Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 20, 1952 · Page 36
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 36

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1952
Page 36
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f»AQB THIRTY-SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, MARCH 28, NOW IS THE TIME TO PLANT EVERGREENS SHADE TREES FRUIT TREES FLOWERING SHRUBS BERRY PLANTS VEGETABLE PLANTS Cauliflower, Cabfjage DORMANT ROSES HYBRID TEAS MONTHLY CLIMBERS POLYANTHUS PATENTED ROSES HYBRID TEAS CLIMBERS Oiu-n Till B P.M. Mnmlii.v lliroiiRh Snliinliiy. l!n(l| Further NO HUNHAV BALKS. D'ADRIAN GARDENS 2-1W8H or 2-0287 One-half mllfi mil. of North Allon nn ftonlr 100. "ICFM. CREER AGENCY ~ SOUTH ROXANA MlMOttrl avenue. 4-rnom homn tn «wxl cnpdlllon. Large rooms, lnrg« Int. Smnll down payment. $500 down. Price $2!)or> MIDDLETOWN In A*l location. 0-ronm modern home, lullflhle for Inrtfe fnmlly or cnn b* arranged for 1 fnmlll<!«. ttordwood floors, full b/memffnt, stoker hr-nt. Other fen- ture* not odvertlied. Cull fnr full In formation. MIDDLETOWN 8-room modem home. Newly decomtert In perfect condition Lome floor plnn •hrdwocxt floors Venetian bllndu, cnb- Instil and Inlnldn in kitchen nnd »nlh largo nun porch, full basement. KH» henl, fully Insulnted 3-cnr Knrage. Prlca . . . $in,soo WOOD RIVER AND BETHALTO ROAD Four-room modern home lr» A-l crindl- tlftn. Cnblnetn nnd Inlnld* In kitchen •nd bnth. Pull hnnument', furnace hcnt. Large lot 104x200 fenl. Plenty of ihnde. Pride ............................ *naoo MILTON AREA. Thomas St. Four-room modern In good condition In- «ldo and oul. Venetlnn hllndi, cnhinetn In kitchen.' Full bditemenl. with gnrnge. Furnace h«at, utorm wlndow«. Price. WOOD RIVER, Ferguson Avenue Five-room modern. Large floor plan, hardwood floors and Venetian blind*. Full baiement, Gnu heal. Inmilnlcd. Oarage. Price ................... SBDOO UPPER ALTON, Washington Ave. Clone to huslneju dlatrlct. fl-ronm modern In A-l condition. 5 room* nnd hnth on frlit floor. Large floor plnn. Al»n 3-room modern apartment on second floor In A-t condition. Full basement. heat. 3-cnr garage. Large lot ntlx ISO, Price ...................... »is,ooo MIDDLETOWN, Alton 8-room modern home. Large floor plnn, • large cloiet «paco, full biwcmont, stoker iteam heat, large brick garage with Workshop, Small down payment. Price, ............................... $10,1)00 WOOD RjVER, Thirteenth St. Four-room home, it yearn old In A-l condition. Large floor plnn. Hnrdwood floors, cablnatn nnd Inlnld In kitchen and bath, Venetian blinds, ntnlrway In floored uttlc, with material to finish. Insulated, full batemeiit. furnace bent, gn» water heater. Wired for «tove. Price ........................... *l>noo MILTON AREA, Duco Street 3-room home In A-*l oontllllon. Fully In- sulntcd, Venetian blinds, cnhlncts fn kitchen, full basement with furnace 1 h»lt! Price ...................... $4950 1 INCOME PROPERTY Milton Area 14-room brick, 8 years cild. with 4 apartments, with separate linthn. This properly has so many extra features we can't advertise so call for further Information. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS Woodland avenue. Open for Inspection New ranch ntylc, 3-bodroom, large living room 28x14 with fireplace and picture window. Hardwood floors, tile kitchen nnd bath. Inlaid* and cabinets. Full basement finished In knotty pine and fireplace. Oil hent. Garage. Large lot ........................... $13.000 NORTH ALTON, State St. O-room modern homo tit A-l condition. Large living room 20x14 with fireplace. 4 large bedrooms, hardwood MOOI-H, tile bath and floor, cablnuls nnd Inlnlds In kitchen. Electric dish windier. Venetian blinds. Full basement. Oil steam heat. Electric washer and drier. Fully Insulated. Garage. Oilier fenlurei not advertised. Call for Information. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS New 4-rootn modern with garage attach ed, Inrge living room and fireplace. J large heilrooma with , Inrge closet spare, knotty pine breezewa.v, cabinets and In- Inlds in kitchen nnd, full biisr-ment, oil heat, large lot 00x200. Price $12,000 EAST ALTON Bowman St.— S-room modern home In A-t condition. Largo floor plan, cabinets and ruhborl/ed Inlnids in kitchen Hiul h.'ilh. Venetian bllnda, aluminum storm «n.ih. MIII porch, lully insulated. full basement. (Ins heal. Electric water honter. Corner Int. Gnragi'. Price $0300 )UST OUT OF UPPER ALTON LaSalle Drive. 6-room modern home In A-l condition. Large floor plan with 3 bedrooms largo closet space, Venetian blinds, storm sash, electric water heater, hardwood floor*, cabinet* nnd Inlnlds In kitchen uml bath; full base- inent, stoker heat; also It-room apt. attached to garage. Good Income Im- j mediate possession. Price $13.500 WOOD RIVER i Close to Norlh Roxuna New 4-room j modern home. LarRa floor plnn hardwood floors, 1 large bedrooms. lurni' ! closet space, cabinets nnd Inliitds in kitchen and butli. $llunu F II. A loan ! Full price MII50 MILTON AREA— Michigan Avc j One of the better brick Homes <,' Mllion i area. Lovely 5-rooiu modern Siairwav j to large attic, Ilia mot. Inrije floor I Plan, large living room with stone j fireplace, built-in nook cases, hard- | wood floors, tile linth henutiftil rah- | Inet work tn kitchen, Inlaid. Venetian blinds, full baMsmenl, stoker he,nt, m- nutated brick gariuio. Large level lot. Other feature!) not advertised Call for further Information ALTON Central Avenue — Lovely lour-riinm modern home in A I enndiluin Fiie plneu in living mom. e.ibineis and 10 laid* In kilrhrn ,m,| buih 'I'd,- Kilh venetinn blinds, Klmni sii'.h. InMiluli-d Full basement, stoker heat Cikiukti' ..... . . $l'J,iiim MILTON AREA Berkeley avenue. Lovely 5-room mod ern home in perfect eoiulilion l.nrnc floor plnn. hardwood (lours, blinds, eat)inet^ and inlaid;! In kitchen and bath, glared and «ci eened in porch, full basement, tias heal, fully insulated, garaxc I'ru-c .fll.U'HO MILTON AREA— Mayfiold Avc. 8-room modern hunie A-l eoodnion Hardwood tloors, rahmels and inlaid^ M iioiJHR* roil EAST ALTON—REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE - OHIO AVENUE. 4 ROOMS, MODERN. LARGE LOT, GARAGE. VERY REASONABLE FINANCING. PRICE $7950 HALE REALTY CO. 4-5115 - After 6 P.M. Call Walter Halo Jr. — 4-8209 NF.W BitICK TroME-Moderri,~4 rooms", hath, full banemenl, hardwood floors, plaster walls, fas hem nnd water healer, Irmulnled, city sewer. Washington flvrniie nl E. Main. E. Alton. clo«« lo school* nnd hits $2200 down PRANK YObKR, nEALTOH 202 E. Main. E. Alton Dial 4-nii:i . i-(ia:m . 4-4027 CENTRAL AVE. ~- 7 room, two modern apartments near schools and churches $13,500 CENTRAL AVE.—7 room modern home. Oil heat. Garage. $2000 down payment ,.$10,500 HARRY F, HEMPHILL AGENCY Ph. 3-3584, after 6 P.M. 2-1335 n-nooM MorjErtN HOME— a rooms down, HWK, hath, large living room 13x211. n rooms nnd hath up, rent «Hfl. Slokcr hent. flood location. Double garage. Call 4-11:107, owner._ "~ NEW 6-ROOM RANCH STYLE HOME With attached garage. Located at 556 7th street, Wood River. 2 bedrooms, H.W.F. Built-in cabinet*. Gau heat. Kitchen, dinette and utility room. All tile floors. Plastered walla, coat, bedroom and linen closet. $' Quick sale 11,500 4-9550 806 STATE ST., WOOD RIVER RE-STYLE YOUR HOME WITH HNS-HANVILLE SIDING • FREE ESTIMATES e CONVENIENT TERMS • 8 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM • Company Trained Applicators MARCAL HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. I Phone 2-5915 I _ _ ___ _ _ _ _. . __ MitT'5'N'nTsWlCT— By~owher7s room modern. ffiZflO. Dlnl 3-5H10. in kitchen and bulli. lull basi-m stoker heut, insulated. ^aiaKe. .i fealures not .idM-i lisril Pure s WOODLAND AVE. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS New nnu'h sl> le TiuxU-rn :i lioclr hoi IIP. I.jiitJt* closet hpiire, lai KL- ti room and dincitr J(i.\u uith tiii'p and picture \\ imlo\\ . t ili> b.ith kitchen With rahiiH'l- -tnd )ul,iii|>. basement finished in kntitiy pint 1 fireplace, autmn.itu' ml hmt . t-lrrti n- water heater, 1 Lot (tuxjtio Piu*>. WOOD RIVER, CONDOT'ST.'" Close to High SehiHil 4 -i mini modern home. Cabinets and inlaitis in Kilehen and bulb, fully insulated, full basement, fuinuce heal, also M-roorn lunne on rear of lot in good condition. Price. WASHINGTON AVE., ALTON'" Income property. 2 modern homes. One 16-room with a baths, stoker heal. gBrttgei Bl&o one 10-ruoni modern wilh 2 baths, stoker heal. 4 Kaiaucs Lot 02x320. Other features not advertised- MIDDLETOWN— Central Ave. Close lo St. Anthony's Hosij.'tul. 1 uve- ly 4-fdom modern home in A-l condition. Fireplace in li^'ing room, caljinets and Inlaidi in kitchen and bath, Venetian blinds, HWF. insulaied, lull busc- meat, stoker heat, electric water healer gar»«e Price ....... *tl,3uu M. CREER AGENCY REALTOR Office Phone: 3-7504 HOfl Milton Road 3K BEUTl'EL . . . 3-8130 GBEEH . . 11-5177 CJBSON . . 2-4X58 modern. A-l condition, Owniir tmuit •ell In I week. Contract for deed. *I500 down payment Sale price $7280 Cull HAROLD AUSTIN .•1-7180 Hernphlll Agency _ _ SMALL "iiOME--b7"«iimmer home! H acred. Crnok running ncromi corner. 3- roorn hmme. chicken houxe, hog fenced, electricity, gravel road*, mail, milk and nchool huiies pass front of properly. fl inlleit from Jerteyvllle S1H50 Thin In only offered for three weeks. NICE 4 ROOMS-Tiled floor basement hotinc. Route (17. near Delhi. Electricity. Small down payment $2350 C. I. CHAPPELL Plinrin 2-no:i:i. Alton. Mournlnjt lln/ilj.v Co,, Jenieyyllle, III, BLAIR AVE. — 5 room modern home. H.W. floors. Cabinets. Stoker heat. Porches,. .$10,900 CORONADO DRIVE — 4 room modern home. H.W. floors, cabinets. Gas heat $8950 PARK DRIVE — 4 room modern home. Gas heat. Like new. A bargain $8500 COLLEGE CREST—4 room modern. H.W. floors, cabinets. Like new $7950 BELLE ST. — 5 room modern brick home. H.W. floors, cabinets. Gas heat $8750 HIGHLAND AVE.—5 room modern brick home. H.W. floors, cabinets. Gas heat. Very nice. Price $11,500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Ph. 3-3584, after 6 P.M. 2-1335 MI DDLETOWNr Garden St.—5 large room modern bungalow. H.W. floors, cabinets, porches, gas heat, insulated $9500 NORTH ALTON, Queen St.—5 room modern home. Very nice. Garage attached to house. Sec this for $7500 CORONADO DRIVE — 5 room modern home. A-1 condition. Bargain for $7900 WILLARD AVE.—5 room modern, H.W, floors, stoker heat. Garage $7850 TENTH ST. — 5 room modern home. A very fine home in A-l location $7500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Ph. 3-3584, after 6 P.M. 2-1335 NEW HOMES 4 nnd 4' j-room modern ill new subdivision Very attractive. Hardwood floors, cabinets, oil heat, large lot, I'HII move in at once. Priced $11.81)0 "'" ROLLA H. HARRISON HEALTOU Office 11-5:197 Evenings: :i-!VWH - 2-OHHO 3505 BISCAYNE—4 room "modern home. Plenty of extras. Aluminum storm windows and screens. 52-gal. electric water heater. 3 cedar lined closets. Built-in cabinets. Wired for stove. Insulated. Full basement. A real buy at . .$7900 FRANK YODER, Realtor 202 E. Main, East Alton Dial 4-9113—4-6238—4-4627 .EAST ALTON sunn down payment will : hu.\ .-i 4-room hume Has gas heat ami | wal.'i healer, level lol. Sale price $5200 jKASl ALTON $111110 down payment., i attune li I loan, you cim buy a 4- j modern home Has HWF, ! lull iMsciiienl. tins heat. | pa.Miienis SSI, inrludinii taxes' ON TODAY'S MARKET.' See and compnre thin lovely like new homn, I believe you will agree with me you can gave $1.100 by huylnx thin home. Owner moving to Chicago nnd In wllllnit to take » bin long tor n quick mile. Home In perfect condition. Beautiful plnnler wall* throughout. Hardwood floor*. Nice Inrge nmement with RUB hent, automatic hot water, nloel benm conntructlon. Very large 3rd bedroom, 0 closets, venelliin blind*. Lot 100 x 200 feet. Attractive cabinets. Inaulated. Low luxea. A well coiiHtructed home. CLEM NOLL REALTY AGKNCY 040 E. Broadway. Phone 3-8021 Evening* Plenae Cull nickrnnnn, 2-fl<in4 or Strulf, 2-2148 ful well-built 4 roomn with bath nnd garage on n large corner lot. This houHC ha* a kitchen "Ink and cnhlnetN almoitt the entire length of kitchen; nn oil automatic heater a* well ai 2 nice porches In and on thl« house; can be easily financed for proper buyer. Lo- cnlcd on corner of Virginia nnd Prairie avenue. Bethiilto. III. The owner, Mm. Miller, will show you through at convenient hours. For further In- formntlon call Philip H. Cohn. Upton 4-UODII, Upton 4-2H70. crn 4-room home. Hardwood floors, stoker heat, cabinets. Only 5 years old. Large level lot. Price $11500 EDWARD L. BHODERICK 3-:i5«4. Aflcr B P. M., 2-UIOS llnmphlll Agency WASHINGTON AVE. Fine 5-ronm brick home, newly decorated, large living room with fireplace, new kitchen cabinets, new gas fur- nacp, garage. One of Alton's better homes. Sale price $111,900 Gall HAROLD AUSTIN :i-7um Hemphill Agency MIDDLETOWN 5 ROOM MODERN HOME — New furnace. Stoker. Nice lot. Very good location. Close to bus. Dial 3-7023 or 3-8449. MAURICE. " N." ALTON---6 DOOMS A HATH, ONE FLOOII li NICE SIZE HKCUIOOMS, LIVING DOOM 15x15. SMALL DINING ItOOM. KITCHEN FACING STREET HAS STEEL CABINETS, WlltED FOR RANGE, STOKER FIRKD FURNACE INCOME FROM 2 HASEMENT HOOMS SaH.MIl PER MO. i ONE-CAR GARAGE. VKI1Y GOOD LO- ! CATION H10.5IIO I Broadway Waiher Repair Genuine Beiidix Part* and Servie* Part* and rolls (or all machine* Cnll For and Deliver QUICK SERVICE Dial 2-383(1 1226 G. Broadway -_ LARCE"5 ROOM HOME GOOD PRICE AT $13,700 Sl/e of n 6-room home Living room 14x30 with fireplace Ma*tcr bedroom 13xl3V, Stnlrwny to attic Intmlatcd Large automatic hot water Well lanclicnpcd lot. 66x128 Fenrfff/-ln hnck yard Garage Upper Alton An unusual homi "THE MAN TO SEE" FOR REALTY CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY A REALTOR 649 E. Bdwy. Office Phone: 3-6621 After 6 P. M. Please Call Dlckmann. 2-B454 or Strulf. 2-2148 NORTH" RODGERS — Very"nke all modern 4-room home. Hardwood floors, stoker heat, cabinets. Only 5 years old. Large level lot. Price $8500 EDWARD L. BRODERICK 3-3584, After 6 P.M. 2-4606 ^jemphill Agency 613 E. BROADWAY 4-room modern. Brookslde. Insulated, wired for stove, electric water heater, full basement, garage. Lot 30x140 $5950 STORE FRONT WITH 5 ROOM Modern attached. Tile floors, 3 bedrooms, plastered walls. Lot 65x300 frontage on College avenue. Good location for tee cream store, swap shop, etc., with excellent HvlriK qtinrters. Will trade for home In East Alton, Rosewood Heights. Wood River. Price $18.950 Moore 2-1742 or 2-3322 _/ _ Johnson 3-8284 ~~ HOUSES FOR SALE MILTON AREA New 5-room frame Garage attached. This is exceptionally well hullt and attractive. Modern In NORTON N. ' ALTON! 4 ROOMS" AND j WOOD RivEn-Mno down. E. Ferguson, j HATH. CLOSE TO .SCHOOLS ANOj *-room frame, modern. _C,as furnace. CHURCHES. :i BLOCKS TO BUS *"""" ' ATTENTION! HOME OWNERS! BUILDER! 1 CONTRACTORS! OUT-OF-TOWN BUYERS! 3-Pc, Bathroom Outfit Compltte With AN Fittings fixtures are graded *» factory aecondft, but the blemfahf* nr« such that In most CHUM it would bo an experienced Inspector to find them. Beside*, you hftve a money- bnrk fcunrnntee If not completely siitlsfletl. LOOK: LOOK! liNCIJJDKI), standing bolt-on toilet outfit with lifetime plnsllc sent, functional designed wash brtsln ledge bnrk with sonp dishes, chrome mixing type faucets and chromed P.O. plug. 6 - ft. recess tub of heavy Range steel with thick porcelain enamel finish, chrome tub filler, waste nnd overflow. You get the three fixtures and chrome fittings for only $90.00! VROMAN'S GENERAL STORE RAILROAD SALVAGE 217 ST. LOUIS AVE., EAST ALTON, ILL., 4-3932 ALUMINUM CANOPIES AMERICA'S MOST IEAUTIFUL AWNING Protection from rain, Sleet and Sun YOUR SELECTION OF COLORS • 100% Aluminum • Reeled by Factory 0 One-Piece Bonderized Aluminum • n*.vOvtn Hiked Unlnh • Dlf Formed (not rolled) • With or Without Lonven • D« l.uxe—Narrow Slat • Nn Spring-*—Clip* or Dolt* • No Stronger Awnlnt In the City • Custom Built • With Side Wlngi • Vinyl Plastic Paint • Acrylic Over Spray and Baked FREE ESTIMATE*—FHA APPROVED MODERN SALES CO. DIAL 4-8107 205 OHIO, SO. KOXAN'A ATLAS The Be*t for I'M* In NEW FURNITURE — 8«» RUSSELL VENETIAN BLIND MFG. CO. We Give E*(le SUmp. Ill I Milton Bond Dial H-A944 • Re*. 2-65*9 I Stack Blind Free with E»«ry I'J.VOO Purchmie. HOUSES 8ALB 3-ROOM HOUSE—Gas, light*, water and toilet, $2500. 208 N. Delmar, Hartford. JOHN BERICAN AGENCY OAK DRIVE, EAST ALTON Excellent 5-room brick on well located landscaped lot. 2 large bedroom*, combination living and dining room, (29x111 with fireplace and picture window aluminum window casement*, marble sill*, automatic heat and hot water. Steel beams... .$15,750 ALTON ^Jew brick. 3426 > Thoma* avenue. 4 large rooms. 5 closets, birch doors, copper water piping, steel beams, massive fireplace and picture window, extra fireplace and brick bar in large rathskeller ; linoleum tile floor In kitchen, bath and rathskeller. Cabinets Wired for stove. Reduced for quick sale $13,950 John Berigan Agency—4-6614 200 W Main St.. East Alton, III. JIM APPLE, Bethalto After 5 P. M. CHAPPELL . . . 3-8475 BEHIGAN' .... 2-4276 $.100 down and $53 . Corner district. * 12.800 OllMliels M»nihl\ and MI-HI.nice Price Mter li P M Dial L'-liHilll IIAI1HY LONG ll.irn F Hemphill Agency F-XCKI.I.ENT INCOME 'PROPERTY WOOD HIVKIt II ROOM HOUSE, AH- H VM.'KI) KOH A .'• DOOM APT AND l\\0 .! ROOM APTS .U.I, MAVF SEP- AIIATE MATHS TOTAL INCOME $i:«) I'KH MONTH COMPLETELY MOD. MIN IT OSF. 10 Ill's AND DOWN- 5-r HALF. REALTY CO EAST ALTON 4-.ill.i AFTER f> 00 P M WALTER HAI.K. Jll 4 11209 SEMINARY STREET "" m all modern with large living i .MUD. hot air bent, double garage (.nod bu> ill $|i||50 Call HAROLD AUSTIN ,t-71H(j llcinphill Agency ROXANA-TYDEMAN f> room all model n. near M'hool C'uhi lU'ls -tokel heal Karaite Cnnlraci for deed W.OOU down paMnenl Sule price, $7500 Call HAROLD AUSTIN :• 71HU llcinphill Agelio HARTFORD 21:) E. 5th sired ment house 4 rooms and lialh. Tile floors in living room and kilchen. oil heater and electric water healer. City sewers. Will b ell on contract. $250 down Price . FRANK YODEH. REALTOR 202 E Muin, E. Alton Dial 4 U11J, 4-62:48. 4-4637 PRICED TO SELL ............ $51100 HIXON STREET -- 4 ROOMS. SEM1- MODEIIN. CiAS AVAILAI3LE FOR HEATING. SOMK FltUIT TREES. $4450 HETHALTO NEW LARGE 5 ROOMS AND HATH. POWDER ROOM. LARGE CLOSETS. HWF, FULL BASEMENT. AUTOMATIC HOT WATER HEAT. ' j BLOCK TO BUS LINE ....... $10.950 MARIE STREET • NEW 4- ROOM A BATH STEEL GIRDER CONSTRUCTION CiAS FURNACE. I'j BLOCKS TO BUS A STEAL AT $BMO C. H. AUTEN AGENCY 2415 STATE ST. PHONE 3-11422 EVENINGS: TED PRICE .... 2-B970 JOHN KELLY . . 2-H2tU> BERKELEY AVE. Seven -room modern. Four bedrooms, many built-ins. Citis lu-ut. Price $11.1100 UPPER ALTON Six-room modern. Two hnth*. lot One block from business Price CLOSE IN Five-room brick. Attached gatiigr Oil heal, full basement. Carpi-led, aluminum windows. Quick possession Price ........ $in.;ioo EAST ALTON Duplex Six rooms. Full basement Two- car garage Completely redecorated Price . ..... * 7:IS " WOODBURN, ILL. Six-room 1'j acres A good hu.v „, . . . . SII31MI RUSSELL H. HALE AGENCY 3879 Berkeley Avenue— 2-2246 SARAH WARDLOW . . 4-6173 NEW 4-ROOM MODERN Automatic gas heat and hot water, on Residence street near industries & bus Wtl consider trade for other property or lot. John Berigan, Realtor, 4-6614 Evenings: 2-427H j WILKINSON ADDITION Nice 4-ioomi house, lull huMMiienl. furnace heal 1'j acres of ground. $ii5tl down, balance like i enl Call ELMER McPHERSON 2-3147 Hemphill Agency NEW 4 ROOM MODERN "" RIVER Automat- water Full deep hisels, cabinets Near proposed new school. Should go FHA. John Berigan, Realtor, 4-6614 Evenings: 2-4276 PRACTICALLY IN TOWN" 7 ROOMS - 30 ACRES ( All tillable acreage Outbuildings including barn Pond About :iO Irult trees New garuge ( Home in good condition 9 Arranged for 2 apts or 7-room home ( Large full bulh All good-sue rooms 0 Like new furnace in full basement Plus enclosed porch Insulated Cabinet.-, in nice kitchen Venetian blinds Only 1 mile out ot Alton Seen b> appointment only Price $U.OOO month. Full price $5775 FINANCIAL GUIDANCE 1 E. Broadway, Alton. Illinois _2-9(i2.'l J2-54H8 ~ SPECIALS" ~ 5 LARGE ROOMS LOW PRICE OF $5500 c«n you buy for this price? Here nice modern home for someone, bath Like new furnace, plaster closets, porches, large garage space, plus 2 small out. onto bed- x II. auto- -— I IITH STREET. WOOD ic gas lleul and hoi baseincui. 4 new • ( ; f CLEM NOLL REALTY A REALTOR 649 E- Broadway. Phone 3-6621 Alter 6 P M. Call Dickmano, 2-8-154 or StruU, 3-314* What Is a Kill I walls, with storage buildings. Large lot if you want to raise some chickens or vegetables if things get tough. About li fruit trees too. Also aoout 4 large shade trees Nicely located for a school, bus and grocery In the Mlddletown area. Don't mix* this. UNUSUAL fl-UOOM HOME WITH GOOD-SIZE ROOMS Another bedroom could be built this home. Living room II x 15, room II x 15. kitchen 12 x 11 Plaster walls, full bath, closets, malic dlshwnsher. automatic garbage disposal, automatic oil furnace, automatic hot water Full basement. Storm windows and screens. Large lovely yard. Located In Wood River. An unusual home for someone for this price of $4750 "lAiictlv a> Advrrllsfd" CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY H4H F.. Broadway. Phone 3-BH2I Evenings Please Call Dickmann. 2-11454 or Strulf, 2-2I4H :i-BEI)ROOM-Brick ranch home, five years old OH heat. BO' front. Choice locution in Edwardsvllle, 111., for quick sale. For Information and appointment call the Oscar Schmidt Agency. 120 After 5 p. m.. call 419. EAST ALTON, Washington Ave. — 5-room modern home with extra lot. Good condition, large rooms,, stairway to floored attic, H.W.F., cabinets in kitchen. Venetian blinds, draperies and curtains, full basement, with den, stool, sink and fruit closet, double garage, storm windows and screens throughout. Call 4-4281 for appointment. 5 to 9 p. m. ONE-ROOM HOUSE --HlxlB. with fuel oil heater and couch. Reasonable Dewey S Hopkins. Shipman. III. ALBY ST. 4'j-ioom. Near . bus line Large level lol. oil heal, combination windows Wonderfi I floor plan. Good neighborhood Double garage. Thii buy will not last $14.700 Carl and Viola Tuetken, 3-5095 Harry Drew Agency — 2-1296 HERBERT ST. 5-1 join all modern Gas heat, large room:,, well landscaped yard Good garage Home is in good repair. $14.700 Allan Fox, 2-6315 Harry Drew Agency 2-1296 BERKELEY AVE. 5 rooms Lots ol cabinets in tiled kitchen, gas heut. glared porch, garage A-l condition $11.200 Wm. Norris, 2-4295 Harry Drew Agency — 2-1298 Wood River, Halloran St. 6-room. 1-floor plan Automatic water beater. Good lot $10,500 Harold Naylor, 4-3186 Harry Drew Agency — 2-1298 603 Broadway HENRY E. NARUP AGENCY WASHINGTON AVE. — B-room modern. 4 rooms on each floor. Hardwood floors, cabinets and closets, plastered walla, full basement, hot air heat, gas water heater, glassed - in rear porch. Very Rood locution and good lot. SI 1.000 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS Lindenwood Dr. 7-room modern brick, new. 1-floor plan. Hardwood floors, closets and cnb- inels, Inlaid in kitchen. diinnK nnd bnth Fully insulated. Attached garage, wired for stove; basement, stoker forced air heat. Lot 75x201). Price S12.600 SANFORD AVE. -- 6-room modern. 1- flnor plan: closets, cabinets, insulated, •form sash nnd doors. Venetian blinds. Rlnssed-in rear porch, full bnsemcnt. stoker heat: also water heater. House in very good shape. Weatherboard single roof; good garden and garage. $8900 WOOD RIVER—Madison avenue. 4-room semi-modern. Weatherboard. Rents for WB per month. Also :i-room modern basement house. Furnace, hot air heat Rents for $25 per month. 2 houses one lot. 50x120. Price UNION ST.—10 rooms, :i apts.. each apt., 4 - room apt. for Weatherboard house. Good MILTON AREA -- Stowell STENOGRAPHER Will consider beginner or some experience. Excellent working conditions. State age and qualifications. Box 930. Care Telegraph DOUSES FOR SALE TIRE SALE 6:00-16 Tire 6:70-15 Tirt '16.20 (And Your Old Tire) . . ^17.72 (And Your Old Tire) Tax Included CARTER BROS. INC. 1400 E, BROADWAY PHONE 3-5531 on $3925 2 rooms owner, lot SHBOO avenue. 4 rooms, water, lights, plastered walls, closets and cabinets, full basement, insulated, runs and linoleum. range stove and large healer that heats house and basement; good garden spot, berries and fruit •'. » 4Bn ,° LOGAN ST.. BETHALTO 4-room modern. Asbestos shingles, 4 years old. Plastered walls, cabinets and closets, Insulated, full basement. Hot air heat and water heater. Garage and large level lot * 6HO ° EAST ALTON-Ohio avenue. 3-room modern, complete basement for another house, :i2x:)2. Furniture included, new gas range. Lot 50x120, Down payment $950. Price $3150 COTTAGE HILLS Ruy St. 4 rooms and utility room, modern, water and lights, sloker. electric water heater, insulated and screens. Will sell with small down payment • $5775 i WOOD RIVER Ik BETHALTO ROAD—8 acres of good ground and basement house. Wired for stove, well water ami electric water system; berries p'rlced i B f ELLEVlEW AVE. '_ '7 ' room modern 4 on first floor. 3 on second, plastered walls, closels real large floor plan and stucco, large and fireplace FOR RENT or SALE—4-room all modern; also 2-rnom apartment in basement. 182" °-cnmore. Cull Grafton U74. Mr. Depp«r. 6 ROOMS' ... .-ERFECT CONDITION LARGE LEVEL LOT. LOW PRICE OF $10.: Four bedrooms. Large kitchen with i lots of nice cabinels. Built only tl years ago. Lovely floors. Plenty closets. Full basement. Fully insulated. 15 fruit trees, plus other fruit. Hen house, brooder house, good garnge. Nice lawn wllh plenty of trees and shrubbery. Plenty ground to raise some vegetables. You would appreciate owning this property it things get tough. City water. Nicely located with other line homes not far from the new Bethalto high school and only one-half block from grade school bus. Don't miss this good buy. CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY 649 E. Broadway. Phone 3-6621 After B P. M. Please Call Dlckmann. 2-8454 or Struif. 2-214B j EAST~LORENA — 5-room modern. En- , closed porch, fenced yard. .'1 rooms j furnished on back of lot. S3B month- ! ly income. Only $8930 , LOGSDON. 4-7230. with HARPOLE AGENCY NORTH RODGERS"— Very "nice all modern 4-room home. Hardwood floors, stoker heat, cabinets. Only 5 years old. Large level lot. Price $8500 EDWARD L. BRODERICK 3-3584. After 6 P. M. 2-4606 Hemphill Agency qg WANTED. REAL ESTATE ' FOB A QUICK SALE—Of vour property Call CL1 M. GREEK AGENCY OFFICE-DIAL 3-7504 TOM GIBSON ^??« Needs listings. 3-5397. evenings 1947 BUICK SUPER 4-Door Sedan Bnautlful blue finish. White sklewall $QQR tires. Heater and radio. Sunohade HARV & PHIL REILLEY 1946 CHEVROLET 2-Door Original black finish. Good Rubber. Just recently overhauled HARV & PHIL REILLEY »25-*50-*100f5*500 and HARRISON AGENCY For quick results dial 3-53H8. WAITED —Well located modern home. 0 rooms on one floor preferred. 3-7641. AUCTIONS AUCTIONS AUCTION^ - Frlda.T evening 7:ilQ p rrv Jouett Auction House. 1706 Washington Complete line ol household items; large or small eon- ilgnments accepted. DlalJ?^? 24 FARM - LIVESTOCK to $1.89 to $1.35 $1.89 to $2.19 Leather $U5 ..95c to .95c to Nickel 69c to $1.79 $1.49 H\VF, and cabinets, place is brick „. front and rear porch full basement and stoker forced -air heat; also water heater, wired for stove and also gas. Lot 50x 135 $14,000 WOOD RIVER — Lincoln Addition. 5- room modern. Cabinets and closets, full basement, hot air heat. *a» water heater Venetian blinds, sun room. 2-car garage, chicken house: fruit * grapes. Lot 85x130 » 7JS " BETHALTO — Nice lot on corner of West Corbin and Grant. City nervice, | water and lights available. Price $700 , FARM 40 acres. 4-room modern house. Venetian blinds, inlaid, full basement, j stoker heat, plastered walls, wired for i stove screened-in front porch. .Well! and cistern water, electric pump 40 ; acres, all in cultivation All level land limed mid phosphaled Tractor and ' outfit of tools, few chickens, small barn and sheds. Farm about 8 miles from Alton >15.000 COTTAGE HILLS Ray street. 3 rooms. semi-modern Water and lights. Good level lot. Will sell with small down payment $2100 19th STREET NEAR LIBERTY- 5-room modern. Hardwood floors, plastered walls, newly decorated, lots of cabinets and closets, wired for »tove. also gas: large screened-in porch, insulated. stoker heat and full basement and garage . $:I500 i ^ FARM. 17 ACHES — 6-room modern j ^ \yEEKS OLD house. 8 miles from Alton. HWF. piast- ; br)H j Call 2-45 ercd walls, new bath fixtures, full j f===^-^~^~f v f=---... basement, stoker, forced air heat, elec- | «• tj*BM_tUl<IPMENll trie pun\p and well water; aUo large j j-o R SALE or TRADE-1949 Ford trac- pond 40 x 36 barn, and other out- | tor ^ Ford plows, 4-row cultivator, buildings 2 acres of alfalfa. 9 acres i spring tooth harrow, truck lime spread- in cultivation. balance in pasture er; a i so small spoiled mare pony Some berries and fruit. Price $13,800 3-5911. FARM - 46 acres with 7 room house. 2 large barns, granary. 2 poultry houses, garage. Well and cistern water. 19 acres in cultivation. Balance in pasture and timber. About 16 miles 85 DOG8—CATS—PETf "DOC LOVERS SEE SEARS NEW COMPLETE LINE OF DOC HARNESSES AT Sears Big Alton Farm Store Steel Button-Studded Collars 39c Plain Harness 39c Steel Button-Studded Harness 89c to $1.49 Leather Leads 49c to $1.69 Braided Plastic Lead 79c Chrome Jewel Leads Five-foot Braided Leads Steel Combs .... Choke Chains . . 4'2 ft. to 15 ft. Chains 69c to $1.49 Squeak Mice & Rats. 23c & 29c Latex Rubber Toy 55c Animal Brushes . . 59c to $1.35 Rubber Bones 19c Rubber Bell Balls 29c Stop in Today Sears Big Alton Farm Store Fourth & Piasa. Alton, III. Phone 3-5511 'POINTER PI*PS—"wen OK OTHER CONVENIfNf PUNS New Clothing? Home and Aut» Repairs? Television Set? . . . G»t lh» money you n«ed now for th«i« or ofly other worth-while purpo««. Phont fin? . • • 'h*n com» In THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS.[AST ALTON 421 WEST ST. LOUIS AVE. "AT THE VIADUCT" Phone: 4-3864 ALTON 200 WEST THIRD ST. 505 Firtl Nal'l Bank t Trull Bldg. Phone: 3-5556 WOOD RIVIR 21 -A EAST FERGUSON AVE. Phone: Wood River 4-4327 PUBLIC LOAN CORPORATION FARM EQUIPMENT Bfl FOR~SALE—Manure loader and Monroe seat to fit Oliver 70 tractor. $85. Dial 2-8058. Walter Gvillo. 1 mile northwest of Fosterburg. on sensible terms, Phone or come in today to HFC- Household Finance Corporation. Cash loans made quicUy on signature. car or furniture. How to get a loan Fell us how much cash you need Select the repayment plan thatsuilJ you best — up to $500 without en dorsers. Borrow with confidence Remember, more men and womei borrow from Household Finance thar any other company in it,s field! Cal friendly, dependable HFC today! MONEY WHEN YOU NEED ITI USEHOLD FINANCE 123 W. Third Street 2nd Kloof PHONE:. i-8871-AI ton nj madi to r«ii<fcaf.T o/ »tarby 67 FEEDS AND SEEDS BE WISE—GetVour" fertilizer now For prices call 2-4008. Everett Harris Agrico dealer ORDER YOUR PFISTER — Hybrid seed corn now. Everett Harris, Fosterburg road. 2-4008. Will deliver. LIVESTOCK 68 FOR SALE—Your choice of 56 registered Hereford bulls and ** females. Car- rnlltnn Sale Barn, March 21st. For catalogue write Irwin Davis. FU. 1. Jerseyville, Illinois Valley Hereford Association. FOR~SAEE^-20 \vhitT~Face cows, 12 "of these with calf by side, balance to freshen soon. 3 shorthorn eows. E. O Brummer, 1 mite east of Bunker Hill Illinois. _ _ FOR SALE — Hi weaned pigs, 11 weeks old. Dial 4-9977. _ FOR "SALE — Two well-bred Holstein bull calves; weight about 1)50 pounds. Phone _2-<5;M._Jo.rin_S._Wlttman. FOR SALE —Your choice of Sli registered Hereford bulls and 34 females Carrollton Sale Barn, March 21st. For catalogue write Irwin Davis, Rt. 1. Jerseyville. Illinois. Valley Hereford Association. FREiSMHOLSTEIN COW~^- Good~producer. Henry Bockman, 'j mile east of_Cod£rey FRYERS FOR SALE—Allve'"or dressed. Phone J>8B»._J.Vaugh. Bethalto. 4 liEIFERS—MifkTng"""stock. " ArUfici'ai breeding, from 2 months old to 8 months old. $:«W for all. Charles Hose, N Pia*a. Illinois. HI) POULTRY A.\D_SUPPLIiE8 BABY CHICKS—Poultry supplies, Occi dent feeds with multi-mycin. Werl'i Grocery._ Dial_2-B009. i BABY CHICKS^Hcavies a ncf~ hybrids hatches every Monday and Friday. Spe | eials on heavy mix. Cockerels $2 pei ! hundred. Slarted chicks available sonn ! over 2 weeks old. Phone 1837. Wolf'i Halcherv, 110 Vandalia St., Edwards ' ville. 111. BABY CHICKS "-Specials for March Broiler-fryer White Rocks $9.95 per 100 While Rocks 'Egg Grade' as hatchrc $11.50 per 100 Any Tuesday or Friday Place orders in advance. Our slandarc malings also available in Leghorns Ha nips hi res and White Rocks. Runzn Feed Store. 509 Belle St. Hofman Feed &_Supply. 113 W _Broadway. _ HALL'S~STARTEb CHICKS—Will~boosl your profits. Available twice a week 2 and 4 weeks old. Also baby chicks Leghorn cockerel : S3.90 per 'hundred. HALL S CHICKS, Carrollton Phono 1R1 Y^IiTiGnBAlKiNG~HENS^D7Sf~T5944 Ben Gvillo, Wood River-Bethalto bard road. _FOip»7»nd'~PAJltT PRODUCTS I ELM PRODUCE -'- wiinesaT~aiipieiirba- | nanas, new white onions, white clover honey. 5 Ib jars $1.23, onion aeti, sweet i corn 4 for $25. 2IK1 Elm St POULTRY AND SUPPLIES Irom Alton on all weather road $8000 HENRY E. NARUP, REALTOR 303 E. SEVENTH 2-5735 - 2-3718 TITAN CHAIN SAWS—Everett H»rrl» Bethalto 111 Call 2-400a VAC CASE TRACTOR — With mounted plow*, cultivator and mower. Also John Deere 6 ft. tandem disc and 12 ft. heavy harrow. One 1949 Chevrolet '<ton pick up truck, 17,000 mile». All in very good condition. Moving, must sell H. Barnett, 'i mile north of Godfrey on Godfrti-Festerhurg road. Ph. 3-4020. BABY CHICKS—Big husky chicks for broilers and layers with tested livabil- Hy Nationally approved Pullorum Passed and quality priced We will de liver to Alton Brockmeier Hatchery Edwardsville. Ill SUPER BABY CHICK VALUES AT SEARS MONDAY SPECIAL , While Rock Cockerels $2.!I3 per hundred ! ORDER BEFORE NOON, MAR. 24 Other varieties also available at Sears low prices White Rocks Barred Rocks Buff Rocks White Wyandoiies New Hampshires Aiiblra - Whites White Leghorns Day - Old Straight - Run S16.25 per hundred 2 - Week Old Chick*, add Sll to jbpve price 3-Week old chicks add $18 10 above price Available every Thursday Order 4 days ahead Sears Big Alton Farm Store 4th & Piasa. Alton, 111 3-5511 Jf°OR~8ALI5—Baking hen*. 4-873U. MISC. FOR SALE u ARTICLES' FOB SALE BEAUTY SHOP EO.'1'l'pMENT—For~2"op- erators Dial 2-H412. BABY "BATHI.NET Car^hed."teeter babe, summer malernit.\ clothes. 14 tn 1H I tuc.vcle, 1 girls small 2-wheel CROCHETED - Embroidered p"lec«», oaby things, stamped goods and thread. Art & Gift Shop, 202 Henry street. FOR SALE Easy Spindrier washerTlik» new. $t>5. Boy's bicycle, excellent $1650 Phone 2-2012 FOR SALE One steam sectional baier, 4 overhead fan tjpe heaters, piping. Phone Bob Swan. 4-4173 FOR SALE- Corn, hedge poTlsT electric washer. 75-gal. hog waterer. Phone Bethalto. 6331. _ FOR SALE -Buich-Pre.s7man~~2~'~4 x 3'i press camera with lol mm Wollensak coated Raptar lens: very accurate Vue- Focus range finder Hit-land all-metal flash gun wilh solenoid tripper. Lens cover and shade, pack film adapter and cut film holders Cost $270 new Sacrifice for $160. Call 3-9771 »fter 6::lo_p. m. _ __ FOR SALL 7 - Cash register. safe7~wali shelving and aisle counters, reasonable. condition. »ao Schaefer's Meat Market. 41 W. Ferguson, Wood Hiver. Phone 4-87U.

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