Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 8, 1957 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1957
Page 2
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Established in 1914 APPLICATION FOR SECOND CLASS MAILING PRIVILEGES IS PENDING AT FAYETTE, IOWA 19 10111ft PRESsV r iflSSOCIRTIon} J) 1 NATIONAL EDITORIAL- I AS T OC IT ATI^N A f F 111 A T f MIMMI DONALD L. KIMBALL WAYNE BARNES BILL FINCH JAMES R. SHAFFER AIRS. FRANK CUMMINGS MRS. RALPH DICKINSON Publish «s Linotype Operato. Printer Maynard Advertising Manager .Maynard Correspondent Lima Correspondeni EDITORIAL FINES FROM BETTER KNFORCEMENT As one watclurs tiom .my window along I'ayettes Main Street any nuinLx-i o! automobiles go flying by, many in excess ot posted limits. Of course, no leu at j-ersons would be sjuilty of speeding through the streets Many large trucks go living by in outright disobedi" ence to the signs as do many of our fellow Americans from across the state boundaries and even from such foreign nations as New York and Californa and their sister states. Now, other states make no bones about picking up tourists and making them pay the local penalties for their misdemeanors. If we are going to overlook local breach** of the law then let's permit ourselves the luxury cf fining the transient brethren. Fines in our Mayor's Court, which should be in excess of what they are. go into the city treausury for extra income. Fines in the courts of Justices of the Peace Lubbock or Woolridge go into the county treasurer's office and are deposited in the school fund. Truckers and salesmen have no small gestapo' or information media in themselves. They see each other from time to time; over coflee they discuss which towns you can 'fly' through and which towns 'you'd better take it easy in.' Let's not wait until some one of our wonderful young future citizens may become the victim of the fast truck or the speeding tourist. Let's provide our own insurance that such a thing will NOT happen. Let's enforce the laws and take in the fines. Isn't it paradoxical that we pay good Iowa tax money into these same city and school funds and at the same time allow outsiders the privilege of disobeying our laws and NOT contributing to the couple treasuries for their acts. Back to the view from the windows, we've seen thousands of dollars in fines go speeding through the fair city. Let's profit through the enforcement of existing laws and help ourselves out just a little in the financial way. This is not criticism, just a suggestion. ATTEND CHURCH EVERY WEEK CHURCH SCHEDULE Grace Lutheran Church J. D. Wangc-iin, pastor Divine Worship ii:,'iCI a.m. Sunday School 9:30 a.m First Methodist Church Paul L < Huscher, Minister Sunday School 9:30 a .m. Morning worship 10:30 a.m Wesleyan Methodist Howard W. Johnson- Pastor Sunday School 9:30 a.m Morning Worship 10:30 am Vouth Service 7:15 p .m Evangelistic Service B p.p.: Prayer Service Thurs. B pin St. Francis Church Father John Hoakup/ Sunday Masses' 7-30 & 1030a. Weekday Mass: 7:15 a.m. Confessions: Sut. 7:30 tu 9 p.n ABIDANT LIFE BY ORAL ROBERTS SHE MADE HER DRIVE** HELP HER CREEK BOTTOM COMMENTS by Reuben H seems almost incredible that the Administration sent Secretary Dulles flying across the Atlantic for the uinteenth time, on stiU another "open skies" useless errand. WHO IS EXPECTED TO BE IMPRESSED ? ? ? We believe the President and his Secretary would be frightened half out of their boots if the arrogant crafty Russians should boldly accept this over-tooted proposal of "aerial inspection and photography". Attempt to mentally picture the situation, if high powered camera equipped Red bombers were flying at free will over our cities and defense een tejis. This could lead up to _ "Pearl Harbor" that would make the original Pear] Harbor seem like only a bad-boy's prank. Within the p;ist months there have been Grand Jury hearing; editorials, open forum rebuttal. in regard the unfortunate squab ble between the former managei of the Fayette County Home and the "top brass" in West Union We think it would be real inter esting to know the TRUE FACTS about this squabble. The FACTS and the "facts' presented to a Grand Jury are not always in perfect parallel. This county saw a prime example of that, back in the autumn of •1953, in regard the Echo Valley Park "transgression" and the correlated [persecution of a man (and his nice little wife) who is now an efficient police officer in the county capitol city. • » • * What in Heaven's name is the feeling of achievement, in con eocting and expounding disparag ing slander, much of which is without foundation of fact whatever ? ? ? We have reason to believe certain disparaging slander emanates from the same beer tavern. The one reason why people get away with this sort of questionable entertainment is because in most all such cases, the "victims" do NOT choose to add questionable dignity to the slan-1 derer by taking the slander seriously. But it's still a mighty cheap and inadmirable form of pastime. * • * • It doesn't take much breeze to make a wind, after you get your sheets on the line. UNDERSTANDING IOWA CHILDREN By Lloyd Lovell "You stop arguing with me younn man," Mis. Brown shouted "or I'll slap your face!" Her ten year-old son made an impudent fave and ran off. Mrs. Brown turned back to heUl neighbor em baiiassedly. "It seems to me I just exhaust myself yelling at that boy, and he just doesn' mind one bit," she said. "Have you ever slapped him?' asked the neighbor. "No. I just couldn't forgive my self if I ever did. But sometimes he makes me so mad I just can think of anything else to say, Mrs. Brown replied. Like the boy who cried wolf, Mrs. Brown was using threats that never materialized. Her son had learned that despite what his niothon said, he would not be slapped, and of course her threats had lost all effectiveness. In teaching our children, making our requirements as clear as we can, and making the consequences of their behavior clear, too, will often be helpful, If Mrs. Brown felt that she could never slap her son, there was no point in her threatening to do so. If she was willing to use some other punishment, she might tell her son what would happen if he disobeyed, and then she could see that it did happen the next time he was naughty. The same reasoning holds true CWf WWWHT Of weufc smrt J »\ Boh Hullihan Oiu- man was farming at (iO miles an hour. The other man was selling feed at about the same rate of speed. Both were traveling mi a gravel road, ap proarhing 0110 anoth^. In Ins mind the - JHJ MIT was hack 111 /us fields. Could he wait until next yi'-.tr to run new fence? Maybe he should have bought hail insurance this year. Should check that tractor over. Must put some pVops against that corn crib one of these days. The fact that he «-;is driving a car fit) miles an hour on gravel was incidental. He was really farming. And the teed .salesman was really .selling feed as he drove along. He was a little worried about sales recently. He was gong over a fresh sales approach 11 his mind. Now. at this next stop, he'd start off by saying . . He pushed hack in his seat, loi'rified. His car was lurching tcruss the road. It was out of control. Speed and the road surface were throwing him out of | ine. He watched while the front of his car battered down fence poles. He saw the earth turn as the car went up in the air. The farmer arHvcd just in time to «eo th*» m:in dit>. Or was it the salesman who arrived just in time to watch the farmer die? Take your choice. Both men were risking death with too much speed, too little attention on a gravel road. "In J UIIP , we intended to drive East to see our twin boys graduate from college. The night we were to leave, Muriel, our ten- yenr-old daughter, developed * terrible earache with hlRh fever. Aspirin had no effect whatsoever. An the patn shot Into her ear, Muriel would scream spasmodically. She could not Bleep, and It was so very late to call for the doctor. So I resorted to prayer. "My first prayer did not seem to be very effective, for the Bharp cries of pain continued 10 break forth. "I decided to pray again. "But first 1 talked to Muriel. I said, 'Muriel, I want to tell you one of the ways that God works and uses to heal us. When you gel Into n taxi, you must tell the driver where you want to go and then he takes you there. You are hit boss at that particular moment, because he takes you wherever you tell him to. " 'Now, Inside of you is one who drives for you also. We call it the sub-conscious mind. The thoughts, ideas and desires that we feed this mind has mush to do with the physical, mental and spiritual condition that we are In. " 'So you Bay to the driver (your sub-conscious mind) that you want him to bring a fresh supply of blood through your ear. He Is to work all night and take away all the poison and the pain. In the morning you will be well.' "I put my hands over her ears and said, 'Muriel, whatever method is used, remember it U God Who heats us, and I ask God to heal you.' Then I repeated over and over again vernes 1-4 of Psalms 103. Especially the verso 'Who henleth all thy diseases.' "I must have had my hands on her ears from 20 to 30 minutes. In a little while she wont sound asleep. The next morning thero was no sign of pain and her temperature was perfectly normal." The Rev. R. R. of Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, recently sent this story of his daughter's healing to me. Me used the laying on of hands as a help to healing. No one but God can heal, but this is a stimulant to faith. It Is the pinpointing of a particular moment to believe that God heals. There are many hindrances to healing, but there are two things we mint do to regain health. First, let your InlqultloB be forgiven. Oet rid of selfishness, dishonesty, bitterness, Jealousy, all desirt to get even, any evil habit, thought or action. With sins forgiven and with unlimited faith on our part in an almighty loving God and Father, ALL DISEASES can be healed. Socond, we must think right I God doesn't want us to be sick. He wants us to be well or else He would not have placed healing powers In our bodies which ftght germs, heal wounds and knit bones. So when we are spiritually cleansed, then God's power to heal can go to work on our bodies—providing WE BELIEVE His wilt is for our health. Jesus said . . . "According to your faith be it unto you," Five County Girls In Queen Of The Furrow Contest Five girls, so far from Fayette County have entered the "Queen of the Furrow" contest to be held on Tuesday evening, the 20 of August at the Fayette County Fair. At this colorful event two girls will be chosen to represent the county at the regional contest to be held at the Fayette County Fair on August 21, at 7:30 in the evening. The winners of the regional contest will receive a 17-jewel wrist watch and a chance to compete in the finals at Memori- Union, Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa, on September 8, "957. The "Queen of the Furrow" contest is co-sponsored by the Soil Conservation Districts of Iowa and the American Fence dealers. The contest is designed to further acquaint the public with the importance of soil and water conservation. The "Queen" will receive a complete wardrobe and the opportunity to appear as hostess for the Iowa State Soil Districts Field Day and Plowing Matche? to be held near Hampton, Iowa on September 14. FREE GAS AT GLADY'S TRUCK STOP Every Saturday Night On Highway 150 North Fayette, Iowa Professional & Business Directory DIAMONDS SILVERWARE JEWELRY AND ELGIN HAMILTON AND BULOVA WATCHES SAB0E JEWELRY WEST UNION. IOWA SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Auto-Fire-LiabiliJy and HospUnl Insurance 'Insurance you can depend on' PHONE BLUE 229 Fayette BELLES FUNERAL HOME Pi-ompt Courteous Service Ambulance Service Phona 199, Fayettn Fayette and Maynard Gene Wm. Singer PLUMBING & HEATING FAYETTE, IOWA Phone 247 for Your Plumbing Heating & Wiring Needs Insurance — Real Estate FAYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY Phona 14 BOB ANTHONY JOHN HOFMSYSR Radio & Television SERVICE Schneider Electrical Appliance Store Call 96 Fayette, la. DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOR Open Daily and Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Fayette YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union. Iowa Dr. Harry I. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hours: 9 a.m. Ph. 158 ofc. Black 79 tea. PA Fayette lonra DR. E. J. DAHLQU1ST Veterinarian Phone 171 Fayette. la. Say You Saw it in the LEADER Still Plenty of BARGAINS at Nelson's Summer Clearance NELSON'S Shoe and Clothing Fayette, Iowa T TO ADVANCE NCE OF for rewards and promises of enjoyable consequences, of course. We p;i rents cannot continually make promises and then never make Uwd on thorn if we are to help our children learn the value of truth and loiiitn the rules that must govern their conduct. There are times when we have good reason for not fulfilling a prom ise, but we can try to explain our reasons to our children, so that they understand that we are nut ruled only by whim, and that we try to mean what we say. We all feel moire secure when we can predict what will follow from our behavior, and this is true for children, too. Keeping both our threats and our promises helps children predict what will result from their behuvioi and flrbm ours. You save as much at 25% on fuel bills with a Gresn Colonial oil furnace. And, you enjoy this greater economy with the extra advantages of more comfort and longer trouble- tree furnace service. See us todoy. VANDERSEE Plumbing & Heating Fayette, Iowa SCIlHIim... INOlMKtt...TktM ero«P< nMM N^ dally >• tiplm Hu mt»f pniW tacfaW la Ml« aWo* •V M afeaWc Waclrk »W. If h • >Mfa «ga la Ma lacMcaf Mil tf Jalantafa ana* *Va tea a*W (lOlkipotl .J tUUlf taafwajaa, U ,a K M. |arrl «a aoo* tngjawriag Coapwjr M ft* a/cMfari -aaglMari, •W *« 4Mlf-C*aW> Mvhthutmi Caayua, w M M >fi<M <«olr«t*r. POWM COMfANY MAHACtMlNT. . . Jftt lop •««cul/»,, ol Inlarilola and Ida participating componlti in Ctnlrol Ulilitiai Atomic »owar AuacJotai hold fraqucnl wlinQt to dlieuu Ilia Ia0df and •nainmaring probfami which mvif ba 10/vad. If it a loifc, bul Amtrlcan taganuily vndar our fraa mtorprif •rtfm will do Ina job which h a«paclad. COLONIAL HEATING « COOLING I John HofmeyeK SK o* Bob Anthony ABOUT THIS QUESTION "The man fishing next to me on the bridge had his line tangled in the wires overhead. All I said was, 'I don't know where you're from, but around here we fish in the water.' Should I pay my medical bills with my Trip Accident policy, or should I sue him for clobbering me?" Fayette Insurance Agency Fayette Phone 14 Interstate Power Company today is contributing on-the-job power experience, time and money to plan and buijd an Atomic Power Plant for your more power-ful future I nterstate, together with 10 other Midwest utility companies, is actively engaged in planning the construction of an atomic electric power plant. The planning of such $ plant is a tremendous undertaking because it presents problem* of design for which there is no precedent. All over the country, many other groups of investor- owned utilities are co-operating to build experimental atomic plants. Although thes? plants ( do not promise 9? be competitive at the present time with conventional fuel plan**, this pioneering work is essential to de* velop what is potentially our greatest source of energy. Each of the atomic plants being planned or built differs from all the others so that the widest possible, experience can be gained. The Central Utilities Atomic Power Associates have filed a proposal with the Atomic Energy Commission to construct a 66,000 KW generating plant of advanced design in the Middle West. From time to time, we shall re» port to you the progress that is bty> ing made on this project, as it well may hold the key for unlockj^n^L, most promising sowos .of .JftWf^! •M/«AC»IJ or roMowow All fiAHt Of 1O0AV • I, ^mS yydtewfojJfa Pouwt Compaq .iuiV :jtvi<'.. i

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