Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1939
Page 3
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v'<-|;-3*£H '"-M SOCIETY JVt'rg. Sid Henry Telephone 321 (V 1 A IMcn Grant me to close the day without regret; L*t me not into careless conduct full, Gaining my little purposes, and yet Wishing some hasty words I could recall. Increase my stock of patience, to-day, I pray! Let me not whimper loumlly lit my care: Let IIH> take pride tit evening in STARTS TUESDAY 'SUEZ' LORETTA YOUNG TYRONE POWER PLUS 1. I.ATKST NEWS 2. NUTTY Nim TODAY - TUESDAY MATINEE TUESDAY TO NAME ONLY WEDNESDAY "DANCING CO-ED" ARTIE SHAW and ORCHESTRA Lana Turner - Richard Carlson the way I met the trials which were mine to bear. Toach me to piny the man in link* things, To suffer disappointments when 1 must, To brave the irritation failure brings And still be kind nml generous and just. Let me not stain my victories with hate; When night comes on let me look back and see In all that I have accomplished, small or great, Nothing which brings regret or shame to me. —Selected. The American Legion Auxiliary will meet nt three o'clock at the home of Mrs. Lloyd Spi'iicer, Ea;;t 3rd street. Miss Claudia Whitworth of the Okay Public school faculty, mid Miss Mnry Evelyn Whitworth. a student in the State University, spent the week end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs fl. 0. Whilworth. Mr. and Mrs. George Boll and Miss Margery Bell of Little Rook were aiming the Sunday dinner guests at the oHtel Barlow. Mrs. Addie Pope. Mrs. T. H. Pope and Mrs. Ann Rettig of Nashville wi-re Sunday visitors in the city. Mr. and Mrs. Otho Formby of Alexandria. La, were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hanson on routo to their home from a vacation in Florence. Ala. Mrs. S. D. King has returned to her home in Little Rock after a few days visit with relatives in the city. Mrs. King is a former resident of Hope. PAGE list'Sunday School are requested (o meet at the church Tuesday evening at 7:30. Officers will he elected, nnd during (ho social hour Halloween games will he enjoyed. Mrs. J. E. Pin-kins and grandson Hal Dildy of Little Rock and Mr. and Mrs. George Edward Cannon nnd sons Thomas and Jfinmie were Sunday guests of Misses Marie and Nannie Purkins. Master Jimmta Cannon will remain for a week's visit. OUT OUR WAY Jimmie Harbin of Little Rock spent the week end with his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. M. Harbin »nd grand mother, Mrs. Florence Turnes. Mr. iirul Mrs. J. L. Light announce the marriage nf (heir daughter, Blanch t<i Edward How-ell Byers, son of Mrs.^ Rachel Byers and the late Mr. D. C. Byers. 'Hie double ring ceremony was reiid Thursday evening October 12 in the home of the officiating minister Rev. Kenneth L. Sport-, Pastor of (he First Methodist church of Hope. The bride has been a k'Hclii'r in the public .schools of Hemp stead County for the pant four years. Mr. Dyers is associated in business with his brother, R. E. Byers of this city. The couple vviJJ occupy (heir new home nn the Hope and Lewisville Road. BARBS Organization nf the National Dunking Association in New York v»'ts the cruller into the bluo book. It. also reminds us that not all the sinkers in the world are submarines. Sumatran unlives make books completely of wood. Thi'se must have a density rating equal to that of some history books we have read. in a bout, used to kiss instead of f-luike hands. Over here we often find pri/.e ringwalu lending a romantic air to tin.- manly art. MIND YOUR MANNERS Miss Francos Snyder was the week j end guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Garrett in El Dorado. Tile Rand Auxiliary, junior and senior divisions, will moot at ;)::)() Tuesday afternoon at the high school. A full attendance is urged, as business of importance will come before the meeting. r. M. * to. r PAT. ort. Ail (lie boys and uirfs of the Intermediate Department of the First Bap- NEW LAST TIME MONDAY Jean Parker - Phil Regan - in "SHE MARRIED A COI'" ALSO OPENING GAME OF THE WORLD SERIES and other LATEST NEWS EVENTS PREVIEW MON. N1TE 11 p. in. First Arkansas Showing "7th Commandment" ADULTS 25c - COLORED I5e Kli'ftrlral and Refrigerator Service If others have failed, try us. Work guaranteed. Prices reasonable Graduate Coyne Electrical School ARTHUR MOKRIS Day and Night Plume liSli. Test your knowledge or correct social usage by answering thi following qucstioms, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Who ends u telephone conversation'.' 2. Should you use your hostess' phone and not leave the toll charge because it seems too small! j. Is it polite to say "Speak louder" if you cannot understand over the telephone? •I. Is it polite to phone friends for long conversations during their working hours? 5. When a voice you do not re- cngime answers the phone should you say. "Who is this?" Whut Would you do if— You had dinner at a friend's house last night and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Would you— (in Telephone her and tell her so? (b) Say no more about ti, since you thanked her when you left? Answers 1. The- one who made the call. 2. No. Pay the charge. X No. "Will you spi'ak louder, please", or "I'm afraid we have bad connection. I can't understand you. •i. No. 5. No! Ask for the person you want. Best "What Would You Do" solution—(a). ' • Munsingwetr Paolitu 40 to 98C '•9 Miu>.<;iiigy>car Briefs •19 to 08c We Give Eagle Stamps SMARTY PANTS That's what these MUNSINCWEAR marvels are. Brief as the law allows ...knitted to cling fast and forever hold their shape. Finished lovely enough for trousseau lingerie. Of l)u Pont rayon or silk that tubs ;iml wears divinely. In three lengths. Munsingwear Pantic* 49 to 98c The Lending Department Store .\ WHV PONT YOU ASK- THE BOYS -TO COME IN AND ' WAIT FOR VOU? IT'S COLD OUT THERE &£ AT WONT HURT 'EM-AN' THEV P&OB'LV 60T DIRTY FEET-. ANYHOW, WE'RE GOIN' TO THE LIBRARY V HE KNOWS WHUT \ KIND OF A BOOK YOU SOT THERE — NEVER GO INTO A FRIEND'S HOUSE WITH A HI6HBROW BOOK LIKE THAT-IT'S TH' WORST WAY TO RUIN A , GUV'S HOME By J. R, WILLIAMS IT THE PAD 6OOD EXAMPLE conquest between Europe anil Asia to Ih* Iron Gate of Roman fame. At the Iron Gate, Russa would be in a position to deal with ar.y European influence 'she wished by military threat alone. That goes for Hitler as well as anybody else. Dardanelles If the diplomatic grapevine has the picture in focus, then it explains why Russia is so concerned about Turkey for Turkey holds the Dardanelles, A back door route that could cut the Russian zone of Balkan influence in two. if it should fall into the hands of an enemy. Clearer also become the tactics of Hitlc-i- in offering peace. For Hitler may well want to put all his talents, military and otherwise, into the show in eastern Europe. Russia may be a bit too close for comfort, even in a peaceful basis of alliance. If he is thinking that way, then lightning peace—or lighting war. like the war in Poland—would be his best bet in the West. t several magpie roosts within a period of a day or two. Heretofore trapping was considered (oo costly because tmly semi-portable traps were used. Farmers, bird lovers and hunters ap* prove magpie extinction because the birds are marauders .and damage domestic fowl as well as steal the eggs of other wild birds. Crawford said. Swift Destruction (Continued From Page One) graph and telephone stations and cut such wires as remained, for the same purpose. And airplanes again joined in, drop- The "walkie-talkie"—a portable transmitter anil receiver—as it was used in the field to give or f tiers to a machine gun company during the U. S. Army's recent PluUsliurg, N. Y' maneuvers. Photo by U. S. Army Signal Corps. ping "parch'ute spies" with explosives. Some the Poles caught and shot, which Hitler said was barbarous. But only some. Others suceecled. Poland's ear-drums were burst . .. A WORD to the WISE. DON'T KNOW WHAT HELE N. SOMETIMES HE tlKfS ME t THfN FOR ty i M HE ^FORGETS ME MEN DONt LIKE WOMEN WHOHAVEN Geo. W. Robison &• Co. Helen Is right. Men don't like women who are dull and listless, who look as tired and worn out as they say they are. Sometimes the lack of sparkling pep and energy, which is so attractive to others, is due to simple anemia, a condition brought on bv a deficiency of iron in the blood Men and women who are overworked, spend long hours indoor: and lack sufficient sunshine anc exercise, often find that it is thu condition which Is sapping; theii pep and energy. Sareon, the famous tonic with iron, is helpful in overcoming iror. deficiency in the blood, tending- to aid nature in building red blood cells and hemoglobin. This accomplished, you feel like a new person, with new pep and vitality nnd a better appetite. Get a bottle of Sargon today at DOT risk. If you are not entirely batisfled, after taking according to directions, the full purchase price will be returned without Question. Ward & Son Druggist her vocol chords cut . . . her military nervous system mostly, pnralyzed. For Poland had depended too much upon a nervous system of wires. Not enough had she learned to piece it out with the sign language — radio, radiotelephone and other means. Now, to do that Ls not easy. Communication through the air is today a pressing military problem. And in the light of the Lightning War. our own U. S. Army is studying it carefully. Lately real progress has been made. "Widkie-Tiilkie" Holds the Stage . Beside an A/dirondack mountain road lounged a dusty column of in- lantry, hats tipped back over faces streaming under the sun. It was near the end of the Pittsburgh maneuvers. "Where'n hell do we go from here?" arose the age-old soldier's question. Then all eyes turned to two figures striding down the road— an officer and behind him a soldier. To the soldier's back was strapped aji odd-looking pack from which protruded something that looked like a thin-ly-rolled umbrella. 'Chamberlain's goin' to war." a dough boy chuckled. Head down, the officer was mumbling: 'Bonehcad One speaking. This .ijijg Bull?. Point 270? Yes, sir, immediately." His head snapped up. From his ear he took a black telephone apparatus. He barked order— and the dough-boys knew where they went from there. But, no thanks to wires. That was christened the 'Walkei-talkie." It is hoped it will help solve Lightning War problems (although doughboy talk says that in a thunderstorm that lightning-rod is a problem, too.) It is the antenna of a shortwave, high frequency set weighing 2G pounds its mouthpiece an adaptation of the radio announceer's "mike". H can ctirry the voice five miles in battle conditions, but has carried 100 miles at night on flat land. It can't drive a human voice through hills. The Army wants but cannot afford one for every higher headquarters; also for every regiment, every station. And, since the Lightning War flashed. it has intensified study of radiotelephone talks study between that war's two leading agents— airplanes and fast tanks. No radiotelephone is perfect, if only because the enemy can listen in— hence the cryptic codes that nickname officers Bonehead or Sitting Bull. But. these are simpler than radio telegraphic codes. Radiotelegrams need no wires, but must be written in code before they are sent, and be translated after they are received. In war, time is infinitely precious, so wires arc- apt to be used first. Also, the frequency channels in the air are getting crowded. But efforts to per- leut the radiotelephone for war use continue. lnfra-Rt(l Beams Can Foil Enemy Hut there is still another important means of combatting the stunning effects of the Lightning War. Some day you may run across a soldier crouched on the ground, talking to himself. 'Da-da-dee-da," he says. Silence. Then a shrill whistle, shorts and longs. If you can get a good look, you will see that he is talking the dots and dashes of radio code into the microphone of a neat, ten-pound portable transmitter. It transforms the sound into invisible infra-red light, and directs it to a receiver from which il issues in long and short whistles. Infra-red beams cannot be intercepted by an enemy radio. And long or short flashes from an infra-red lamp may be caught upon a film. The Army is busy experimenting — but it tells no more than it has to about this vital business of short- circuiting the Lightining War. Hitler and Stalin (Continued from Page One) Livestock Income (Continued from Page One) ed arriving at the grounds at Fifth and Beech streets parly in the morning, and by mid-afternoon traffi cwas snarled by more visitors tying to each the gounds. Officials estimated that at least 7,500 persons were at the grounds during the day before they were forced to close the gales. "From the interest shown today we anticipate tremendous crowds at the show and rodeo," Senator Byrd said. 'If the weather continues favorable we are confident the show will be a success." permission. <3) Mysterious talk about a hurried trip by Rumanian's former Minister. Gregore Gafencu, to Moscow to see what Stalin wants with him, NOT to Berlin to see what Hitler wants. A Split Rumania? If the diplomatic grapevine is as near right as it usually is, Gafencu may hear that Stalin wants Bessarabia back. He might even learn that Germany and Russia are establishing zones of influence that split Rumania in two, and give King Carol about as much freedm of action as a man in a ilrait-jacket. If this should occur, the province of Translyvania would fall within the German orbit, and Moldavia, Wallachia and possibly Dobrudja within the Russian. Russia would then be in a position to set up a military highway across Rumania up the valley of the Danube following the time-honored route of iCHT COUGHS .due to colds.. .checked without "dosing". Another Problem Has Been Solved COLORADO SPRINGS. Colo.—</P)How to catch predatory magpies without harming songbirds is a problem" that has been solved by the Colorado slate game and fish fjmmission. The commission sought a new method because the poison bait plan killed too many harmless birds. G. I. Crawford, commission representative, devised a trap that is baited with unpoisoned meat. It is portable, mounted on a truck, and can be moved How To Relieve Bronchitis Bronchitis, acute or chronic, to to Inflammatory condition of the mucous membranes lining the broncttiaJ tubes. Creomulsion goes right to tbe seat of the trouble to loosen farm laden phlegm, increase secretion and •id nature to soothe and heal rMr, tender, inflamed bronchial mucotis membranes.Tell your druggist to Mil you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding that you are to like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis READ BUY / Announcing-- Vonceil Pritchett Has joined our staff of Beauty Specialists. And invites her many friends and customers to call on her at... Carmen's Beauty Shop Phone 752 " So. Elm St. Phone for an appointment today More than $1,500,000 was paid last year to Arkansas telephone people INTO PAY ENVELOPES for Arkansas telephone people last year went more than \y 2 million dollars ; ; . wages to operators, to linemen and repairmen, to others in the far-flung brigade of Arkansas telephone people. The largest item in the cost of furnishing telephone service in Arkansas is the wages paid to the 1,400 men and women who make Arkansas telephones talk. Of every dollar it cost last year to furnish telephone service in Arkansas, more than 40 cents went for wages. More than 1^ million dollars' worth of human energy and skill went into your telephone service in Arkansas last year ; : ; to the people who furnish you fast, accurate, and dependable telephone service ;;; yet the cost of a telephone in your home is only a few pennies a day. SOUTHWESTERN lill TELEPHONE COMPANY WANT A BARGAIN? Y«u (en <•/•*/.«»• (00 m./«i fo *0c « ay raf, x ,for/on-fo-.fofionj.

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