Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 1, 1957 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1957
Page 3
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MAYNARD NEWS of VOLUME 1, NUMiETF FARMERS ARE ASKING: H«w can chinch bug» b* l*d in grain sorghum? Entomologist J. H. Lolly w Iowa State College answers: Apply dieldrin at % pound actual chemical per acre. Treat only infested areas. Infestation usually occuss first where sorghum borders small grain fields. Dieldrin has a long-lasting tesidual effect, but if it's used now on grain sorghum it shouldn't present a residue (problem by harvest time. What cam* r*Uow tpoi* itn lawn*, aran wb*r« mobiur* hu ba«n good? ' Horticulturist Ed Cott of Iowa State College answers: The yellow spots may be caused by one of two lawn diseases common this year—helminthas<porium and curvularia. Extra moisture actually encourages these diseases. As hot dty weather sets in, infections will probably let up. If you want to use a fungicide to clear up infected areas, consider phonyl mercury preparations, or a new product, Kromad. Whar* can fedanl guolio* tax '•fund forme b« obtained? Farm Economist Herb Howell of Iowa State College answers: The Internal Revenue Service plan to send a gasoline tax refund form to every farmer who filed a tax return last year. If you don't receive a form, you may request one from the Office of Internal Revenue, Des Moines 8, Iowa. How Affective ar« plastic covert for silage plUt? Should th« r bo put on at once or tba tilag* Ult t9 saltl* a week or 10 days? Extension Agricultural Engineer Dale Hull, Iowa State College, says: Plastic silo covers provide relatively airtight and weather-tight protection for the silage. Silo stacks should be covered within two days. The silage must be thoroughly packed as the stack is built. A silo should be finished off and covered, and another one begun the next day, if there is more forage to be harvested. Whal *pr» T «naU 1 use in gfrtin biaa before storage? Entomologist Earle Raun of MAYNARD, IOWA 25 JULY 1957 Iowa State walls College answers: and floors with a Spray 5 percent bethoxychlor solution to the point of run-off. Make it by mixing 1 quart of a 25 percent concentrate with 4 quarts of water. But first sweep the bin thoroughly and burn debris. *•! owners, returning from vacation* this time of the year, may find fleas in the house, reports Extension Entomologist Harold Gunderson of Iowa State College. Fleas lay their eggs loose in the hair of dogs and cats. The eggs fall off and hatch into small, slender, active worms that feed on debris on the floor. The life cycle may be completed in 15 to 20 days under favdrable conditions. Gunderson suggests that pet owners treat basements now with 5 percent DDT or 1 percent lindaae. Dogs should be dusted with 5 percent DDT powder and cats with 0.75 percent rotenone powder. The entomologist says to treat your pets every week or 11 days for effective contfrfol. Spraying dandelions now won't accomplish much, says E. P. Sylwester, Iowa State College weed control specialist. Killing the old plants may give you some satisfaction. But spraying won't kill dandelion seeds that are present. They'll germinate by fall, and make any spraying done now look like a waste of money. •Fall is the next good time to get effective spray control of dandelions. Killing them this fall should result in a dandelion- free lawn next spring. !Hmn!!liniHiHH!lMH!»:>!^'H:!I!l!!!l!HmUHi!IU::aHUU!m!U;mKU:H:H!U!U!HIUHUUl!H!H!ilHr:::r:r:U!Ur:r:!^ i Now that Summer has arrived you can enjoy a nice ] comfortable Chair out on the Lawn or Porch. We have them in the High Back Rocker and Swivel, or just airtight Rocker in the Smaller Size. Something that can give you real resting comfort We have them in various covering* and at various price*. SEE THEM A T DELS1NGS IELS1NG FURNITURE fk*a* 7MI Meymafd, la. wuttiauMUMrnuauuamuau^ I STATE TOURNEY BOUND — It's not too new up Maynard way to hear llVat the yiids are slate tmn ney bound. But, this time, it's softball, not basketball. However, many of the uiils on this squanl ilui make the trip to Des Moines last Mdrch, seven to be e.vuct. One, Joan Nu>. u-eiu as manager The squail members from left to right, are, front row, Barbara Fish, Doanna Stei'ten, Donna Turner. Juan Nu.-. and Mary Ann Roquet. Back row: manager Alice Inyuls. Iva Hiihr. Samly Potrat/. Jatiuv llueluie, Jane Nus and Carol Hintz. (Courtesy Heyistei) PRESTON FOSTER, pictured above in the role of Captain John of the popular TV series Watekfront will head up an outstanding group of stars to appeal- Thursday evening August 22 at the Fayette County Fair. County 4-H'ers Take Trip A group of Payette County 4-H Livestock Club members, their leaders and parents, are taking BUILD STARS in Maynard's l3-(i vi<-t«ry over Plaini'ieUl l-'riday ninlit Sandy Potratz (left) and Iva Hulir. Potratx checked I'lainlield 6 hits, while Buhr's th'roorun homer nave West Central an i!-H U-a which they never relinquished in earning a trip to the slate hnal. next Tuesday and Thursday. (Courtesy Register) an educational trin tn.M;i by chartered bus, < • \ t,. 'August 1st. They will visit the studios of KGLO-TV, the Municipal Airport, State Brand Creameries, the Bd-iek and Tile Plant, and the soybean processing plant. They will be accompanied by Harold L. Boulton, Fayettey County Kx- tension Youth Assistant. ,Westfield Worthy Winners The Westfield Worthy Winners 4-H club held a shop day at the home of Janis and Lois Bunning- Um on July 20. The ten girls who attended worked on such things as blouses, skirts, and dresses. Some of the girls also worked on dresser scarves. A member of our club, Janis Bcnnington, is attending 4-H Conservation camp July 29-August 3. It is to be held on the State 4-H camp grounds near Madrid. The girls who attended the meeting we're Sandra Miller, 1 (A.,11 ,j... ' ., •' Kuthy Lambert, Kolleen Ant'in son, Kay Van Sickle, Judy Lan Herman, and Sharon Thyer. Reporter — Janis Training Course For D.H.I.A. Supervisors Is Announced Kayette County dairymen ai in need of one D.II.I.A, superv Sor replacement lor the vaeane of Nick Quint of Association Because 13.M.I.A. teslmj; is a pai of the Iowa State College Kx tension program, lln- worry In this replacement i',oes to M. ( Wunttsni'ss, County KxU-n.sion 1) rector. The course is a two week course. The course starts Seplen ber '.) at Iowa State Collet'; YouiiK men with experience in dairying between d,e au»'s of Ul and X) are eligible lo take tin- course. Anyone interested should k'et in touch with the County Extension Director at Kuyette. MAYNARD NEWS ublished weekly in the interest of the people and merchants of Vlaynaid as a part of the Fayctte County Leader. This section is ponsorcd and promoted by the Maynard businesses advertising on his page. DONALD L. KIMBALL Publisher JILL FINCH Printer MRS. FRANK OiJMMINGS Correspondent READERS! PATRONIZE THESE ADVERTISERS! THEY MAKE POSSIBLE THE WHEKLY PUBLICATION OF YOUU MAYNARD NF.WS. !ub Scouts Injoyeci Wciner Roast Maynanl 'Special) Cub •icon Is of P.n-k 7-1 enjoyed a veiner \ a I and pot luck supper vith t!.. i ;..nuli. ., al .he May- .11 il p.,i !. Tl.i.i -.day evening. I 'id) ina ,;ei i.- W .-\ 'I'ocU and 'en cl:.i-;: . ,l,i, i. |-'.!ders. Gary ioi|iiel. I'aol rhompsoli; Del] no,lii i... Mi-.->. linlii i I 1 lcinia:;er >> n 1. Mrs IJichard Gnenthei, )en U, M*;. Win. Tock. Den :», nil Mr.-,. Jim '1'ioti.ei-. Den 4. Altei Mippe, Ciibina.-,ter. Mr, ,'ticU. railed the pack and families |o!;i-thel u Itll I he howl of hi wolt and :',! viii:', tile '-til) scout O'.n. hullldei curds Wcl e pi e .ellleil III he den duel: Tl le pi o:',i utli lo.-.ed h\ !oi minu the liv ni! 1 cir•le. Till 'I r \\.l-. .11] attelldellce ul .bout sixl.N live I ' id ii 1 1. is I d .in.l lien n it ilhei's '.I Ve -p.'Cl.d III. ml,-. In .ill \\ ll.l l< Ipcd lii III. it, e Illlr, .1 happV "><ul .illd .d--' pi, Hide, I hi'htv •VanU Whitiu-y Servici's At Maynard M.iyiiard (Special) Knurr, il ,i rvtces tor i-Y.ink Whitnev, with fev V II Willem.-.sen nlTici.itmg. .Ve.-v held Tuesday a 1 1 el ih n ill at he M a y 11 a I d I'l e:,!>\ tcrtan Mated, >anied by Mis. Ma> n.i: d Mem-Ice -ail'- lavo'.^ite hvnins. "Jesus •vivior 1'ilot Me" aiul "I'.eyund (in- Stin..ct". C'a.skel heaiolr, wele |, \\> . Sluilt, A !•' I',, i uni.,n. Kalpli l'!ie.-,ter. Karl l-'o...-,, Gilbei I Si-hr.i- I'-r anil ( !i-i i|-!'.i- Buoimoke moinl Hall. Fl.iyd I lenm.ncs. Joe Uhoadc.,, Mi'iMe Nicliolsun. Marvin llluH.. anil Lero.v llenim;es. Cai in;; lur Ihe Mural ullenic'.s were Mi- Kalpl, Phrso-r. Mrs. Karl Kn.-, and Mr,, Kdith .Mori is llun.d was Hi I. 'in..-; Grove cein i tery OBITUARY r»-;u\k Morroll Whitney Frank Mmrell Whitney, sun of Frank and Marj'.arel Kdwards Whitney. was bmn on May li 1 , I.'!!);) un a laiiu in I'.reiner county and died a 1 Km-heMe.' . M mii'-sola un July l!l), I!),"i7 following major siir.i;ery nn ,J nly .'I. Me was the y<iun;M-.-.l ul' thirteen chi Idi'i-n. all havni! 1 , preced- i-d linn in death Mi; lal In i' died when l-'i ank w.e. slill a liu>-. l-'ii||nwi:n', hi; l.ii'her.-, death the I'aniilv InoVed Miss Zella Delong, who teaches in Muscatine, has been a guest for several days in the home of her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Foss. * * • * Mrs. Helen Delong and daughter, Alice. Muscatine, are spending Uvo weeks with Mrs. Delong's sons, Gem- and Norman and their families in Oelwein and with otlu-re relatives in Maynard. Mrs. Delbori Glow, Mrs. Adolph Kiiennen and Mrs. A. F. Bergman attended the Department Convention of the American Lei',ion Auxiliary in Des Moines la, I week. (July 24, 25, 26) Mrs Glow acted as fourth dis- tnct page. Mrs. Kuennen and Airs. Bergman were delegates li-oiu the Maynard unit. Mrs William P. Oliver of Oelwein (member of the Maynard imii) wa.i installed as fourth district president for the coming yea i . Ann Hackman, Cleo Cumberland. Alan and Eleanor Holmes : Itended a week end Retreat for the older group of Methodist Youth Fellowship at Clear Lake last Salnrday and Sunday. The local minister, Rev. Herbert BrvaiU was one of the directors. Dr. and Mrs. John Foss and ildren, Burlington, spent pie of days here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Foss, ennmte to a summer resort at Aiiimondale. Minnesota tor a two weeks vacation. Durini 1 , thch' absence the baby is Maying with his sister and husband. Mr. and Mrs. David Drinkwater, Manchester. C U C K L E R iUILDINOf PROVIDI Wtettor y«»'i» thiakbf of buUdbf OB your farm or fat y«ur bvMiiMM, y«u'tt w«lcom» tb* valuabk tpac* you !•!• with CueUw SU«l Sp»n. Not» pott in ught' to intarlMr* with work or «tor«|* arout Sfcwl Span BuUiap «M wiy to twct, too — you GAB do it your•If, X yw wtoh. AtteMttv* i» «ppMr*iu», iaiido and •vlrfd*. BuUt wtth HM rtwnfth of a bridft . . . w*ath««prool «a« in-i«M«it. ChooM your own rid*«l !MflH» ***** «* wbdowf, rifht from oiw IMbwm w¥f •IK* MULTIPLI* It Ipihi & RMc]Lumbcr|Co. (Maynard, Iowa "COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE ONE PIECE OR A CARLOAD" WANTED CORN, OATS AND SOYBEANS. NORTHEAST IOWA'S LARGEST FARMER OWNED GRAIN MARKET. "MANY FARMERS HAVE PAID FOR ELEVATORS THEY NEVER OWN FARMERS OWN THIS ELEVATOR" CUSTOM SHELLING Maynard Co-operative Co. Maynard, Iowa :'.i adualed from 11 n'.li School and ha '. hvi-tl evei since in the pn-.s i nl homo. DII November HO. Id 1 .;!) he was moled m in.ii i i,n;i• lo Lillian Shores, of 1'iolivin. al llh- little Brown Church al Nashua. This union was blessed with liree children, Charles., \vho with lis wile I'ai'm southeast of town. Vlary, employed by (he Highway 'alrol at West Union and Maran t al home. His life work was the poultry usiuess and since !!)>!!) he and lis wife have owned and oper- ted the Whitney Hatchery vhicli was wi.'ll known. He was active in church and ommunily, havim; served on he Maynard school hoard and own council and at the time of lis dealh was serving his scene! year as chairman of the mard of trustees of Die 1'resby- i i.'ian Clmrch. Left lo mourn his passing are lis wile, Lillian, one son, Charles, wm daughters, Mary and Mar '.aret, a number of nieces and icphews, neighbors and business issociates. JUST ARRIVED TRUCKLOAD TEXAS BLACK DIAMOND WATERMELONS Everyone Guaranteed DAVE'S MARKET Maynard, Iowa Open evenings 7 to 9 Members of the "We Twelve" card dub including Mr. and Mrs. i!eor-!;e Met/, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Smith, Mr. and Mrs. GaHand Trower. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thompson ;<niL uoesH- 1\/T" ,"- J mis. Kuberl Kldndge and families enjoyed a picnic at the Backbone Stale Park last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Von SeggeWn and daughters, Kathryn and .Indith, who recently returned from Ankara, Turkey, are visit- iii the home of her sister and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Mriiefee and Mrs. CaVrie Newell. * • * * The Hebekah Guild of the Presbyterian church met with Mrs. IrviiiK Patridge Wednesday alienioon. Five members re- ponded to roll call. Mrs. Ed llolmstrom led devotions and Mi.-.. Maynard Mew-fee presented the lesson. In the entertainment Burn's, pri/rs went to Mfe Menefee and Mrs. Carrue Newell. • • • • Mr. and Mrs. David Drinkwater, Manchester, spent Wednesday night here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Foss. • * * • Mrs. Ruth Shucilo and daughter, Patricia, left ThuVsday morn- in;; with Mrs. Shadle's brother, Verlin Odell, motoring to California. After a stop at Yellowstone Park, the Shadles will go on to * Oakland, California for a visit with Mrs. Shadle's brother and fan.ily, G<-orge Odell, then to '' Walnut Creek with another hrother, Ury Odell and family. Verlin Odell just rcurned from -t two years in Stuttgart, Germany, where he was a teacher in the Hi^h School for Occupied Forces. From Yellowstone he went on to Portland, Oregon to join his wife. - t In the fall he plans to teach on the west coast. The Shadles will be gone two . weeks. * » » » Mrs. Louie Larson, Waterloo, spent Wednesday here with her a mother, Mrs. Enna Simpson.' Mrs. Sim-.>son went home with her for a 1'cw days visit. * Kecent visitors of M,rs. Georgia • 'aimer wen- her daughter, Mrs., Vssic Oppennan, Strawberry 'oini and her grandson and fam- » ly, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Oppe?-.. nan, Cedar Rapids. Mrs. Dwitfht Fausch spent a ^-^ ew days last week attending * .aboratury Training School for ; Methodist Sunday school teach- • rs, at Ames. Pick Best Corn Grower DCS Moines, la. — Which farmer will grow Iowa's biggest ear of corn this year'.' Who will In- named the champion all- around fannw; of the state? These and other questions on top fanning ability will be duuidm in the state agricultural exposi lion opening at the Iowa Stuti Fair here, Aug. 23 and. continu ng through 'Sept. 1. Over $3,700 in prizus will be awarded in du/.ens of funning categories and thousands of entries of the world's finest farm products will be on exhibit. Thfe ears of cctan art- weighed, measured, tested as to kernel quality, checked and double-checked, as shown by this picture of one of the judges 4t work at a recent Iowa State Fair.

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