out of this particular conflict by ad hoc legislation. Before the war began we were unable to foresee just what states would be involved, just what they would ; — _ be fighting for, or just how their act- r r <- T T , „ , •„ : ,. .. -"- 1 - 1-iOST—Ten dollar bill, at Center- S«rvicet Offered SERVICES OFI*EHED-~See Hemp stead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth for new and ' " "" Culib C58-J FOR RENT—Two room apartment, 220 West Ave. C. M-.ltp FOR RENT—Room for rpnl to men only. Private entrance, adjoining bath, on South Hervey St. Ctnude Rtuarl. 12-3tp FOH RENT—New r, mom house. 11 miles out on Hope-Hlovin.i road. Good well w.'iti'r, hog proof p.'ixluw. Jim Reed. Phone 1HW. 14-3lp Funiishcd '< room l>rirk i,-l Third stm-t. ivd I'.irti ifii'M I--" 1 ' 1 KOH HENT--S mom modem Mii-itl.- Soiilhoin fXjuisuri' Hrnnclt. 110 North Phone lili!l-J. Mrs. J. H Wii-Oiiii!!!"". 17-llK.' Radio Repair r,u;ir;inl''P(l Riuli" t<rl>:m- S<>tvi<v ami lOpUii'i-nu-nt |.:u-t.-.. Tutus IcstPil. Kiidio Sorvuo. Phoni- SOO. H.iv Allen Male Help Wanted Watkins route open now In for the right party; no car or iem 1 '' necessary; n iihante to -on:.' K'.il money. Write THE WATKINS CO-., in-fll W. Iowa . Memphis. Trim. lli-ltp STKADY WOUK- GOOD PAY RKIJAni.K MAN WANTKD--Ciill nn f., nn ., IN N,, esp'Tienoe or eiipitnl re- <|iiireil. M»ke up In SI2 ii (lay. Write MeNFSS ('O D'M 1 '- S.. Fteeixirt. llli: W -.-. IB-HP The United StaU;i has engaged in six „„,!(( j i( Ave . OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS re-built. Phone Paul Sept. 2G 1M. Ovtr plant is again open tor Meat Curing and your patronage will be appreciated. Home Ice Company. East 3rd Street. Phono -14. O2-lim> FOR SALE—Wo save you money on your furniture buying- Complete stock new and used furnitui-o, stoves, beds. We pay highest prices for furniture. Hoc ii:.. KriDiklin Furniture between 8 and 9 yours old. Wfi«lil NOTICE TAKKN UP-Two black horsr- muU» Gooi) small 20. wire fences, fine to put acreage. At a bargain. 0 acres East of 13th St. Cornelius Highls, at a bargain. Have several nice homes on South Main St. for sale. Good Terms. Floyd Porterfield . 12-3tc FOR SALE— Bass Violen, good condition, new strings. See or call Pink W. Taylor. Phone (i!3J. 700 Washington street. about UUO pounds each. Owner can claim sirtne by calling Phone 181, Fail Park. W. G. Garner. 17-Hp Wanted WANTED: Good used bedroom suit and heaters. Phone 787-M. Davis. Mrs David 14-:!lp. WANTED PECANS-We pay highest prices for Pecans. McRae Mill & Feed Co. O-17-IM WANTED-Uu-ae No work clothes Star. clean cotton or overalls. rags. Hope Male Instruction Lost ions would affect us. In those circumstances, some of the legislation adopted lean only be called reckless. Today we still cannot spenk with certainty about later phases of the conflict. Nor can we foresee he course of possible future conflicts, i The best we can do is to get some I 'eneral principles clearly in mind and letermine to stick to them as long as they serve our national interesLs. Only so will we be dealing with the ealitives of the modern world and ville church 9th of October. Return to W. A. Austin. Centerville, Reward. 10-3tp Male, Instruction. Would like to hear from reliable men we can train tti overhaul, install and service Air Conditioning and Refrigerating Equipment. Must be mechanically inclined. No interference with present occupation. For interview write at once giving name, address, age. Utilities lust., Hope Star. lG-3ip TROUBLE-MUCH OP IT HA.1 TOO . . _ HAN PEP DOWN.' WHV, I'D THINK THAJ .... WHOSE BIG BROTHERS OR FATHERS WAS FOOTBALL PLAVERS VVOUL.P NATURAU.S MAKE TH 1 BEST PLAVERv- K.INDA, HANPEP DOWN, 1 HEROES ARE MADE-NOT BORM BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Of All Things By EDGAR MARTIN . •THE FAMILY DOCTOR M. MIO. ** o« »«• MOWDS FISHBEIN ttw AnetJan MedJaJ Ai the Health Rapid Diagnosis of Stomach Cancer Increases Chances for Recovery Not jfe^J??J^.? fac ? H«Ie can be done even * — --*».». ftA^m.1* a*m;c cancer of the stomach was considered a fatal disease. Hew methods of diagnosing this condition much earlier wan used to be possible have been discovered. The technic of operation has progressed greatly. Better anesthetics are used and the treatment given patients before and after the operation has unproved. People are better educated about cancer and are likely to consult a doctor much sooner than before Despite all of these improvements cancer of the stomach still has a Higher death rate and a lower percentage of five- year cures than any type of cancer. It is a condition in which the most that can be done is accomplished by modern scientific surgery. Nothing is gained by any sort of injections, vaccines or serums Cancer of the stomach is such damaging condition that the patient who comes to operation is frequently m too weak a condition to undergo a great physical strain at the time the operation is required. Physician* in (he Massachusetts ueneral Hospital made a study of 691-patients with cancer of the stomach seen during the 10-year period ending in 1936. The value of any cancer cure or treatment is based on the number of patients who are surviving five years after a correct scientific diagnosis and the application of the method of treatment. Figures sr ,ow that each succeedi year the tendency is for the diagnosis of cancer to be made earlier. X- ra y helps to make a distinction clear between cancer and an ulcer of the stomach. A new device called the gastrscope which permits the doctor to look directly into the stomach, is another did r to the diagnosis of such conditions. If cancer of the stomach has advanced so far that there is already much fluid in the abdomen or much involvement of the liver, there Hop« Star Want Ad in the way .surgical procedures. If the ,.„..- dition is seen sufficiently early much can be done by getting the patient into good condition and then preceding wtih an operation under the best ing up some old concept of a law of neutrality as dead as Caesar, with onl a ghost to haunt us. We shall continue (in the book) to use the wrd "neutrality." But it i;, Used ih the sense of that policy which a country at peace adopts toward countries at war. It will not be used as connoting a status defined under international liVW. Maps, key to all successful military operations, were transmitted by wire to field troops for the first time in history at tile recent Plattsburg N Y maneuvers of the U. S. Army. Using standard .Jeletype machines, commanders scouting "enemy" positions were able to wire maps covering their exact tactical situation within seven minutes. modern conditions. Approximately 20 per cent patients with cancer of the stomach who are operated on can have a five- year cure from this condition. EMINENT AUTHOR HORIZONTAL, Answer to Previous Futile 1,8 Pictured venerable author, George 11 One who argues. 12 Brooch. 13 Black. 14 Note in scale. 15 Egyptian , sacred bull. : 17 Feline animal. 18 To embroider. 19 Mama. 20 Credit. 21 Heart. : 22 Portion ot butter. 23 At 83, he is still a —r- writer. 16 He has an ironic or wit. 18 Sun. 21 Mean man. 22 To lay a street. 23 X. 24 Gaseous element. 25 Spigot. 28 Bursting forth 38 Before Christ (abbr.). 39 Without. 40 Gaiter. 41 Grass. 42 Lumps of clay 44 Numeral 27 Chinese sedge termination, :|AIT|T'L.|E} 27 Speck 29 Organ of 28 Want. 30 Close. 31 Lid. 32 To flog. 33Brushlike. '; 35 Railroad. 36 Deportment. 37 Mud. 45 Ferocious. 46 Constellation. 47 Indentation. 49 He is a play- j wright or 50 He is by birth. VERTICAL 2 To shut in. 3 Plant part. 4 Not (prefix). 5 Preposition. 6 Employer's statement of qualification. 7 To sketch. 8 Mast. 9 Side bone. 10 To enliven. 13 He is famous .hearing. 31 Vehicle. 33 Misdemeanors 34 Climbing plant. 36 Courtesy title. 38 Tree trunks. 39 Rail (bird). 40 Bishops' thrones, 41 Fairy. 43 Gibbon. 44 Three. 45 Mink. Whaddaya Mean, No By V. T. HAMLIN I'P LIKE TSEE AMVBODX IKJCLUDlKJG THE WHOLE GREEK ACMV, TRV TSTOP I'M GOlW BACK AM' OH, HE'LL P&OBABLY T AWAY WITH IT, bUT WHY DIP I EVER TELL HIM I'D LEFT HIS AX tM THE WOOPEM ALUEY/ YOU CAM'T GO BACK. IN THERE-NOT EVEM TO GET YOUR. AX. • VEH, BUT WHY'D WE HAFTA STICK HERE 61 HORSE r Wt'RE AMSSIM'ALL WELL, IT LOOKS LIKE WE'VE BUSTED TROY WIDE OPEM WASH TUBES A Tough Baby By ROY CRANE 6IMCE WE. Wt.KEE'6 STILL W EUROPE, 7 VES. VT'£ ABOUT WE'D BETTER SEETHE WEVM T— / OUR TC1P TO 6EWERA.L MAK1A6ER 1 ' \ H\PPN- WULA IS EXPECT IMG YOU BUT, HOLV 6MOKE.'WC- GOT A LOTTA WR. SK\\TH \S NEWER JOVIAL DUR\M<3 HOURS. 22 RECOUPS HAVE t \NOULP AOVISE VOU klOT TO KEEP HIM WAITIU6 VOU WILL BE ALLOWED A COUFEREUCE OF TWO AMD OUE-HALF MIUUTES. PLEASE 6EE THAT VOU STATE VOUR CASE 6BIEFLV AMD TO POIMT of FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I SEND \ THE EXTRY MONEY HOME Freck Goes Practical By MERRILL BLOSSER for his odd or 47 Court. ways. 48 Palm lily. Do You HAVE TO DO THIS JANITOR WORK , NOW THAT YOU HAVE A JOB PLAYIN6 WITH OUR BAND ? _ HOW ABOUT TOUR STUDIES? ARE YOU KEEPING Do YOU THINK HE'LL HING is FOR, SAY THEM CUTE EWOUGH KE-C.P FROM FLUNKING ' ENGLISH ? IF HE DOESN'T, IT'LL BK Too BAD FOR. TWF / FOft. FOOTBALL? THE? CUTEST THINGS ' RED RYDER A Lady in Distress By FRED HARMAN STAMD BACK.LITTLE- You . OUT .' I'M COUNTfisS' TO TriRES .' ©ACn; OF ThtAT TRUNK-" IT BUCKET . "DOKj'T SHOOT .' OH ---l'1-l SO

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