The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 29, 1963 · Page 5
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 5

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, July 29, 1963
Page 5
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MONDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 29. 1963 THE NORTH ADAMS, MASSACHUSETTS, TRANSCRIPT Storm May End Heat Tonight; Beaches Report Record Crowds (Photo on Page 1) Thousands of benumbed , Ml. Grcylock reported m.dlvery good" of sweltering persons attempted to 2,000 who made it to (lie top of the 3,491-foot peak to escape from the hot, sultry pavements below. Weekend High ot flfi Why Ml. Grcylock? While [he mercury registered an official weekend high of % degrees in North Adams yesterday, it reach- 'very,pickers, Raymond Pellerin, an aboiit'assislanl, reported. ' co-exist with oppressive humidity and temperatures in the upper no's nt the .UTii's principal beaches and picnic groves yesterday. Record Crowds The combination of heal, humidity and people resulted inied a relatively cool high of 76 record attendances at North!at Bascom Lodge, atop the 3,491 J J oml in Hie Savoy Stale Forest, the Mohawk Trail State Forest foot peak. Hugh B. Williams, operating and an equal-lo-record throng atiRannei- at the Savoy Park said ' the 1,000 people counted at North Pond yesterday broke a two-year Windsor Lake, the municipal beach and picnic haven. Clarksburg State Forest, which attendance record. counted 1.400 Hci-spiriug heads ati The Mohawk Trail State Foresl, the "rush hour." said it hart n tucked away amid Ihe pines in busy, but nol record, weekend. ICharlemont attracted alwut !,SOO jpatrons for its top Sunday of the season. At Windsor Lake every spare patch of ground was used for parking some 330 cars used by 2,500 lo :i.OOO seething, sweltering patrons lo get there. "There wasn't an available spol to park anywhere," exclaimed neorse A. Fairs, Park & Recrea- lion Commission chairman. He took his family to North Ponrt, found it was loaded, and motored to Ihe Mohawk Trail For- esl where he managed lo jam himself and his family into the crowd. Six Gel Tickets The crush al the Windsor Lake parking lots, which kept Ihree park policemen hopping, resulted in the issuance of six traffic tickets, Mr. Fairs said. "Tluy're not going lo push around in that, parking lot," he said grimly. The mob at the Clarksburg Slate Forest was about evenly bal- lanced between swimmers and pic- Ses Our Large Selection Ceramic and Plastic Tibs Many Beautiful Colon Free Use of Tools Gazzanlcja's Wallpoper, Point, Floor Covering Corner Bank and Summer Sis. North Adams Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Only 1 . Super-Rigftf fully Coofced ENTER HAM TO BAKE BROIL OR FRY TENDER, DELICIOUS HAM STEAKS LB Colonial Boneless TURKEY BREAST 2.49 Drink 10c 6A ° Nz s89 c ROLL 19 COLONIAL l'/i IB CAN SENECA FROZEN SPECIAL Orange FOIL 'CANS A TERRIFIC VALUE! Wonderfoil SWEET AND JUICY Elberta Peaches 4 LBS 49 C Breaded/ Frozen HADDOCK or COD FILLETS 2 ii 99 JANE PARKER FRUIT-FILLED, FLAKY-CRUSTED REG. 59« SAVE 20" LARGE HB80Z8INCHSIZE EA DOUBLY DELICIOUS SERVED WITtTcRESTMONT ePie 39 Ice Cream 2 PINT PKGS Double Stamps Wed. Prices effective at ALL A&P Super Markets in this Town. weekend, he added. The throng atop Ml. Greylock were given "quite a show" about ,i p.m. reported Joseph F, Fitzgerald, fiasco- . Lodge supervisor, as a thunderstorm, bristling with lightning bolts, assailed the mountain op. The storm moistened Adams and Williamslown with light showers but no rain fell in the city on the fifth straight day of 90-degree- plus heat. Slortn May End Heaf The hot, sultry conritions could change dramatically later this afternoon or tonight. There is a chance of severe thunderstorms, %vilh hnil and sqnnlly winds, the weatherman said. It will usher in a new weather system, which, after the showers end tomorrow, will bring somewhat cooler and less humid conditions. Tomorrow's high will be between 80-S5 degrees, the weatherman said. By comparison the flashing electronic time-and-temperature sign atop the Berkshire Bank &• Trust Co. building recorded 93 degrees, r.s of 1 p.m. today. Drury '43 Class Has Reunion At Williams Inn The 20th reunion of the class of 19-13 at Drury High School was held at the Williams Inn, Williams- 1 town, Saturday night. Fifteen class members By EDWIN MATESKY While the clly'i water supply ! still adequate, Acting Water Department Foreman Robert E. is beginning to casl anxious «yes heavenward. Voluntary Rationing "If w« don't «et a good rain by the end of the week, I'd like to see some sort of voluntary water rattomnf program go into effect," he said this morning while said he is querying county agents ° f squinting into a leaden — but dry - sky. Concern is growing about the] water supply because the M> ^ ^^ governmellt . Ulllb ITKM.n^Kl.aV ..nilirill tnlll SOLID COMFORT — Charles Mulcahy of 27 Laurel Ave. lets the cool water of Daub's Pond dribble over him es he stretched out beneath the part of the dam yesterday. Hospital Employes Given Suspended Terms for Larceny Two local hospital employes in now liv- District Court Saturday admitted iiig"o'ul"of"town"wcre"a"monB thejstealing $42.40 worth of groceries Congressional Baseball Rep. S. O. Conte Appoinfs Dr. Weaver Team Physician P iltow cnscs from tlle Norlh Adams Hospital Friday and each suspe While Cong. Silvio O. Conic of Pitlsfk'ld is pretty sure his Republican players will beat their Democratic opponents in their annual baseball game tomorrow night, wasgveia- - ge through tcnce to the House of Correction' the tilt^ivitliout some sprains and nded sVn-fi*nt' that they and a year's probation. The defendants William BoM. (Hi persons who attended the affair. A donation was macie by the class lo the Drury High School J'acully Assn. Scholarship Fund in the name of the late Guy Cameron, a member of (he faculty. During the evening the group offered a prayer for (lie nine members ot (he class who have died. Master- of ceremonies for the affair was Philip Can- of Williamstown, assisted by Robert Dean of North Adams and William Sabinij 5 t ra { Or George A. Lorrigo, they; practice to run for Congress, com- of Williamstown. were nabbed by another em Prizes were won by_Mrs. Thel- w |,j ]c attempting to slash goods in a pick-up truck, for '.he woman who traveled the farthest distance; Michael Flati- Cong. Conle also said that "if last year's game is any indication (Republican won 4-0 on a no-hitter by U. S. Rep. Bob Michel of Illinois) the Democrats will need he apparently isn't quite so con- more than a great doctor lo help 25, of 318 Ashland St. and John Hescock of 10 Button St. both appeared voluntarily to face the petty larceny allegation. Hefore be- inq dismissed Friday from their jobs, they worked as maintenance men in the medical building charlie-horses. He announced today Uial he has named Rep. James D. Weaver of Pennsylvania as learn physician for the game in the District of Columbia Stadium. Completes Contingent Conle, manager of the Repub' lican team, said Weaver, who According lo Hospital Admin- gave up a lucrative medical " practice to run for Congress, completes the Republican contingent which is seeking its second straight victory in Ihc annual Congrcssion nagan of Bedford, for the man who traveled Ihe farthest distance; Mrs. June Daniels Fosteri^Ving (he of State Line, for the woman with attention. the smallest waistline; Frank Gig In court Saturday, Mr. Lerrigo called both men excellent am! cooperative workers, but said he would be remiss if ho did not ncidcnt to the court's liotti of Defreestville, N.Y., for the man with the largest waisl- line. Additional awards went to Mrs. Verne Bass Howe of Wilmington, VI., for having Ihe newest baby; Olympio DePaoli of North Ad-| ams for being the man with the most receded hairline. Special prizes were awarded to Robert Adams of Claremonl, N. H., and George Martin of Poughkeepsie. N.Y. Mr. and Mrs. New- Ion Giroux of North Adams were winners of the balloon dance. Thomas Mason Graduates Aug. 2, Port Security Thomas W. Mason of 191 Prospect St., will graduate Friday from Port Security School at the U. S. Coast Guard Reserve Train- II was Ihc first larceny offense for both men, the court was told. Thieves Walk Off With Dairy Bar ^"JY'"", IP- Li U U' OfflCe Entered ' Cigarette Machine Nothing Taken al "Roll Call At a press night. conference. Cong. Conte called the selection of Weaver "a healthy sign of victory." "It may be." Conle said, "lhat Ihe Democrats need Dr. Weaver more than we do. It that happens, we promise our immediate support." them out." According lo Conle, colleague Weaver will be making his first appearance nlh his "medics bag" since election lo the Congress. In Case of Emergency case of emergency, Cong. Weaver's wife, Harriet, will also be r.vailable for aclion. She is graduate nurse. In an earlier statement, Conle Water Rationing Likely if No Rain Fails by Coming Weekend . Scattered liiundershowers were ,] forecast for most areas late today, and tonight but there was little prospect of enough rainfall to relieve the drought conditions. The U.S. Weather Bureau al Logan TnUrnation»t Airport predicted temperatures in the mid- 90s for the sixth coasccutive day today. Relief from the extreme heat is expected tomorrow. Frank T. Buckley, New Hump- shire commissioner of agriculture, tential disaster to farmers it was proving a boon to beach areas. Highways were jammed all weekend throughout (he six-slate area with motorists seeking a vacant patch of sand along the ocean or at a lake. Beaches throughoul the arei reported record crowds yeslerday as the temperature hit 96 in Boston. Other highs were Bedford, Mass., M; Providence, R.I., 93; *"»< appreciable had was the .68 inch on July 14, 15 days ago. The last measurable amounts were the .M inch ind the .02 inch recorded by the city engineer's staff on July 20 and July 19, respectively. The situation Isn't serious—yet, Mr. Galipeau said, The level of the reservoirs may have dropped a bit and Broad Brook, the primary supply for about 75 percent of the W«ter Department's 4,000-odd customers, has been drying up at midmorning lor a number of weeks now. But Mr. Galipeau said he is mainly interested in preserving the water in Mt. Williams Reservoir, which takes over whenever Broad Brook runs dry. Broad Brook has been drying up during the day but building up and supplying water at nighl. His main worry now: Saving water for August and September, tradilionallly the driest months here and when droughts usually hit North Adams. Mt. Williams' capacity is about 200 million gallons. Its surface has dropped two feet, 11 inches, according to a measurement taken by Mr. Galipeau last night. Nolch Reservoir Notch Reservoir, capacity 94 million gallons, « down about a foot, Mr. Galipeau said. "If Mt. Williams dropj three more feet, "we'll have to start using the emergency pump in Greylock," he added. Mr. Gtlipeau, normally the as- sislant foreman, is department foreman while Henry A. Gali- be declared disaster areas New Hampshire's rainfall lolal for the year ha* been nine inches below normal, If the government declares parts of the slate disaster areas, Buckley said, farmers who are being pafcl not to harvest hay would be allowed to cut it. Getting Serious Charles F. Shelnut, commissioner of agriculture for Massachusetts, said. "The draught is gel- ting serious now. Farm ponds are drying and farmers will probably have to stop using municipal water supplies for irrigation. "The effect will be felt on the apple—not in the amount of production but in the small size ot apples. If this continues for another few days the loss may rifc into $1 million or more." Maine agriculture Commission- p er Erion L. Newdick said th« state's $3 million blueberry crop is rapidly drying up and apple orchards in central and southern Maine are suffering. Newdick predicted apples and their by-products will probably be higher in price when harvested. While the heal wave was a po- Hartford, N.H., 95; Conn., 94; Portsmouth, Lebanon, N.H., M; Burlington, Vt,, 93; Newport, VI., 31; Old Town, Maine, 95; Portland, Maine, 94, and Caribou, Maine, DO. Cool air was reported heading for New England from the Midwest. If it doesn't suddenly veer away, there should be cooler, less humid weather tomorrow. IT'S WONDERFUL TO BE FREE OF FINANCIAL WORRIES AS YOU GROW OLDER. There Is a Way to Do This. May We Disctm It With You? Hy Patashnick INVESTMENTS 20 Stat. St., MO 3-7445 said that 3 resounding victory byL e>u> lna foreman, is on vaca- the Republicans "in the heat o( a ,,„„ yi. fv „.., brothers. the Republicans July night will probably spur the Democrats to begin their legislative program and push for an adjournment by at least Christmas Eve." The annual Republican-Democratic game will precede the Chicago White Eox-Wnshington Senators regularly scheduled meeting at D. C. Stadium. Hundreds of Capitol Hill aides are expected to attend the festive pre-game ceremonies. 5a « * - ' apparently left every' ran Highway sometime late urday night or early Sunday monv in The rented machine was located investigation this morning, outside the building and invest!- Entering the plant through an gating police said they found no drag marks where the coin operated vending machine might have been dragged away. The amount of money and number of cigarette packages in the ing Center in Yorktown, Va. A patrolman third class in Ihejknown. Coast Guard Reserve, he is attend-1_ ing this two-week school for his annual summer training. He is learning how to protect port facilities and ships in wartime. Mason is practicing fircfighling patrolling, atomic warfare defense, using the radio-telephone, land firing rifles, pistols, snbma- Ichine guns, two days he nachine was not in 1 iimediately illtac| , ccol . (]ing to a open overhead door, the culprits forced open the locked door. Two drawers were but nothing was taken. Charles Wagner, manager office rifled of the local branch, suspects children but could not supply police with Portion of :! Con/es/ Will Be Dropped The talent portion of the Fall bcci ami tear BUS FonFoliagc Festival queen contest shio will lake parl in aiwil! lie discontinued this year, il| Uoll praclice alert in which traineeswas a try lo defend an area from sabo- nounccd at a weekend meet- limited to five Bills. A fan show is given in conjunc- wiUl , hc contcs l, 5 Charges Against W'mstown Sailor Put Off to Aug. 17 Five charges against a 20-yeir- old Williamstown sailor were continued for trial until Aug. 17 when Craig E. Brneggeman of Hancock Rd., Williamstown, denied all five counts in District Court Saturday. He is charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident, dangerous driving, operating under the influence and drunkenness. The court action stems from a car crash July H on East Main Street with an automobile driven by Loring S. Wheeler of 201 E. Main St. Brueggeman was operating » car owned by John S, Fields of Ifi Ray St. who asked police to press the unauthorized use charge, French Air Force tlon. They are brothers. As laWns continued to turn brown and gardens to wilt throughout the area, reports from Stamford, VI., were that some springs on which homeowners In that town depend for water have gone dry. That has been a regular experience during dry spells in recent years. Cropt Suffer BOSTON (AP) — New England farmers scanned cloudy skies today and hoped for a soaking rain lo end a prolonged drought thatj threatens to cnust millions of dollar* in crop losses. HAVE Tried ^7/~\Ti Cleaners lULJ Services Yet? We Hav Know That Onc» You Ydu'll Always Say . . . SUN WAY IS THE BEST WAY! Free Pickup & Delivery Service Willj'amsfown — Tuetday and Friday 1,000 TOP VALUE STAMPS GIVEN EACH WEEK Last Week'i Winner Norman D'Amko, 39 Braeewell Av«. SUN CLEANERS 1U River St., MO 3-5065 "M«mb«r of frit National Institute of Dry Cleaning" works for the Sprague teurs. Mason Electric Co. and is the son of Thomas F. Mason Jr. who lives in Stamford, Vt. in(T It was reported that the change in format was made to shorten the program and give more local girls an opportunity to participate. The finals have in the past Queen contestants are being QeNvCrS GoodieS sought now by Ihc Chamber of Commerce. All entries imisl be the Chamber office by JACK and HARRY'S MUFFLERS & TAILPIPES INSTALLED • BY EXPERT MECHANICS DISCOUNT PRICES t»REPLACE NOW WITH A, LONG-LIFE MUFFLER ' • RUST -RESISTANT INNER SHELL CUTS DOWN ON NOISE DOH'T OUR SPKIALTY QUALITY t SERVICE ALL CARS EXPERT INSTALLATION TOM UK OUTLASTS 2 ORDINARY MUFFLERS 1 in TIRES, BATTERIES, ABSORBERS SHOCK OPEN Wed.-Tliun.-Fri. Nighli Til 9 Daily to 6 August 1. Mrs. Robert Murray is director of Ihe fasbion show. Members of her committee are Miss Donn Grillone, Miss Linda Martin, Mrs. I 1 William Mills, Mrs. Holland Mi- I'neim ami Miss Janet Wysocki. Miss Marie Esposito is direc- Ijtov of the queen contest. Mem- Ibcrs of her committee are Miss Mnrcin Borslcl, Miss Doris Harvey, Miss Maryann Hish, mu! Miss Samira Kelly. DIJON, France (AP) — "Dear Sir: We think your jet plants are pretty but the noise hurts our ears. We think should make up lor it by parachuting some candy to us," Tiinl letter, to the commander of a French air force base here, was signed by 16 youngsters attending a summer camp. Friday a jet whistled ovcr their 1 camp and a small parachute floated to the earth. Dangling beneath it was a four-pound box of candy. MAKE YOUR VACATION A PICNIC the smart way Borrow what you need — a little or a lot — at sensible, down-to-earth terms from M-A-C. NORTH ADAMS IS BANK STREET MO 3-5347 1 Look at These Prices! FINAL CLEARANCE ON SUMMER SHOES SALE ENDS THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 9 P.M. Balance of All Casuals $2.00 Values to S4.9S One Table of Flats C9 ftft VoJu«i to $7.95 Smartaire Dress Shoes (One Table) $5.00 Vdu»« to $195 Balance of Lrfe Stride Shoes $7.00 VdMii re $12.99 All Naturalizer Shoes All Sales Final—No Refunds—No Exchanges Bootery 66 Main Street MO 3-9485 if,

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