Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 1, 1957 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1957
Page 2
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Established in l l >M APPLICATION FOR SECOND CLASS MAILING PRIVILEGES IS PENDING AT FAYETTE, IOWA IF--?" 1 Q (lOUJfl PR £SSV r 7 DONALD L. KIMBALL WAYNE BARNES .... JAMES R. SHAFFER MRS. FRANK CUMMINGS MRS. RALPH DICKINSON NATIONAL f 0 I 1 O « I A I I ASSOcfATfoN t7 U I AFMllAtr MtMIE* Pubhshv I.illuH pr Opi-nito M:i>)i.iiil Aih n n .Min; M.iiiagi 1 Maynaril Corn spuiuk'nl l.-.ma Cmn'spomieni IF YOU REALLY WANT TO CUT THE NATIONAL BUDGET As you know, the l £.\etuti\e 1 )rp,u tiitrnt ol our Government has asked Congress tut .wvUuniiv u> >|H 'itil $72 billion during thf next lisuil year i Ins money ol course, must come ironi om junkets, youis .uul untie There is no other place to gel it The word 'billion is a haul one to ^rasp, an amount that is difficult to measure and hilly roiuprelieiul. perhaps we can better visualize the $72 !>ilhou that we taxpayers of America may be forced to contribute il we speak of it as 72,000 million dollars. Or maybe we can get at it better by making companions like these: Considerably less than 72 billion seconds have passed since the birth ot Christ. If, w.e took thousand dollar bills and stacked them in stacks, one on top ol the other, it would take almost sixteen piles the height of the I .m- pire State Building to use up the 72 billion. If we stretched these same thousand dollar bills, end to end, along the ground, they would stretch 6,818 miles- or enough to reach trom coast to coast and back, with enough left over to go almost from New York to Chicago. Visualize the total production ol every lunn, every plantation, every livestock range and leed- lot, all the fruit, the vegetables, the nuts — everything produced by our agricultural industries in an entire year. With $/2 billion we could buy every bushel, every pound, every gallon and, what's more, buy it twice over. This is the amount the Executive Department of our Government proposes to spend in one year. And for what> Granted that some expenses, like the interest on our huge public debt, cannot be avoided. But a curelul examination of the budget details will show that a great many of the proposed expenditures- including those for Na tional Defense, are not only unnecessary but are downright rediculous. , —If our, .family budget were allocated and spent as loosely and freely as Tne nureaus ui w asiimgiGii pose, and if we authorized every expenditure that any member ot the family wanted to make, we would soon be looked on as spendthritts and disowned by the com" jnunity. Yet this is precisely what the Executive Department of our Government is threatening to do—and with our funds. If we, as citizens, expect ot our representatives in Washington the same irugality, the same sound business judgement in the handling of finances that we, as individuals practice ourselves, we must speak up and say so. We urge you to take just a little time—right now— to let your Senator and Representative know how you feel about it. it is their vote that will decide how much will be spent and for what. it goes without saying that financial stability ano economic health are far, far more important in the cast, of our country than they are in the case of any incu yidual. And this country, like our families, belong to u; and is our responsibility. But whether country or fan, ily, it is oui financial resources, our future that is a*, atake. No one else is going to foot the bill. And as we think about the size of that bill' it migtv oe helpful if we keep these facts in mind: frrom the year I 792, when the first session of • w the first Congress convened, to 1950, the Government collected $406 billion in taxes. From 1950 through 1956, the Government collected $433 bilion in taxes. In other words, the Government collected during just the past seven years $27 billion more than I it collected during the previous I 58 years. It only takes a 2c postcard to write your representa fives in Washington, and they would like to hear from you. Do it today. Here is the way you should address them: ! _ Honorable H. O. Talle •-jl^ House Office Building ¥ Washington, D. C. Senator Tom Martin I Senate Office Building * Washington, D. C. CHURCH SCHEDULE Grace Lutheran Church J. 1). W /iiifj'Ti'i. pastor l >ivm<- \\".*!-.-•»!J|> K:30 a.m. Sunday Si'luml 9:30 a.m First Methodist Church Paul L_ Huscher, Minister Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Morning worship 10:30 a.m Wesleyan Methodist liiuviiid W. Johnson- Pastor Sunday School 9:30 a.m Morning Worship 10:30 am. Youth StTvirf 7:15 p.m Kvaiii'.i'li.-,! if Sri vice 8 p.m t'l .iit -r Servh-c Tillies. 8 p.m St. Francia Church Vuttu'i John Robkopi Sui.day Mass.-.-;: 7'30 & 10:30 a.' \V<vlul:iv Ma.-w 7:15 a.in. ( \ihtt '.-s ions : Sat. 7:30 to 9 p.n CHRISTIAN YOUTH CONFERENCE TO BE HELD AT UIU ffifffi BOTTOM by Reuben On first thought it would seem, . that one of the last things the \ cide. little college city needs, is another service station. But is will be a new good looking construction .on a Main Street corner. Also it likely will trigger a service sta tion rebuilding and remodeling movement. Other major oil companies will likely choose to NOT be outdone. In that case, the new station will be a blessing in disguise. Main Street improvements by outside capital would seem to be one of the little college city's "crying need*". _ , "Small towns don't die, they commit suicide", is not jusT. a cliche, but in several respects a fact. UWa-conservative capitalism and the lack of adequate local advertising are but two of the symptoms of small town sui- B i b Ie CommenJ : Jonah Set Example Which We Would Do Well to Follow JONAH'S book; although it Is •J only a few chapters, marks the very highest point ot Old Testament teaching in its conception of God and His grace. Nineveh, at the time of the story, was a great and wicked city, and Jonah received the call of Uod to go there and speak for ri{:ht and truth. It was not unnatural that he should rebel against such a task, it was unpleasant to go as an individual and set himself up as a preacher in a hostile environment of luxury and wickedness. He • might well have asked what his lone voice, crying in such a scene, could accomplish. Iiut there was further antipathy in Jonah to obedience to this call. Nineveh was a foreign' city and Jonah, as a Jew, might have been expected to be prejudiced against it. Jews believed the in selves members of the chosen race. Here emerges the central idea of the book and its teaching. It is a missionary book, presenting with considerable clarity the conception of God as the God of the whole world whose grace and mercy are for all people and not fov a chosen few. In this respect, Jonah's reluctance to go and preach in Niner ception ot veUsion and~TQe" Inat \lack of any apprehension ot the richness and fullness of God's mercy, which has led people to be apathetic regarding the spread W the Gospel. This view has its adherents in all ages. Is it not true that we are most content to live within our own narrow circle of home, community or nation, disregarding Die world and its needs? If the world would be more a world of Christian missions, in the spirit of the Book of Jonah, it would be a better world than U is today. FAYETTE — A senior high conference of youth of the Christian Church from northeast Iowa area will be held on the Upper Iowa University campus during the week of August 11-17. The Rov. Richard P. Walters, pastor of the Hamlpton Christian Chin-ch, is the conference director. Dr. Harold I. Woolard, Upper Iowa University dean, said, "We are very happy to make our new Colgrove-Walker Memorial building and Zinita B. Graf Hall available to the Christian Church for this conference. Although Uppefr> Iowa has no direct church affiliation, her traditionally religious principles have- encouraged many students to develop their moral and ethical leadership qualities.'' (85 Participants) The conference group will include an anticipated registration of soino •). r ) women and 40 men. Rev. Walters will br conference director ,-ind Mrs. Walters will be dean of women. Registration will get underway on Sunday afternoon, August 11. 'Die meetings and sessions for the conference will be held in the room of flu: new Colgrove- Walker Memorial building and the meals for the conference will be server] in the cafeteria in the same building. Women will be housed in the south wing of the Zinita H. Graf Hall and men will be placed in the north wing. Professional & Business Directory 1 *£.'• DIAMONDS STLVEBWARE JEWELRY AND ELGIN HAMILTON AND BULOVA WATCHES SABOE JEWELRY WEST UNION. IOWA Bishop Of Berlin Speaks In Minneapolis Communist East Germany's favorite target for attack and West Germany's symbol of Faith, the Rt. Rev. Otto Dibeliu.s, Bishop of Borlin, will be the main speakei at a Public Event of the Lutheran World Federation's international Assembly being held in Minneapolis, August 15-25. The courageous Bishop is aUo a president of the World Council of Churches and chairman of the Council of Evangelical Churches in Germany. He is coming to Minneapolis to speak on "Our Mission to Those in Need" at 8 p.m. August 20 in the Auditorium. Other speakers from Jen- dan, Canada. Holland and Venezuela will be on the evening's program. For the past few years and' particularly the past few months, Bishop Dibe'tus has been bitterly attacked by East German leaders as a pro-NATO (i.e. pro-war) politician and an "old hand at preaching fire and murder, glorifying war and blessing arms as in 1914 and 1933," according to Communist newspaper propaganda. Posters of his face superimposed on an atomic bomb arc seen throughout East Berlin. Two-thirds of the Bishop's dio cese lies in East Germany. The Bishop's uncompromising stand for justice and right for the churches in the East has won the (respect and admiration of churchmen throughout the world. The August 20 Public Event is one in a series of such evening programs during the Lutheran Assembly where outstanding church leaders from different parts ot the globe will be speaking on topics of interest to all Christians. The events are open to the public at no admission The Assembly will draw 700 church leaders representing 71 million Lutherans in more than 50 countries to Minneapolis for this meeting, the third in the 15-year history of the Federation. 4-H and F.F.A. Livestock Show August 1st and 2nd have been set aside for veterinarians to inspect and test 4-H and F.F.A. animals to tie exhibited at the always been calmly accepted facts in both major political parties, while each screams to high Heaven about equal dishonesties in the other party. » » • • • We believe the most dangerous dishonesties in Washington today, are NOT those dollar-wise, but rather the ever increasing infringements on freedom of the press by the slick gimmick of "Secrecy for security reasons", and the often repeated, highly phrased pronouncements about "Constitutional rights for all our citizens" when everybody from. President Eisenhower" down, knows good and well those highly tooted "rights" do not and never have existed, particularly in the Southern States. Last September a few radical "intellectual lightweights" in Clinton, Tennessee defied . not only their state government, but the Federal Government of the U.S.A., and very successfully so. Did you ever pause to meditate how such acts must look to the people ot the lesser nations whom we habitually exjpect to look UP to us, the great U.S.A., the "BASTION of DEMOCRACY" the NUMBER ONE WORLD POWER.'?'?'? Even with walking shorts and high white socks, some of the local college boys would seem to be without "visible means support". of I John Hofmeyer t «* Bob Anthony ABOUT THIS QUESTION 'The new 'Family Automo" bile Policy' includes broadened coverage for many things- such as non-owned and borrowed cars; operation of owned cars by any resident of the household; utility cars and trailers; more extensive medical payments — and many other advantages. Does your agency suggest this policy as the best auto insurance policy today?" Fayette Insurance Agency Fayette Phone 14 SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Auto-Fire-Liabiliiy and Hospital Insuranco 'Insuranae you can depend on' PHONE BLUE 229 Fayette Radio & Television SERVICE Schneider Electrical Appliance Store , Call 96 Fayette. Ia. BELLES FDNERAL HOME Prompt Courteous Service Ambulance Service Phone 189, Fayette Fayette and Maynard Gene Wm. Singer PLUMBING & HEATING FAYETTE. IOWA Phone 247 for Your Plumbing Heating & Wiring Needs Insurance — Real Estate FAYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 14 BOB ANTHONY JOHN HOFMEYKR DR. PAUL. F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOR Open Daily and Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Fayette YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union. Iowa Dr. Hurry 1. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hour*-. 9 ».av.—4 pjoa. Ph. 156 ofc. Fayette Black 79 tea. (ow« DR. E, J. DAHLQUIST Veterinarian Phone 171 Fayette, la. Fayette County Fair. Health and registration papers are tu be turned in with Junior entries which are due on or before August 10th. 4-II members exhibiting livestock, may make Fair entries through 4-H Club leaders, the |.Ccnmty Extension Youth Assistant, County Extension Doctor, or the Fair secretary. 1 AUGUST 1957 Fayette County Leader Page Z PUBLIC AUCTION Saturday, August 3, 1957 Sale Commences at 1:30 P. M. Arlington, Iowa Residence of Vera C. Squires located a block south of Main Street in Arlington, Iowa. House is newly sided and has new asphalt shingles. Has plumbing. ... • '• ' •'•'" Terms: $500.00 down da^te of sale. Balance upon delivery of merchantable' title. Possession given when full settlement is' made. John-Thiele, Auctioneer i X er ? £\ !S< l uire ?> Owner For further particulars see Traeger & Koempel, Attorneys, West Union, Iowa FAYETTE DOLLAR DAYS Golden Valley H TOMATOE JUICE J cant Strawberry m PRESERVES 4jare. Kidney BEANS 10 "Corporation allowed million dollar bribe as legal tax deduction". "Bare union official's- mis use of labor union funds". First re-action might be to throw up one's hands, and ask, 'Vhat's this country coming to". The teitriblo or tranquilizing truth is, (take your choice), things in Washington were NEVER what they're "cracked up to be". Political and governmental dishonesty are and have 3 Six Paks POP _ cans. WILKE'S Clover Farm Store FayetU, Iowa HERE'S THE BRAND NEW WAY TO COOK- with a General Electric automatic electric skillet that fries, bakes, and stews. The built-in thermostat gives controlled heat, so there is no burning, sticking or smoking. It makes all cooking easier and tastier. The Q. E. automatic electric skillet comes in two sizes — the big 12 inch, or the handy 10 inch. You have a choice of turquoise or polished cast aluminum finish, and it i» available with copper or aluminum lids at a slight extra cost Visit Interstate Power Company, and you'll find why it's so-oo-oo easy to cook with a G.E. automatic electric skillet. • ' • • * • • • • H> Ihth She $|2'»* * 110 • • • •

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