Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 21, 1951 · Page 15
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 15

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1951
Page 15
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THE HOME PAPER OF JEFFERSON, WAYNE & HAMILTON COUNTIES MT VERNON REGISTER-NEWS MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS A SQUARE DEAL FOR ALL — SPECIAL FAVORS FOR NONE A NON-PARTISAN PAPER VOLUME XXXI—NO. 224 MOUNT VERNON, ILLINOIS—THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 1951 25c PER WEEK BY CARRIER MT.V. RETAIL SALES TOTAL $25,102,000 IN 1950 MT. VERNON AMONG TOP U. S. MARKETS Sales Increase from $19,982,000 in 1949; Aver- Age Family Income $3,947. Index 18 Pet. Over Average. m (Special lo Uie Registor-News) NEJVV YORK, June 21.—On the basLs of money earned in Ml. Vernon in 1950 and the amount spent, in the local retail stores, tiie city lal<('.s its place a.s one oi the richer markets of the United Slates. Thi.s i.s .shown in the new, copyrighted survey of buying power, prepared l>y Sales Management, covering every section of the county. The high scale of ljusincss ac^ 1i\itv in Mt. Vernon is indicated • by the ,s;25,102,{)0() in .sales chalked up in the local stores. This figure, an increase from the .?19,982,000 retail business of the pi'ovious year, was well over (ho city's quota. It represents .0179 percent of the nations business— more thtin the .0104 percent that should be produced locally on the basis of population. The chief factor in the bigger spending locally was the better earnings of Mt. Vernen families. O 'Cne data shows that 4,900 families in the city had a net disposable income, after (axes, of $19,339,000. This represented an average income, obtained by straight division, of .?3,947 per family. The figures arc arithmetical averages, it is pointed out, and are higlier 1h,Tn the median figures that will emerge^ later from the 1950 c;ei;sus, which took into account onlv individual incomes ^ under 510,000. Large Trading .Area The fact thai the \olume of sales locally is greater than the total income indicates that Mt. Vernon is the center of a large trading area. A guide to the relative economic position of each community ir. gixcn in the survey by a "quality of market" index. This com- par-es (he indi\idual city's potential, based on jjopulation. income, ^ sales and other factors, to that > of the rest of the country. Mt. • Vernon's index is placed at llS. or 18 percent above the general average. (Permission to use this cop.\'righted survey is given us for news purposes only). 2 ,30OTbrDi ^in State Oil Output * By Associated Press TL/LSA. Okia., June 21.~The nation'.s daily average crude oil production I 'aJlicd slight^' during the week ended June 16, totaling 6,102,100 [barrels, the Oil and Gas Journal reported today, a gain of 550 barrels over the preceding week. Kansas led the ino-ease with 309,450 barrels, 6,.'K)0 more than its output the week before. Michigan was tlie biggest loser, off 4,600 barrels to 38,500. Illinois 4 was down 2,300 barrels to 168,000. 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Wednesday, June 27 Cafe and All Equipment By the Piece INCLUDED— 1 Electric Rofrigeratctr. 1 Electric Coca Cola (fountain). 1 6-Casc Electric Box. 1 Cash Register. 17 Counter Stools. 6 Booths. 9 Tables. 1 Electric Malt Mi.xer. Chairs, Dishes and other articles too numerous to mention. TEKMS—CASH, CLYDE CARNEY, Owner T. B. RUSSELL, Auctioneer. Listen to .Auctioneer Russeil <5yery Friday, 11:30—WMIX. MT. VERNON "HELLO GIRLS" HONORED : Special perfect atteiuiance pencils were awarded to these three lelephoiie operators for on-the-job attendance fur j)enods from three to five years. The are, left to right—Joyce E. Fedrick (three years), Virginia L. Hall (five years) and Martha J. Miller (three years). "ABSENTEE" IS PASSE WORD WITH MT. VERNON OPERATORS Here's the kind of record that could make the word "absentee" as_ as boy telephone operators and the derby hat. Of 10 telephone women who have scored a year or more of perfect on-the-job attendance in the Mt. Vernon exchange, Virginia L. Hail, 213 Mair. ^street, ha.s a 5 year perfec* record and Joyce E. Fedrick and Martha J. Miller have a 3 year record of perfect attendance. At recent ceremonies (in the telephone operating room) the group was cited for their attendance record by J. P. Ha\cs, district traffic superintendent. Special perfect attendance pencils wore awarded the operators as a useful token of the company's appreciation. Miss Hall was employed by Illinois Bell in 1945, Miss Fedrick and Miss Miller in 1947. The mechanical pencil, inscribed with the winner's name, has a transparent plastic barrel containing one or more small, colored bolls, ihe color of bells signifying tiie number of years of perfect attendance: one blue bell for a perfect year; a silver bell for throe years; a gold bel! for 5 years. The perfect attendance ground rules include excused absence for appearing in court as a juror or witness, for authorized labor union time- off, for poll watching or for quarantines. Eighteen hundred perfect 'attendance pencils are being awarded throughout Illinois Boll to operating eniploypps who complete a year's attendance or more without absence. Other winners here arc Operators Florilla M. Iloit. 425 N. 9th St., Pauline . McT^Ugert, 908 North St.. Betty L, Brasel. 1.503 Viola, Bettv A. Glo\er, 310 S. 9th St., Aileen R. McBride, ISIS Conger, Lola M. Robin.wn. Ill North St.. and Thelma A. Wiche, 408 N. 16lh St. $1,800 Minimum Teachers' Pay . By Associated Press SPRINGFIELD, 111* June 21.— An increase in teachers' minimum salaries was -oted yesterday by the Illinois senate. The bill was approved, 43-3, and goes back to the house for action on a minor amendment. The new minimums, replacing the $1,200 flat annual guarantee, provide: Public school teachers with up to 60 semester hours of college Rule Eases Price Squeezes On Retailers SPRINGFIELD, III, June 21.— (Special)—Retailers who are facing severe "squeezes" under pricing regulations on soft and durable consumer goods, today were advised by Ora Smith, Office of Price Stabilization district director, to take note of the new ruling on "percentage markups" which will case these "squeeze" situations. "A new amendment (No. 7) to the far-reaching Regulation (No, 7) on consumer gooas, will oermit relailcrs to mark new merchandise more easily, and much more like (hey did bofoi^e the price freeze in January," Mr. Smith declared. Rule No. 4 of the regulation (which applies to situations where a retailor is pricing an item he has received at an invoice cost inbe- twrcn costs appearing on his pricing chart) has been amended to require the seller to average the ne.\t higher and ne.xt lower listing on his price chart, and to apply this average to his new merchandise. Taking the average on these two figures simplifies the price chart, eliminates many squeezes, and will revert the sollef back to a percentage markup which reflects his pre-Korean practices, according to the OPS. Mr. Smith said copies of this important new Amendment (No. 7) to Regulation No. 7 will be made available through Chambers of Commerce, banks in the smaller cities and villages, and town and vilage clerks throughout central and southern Illinois. MT. VERNON FAIR ENTERTAINERS training would receive at least .?l,<Sn0; those with 60-S9 hours, .'i;2.000; 90 to 119 hours. $2,200; 120 hours and a bachelor's degree, .'?2,400; 150 hours and a master's degree, 32,600. THE FOUR WADES will jn'ovide iiitisical entertainment as one of the free acts at the Mount Vernon State Fair this year. Four Wades to Provide Music For Mt.V. Fair Four light-hearted, energetic and youthful people will provide a gay musical offering as part of the star-studded grandstand show scheduled for the Mt.Vernon State Fair from July 8 to 15. The Four Wades, as this refreshing combination call themselves, are top- ranking instrumentalists with a delightful style and a bountiful stock of tunes. Two men and two ladies make up the complement of this appealing group. Their equipment includes two marimbas, an accordion and a rich, resonant Hammond organ. The result is a feast of harmony, splendidly staged and enthusiastically executed. Each member of this ear-pleasing quartet is extremely talented as their duo and solo offerings quickly prove. Their vivacity and smiling manner serve to amplify this natural artistry. In addition to captivating harmony, this act includes some terrific tap dancing by one of the couples and a brilliant demonstration of championship baton-twirling by one of the girls. All of these features are smoothly integrated to form the most pleasing J pattern of entertainment. Local Students Join Marines CARBONDALE, III., June 21.— Ten Southern Illinois University students have been enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps, according to an announcement today from Major K. B. Pickle, St. Louis recruiting officer. Carl L. Jones, Carbondale; Charles R. Oyler, Hooposton; and Robert R. Mandrell, Mt. Vernon, have been enrolled in the Officer Candidate Course. Ernest G. Bozarth, WaltonvlUe; Shirlan L. Eckert, Herrin; Lloyd F. Bitzer aiid Donald J. Kearney. Carmi; Jerry J. Fear, Salem; Charles G. Summers and Kennlt E. White, Mt. Vernon, have t>eeii enrolled in the Platoon Leaders Class. They will be permitted to finish their university training and upon graduation and upon successful completion of a short Marine training course will be commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the Marine Corps. Triumph Over PILE MISERY I CAN SIT-Ui DOWN- STANV. mWAlK, WITHOUT ITCme MISlRYl What a }oy!—when itching misery of Bimple piles gets relief the quick ThomtoD Minor way. Thornton Minor Pile Ointment is a leading clinic's famous pil« formula, proved by adjunctive, use in clinic to relieve thousands of cases. Wonderfully quick palliative help for burning, bleeding pile itch. 20 minutes or your money back, if you follow simple, directions. Ointment or cone form, in pre-wrapped plain package. Atyour druggist's—get-it today I Good Drivers Drive Safe Cars Cfieck Yovrs . . . 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