Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 17, 1939
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World-Wide Newt Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Pre»» Hope Star The Weather ARKANSA5-Fair Mid colder, frost Tuesday night; Wednesday fair, con* tinued cool. > VOLUME 11— NUMBER 3 HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1939 PRICE 5c COPY TRIAL OF BEARD German Bombers Score Hit on an Old British Ship Iron Duke, Training Bat- ''tleship, Damaged in Scapa Flow Raid TRIBUTYTo A SUB Admire Courage of Sub Commander Who Torpedoed Royal Oak LONDON. Eng.—f/f')-Gcrman bombers damaged Hie British mwnl training ship Iron Duke in a mid "I Scapa Flow Tuesday, the govern'mcnt announced, and it also disclosed that the Bit»lc.slii|) Royal Oak which was sunk in the some harbor last Saturday was the victim of a German .submarine. Lord Chalficld, minister fur defense co-ordination, told the ilouse of Lords that about four enemy planes partic ipatcd 'mill e raid Tuesday at Scap; Flow, Orkney Island naval b.m-. Two bombs fell near the Iron Duke old battleship which had been converted into a tr.-iinmg vessel, Lord Chatficld 'said. She was damaged but there was no casualties. Chalficld said it was still a matter of conjecture how the German submarine penetrated the Scapa Flow harbor to attack the Royal Oak. He said the entry mast be considered » remarkable exploit of professional skill and daring. BEGUN 40-Star Flag Waved For Only Six Days A.MAR1LLO, Tcxns.-lfl 1 )—A flag that was thcafficin 1 one of the U. S. for only six days is in possession of Arthur Ball, Jr., of Amarillo. The flag has 40 stars in it because there were only that many stales in the union on the dny that the bunting was purchased by Ball's groat-grand- fatlicr. ! North Dakota mid South Dakota were admitted to the |imion on November 2, 1889, bringing the total to 40, and the 40-star flag was proper. On November 8, Montana came in and lidded another star. Other elianges came rapidly. On November 11, Washington was admitted. Wyoming and Idaho entered the union in 1890 mid Utah in 1896. Oklahoma was admitted in 1907 and Arizona and New Mexico in 1912. French Beat Off Mass Attack by Germans in West Six Nazi Divisions Launch Two-Day Offensive on Magino.t AT MOSELLE RIVER "Ham and Egg Army" Drives for Votes; Bookies Split on "$3O-Every-Thursday Awarded Iron Cross BF.RL1N, Germany— (!\'i— Commander Pricn and the crew of his submarine which sank the British battleship Royal Oak last Saturday, and which claimed to have torpedoed the battle cruiser Repulse, wa.s awarded iron crosses Tuesday for his exploits. It was announced that Prien and his crew arrived at an unnamed harbor and that Griind'Admiral Erich Reader hurried thcu to extend the Reich's cotigatulations. Governor's Day at State Stock Show South Arkansas Day Postponed From iWednes- day to Saturday NORTH LITTLE ROCK -tfl'i— The Arkansas State Livestock Show observed Governor's day Tuesday, and he ,st;ite house closed at noon to lermit Governor Bailey ; and othci state officials and their staffs to ttend the afternoon rodeo pcrfor- nances and stock judging program. The .show management announced hat South Arkansas day, schcdulec or Wednesday, had be postponed unti Saturday. <ieriniiu Attack LONDON . ICng. —(/I 1 )— Scoring the first admitted Iramb hit on a British warship since the European war began, German bombers Monday slightly danngcd the cruiser Snulhamploi in a MH'cluculnr attack on the Edin- ll >o Hev. Jan burgh and Firth of Forth area of Tuesday. Scotland. The Ilcv The Admiralty first said the bomb- el's caused 3"> casultics on the South- i mpton, the cruiser Edinburgh nnc Ihe destroyer Mohowk. Later it wa announced two naval officers, Com mander R. F. Jolly and Lieut. E. J 0'ir.hcii, and 13 men were killec: The casualties included 12 men in jurcil scriusly. A joint statement by the Air Min istr.y and the Admiralty said at leas lour of the 12 or 1-t Na/.i radices we downed by Royal Air Force fighters and anti-aircraft batteries during a fierce battle. Turkey and Soviet Russia Finally Reach an Open Break PARIS, France — WV- A smashing German offensive along a 20-mile sector cast of the Saar',river has broken down, the French reported Tuesday, in the face of devastating 'fire from live Maginot line. At least six German divisions were known to have taken part in the offensive Monday in two attacks, one of which carried 100 yards into French territory, military dispatches'said. Military advices said Ihe German army Ilirew n full division of 'more than 10,000 men into the first assault Monday morning on a four-mile sector in the Moselle river valley. The attack was described as the largest, most bitterly fought action of the war on the Western front thus far. South California Says It'll Win; NorthSays "No" Odds 3 to 2 in Favor in South—3 to 1 Against, in North BUSINESS~FRETFUL Huge Pension Plan Is Worrying Businessmen in California California next month will vote again on a $'.10 weekly pension plan for unemployed persons over 50. The slate is divided on the issue, with Southern California apparently on the band wagon with 'the "Ham anil Egg" hackers of the plan. In the north, Californians are not so sure they want Die plan. Herewith are stories from both sections of the state. Rev. Bert Webb to Speak Wednesday Former Pastor to Address Tabernacle at Special Meeting The Rev. Bert Webb, former pastor at the Hope Gospel Tabernacle, and now pastor of the Central Assembly of God Church in Springfield, Missouri, will speak in a special service nt (ho Tabernacle Wednesday night, the Rev. James E. Hamill announced Turkey, Soviet in Break MOSCOW, Russia—(/Pj—Protracted negotiations between Soviet Russia and Turkey came to at least a temporary halt Tuesday with the announced intention of Turkey's foreign minister, ukru Saracoglu, to leave Moscow uesday night. Turkish ' officials said Saracoglu ould hold no further talks cither with lalin or Prcmicr-Foreign-Commissar lolotoff before his departure. By PAUL HARRISON NEA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD Southern Cali- Mr. Webb, will come from Springfield to Hot Springs to attend the 25th annual District Council of Assemblies of God meeting there Monday through Friday. While there he will drive down to Hope to speak in the Wednesday night service, and visit with many of his friends here. H is expected that Mrs. Webb will accompany him. Mr. Hamill urges that all Mr. Webb's friends hero avail themselves of this opportunity of hearing and .seeing him Another Fair You Might Take In GOIXyVIN, Alaskii.— dVl— This reindeer station and trading village is only two dugrecs below the Arctic circle, but il.s c.skimo.s plan to become market gardeners. Under the leadership of School Teacher A. D. Johnson and two traders, George Folger and Joe Dexter, they already are planning an annual vegetable fair. Their first garden show, hold last month, drew a good display of choice "garden sass"—the result of the long) hours of su'mmor .sunshine and a judicious application of herring refuse us fertilizer. "This is an idciil spot for root vegetables," said Johnson, "and we arc going to m'Hte a market for thorn as a commercial prospect. Then, too, the cskimoii can store away an ample supply for the long winter months." Uest adapted to near-Arctic gardening arc radishes, lettuce, carrots, lur- niu.s, rhubarb, rutabagas, onions, cabbage, chard, spinach and potatoes. A misquito's stinger weighs only six millionths of an ounce. • CRANIUM CRACKERS Bultiu Domination As Russia broadens her .sphere of influence in the region of the Bultic Sea, there arc revealed some interesting facts about the surrounding nation;;. Answer true or false to the following statements. 1. Norway lias ports on Ihc Baltic Sea. 2. The White Sea is due north of the Black Sea. j. SkageiTiik is the niimu of u rungc of mountains between Russia i.nd Siberia. •1. Uranus is the capital of Estonia. 5. Glii>)jijxv is farther north than Moscow. Answers on 1'ngu Two Plant Board Licensing Procedure Explainec Under Act. 331 of 1939 persons solicit ing or engaged in post control work a tree .surgeons, termite operators, o Ihe control of shrubbery or bousol pests for compensation must hold license issued by the Slate Plant Boarc an enactment made necessary by th profuse swindling of the general pub lie by irrc v s[xjii.sible persons purportin to the pest control specialists. Th Board will gladly furnish any int crested individual the names of a. licensed operators including their re gistcrcd agents, upon request. A rigid examination is required be fore a license will be issued, and th Board is authorized to revoke the license of of any person trying to do pest control work other than that for which he is licensed, or who makes misrepresentations for the purpose of defrauding, or who makes promises which are not carried out, or who uses methods and materials which arc not suitable for the purpose for which they arc employed. For this purpose the Board will investigate all complaints which arc received, and as M precautionary measure will from time to time check the work done and the representations made by the various license holders mid the property owners arc requested to report to the £tale Plant Board, Little Rock, Ark- HIISUS, the names and addresses of any persons engaged in any branch of pest control work who do not hold licenses. To date thirty persons or firms have been granted licenses to engage in one or more of the four different types of pest control work. Of the two licensed from Southwest Arkansas, the Home Service Company. Roy Allison in charge, is a Hope concern and licensed to engage in termite control work. About Aloncy BUFFALO, N. Y.-(/PI—A pay en vclope in a man's pocket tends to make him more cautious, Miss H. Louise Cottrcl lof New York University says. "On paydays," she explains, "there is u noticeable drop in auUniuihiU: > accidents." Firing Ncnr Smdrn WINSCHOTKN, Netherlands- (/1'j - /'illagcrs along Dollart bay Tuesday icard heavy firing from the direction f Emden, Germany, and reported they aw a British bomber flying toward lint German port. Observers expressed the belief that Emdcn was raided. Firing was heard 'cry distinctly in nearby Nclherland illagcs. PARIS. France —</(•)- Waves of a/.i troops launched a long-awaited ittack Monday in force against French lositions on the northern flank of he Western Front, drove the French out of German territory at one point md although thrown back still held precarious foothold on French soil or (ho first time since the European war began. A French statement acknowledged lhat the Germans fought their way into tho French village o.f Apach before they were thrown back by a] French counlcr-jattack. The fighting lasted all day and as night foil I the Germans apparently still were hold ing the heights of Scbnccberg north of Apach on western slopes that reach into France. The 9.05 p. m. communique of the French high command said merely lhat the Germans had withdrawn "to the north of Apach" after penetrating the village. Although the German attack covered ;i front of four miles, main force of the blow was delivered at tho junction of the French- German-Luxembourg frontiers on the extreme northern flank of the Western Front. Here the fornia's hordes of "?30 Every Thursday" pension proponents and their comparatively few aggressive enemies are in actual agreement on one hting: Unless there is an eleventh-hour shift in public opinion, tho "Ham and Efigcrs" behind the plan probably will win the special election called for Nov. 7, Belting odds in Southern California offered by hard-headed bookmakers and not by partisans, are about three to" two that next month this state will commit itself lo the scheme, Are Prosecuted in Alleged Shortage in Tax Collection $1,374 Deficiency Since Paid Off—Criminal' Trial Begins NO OFFICE MAN' How Pension Plan Would Work The "530 every Thursday" pension plan to be decided by California voters next month, provides for payments to persons over SO who hitvc been in the state for five years and arc neither employers nor employes, on the following basis: Payments of $30 to be made weekly in the form of "retirement life payment warrants." Each warrant, on its back, to have dated spaces for 52 "wan-ant redemption stamps"—one 2-*cenl stamp,.. bought with cash, to be pasted on the warrant by the holder each Thursday. At the end of n year, each .?! warrant would bear $1.04 in stamps of which $1 theoretically would be vised to redeem the warrant, with all stamps aliened and the other 4 cents would defray administrative expenses. Against a background of slogans, counter slogans and crowd-swaying oratory, California prepares votc^again on a, pension scheme- originated -by Roy~G.-Owen, upper right, and Sherman Bainbridgc,. lower left. ".'••• French established positions during the first month of the war to prevent the Germans from driving through neutral Luxembourg' territory lo outflank (he whole French front. Since the French had been holding advance positions some two miles inside German territory at this point, it appeared today's German attack obviously had driven the French back that distance. German Thrust Hailed The first real shock of the German attack hit the French on the bchncebcrg heights, which form a bastion cast of Apach. Thin line of French observation posts, guarded by and mines, were penetrated by the Germans. Before the French could reorganize their defenses, Nazi troops swept into French territory, occupied the first houses of the village of Apach. Immediately, however, the French said, French artillery found the range of I he advancing Germans and forced which has brought a mirage of Utopi; to elderly individual and the specter of chaos to business. "We know we're way ahead now," said George H. McLain organization manager for the Los Angles area. All we must do is hold our lead until the polls open. After wo were beaten last year, the opposition relaxed and underestimated us. They didn't wake up until we had a big head start in this new campaign. An official of the centralized organization called "California Citizens Against ISO-Thursday" admitted: "It looks pretty bud. This sort of scrap needs time and delicacy, and we waited too long. It's hard to argue against anything that promises security. comfort for old folks them to hall skirts on the village's out- Thc French reformed their lines and drove the Germans back to position •100 yards north of Apach, which left the Nazis holding a line 100 yards inside French territory. Unconfirmed reports said that in other sectors on the northern flank the French withdrew their most advanced posts to main line positions on German territory to be better pro- pared to repulse German attacks. A Thought The tongue is, at the same time, the Lest part of man, and his worst — Atnichans. without selling yourself up* as an archfiend. We're trying to explain that the scheme simply cannot work, but in a short fight common sense is a poor weapon against emotionalism." When 1,143,000 California voters went to the polls last year for a regular election, they defeated Ihe pens-ion plan amendment about 7-5. Labor and Oldsters Held To Blame Analyzing the result, the '30-Thurs- duy" leaders decided they had been beaten by the vote of employed labor and by lack of confidence on the part of the oldsters who were convinced thcit' California banks wouldn't have anything to do with the warrants—admittedly non-legal tender—in which the pensions were to be paid. First, a new amendment was written—a document which stifl seem.' to bo defy the full understanding of experts. Clearly, though, it does provide for the establishment of a special .state bank for handling and eventually cashing pension warrants. Next, with promises of a vast sprcm of employment and prosperity, tin pensionccrs went after labor support And they claim lo have got it. Thcu cume the expansion of wha the "Hum and Eggers" call their 'militant body." Il was explained by Me Lain, who also is chairman of the. (Continued on Page Four) Interviews Here to Army Recruits Announcement by Lieut. Royee Weisenberger of Infantry Reserve \ Recruiting of additional men lo bring the U. S. Army up lo 228,000 men, Ihc present authorized strength, is under way throughout the United States and Reserve Officers, according to Lt. Roycc Wcisenbergcr, Infantry-Reserve, have been asked to * ion ] lcre assist in the drive lo speedily secure desircablc men to fill the quota. Lt. Weisenberger states that he and all other Reserve Officers arc authorized to interview young men wishing to join the Army and if satisfied as to their qualifications to aid them- in reporting to Little Rock, Tcxarkana or Hot Springs for examination. Applicants musl be single and without dependents, of excellent character, physically sound and between the ages of 18 and 35 yours. If under 21, they must have the consent of their parents or guardian. Physically they must be at least 5 ft. 4 in. tall, and weigh 115 pounds or more. Only citizens of the U. S. who can pass the proscribed intelligence tcsl in addition to the above requirements will be Ja'ccpted. In addition to the 200 infantry men to be recruited from the Third Military Area consisting of Missouri and j Arkansas. 20 high school graduates arc desired for tlic Medical Corps to be stationed at Ft. SnolUng, Minnesota, where they will be given an opportunity to learn to be X-ray, la- Ll. Weisenberger adds that while on it-live duly during the past summer at Ll. Leavcnwurlh, Kansas, he talked with iv number of enlisted men in the Army, who were Arkansas, and that rdl expressed satisfaction with their tenure in the service. Andrews Resigns Wage-Hour Post Succeeded by Col. Philip Fleming—Andrews Is to Join RFC WASHINGTON -</!')— The resignation of El'mcr F. Andrews as wage & hour administrator to be succeeded by Col. Philip Fleming of the Army Engineers wa.s announced Tuesday by the While House. Andrews' resignation was of fcctivc us of Monday. In a short time he will join the stuff of the Reconstruction Finance corporation. Prosperity Note BERKELEY. Calif.—i/P)—It may be a sign of prosperity. This city owns a yacht harbor and made a profit of $2.000 in 1938 on berthing fee*. Booneville Boy Is 1939 Star Farmer J. Braudus Ferguson, Orphan Farm Boy, Is FFA Winner KANSAS CITY, Mo.—(fl 1 )—J. Braudus Ferguson, Booncville, Ark., 19-year- old orphan farm boy, Tuesday won the coveted title "Arkansas Star Farmer" for 1939 at the national convention of future Farmers of America in ses- Receiving Ihe Weekly Kansas Cily Slar's $100 award along wilh the title, he participated with seven other farm boys from widely scattered parts of the nation in sharing the paper's $1,350 prizes for outstanding members of this high school vocational agricultural organization. Threat Against Senate Reported Sen. Maloney Tells Senate of Receiving "Physical Threats" ' Storm Warning GALVESTON, Texas.—(fl'j—The old- li'incrs along the Texas coast say there'll be some bad storms soon. Fishing has been unusually good. The o. t.'s say that always is a sign of foul weather ahead. MIND YOUR MANNERS I f. M. «to. u. •. »&r. ore. WASHINGTON — (/Pi— Senator Maoney, Connecticut Democrat, reported Tuesday lhal he and some of his colleagues involved in Ihe fight over neutrality legislation have received 'physical threats." This assertion was made in a speech prepared by the stocky, bespectacled New Englandcr to announce his support of the administration's neutrality proposals. He did not go into dclail as lo Ihe nature and sources of the threats. Senator Walsh, Massachuetts Democrat, Malosey's predecessor in dc- balc, an opponent of repealing the arms embargo, told the senate that 'the sale of ammunition and war equipment by this country "might bring the Defense Attorney Carrigan Says Citizens Bank Directed Office BULLETIN Aubrey Lewis, chief office, "deputy under former Sheriff Jim Bcardcn, took the witness stand in Hcmpstead circuit court here at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon and identified several tax receipts as in the handwriting of Jim and Reginald 'Bcardcn. ; Lewis testified that when the audit was completed for the 1938 tax records the audit report was not presented to Sheriff Beanien hut was taken to Little Rock and was reported to the state comptroller's office. The joint trial of Former Sheriff and Collector J. E. Bearden and his son, J. R. Bearden, who acted as chief field deputy under his father, opened in Hcmpstead circuit court here Tuesday. The joint indictment charges them with embezzling §1;374 of tax money. One witness had been Heard when court recessed for the noon hour. He was Homer Howell, accountant for the state comptroller's office, who testified that the collector's office was short 51,374 in deliquent personal taxes. Prosecutor Dick Huie introduced . in court a bundle of receipts that he said were issued on irregular tax forms, These receipts' were read by Mr. Howell who said that they amounted lo a .sum .of. $l t 342.81,- according^ "to lils audit report " " ""7°, Jury Is Selected The jury was selected, and .sworn in at 10 o'clock. Nine jurors were selected before the regular panel was exhausted. Three additional jurors were summoned for duty. The jury is composed of the following: Henry Haynes, Ray Luck, S. D. Eason, Matthew Reaves, Bryant Bobo, Dan Laha, Pat Duffie, Leo Compton, L. A. Prather, Henry Taylro, E. L. Richards Joe Martin. The opening statement to the jury was made at 10:10 by Prosecuting Attorney Dick Huie who said that the defendants Jim and Reginald Bearden, collected personal delinquent taxes, issued receipts on irregular forms, and then failed to turn the money into the collector's office at Washintgon. 'About two or three weeks ago this shortage was paid off in an effort to rectify a wrong—but the law was broken when the defendants were European right to our front Chemists Get 'Limestone Joys' H-HOQUIAM, Wash.—M 1 )—Chemists and sanitary engineers, conducting experiments here fn their battle against stream pollution, have the "limestone joys. The scientists believe they Test your knowledge or correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. If you arc riding on a bus or street cav is it good manners to stretch out so that your feel, are in the aisle? 2. If you are silting next lo the aisle, should you move over to the window if unoVitcr person wants lo sit beside you? 3. Should you smile when you say "Thank you" to the person who gives you u set? 4. If you haven't ' ic exact fare ready, should you and back and let others enter \* jus first? 5. Should you rca^ icwspapcr over another's slip What would yo/ You arc a wor/ leaning on a No man movc / Would you-, 7 (a) Give occupying (b.) f your plac\ cil 1. No. 2. Yes. Don'v' past you. 3. Yes. 4. Yes. 5. No. Best "What solution-<iii. E— i a woman on Ihe bus. her a scat. .jut you are it is not she is seat- ,jke him push Would You Do" have ound an inexpensive solution to the trcu'm' pollution problem which has oiig been worrying both fish conser- iilionisls and pulp mill operators. By settling wustc pulp liquor in jasins filled with crushed limestone, hcmisls have been able, on an ex- icriincntal babit;, to neutralize the death dealing waste liquid lhat cut.s :lown the oxygen content when it ;omes in contact with fresh water, ihus killing fish. Harmful liquor bacteria attach thein- selvcs to the limestone, scientists have •ound. Through fillcration the noxious properties normally poured inlo streams by pulp mills :irc being trapped. Lost-and-Fouud Item for Today HARLINGliN, Texas—(/Pi—Thirteen years ago, while Walter Martin of Port Isabel, TCMIS, Colo., participating was in Denver. m Ihe Grcul Western handicap, a valuable gun was stolen from him. He reported the theft to puh^ c - Denver officers just informed him Ihe gun had been recovered in a pawn shop and was being returned to him. Martin said the pawji shop ticket indicated the gun had .been pledged for a loan made lu a Wyoming man who apparently h laken good care of Ihe weapon because il was in excellent condition when il was returned to its lega owner. in office, acting as collectors of tax money for Hempstead county," the prosecutor declared. Ciurigan's Statement AUorneys Steve Carrigan and John P. Vesey are representing the defendants. Mr. Carrigan, in his state- incnt lo Ihc jury, said: "Gentlemen of the jury are here trying an old and prominent citizen of Hcmpstead county. To begin with, I want to say that Jim Bearden is not an office man. He couldn't keep a, set of records if he had to. "The Citizens Bank was the director of the office. The bank made his bond and directed the affairs of the office. Aubrey Lewis and Crit Stuart were the office men and they maintained headquarters at the bank—while Jim, Bearden was out doing the field work, "Hempstead county tax payers have lot lost a nickle. This so-called a- nount of shortage has been paid off. That's not stealing it—I don't call it hat. Jim Bearden was never given chance to determine what he might lave pwcd. "An audit was made and rushed off lo Little Rock where a political story jrokc in the newspapers before Jim Beardcn was ever given a chance tu luiow if he owed anything. "There's politics in this thing. It's not fair lo put a man in the penitentiary because of politics. The way to get even in politics is to beat him in a fair political race. Jim Bear- dcn never stole a nickle from tho county. He came out of ihe office broke and is broke now. "They went further and indicted Reginald Bcardcn—but the evidence in this cusc will show that Reginald Bearden was never a deputy collector. He was a field man, like his father. The evidence will show that Reginald Bearden never stole o nic- kle from Hempstead county," Mr, Cai rigan concluded. Accountant on Stand The first witness in the joint (.Continued on Page Four) Cotton NEW YORK— (JP1— Gtt<yU» opened Tuesday at 9.22 a 9.15. Middling spot 9.22. -•^::fe:*W;M^fe: : /.

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