Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 1, 1957 · Page 6
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 6

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1957
Page 6
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Want Ads Classified (Local) 15c per line. Classified Display (Local) 70c per Col. inch. Classified (National) 18c per line Classified Display (National) 77c per col. inch. Card of Thanks $1.25. Minimum Classified Ad 45c Blind Classified Advertising 20c per line. Minimum Charged Classified 50c FOR SALE FOB SAJ^QUAUTY WASHED sand, aggregate Pea Gravel Black dirt for law us and gardens Carl Zupke and Sun, Raudalih phoae 0fil7. (3-Tr'j FOR SALE — Modem Home, Six lots. Would nuike a lovely building place and plenty park ing space. Iniiuire at this office. Ph. B - 70 FOR SALE — Spring Flies, heavy's. Two miles east, 1 I/, south of Maynard. Lee Simpson. CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our many friends who were so kind and jieipful during the illness of Mrs. deck's mother and at the time of ner death. We all appreciate the thmightf ulncss. Mary Laura and Gene Beck Bruce and Carol FOR SALE — Pasture for 2 eow.- or 3 head of young cattle. Ph White 190 Kay Iliff Did you find your screens and storm windows needing repair — if so, why not consider Waving the famous Air Seal — Combination Aluminum Windows in stalled on your home by our factory trained installers. For prices and free folder write—United Window Co., Box 208, Fayette Iowa. FOR RENT first floor, Blue 117 — Sleeping soon on near back. Phone FOR SALE — Scratch pads. 5c each. Fayette County Leader FOR SALE — Spring friers, tfOc alive, §1.15 dressed. Doyle Kauffman eight miles south of Fayette. Ph. 0706 Maynard. FOR SALE — Spring fryers $1.00 live, $1 .25 dressed. Average- weight 3 lbs. dressed Janis Bennington Fayette. Ph. 281b FOR SALE — Maytag Washer, Apartment size gas stove. Carpet and pad. End table with lamp. Coffee table. McLeese Furniture FRESH BEEF With that delicious corn fed flavor. Cut and Wapped for your deep freeze or locker just the way you like it. While you wait. WEEKS SPECIAL: Front quarter .30c Hind quarter Slightly higher YOUR CHOICE BEEF CO. 1 mi. South West Union Highway —150 World War One Veterans National Convention The veterans of World War one and the Ladies Auxiliary to this organization will hold a National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 8, 9, 10 and 11. Delegated to the convention will |je elected early in August at the ratio of one delegate for every 12 paid up members in good standing in any barracks (unit) m Iowa. Any world War I veteran and wife or widow may attend as visitors. Scenic bus trips are planned after the convention. For complete information and reservation blanks send name, address, length of service and serial number to Thomas Moore, senior vice commander, Department of Iowa, veterans of W.W. one. P.O. Box 393, Lisbon, Iowa TOWN AND CITY ESTIMATE NOTICE — The Town council of Fayette of Fayette County, Iowa, will meet August 12, 1957. at p.m., at Town Hall. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures for the year beginning January 1, 1958. A detailed statement of receipts and disbursements, both past and anticipated will be available at the hearing. Mame L. Cole Town—City Clerk FUNDS General Street Public Safety Sanitation Municipal Enterprise Recreation Utilities Debt Service O.D. Emergency A. Sewer Rental B. Sewer Rev. Bond TOTAL Expenditures For Year For Year 1955 Cash Balance by Funds Jan. 1. 1957 2722.00 8068.00 1807.00 23,753.00 1033.00 1060.00 3.676.00 671.00 78.00 488.00 1090.00 43.104.00 FOR SALE — Your choice of 5 lots in new- building area. Good for building or investment. Mrs. C. H. Knos. FOR SALE — Apples Otto Nehlson Phone Maynard 2U08 FOR SALE — Dressed Spring Fries, also live or dressed young rabbits or roasting hens. Roland Gray. Phone Red 146 General Street Public Safety Sanitation Municipal Enterprise Recreation Utilities Emergency TOTAL Expenditures For Year Genea-al Street Public Safety Sanitation Municipal Enterprise Utilities Recreation Debt Service O.D. Sewer Rev. Bond TOTAL Proposed Expenditures Estimated 19S8 FOR SALE — Spring Fries. $1 alive $1.25 dressed. Janis Bennington Phone 2818 WANTED MATURE WOMAN who must earn their own livelihood. Start your own career in the exciting Cosmetic business as an AVON REPRESENTATIVE. Un limited opportunities for advancement Pleasant, profitable work. Openings in Fayette, Westfield & Smithiield Townships. EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNNTY Reliable man or woman from this area to distribute complete line of cigarettes, candy, nuts, or gum through new automatic ven dors. No selling or soliciting as accounts are established for you To qualify party must have car, references, and cash capitol of $700 which is secured by inven tory. Earnings up to $300 month part time — Full time more. For personal interview give phone etc. Write P.O. Box 156, Roches ter, Minnesota. WANTED — We will pay 10c per copy for LEADER of 11 July 1957. WANTED — Good home for dog Part Collie and ipart Bull. J. W Watt. W1ANTED — Rags. 8c per pound Fayette County Leader. WANTED — Reliable party to take over seven payments cf $6.37 each on a good Singer sewing machine complete with attachments. Write: Credit Managed, Box 2085, Des Moines, Iowa. (p. 4) TTIADE. Tall Corn Stamps tor tickets to the Fayette County Fair. A family season ticket costs 30 pages of stamps, a grandstand ticket only 10 pages. TALL CORN REDEMPTION CENTER, West Union. CAJX» OF THANKS I would like to thank all those who sent cards, flowers and let ters to me while I was at the Mayo hospital and also those who have visited rne since my return. Miss Maude Felter 2945.00 13,833.00 3,341.00 4,632.00 3,821.00 1,587.00 4,837.00 70.00 35.066.00 1956 7083.00 8,037.00 5,339.00 178,009.00 3,239.00 9,304.00 1,105.00 987.00 1094.00 214,247.00 RANDAL1A NEWS Jimmy Claxton, 6 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Clair Clavton,, had his foot run over by a wagon load of oats Friday while along side of the wagon with his two sisters and got too close. X-rays didn't show any bones broken, but a cast will be put] on the foot as soon as the swel ling is gone. Kenneth Wilbur called his mother, Mrs. E. R. Wilbur Saturday from New York, he had just landed from Fiance, where lie lias been stationed with the Air Forcv. He expects to be home this week. Bingo was played at five tables Friday afternoon at the Women's Relief Corps meeting in the hall. • t • • • A pot luck dinner and shower was given far Janice Abbott and Paul Astrander Sunday in the Farm Bureau building at Fayette. • • « « « Mr. and Mrs. Robert Readeker and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Littelle of Freeport, 111., spent Sunday in the George Carley home. Mrs. Readeker and girls remained for the week., the rest returned home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed tiusta, who have been staying at the home of her parents, the late Walter Butt's, went to Des Moines Sunday for a few days on business. Mrs. Emm Simpson and daughter, Mrs. Bob Ricktemeyer and Lynda of Maynard, were supper guests in the George Carley home. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lenius, Teresa and Kathy of Waterloo, were Sunday dinner guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lenius, afternoon visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Burman of Waterloo, Mrs. Burman is Mr. Lenius sister. The Women's Society of Christian Service will meet Aug. 7 with Mrs. J. W. Frye. Program to be given by Mrs. Bill Alley and a substitute for Mrs. Floyd Nading. A special feature to be given by Mrs. Bessie Odekirk. Mrs. Ruth Whiteford will be co- hostess. Roll call to be answered by — things I have canned. • • • » Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Carley and son of Rolfe, spent the weekend in the George Carley home. Mrs. Carley is staying for the week. New Bowling Alley A new bowling alley for northeast lowans will be completed soon in Oelwein. Having ten anes and automatic pinsetters, t will be located on East Charles Sflreet there and will open in August. General Street Public Safety Sanitation Municipal Enterprise Recreation Utilities Debt Service O.D. Sewer Rev. Bond TOTAL Estimated Un-encumbered. Balance Jan. 1. 1958 5000.00 10000.00 6000.00 4400.00 3500.00 1000.00 6000.00 5500.00 4550.00 45.950.00 General Street Public Safety Sanitation Municipal Enterprise Recreation Debt Service O.D. TOTAL Estimated Income Other Than Taxation. 1958 585.00 30.00 31.00 30.00 177.00 497.00 69.00 1419.00 FORMER CITIZENS Last week's former citizen was identified by several local citizens as Dr. Bissell, former President of Upper Iowa University. Mrs. L. L. Cole was one of the first to call in and identify the former citizen. C. R. Carpenter of the Board of the State Bank, commented that Dr. Bissell was here when he first associated himself with the bank in 1887. For this week we offer the stately gentleman pictured above. Next week will conclude the former citizen series. WANDA JACKSON. This young Capital Recording Artist is another of the stars who will appear on the Hank Thompson- Jimmy Wakely Show Wednesday evening, August 21 at the Fayette County Fair. County Fair To Open August 20 The Fayette County Fair, which opens in West Union on August 20 and continues through August 23, will present more than the usual number of thrilles this year. Appearing afternoon and evening fdr the first three days of the fair will be Bill Atterbury's SKY KINGS, known as the worlds greatest aerial act. These fearless performers present their act on top of twin sway poles one hundred and twenty feet high. As a climax, they actually trade Ipoles more than 14 stories in the air with no rjrotective net. There will be an afternoon of auto races featuring the big speedway type race cars. These General Street Public Safety Sanitation Municipal Enterprise Recreation Utilities Debt Service O.D. Sewer Rev. Bond TOTAL Amount Necessary to be raised by Taxation, 1958 $ $ SALE $$ ON PLASTIC LAMP SHADES for Boudior Also big SPECIALS on PIN-UP LAMPS CHOICE OF COLORS McLeese-Leytze Furniture & Appliance Fayette, Iowa Phone 160 are the races that have been so popular at the fair the past two years. Many of the top dirt track drivers will be back for a try at the lhack record now held by Bob Grim. In addition, there will be an afternoon of motorcycle races. Many of the nations top riders are scheduled to appear in a nine event race program that will be tops in thrills. This is a new event for this part of the state. The fair will close with an appearance of the T>ans World Auio Daredevill* Thrill Snow. This show is the toast of two continents. New Harvester* Complete Extensive Field Trials Several years of testing has answered some questions Fayette County farmers have asked about simplified forage harvesters. Extension Director M. C. Wangsness of Fayette says the machines have evolved from stalk shredders. Farmer interest has centered mainly on the relatively low cost and the simple design of these new forage harvesters. A. M. Cowan, an agricultural engineer at Iowa State College, reports models of two basic types of the simplified harvesters were field tested over a 2-year period at the college. One type is often called the "utility" cuttei" or harvester. In this type, the cutting knives rotate parallel to the ground around a vertical axle. The other, usually called the flail-tyipe forage harvester, has its knives rotating around a horizontal axle. 'Chopped material from the utility harvester is thfrown directly into a wagon by action of the knives. Some flail-type harvesters use this direct-throw system. Other models convey the material to a blower which throws the chopped material into the wagon. What kind of a product is produced? There's more variation in the length of cut than you get THE EMBLEM OF DEPENDABILITY rfU BRAND A A. M. A. I I I «l 1415.00 4970.00 469.00 70.00 23.00 3.00 6000.00 31.00 4550.00 17,531.00 in conventional harvesters. 7tri& there 's relatively more laceration, bruising or shredding of the chopped material. However, this difference in cut does not lower quality of the silage, Cowan explains. How about power requirement? For the direct-throw machines, where action of the knives propels the material into the wagon, the tests showed a 2 to 3 plow tractor is needed to handle the machine comfortably. A 3 to 4 plow tractor worked best on models where a separate blower conveyed the chopped material. What aTe other possible uses of the machines? Direct cutting of 1 alfalfa or other forage for silage or green feed is the major use being made of the new simplified harvesters. But they were also found satisfactory for other farm uses. These uses include chapping and picking up dry cornstalks for bedding or for low qaulity roughage, and clipping light brush from a pasture. Also, the flail-type harvester can be modified to make it a low-cost corn silage harvester, says Cowan. He adds that several operating precautions should be kept in mind. Frist, the machines have to be in balance. Loss of one knife, for example, sets up severe vibrations. Missing palrts must be replaced immediately. Also, the simplified harvesters should not be operated too close to the ground, particularly where fields are rough- or- full of 4oph«r mounds. Soil picked up and mixed into the grass may result in poor quality silage, Cowan explains. Social Security Representative At West Union August 6 & 20 A representative of the Social Security Administration District Office in Waterloo will be in West Union at the Court House on August 6 and 20, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. CONVERT to OIL HEAT ill A 6r*u CeiesM oil -eonv«riion burn«r will fit ^ —-^—- quickly and easily on your prtwnt furnocs. Yw> will enjoy new heating comfort at low fuel costs. And, a Ores* CeiealeJ oil burner gives extro years »f trouble -free service. See w today. VANDERSEE ~ Plumbing & Heating Fayette, Iowa DS M.F.D. By Bell-Brand Farm SUDOIV FAYETTE. IOWA "Where you pay l M s and get mora" and your old refrigerator • FULL-WIDTH FREEZER • FULL-WIDTH CHILLER TRAY • BUTTER COMPARTMENT • EGG RACK • PORCELAIN VEGETABLE DRAWEE at Schneiders Electrical Appliance Store FAYETTE COME AS YOU ARE — EAT IN YOUR CAR General Street Public Safely Sanitation Municipal Enterprise Recreation Debt Service O.D. TOTAL Estimated Taxes pejr $1,000X0 of assessed value $2,464.00 Taxable valuation (1956) $1,065,388 Taxable valuation, agricultural lands (1956) $30,558.00 Moneys and credits (1956) $509,340X0 3000.00 5000.00 5500.00 4300.00, 3300.00 500.00 5400.00 27030.00 i::i!i!i!!liin!:i!!:;ili!::i::!!;ii:i:;!:iiii!i!!!!i;; II !!;H;:!::;i:lsi!!i!!!iH!:!:i::l!:l!IU!!!!!!H!!H!!l ill Week - End Specials MINCED HAM 3 lbs. $1.00 SKINLESS WEINERS 2 l / 2 lb. bag $1.00 SLICED BACON lb. .59c PORK CHOPS center-cut lb. .69c BEEF ROAST (U.S. Choice) lb. .49c SMOKED HAM center-cut lb. .89c GROUND BEEF lb. .45c Fayette Locker Service Phone 64 Dave and Doris McGee f!!!ffl!iMiii!!!Mma!!!iim !:j !imK !j^ DRIVE i. SNO CREME CONES — — MENU — two flavors — .05 .10 .15 .25 BEEFBURGER HOT DOG CHEESE HAM CHEESEBURGER PORK TENDERLOIN _. CHUCK WAGON MINCED HAM SALAD .24 .19' .20," .30.30 .30! i .30' .25 MALTS .25 MILK SHAKES .25 SUNDAES .20, .25 ROOT BEER >- .05, .10 ROOT BEER FLOAT _ .10 .15 ORANGE DRINK _ .10, .15 ICE CREAM SODA .20 FOUNTAIN PEPSI .10, .15 jijmifflHUilMHUUraUiU^^ THANK NITE $25* This Saturday miHiiiiHiiiuimHumuimiiimiiiniiHHiwuittuni Chicken-In-The-Basket .98 21 Shrimp .99 Shrimp-ln-The-Basket .88 Fish FiUet-In-The-Basket .98 FRIED OYSTERS IN THE BASKET 7T7Z MILK ,10 CHOCOLATE MILK .10 COFFEE 10 ~ POP 10 CRISP SALAD , r 20 FRENCH FRIES 20 POTATO SALAD 20 HMNWHH^^

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