Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 2, 1971 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1971
Page 5
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editorials Page i Garden City Telegram Wednesday, June 2, 1>71 Manny's Rhetoric Ma.miy FieiTo can claim he is being misquoted, by news media until the cows come home, but he is creating his own credibility gap. And this is not helping his cause which is to improve conditions of low-income Mexican-Americans, especially migrant workers. Calling abuses and discrimination to the public attention is right and proper, but using hyperbole and allegations that can be misinterpreted is not. His statement in Washington, D.C., that .a mother of five in Leoti had to wait two weeks to take her injured baby to a doctor because she had no money has been found to be untrue. To their credit, Wichita County officials moved swiftly and firmly to determine the truth, which was that the family of its % own accord waited to take the child to a doctor The inference in Fierro's statement was that the child had callously been denied medical treatment. Fierro now says he wasn't quoted correctly by the AP in Washington, but, interestingly enough, the denial came after the statement was challenged. The puzzling aspect to the whole incident is why Fierro didn't go to Wichita County officials with his complaint in the first place. The first they knew about it was when they read it in $ie paper. If he had taken -direct action, instead of the circuitous route to Washington, and had received no satisfaction in Wichita County, he would have had every right to holler foul. Fierro, by not sticking to the facts and by not taking his complaints through proper channels, is hardening resistance to his cause. 'I Stand Ashamed' The one thing Memorial Day services across the state seemed to have in common, aside from the obvious purpose to honor the war dead, was the paucity of citizens attending. TShe attendance at the impressive services held at Valley View by the VFW and American Legion was slim. Fewer than 100 persons, which is about a half percent of the county's population, bothered to take the time. At Dodge City, attendance was even worse. Only about 60 persons turned out and it brought a pointed and emotional reaction from Mayor Dale Northern. "I stand ashamed," said the mayor a Marine Corps vereran of World War n. He-noted that Memorial Day is largely ignored by most citizens. Sad, but true. Most persons have other things to do on a holiday and it is' primarily something for their own pleasure—which is their undeniable privilege. Still it makes me wonder about pseudo-patriotism. Some of those who shout the loudest and wave the flag in support of war have made no sacrifice—«ot even of the time it takes to pay tribute to the fallen. • NOW THAT summer freedom from school ia here, the kids aren't too sure what to do with it. But they aren't about to spend much of it carrying out suggestions of things-to-do fromjthe old grads. * * * "THEY'LL BE better off next week," promises an organized type, "when the summer things start and they'll have a schedule of things to do. WE AEE a people very dependent on schedules to keep us moving. * * * YES, THE MILLER season is here, and, yes, it is worse on our street than it has been for several years, although nothing like the years when the gray flappers swarmed through, the house in dusty clouds. * * * AT A WICHITA store this week, they are advertising a Polyester Pantamonium. It's a price reduction sale on pants (for women) made of polyester. * * * ACCORDING to an old calendar we found in a fit of drawer-browsing, tomorrow is the birthday of Scientist Thurston Yancy who invented 37 new uses for brocoli, all of them illegal, in 1926. June 7 is Dean Martin's birthday. June 16 marks the • 88th anniversary of baseball's first ladies' day.' June 19 is Guy Lombardo's birthday. June 23 is the aniversary of the FirsT p3raoty 8 ical tYpe- Wrif'er (1868). And June 27 is reserved for the Electric Fan Dancer's Convention. * * ^ ALONG ABOUT 11:30 these mornings, we wonder what the school lunch ladies are doing now that they aren't dishing it out for hundreds each noon. * * * THE DAUGHTER in the upstairs room knows the advantages of sound and she runs the record machine full-time, the better to keep her from hearing the calls for help from below. Occasionally, though, we walk to the top of the stairs to make our requests in person after failing to get through by shouting. ' j So it was one day last week. As we walked through the door exhausted and exasperated from all the lack of communication, the voice on the disc bellowed "I can hear -you call." Oh yeah! \ JIM BISHOP: REPORTER Tale of Two Campuses; Marriage, Not A Merger It wasn't much of a story. John Cavanmtgh picked his eventually was reassigned'.to The Miami "Herald" played it funeral. H€ visited his fiancee the University of Notre 'Dam*, on page 40. The two-column and told her that the marriage to time, he became president. headline stated: "Notre Dame was off. He was going to study He was fchare five years when Merger With St. Mary's OKd." for the priesthood. He felt like Ms former fia«ee was appoint- a heel. But she was bigger ed president of the College of than he. "I understand," She said. "I understand." So he studied theology and became a priest. On thse sweet The two colleges face each otiher across Dixie Highway at Sourtih Bend, Ind, The merger is itihe final link in an old romance, t St. Mary's— ^across the street. Each September, as sdiool convened, John Oavanaugh wrote >a formal tetter to the Once a bright boy drove up to Notre Daime on a broad- beamed farm horse. His name was John Gavamiaugh. He told the president of Notre Dame that he wanited >an education but he bad no money. Could he trade the farm horse fur a • couple of credits? "Can you type a letter?" the priest a'sk- •ed., John Cavanaugh shook his head no. "W©1," the priest said, "You'll learn. I need a secretary-" The kid learned. On the side, hie got a job in the old Studebaker plant. School by day; noons, two by two, the semina- girl to whom he was once en- rians walked across the Dixie gaged. "Dear Sister, The IM- Highway and around St. Mary's College. He 'searched the faces. Hers was among the novices. She was studying Jim Bishop become a veiwty 'Of Notre Dame is having a homecoming dance Friday night. K you will permit your students ''to attend, w« •will send buses and chaperones. Sincerely, Father John Cavaitaugh," They never saw each other. The nun was at the top of her calling and he was ait the top of Ms. I used to watch Mm ait Notre Dame footbaH gamtes, standing near an exit in a trenchcoat with one lapel turned in across his chest. He picked Ms funeral. Sh« picked 'hers. Now UPI sends * Ctatd.nlRn-lt™. K»» •*!»!.+ /\1J T«l— ™ aa O'UUUJXU'S w UOUWU^C «t pvvn.tu >utu.'ir. .LI«« ~- * -^..^.j XSSS SLTft^S*. £5? te<«"g ™»- When she made s tory on the wires **_«. Stadebaker was a tough man. it, they sent her off to India ^ESfiOi ™; l^r* •* slhe **** ' hard ** tor - ^£t^v- Wa VT.!±^ teows *«»» with little girls. ' John OavaniaugJi C^TO^ was ordained and faster- than and put to better "Now, stop that! Put me down! Do you hearf^ JACK ANDERSON REPORTS: Guard Runs Aerial Taxi Service to Fun-Sun Spots By JACK ANDERSON nis, D-Miss., and Strom Thur- The White House quietly said WASHINGTON - "Semper «w>nd, R-S.C. "no." paratas," /the Coast Guard "- 1 ——• • • — motto, means "always ready." m Voi , . < t mg ^ Palace Guard-Liberal GOP T.alfii.1xr iif H.nt* tyi*&<*ii4- "'slur.itTe *, ° Laitely, it has meant "always legislators, who can't gain jeict couldn't anyone else, use. Between work and school, Cavanaugh found a town girl in South Bend and fell in love with her. He saved his pennies. Soon, he was shopping with, the girl for living room set and rugs and chairs. One day ' Stude- bafeer said: "My boy, you stated your. education late, but when you graduate, I'm going to make you vice president in charge of advertising." The boy smiled. "Thank you," he said. "I'l think it over." Sfcudebaker was' outraged "When I promote a boy to vice president," he thundered, "There is nothing to think over.** John Cavamiaugh walked back to the campus. He met Father Paul Cawanaugh, president of Notee Dame- "How do you know," the boy asked, "when you have a calling to be a priest?" The president patted his belly. "I'd go to confession to~a 'Straraige priest," he said. Mary's College and the University of Notre Dame have merged. It isn't a merger. It'« a matiiaige . . • HAL BOYLE SAYS: Survival Depends On Saying 'No' NEW YORK (AP) - Survival depends on the ability to say no. It is often more pleasant to do everything anyone asfcs you to, but it ean lead you into some of life's more disastrous byways— or even an early wigs around planes. in pleasure tend it to his fellow' cabinet members. Commerce Secre- fl'bout the Grumman Guifstream Hi exe- cutive plane to fly hoim on a cuitive jetliner and Gulf stream work-play junket to Latin I S K ' €lt |fito 0tll |K a ^ ^Sf^dh American' *iid Jamaica. The interiors befitting Aristotle taxpayers were stuck with' a Onassis. f $20,000 transportation bill. The jetliner is used by Trams- Two former cabinet mem- pontaition Secretary John Volpe, tors, ex-Interior Secretary., itihe Coast Guard's' boss, as his WaUy Hickel and ex-Treasuiry personal plane- When he is seSz- Secretary WaUy Hickel 'arid ™s liberal critics go over the according to intimates, is that the President dislikes personal confrontations and lias instructed his staff not to admit opposition Republicans who merely want to argue with him. He prefers to study the opposition arguments in writing. Since he has considered every argument they could possibly raise, Nixon feels it would be pointless to listen to ed with *be urge to see the Paris ex-Treasury Secretary David Adr Show or Visit the Spanish Kennedy, were also flown Riviera, he is whisked in his •government limousine to the iramp of his Coast Guard jet, itfhien is ffiown in style wherever he may yearn to gq. Thus, he avoids the teamsspor- taiiuxn problems he is supposed to solve for the millions of less- blessed Americans. But we had no idea how many Congressmen and cabinet members have received the same VIP service until we were shown the logs for the two Coast Guard planes The secret passenger roster read like Who's Who in Washington. Jack Anderson same ground. Intimidating Congress—Rep. Wayne Hays, D-Obio, sounded off behind closed congressikxnr <al doors the other day about FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover's alleged intimidation tactics. "I am somewhat concerned! about possible intimidation," he told his colleagues at a secret session of the House Ad- miniisitraition Committee. "I'm don't know whether you read Cavanaugh went across town and bucked fflhie line. He told his sins and tossed the question.. "Son," the priest said, "I don't known who yoit are or where you come from. But I'l tell you Ohis. Pick your funeral. If you work out in the world, you may someday become a big success. "When you dto, ifchey may give the employes >a day off to drem wiM stand at your weeping. People will say: 'There goes « great ma».' On the other hianid, if you're a priest', when you die, they'll put tha oldfest, paitched-up ves-t- ments on you 'and put you in a ptoe box land dump you under the sod. No use saying any prayer®. . If you were a good priest,' you don't ineed You are unlikely to live a long and happy life if you never listen to the sial small voice of caution whispertog urgently, "Stop: This is far enough." How do you learn to say no? Simply by saying it 5n every situation in which you could wind up being a patey. Here, for example, are some invitations which, if accepted, are almost certain to lead to rue or ruin: "Since taking my yoga lessons I feel ias relaxed as a pretzel. Shall I teach you how to do a few?" "Oh, go ahead and quit dawdling, George. The Mght ,-wil turn green befor* we're halfway across the sitreet." "Do you - want to take a look at my hole card? It'll only cost you $10." "I cant imiagine what happened to I my ^idaibe. He told me to meet him at this bar -half an hour ago, and he still hasn't shown up. Would you care to buy me a drink While I'm waiting?" "I agree the flasihlight is getting weaker but we sitil have more than half the cave to explore. You don't want to turn back now, do you?" "After all, Steve Brodie took a chance. Aren't you willing to also?" "You seem to be going my way, little lady. How about me giving you a lift?" "Dad, can I 'borrow your car for tonight? I've got a new girl I want to impress. You can Hake Mom to the movies on my motorcycle. I'll show you how it works." "The' ®tu!denit» are afi carry- Ing sticks and stones and are on tiie verge of rioting. Why don't you step out and calm them down, professor. Surely they'll listen to a man of reason like you." "Will you marry me, Henry, if I promise you on my Girl Scout honor to learn to cook/go on holding my job and- bring my paycheck home uncashed to you every week?" --- By Eugene Sbeffer HOKEDONTAL LCIub i.CMefgod around by the Coast Guard. Florida's ex-Gov Claiude Kirk's Newswieiek, amid it ! may or may not be true, but it says J. Ed- *hem. H you were a bad one, gar Hoover had a hialbit of call- all the prayteirs in the world ing up certain Members and 8. A lighter, forono 12. Time of life 13. River In Italy li.Entica (dial.) 15.CorridoH 17. Was in also appears on 'the flight sayiimg, 'Senator, I want you to know that the files we have on won't save *unenal." you- So—pick your to Groton, Conn. Once, the propjet was used Some of the flights appear to *° fly , a,f«^mer full of-Junar be vaguely official but econom- " ically questionable. It ; costs ,' more than $650 an hour to keep the jet in the air, more than 1300 an hour to fly the propjeit. One frajuewt passenger is Rep. Frank Bow, R-Ohio, a power on the House Appropriations Committee, who is given .to loud complaints about government spending. But not a whimper has been heard from him about the high cost of the Coast .Guard pleasure flights. The logs show that the Coast Guard has flown Bow to or from Florida seven times, not to mention a trip Iwme <to Ohio, 'all at the taxpayers' ex-. peruse. He advised us has trips have always been on official business,, although he serves on no sbcommittees dealing with the Coast Guard. He bias a hideaway apartment near Miami, however, where he sojourns in the sun. The champion junketeer, according to the logs, has been Rep. Frank Clark, D-Pa,, who used the Coast Guard planes no less than n times. Other multiple users, some'for jaunts back to their home districts, included Reps. Silvio Ccnte, R-Mass., Ed Garmatz, D-Md, James Grover, R N.Y., and Walter Jones, D-N.C. The Coast Guard was just as ready to chauffeur senators around the skies. Among those The kicker: Despite the wholesale pleasure junketirig). the Coast Guard asked the White House for another luxury plane, explaining that the have gotten the message "existing executive aircraft don't want anything to arise are ntot able to fully provide the transportation necessary for official Coast Guard use. ait them. I have them in my office under my eye. I want you to fcmow we are treating you in a special category.' I suppose if that ever happened to me, I would . J Bible Thought Doth not h* M« my ways, count ill my tttp*?—Jab He knows the number of your hairs, and directs the functions of the very minutest, cells of your body. He impels the beat- where Members can be imitiimi- ing of our hearts and'the draw- dated in any way, shape or 'ing of our breath, yet many do not know Him at all. BUSINESS MIRROR 18. Educates 19.Militaiy abtor. 21. trench ' article 22.Fattenu 28. French wcuritr 29:High card SO.Tennf* barrier 31. The birds 32. Single unit 33. Graf ted (Her.), 34. Compete 35. King of Judah W. Water craft 37. Church officials 39. Haggard novel 40. Japanese porgy 41. Setting one'a sights 45. Home of thelnca 48.ThePoUah 50. Greedily eager 51. Tardy 52. Son of Gad 53. Manufactured S4. Love god & SS.Penrod's ;., pal VEBTICAL l.TIcal 2. Culture medium 5. A. tissue 4. American Indian S.Volcanis tuff 6. Some 7. House of refuge 8. Vermont city 9. A bovine 10. Corrida cheer Answer to yesterday's puzzle. _ .anas aipa aaaa Poor Planning Plays Role In Rising Medical Costs By JOHN CUNIFF course, eoste are highest. These government agency is issuing AP Business Analyst are tihe hospitals with emergen- road permits for vehicles, an- NEW YORK (AP) — We are cy rooms, specialists, expensive other is writing parking tickets. told by authorities of various equipment and research and Permits and tickets have a economic and philosophic learn- teaching facilities, all of them positive correlation. nan Aver»«etimeofioUtloB: Ztniratci. 11. Married 16. Sings . cheerfully 20. Poem 23.—- <• Domini .^ 24. Apollo's mother 25; Pace j 26. Rant • 2T. Wicked 28. Require 29. Miscellany 32. little bona 33. Fragrant oleoiesln 35. Constellation 36. English • counties 38. Musical study 30. Andrea del—42. March, date 43. Stage "doll" 44. Frightful 45. Knave ' ,of clutw 46.Topsy'« friend 49. Large paddle There is no mystery, as to should ^ , s o,;;Simply stated, there aren't enough le- gfal parking spaces in some , city neighrfaoods to accompdate all ings tjhia* what *his country expensive. needg ^ , a diBar set of prior . ^y do ities ' « list of goals rated ac- times because their health in- cw^B to the need. isurance policies require 'hospi- > Otherwise, it is said, som*- talizaition before benefits arc ^^ this side of chaos wjiU paid. Policies were written that the cars that have, beett legally tend to develop or continue in way so as to discourage over- registered' ithere; use; they've had the opposite Seldom are new apartment «£fect. . houses built with enough, indtoor Poor planning and coorctina- parking space to serve all w tion play, a big role in .rising most ,temants, and from the medical costs. Great advances landlord's viewpoint it is emtire- have been made in medical technology, 'and hospitals now variou s spheres. Goals will be thwarted • because they are at cross purposes with other goals or because the money won't be *bere. T* 16 lack °* coordination in working toward goals is already evident in numerous areas. The cost of medical care is Jy understandable: Parking space doesn't generate as much have a wMe choice, of lifesaving income. equipment. But officials, now One result, however, is to 18 26. 21. 40 51 29 49 19 39 4T 20 23- 30 55 , realize that there is little need make clerks of policemen who received tiie VIP service an extreme example. Hospitals for each hospital serving the whose duties are needed in the were Sens, Gordon AUobt, are crowded with patients who same general area to have the areas for which they are R-Cob., Caleb Boggs, R-Del., could be itreated in nursing same expensive equipment, trained, sUcfc as crime pre« Norris •Cotton, R-N.H., Robert homes, clinics, doctors' offices Why not share? they ask. ventton 'and emergency assis- or even at home. Another blatant example of tawce. Another is to crowd the i Griffin, R-Mich., Russell Long, D-La., Ed Muskie, D-Me., Wil- .liam Spong, D-Va., John Sten- of tawce. Another is to crowd Instead, they crowd into the poor planning involves automo- courts needlessly, and distort "acute" facilities where,p}Ofbad registration®. While on« the t-T PLTlTBLtr IBJtrOT THPOY THPZZOZ 'Ii IHHO. , . Cryptoqulp—LUSH GARDENS DEUGHT TH» (© 1971 Bnr reatttHn Syndicate, Inc.) f«tiUl»t :... ^

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