Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 20, 1952 · Page 35
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 35

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1952
Page 35
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THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 19S2 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE f MtRTY-PlVf City License FeesIncrease Advice Sought Pursuing ils quest for added revenue for the city, which would Lutheran'Council Steps Up Program Two Special Events Mark; Spring's Advent Upper Alton Greater Alton Area's Lutheran Council launches a buay program make possible an increase of pay! of Wing activity Sunday with two for city employes in the coining | events — nn educational fiincl-rais- fiscal year, the finance committee of the city council has asked rep- campaign and n choral concert. Among other items listed today rcsentatives of business and clut)i llv Martin Leimbach, chairman of groups to volunteer by next Mon- '"e Council, is the extension of its South Roxnna Woman Injured in Fall SOl'TH ROXANA~-Mrs. Chnrlr* Krnsl is a patient ni St. Francis' rn », p n ,,|, fa\u>* In N Hospital In Utchfiold whore shrj £•„(, p,,,^ ]-, m rt nt Milton Wiis takPn for treatment of a brok-! ,.,, hool mlrt fivr npw f nm nie<s \vrre on hip sustained in n fall at the , nkrn inlo , hp p.,,,.;. Tr , py xvrrr , home of her son, Mr. nnd Mrs. Mn , Rpnft C nmden nnd Son. Krwin Krnst of Missouri avenue. ThO mns; i>m MrCov and son Ter. Mrs. Kmst underwent sur K ery j ,. v . Mrs _ Hmvnrd May. and son. Thursday. She had been ill with! nmv; I/)RI , n T^H. Bn d son T)on- the flu and slipped on a riiR inj B)d : Bnd Ml . Si F . mmPt f Mellon, her bedroom. She was alone at| nnd Sf)n Bohhy _ Mrs t.eonnrd nnd the time of the aerident and the M ,. s Rona Cnmdpn W ere worn- • M'MMAOR ANfl PA*TI»t OAtJ SAtJT.".-'. Bin nVll* ulreM." Fo ii m. Friday, M»rch 91 l.«dl«s' Aid Sooltty. Mr»«l»h t.uthemn Church. Ernst children found hoi they returned home. Return* From .loplin when i mondpd n!! dpn mothers. The following awards were elv- SOUTH ROXANA-Mis, Robert day suggestions on what "they feel (',<m\ Fridny noon services to three Smith of Southard avenue, return- might be a fair increase in city licenses." The call for submission of li- motion picture theaters, whereas i) led Monday from .loplin, Mo., conducted them in but one nndi-| where she visited her aunt, torium last year. cense boosts to which they would | One of tho Council's affiliate agree was made by the commit- churches. Trinity Lutheran, a Itee (o representatives of business ready has begun plans for five sor- orRanizations and clubs in course I vices spread IhrotiRh the rest of! SOUTH KOXANA Larry Zum Nellie Day. nnd her brother, Walter Huckaby, and children, of Pat- Ion, Calif. '/nitiwalt llniiorril of a budgetary discussion Wednesday night in the council room of the city hall. Representatives of the GAAC, East End Improvement Association, and the business groups of all retailing sections of the city had been invited to attend the conference and offer their views as the city's finaneial needs of the coining year were discussed. Some business organizations sent several representatives, but outnumbering all others and tending to "steal the show" werc'delegalions aggregating 30 to 35 persons who represented organizations which hold $100 club liquor licenses. Their interest had been stirred by a council resolution which proposed boosting the club permits to the same figure as the $625 dramshop license. Don Applegate, Legion post commander, speaking for all club licensees, opposed a radical boost in the club license fee as something the clubs would be unable to pay. He offered, however, to ascertain the report what they might feel able to pay in the way of a boost, but made I lie suggestion that: if club licenses are increased, the council, in fairness should increase all licenses. Applegate said the Legion bar grossed in ils highest month only $780 he offered to permit inspection of the post's books as proof. It was said there are only 11 dlub licenses totaling $1100. One alderman remarked, "Boosting only club permits wouldn't be a drop in the bucket 1o what is needed for pay increases." City Counsellor Durr reviewed the city's budgeting situation, both as a income and mandatory expenses for city services so as to orient discussion when the meeting opened. He said pay boosts by the city last year totaled $45,000. Chairman C. Dooley explained that the city council hopes to make some pay increases for next year, but cannot do this without more revenue. He explained a boost in auto licenses already is under consideration. It was brought out that a. pay boost considered was $25 a month for city workers. Food Dealers Plan General Meeting 1952 to celebrate its semi-centennial year. All five of the Lutheran Council's churches and its missions will coordinate Sunday in launching their part of a nationwide $10,000.000 "Conquest for Christ" endeavor. Educational Program This campaign is aimed at raising funds to finance the Missouri Synod Lutheran preparatory, col- wall, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Zurnwall of Ohio avenue, celebrated his fifth birthday Saturday at a party. Games were played and pri/es won by Donna Ros!, Dale Brigman and Barbara Cunningham. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Zumwalt assisted by Mrs. Shirley Kstes. Other guests were Faye Ann Jones, John McCarah, en: wolf bad«e to Teddv Hurleson; bear badue to .Tack Brown nnd Steve Jackson; lion badfje to Darrell .tonkins, Jack Brown, and Leo Daniel: and silver arrows tn T.nnc" Richard, Teddy Burleson, and Boh Brown. Featured on the proem m were idnnces from ".Tuncle Tale." performed by four dens. Cubmnster Lnmkln announced Ihe following activities for Ihe sprinp senson; Mnrch 2fi, pn^k swim af the YMCA; Mareh ?!>. paper collection by the pack; May 16 and 17, Boy Scout circus nt Wood River. An overniRht camp- intr trip is planned for Ihe cubs on June 6, at Camp Warren Levls. lege, and seminary educational ex- Sammy Major, Janet Bost, Martha BriKman. John and Jnnetle Lealh- ermann, Thomas and Dickie Ksles, pansion program. Bringing home the need for this expansion, the Kev. Paul Juergensen, Trinity Lutheran pastor, pointed out today that all three missions in I he Greater Alton area are needing pastors, and that his own church, recently deprived of an assistant pastor, had been unable to fill that vacancy. The three missions Berea, North Alton, and Cottage Hills — now are being served by student pastors. The five congregations in the Council are Trinity, Milton, Wood River, Dorsey, and Bethalto. In their joint participation in the "Conquest for Christ" program, all will have special services Sunday emphasizing the need for assistance. Then c.Tnvassers from all the churches will visit congregation members during the afternoon, and do followup work during the week. A goal of at least $17,000 is sought. The workers have been undergoing three special training sessions. And the 40-workcr organization at Trinity already has pledged at least $15,000, Rev. Juergensen said. Sunday evening the Council will present a secred concert at Trinity Lutheran Church by the 62-voice a cappella choir of Concordia High School, Seward, Neb., beginning at 7:30. The choir is making a tour of the midwest, and will have Sung at St. Louis during the afternoon. Choir Member* Guests The choir members will be server! supper at Trinity Church, and after the concert members of the congregation will be hosts to them in their homes. The choir is directed by Paul Foelber. Walter Juergensen, a | 6 Area bervicemeil F1UNKUN LODGE -- No 2V meeting TnurnUv, March 20th. 7 p. m. Work In 3rd degree. Vtiitinf brethren welcome. B. B, Mitchell. W. JtL jtfiii A-a .'^J'JTg i'-.-£V.~.—J-.. 1 ^. —. ""Ti.T'ir _ i.orr—dTRA,rRp r itni.iN LOST Between Brown nnd Fniit Junior. \vhlte K"ld wrist watch; Inltlnli, "II. K." on bQck. Hcwnrd Dial n-8704 l.OST-iUfey'V urern riloitsa on Main nrt.fl, Alton Dlnl 3-fl<m. LOST RlllfoM lit Kale* Tavern, Rat' urdn.v nlHhl 1'lpnsr return billfold and papers to H U HufflnM, 710 Henry, .leraeyvlllr, 111 Phone IM7W. NATIONAL SALES OrUSANi/.AT ION— Need* I men In St. t.ouij trea *• upe- nalty »»le« m»n*«rr«; mint he rap. able of earning JU.nnn up per year. None othern need apply Write BOX .' ! '?•„ r *. r *_d. llo ?jr*!?* l '*?';!-_ _ if "iii^T^f FoSfiT "w/fR*Kn-r f H \l.r. «1RL ^ATifS fiABY StTTlNO •- Or hpu»ework. Phonr 3-MI7 Iliairs'cfioOL uiHL \Vant» work after nchool PJh"T(*_!l-*lllfl. LAl)Y" WTsMS HbltSKWOnK -'-' Or laundry work; go borne ninhn Box 41 (CiJF,i?Wfi?5" TlSi5Sf---ror ~**nti*m»n in ri-fini>rl hnm«. OarMe nviillahle. Phrtn* 8-IH4.V sJt.KKf'tNO" nooMT-For rent In pHv«t* home ndjoinlnd bath Close In lnrtu«- try unit hu.i line Dim :i.fllftn. For rent, hy liiy nocntt on Bond per mo. Dial 3-7110. ron HENT- -Bu»ine.<s m Worm or week. Formerly Hartford Apia Now Turners Hotel. Inniilra Turner'n Cafe a SI.F.F.PINOniHiMfl~bne with twin ACTIVF. t.ABY . Alton l.nvtly offlctl fof * prftf«M(On«1 mnn. Size l.V x 40'. Hem tumlUht Ample parking f*cllltl«», fall 3-3WI. _. - wfCL "cAnl: Fon ciiiLnnF.N 2-onfl'/ W4t.L CAIIF. ron ONF. CIIILD rick up and dellvrr, ninl :i-!i;inn. FINANCIAL 'liimlNBM For tlrkulf, imnon ami *tierlnl mimr*. ron (net Mr. f, .1. Srhlwlcr M 2-7124 Si I.ouis Browns Hnlr« Rppionrnlntlvr, NOTICE II __ CONFECTIONF?? Y ron SAI.K (inort hUNlne** Soiling because of ill health Box 1140. cure Telenraph, FU!.t..Y F.Hl'lPPED I.IJNCII ROOM - Fnr STORK A. M1MRKH YAHT) Will »ell spnratr- If necessary Al«o n room il-famlly hmi»e. Writ* or mil drnftnn l.nnilirr Co., Clrafton, III Phone flOM TAVERN lion WnHtilnmon 2-fll71. i« " rioo M ""•fia"Wo" A ftp " PKNSIONf'.riH ""™Mfn""or"wnnifn. "Wr Ktvc niiMiiiR rnrr, m»«l» fnmlly «tyl* nr I rn v. 2 •aiW.I. ROOM ft noAHl) -For I or i men In modern liomr. 2 hlock* from bin line I'linnr ."1 lM:m nfld 4 ;i(l p. m. ROOM A hoAftn—iia.fio' w«Kty "«na up ' Working mon Mtnlly »tyl« m«»l»: lum-hn parked Shift wnrkftrs welcome STAIII. HOTEL. 3rd tnd Hanry Mrrrl, (102 3rd. 1NO -I room «pl l.iMhtn, water, henl, «ir. wnohliiK rnrlllnri. im Went Olh. •i ,1174. JOTICF, From thl, ,l,,v forwnrd I will i, , , , „,„,„ ,., VI .,. ,„„.„ n, ,,-W nnd ^!= XrT-r'o.m'; l& n *%: \ f,ron h nr .'.rVrT'En!? £1 SSi."M %*A*&. y. FW--™*™^^™- 1 ™"'™ lo rent 1 or a ftirninhed roomt In tne I'pper Alton vicinity. Phon* 2-4U57, PJIYSictAN t,~ VtWfr-Ot»Wi~S~of~l> room furnlnhPd apartment, tjpptr At* Ion. hy April Int. Cull 3-A563, 10. It f. m, nnl.v. tlve. wife and n months old child d»sire 4 or 5-rnnm house, imfiirnuhed. 2.8737. __ __ ___ 5-fioOM HoTifuf-ln good \ae»\in'n','Vt business man and family. Can glv» references. Cgll a-28.10. ' mode'fn house by employed couple. Good f«f- ereijc««._2"412n after Sj55_P.:_WL-. ____ WANTED- 4->oom 'Vnfiirnlrtied hou«« 111 Alton . Dim ,1-BOIB. __ DAYS.-: 50-50 Club MeollMjf The 50-50 Club of the Allen , AMK church will meet 1- rl- food. Owned »nd operated hy Ed «nrt \ P»itl» Nirup. Tiyilee RenUumnt, 314 Pla««. acroM from Sear*. STATE LICENSE Auto. Chauffetir'ii. Driven, Klo CHAHUR_ CI.AHK, 1M4 E. rtrnnrtway TAT1ON" WAC1ONS VAnNISI!ED~-t)ea "onahle Olnl 2-5IW7 ""TREE SPECIALIST Trim, Top and Removing. Fully Intmred nmv open. .•./•.. roake.i; ) onn Ber '8 an Agency—4-6614 I«V for « fry. 1 he ptihlie fish Mary Beth Stanton and Becky Huck. Rehire Teachers At Bunker Hill RUNK'KR I FILL — All high nnd tirade school teachers have been re-employed to leach in the schools herp next year, il was announced at the Monday evening meeting of Ihe school board. U. A. Rich will again be superintendent of District No. 8, and Paul Wisch, principal of the high school. It was also announced that the surplus school buildings in the district will be sold April 5 and that the school election will be held April 12. Moved To Scott Field BUNKER HILL — Pfc. Lavonne Krummelbein, who has been taking an indoctrination course at Shepard Air Force Base. Wichita, Texas, the past eight wepks, has been transferred to Scott Field for further training. He and his wife, the former Miss Barbara Ayres, Jerseyville, are living in Belleville.- School Dedication BUNKER HILL — George N. Meissner, St. Louis, who contributed generously to the building fund of the new school will be an honored guest at the school dedication Sunday at '2 p.m. Dr. Hans Olsen, Eastern Illinois College, Charleston, will be the speaker. brother of pastor Paul Juergensen. is principal of the school from which the choir comes. The Good Friday services plan- ,ned by the council will hear sermons by the following local ministers : Grand Theater, Rev. Carl Hilgen- clorf. Messiah Luthorn pastor; Rio Directors of Madison County Re-1 at CoMnRe H ills, the Rev. Paul tail Food Dealers Association, at a j Juo] . Kpnsrn Trini)y pastor: Wood!""? meeting Wednesday night, laid j Rivpr Thpalcri Rpv w G B rueg- plans for a session of all grocers, > salesmen and wholesalers, in mid- April, on a dale still lo he sol. Bplha)|o pastor For the general meeting, enter-, J A fpo J t\l <-<* tainment is planned and refresh-; ments will be served. Place of the April meeting will be announced later. William R. Paddock Rites at East Alton Following funeral services Wod- Reach Sau Francisco The transport "Gen. W. F. llase' arrived in San Francisco, Tuesday, with 2316 army combat veterans from the Orient. Amonj; them were six area veterans: Pfc Forest D. Crosnoe, 204 North Pence avenue, East Alton; Arnold C. Devening, 115 Barr ave- Jerseyville; Sfc. Louis R. Goodpasture, 204 West Delmar avenue, Godfrey; Cpl. Richard J Johnson, Kifi Goulding avenue East Alton; Pfc. William E. Smith Alton; and Sfc. Calvin F. Williams 2109 Fernwood place, Alton. Iii Probate Court nesday at U p. ni. in KDWARDSVILLE — In the absence of a will, administration has opened in the estate of Miss Pairicia A. Kwin, 10, of Alton, 8 in a three- . First Baptist |, vho was ki | ]ef) Church, Kast Alton, the body of j all(omo hi|e collision on Route lit. -- - - - - - Affronts Litllft <iirlH I Police were called to search the I Middletown area in Hie noon hour, ! Wednesday, after it complaint from Lincoln school of an indecent exposure incident which affronted two small girl pupils shortly aftei they left the school ground al tho noon recess. The man described by William R. Paddock. 74, former Kast Altonian, who died al Litcli- fteld, was interred in Moro cemetery, The Rev. William F. Bohn, pastor o£ the church, oliuiatcd at. lhe. as rites and Mrs. J. P. Bosley, \\nli Mrs. Clare Pettengill as organ accompanist, sang. Pallbearers wore Elmer Schoeneweis, Lawrence Hale, H. S. Voder, George Harmoning, Lester and Raymond Friend. three miles north of Brighton. The petition for administration listed as an asset in 1ho estate a t( ., Ibln cause of nclion resulting : ollCO/C the children was not found in the immediate 'owder C.aiisc ry will be held atC'JU Salu street, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Spring Vnrniton n< W!MA Cadets of Western Military Academy will be dismissed Friday al "? p.m. for their annual spring va- ation. The vacation will extend through Ihe remainder of the monjh. until March 31 at noon. Academy commandant,4Col. C, II. Moore is conducting an eastern lour to New York and other eastern points of interest. Forty boys are expected to take advantage of Ihe trip. The world's highest commercial airport is at La Pax, Peru. WANT AD INFORMATION 12 Words— 1 time 42 12 Words—'n times »I.I3 12 Words— 8 times J2.02 12 Words—24 times $8.70 ADJUSTMENTS Errors not the fault of the advertiser which clearly lessen the value of the advertisement should be corrected the first day when one extra corrected Insertion will be made without charge. The Telegraph assumes no responsibility for error after the first Insertion. Want Ads are accepted until 11:00 A. M. for publication same day. PHONE 3-6641 IJCOAL. NOTICE _ NOTICE: COLOR OF BALLOTS Announcement Is hereby made that the Colors of the Primary Ballots to be used at the Primary Election to be held In the County of Madtson and State of Illinois, on the 8th day of April, A. D. 1952, by the respective parties will be as follows: DEMOCRATIC PARTY REPUBLICAN PARTY PINK BLUE And It Is also announced that the ballots to be used In the Election of a County Board of School Trustees to be hold on the same date will be WHITE, Dated the 12th day of March, A.D 1952. EULALIA HOTZ, County Clerk March 17. IB. 19, 20, 21, 22, 1952 IN THE CITY COURT OF ALTON MADISON COUNTY, ILLINOIS MARY J. DEPPER. ) Plaintiff, i vs. I HAROLD W. DEPPER. I Defendant. I IN CHANCERY No. 6728 NOTICE Notice In hereby Riven of thr pend enr.v of a suit In Ihe City Court, n Allnn. Mndi.son County. Illinois, wherein MARY J. DEPPEft In Plnintiff and F.yenlngs: 2-427(1 enr Marqiu'ltii Park/ Well eslabllshed business. F.xc»ll«nl loi-a- tlon. Exceptional opportunity. Priced for tiulrk snle. John Berigan Agency-— 4-6614 KvrnltlKs: 2-427(1 INOKR NKW MANAC5EMKNT Curh lervircv Open I0::lll n m to !i « in StmlInK Murch 2'lth. The Hinnrr Hell Prop., C. n. Wilson. «.'"! Wood Itiver Aynnue, _Wood_nivcr, 111 "VENARDO'S CANDIES "" READY FOR EASTER Solid Milk Chocolate Rabbits, 2 Ibs., also I'/z Ib., 12-oz., 10-oz., 6-oz. and 4-oz. Fancy Boxes for Easter with the Fresh Home Made Milk _Chocolat«, Mjxed. YOU'ElTGET" A THRIlTiv—A» Flna J'onm will clenn rugn and upholnlery h««u- tlfully. Buck'i Paint Store. OM E. Drnadway. ffA~ RI0KR8 rlTbEltS WANTED — From Wood River lo 4:100 Ooodfellow, St. Louis. 4-1)446, after 5::in _ EDUCATIONAL I2A INSTRUCTION 'REPARE YOURSELF -~ For advancement to ft better job with more money. Study at borne In your spnre lime. Over 400 courses to choose from. Free. International Correspondence Schools. J. E. Clark, District representative, 2511 Davis street. Phone a-60(15. 14 OKAMA _ _ ACCORDION INSTRUCTION — Modern Interesting le»»on« taught by tjutlttlcrt Instructors. Beginners' Instruments rented. We specialize In accordion nnd guitar Roynl School of Music. Phone J3L3JI42. __ __ _ _ MUSICAL INSTRUCTION^ in all fnstru- ments and voice and baton twirling Gould Music Co.. 851 B Broadway Alton. EMPLOYMENT 17 HELP WANTF^^MALE ^ WANTED—Driver Bnd h«ipe"r~fo~r ri-tnll furniture truck. Good snlary and working conditions. Our employes know of this nd State age nnd qualifications. All replies strictly confidential. Box 1170. care Telegrnph. HELP WANTErT"-- ParlVniniinger. Must have some knowledge of book keeping TVpUcr Bulck Co , Wood It Iyer. 111. MAN"~"WANT"ED" — r'or service station work. Apply Martin Oil Station, Webl Alton, Mo^ MALE HELP WANTED—In rcHlnurnnt Apply B & E Lunch Room. 718 Eas ..Brond_way^_gr_4ll Vine street. MEN "WANTED—By old line Ic.Ral re serve life Insurance company; man to collect premium, sell life Insurance nut hospitnllzation on already entabllshet territory In Alton. Experience helpfu but nol necessary, ns we train .vo Box I1BO, care Telegraph. WANTED— Pln"h"oys7 pnrV'or full time Must. be_18 or over. 4-02^1. WANTED — Used car salesman. MUN he nble to close and appraise.. Trottci Bl^ick Co., Wood Hlver^ III. WANTED -"EiiKt Alton high school bm for port-time work. Apply m person :Uf> Shnrnrock. Alton '» . s nn an __ - ^ HAROLD W. DEPPER is Defendant j LAI51F..S With nice voice for tciT'phon 5t)VERET) BUTTON'S ~-"6«lt« nnd bill- tonholes 24-hour service Central Sow inn Supply Co IS W Rroadwav Dial 3 -MM LIP COVERS A: DRAPERIES Expcflfy Hindi- free csllmnlrs nnd snmplr-s IIRTAINST "WXaffBD —"Arid stretched Ciiljod for_and_ilcllvcrfd. JOInl y<"">' WA'SIUNas & IRONINGS— Dial 8-«ri». BUSINESS SERVfCE^ lA8EMENTS^Du)|~from under houMi. CESS POOLS And iieptic! tanUn pumped and repaired. Dinl IA or 4-03SO. tIDE WANTED -~ Frnm E. Alton to Jrrsrvvllle. Houm H In .1 4-n4:iD CENTURY TEnMITEiPF.STCONTnbl. — For Innpertlon nnrl advice phone 152. Edwnrdnvllle, Owner nnd Manager Fred Cnsnn __ FOTSfARfERS"& GENERATORS Bee Chester Thomai Dial 2-7741 CUTTER INC" Spouting, metal chimney rovern. Tree JWhlle'ii Ttn Shop. !M_494. fAND AND i'OWEn MOWERS"-- Sharp- oned hy mnchlne. Repaired. 440 E. 3rd W\wT5~MOWEriS — "Maciiiiv»~«liaFpened and repaired. A. Slupperli'h. .1108 Alby 2-42HB __ __ "RED & WHItE "SANITARY SERVICE Cnm ponln, unptlc tanki, and outnlde vaults cleaned. Bay or nlKht. Call Wood Iliver 4^II(W2 or 4-34(13. ROWLAND REFRIGERATION" SERVICE 217 J>r»on Slr_eel. Dial 2-,M14(l TREE"SPECIALIST Trim Topn. Tuke Down ft Until Away Innured. Free Entlmates. ED KUAUT — Phone 4-fl34H M . CONTBACT CONTBACTOn'8 __ CKMENf WOHK— "6T al frnm Miss Kwin's death. Named rs were lior parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kdward O. Kwin. and throe sisters, all of • Alton. Tlio ,i a y father was appointed administra- which a scliddl tor. which suit is No. fiT'^H In Chanuery is for Divorce. Defendant HAROLD W. DRPPKR ii to he served by puhlk'a- tion. Summons hn* hren issued return- ahle on Ihe First Monday of May. HIM, and default may he taken on or after Ihe Firm Monday of May. HIM, in the City Court of Alton, Miirllson County. Illinois, m the City Hall. «t Alton, Illinois. FELIX T. BOSCHERT. Clerk of Ihe City Court of Alton, Illinois. JACOBY. PATTON & MANNS. 'H. W PATTONi Attorneys for Plaintiff, 21 la East Broadway. Alton, Illinois. March JO, 27. April n ~TnF v7L~CACK~OF FAST ALTON will receive hlrin for the collection linri dm- pOKfil of traih and ruhhihh 'within the rorporate liniilK of the vilUxe. Bids lo opened at 7 :id p. in. March 31. HIM • nleswork for local m-nanl/alton. Full or part lime. Plejisrnit working conditions. Olve phone nuintiei. Write Box 10(10. can; Alliin Teledrnph. LADY VVANTf.;n To <-are for children while parenU work Slay Dial 2-4MI. MIDDLKAGEU WOMAN For holihf*- work anrf care of one child experienced. (111_ fltll Hlreel. Wood Hiver SALESGIRl~-Expi'i icnccrt liHliorj. Apply in person, H1A Hem V SECRETARIES — laical concci n wilh several attractive positions for experienced secretaries. Salary around $200 Heavy dictation Evening appolnimi-nts. Write f)iiallfleiillon« to itox OS", rare Telegraph STENOi - CLERK I.lKhl shorthand, accurate typinK, home public conflict. I-'or appointment cull AAA, ;iOfi F. ndw.s . Pbone ^-!(1!77 vt'I'F.NOf in Al'HKIl HECKI'TIONIST IICO/C I O\V(I('I' ' .ailSO corporate Iniuls of the villHKe. Bids to ' ^^ \H-Hfi. Apply in iiemr.n V M C . - .., -., . lie opened at 7 :i(l p. in. March 31. HIM, /\ Friday '^-.'i p ni Sal U-U p in )l Lrjjal ' .(HIMMICallOllS Bidder niliM furnish Irili-k. equipped ; ST ,.- N or;HAI'HFH.S "- B e K l n n <• i , or •(Jllllll'lllll WHS nude IliniUilll ' Y'" 1 ''" Vrr "" d ""i"' /'"'"'J 1 ? I'" ° W " 'experienced, married or 4H.I,our ..oni|ilrtini «fls m.tcif till <IUKM . dumpinn groundi. BirtdinK blanks may ' Mondnv ihrouKh Frlilav Paid Oil srh.-ol aulhorinos Wf-rlnrs-- he .ecured fro,,, the v.n«. clerk at ™«, n " »nd hohdav, »nd othor ht,• afternoun ovor an inriflt'tll. in; ^14 Smiiti Avenue t.aM Alton, III. vn- pri)| ||enl . fl , p | nns; Px ci.-ileni tlartlng kinds, Union work. Free entlniatcii LYNN WOOD, nans Franor. Phon B-02f);i or 4-71^90. IIENfiETfsON ~«T"WORKMAN"-""Oencrii uontractlnn. block tnylnu, brick laying concrete work, tuck polnltnil- 2-B4S4 o 2-H4IKI. _ CONTHACTiNG""~Porcir cncloscr,' Ja O-See Windows, aluminum awnlntfs renipdellng._iicreons. Call_4-4_87§,_ TIIENCHINd" Dllis trenchnu 1" lo 20" wide. line for— • DralnaRe Tile • Fnundnllons • Sewer Lines • Oil A C«« Line • Water Mains • Underground cahl • Farm Improvement* 0 Whenever trenches must he dug For detailed Information oce or cal MeOaiiKhey Bros., Ph. Bethalto .1IIS4- flHB_4. __ __ ^4" fiicCflTlt'ATINO COISfTRAC'l'INr; --- Painting and paper InK- Interior and c.xterlor. Union Morrl«_r'nrkln« Z-.'IIMB n.OOIt~SANDINr; - And reflnlshlnR nnd Interior pnlntlnit ReaJ-onable rates For free estimate-^ dial 3-(ini4 or 3-.'l2:iO INTEHIOII - And eslerloi paillllllK nnd decoriillm; 2 :H4l PAINTINfJ - Dccoratlnu, removing wallpaper, plafcteriiiK. patch plasterinK Free estimates. Dial 311172, 2-Wiil4. PLASTKIIINf; — Wallpaper removing, painting and decorating Free estimates. Dial 3-niim. WANT Kb -- Plasler putehlng. Work guaranteed Ph 2-1444. WANTKD -Paper" iian((lnK7" good " work at reasonable prices. Phone 3-!i»«7 or 2M1H Yaeiicr ilreel WALLPAl'F.R"REMOVED--And wallpa- | per cleaned, walls washed. Call 2-2823. US""" KI,BCfKlcr^~ RADIOS ~ RADIO &"fELEVISiON SERVICE SQUARE DEAL SHO»» 720 E. BROADWAY - 3-9411 K.K.II'I MF.N TO SF.rtVE YOU nOBKHHON (IADIO"" A- TKl'.KVJSION APABTMr,NT«l—rtATl APARTMENT — Beautiful and brand new. at 330H Hrown Si. on first floor. Spncloui comhlnnllon llvlnR-dlnlnl rnom, kitchen wllh modern cabinets and i"led r ic dlsponal, large hedroom. hig elonets, utility room, automatic Kflfi heat and hn! wntrr, nil tile hath, »ound- proof acnustleal celling, eromi ventilation, Venetian blind,*, nil fireproof rnn- itruclton nnd Knrnge available. CI23 per monlh. Dial ^-II4»2. 4-ho6M-1 Jnfiirnlshed"" all modern apt., garage. Atr conditioned. $110 per mnnlh Exeluslve location. Hy nppolntment milv. Dial ,1-^Ud OR JtENT — 2 rixim furnisher! or unfurnished. Lights, heal, gas and water furnished 3 «0»3 O~R RENT Ultra-modern «-room unfurnished apt. Available In 10 days. Ren! $115. Phone 2-flfltKI. — One-room efficiency nnd 4- room unfurnished apt.', automatic heat, hardwood floori and venntlnn blinds Inquire Apt 7, Acton Apti., 37 Eail Ac-ton, Wood River. MODKRN ;i ROOMS-"Prlvale entrance, halh, main floor. 101 Tomllnion, Job's Hill, East Allnn. .- ___ *? FARMg ANO , _ A~~8ii61v" 'pXAcTT^-- on« of M*cotipm cnuntys' finest — 224-»cre stock and. grain; high state of production, neaf government preserve. Completely mod* ern Fine mid. Thla kind ««ldort found. None finer. Ha§ wond«rlul W. M. 'ORBKR,' BEAk eSTAT nni l)r " ll ' »rlln villa. Phone ftirnlshed. l_or 2 gcraoni. _8-?MO. ______ t7NFUHNT8Hi8b~-naseine~nl "roo'miT '2 3 children allowed. 2 furnished lilB Acri level. Oood pasture, balance all tillable. S-room house, harn, large tool tnta and other buildings. Located In northeast corner of Madison county, Illlnoll. For information writ* Box 7«, CotUM Itllla. Illlnoll, 2n¥ AcnE8--st. Jamci, _ lor --. , . small stock farm; h»« good fene« and cross fence and wnt«r«d. by pond »no spring. Price. |8,OOtl.Phnn« 8-44118^ ^ FOn"~SAr^2~rot3~1in~th« corner of Indiana nnd Main. Blze 95 and HS It. frontage City gas across the street " __^_ ___ i-TtOOM EFFfCt'ENCY APT. — C/nrage. Call 4-4B90 after S p. m._ _ __ i-UbOM [ "Ai'tr-DownVtairsriSnirth "300 ^ _.-. I nOOMS «t~DAfit~Private entrance, 1 child welcome, all utilities furnished. t!tn, JWnml niver, 4-npOR after 7:00 p.m. "3"ROO~rViS'AND BATH first floor Private; tile floon, gas «tnv« and cabinets, otherwise unfurnished, Kxera nice apt. hldg. Adults only »BO STECKER APTS. Apt, No. 2 14n E. Drd, lloxann. U hlock from Community Bldg. Phone 4.1)301 _helwecn fl and 7 p. m. _ CROOM "MODERN ""iitfrunNJUHlb — Automatic heat, hardwood floors, Venetian blind*. Inquire Acton Apts. WILSHIRl WOODS—Rflitriefad to homes' of brick or itonc. Have a few choice lots available. FRANK YODER, Realtor 202 E. Main, East-Alton Dial 4-9113 or 4-4627 S0 HOUSES roH NlW FHA APPRdVW) "MATtONAL HOME8"-ln ' " ... Alton's newest and bwrt subdivision it Herbert itrMt «nd Otk Drive In Milton district. 11900 dowa •nd IfMjo D«r month For InfonnttlOB phonj edw«rd>vllt« «l«e RALPH U. CADD . _ _-._ __ HOOMS "i BATil—tj'nfuriliBlted' apt., npstaln. Prlvale entrance. Venetian blinds, Inlaid linoleum, atove, heat & water furnished. Employed couple preferred. 4-nm. _________ _ __________ rtboMS.— Fuirnished or unfurnished, Heat and _waler_ furiilslied._Dlal_:i-78nO. l' nOOM"~DBYJuXK~'A"Pf. — Ffrst floor, Venetian blinds, tllo kitchen, kitchen cablnelH, garbage disposal, tile both with «hower ove.r tub, HWF, large rooms, automatic gas heat, continuous hot water furnished, beautiful recreation room furnished for tenants. Must be seen to he appreciated. Upper Alton on busline. Rent $125 per month. Worden Apis, 1107 Washington. Ph. 2-0012 or 2-4912. 4« 1-R(5OM EFFICIENCY And a'.room apt. Children accepted. Fergmon Apartments. Wood River. Jiiniilre__Apt. 1^_ l-ROOM~VVtt'NisiiKO "APT. -- Modern, private entrance, garage. Adultd only. Call -'>-7fi03 after (1 p. in, _ U-ilboM" "FlTRNIsilED'~APT.~For rent. Private halh arid entrance. Oil heat, 313 Oak, _ 2 '.' "rilHNiaHkn ROOMS—Amf pfiv'»i« halh for working couple. Light*, gn«, heat and water furnlnhed^ p»2 t/nlon. 2 ROOMS" h "BATli—MwJefnT c"a"« henf, upstairs. (124 WeHt St. Louis •venue, Ea»t_Alton. 4-37,18. __ 2 "F U R N1fi'i IE f)~ 11OOM 8 -~ UuTfi -in" cah f. nets. Iiirga clo»et space, prlvalo en- Irnncen & garage, Apply at 030 College Fiirnished iitllHlc». 4-3(17:1. (100 E. Tenth Wood Hjver. __ __ 2-HOOM T'unNJSilED" APT." ~ JM'odern conveniences, heat nnd waler furnished. Washlnu /acllltlef. Close downtown. 2-H4_7:l. 2-ribOM hiiKc"mcnf"fiirnl7ihcd apl. 412 McCiiiland. Kast Alton. 4-48112. a HOOM FIJItNISHED"~APT. '-'For «enllrman: living room and hedroom. twin | fl rnom , I bed.-, prlvale entrnnce. Shower bath. ntlPiilion had ie M uirf.(l i altf j r a hoy rndor torms of ihoir ioint will, ''"row somo "s,, e r/.p pcAv.lpr'; m h.<, , , rr . ,. ncf. IhrotiRh tho sc-hnol invcsli- ailmiiiH to probate Tupsday, Mrs. the right lo reject any am! LAWRENCE DAHfl Village Clerk THE VILLAGE OF KAST ALTON will siilnrv; »ir conditioned oflici-n Plrn.s- anl »iirioiinflingH Local infliinliv smi«j aRe, education, experience, arldie^s At : phone number. Wnle flox 1010, cnl«j Telegrnph I'Jnnia Bravo of Wood Ris'pr, rf 1 - r-pivrs Iho pslrtlp of hfr husband, !..ouis G. Bravo, \\'ho diod last Or-t. K!. Tlif \\ill. pxpriilod .Tan. I'l. ID-ID, narnrri tho survivor as hppp- fii-iary, \\itli pro\ ision for division who pt'OCUiett it fro II. uho allPBCdly Mrs Maude Complon, Of Gral'ton, Dies Mrs. Maude Coniplon. 81, ol ni-|ai-\-, \\MII |ii-u\ IMIMI nn uiv iMiui j , |(/wf | ( ,,. ]() f),iy s ,',,. Grafton, died at 11:55 a.m. lodayiof ihr psiaio al Iho survivor's ! p 0 |j,. n mip'r (•" in St. Joseph's Hospital, a shoit doalh hoiwern two childron, V'ir-! Ir-jjai asporls (.f timo aflpr her arrival there. Mn».|gj| p.rave and Violet Bolds. The Compton entered tho hospital nt; w jf| nw U ;ts appointed executrix. 11:40 a.m. I Administration was opened in the The hody is at Jacohy funeral i PS ) a)n n f William Leo Livingston. Cation, II was explained, snllice of.iet-eive hid* for the collection and din- , STENOGRAPHERS Ile|jlnner» nnd Ihe powder was traced In n local ' ponal of garhage within the corporate Imimr «t«,ro linills of the village. Bid* lo he opened I ? , , , ! at 7:iO p in March Ml. 1M2. filddcr I hn buy who threw the powder , Mlllsl flll . m , n lrurlt wllh leak-proof he,l had secured il from another hoy j and equipped with a third bo oohal of garhage within the corporate j penencecl Miinuf/ictni inK concern l.lh- 1 -• •• " "'-'- •- '•- •' ,. ra | benefits Salary commensurate wilh experience Kvemriff uppninlinenli Box Mill), i-are Telegraph, anfl inilv' furnibh hix own dilinping grouiuU. Hid CHUM- at n flrn/iifihop. n'. ay said Die e matter wem to the ciiy counscl- Altdn Illinois The WAN'IFD -Ciirl or houHev/ork and << Box lO.'iO. cure T' WAN'I'Kf) White 1 woman f"i Smith Avenue village ret>frveR the right to icjert any with hick and all nidi.. illness, in LAWRENCE DARII, Village Cleik Doiihl \sas p\[irn.sspd thai IhoiP is a cil\ nrdinancr- HRainst SPPP/.P ! -••- • .. rifiwder. The council sonic months!.,' home, Jerseyville, pending tunerai an \\\ nn lineman employed by a'.,,,,, ,, /uu .|,, r | an ,/, f |inancp to furhid ANNOUNCEMENTS person recii|jcr,ti IIIK lioi home with '.'. nthei .nloli c:nll ^-^Bii'l «ller 'I p ' arrangements. consiruction firm. N no j minors uas killed Jan. HO on Merchanls' \ \n\r\- ri'-fentpd hndce at Venice. He loft no will. . |The petition for administration lisl- ConfPSsiojl ill Hohhery iof | Hm ong assets in the estate » Eighth Arrest Brings Confession in Rol RENO, Nev., March 20. .'I' —Ar-'claim for F.iyinRston's riralh. Heirs rest of an eighth suspect in tho named were the widow, Mrs. burglary of millionaire I.a Vere . l-;dith Maiguerite Livingston, and Redfield's safe brought the first i\vo children. William J. and Hon- confession of the rase and boosted DIP Let: Livingston, all of Alton. the rash recovery to Sl'JS OIKI. I'uhln: Administrator John U. The FBI said Anthony Clax/.igh Lauor ol Alton, \\as appointed ad- 41. former ganihlmg house porter ministraior. here, admitted taking part in tho - — million and a half dollar Redfield Kujrpnp (.. I'eai'sOll burglary and led to tho ,-p.oyory of $27,000 rash, some jewelry and Hn£ tavr-rns a furt her BHIP nii'iit nf Ihe dramshop code make it a rluiv of rippialuis keep minois out. but Sta.v on plact WANTED Housekeeper > home in Collalie lllll» f'.r :i nmall child, rn Sim Dial 'I- TiDnrt WOMAN -21 - :i.1, to work I" loi'al "f- lice. Some filing anrl mint h«-.K ple.i-- ant telephone voice no e«pfrience nec-exniiiv Mu«l he mngle ;md uriin- i.-umbered 4" houi v.-i''-k Salai.v »r.'i per month lo >.)«,, Wnle BOH KlVn. care Alton Teleni.iph iaronlrei) Service ,'l 2011 SlBli-._Allon. ^^Yo HA OK— "MUVIN<! ^~ FO R Q U I C K" MOV I N C I'hone 3-7W.10 2-8240 2-74M PRES BELCHER MOVERS AGENTS KOR VON-DER AHE Van LINES ANYWHERE IN 48 STATES A Inn quirk mrwintf of at rivet, rcffltfer • tor* planoH trunk i. t>oxei or what have you'.' Also *lorage H. A." NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACHOSS THE STHKt'l OR ACHOSS THK. CONTINKN'I n,an,,«e LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE ""' ""'' Fu'ltNls'iiKr)" APT Km rent. Middletown. Convenient to OUR. -t room ault- iihle for two Kindly give reference. Write Itox linn. («re Telegraph. _' IN UPPER ALTON -a-roorn nlc'eTy" f'iir- nlslifd ip.-ntment Heal, water and lltfhU fnrnl.ihed. 2-.T1RO. _ ONE LAilfiE ROOM--And~2"rnomi7 all furnUhod. 24:)n Ea«t_ nrpadway. 2-8003. v'EJtV "ATT'RACTivi?. I-ROOM'APT."— Prlvale halh and enlraneen, heat, utll- Worklng couple preferred. 723 N¥W *.ROOM HOU8KS — On Hoovtf Drive. $1275 down, $00 p«r month, I. W^ OlmntiMid, Phong a-9085, . TRENTSCH, CUBSER AND FELDWISCH AGENCY UPPER ALTON 3-room frame haute. Nice l*r(t IM, clone In tn high tichool and buitMii, UPPER ALTON 5 - room frame modern. 2-bedroam home, clone tn. UPPER ALTON fl-roorn brick. Thli houne U about i yenri old. BETHALTO 4 roomn with bath. Nice lot with chicken house and garage, Phon* 3-3123 After HP. M. — Cnll W. H. B«ti«r, «-T»K» SALU ST.—6 roSm modern hom«, " one floor plan. 4 room modern home on rear of lot.. .$10,200 SYDNEY—6 room modern home, H.W. floors, cabinets, gas heat. Corner lot $11,600 NORTON — Large 6 room modern home. H.W. floors, cabinets. A-l condition. Today's best buy. See this one for $7900 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY fh .- 3 ^58 4 ' after 6 P.M. '2-1335 wTLSHin'E WOODS—New brick rancli style home at 70B WIDoway. 3 Urge bedrooms with nlldlnK door cloietj and built-in wardrobe cheit. Den that can he 3rd bedroom. Large Il'/ix22 Ilvlnf room with guent clonet. Spacloui kitchen, plenty at cnblneti, doubt* welt •Ink, breakfait bar, tile floor, platter walli. Marble window »lll«. tile bath and shower. Gat radiant heat, Iniulat- rd, attached tfurage. City newer. Cloi* to nchooU. Will go f H A. Price $19,800 FRANK YODER. REALTOR 202 K. Main, East Alton Dial 1-0113 -4-0238 - 4-482T "ROXA'NA CENTRAL AVE. Full ba«emept, new gut furnace nnd writer heater, utorm door> and wlndnwn, Ipstilated, garaf*. Prtc* »8780 H. H. MEBSENFLOW, REALTOR Alhy.__ _ WOOD riiVKIV- n roorm. Heat'. IlKhln, U Wood River Ave. Dial 4-M33 Evenings: 4-7748 ___ MOnERN "i-ROOM HOMES— Oil h«»t". automatic ia> water heater, hardwood flnorn, built-in cabinet*. Inlaid tll» floori In kitchen and bath. J. W. Olm- HiCKERSbN ST. Deaullful five-room all modern home. Lar/ip living room, lun room, 3 bed- looms, lovely kitchen, cabinet*. In- cliidcB rarpeti, Venetian blind*, draperies. Hnrlrlc stove. Stoker heat, wa- ti-r hraler. Garage. Level lot. Metal fiwninjts . ............ $0300 ARBOR DRIVE i Vrriom all inodi'rn brirk home. Cabinets, water; privatu halh, private entrance. 4-fW47 WOOD nTVF.rt'"' Modenrii'-room inenl npl I'llllliei /nriiiihed Private enliiince nnd hiilli Dull 2-1200. M-rioOM MODERN Furnished apt. Prl- j hnrdwoorl floorn. gin heat, water heat- vnte hiilh and entrance: nnd er, nltncherl Karntie Fully Iniulated. n.-iier furnlihcil 2!l West finch, Iliirl- j Verv well conslrucled ... .112,300 <«<« I COLLEGE CREST :> FUHN/SIIKD HOOMS - Private *n- ,' f , ov ,|v -l-room modern home. Living room, hedroom, kitchen, flnt floor; l»ru« herd (join second floor. Caa lur- nnce. insulated, hullt-ln cablnetn. LarKe level lot $7850 For information call oiiiecnon to ftinoll children "Call 2-1017 securities. Fewer Arrldenti Traffir ai-cidpnts h'^re this March have been fpwor than in 11 March last yr.-T. pnln r i-p.-m-'ls '' show. In thp fiist 19 t\;^> of tho prespnt. mnnlh h''. \rlii'!' 1 a. < ;- '' dents, 7 unh in"::.'.. •-'.''M- :cirini- •' pd. Las! .sear in I ho '"-poivlin:; period, tni.^irip- iv.iiiili' : '•<! . I. an'l thiere also wrre 7 crashes uith injury to poii-nns. The mm oraity of Idaho, founded KitPb Held Wednesday The liodv ol KtiKcno ('. PPHI-IM i>l J?osewood Heights, Standaid Oil Co i-pfinpry employe. u;is l.'ik- en lo Cal iinulle \Vednrsd;tv lor internii-nt in /ion [.mhoi'mi C'liun h il(i\\iii^' i-ei \ires al \\"ood l'j\f-r. l;,:c, in \\ood tiivpr uere run- ill:, ii'il a! 10 a. m. in Marks nun-- t.iai v h> Hie I'.r. . C.iri llilaondorf p.-is'.ir (if MO,-I;I|I I.Mlheiati Ciiunh. -Mi- I^onald Ue^niaii ^ MIL; IAO IINIIUH, ai'< oiiipanied hy Mi -. Noi man I,, Wolff. s '.sere Klmer Bender, uviv, Anhur Hibh^id Oldham On ('uluniliia Siiiiiiiicr I'acnll) M! P.oliert fJidliani Montic-ollo fol WILLIAM n has heen a|i[niinieii lo Ihe laiul- !\ of Hie I'l.Yj •.uiniiier se.-,Mon a' Tea'liei-- ("ollr-yp. I'oluinina I'M- I'.oi-iiv. \<",.. York. Ol'ii '•:•! is no 1 -', ai Tea< hers f'nl|p»p on .1 \eai s lea\e r)f ahsfni'P for Rr'aduate CAR!) OK THANKR MRS"" EDNA E. "TARflANT We" would like to t,tke thnt rneiim> of thunkmg all our fnendh. rcUuvei. «nd neigli- hoib who were «o kind Muring our ie- i ent t'ci eav cmi-nl Kspec'iallv Me 1 - Poweri. anil famih the .imgen. Ill IIH.f WANIfcl>— M AI.F i H-.MAI.K Streeper't luiieral hiimf. the pallheal- er> thOhc wiio Kent flowcis, rairU, or afi»t«ted in any way Hoy W 'I mi aril, Mr anil Mrs Allen F.ilkrij.nn Mr anil Mr». Ralph Free-man Mi and Mr), Doi.iiiil Hrll PADO'M K We \,h <o ii' - ei e 'hrfnrt.s and .tpin 1 ' 1 - Kd ni-ltjfl I. ( Hoi. Win p.i llhe.Hl P 'Ibis «:,mmPi- Oldham u:!l tea, h . . cniir-e- in theory and mil-- • •<••. ii;p and will spp\ p as HI corn j;im; I and oi'^ani>i f":' the Tpachers ("ollrye Suininer f'horus of L'50 \oi'es. A major nmsical r\i-r.\ of HIP -<•:(• .son will he a poi (01 :tMnt P iiy 'he choins of thp Hi.'ihm- "(lei Re(j|j|P|n ' HI C,i\e!M(|p f.'linr 1 ll ^'i'.\ \fn k Jldh'iiii '.'.ill continue 10 spr\ P as as-islant to Pro). Howard A. Murphy, of the departinent of nvuMc and music fflucaiion. OHI r r i;it r. es ft ii'iid* and foi then xindne-s iil.'l s>in•A n flui , itx our rei i-nt he W,- cspe. ii,ll« v^ ish to 'hank I- Hohn thp Mnger orgnnio Stf,-.»|jei s, luiifiili llfiln* *enl caiiir. IloAiTit. and Ail isled in an\ v. n . The r;i-!iiiv IN MIMOBIAM Of Donald (i Finn March 20th (- a \c;> nart da ^ Thd: in v,h(-ii oui ;-on pti-aerl a'Aav. And {•'. i-rv da\ 'A i- inlxs iinn t. f t Rut there art da.t ^r all To a place -o far awa*. V.> hopt arid pla^ lor liiai \er. V.'neri v. r al) rncel in that plate We •* ill M-e all of o>;r lovc-d out KXI'KHIFNX'F!) I'OOK SVA.'JTK.U Steal!-, pri'ilinn lop V.HKI-" Ilimn 4 .',ri p uj lo }2 III o n, Appl-. in |n H U- i '• v Hc^liiii i anl, I l!'i I M..HI ... Hl<\'-: ill* III MAN or WOMAN Witli rai 01 h' :: ,1|, I.-K .. ii- 1.11 rl< 11'. ci -. i.i |i;nt I.mi- <.: i |il.HI Wnte Ho-. I"!", i me Aln.n .NATIONAL ( OMI'A.'.V IUh -ali'.nal '".2 line ' i.uiii I' 1H28 WASHING'ION AVE DIAL J-2M6S McCOY TRANSFER CO. UtEIUin LEASING MOVING CAM. :i 7791 KOH HIE ANHWER I'O VOI1H TRUCKING f'R(JBI.EM8 AI rfn « r- M 'i-74«n 3-i24ft SMITH BROS. — MOVING LOCAL I, ONI.J niS'lANCK DIAL 4-6561 ; I'l W r.i(jiiM,n W,ind I'.ivtr IJil-'n KI'HNITI'HK HOI'lilir and SOKD II RENTALS SI I fl'INI. HdOMK vli i I WANTED Experienced silk finisher and wool finisher. Steady employment. Milron Road Cleaners. 2-9232 'i go t't I ^ PtK»«NAL8 WELCOME STRANGER If you h»-.e luit moveo lo Alton or Know of » new family in Alton will you call 4-517] »o our hOMem can cont*ci th«rn? W«lcomi 8lr«ngen Service (0 SAl.KSMKN SALESMAN - COI.I.Kt T')H Ilkhpfl roulp Alton and SALESMAN WANTED •-l; poi . n 'I,;, ke ne .•. ' .n ;.'.• t l r,f, l - ',f.,.,(r I unit •- f.,? i itf' ' If Hi. IKlIi ran 'Iciei'lBpl. . cxperieri'.e i":d i*lfieni-e» '%'ITHACTIVK SI.KKI'r.'f; HOfiM I .ir Bin (>n Mhlon IMIH irmtc ( yii 'i'W('A : 777 l f OH HM'-T S!pi-pn,H !»(,n, ilnil floor fill K ;nl Call 2 ulipi '• v n. roll HKN'I .SIi-<-'[>iliK ri.i.nn will. '>r ,•. ilhonl rtll''hrn pilvll.-Rps Dnntjli- "r IV. in liprt- .", il'lll.'i 1. AIK.I. I'OMr OKTABI.F ROOM r nr Hfn\ lenuin Aili'.ins hath C,arM|j« a'.all ,,nli- Dial 2-147!) l.MlGK C'l.rAN SLKEPlNf J ROOM -l.,i 'oupli- TV. in nedn. inoijein convcn- u-n' *• , ( Itv-i- dO'Aiilov.n f'hoiu* ^-JilT.f I.AHfiK SLKKI I IN<; MOOM- Near Hid«» K..I I.A1K.K MdUhlC-; HOOM Newly itec- id «i..i'.il i -ui(<!,: Or itoiihlt- ( lo.->et*, pri- Kli in IGSfl. is one year older than the Walter Toibeek. Russell Durham. 1S5 .--late 01 Idaho." 'an f l William Lemmons. L]ttlp Rhode fsfand has shout •» ni railroads within I 1 6 "PASTRY "SALE"-'- Yi>.,n gl Ji _»i;i't' AT ION wANitp-MAyt Marc-h 21 at 11 o clock Twing Memorial C'hunli. BOYS 18 2-44J'/. .MODLH:. SI.KF.I'l.Nt, FlOfJM i'i-,,r dim olijv. i, i ii.'il^l . K K KI ir)M i , i.,l,,rk to ri I.. ill' illl Danlnrih :i MM M'.l. ,M( F. SI F.KI'INf; HOOM A|.pK . , i A ,., . I'HIV.VIK HOME'--- Ciaraje. front room , ROOM In i,., W.i-l, 1 f|.,..i P, i 2 VI 18 Phon« SLEEPING"" ROOM— for ~Y or 3 J»dies" 4'H E Third. .'I FlirtNISHFD ROOMS hi-fore il nn n m .! I-TIINC-IIKU ItriOMK ft MATH Front iiml hn.-k rniiHnce, on U'ounil floor l-llllll or ^-47110 :i ri'o'oM iirmsi-: THAU.FR For rent Litti .Mid Krlv,«r duvilli- roarl. Phone :iHOOM Ft'HNIKHKn APT - Private entrrtnre anrl li;ith ne&i it-finer.v For iiif.ii iii.iiinii ..-ill 2H17I. it nn nriswer. 4 Ii7:ift :i ri'HNiSHKU HOOMS Apply :mi2 A thy | I I1OO.M APT Avallahlp ahoilt flrnl j \verk ui AI'IM! fuiniKhed in unfurnli-li- j nl Phone ''. tl-l.'ltl alter 4 10 p in l I- rUNIKIIKf) ROOMS Prlvale en- iiiini-e. l.aih utihtiee fuinuhed. Adultb till w ftf k ;i-fl. r i^M i ROOMS No i-hlldren. no peU. 2704 :i ROr>MS AND KITCHEN ETTB APT — Nicely fm nii*iied. prlvHle entrance and hath K,,R iifat t-onllnuouh hot water, i-x'rllent n-Hldential lorutlon. hrirk hiiililmtt c > hlork^ Irorn downtown Al- Inn Adult- only Heff.-ieni'cs exchanged It? 6 * Call 't-'iV12 for appointment 1 l DOOMS Hulli. private mlruiH-e. mil. MH-, f.iiinshetl Couple or '1 ailulu '> iS PrniiniK. Wood Iliver i>17 BOND -• :i fu.i-m-.hed rfioini, pn- j \.i\r. lji*tli. i e! ritferalot . htfhts. walcr anil heat furnished 1'rivate. ln^(i I.A,N'(;|JON S'r - ') roonu nlcilv i fiirm-hed Private halh Working ri.ulilr 01 employed adult.- $7.'i per nio Ph.nil- 2-1114" 17 IIOI'HKg FOB KEN1"~ 1.0VF.IY Modem ucwlv deroi .1 u-.l f>- i.n,m acrl hath In ick home, hoi ualer «..-, heal foil hiihemenl hn'e/ewa> A «.n,u<- In a inre pai t of tov^ n Near -,. -hool 4 hlorks from town »lnii |n-r rnonlh lent fall 01 'AMI? Ifi7 I W2 I .1 Hrnrv Klneler. Kdw ,ud»v ill* III I Hi 2 Mf'E i-IIOOM HOI'.SE---Mi>rlern e\rep| l,r, Mviuoe. Ka : Al 4 !H2:i ;.IIOOM COTTAfJE -I'dlilie.- liirnl.-hcd I'lione 4-H42f> J ROOM IKJl'SF. Laiae IDOIIIS. lullilsh- eil or untin in.-heil ('011^^,- Hllb lUH'itJ afli-i .") p in Hi n iM III it SM M-'di i Kitchen heautiful home m,ii tow n mjion-State hus Inn fnM ate enlianrt-, priv ilexes Uia! •' 'i -en.j tn<id, i n ... , I;:.i I,,n iic. i K.t-i Aln,n , Id HIM HOI S>K Adnlls Imiuiic 14'i Wr..i 2ml ItiixaiM 1-IIOOM IIOI'SE KOH HKNT -In llall- ford on .illi s-ln-ll C.lll 4--'l247 5 KOOM MOUKIIN HOUSE - Kor rent Apply 1LW Harri^'Jn 4» t.l'BMSIlt.JB UOlpSET I ROOM HOrSE 7 r R"AlF.EH~ — Kol" rent or sale Walking dutance ol Western. 4-K407. MRS. ARCHA TRABUE HARRY T. HEMPHILL AGENCY Office: 3-3584 Rrv 2-RHfi i( no annwer call 3-1172 EXTRA SPEC I AL — ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS — Large 5 room brick house, all new, full basement, gas heat, gas hot water heater, extra large lot, garage $14,000 HALE REALTY CO. 4-5115 After 5 P.M. call Walter Hale Jr. 4-8209 f ROOMS-Modern. George ttrett. »"l&00 down 4-ronm modern. $1000 down, . . 16300 RIEHL AGENCY Phone 2-1W - 2-M2B 2-71)87 U-5HUO S-4B!)3 MRS. H. H. HEWITT-3-8733 MAY I HELP YOU BUY OR SELL A HOUSE? TV* o \rrv nice home* on Bluff street, we.i of stale Both 6 rooms. 1 brick, 1 (linn* f.'un vcnient lor school* and ('.iilifdi ,,l Cull for dppninlment :i').',t JACKSON ST 7 room home. I luiih- r.Mild lie ^ apartnients Owner IcrtV.n* ,-lly . . »15,tiOO Kill I'AHK AVENUE -7 rooms. 9 baths. Quick tale $10.000 l!i:i.'l K KOfKjKHS ;) years old. 6-room brick. 2 fireplaces. Tiled halh. 5 room* downstairs, l large knotty pm« room up»lair» $18,800 3JS3 THKIIESA ST - S-room home. Large living nxini with fireplace, fenced level lot Immediate possession. For quick sale . . I10.JOO TINGLEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY REALTOR 2 .1*i-'2 ZHII3 Sidle StM«t l<- Your -• Own i Part" 4-HOOM IHH'SF, - Scim-modern; also lot on Hi own alrcet. l-'h 2-81B6--3-0806. DANFORTH — New 3-bedroom home. Plenty of closets, gas heat, garage in basement. Best of construction $15,200 CARL & VIOLA TUETKEN 3-5095 HARRY DREW AGENCY Z-l296 I

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