Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 8, 1957 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1957
Page 4
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8 AUGUST 1957 Fayette County Loadn Page 4 RANDAUA NEWS The Center Township Homemakers Club will moot Tuesday, Aug. 13, with Mrs. David Wells. Mrs. Alfred Vandersoe and Mrs. Gus Wegner will assist as co- hostesses. The 4-IT girls will give demonstrations. • • • • The Sowing Circle will meet Aug. 13th with Mrs. Cilen Holmes « • • • The Center Dn-H-Best 4-II girls met last Tuesday with Marilyn Arthur .with 14 girls and mothers present. Three teams ol the junior girls of the local club gave demonstrations. Mrs. Otto Nelson of Fayette was the judge Geneva McCom'o ,md Lynda Whiteford, junior girls, will demonstrate cummerbands at the fair. They continued their planning for achievement day Monday. August 5th at the school house, both afternoon and evening Mrs Norbert Moore of Oelwein will do the judging. « • • « Mr. and Mrs. Junior Bivmi have purchased the Spateher residence in Handalia from Ken neth Adams. They plan to do remodeling and redecorating before moving in next spring. • • • • Howard and Betty Hawhec spent Wednesday and Thursday with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Cook at Waukon. • # • • » Mr. and Mrs. Ben Turner rani grandson, Ronnie Baiter spent last week at St Croix Falls. Wis fishing. • • • • • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thyer. Phillip and Debra, and Mrs. Bessie Odekirk left Friday for a few days vacation at Wild Rose, Wisconsin. • • • • • Mr. and Mrs. Deane Davis and family left Saturday for a trip to California to visit relatives. Rev. and Mrs. Gale Hawhee. Howard and Betty left Mond IV for a visit with his parents in the southern part of the state. • • « • Mr. and Mrs. Ben Turner, Mi. and Mrs. Frank Edmonds and Mike Lynch spent Monday fishing at Waverly and visiting Mi. and Mrs. Curt Turner. Mr. and Mrs. Charles MeBride and family spent Sunday "t the Militant Patriarch park at Clear Lake, they also visited the Mark Risinger family at Clear Lake. • • • * Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Frye and Robert were Saturday supper guests of Mrs. Ethel Clark in Fayette. .... ( Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Nading and family are vacationing at Remer, Minn, this week. .... Mr. and Mrs. Dale Gordon are vacationing in Minn., this week. Harland McComb is looking after their garage while they are gone. Mr. and Mrs. George Carley left Saturday for a visit with their son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cronnen at Kandiyohi, Minn. Mrs. Harlan Carley and Ray Charles who had spent the week in the Carley home accomlpanied them as far as her home at Rolie. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ault and girls are visiting his parents, Mr and. Mrs. Harold Ault Sr. at Fiatt Illinois. Mrs. Robert Readeker and two children returned Thursday to her home at Freeport, 111., after a weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Carley. Mrs. Charles Unkrich and family of Birmingham, visited a few days with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Arthur and family. .... Mrs. Frank Thyer, Mrs. Ted Lenius, Mrs. Lloyd Sprague, Mrs. Donald Schrader, Mrs, Louie Sorge, Mrs. Delmer Sorge, at tended a Tupperware party at the home of Mrs. Delbert Streeter near Fayette Thursday afternoon, Mrs. Harry Randall was hostess » . » . Mrs. Caroline Arthur, who is staying with her grandchildren at Percival, reports a new grand daughter born July 27, to the Lowell Sherwood's. She has been named Jean Renae and weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz. WEEKLY CROSSWOPxD PUZZLE Flying Creature Here's the Answer HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted bird C It frequents 13 Weary 14 Alive 15 Playing card 16 Entrance 18 Article 19 Concerning 20 Scattered 22 is long- billed 23 Within (prefix) 25 Every 27 Distribute, cards 28 Get up 29 Road (ab.) 30 Silver (symbol) 31 Palm lily 32 New Latin (ab.) 33 Bargain event 35 Equipment 38 Above 39 Sicilian volcano 40 French article 41 Cuts 4" Atop * 8 Unit :,0 Body of water • 1 Fruit 62 Bring up 54 Think 56 Legislative bodies 57 Kinds VERTICAL 1 Gazed fixedly f Type of creed 3 Anger 4 Presiding elder (ab.) 5 Revise 6 Masculine 1 Afresh 8 Ceremony 9 Samarium (symbol) 10 Head covering 33 Law-makers 11 Morals 34 Thoroughfare 12 Boil 36 Oil 17 Near (ab.) 37 Roves 20 Military men 42 Boor 21 Dements 24 Shoot forth as 26 Shoelace tip 43 Land measure 44 Observes 45 Laughter sound 46 Seth's son (Bib.; 49 Sea eagle 5 1 Tree 53 Tantalum (symbol) 55 Italian river 1 z 5 4 J t> 7 8 9 10 II 12 15 15 u> i to 19 21 11 V> IH tt lb n 2fl a & JO 1 u N bi _ L v> w /• K / 55 56 / HO HI Hi HH 45 H? * Hi • -so SI 5J | | st> J rl 1 Just For A Thrill Des Moines. Ia. — They call it "planned calamity", and men do it for a living! This head-on, end- over-end, auto crash is one of thirteen daredevil events just announced for this year's "Thrill Day" at the Iowa State Fair here on Monday, Aug. 2(j. Top stunt men of both America and Europe are included in the roster for the day. Events will include everything from auto smasliups to flaming wall crashes, officials report. TIPS And Tjj" SUGGESTIONS Farmers Warned Of Swine Enteritis Farmers were warned today that swine enteritis ranks as one of the major causes of hog losses from the time when pigs are weaned until they are ready for market. So said the American Founda tion for Animal Health, which added that the disease may easily occur after pigs are shifted to a heavy diet, particularly corn. Veterinary medical authorities said that in most outbreaks of enteritis there is an inflammation of the colon and cecum — the blind pouch at the head of the large intestine. The inflammation often is fatal. General symptoms for which farmers should be alert include bloody scours, a gaunt appearance, and loss of considerable weight. The Foundation said that a veterinarian should be called at the first sign of such symptoms, so as to set up prompt measures to hold down losses. All hogs in the herd should be checked for signs of the disease and the healthy ones separated from th sick ones. The healthy animals also should be kept under close watch, to detect further cases which might develop. ing to dressmaking in a junior farm exposition now scheduled for this year's Iowa State Fair here, Aug. 23-Sept. 1. Youngsters who arc top winners from their respective counties in both 4-H and FFA events will be brought here for the final championship contests involving over $34,000 in cash priz.es. Typical of the youngsters and fine animals they will exhibit is the above pair—Larry Lein, Kelly, Ia. and his Here ford, "Shorty" which won him the baby beef championship at last year's Iowa State Fair. Point Leader Enters Bobby Burdick, Omaha, Neb., current IMCA stock car point leader, jvill see action in the three late model stock car races scheduled at the All-Iowa Fair, Cedar Rapids. Burdick will wheel a 1957 Ford. To Pick Jr. Farm Champs Des Moines, Ia. — Over 3,000 farm boys and girls will battle Gerald Sjobakker Visits Here A guest in the home of David Thompson is Gerold Sjobakker of Dubuque. There's a new way to raw pack corn. It's surer, safer mathod that was recently developed by the United States Department of Agriculture, according to Merle R. Bo vis, Fayette County Extension Home Economist. When you can cream style corn, use pint jars only. Pack corn to 1 inch from the top. Don't press down or shake. Add teaspoon of salt to each jar. Fill to the top with boiling water. Adjust the lids. Process at 10 pounds of pressure for 95 minutes. Use the same method for whole kernel corn, but process pints 55 minutes and (marts 85 minutes. Freezing peaches this summer? Here's how to keep the fruit from darkening in air: Slice peaches directly into the cold sirup which which was prepared and cooled ahead of time. To make the sirup, dissolve 3 cups of sugar in 4 cups .if water. This makes about 5-M> cups of sirup. You'll need 2/3 cup of sirup for each pint continer of peaches, says Merle R. Bovis, Fayette County Extension Home Economist. To help peaches keep their natural color and flavor while m the freezer, add powdered ascorbic acid. Use V4 teaspoon of ascorbic acid to each 4 cups of sirup. It is sold at drug >;.>:-.•< and some freezer-locker The question is so often asked. How can I perk up my limp pet- ticcvai and dress?" Until just re- cs :-.:';>. laundry starch was your .-:-.;> way of perking up limp fab: :cs Hut now you'll find several different fabric finishes on grocery store shelves, says Merle R. Bovis. Fayette County Extension Home Economist. Three of these finishes—ordinary laundry starch plastic starch, and CMC (short for carboxymethyl cellulose)— were recently compared in tests. Researchers found that each finish gives some protection against wear. It's harder to apply CMC than other finishes, but it's the most helpful in removing dirt. However, you may not be able to find CMC in your local stores. White garments—such as cotton shirts—become whiter with each wash when garments are finished with starch, plastic or CMC. Clothes with no finish or with plastic finish iron easily. You may find "no finish" clothes more comfortable to wear, but you may feel that finishes improve the looks of clothes. Iris may be divided and replanted soon for best flowering next season, says Horticulturist Charles Sherwood of Iowa State College. After you dig up old plants, separate rhizome (underground stem) clumps into "fans" of one or two shoots. Cut out rotted or infected parts. Trim leaves to half length. Plants disease- free rhizomes for crown rot, Sherwood says. Details of this disease treatment are available at your county extension office. Your own truck is your "best bet" for moving livestock to and from shows and fairs. Veterinarian John Herrick, Iowa State College, says you'll use only clean, disinfected trucks if you want to keep your show animals healthy. At the fair, Herrick advises, feed the same ration the animal was accustomed to at home. Keep your animals cool. Use an electric fan on hot days. When you get home, quarantine your show animals away from the rest of the herd where you can watch them for 30 days. Show contacts could have niud<- them disease carriers. • • • • The United States Department of Agriculture reports the fatal- accident rate has been increasing on farms in the United States. SUMMER FRUSTRATION THiS WEEK -In Washington ISsmTl With Clinton Davidson President Eisenhower added fuel to the already hot farm program controversy by hta decision to continue with Ezra Taft Benson as his Secretary of Agriculture. The Secretary has both strong supporters and sharp critics because of his insistence on lowerinp price supports and reduction of farmer dependence on government programs. Congressional and farm critics have denounced him bitterly because farm prices and Income have declined steadily in recent years. They contend that hla program has failed and, If continued, would wreck agriculture. President Elsenhower has continued to be one of Benson's itaunchest supporters. Benson went to tht White House not long ago with an ofTer to resign, but Mr. Elsenhower talked him out of it. The decision to keep Benson means that farm and congressional groups will be divided into two hostile camps when farm legislation Ls taken up by Congress next year. A long bitter fight Is probable. The Secretary, backed by the iKiwerful Farm Bureau, and a minority of Farm Bloc congressmen, will seek modifications In Diesent farm laws. The main objective will be to get legislation iieiinltling lower price supports. Farmer cooperatives and the National Orange, backed by a majority of Farm Bloc congressmen, will seek a major overhauling of present programs, with primary emphasis on commodity programs, including two-price plans and marketing agreements. Benson wlli have the big advantage of the President back of him. He has reason to expect that Mr. Eisenhower would veto any program not in line with his thinking. That happened In 1956, when a high price support bill was vetoed. Mr. Elsenhower gave Secretary Benson added backing when he sent the nomination ot Dr. Donald Paarlberg to the Senate to be \3slstant Secretary of Agriculture. Dr. Paarlberg, a former college professor, has been chief economic advisor to Benson since early 1953. Dr. Paarlberg drew fire from critics of Benson's farm program when, in a speech, he told farmers 'hat parity was a "dream world" they should never expect to see igaln. Farm income has declined by 20% during four years of Benson'.' 'arm program admlnKtra'ion. He contends that this was una void- \ble because of huge surpluses ^ullt up under the previous Administration. Critics, on the other hand -.harge him with following a policy if lower supports that resulted In 'ower prices. They say his only proposal Is that Congress give him uithorlty to put into effect still lower price supports next year. About all you can be certain of Us that Benson will occupy one of the hottest spots In Washington during thp n'-xt 12 months. THE EMBLEM OF DEPENDABILITY REU BRAND "You can pay more — but you can't buy bellejr" Mfd. by Bell-Brand Farm Supply FAYETTE. IOWA TYPING PAPER One Ream (500 Sheets) $1.99 Fayette County Leader Fayette, Iowa Gibson Refrigerator Skelgas Stove near new Coal and Wood Heater Dinning Room Set Two oomplele beds One small bed Two Dressers Glass doored book case One Chest Six qt. Pressure Cooker Student Table Vacuum Cleaner Speed Queen Washing Machine 9 x 12 wool rug with pad Scalier rugs Floor Lamps Table Lamps Dishes Two Wardtrobes Coffee Tables End Tables General Items to numerous to mention PLACE: At DX Station on Highway 150 at West Union Not responsible for accidents AUGUST 10, 1957 TIME 1:30 P. M. AUCTIONEER SID MOORE DUNKE SISTERS Do You Want A BETTER HOME FOR LESS MONEY Consider these outstanding listings: Older home completely remodeled, oil furnace, attached garage, carpet, landscaped. Two bedroom, insulated, oil furnace- below $5000. Three bedroom, at campus, perfect throughout. Five bedroom, upstairs now rented. Three bedroom, double garage, insulated, oil furnace, new roof. Three bedroom, modern, just $3500.00. Three bedroom brick, partly modern, $3000.00. FOR RENT: 3 bedroom, modern $40.00 2 bedroom, modern $$0.00 3 bedroom, partly modern, $30.00 FOR FARMS: 80 acres near Fayette, $100 / acre. 80 acres near Arlington. $187.50 / acre. 147 acres, $100 /acre, worth more. 237 acre stock farm. $180 / acre. 240 acres, no better farm In Iowa, $325 / acre. REMEMBER — We help you finance! The Fayette Insurance Agency Licensed Brokers BOB ANTHONY JOHN HOFMEYER Phone 14 Fayette, Iowa ~™ WHYDO SOME CARS BOIL- -0VER DURING A HEAT WAVE? lANSWER: FAILURE TO DRAIN, ANDE&ISH COOLING SYSTEM. IN SPRING ALLOWS RUST TO ' FORM, CLOG RADIATORS AND/ CUT WATER CIRCULATION. ^ ON HOT DAYS WATER 3 TEMPERATURE MAY RISE PAST BOILING POINT. DRIVING TIPS'. D0NT TRAIL TOO CLOSE. THE HOT EXHAUST FROM THE CAR AHEAD CAN OVERHEAT YOUR RADIATOR. Mrs. A. G. Van Nordstand Elected To S.H.S. Dr. William J. Peterson, Superintendent, announces that 66 persons were elected to membership in the State Historical Society of Iowa during the month of July, 1957. From this area was Mrs. A. G. Van Nordstrand of Hawkeye. Fifty-nine of these new members are from 41 different towns in 32 Iowa counties. Ames led with C new members; Cedar Rapids had 4, while Des Moines and Washington had 3 each, and Davenport, Iowa City, Mason City, Ml. Vernon, Salem, and Sibley 2 each. Thirty-one other towns had one member each. New members from other states included 2 each from California and Illinois, and one each from Michigan, New Jersey, and Wisconsin. $209.95 RCA Victor Dalton. Low-priced table TV with "Lean and Clean" styling that saves you space. New, "Mirror-Sharp" picture—262 sq. in. of viewable area. "High-Sharp-and-Easv" tuning with new "One-Touch" on-off control. Improved Balanced Fidelity Sound. Powerful new super chassis. Ebony; mahogany grained or limed oak grained finishes extra. 21T820 Series. at Schneiders Electrical Appliance Store FAYETTE Potters Polar P&k ICE CREAM _ 79c Kitchen Charm WAX PAPER 19c Lion COFFEE -- — lb. 79c Pleasmor Salt Water TAFFY KISSES 2pkgB. 45c Serbers Strained BABY FOOD — 3 for 25c Silver Dust SOAP POWDER pkg. 25c Wizard CHARCOAL STARTER _ _ pt. 25c C ANTELOPES 39c LEMONS 49c Minced HAM 35c Shop in our Air Conditioned Store > Goeken's Food Mkt Phone 10 Fayette, Iowa

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