Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1939
Page 2
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t'WO HOPE STAR, HOPE, AfckANfiAS Monday, Hope ® Star V Star ot Hope, 1S99; Press. 1927. Consolidated January 13,1929 0 Justice. Deliver' Thy Herald From False Report: Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C, B. Palmer and Alex H. Washbum. nt the Stnr building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. B. PALMER, President ALEX, H. WASHBURN. Editor and Publisher <AP) —Means Associated Press. (JfEA.1—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; per month 6Sc; one year Sfc',50. By mail, in Hempstead. Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere $&50. Member erf The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of tlianks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers front a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or retxun of any unsolicited manuscripts. With Military Planes, Too, It's the Upkeep After six weeks of war in Europe, it seems likely that the actual, as well as the relative strength of the opposing forces in the air is about the same at is was on September 1. That is, except for the Polish air force, such at is .was. which has been completely washed out of the picture. The German air strength, and that of the French and British, arc probably just about what they were when the war began, since the best guesses it is , possible to make indicate that losses of planes on both sides have just about balanced new production. s. Britain probably lost 30 or more planes when the Courageous went down, and Germany'claiYns to have shot down some 47 other British ships, a total of around SO. The Germans claim to have brought down some 50 French ships. „ The Germans themselves, on the other hand, can scarcely have lost fewer than 250 planes themselves on both the Polish and the Franco-British front. 'To these figures must be added the continual crackups which occur in all ah- forces-all the time, but which increases in wartime when there is more frying to be done, and when it is done in more reckless manner. ' No doubt -more planes have been -'washed up" by nil nir forces during the first five weeks' operations than have been actually shot down in battle II is estimated, for instance, that Britain is losing 150 planes a month in this way, France 50, and Germany perhaps 200, The German rate always was nigh, even in peacetime, because a certain recklessness has always been encouraged. Thus, allowing for new production, the chances are that the relative strength of the German and the allied air forces are about ns they were on September away. , Any attempt to take off a coat or' remove trousers is likely to move the joints and make the wound much to find out whether or not there iV a fracture present. The advice given is to treat the condition as if it were n fracture and to avoid unnecessary handling. In applying splints or braces to keep the broken bones J'rom moving, particular care must be taken to make certain the turns of the bandage above the fracture are not so tight they will interfere with the circulation of the blood. Monti.) Effects of Bombings. In times of war. the most difficult problems that come to first-aid stala- ions nre himj.in beinss who have been so shocked, horrified, or disturbed by explosives, bombardment. 1 ;, bomb ings, or other war technics ;is to become disturbed mentally. Attendants in the first-aid station try to convince the sufferer that there i? no serious injury and that the ymptoms will soon disappear. Phy- IED • "The More You Tall the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only One Man o Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One turn— 'J: word, minimum 30c Three times—3V4c word, minimum We Six times— Sc wortl, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum 12.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only. For Sale Going Fust. Felt Base S">.00 Rugs while the pri'.sent supply lasts at S3.47 Ki-iinklin's. 112 S. Elm. 12-3te Rough and Dressed sicians who are trained, firm, au-' Lumber and Shingles. Phone 298W or thoritative. and have ;. sympathetic).tee Clamle Wadtlle. 12-:ttp attitude, know how to do this. It is equally important that other workers realize such an atitudo is necessary to overcome the nervousness' or hysteria that develops in such 1 cases. I ..! FOR SALE 240 acres. 5 'miles from Hope on the , Columbus Road. Three Tenant Houses. • Two deep For Saje Wanted WANTED: Good used bedroom suit and heaters. Phone 787-M. Mrs David Davis. 14-Htp. W ANTED- LIU-BO ~ No work clothes Star. clean cotton ra^s. or overalls. Hope For Rent FOR RKNT— Unfurnislioii apnrlmonts in Dr. Weaver high school. ' two-loom homo hy 12-Zlp FOR RF.NT---TWO 220 West Avc. C. room apnrllhont. It's n Very Snappy Snapping Turtle , M>l, l.'l'l J. Paul D<;l- phoy's snapping tnrtlo is lhc* liiv,ft''st rt'scrvnir <if Minp slurk (lie KmilliKun- iiin Institution ovrr hi.-ard of- ••lOpnuiuls ill till' I'llW. Hny.s I'hiiMVi tin 1 lij|< lurtli. 1 out of n noi'lc .sevi'iiil yi'iir.s nuo mid cither t-orncred it or it corno.vd the I'oys. The stories differ. Anyway, a f»"ne. esciied eilhor-lhi- turtl.' or the boys with ii pitclifork and l>!phoy put the (urtle ill ii eom-n'te tiii\l;. Il weifjhed ,!l (iijumls lliiMi :m<l ;;»">ed mi ;: diet of >'>''"' '- 1 ' 1 " lith. Siiiilhsoniiin olfirul; >••"_! turtle, now Hi iiu-hex « 'i'le .ni'l 1' is t-ii;l\t pounds heavier th.m '.l^ (test of its kind on record. ' b; " 1 ! llle FOR RF.NT—Downstairs t>ed room, adjoining bath, prune 321. 13-:itdl. KOK SALE—We save you money on your furniture buying. Complete stock new and used furniture, stoves, beds. We pay highest prices for fur- i on South niluie. See us. Franklin Furniture Co. O2 Inf FOR RKNT—Now r. room house. r> miles out on Hopo-Blevin* road. Gooil well water. ho>; proof p;u>Uirf>. Jhn Reed. Phono 1HW. H-3tp The Ministry of Health in Greatj alui °" e shallow well. Britain has recommended to workers! About 80 acres bntu/m land in euUi- in all first-aid stations recently established in connection with the war that people who are simply frightacncd and vatiun. About 80 acres cleared upland 50 acres of which is in meadow and FOR SALE 45 acre. Two houses, one barn, orchard, on gas. water, light mid telephone line. V t mile from High School, nrnr city limits on Highway 12'.t. -10 acres open and pasture. Gooil I wire fences, fine to put in small I acreage. At a bargain. : Ii acres East of Kith St. Cornelius FOR RF.NT—Room for rent to mrn only. Private eiitranee. ;<iijomin« balli. Hcrvey St. Claude Stuart. KOI! KKNT---Fiirnished fi room brick bunualow. East Third street. Floyd Porterfiold KMiU- pasture. The balance of 30 acres J. They may be a little higher all around, but not much ' obtem ta M mueh a P roblem ° f &* 'ate nl . planes as it . number available for flight at any given moment production of a turning meat-forget that during the World'war sTita^ waT^oduTingT 5 M deVC '° P ' ™ n ' h '° keep 1800 active on the Western Front, and that France wa out 2400 a month to keep 4000 in the air. * Should large-scale air war break out, it will be'even more important nemys plane factories than to destroy the enemy's plane destroy his existing planes, for sheer wear and tear w'11 > reduce any air force to impotence if new ships are not constantly supplied. •THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. ace. u. *. PAT: «T D* MORRIS FiSTOED-J JMIU] of the American Medical fCmtc\t»ftm fmt the Health . Britain Charts First Aid Treatment for Fractures Suffered in Air Raids of first 'aid posts Srifaiij to care for emergencies arising from bombings or other war incidents, the Ministry of Health in Great Britain has issued some fundamental principles, relative to the treatment of injuries of the bones and joints. Injuries to the bones and joints may occasionally result in open wounds. When these occur, treatment should be given for hemorhage, shock and the use of tetanus antitoxin is demanded. When bones are fractured or broken, all motion of the 'joints should be prevented .with as much gentleness as possible. This means the application of a brace or splint that will hold the parts still. No attempt should ever be made to set the fracture at the first aid station. Too -much manipulation can easily convert a simple fracture into a compound fracture. A simple fracture is one in which the bones have not broken through the skin. In compound cases, the sharp establishment I edges of the bone pierce the skin, mak- throughout Great ing ,h e pat i e nt subject not only to a broken bone but also to a serious wound. Moving of the parts of the broken bone may tear nerves and other delicate tissue underneath the skin. Whenever there has been a fracture penetrating into the soft tissues and breaking the skin, the situation is much more serious. At the first aid station, it is necessary to stop pain by the injection of a drug. The clothing must be cut worse. The injured person should be wrapped in blankets to be kept warm, and should avoid unnecessary exposure. Sometimes much harm is done by manipulating the tissues in the desire emotional be reassured. land not in cultivation this year. This reassurance should be com-1 'Two channels of the same creek bincd with an appeal to patriotic! 'Bois d'arc) skirts the hills on each Rights, at a bargain. l 'P" | Have several nice homes on South I Main St. for .sale. Good Terms. i Floyd Portcrfield . 12-:itc and personal pride. Persons affected i side of the bottom land, is valuable for .should receive small closes of some sed- ativ If drug. the patient exhibits eonfrusion, drainage in flood seasons and seepage FOR SALE—Bass Violen. good condition, new strings. See or call Pink excitement, loss of memory or inability to co-ordinate actions of the limbs, it is necessary to put him at rest and to supply warmth with large doses of sedative drugs. These drugs I fc^ can bo administered only by a physician. Sudden appearance of hysterical from hill lands, and sufficient quantity | W. Taylor, Phone (>13J. 700 Wa-shing- water to "surface irrigate most of bot- ton street. torn" in dryest season. The creek has never been dry and under the top soil of 4 to 5 feet there! rata of water bearing gravel thai I the stream and sub-irrigates the) soil. j 12-3t symptoms may call for relief by the power of suggestion, wherein the pcr- i-on becomes convinced that his limbs are not paralyzed or that he has not lost nl! sense of feeling. Persons who become speechless by fright can be made to speak by coughing and then making a fe wsimple sounds. In tmies of war persons who have developed this kind of shock may be sent to institutions for prolonged care. | When they realixe that they have opportunity in such institutions to he free from all of the hazards associated with war, they may feign a condition more serious than it actually The British feel it is better to send such patients back to their homes. 7G acres, two miles from Hope, on highway. 50 acres in cultivation and pasture. 5 room house. Good While community. Two story modem brick vaneer residence, 5 blocks from business section. Hope. Ark. Bargain prices. C. S. Lowtluup. 723 S. Elm Phone 238 Service* Offered SERVICES OFKEKED-See Hempstead Mattress STiop, 712 West Fourth, for new and re-built. Phone Paul C«bb 658-J Sept. 2G 1M. Our plant is again open for Meat Curing and your patronage will be appreciated. Home Ice Company, Kast 3rd Street. Phone 44. O2-lino Lost LOST—Ten dollar bill, at Center- villek-hurch 3th of October. Return to W. A. Austin. Centervillf. Reward. 10-3tp Radio Repair Gu:ii"introd tiadio Hcpnir Service and it'l/l.ti'Ciii'Mit pArls. Tnbt\> tosted. Radio Si-i-vii'cv I'honr SIMi. Kay Al|;-n 90. t Male HelrJ Wanted Good W.itkins route open now in Hope for (lie right purty; no car or expericnc'.' necessary: :i chance l<> make some rfal money. Write THE J. U. WATKIN'S CO.. 70-90 W. I.nvn Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Ifi-ltp STEADY WORK-GOOD PAY RELIABLE MAN WANTKD-Call on fanners. No experience or capital required. Make up to S12 a day. Write McNKSS CO.. Dept. S., Free-port. Illinois. IB-HP Male Instruction Male. Instruction. Would hear from reliable men we can train to ' overhaul, install and service Air Con- dilioniiiK and Refrigerating Equip- inent. Must be mechanically inclined. Mo interference with present occu- pntion. For interview write at once Riving name, ailclre.v:, a>;e. Utilities last.. Hope Star. IC-.'ilp lik BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Hasn't Changed a Bit By EDGAR MARTIN ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Questions on Page One - 1. The danger zone is an area in the North Atlantic off the coast ot Europe where U. S. citizens are advised not travel on ships of belligerent nations. 2. The safety zone is that area around the continents of North and South America declared closed to warlike activities for safety of inter-American shipping. 3. A German sea raider sunk the British steamer Clement off the coast'of Brazil. 4. The Mnuretania, British luxury liner, was warned of attack in a German radio broadcast. 5. Pan-American continued its trans-Atlantic clipper flights, but changed terminals to neutral points like Dublin, Ireland, and Lisbon, Portugal. OUTLINE MAP PUZZLE Dr. J. D. Johmon Announces the openlnf at offices! i Firit National Bank BuUdlng " t Practice Limited to Eye, Ear Nose and Throat. Reliable Phone Order Filling Whether your doctor phone* In a prescription, or you phone an older for drug supplies— we'll fUl it promptly ana satisfactorily Two graduate dru^Uts on duly. SEE YOUR DOCTOR When prescriptions are needed call ---WARD & SON Th» Druggist Got If PHONE C2 D«Uv«r7 BUV/ G/M>}»'>ASR •••••••^••••^••^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured is the map of the republic of . 9 Its capital Buenos ——. 14 Scorers. 15 Iridescent. 17 Cravat. 18 Poplar. 20 To dine. 21 Food containers. 22 Sand hills. 23 Opposite of aweather. 25 In addition. 27 Its vast tree- Answer to Previous Puzzle called . 31 Its monetary units. 35 Trees. 38 Pertaining to area. 37 Australian miner 39 Hair ornament. 40 South Africa. 41 Hostile incursion. 45 Woven string. 48 Naked. 49 60 minutes (pl.). 53 Regrets. 54 Wandered. 56 To testify. 58 Paleness. 1 6 Red flower. 19 Black bird. 21 It extends from Bolivia to in South America. 24 Reduces to slavery. 25 Bottoms. 26 Petty quarrels 28 Camel's hair cloth. 29 Witticism. 30 House canary 32 Silkworm. VERTICAL 33 Ocean. 1 Form OJE "be." 34 Paddle. 2 Polynesian 38 Thin slice •"' chestnut. bacon. 3 Broad smile. 42 Epilepsy 4 Pieces out. symptom. 5 Compass point 43 Heathen god. C Exchanges. 44 A share. 7 Islands. 45 To jog. 8 Endeavored. 46 Relative. By ROY CRANE She Never Should Have Mentioned It T", 'KMOi.V, I'VE OMLV OME '•( VOUR, yes, Bur WE RE STILL SHORT OF TH9 "HVEMTIE.TH PKjH.T OOOLA-- .- VKMOt.V, I- Vr; C.'\/LV iJMt '! «*»JK. .^7, - \\Y i: DM-- 5IMCE 'fOU ;' P.EASOW TO REGPET THIS \ ALLEY, I LEFT IT iMSIPE KMOW HOW / APVEMTUCE--IT COST ^ -r HE WOCDEM TO COMTACT THE V ME. MV GOOD O'.-' ^/&££ttf-\. HOR.SE TlME-MACHIME A AX WELL, THATS THE EK1D OF TROY.' WE WERE R3R.7UUA7E TO ESCAPE ALIVE .' TROY IM FLAMES-,OUR FRIEMPSJ UMABLE TO RE OF FUCTHEC. ASSISTANCE, FIGURE IT ISTINAETO TAKE LEAVE OF THE DOOMEP cay WASH TUBBS Sounds Ominous By V. T. HAMLIN '. WHKVS \ TRVIWG TO HOLE ODE JOBS, \ W6 VOU JTIW'S WHAT. OLD-MAM'S IU \ nil ' /'tUBOPE. 60LP! CVCIONE •iUHHb J PDUK1IM6THVUS6. GULP.' ,—^ TWUK^ WE'S -SIMOM LEGREF-. 60TTA 6ET PACK 1 . AW 8V THE WAV, VOU'P BETTCK THIWK. UP A &000 EXCUSE FOR BtlUG (SOME •SO LOW6— HE'S LAVIW6 FOR VOU, To ° THIS vS A TO WELCOME A PAL A.FTEKL THREE MOUTHS' , JOE, UIULY! HOW'S TH' GAW6? CAW'T TALK HERE.... WvEET ME AT THE WATER COOLER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Soft-Hearted Bagley By MERRILL BLOSSER 9 Sloth. 10 Notion. 59 raising is 11 French a hugs indus<- coin, try in this 12 Grafted, land. 13 Southeast. 47 Rind. 50 Alleged force. 51 Road. 52 Dry. 55 A volume. 57 Parent. ME JUST TOSSED ONE SIXTY YARDS , AND IF MS GOOSEY HAD BEEN A KANGAROO, He COULD HAVE CAUSHT IT ;N His POUCH WITHOUT,, _ \STOPPING// f >- ?—--^ 1 WAS JIST GITTIN 1 . STARTED; MR. BAGLEY ' CAIH'T 1 PLAY NO MORE? TME COACH OF THE OTHER TEAM HAS A FAMILY AND WANTS "To KEEP HIS JOB .' WE LIKE ~|D BEAT MIM > BUT WE DON'T HAVE TO HUMILIATE HIM t RED RYDER They're Not Alone By FRED HARMAN OOOH/ 50ME60DY BACK Or THAT TRUNK THROVJUM BUCKET

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