The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 27, 1963 · Page 10
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 10

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1963
Page 10
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SATURDAY AFTERNOON, JULY 27, '1963 THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT NINE Adams News Around Adams Filling Teacher Vacancies Major Headache for Farrell By CHARLES J. HOYE SOMEWHAT OF' A crisis exists behind the scenes in the Adams public school system this summer which is turning J. Franklin Fan-ell's few remaining grey hairs greyer. - The teacher issue is the crisis. There are 17 positions, possibly IB if another resignation comes in Monday, to be filled. Six o! the positions nre new openings In the local system. The other 11 or 12 are replacements for retiring teachers and those who have re signed. A few have been hired and next Monday a couple more will be recommended (or hiring, as well as two new school principals. But there will be need of a mathematics teacher, and that is one of the primary worries. THE SUPERINTENDENT Is hopeful that before the end of August, he will have found a good math teacher and will have received other teacher applications to fill out other vacancies. Another of Mr. Fan-oil's worries is the lack of a good shop teacher. This and mathematics are the "hard" subjects in college and few take them, the school superintendent said, Thus Adams has found itself In the position of finding it nigh on impossible to find a candidate for either position, but the School Committee still hopes to fill the positions by the time school opens. Adams' salary scale for such teachers is not bound to attract a good shop or mathematics teacher from other localities because a majority of other localities have more attractive scales. If a good candidate is found for Adams, Supt. Farrell will have little choice but to recommend him or her for hiring at more money than the local scale calls for and the board will have to hire for either position at higher rales. • * * IN ADDITION to Ihe teacher need of the town, Adams still is awaiting word on the selection of a new superintendent of schools About 10 candidates have been in lerviewed and their qualifications are now being weighed by the members of the School Committee which can be ,-easonably expected to come up with announce, ment of the appointmenl soon, perhaps Monday night. The new superintendent will come on the scene, II is hoped by the committee, in September aiid will serve s imullaneously ,vith Supt. Farrcll lor four months until Mr. Farrell's retirement year's end. THE TOWN FATHERS this week look another move forward toward making Adams a- neater- looking town lo tourists. A get- together on Wednesday night saw the Selectmen, Planning Board Board of Health, police and fire chiefs agreed that Adams is a pretty clean town in comparison to most but that it has a few eyesores and drawbacks that should be cleaned up, repaired or removed. The concrete action by the committee was to vote to use a civic pride type of approach lo encourage cooperation in a neat [own movement rather than take a "you've got. to clean up" atti lude. The group unanimously fell thai „!! of the defects in the town's scenery can be cleaned up with cooperation of citizens. Letters will be sent out to owners and oc cupants of properly which falls into the offensive category, encouraging repairs, removal, painting, grass and weed culling, fence fixing, sign repainting or removal, tree trimming, and general beautification. It is a good approach and one which, Ihrough advance publicity of Hie past couple of weeks, al ready has begun to show resulls Many homes are being painlcd md a number of smaller jobs all of whL-h will make for a nealer lown are bc'ing accomplished. Making Adams look righl is a first step toward building a more prosperous lown. Former Curate Here Discovers Springfield Fire Th» four-alarm fire that de stroyed the $500,000 Our Lady OS The Rosary Church, Springfield, yesterday afternoon was discovered by a former curate at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church here. He is the Rev. Anthony Rzasa, curate al Ihe Springfield Church, who was walking from the rec- lory to a nearby mailbox when he noticed smoke pouring from the church roof. Fr. Rzasa and fire fighters entered the church after the flames subsided and found the hosl and Ihe sacred accoutrements un touched by the blaze but the rest of Ihe stately edifice, which burn cd just two days before its 23rd anniversary was a charred shambles. Fr. Rzasa was curate at St. Stanislaus Church here from February to June 195S. Court Sancta Regina Plans Rummage Sale Court Sancta Regina, Catholic Daughters oj America will hold a rummage sale for the benefit of the new SI. Joseph's Convenl at Mont Marie, Holyoke, Aug. 23 in the Daniels Block on Park St. slrating at 9:30 a.m. Donations of wearing apparel for all ages, including new or good as new items are soughl from members and friends. The stor« will be open Aug. 22 starting al 10 a.m. to accept the do. nations and prepare them for the lollowing day's sale. Mrs. Orville D. Cartier and Mrs. George Crabtree are co-chairmen. They appealed today for Ihe assistance of members to aid with the work. Those willing lo work al [he sale should notify Mrs, Crabtree as soon as possible. In flic Hospital Mrs. Emma Tanguay of 3 Marsh Ln., Adams was admitted! to Massachusetts General Flos pital yesterday for treatment. Per capita gross national prod- uci of Guatemala was estimated al $174 in 1960. You can 1011 • Houf* of Charm Hair-Do ... So DiltiiKllvt . , . So Lcvt- Call For .Appointment House of > Charm 15 Park St., 742-22 10 Heat Lowers Attendance At Four Playgrounds Attendance records at the playgrounds this week list 1,398 boys and 840 girls for a total of 2.238 or 39 less than Ihe previous week. The intense heal of Ihe past three days lowered the attendance, according to director Edward P. Whalen. Renfrew Field with 705 headed the list. Next in order were Russell Field with 639. N. Summer Street, 519 and Bowe, 375. Monday's activities as announced by Mr. Whalen, wilt be as follows: North Summer Street, crafts starting at 1.3D with lanyards to be made; Bowe, horseshoe tournament; Renfrew, continuation of a ping-pong tournamenl, and Russell F'ield, baseball game between the Pirates and the Crystal Creamery. Keailftboro Mrs. J. Foster Collim GArfield 3-5398 Fire Department Plans Practice And Drill Monday Members of the Village Fire Department have been requested lo meet at the Hose House Monday night at 6.30 for a fire drill md practice in handling equipment. Fire Chief Rizleri Comai said he called the meeling so lhat old members may brush up on Iheir skill in handling apparatus and to demonstrate it to Ihe two new members in the department Elwyn Holland and Roudolf Comai. Bookmobile Leaves More Than 300 Books The Bookmobile librarian left over 300 books when she visiled town Tuesday. This is the last stop here for this vehicle until fall, Mrs. Clarence Ross Sr., librarian said. The library trustees mel Wednesday evening. No action was taken at the meeting. Little League Nine Loses toCharlemont The Little League lost Thursday night. Playing against the Charle- monl Liltle League team they were defeated 25 to 6. The nexl game will be in town al the ball- field, again against Charlemonl. Roast Beef Supper Mrs. llnrry Lowe Sr., Mrs. Charles Priest, and Mrs. Robert Berard, will assisl Mrs. Harry Lowe, Jr. serve the roast beef supper al the South Readsboro Community Club Hall lo- night'from 5 to 7. Baptist Services Services at the First Baptist Church tomorrow morning will start al 10, Mrs. Samuel Wheeler will be hostess, Office (9 Spring St. T.I. GL 8-5307 Williamstown News Office: 89 Spring St. Tel. GL 8-5307 ARTS AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: Girl Scouts at Camp Muriel Flagg work on mounts of the Girl Scout creed for flanging on the waif. This is on* of 'many activities in which overnight and day campers are participating. (Transcript Photo by Ron Mills) Michael Cushman Camper of Week At Boys Club Camp The first w«k of resident camp at the Boys' Club summer camp on Northwest Hill ended yesterday with 32 boys in attendance. Camper of the wwk was Michael Cushman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norton Cushman of Sweet- brook Rd., Williamslown, Other awards were as follows: Arts and Crafts: 8 and under, 1 Earle Brown, Alan George and Kim Cushman; 9 and over, Thomas O'Brien, John Dow, and Wilaim Peck. j Archery: 8 and under, Thomas Moore, Earle Brown and Steven Lewis; 9 and over, John Dow, William Peck, and Thomas O'Brien. Air Rifles: John Dow, Gary Dow and William Peck. Track Meet: 8 and under, Palrick Hurley, Kim Cushman, and Thomas Moore; 9 and over, John Dow, Gary Dow, William Peck, Marc O'Neil, and Gary Harris. Members of the honor cabin for the week were Thomas O'Brien, Gary Harris, Richard Cantoni, Gary Dow, Robert Dow, and Clifford Hurley. The second week of resident camp will start Monday. Applies- is still are being accepled. Williamstown Notebook Telephone Polls Nullify Whole Intent of Meetings By J. GORDON BULLETT TODAY I WOULD LIKE to go back to Noah — Webster lhal is — and take up the meaning of the word "commitlee." According to Mr. Webster one of the meanings of this word, and the one that applies here, is 'A body of persons appointed or elected to consider, investigate, take action upon, and usually to report concerning some matter of business, as by a court, legislative body, or a number of persons." « * * WHILE MR. WEBSTER doesn't enlarge on this definition, it may be presumed that a person serving on a commiltee, elected or appointed, has no powers or authority as an individual except when attending an official meeting of the commiltee on which iie serves, and after discussion and investigation, casts his vote as a member of the committee. The majority opinion of the com- miltee then prevails. The entire purpose of a committee is defeated if there is no meeling of the members, no discussion, no investigation. Polling a committee, by telephone, letter, or even carrier pigeon, nullifies the en:ire purpose of a If R member of commitlee. a commiltee s polled by no matter what means, outside of an official meeting, lhat person cannot, no matter how erudite, be prepared to give an answer. A "spur of the as to be present. Only Ihe most dire of emergencies should call for a meeting on such short notice. This short notice, I understand, is all that was given the Finance Committee this week after Ihe objection to the telephone vote. * * * ACTUALLY in these instances, slate law is being violated, The law states, "A notice of each board meeting shall be filed with the clerk of the municipality in which the board acts, and the notice or a copy thereof shall, a least Iwenly-four hours, including Saturdays but not•Sundays and legal holidays, prior lo such meetings be publicly posled in (he office of such clerk or on the principal official bulletin board of such municipality." It is easy to criticize committee members for not attending meetings, but. they are not deserving of criticism when a meeting is called on practically a mo- Swimming Lessons Will Start Monday At Sand Springs Swimming instruction under Hie Williamslown Community Asso ciation's summer recreation program will start Monday at 10 a.m at Ihe Sand Springs pool. Theodore Plunkett, Red Cross swimming instructor from Adams, will be in charge of the in slruction. He will be assisted b> Elizabeth Primmer. Registration will be conducted by Mrs. Hemj Nichols, assislcd by Mrs. Martin Liechtenberger. Those attending Ihe classes are asked to bring any achievemen certificates they may have earn ed to help determine to which group they will be assigned. Chil dren eight years old and over may regisler for the two-week course which will be held Mondas through Friday. ment's nolice. There are problems in Williamslown few that call for such emergency action. Jusl a reminder. There is a special town meeting Monday night at 7:30 o'clock al the Mitchell School Gymnasium. Remember — there is no such thing as an unimportant town meeling. Monday night's meeting is no ex- .' Mrs. Ab'ce S. Gates EMpire 8-2892 80 Enrolled For Swim Classes Buy Mobilehome Mr. and Mrs. William F. Krack of Philadelphia, Pa., have purchased a mobilehome al Ihe Spruces and are now residing at S3 Smith Ave. Mr. Krack retired recently from the Philadelphia Electric Co. where he worked as a collection Mrs. Krack also was al the Philadelphia supervisor. employed Electric Co, intermittently. WhiUntjItam Mrs. Austin F. Plumb EMpire 8-2337 GEORGE SYLVESTER G. D. Sylvester Made Captain In Marine Reserves George D. Sylvester of Williams, town, a member of the 42nd Kifle Co. of Pitlsfield, has been pro- moled (o the rank of captain in the Marine Corps Reserve. Capt. Sylvester was promoted In a ceremony in the office of the company's Commanding Officer before leaving for summer training on Parris Island. He resides on Green River Hd. with his wife, the former Tsuruko Funakoshi o: Okinawa and their daughter, Jean Capl. Sylvester has served in the Marine Corps seven years, Ihree on aclive duty, and 15 months In Okinawa. He graduated from Springfield College in 1958 and is employed as a physical education teacher at Crosby Junior High School in Pittsfield, Cheshire Mrs. Stanley S, Tworlf Adams 743-1598 3,400 Voters Eligible For Town Meeting Monday Marlin Robinson In Hospital After Heat Wave Cuts Logging Accidents Daily Attendance Marlin Robinson, 34, injured yes-! A PI 6 VQ TO U H CJ terday when a tractor trailer turned over' on him while logging in Rt-adsboro, was listed in good condition this morning at the North Adams Hospital. He was admitted late last night and treated for a badly bruised back and serious cuts on his left hand by Dr. John C. Cashin, Fined for Driving On Rims, Not Wheels Stanley R. Russell. 29, of Whitingham wa3 fined $30.10 in Bennington Municipal Court Thursday for operating his car "so as fj owe u . no represented an astronaut. Susan Cahill. dressed as Miss Moon was judged the The extreme heat of the week cut down on Ihe average daily attendance al the Cheshire playground. Morning sessions have been well attended with about 40 children on hand, but the call to area swimming places has been loo great during Hie afternoon resulting in low attendance. Some 15 children entered the Space Age costume show yestcr day. Jcnniffer Johnson, outfitted (is at] actual rocket won the prize for most original. Funniest that of William An even 3,400 voters are eligible to participate in the special town meeting al 7:30 p. m. Monday in the Mitchell School gymnasium, Town Clerk J. Elwood Lamphear reported today. Mr. Lamphear noted that women have an edge over the men in the registration by a margin of 1,763 to 1,637. A quorum is not required (or the town meet- jig, he said. 11 Articles Up for consideration are 11 articles covering five main subjects with appropriations totalling >6,555. Of (his amount, $6,500 is earmarked for the preparation of ilans and specifications to enlarge the Westlawn Cemetery.! Tlie laying out of the seven-acre! cemetery annex for future expansion has been recommended by the Finance Committee and the selectmen. It was reported that there has been considerabls demand for space in the cemetery which is presently full. Acceptance and taking by eminent domain proceedings of three streets and the sewer on the south side of Stale Road also will be placed before the voters. The streets are Stralton Road, scheduled to be rebuilt this summer, and Martinoli Drive and the Lindley Terrace extension in the Martinoli subdivision. Appropriations of $30 and $25 respectively have been recommended by the selectmen and the Finance Committee for the taking of land on the streets. Four of the Stratlon Road abutters have refused to sign releases to the town for possible damages from the land taking or reconstruction of the road. An appropriation of $346.21 to secure the sewer easements was approved at the annual town meeting in February but the taking was not completed within the required 30 day period. Stamford Mrs. Eugene Sweet OXbow 4-13M Baptists Schedule Bible Presentation Bibles will be presented to those members of the congregation who graduated from elementary schools in June during the 10 o'clock Sunday morning service at the Baptist Church. Rev. Mabel Starratl's sermon topic will be "Summit Talk." Music will be provided by the Jun ior Intermediate and Senior Choirs. Summer Sunday School will be held at 11 o'clock. Peltibone Properly The oilier major item on the warrant for Monday night is the acceptance of the Peltibone property on Simonds Rd. and authorization of the selectmen to sell the property, willed lo the town by Mrs. Edith Pettibone. The selectmen set a minimum price of $7,500 for the properly at their meeting last Monday night. Town Manager J. Maynard Austin indicated that it will be sold by sealed bids. costume was to damage the highway.'' Police said that Russell op- Barren rock, cut by streams and buried under glaciers, covers three-fourths of Norway. FOR SALE In Williamstown New Seven Room House • four bedrooms - 2 complete baths - fireplace cabinet kitchen with •lee- trie wall oven and counter top range - garbage disposal - central heat with oil - choice location This property is vacant May be seen at any time by appointment. £ ir £ & Business Opportunity Neighborhood general store in operation for 17 years - excellent business - books open {or inspection by any Interested party - Ideal for couple, Call • M. C BROWN Licensed Real Estate and Insurance Broker In Mass, and Verrront F. J. BROWN REAL ESTATE WILLIAMSTOWN DIAL GL 8-343 I gram for the Whitingham-Jack-]Route 8-100 July 15 on the rims|[]yj n g saucer was judged Ihe sonvillc-Halifax area will start.of his wheels, subsequently dam- most incomplete, Dorothy Rowe |aging the newly repaved road.'received an honorable mention Monday at Waller Beach. Al the present time there arc Russell said (hat his car had two!( or ncr space sister costume. ception. If you are interested in your town may I urge you, whatever the weather, whatever your oilier interests, lo be there. lG5 students enrolled from the flat lires just before he Mrs. Donnlrl Vincent 2551 moment" answer may not be Ihe same answer a person would give after consideration and investigation. The purpose of a commit- :ee can only be carried out if there is an official meeting. exchange relative lo the q-.^nwn m. n>. . consideralion, an examination ofi|f| facets of the problem. A person worthy of being ap- poinled to a commiltee should be he type of person who would islen to and consider facts presented by his fellows on a com- ting, have completed the work inSc n | p Scheduled ,„„„,„,„ , nr) ,•.!,„,.,„ urn r.m.l 3ale JV.IIBUMIGU an official meeting, an « i i \ ^ i . i c of ideas nnd knowledge] WOrK OOmpleTeCl lo Ihe question up for' -_ . mittee and who would then vole according to his convictions arrived at from his personal knowledge and the arguments sel forth hy his confreres. With a vote taken by any means, outside of an official meeting, I repeat this is impossible. » * * THE TURN TO Webster, and his basic definition, has been brought about hy Ihe opposition of Cnrl Imhoff, of Ihe town Fi- lancc Commiltee, relative to a .ransfer of funds from Ihe Reserve Fund by telephone vote. As a result of Mr. Imhoff's objec- iotis an emergency meeting ol he Finance Commiltee was call<d, and although the decision to ransfer the money was not re- nersed by Ihe official meeting, it is to Mr. Inhoff's credit lhat the matter was brought into the open. « * * THESE REMARKS relative to telephone polls of committee mem- are nol lo be construed as criticism only of the Finance Committee, as practically every lown commitlee, elected or appointed, is guilty of Ihe practice, and has been lor years As a mailer of facl it might be questioned whether a lelcphone poll is aclually legal, as improbable as il mighl seem in Wil- liainslown, what actual proof does one have that the person called is Ihe person reached? As a further thought on com mittee meetings it might be sug gesled that committee members . notified far enough in advance of a meeling so lhat plans may be made lo attend. A committee member told in Ihe morning lhal a meeting has been called for 5 o'clock that afternoon might nol be able to adjust his schedule so ngraham and Cherry Hill Cem-j Dleries. There are GO veterans' graves i 17 cemeteries scattered throughout Savoy. They are cared for by an annual appropriation of $150. The cemeteries have been neg- cclcd for len years and arc desperate need of attention. Three them are privately cared for. However, funds to complete work Jacksonvillc-Whitingham district jslopped. and 15 from the Halifax district.I . Mrs. Iva Roberts is in charge ol.lnjlires ringers enrollment. [_ p ower Mnwpr The teacher this year will be '"> TOWBT mower Miss Janet MacLaughlin of West and .1:45 to 4:45. Need More Funds Veterans' Graves Officer, Earl _ j Whalen, assisted by Irving Nut- BrCdO, was Citizens of Ihe week for Ihe third week were Dorothy Rowe and Charles St. John. On Thursday the supervisors, Marsha Sauve and George Coussoule held a scavenger hunt with ..... „. .......... .. „ Jas P cr Freeman lost Ihe liP| Jemli f IC r Johnson receiving first "aver The time schedule for of his middle finger and severely] p]at . c Mary Rcm . C| Sec0 nd and the various classes is as follows: cut his ring finger on his left Robcrl j ohnson , third. Junior and Senior lifesaving.hand Thursday afternoon when class 9 to 10:30 a.m.; swimmers, [he reached down to lift a power . 10:30 to 11:30; intermediate, 11 :30j mower. Hn was treated by Dr. JuniOf Holy NOfTIC lo 12:30; beginners, 1:15 to 2; | Milton Wolf at his office in Wil- beginners' class 2 to 2:45; ari-.mington. vanccd beginners, 2:45 to 3:45, sale of bread and The men doughnuts, Jacksonville Cgmmimily Sadowga Lassies 4-H The Sadawpa Lassies 4-H Club met Thursday afternoon at the vestry of the Whitingliam Com- Plans Communion Tomorrow is Communion Sunday for the Junior Holy Name Society and all the boys of St. Mary of the Assumption Church. During the summer season they will munity Church wilh six members n0 ' sit as a group. and Iheir leaders, Mrs. Vernettc sought hy either icial sources. private or of- Mrs. Ellen Hudon,, Teacher, Moves Here Mrs. Ellen Hudon, a teacher at Ihe Hollow School, is now residing al the Krutiak house on the corner of River Road and Rt. 116. After living in Cheshire for five years, she moved to Savoy today. She graduated from North Adams Slnlc College in 1962 and has completed one year of teaching in Savoy will) the first, second, and third grade pupils at Hollow School. Her son, John, will enter the fourth grade at School No. 7 and her daughter, Marion, will allcml Adams C. T. Plunkelt J ior High School as a ninlh grader. When classes resume on Wednesday, September 4, Mrs, Viioln DeCoigne will enter into'her Ihird year as teacher for the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students at School No. 7. She is a 1M3 graduate of North Adams State Col Icj-e and has had eight years teaching experience In the Adams School prior lo teaching in Savoy. Selectmen to Meet The Selectmen will hold (heir weekly metling on Monday al 8 p.m. in the town offices, Committee, will be held at the Municipal Center, Aug. 2. At Grange Meeting Eleven members of North River Grange attended a meeting oi Windham County held will) Newfane Orange at Newfane Thursday night. Those from this village attending included, Harry Murdock, Clnra Murdock. Carol Stclson, Mahcl Green, Marion ShulU. Dorothy Kingsley and Mr. Ilcyscr. Personals Mark hy the'II. Ellis and Mrs. Sanford Dix, Church Iprescnt. Members broughl in articles thai they are sewing during the summer months. Ti.^ iiext projecl meeting will be Aug. 29 and the business meeling, Aug. 15. Personals Mrs. Raymond Poor and granddaughter, Christine have returned home Havreluk, after visiting her son and daugltler-in-law, Mr. and and Mrs. family in George Tanner Essex Junction. They also visited her brother, Robert Eddy, at Lake Bomoseen. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Peterson returned lo their home In Bloomfield, Conn., Thursday, after and Jeanne Allen are, SIX , nc iing „ f ew d aj , s with her slaying al the home of Iheir,brolher-in-law and sister, Mr. grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. My- and Mrs. Bert Reynolds, ron Allen while their mother,! Mrs. David Allen, is a palient »l| Franklin County Hospital xlj Greenfield, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kingsley of Bloomfield, Conn., and family are spending a vacation wilh his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ar- Ldsi Showing Tonight of Jack Lemmon, Le« Remick in "DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES" Also Randolph Scott in "WESTBOUND" Coming Sun. and MOD. Anna Bancroft in "THE MIRACLE WORKER" Also Chuck Connors in "GERONIMO" tlnir Kingsley and other local relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Calkins and her mother, Mrs. Florence Slein of Connecticut, have be«n spending some lime at the Slein' summer home here. Christina Havreluk is visiting her uncles, Anthony Havreluk and family al Underhill and George Tanner and family at Essex Junction. Mrs. Roger Lockhart anrf sot, Donald, of Wolcod, Conn., vis- lied her brother, Donald Washburn and family, during Ihe weekend. Ideal Location in Williamslown With a Country Atmosphere For a large family this 7 room house with one ear garage, has many features for comfort. Kitchen with cabinets and il has connections lor automatic washer — large dining room that will accommodate half a dozen or more — 4 good iiied bedroomt — b«»e- board hot water heat with oil. This houie it set on on« acre of lard. Priced to tell — Asking $9,500. Buy and move right in. Owner leaving town and anxious to sell. Make me an offer. A. SCAVO Real Estate Broker Dial MO 3-9380 TACOIlt! Lumber and Hardware Headquarters for Quality Merchandise Since 1889 Fireproof ir Easily Installed Permanent * Non-Settling All-mineral, firt- proof, rot-proof, vtrmirt proof. Insulate now for year-round comfort ond •ovinjt. Yard, 20 Water St., W'mstown Dial GL 8-4121 Business HOLM: 7:30 A. M. to 4:30 P. M. Daily Monday Through Friday Saturdays 7:30 te 11:30 Only Orderi Received Saturdays Before 9 A, M. Will Be Delivered That Day

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