Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 2, 1971 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1971
Page 6
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ACCEPTING A TOKEN of office as president of EstnUita dub is Mrs. Veriyn Ginther, second from right Mrs. Gale Seibert, right, performed the installation. Other .executives include, from toft,, Mrs. Esiraiita Installs Off i|er*| ; At Spring So Instaliattoii of offices and a spfinig salad luncheon were 'highligfote of the final Estralita meeting, for this season. The club met in the home of Mrs. Charles Drew, 1001 N. Tth. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. Bon Heiniriehs and Mrs. Bud Habrlee. MIPS. Gale Seibert, outgoing presidieinit, totalled as officers: Mots;' Verlyn Ginither, presi- dierat; Mm Ray Thompson, presiidenit-eleot; MCTS. Bob . Brock secretary; Mrs. Charles Drew, treasurer; atnid Mrs. AHan Morris, ^corresponding secretary. Each officer was given a pink rose' as a token of . Johnson Photo Service Alan Morris, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Charles Drew, treasurer; Mrs. Bob Brock, secretary, and Mrs. Ray Thompson, president-elect. BETttW TAMALES her office. :.i . • Mrs. Seoibent received'a gift in .aippreciation of her year as president. Two new members were welcomed. They are Mrs. Dorm Saylors and Mils. Ron Smith. Ai prize-winnitng press book was displayed. Mrs. Sedibevt pre'sided for 18 members. MIPS. Stewart Bigelow was a guest. Winners Announced In Duplicate Bridge Duplicate Bridge Club winners. May 31 were; North-south, first place: Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Lee. Second place: 'Evelyn Wasson and Bonnie Deines. Third place: Ronald Werner and Betty Deaver. , East-west, first place: Elaine Sterling and Mamiei -Carson. Second place: Henry Bentrup and'Don Almquist. Third place: Racluel Need and Ctarfs Dale. ANN LANDERS SAYS Ask Doctor for Surgeons' Names ALLSTATE INSURANCE Representative will be in SEARS STORE-Garden City on :,; : Thursday,' June 3rd M. To 7:00 P.M. 'i Cheek Coverage And Cost on • AUTO • RENTERS • BOATS • MOBILE HOME • HEALTH • Mortgage Cancellation • HOMEOWNERS t • LIFE •FIRE */ ; '- Honw Appointments Also - BEAR ANN LANDERS: A while back you were comforting a flat-chested girl by telling her to "ffll with cotton what God has forgotten." Why blame God? It's the genes that have it—or don't {have it—-and Ute means parents. I'm glad you told the girl to stay iaway from siMcone shots. My buddy's; girl Mend tried those shots and ended up in the hospital wMh floating tumors, m get to the point of this letter because I know you are busy. I'm going with a girl who is very attractive but She is built like a nine-year-old boy. She has heard about the breast implant operation"and wants to have, it done. Is it dangerous? Does it work? How much does it cost? M you say O.K. I will give her the operation for a birthday present. Please advise.—Mickey Dear Mickey: No operation is completely (risk-free. Generally speaking, however, tihe breast Implant operation is not dangerous. It does "work" and ft costs anywhere from $500 up —depending on the doctor. This procedure is done by plastic surgeons almost everywhere. ' A word of caution to flat- chested girls. who believe a blouse full of goodies will suddenly change your lives: It won't. Any guy who would look ait you with renewed interest because of a new front porch isn't worth bothering-', with. P.S.: Do not writeito me for the names of plastic surgeons. Ask your family doctor. .-; * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: I am an American who 'lives in Madrid. I road your column in Stars and Stripes. Since people I write "to you about whatever is bothering them I decided to do the same. Recently I read where the Supreme Court had ruled that a man may not be imprisoned because he is too poor to pay fine. I think this ruling is 'bad and I/ will tell you why. Thirteen years ago when I was in Hawaii!, I was informed hat my 23-year-old son who was then laving in'Los Angeles, was in jail for some "minor" offenses which included 3Q un- aid parking tickets. When he was halted for ignoring a stop ign, he had no registration for Ms car. I paced the floor for several hours trying to decide what to o. I realized if I didn't come apiwitti the bail, my son would have to sit in jail for 20 days, which would ruin his college emester. I knew, top, if I did ' bail, him out he might never earn, to irespeet. the law. I had x> decide which was more important Finally I phoned my amily in L.A. and told them,to et him sit in jail. It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. But I'm sure that decision changed his life. My son i)s now, a successful, upstanding citizen and a wonder- :ul person. When people know hey have to pay for their mis- lakes they are inclined to behave in a more responsible manner.—Madelene Dear Madelene: I agree— l ittiis is not whaitWhe supreme Court ruling is : an about. The ruling was designed to protect the family man from sitting in jail awaiting trial for a minor offense because he can't afford bail. The kid with a record of 30 unpaid tickets is a different kettle of fish.' I applaud your courage but your criticism, against the count ruling is unjustified. * * * --Hi- Confidential to Fit As A Fiddle Buit Dan't.Know The Words: Keep the fiddle in tune and lots of luck. If'the music is good, you don't need the words. * * * What awaits you on the other side of the marriage veil? How can you be sure your marriage will ;work? Read Ann Landers booklet, "Marriage—What Td "Expect." Send your request to Ann Landers in care of Garden City Telegram enclosing 5Cc in coin and a long, stamped, self- addressed envelope. Plymell Women Will Assist At Bible School The Plymell church women 1 will furnish beverages at lunch. for. children attending Bible School June 7 through 11 at the church. The 'women decided to furnish the beverages at their recent meeting at Plymell Union Church. They also decided to contribute toward the cost of •the carpeting for the basement of the new parsonage. Hostess. for the meeting was Mrs. George Lightner. Mrs. Harvey Richards presided for the eight members present. Roll caill was Answered with a memorized Bible verse. Mrs. Dennis 'Kleysteuiber presented a lesson on "What is the Bible?" Devotions concerning Memorial Day were given by Mrs. Lowell McGnaw. . The next meeting wUl be a coffee at 9:30 a.m. June 24 in .the- church. .Mrs. Ted McMillan' will be hostess. Calendar of Soc/q/ Evenfs '•.•>• WEDNESDAY '• T21RMN LODGE ;NQ.' 246,- AF&- •AiM— 7:30 p.m. Masondo Stated meeting. , « : THURSDAY ' ODD FELLOWS LODGE— 8 p.m. •KDOF Hall, 203% N. Main. F1MDAY SENIOR CITIZENS ASSN.-S'.SO p.m., potluck supper. Civic Center. Bring covered dlish and ser ice. <Jeraldtnie. : Knox Dance students -will perform. SUNDAY DEMOUAYS — 9 to 12:30 registration. ..for area conclave. Masonic Testicle. Evening meeting open to public at 7 p.m. Page 7 Garden City Telegram Wednesday, June 2, 1971 Teompie. FH A Of fleers ..? To Attend Camp Four persons from Gard«n' City will attend the state FHA leadership camp, today through Friday on the Sterling College campus, Sterling. Those attend*- inig are Gretta Deines, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reinholdt )eines, 1012 N. Second; Nancy lodigkins'on, daughter of Mrs. aiTol- Ho'digkiinision, 303 E. ampbell; Mrs. Gerald Van Vleet, 650 Wheatridge; and Mrs. Jon Herod, 2009 Center. Miss Deinest, who is state vice-president of recreation and vice-president of the local chapter,'will be in charge of opening ceremonies Thursday and Saturday mornings and will partioiipaite. in the recognition ceremony. Miss Hodgkinson, district first vice-president and president of the local chapter, will serve on the camp newspaper committee. • .• Mrs. Van Vleet and.. Mrs. . Herod, both chapter Udvisors, will serve on several; committees in leadership positions. .The oldest Caltholic church in the hemisphere is the Santo Domingo Cathedral in the Dominican Republic. Construction began in 1523. i? <>. i- f SUMMER FABRIC SENSATIONAL SUMMERTIME SAVIN0S ON FASHION FAWICS FROM AMERICA'S FINEST MILLS . :'' PERMANENT PWSS DRESS PRINTS . 'f .'• ' V ' '- : '•' •••"•• .•'.'', .."•". ' V ' ! .-\ '; • EASY SUMMER CARE PRINTS FOR CASUAL WEAR • :45" WIWE V • 65% DACRON POLYESTER/35% cbnoN YARD VALUES TO 59e YARD LACE'N TRIM • COTTONS. NYLONS IN ASSORTED STYLES AND COLORS. • }"_Z" WIDE • MACHINE WASHAILE ., YARD 40"x72" SURFACil CUTTING BOARDS • PROTECTS TABLE TOP FROM SCRATCHES • RULED IN ONE-INCH SQUARES • FOLDS FOR EASY STORAGE w TACH ARNEL WHITE KNITS-PERFECT FOR SUMMER UNIFORMS & BLOUSES ASSORTED WIDTHS MACHINE WASHABLE INCA GLO KNITS '•100% INCA® NYLON • 48" WIDE] • Shimmering Pastels and Brlghto • MACHINE WASH • .COMPARE AI $1.99 YD. $149 YARD FABRIC CENTERS 124 N. Main HAND WASHABLE CHIARA CREPE ALL SEASON FORMAL WEAR 100% TEXTURED ACETATE 45" WIDE YARD DECORATOR COLORS NAUGAHYDE • OUR IIGGEST SELECTION EVER! • 100% VINYL PACE • 54" WIDE • CLOTH IACKID • ALL ON ROLLS YARD Telegram Photo A SCHOLARSHIP AWARD for 1971-72 school year at Garden City Community Junior College is presented to Mary Aguilera by G. I. Forum chairman Robert Gonzales. G.I. Forum Will Honor Area School Graduates The G.I. Forum has awarded its $200 scholarship to Mary Irene Aguflera, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Aguilera, 805 Inge. ' Miss Aiguilena, a 1971. graduate of Garden City High School, has pre-einirolled at Garden City Community Junior College 'and plans to study social work., She will receive recognition for the scholarship at the G.I. Forum's annual banquet to honor studtents of Mexican descent who .are graduating from area schools. The banquet will be at 7 p.m. June 12 alt the Knights of Ooluimbus Hall, and" will feature Jesse Magana of Kanopolis as the main speaker. Graduating students may attend the banquet free of charge, and should make reservations by June 7 by oomtactimg Geneva Gonzales, 501 E. Santa Fe, 2767750. Others may attend the banquet for $3 per person. Reservations should be made before June 7 by contacting Mrs. Edward Roja's, 2515 N. Main, or uis Mendloaa, 509 Penn Ave., or by calling Mr. Mendo?,a at 276-8951. Tickets are also available from members of the G.I. Forum and the United Mexican- American Voters of Kansas. The G. I. Forum queen will be crowned at a dance following the banquet. Candidates for queien are Delores Arellano, Sebia Asefoedo and Loretba Rayas. The. girl who has sold the most tickets will be named queen. Tickets for the dance will be available ait the door for $3 par couple. Dr. M. D. Niedens Chiropractic Office 811 Main Garden City Hvurs 8:30—5:30 Thur$..Sat. 8:30—12 Golden Anniyersary Rudy V&Ienzuela Mr. and Mrs. Earl Barton, 406 E. Fulton, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary June 6 with an open house and reception. The festivities will be from 2 to 5 the Luau 'Inn, 401 E. Kansas. Friends and relatives are invited to attend. Hosting the activities will be the couple's daughter, Mrs. Donna Bradford, Garden City; their son, Mr. Robert Barton of Ulysses,and their granddaughter and her husband, Mr. and ; Mrs. Richard Yeakel of Colorado Spring$^O6to;Vf , When in Southern California visit Universal studios PLUGINTO-- r ninaway hilarity when runs down CiWHAU-. the movie the entire family will enjoijf One of the many funny scenes finds Figg and Friend, in a graveyard, needing an extension cord a mile and a half long ... they get it... almost! ':-'•'NOW! thru SA'AV, Shows t:30 and 9:30:— "Gee" Mom This is family! 27«-277l TED'S MARKET 511 N. 4th Prices Effective Thurs.. Fri., Sat. Lb. Lb. FRESH FRYER PARTS ARE REALLY A TREAT THIS TIME OF YEAR. THEY'RE GOOD ANYTIME BUT. JUST GREAT FOR PICNICS. TRY SOME THIS WEEK. Fresh Fryer Parts Breasts Legs & Thighs Ted's Select Mature Beef Chuck Roast Lb . 65 Ted's Select Mature Beef Arm Roast v. .-,.•,;.•. i». /3 Thies Lean r Sliced Bacon Lb 59 Assarted • Luncheon Meats Lb . HERE ARE SOME ATTRACTIVE SAVINGS FROM OUR COMPLETE GROCERY DEPARTMENT. SAVE TIME AT TED'S. IT'S COMPACT AND EASY TO SHOP. 3 Diamonds Crushed or Sliced 3 Diamonds Mar Shurfine 4 20-0*. $1 Cans I Mandarin Oranges 'con 25 C Tomato Catsup Shurfine 3 Steve Whole Green Beans Shurfine Enriched—With $5 or more purchase. Limit one Flour 5 Ba b g Myers Fresh Cottage Cheese 14-ox. «J^C Bottle 24-ox. >|JSC Ctn. Assorted Carol Cookies 4 SL $ 1 \ Gal. ,. Ctn. i's .. Can 8-oz. $' STATE ANTONIO AGO/LAK IKMA SERRANO TONIGHT ONLY! Spanish Speaking Film A COLORES C/ I •:. AZTEC A FILMS. Inc. |376n8900 Start*At Dwkl Pkgs. Shurfine Plain or Iodized Table Salt Pkg . Shurfine • Salad Dressing £ Myer's Special Ice Milk Chicken of the Sea Chunk Tuna FROM THE BIG FROZEN FOOD CASE Shurfrost Beef. Chicken or Turkey Meat Pies Birdseve Awake TAKE A LOOK AT THESE SPECIALS FROM OUR AJ.WAYS-FRESH PRODUCE DEPARTMENT. YOU'RE SURE TO FIND SOMETHING YOU'LL LIKE. Florida Vine Ripe Tomatoes u>. 29° Texas Full Ear Corn on the Cob 6 Ears 49 C Medium Yellow Onions.,... Lb .7 c Chiquita Bananas . Lb . Crisp, Cool . . . Cucumbers E ac h 7 C

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