Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 15, 1952 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1952
Page 17
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R, Schooley, Dial *y Tht The Kl Dornda Oiler* turned Ihruo hflmn runs l« out it-ore *X J06 •TETfcON Pm* Bluff «m in « Cotton Static °»« ftfltdr bAiPball gome. j VYhen Jnejc Ask«d about puppd P«»l Austin »mimh«d a homer i letting and* I »u(g««t«d a di| With flr»l two runner* on bane In the Inning rnJly, Roxlo In the «pcon<l ™*t Onn Pt-tchow in iipurk » Hurnbercon four-run homered for the Oll*n and «ddod nnothcr In the fact W«» brought home to m* (i KB In. - i Pcopte «r« still willing to b«- Ili-vc old »uper*titloni about dog» In npKi> of the fact that dog writer« hnvc been trying to put them xtriflghl for year«. Tt would b« - ,..„„,, 3 room houio. UUII-"»« nlxth. UW p»W, Kcar Schooley'i Blore. ar**nvlll,» „ „ jvniji , „ wuu>u m Mr«, J. E, Schwlcy, Phon« . y.lMcrWInn H-2; Monroe Mankcd llothmt ** woll to Ignore tho lltuatlon 3A '7. 13-Jt Spring 5-0, nnd NntchM b * n 11 nml jot U.p.n go on believing the»t ,....«.„.•*_ ^... ...... | Orcriiwoort ft-Z In other KimfiT - • • " i* ln»t night, | M»rvln Hntctu-r held Hot Sprln«» Brtmor, 7»4343, M-St in *lx hit* ,.» Monroe nluit out fnlnelr* doRii except for th* fact that n« » pHid, 7-4480, _ _ ^^ 7"Il6bM htHno, Offlceri qua'rteriii, Proving around. I7» per tnon- Ih. with 37 nvret or Wft per month without acreune. Con- tnct f08TKH.Kl,U8 KfCAtTY CQMPANY, Phone 7-4<«ll. Bpnrtmunt, Kloctrlc Rcfrlgcr n tor, Ulllltion pHid. Phone 7-,1(t88, ___ H-31 TWO 4 ROOM apnrtm"™ hnvo prlvnlc bitthn mid ontrnn- Downtown nt !HB% K. 3d, Poit. s |». .__ HAUL «nd ipread $).ao yard Ornvel nvollable, Foy Hammoni Phono 7-3880. J8-1M pay up to 120.000 cash for jttock farm or .J-anch. Wi-Ue full Jnformntlori to Box 1,1(1 cnn« of Hope Star. ' n* cnll MMI, C. 7-33QB. IP* YOU llcul nurxo, 13-flt pra M, 14-31 STAHT1NO t:h niono tJarlnnd tnct H wJll IPO- ikwooil . otid, ''con- 7-2043, ONE Indy frir dining room %irvice'. Apply Jn'i./tr»on.-»otel JL. Fcmolt Htlp Waitttd HOUSKWIVKS ~"Nocd extra money thcuo UaynVj Wo hovo n port time Inoomo,, plm\ to help you neUftWn, nWU a»B^R^H Mothe of »ohoov ftp ohudron crtn qimll t fy. Writes. LuVornc Qtlbort, P< 0, Box 330. ,-llol 8urln««, Arkdnsoi, ONK mor« oxpoMcncpd waltrew. Wo have five of, «lrla , . In the ntntu, but rie«d orve moro, Wo puy the boat inlorloi in tho south and >furnUh Apply Atr*. " Cnfo, meoli too, aa-tt TWO good itoady dithwuiheri and one cook'i liolptr. Apply Mr», Carroll, Dlwnwd C«fo, <mt HW.tiin , ITS up, ^tu^Uott Mink, 198 UP, Volght F.rmi, Lomlr«7wii J.15J hume, a Bcr«« und, a »cr««n. «l powheii, yomvg OT«h«rd, Tormi, Call T, N. Below, S ROOM house on eorttor loi 7Sst. 180 ft, l block from i»;ttdc «chool Call MW8. ¥ \ USKD houttohold fxirnlturu, wire fvnclnn, farm tool*. Mcrap mo- tol*, ete. Located at Crater of Uimnondu P|o|Wrty n»«r MurfreoKtwro, A^k,- TW« mat* erlal mutt be. mov«tkat oj\c«. Contact Hdwnrd Millar^ On pro- thun iT HEAfc of ca1ll», y«»r« old. Infill Cd Hereford pvjtt 'U^fl Sch- t- OOWD rUw «im«u«. Bound t ._. ciiuw, J«m«« H, JTonw^t ^tigh 'a. y^Tfeite e»- rs at Ihe Lo- lo»t W- Bl»* MM the m«« Ihe bar* to th«U- coll block «U rigfet >Mt«r4ay. «ut out a a*Uw»y, iho cut «yi (§8t and othtr Grevnvllle, , which haim't been ni/ar the top of ulnco the ffrnt tvw dayii M'ii»on, dropped th<r No. of the I teiiin. Mt'rWl«n, for th« mtoond utmluht lime. N«tchc7 moved to within flvo imd urii-hnlf KnmcH of funl )>y Orcnnwood while Merldlnn Greenwood opened the gatmt wllh two rum* In thti first Inning but Natchez came buck In their lilt If o( the friurio nnd put iicro4N three, enough to win, and uddod two mom In the fourth. Meanwhile, Oeiuirul Manager Tom CJIi'iinon of I)K> IndiniiH announced the outrl«ht sale nf. Dill 'Ighlwvtl, utility man. to Dorado, Th« mile price was announced, Kl not Top Radio Programs NEW YOHK (« — Listening tonlithl: N|?C-— 6.'45 One Mun'si Family; II Mario Lan/.ii Show; 8:30 Music by Montovanl. CDS — 7 MuBlcland USA; 8 ni« linp: «:g|0 Stovo Allen Show. A»C ™ 0;J3 Klineiv Diyvl*! 0: .onb Wou««'r: 7 Top Guy. MO.S ~ 7 Coiun-rlo Fi-stivtil; 7:110 rdclf FlrUU Hhow: 11:30 All Star Koollmll Oiimn. .Snlurdny: NBC 7;30 n, m. Howdy Doody... CBS, 10:03 n, m. Lot's I'rctmul AHC 1 p in Juhlor Junirtlon..MBS II o. m, Man on the Fnrm.Btisc- bnll MUS Giutic of day Nvtwntk PhitiKlolphiu 1'hllllcs 12:26 p. in. lit Orooklyn Auqu«f Turns Its Heat Burners By The Atiaejated Preis turned up UH burners to wide i\roai;o(,tho nation, Much of Tuxajt went into the 43ih •du'y •of'lOO-deMi'ott plus wave. The mercury mounted toward the hitch «0s and IIOn in the Northern and Southern Rockies and Noithern Qrmtt Plains- I'arU of, Kunmns nl»o »wcl lu_100.dt«rur> heut yegteitiny, U-mpui'ttUiroa, were forC' CH»I for moiit ot thtt Midwest. to the In thi* Instance It wn» the milk in the puppy diet to which Jack objected. "Milk given puppies worm*," h« • "Id. and I Immediately hit tfr celling. in Kiln day nnd »«e, that anyon« with u good uducatlun should ac ci-pt Hiich nonsense without fur tht-r ihnuKht l« (julte rldltfuloui. Krrsh piiHtcurlzcd milk fund to In- all milk should IK cannot possibly Rive »ur».' »uft;ty pnHtt'ui -|zc;d» doKM worms. It Is true that puppies arc often full of round worms at tho lime when milk IB a major part of their diet, but they did not «et the worms from the milk. "Arc there any other Ideas like Nine Swimmers Trying to Cross Channel By SEYMOUR .TOPPING FOLKESTONE, England Wl swimmers from thren countries churned tho English Channel .,,,.,, - thut thnt dog folks should know; today In this season's first attempts about?" J(u-k asked. I , lt thi- difficult 21-mile crossing, but "Yt-»" I replied, "tclegony Is a the only American to try gave up suttorstllion which is firmly root- lust night in sight of his goal. oil as ii fnct in tho minds of many Bob Paysour, a lanky .24-year-old people. That's tht- alleged influ- fireman from- Gastonla, N. C., envti of the sire of one litter upon was dragged from the calm but Hiv pupp'lffl In subseiiuent litters cold water about six miles short of by other matings." the English coast 12 hours and 15 "Do you meim." said Jack in minutes after he plunged In al MirprUo, "that somo people be-, Cap Grsi No/ on the French coast. lii-vo ihnt If u bitch Is mated to i Ills trainers said his left leg had Hope Plays at Texarkana Tonight at 8 Hope Legionnaires journey to Texarkana tonight for the final league game of, the season with the Tomlci. First round playoffs start Monday night with a two of three game icries between the Legion lads and the league leading Prides while Nashville and Mineral Sps. tie up. Winners will meet In the second and final round the following week for the league pennant. First game between Hope and the Prides will be played at Tex- arkann with the remaining two in Hope If needed. Denvil Ros will hurl for the Legionnaires tonight! and Don Stevens will be on the mound In the opening playoff! game. COTTON STATES LEAGUE W L Pet Meridian Natchez Ureertwood Kl Dorado Monroe Pine Bluff Greenville Hot Springs 73 41 .640 68 47 .591 61 53 .53S 59 55 .Sid 59 55 .51fl 54 59 .478 42 73 .305 40 73 .354 Last night's results: Monroe 5 Hot Springs 0 El Dorado 8 Pine Bluff 0 Greenville 3 Meridian 2 Natchez 5 Greenwood 2 Tonight's games: Monroe at Pine Bluff (2) Meridian nt Greenwood (2) Natchez at Greenville i.2) El Dorado at Hot Springs (2) SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION one.' tlili. dog dog for ht!r first litter, that Influence the char- will of the puppies in the second or third' inter where- n different dog Is the sire." "That'll rl«ht," I replied. "For yearn this belief hus persisted. Many bitches luivo suffered by boinu east nut or iibuNod utter they were bred to mongrels in- to ti don of another breed bec-tuiso their owners thought that they would never HKIIIII whelp purebred pup- pics." "That's ridiculous," exclaimed Jnek. •» "No more ridiculous than your bclk-ving that milk gives worms, or that somebody Is «oin|{ to die when a doj{ houls, or that diigt see spirits. Many people die- without do«,s in the neighborhood howling and when one howls and sonif one dies It is just n coincidence! "How 91888 V"., "Dog* frequency than those received by' the upper auditory limits of hu- become paralyzed as the result of a two-month-old injury. He was pulled into an accompanying rowboat nnd then whisked c shore in a motor launch.-Supported by two friends nnd wearing blue jweat clothes over his iinenrocl body, Prtysour grease- limped about the spirit busl- • i hear sounds of ijijjher mans. If u dog 1 should happen trf ti sound inaudible to a par* hear son, or get" scent of something and show sign of attention, the ptfr son can either intelligently veal I'M- tliul the dot; actually porceiv od something or erroneously despondently into ti Folkestone hotel which had boon hist training headquarters. "I could have made it," he snid, "but my left luu became paralyzed from my knee down and every 1'iiie I took u stroke it almost killed me. "I don't know if I shall make another try nt swimming the channel," Paysour snld. "Right now I'm more worried ubout this leg and whether I will be able to do any more swimming with it. ... " Six Egyptian swimmers plunged Into the channel on the French t,idc curly this morning in what a. mass assault on tho ..--,».„ r ..^ifrifr| Frnncc 4ind • Eng- iimd. ^VIlss Jenny J n m e s of South Wajes, who started from England (o France last night, gave up nf- tor five hours becjuise of seasick- 5 toimul regions of the Pacific Northwest and cool Cuniidlan itir moved over Plain*. th« extreme Northern sume that he saw spirits. It's hiuh time that we eliminated those superstitions oiice s. (Distributed By and for all!" NKA Service) lloss. A Danish school mistress, Elna Anderson, who dived in about 30 minutes nftor Miss James, was still 'is- going-strong after midnight. Si ma Takes 20th Win for Lookouts . By STERLING SLAPPEY Al Sima, the Sahib from Muhwah took his 20th victory last night ano if he will hurry up he can become the Southern Association's second 25-game winner since 1040. The night was rough and the going was rocky but the Sahib made it, 5-3, for his Chattanooga LookouJ.f. over Mobile. He was in find out of trouble, he gave up 1? hits and he needed relief. But the fact he's already won 20 games almost assures him another looking over by the Washington Senators in Florida next spjjing. This is Sirna's eighth JPison in pro ball since he left Mahwah, N, J., and it's his best one. The 25-victory mark is his next goal. Al is Chattanooga's first 20-game winner since 1947 and the second since 1935. Only nine Lookouts have won '20 or more since the Southern was founded. Slma's victory was timely since first place Atlanta lost to Memphis, 12-5. Chattanooga now is only one- half game out of first place. Seldom has Atlanta looked so bad and seldom has Memphis hit so well. The Chicks got 20 hits and thoroughly whipped the Crackers. Mempis is now. 0008 percentage points out of the first division. The victory was Memphis' eighth in nine games in Atlanta. New Orleans defeated Nashville, 5-3, and Littla Rock shutout Birmingham, 2-0. ,. ,-. .George O'Dohnell won his fifth without interruption for' New Orleans and Dale Long hit his 29th homer — the best long : ball mark in the league. ,Five singles were all, that Birmingham could get off Milo Johnson. And, five Is pll Little Rock could got off Johnny Mackinson. But, Little Rock bunched theirs properly. Little Rock has won 15 out of 22. Atlanta Chattanooga New Orleans Mobile Memphis Naslivjlle Little Rock Birmingham W L Pet 70 56 .550 68 55 .553 67 6& .528 63 62 .504 64 62 .503 58 66 .468 59 69 .4B1 55 73 .430 The textile mid apparel industries consume over seven million tons of bituminous coal per year. C«I>«I»K|. ItiM,I., !« K Wtlh. DUti il'uint by Hint t'ntuin S/n,lic«lt SPANISH CHAPTER TWBOTY.ONB Bl»AI8E! turned to the house door fttt«r Th*tchcr'a revelation Uiat Retmlo wa* mlialng. Thatcher {NUMed hla hand over his face, "XUikca truUlod her, after we b«- f*n to worry, Her tr«eka joined With thorn of n>ayb« half A doton rW«« and that wan the end of It Wo— ttitfuffht mnybo «ho'd met with non>9 of you boys and had «MH» h«M. She 1 * lout. What'U wo you loaa ttoo twill, "About flve-ilx miles back, south Bulls felt paitio rlae. To be loat to Wv«»e mountains waa bad «jHOUftt, but Blfci»« thought of Vaa th* nilla and ot what happened. H* turned hMl aiul strode back to the ' following him. eroded In, ThMohtr'a ey«« looked hollowed. ><xv»'ii &•».«•><« »*>|e ( » JB1%1»« ceUd your cwtrtdfe nU«a whtvt R # n n l e's trail had W^ndjfcd wife *««t «« oUwr hona- men. ThatehtV wtplained that his man had hunttd the near-by can • om*OR« have kid **» , srttt. W«H1 wait until and aw it w« can follow w* m •--imiuw M ;i«;i»«*^ Hla thought moved slowly to Hcunki'a background. There w a a Uta Montuima. a ranch huge enough to take a man's brenth, but quite evidently of minor Importance to tho Thatchers. Compared to Las MonUnos, Blaiae'a own roncli was of postage-stamp size, aivd now moro than half burned. That represented all Blaiso had In tho world, Thatcher could buy him ft doxen times over aud hardly rcjUUe tho money was gone. A giant and a pygroy, Blaise thought wryly, and Uie pygmy had come to love tho giant's daughter. Aa soon as the morning light \VM suHteleat, Plalse studied the trail. The horsemen had come from the direction of Blaise's rancho. Rennle'a tra,cka ean\e in from tfte north and east, blended with the others at a spot where the horses had milled around. Her trail never emerged again, , The men followed, the trail u U l$4 ttaitwwxt, deeper into the o*. After a couple of hours, ^-"TVTI- -=-=-"— ^— -. -».--• » _,v-^^-»~ w« **>^wiaH{ Mae was certain that they fpl- lowtd Vaaquea's men. The bandit — careful not to lead tr»U- U hideout, and Blaise r«- the eas» with which he had J*en trappy m o,« rock oanyon- He finally drew win and the others l>r*8s*4 In close around him. "H'» Vacquex, all right. We'U l««» tht Iraq further on and there'll be no chance of finding him." Thatcher turned to Blaise. "We ride back?" he asked d«a- IHMMtaUy. Blaise dropped his hand oj» tht older man's shoulder. • "To L*a MoAtanaa. Vasouex wilt know who she u and he'll sm«t) meiaey down wind. He won't ham anytWnjf «* value to him." At i*s Montanas Thatcter star«4 l»»vUy out the window. He you think VM* WU MKl * »• he thtak* the uproar down." Blala* an«werexL if t^paotirow. definite, except that Leonls clalmi he had nothing to do with it." "You believe him?" "I wont to," Blaiae admitted. "Does he suggest anybody?" "No ono . . . and no proof, Just his flat word." "There are men like that," Thatcher nodded. "I guess you could count mo among 'cm. If he's honest with himself, he could be telling the truth. Or he could I* lying." "Either way," Blaise admitted. He told about Slim Starling and Hal's kidnapping and all that had led therefrom. "Ordered out," Thatcher aald when Blaise finished. "Leave or b« killed. Leonls did that once before, you tell me." "But in person," Blaiae said quickly, "and he sent hla own rid- era after us. He dldnt hire a man like Vasquez to do hla kidnapping and bushwhacking." ; "I wonder if Rennle'a disappear- anoe Is part of the pattern." "I don't think so," Blaise replied, "She ran into Vaaque*. and he saw a chance to cash in." Thatcher sighed. "BlaJ«e, lf« Important to me that you clear yourself of the Chave* murder." "Important T" "I—can't say why, Just yet" He •roae and walked to the window. -L*a Montanas can be « great rmncho, perhaps like those ot the old days of the Spanish rant*, when a man owned hundreds of of acres. It could be over another King ranch. teem the sea to the Valley, Into the Cone Jo," "That'a big," BiaUe aald. aw*d- 'ye made a fortune." Thatcher looked out tht window. "Wow «ti»t to relajc. But U I do any. tiUo* I want to be » »UCC«M. Any- tW«f eto wouW make me feell'm " r too old to a«a and thiajt LM Uoatana* w« pay for do^aaia for my Hope Little loops Win Pair Hope Little and Buddy lea' baseball teams copped a dou header here yesterdajf. The Little loop beat PrMebi to 2. Ernest whttten started Hope but gave wa> te Jo Lingo in the third, «ie latter ting credit for, the victory'. L allowed no runs and only ohe He was also thp beat batter ting' two for three. The Buddy league boys.swa ed Okay by a 20-0 tally. The v tors couldn'.t solve thfi hurling Jerry Vance who went all ttte'1 Dale Zinn was the top .hitter. Ifope getting three for tour. Hope boys meet Saratoga day afternoon at 3" o'clock. Conl-carrylng self-unloading lake vessells can discharge their <j SOBS at the rate of 2.1QO tons p hour. , CHAPTER TWENTY -TWO BLAISE and Thatcher had been sitting glumly for a long time when someone pounded on the front door, pushed it open, and came hurrying down the hall. They Were both on their feet when Raikes came striding into tho room. "We caught us a night rider." he said shortly, "out beyond the corrals. He wants to see the Boss." "From . . . Rcnnle?" "He won't say nothing except to you, but I think he is." "Then bring him in!" Raikes nodded, turned on his heel, called an order and soon boots sounded loud. "This. la him," Raikes said. Two Montanaa riders shoved a third man forward. He caught himself, sneered and spat deliberately at their feet. Raikes's face turned scarlet and his big hand struck out, the fingers tightening on the man's neck. "Leave him be!" Thatcher snapped. Raikes stepped back and the man rubbed his dirty neck. At last he aald. "Who is j/afron of Rancho de Las Montanas?" "I am," Thatcher 'replied. "I hay* a word for you, senor. I have come from Senor Vasquez. He haa » guest." "An unexpected one," Blaise said dryly. "Si. that la right. She is very lovely and T I b u r i c i o is roost pleased, But she win stay mayjae a short time, maybe a long time." "Get to the point," Thatcher •napped. "Senor Vasquez think that perhaps she stay short tvme if he is r »p »id for . . , the comfortable cchia be provide for her and the food. It Is to bf considered. »«wor. She la well, untouched. That is to ** and lodgings?" Last night's results: Little Rock 2 Birmingham 0 Memphis 12 Atlanta 5 New Orleans 5 Nashville 3 Chattanooga 5 Mobile 3 Tonight's games: Memphis at Atlanta Mobile at Chattanooga New Orleans at Nashville (Only games scheduled) FRIDAY'S BASEBALL By The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE W 1, Pet. GB New York 67 47 .588 Cleveland 03 49 .5«3 3 Washington .,..59 54 .522 7',i Boston 60 49 .550 V6 Washington .59 54 .522 7'ij Chicago 60 55 .522 7'/ 2 Philadelphia ..55 54 .505 9'/> St. Louis 49 GO .420 IS'/j Detroit 37 76 .327 29','u FRIDAY'S SCHEDULE Now York at Boston Sain (9-4) vs Hudson (7-9) Washington at Philadelphia Shen (9-5) vs Shanfz (20-4) St. Louis at Cleveland Byrne (U- 12) vs Garcia (14-8) (Only games scheduled) THURSDAY'S RESULTS New York 7 Washington 2 Boston 5-4 Philadelphia 4-2 (first game 13 innings) Chicago 2 Detroit 0 (ton innings) (Only games scheduled) NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. GB Brooklyn 72 35 .673 New York 64 43 .598 8 St. Louis 64 49 .566 U Philadelphia ...59 52 .432 15 Chicago 56 56 .500 18'/ a Boston 47 62 .431 26 Cincinnati 49 65." .430 26',i Pittsburgh 33 82 .287 43 " FRIDAY'S SCHEDULE Boston at New York (2) Wilson (10-9) and Burdette (5-5) vs Koslp (7-6) and Lanier (5-1) Philadelphia at Brooklyn Rob trts (186) vs '.Landrum (10) • Pittsburgh at St. Louis Neccia Seeks Aid in Finding Girl NORTH LITTLE ROCK (J»J lice Chief Jack Pyle has asl. Detroit police to locate \he ,fatl ot a 9-year-old girl w.hg -was t ,t ducted from her home' ; hei'p : Tui Pyle said yesterday "tba'.t $.. has requested the Michigan 0 cers to "hold the child 'Maty fi Morris, if she is with' her fathe; Norris is known 'to have' UveS Detroit. '.;..-'«' The chief said Miss Jean man told officers she .saw a. t slender man dressed in kh clothes throw the child 'hi his Tuesday afternoon and dflye aw The girl's mother, Mrs. ' M Norris of North Little "Ro'c.k,' been divorced from her husto; less than a year, Chief-fcyl There are probably more,spec of insects on earth than of all; o or animals combined. The 'N al Geographic Society says ab 800,000 species have been catalo ed in museums. • . , ' ••' (0-1) vs Clark (2-0) or Cliarrib <4-3,> . -.•} (Only games scheduled) 'v '.. THURSDAY'S RESULTS j New York 4 Brooklyn 3' ' Philadelphia 5 Boston'3 .• "•."'•* Cincinnati 4 Chicago 1' . Pittsburgh 5 St. Louis--3 nings, night) ; • t AMERICAN St. Paul 10 LouisviUe!' 7, . his ahouldei* in a characteratic feature, -for some teas, for some more. For Senorita Thatcher w* tyra given our beat Senor Vwquen hM set a very re»- aonabie prica , . . tea thousand «ott»jra, *» — . . . . Thatcher lu*f*d for him, but Btaiae checked the oWer man. -£a.y! BMyl L*l «• bandle tWa. Ve« U» «o«n ywj'B decide by Thatcher looked around, eyes still misted. "Call Raikes. He'll be just outside the door." Blaise strode to ^he outer door and brought Raikes and his two men back. Thatcher had already spokon to the cliolo, who looked uncertain and suspicious. Thatcher signaled to take the man away. "Hold him until morning. Then bring him here." • They led the bandit away and Thatcher walked to his chair, sat down heavily. He looked up at Blaise. "Now what? What did we gain?" "Time." Blaise said. "I'm saddling up and leaving right away, In the morning, tell that cholo you'll agree to the ransom, to anything. Then turn him loose." "But you didn't want—" "To pay the ransom," Blaise nodded, "nor risk Ronnie. We won't do either." He described quickly and graphically his search for Hal. "I lost the trail, but Vasquez's hide* out is close around. It's, bound to pe. This cholo will ride direct to Vasquez. I'll trail him to the hideout and then wait for you and the men." "But how will we know where you are!" "Just beyond the Calabasaa path, I'll start blazing trail—one rock atop another with a third to the side to mark the direction. Raikes will be able to follow it." "All right. We'll do as you say. But if at any tune it looks bad for Rennie, I'll pay ten thousand without a quiver. Understand that." "Yes, sir. Tell Raikes to follow my sign, starting south of the road, just beyond the pass, I'll be riding now," .-« "Good luck." Thatcher arose and took his hand. Blaise stopped briefly at the big bunkhous? down below, to tell Hal the gene>»l direction to take and landmarks that would guide him. Then he rode on. Back in the canyon, Blaiws set himself to wait. Light increased and the sky glowed with th| COW- Ing of the sun. Warmth crept back \S&9 ejaise's coined fram*, FlSG? W* »»«ng P l»ce ho scanned y»e of U>e ridges aroimd him. OZARKIKf NO, BUT"! LAY OO\VN ON THE SOPA AFTER FOR A NAF; S ME UP VM Mf? OlTHEPS.BUT l JUST HAD -THREE HOURS- SLEEP LAST" ONIYAW66K LEFT IN TH'6AMPAION.ZIP... , SO HOW'S THAT AKIKL6 SHAPING UP/ ...JUST . WATCH MS ONE DOWN AND ClRCLfi TH'SACKSf OUT OUR WAT J. R. William* World Tour CHARLIE'S <30T OF COURSE ARE VCU ITTIM 1 FAN M—I—« CHARLIE : -}/ .5ITTIM' FAINT, ) A LUMCH BOX ( ARE ALL, Ol P" < TIMERS W11H TIMERS Wl' . MEMORIES OF TH' PAST.' \ACTH WHILE HE STAGtoEES) ALL TH'-SAFJETV ^ DEVICES MPW, \ THE OMLV WHO IT IS RUSHES' YOU LOSEA TOMATO IM HIS HAND AMD !•=• HORIZONTAL VERTICAL '1 Rolling down 1 Italy's capital to —— 2 Persia 4 Stratford on 3 English : the —— 1 village WATCH SL V THAT BOLT BOX/ 8 Norway's * Once more ( / capital 5 Moral fault 12 Table scrap 6 E 88 case 13 Donate 1 Boy's 14 Ran awav ' nickname • & ^ 15 Small rue 8 Tender- Jr 25 Learning 38 Nullify 1 16 Turned to 9 slidc • *P 26 Sma » flncl > i 40 Reverie ioiurnea to 10Ancient ^- . found in ' 41 Donkeys ' iftPop« British court Europe *. : - .42 Crop ! 20 Clans . 11 Advantages 27 Most . 43 Demigod W;^^^\ ^"?J. i --v,7^- ^tei;.^^\^'^ Km-'V^^u'VA.^l •Jfe^n-if ^rn? tempestuous 44 Above 22 Love cod map line 28 Far (prefix) 46 Singing voice i 24Ppi«n« '• 19 Billiard stroke 20 Ages WASH TUBBS i 94 'Priocfiw "' *** <UJ***AOS,W auvnv *••/ <r*£co ' 47 City in i Barments ' 23 Peninsula 31 "Tom » ot California ; 28 Crust over a : in Asia Hannibal, Mo. 48 Snatch --, , wound 24 Nur ? e in India 33 Rends " % . 50 Oriental coin j i 27 Female -saint (ab.) ' 30 Dessert 32 The second i 34 Unpaid debt i 35 Interstice - i 36 Egg-layer ' HBV, THIS IS Y NO.BILWmlJlLFIND 'u'M ' 1 - MS LOOK, BUDPY...WHO'£ GONHI/X eK W«BN i REFUSED BUV LITL«*« VPfiffi MORB , COW^BRVMWB WWJT THIS \THIS' SUIT. ME OR HER? ANV QUE5TIOM5 fiui :nr f.T fiir 'rri ' 37 Invigorating ; 39 War god of ; Greece i 40 Unit of force Wlfn Major H OUR BOARDING MOUSE 41 Supply with 45 Affecting with ! fumes 49 Setbacks i 51 Hearing organ i 52 aiperficial Morv OI..L;- <3f^. VLF.-AX FLESM AROONiti t AK' A lAEisi- COOP iM A ^ •SOSK6 ;n'r'.KS MIGHT ispw, ' i£ TO MACtrtA'S BRILLIANT .' — MOVO Fpe. r A CIO TEST, A -""• - ' 'LA BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES extent 53 Feminine suffix 54 Watering' >k, place 55 Ess 56 Newcomers 57 Flap •fDlckT«raw i CARNIVAL «UGS BUNNY THAT'S FUNNY/ I PON'T A WBMBMBHR < 0U6^ HAVINS, ^ THAT INNBR TUBH WITH HIM ON TH' WW POWM HERB/ WHAT TOOK VA ) 1 H^C' SOME <5O UONG, +—~S TWOU0UB FUNNY BUSINESS Ky Henhberfl«r •i* **>— ftoitnft'*' ' *fc ALLEY OOP HOW 00 YOU BECAUSE. ITS KNOW IT'LL /COURSE WAS BE WHERE (DETERMINED ' YOU THINK. / PiFORE I WA6 ~ PUSHED Off IT! THE ASSEMBLY OP X. AYE..,EACH DAY WlIIOJT THIS QUEEN OF SHEBA'dA MY MAGIC TURB/\N IS A CARAVAN WA5 ABOUT J PAIN ,, AND MANY DAYS THE FASTEST THING /OF TRAVEL LIE AHfAU- /^ I EVER THI9TWN t KEEPS ON / IT ITS WAY RRV '' ° N T. M. R.f. U. S. P«t. OK, Ccpf. lisa by NEA S.ryicl. Inc. .8"I H ^Remember, pet, how we, used to complain about the drip, drip, drip of that leaky water faucet?" SIDE GLANCES ~ " iy Gclbrolth •y Mlchotl O'Mallty an* "He got that way listening to political arguments! CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Wfit-K/N f-/)IL TO COMIH6 y'i wipe.' THEY KNOW WE'RE ' WHA.DDYA DUMB HERE; WE'LL BE 8«WW WHEH 4HB ATTEMPT* TO t,EAV£ THE IHPIAH shrugg will soon "I s»w So they WHAT ABE YOU I -1 WAS LONESOME • DO YA LIKE NERW He lost bit , thought, friAMd. rolled a cigareue. IS THE SUN OUT? ..——. u..i.j >r—=-.-> ^^.-n»«jv.- 1/g.AJf JK.r ^.- V y 'j^r^^Vj^y /•' 4 our -^iT-V,, V"^«t "i-TWfefti• -«V'- --\ A ^^ - ^ ^ ^ There will *)^w ^y w^^ ^^ Jlin es . ':--,'. v 6 Milwaukee 5-2 Charlestoa .;2r7il I 'Minneapolis 3 - Indianapolis,' 2". > Kansas City 8 Columbus '.U. .j.' PACIFIC COAST L-EA'QUE Seattle 5-4 Portland • ._2-2 •' *'..;',' .•"' Oakland 12 Los Angeles -7 r ^ Sacramento 4 San DiSgd'-O:;, Hollywood 3 San Frantiscoj'O TEXAS LEAGUE j-' Beaumont 2-3 Dallas 0-5'- ; .. '••'•»'; Houston 2-3 Oklahoma Clty.;,il-4 Fort Worth 10 ShrevepoW. ' San Atonio 1 Tulsa 0 ,.','.WESTERN LEAGUE '} ' ' Publo 7 Des Moines '4<Wichita 10 Lincoln 6 ' Denver 5 Sioux City ,Colorado Spings 17 Om'Sba-'i;8.s as glance up the slope T ot heading across the: the canyons beyond, the stony creek bed/ the watercourse arQund'.l'iv turn and disappeared- ^Hj; Blalao'a eyes widened jri He whipped around M4 into the saddle. He rod down the slope to the w| and turned Into it^Heii, moment to set. another" |l then went. on. ." : ' ' He rode cautiously, the man ahead, hidden, __ by the twisting turns 0* .the, 1 ; It widened, turned,, »hi ' "" and opened into a wide Blaiae pulled W A ' -''" the mouth of th his man across ing directly tow wall o* rock, ' he heard • v.,^*^ movement on the far caught his eye, A " against the i lifted hi* irw , rode QH, dW»P., row crevice, Ufa ^_ 'would instantly spot ajiy ing riders. * If the guard could jW without alarm then would find an open hideout. Blaise : TW _,, picketed the horse nyerlL ._„ from the mouth of Ule r*yine. looked thoughtfully icjla** meadow, then hitched M his belt and started forward. He worked his way < ' ridge carefully. Suddenly thinned, stopped heard a sound to shrank buck into m»n came from ( guard tur&ed and second m

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