Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 23, 1942 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1942
Page 4
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OUT OUR WAY Nazi Command HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ^ i-v v Washington Wonders If Hitler Is Having Trouble By JACK STINNETT '' WASHINGTON — Most engrossing Subject of discussion in official and Unofficial Washington right now is: What's cooking m the Nazi high command?" 'Discounting most of it as uninform- (6d» wihful thinking, the fact remains ,ihat officials most often right in their past predictions are privately on re- idbrd that the resignations, "illnesses" aad dismissals currently afflicting the ,General Staff are rumblings of a distant earthquake. In short, A. Hitler is having his troubles, but plenty. The list of German generals "busied" Since the "wehrmacht" began its advance toward Berlin in Russia in- cudes men rated by professional soldiers here as tops in the fighting man business. Miltary scholars have nothing but respect for such men as von :Brauchitsch, von Keitael, Gttderian and von Bock. These observers don't discount unconfirmed reports of discord in the naval high command as so much superheated ballon juice, either. When By j. R. Williams Plumbing Repairs Harry W. Shiver Plumbing Phone 259 309 N. Main p I r HA HA/ I BET TH/XT'S FIRST TIME OL' AV.EX HAS HIT HIS HAND WITH A* HAMMER SINCE HE WAS AN APPRENTICE BOY/ WE'RE O.K. VET, ALEX-I THINK THEM'S JUST / OH , THAT'S BECAUSE > X TOL.D HIM THEY WERE TAKIN' KIDS RIGHT OUT OF SCHOOL AN' MAKIN* 'EM BOSSES.' I MEANT TECHNICAL SCHOOLS -HE'S AN ALARMIST--HE THINKS I MEANT KINDERGARTEN/ Bring us your Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed. Repair service very reasonable. PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE 218 South Walnut FINE WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIR WATCH CRYSTALS 35c COPR. 1942 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. Amer/ca YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE RICH to help American Defense. That's the theme of the above poster, one of the newest of the Defense Savings promotional pieces now going up in streetcars, on bulletin boards, and at other'-public places. This poster emphasizes the point advanced by the Treasury Department that every American can—and must—pitch in if the United States is to have the arms and the tools necessary to protect her freedom. — Wanted to Buy Good USED TIRES and TUBES .Top Prices Paid. BOB ELMORE'S AUTO SUPPLY ' Bob Ebnore, Owner WANT A PIANO? This Model $365 cash or terms: $36.50 Down $19.38 Monthly. Drop us a card for Catalogs and full information. Quality makes by STEINWAY, HADDORFF CABLE, WURLITZER. 200 E. Broad Texarkana, Ark. Used Pianos, $75 up. Terms it was reported that Vice Ardmiral Karl Doenitz was at odds wiht Grand Admiral Erich Raeder, it confirmed informed gueses that all was not a pleasure cruise in the Nazi navy. Raeder is not held in very high regard by professional sailors. He,s been a yes-man for the boss to the point of political groveling. The steadily declining effectiveness of the submarine campaign, and the losses known to have been inflicted on German U- boat strength by British and U. S. fleets in the Atlantic, together indicated some sort of blowoff was imminent. Apparently Doenitz, realizing which the wind was blowing, got out from under. Another kernel of information held to be highly significant is that dispatch from Besancon that 62 German soldiers were shot for refusal to return to the Russian front. It seems to indicate flagging of the fanatic zeal so evident in the early Nazi campaigns. Capital comment often compares the Russian Army purges and the present German house-cleaning under Gcn- j eralissimo Adolf of the inner voices. Ambassador Joseph Davies book, "Mission to Moscow," makes it clear that the Russian commanders kissed with a bullet got theirs for good reasons such as treason. It seems obvious now that the Red Army generally knew of their conspiracies, and approved their execution. Certainly the magnificent Russian Army morale to date indicates confidence in its present leaders. Furthur, the Russian purges were carried out in peacetime. The Nazi generals were busted in face of an aggressive enemy. Finally, men who know armies say army grapevine carries the truth about any development down to the lowest FREE! $550 WIZARD Heavy-Duty POWER PACK Given With This TRCIETOITC /Operated RADIO With New "Wave-Finder" Focusing Aerial £98? Urolted Stock! Buy .Vow! IA$Y TERMS "Dual - Economizer" Saves tubes — gives extra battery life. Prescott News Girdles Leaves Girls Unshaken Crisis Seen as U. S. Has Only Year's Supply AP Feature Service Pull yourself together, girls, cause this will make you shake all over. There's a crisis coming in your life a crisis that will make Valley Forge and the Marne and Singapore look like a Sunday school picnic. You've been talking for years about doing something about your figure, remember? Well, now it the time to make good on that promise because in a few months you won't be able to get any outside help. There's a shortage of rubber, you know, and to keep the Army's mechanized units rolling on rubber tires, you'll have to sacrifice the girdles that have been controlling your spare tires, etc. Present stocks of girdles and corsets will be exhausted by the end of this year and from then on, you and your figure will be on your own. What to do about it? You can diet and whip yourself into shape that way. You can combine the rationing of automobile tires and the eventual shortage of limousine transportation with walking—not only for exercise but to get places and home again. Or you can throw caution (and your figure) to the winds and go nonchalantly about your business and socia! life. There was a time back in the turbulent twenties when all girls triec to be flappers and starved themselves to their respective bones so they coulc move around uncorseted and unshak- But their husbands and physician didn't like that—for - different but equally sound reasons, so that ap-1 proach to our problem is not recommended. | A solution developed in England harks back and quite sucessfully, too, to the binders you probably swather your newborn babies in. English women are pulling themselves together with muslin binders they make themselves. The effect, while not as aesthetically or comfortably successful as the store- bought rubber girdles, serves to keep their bodies and souls together. And morale of tiie civilian populace—and what is more important to feminine morale than a good foundation garment—is proving a major element in this war. There's no law or priorities regulation to keep you from scouring the attic for tho corsets of another year "Louisiana Purchase" Opens at Saenger Theater Here Sunder ..W41 x Forming 38 States e next stt- 'ound your shoulder pro- come from n U. S. farm, fur-farming census by the t shows 2,655 silver fox stall's with n production ts of nbuut three-fourths of on the U. S, market even 0 wai ' Wisconsin led nil the ' 1C s ' !ltcs with 493 farms pro- pelts. e Judge, a Man MS *j OF Great Foresight N. C. -W')- A <firomy-eyed young niiin drnwn foi 'jUifi duty told Superior Court Judge 1 WUsn Wai-lick thnt his mind was not s6tt s th subject ai hand because he was tOi.fceiTiarriod next day. V K -''fijtciscd from duty," said the judge. '''And jou also may need the timc^to get mo»cy for necessary expenses." Bob Hope and Victor Moore In "Louisiana Purchase" which is slutccl for its premiere at the Sacngor Theater on Sunday. But No Shillelohs? BALTIMORE— (#•)— Police received enough strange weapons from enemy aliens, following nation-wide orders, to start a museum, Among the 1,003 articles handed in were: three ancient sabers; a sword cane; a rifle carried by a German soldier in the Franco- war. By HELEN HESTERLY Health Unit Clinic Started The Nevada county Health Unit will conduct a special clinic Tuesday, February 3rd, from nine to twelve a. m. at the county health office. These clinics will be held every first and third Tuesday mornings, and will be under the direction of Dr. W. B. Protho, district health director of the State Department. These clinics are for the benefit of those needing immunizations, health examinations for trachoma nad ven- eral disease. Due to the inability to obtain a county health nurse, it has been necessary to do without needed preventative measures. These special clinics will be used as a substitute for the regular nursing clinics and visits. "Food-for-Victory" Campaign Opens Many farm families in Nevada county enlisted in the "Food-for-Victory" Campaign which opened Thursday. The campaign is Arkansas' support Telephone 163 I of the U. S. Department of Agriculture's "Food-for-Freedom" program, calling for increased production of food and feed crops, considered vital to an allied victory in the war. The farm families vrho enlisted will be given red, white and blue stickers If not another generation. Those girls who squeezed themselves breathless in hourbglass corsets, the noc's with hooks and eyes and yards and yards of lacing, only a couple of years ago, may be able to resurrect both the corsets and their shapes with a little modernization. You can do what you like, since it's your figure and your audience that will suffer. But it is surprising the large number of women, moved cithci by the spirit of 1942 or the war, who say they'll gladly do without their girdles—for the duration. "If Uncle Sam needs my girdle," they're saying, "he can have it. What else does he need." How Not to Do It BROOKLYN, N. Y—(/I 1 )—Throwing money away cost a Brooklyn man another §5. Ho was fined for disorderly conduct when lie stood on a itreel corner flinging paper money into n crowd. Previously the man liad been arrested for playing policeman at a busy intersection. How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ Inclen phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and henl raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Crcomulslon with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis • NOTICE • Eric Ross is now employed by Keith's Barber Shop New Location on E. 3rd Next to Checkered Cafe ORIANA AMENT BOYETT Teacher of Music-Voice, Piano. Art-Drawing, Painting. Studio 608 South Main Street Phone 318 W IRON WORKERS LOCAL UNION 591 of Shrevcport, La., holds its official meeting at 7:30 o'clock every Thursday night in banquet room of Hotel Barlow, Hope, Ark. H. H. PHILLIPS, B.A. & F.S.T. WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Cents per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas to be placed on the windows of homes or on the windshields of cars. The stickers will state, "We have enlisted in the "Food-for-Viclory" campaign. Food Stamp Plan Explained The Food Stamp plan for Nevada county will start operating on February 2, the Chamber of Commerce announced. At a.recent meeting local food merchants and Surplus Marketing Administration officials made final plans to set the Stamp plan in motion. The plan will probably mean more than 515,000 monthly to Nevada county stores. The operation of the plan was explained at a meeting of merchants at the city auditorium Thursday night. Costly Unlnul Western Auto Associate Store Ted Jones, Owner 214 S. Mqin Hope ranks. The German Army rank and file knows by now that capable generals they respected ad followed to geat victories were unjustly ousted because they couldn't carry out impossible tasks Hitler assigned them over their protests. Pvt. Hans and Corp. Willie in tho rear ranks of the "wehrmacht" aren't going to be bucked up by that knowledge, and it'll weigh even more heavily on the gold braid still in danger of Hitler's tantrums. Those tantrums of Hitler's, by the way, may be expected to increase. I talked to a famed psychiatrist (who won't be quoted because a lot of quacks have rushed into print with long-range diagnoses of Hitler) and he said it's quite within possibility that the Nazi Mr. Big is well on his way to losing his mental marbles. He explained it this way: Hitler is obviously unstable men-1 tally. His speeches about his "his- j toric mission" reveal paranoic, rnes- sianic delusions. He's had his way for ten years, and those delusions fed on themselves, increased his belief in his own infallibility. His casual reference to his "inner voice" is the tip-off. Now he isn't having his own way. Some tough Russians are giving the messiah an awful pushing around. But you can bet that Herr Hitler knows it's somebody else's fault, not his own. When a Napoleonic complex is frustrated, it always blames sinister outsire influences. It's called delusions of persecution, and is a logical, common progression of paranoia. It explains in part the shakeup of the German high command for failure to take Moscow, a campaign Hitler reputedly ordered himself. Further reverses will increase Hitler's nedd fo somebody to blame, until his accusations descend to the patently absurd and they give him command oC a paper doll army in a padded puzzle factory. These are some of the speculations current in Washington today. It's safe to say that all is not well within the German high command, that great General Staff that performed so brilliantly in times past. It't. already h;td its efact on the German Ahrny, which is certainly not the irresistable force that went into Russia Uis>t Jung. Mrs. Sarah McGough, G-l, Dies Early Friday Mrs. Sarah E. McGough, 64, Nevada county resident, died at her home at Laneburg early Friday morning. Funeral services will bo held at the Laneburg church at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon with the Sev. Silvey and Rev. Erwin officiating. Burial will be in Laneburg cemetery. She is survived by her husband, P. R. McGough, a son, Munn McGough of Laneburg, a daughter, Mrs S. E. Looinis of San Antonio, Texas and four grandchildren. CHEVROLET invites the millions of patriotic, forward-looking Chevrolet owners—and; in fact, all motorists —to join with Chevrolet dealers in a great national 'CM CONSERVATION Society Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Pittman have rc- turncd home after spending a few days in Memphis. Helen Hale has been elected by the Mulcridcr staff of A. and M. College, Magnolia, lo be editor of the annual for the remainder of the year. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horace of Prcscott. The Thursday Bridge club met Wcdnseday at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. Dolph Brewer, with all members present. After an enjoyable afternoon of bridge, high score was awarded to Mrs. Archie Johnson. A decicious desert plate was then served by Mrs. Brewer. A Defense dance was given Wednesday night by the Girl Reserve and the Varsity club of the Prescott High school. The Legion Hut was very attractively decorated in red, white and blue crepe papar and ballons. The admission for the dance was a 10 cent defense stamp for couples and a 25 cent stamp for stags. Five dollars was derived from the dance . This monuy will be used on the fund for a defcnro bond to be bought by the high school. Thomas Rea Logan, student of tht University of Arkansas, at Fayetteville, has been pledged by Theta Tau engineering fraternity. Subscribe to the Hope Star now, delivered at your home in Prescotl each afternoon. Mack Greyson, Tele- hone 307. CONSERVE TIRES-ENGINE -TRANSMISSION - EVERY VITAL PART Chevrolet's new "Car Conservation Plan" is designed to help you keep your car serving faithfully for fhe dura- fion, and invites your cooperation on the following points: (1) Observe the simple, fundamental, thrifty rules of car care, such as keeping tires properly inflated, checking battery, water, oil, etc. ... (2) Get a simple service "check-up" at your Chevrolet dealer's now, and avoid major troubles later.... (3) See your Chevrolet dealer regularly, because periodical "check-ups" cost little, while neglect brings big repair bills. .., Remember—your car also serves in "America's Victory Program." Keep it serving well by keeping it well serviced. To conserve rubber—to make your fires lasf longer—hove your steering and wheel alignment checked with this special equipment af your Chevrolef dealer's. CHEVROLET DEALERS SPECIALIZE IN 1HESE "CONSERVATION SERVICES" for All Makes of Cars and Trucks 1. TIRE SER VICE (lo conserve rubber). 2. RADIATOR (fo safeguard coo/ing system). 3. LUBRICATION (to conserve motor, chassis). 4. BRAKES (to preserve lining, efo). 5. MOTOR TUNE-UP (to conserve engine and fuel). 6. CARBURETOR AND FUEL PUMP (fo save fuel). 7. STEERING AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT (makes fires lasf longer— conserves robber). 8. BODY AND FENDER REPAIR. 9. CLUTCH, TRANSMISSION, REAR AXLE. 10. HEADLIGHT AND ELECTRICAL CHECK-UP. 11. SHOCK ABSORBER SERVICE. 12. PAINTING, REFINISHING, WASHING, etc. SEE YOUR LOCAL 'CHEVROLET DEALER FOR SERVICE A MOBILE NATION IS A STRONG NATION YOUNG CHEVROLET CO. Hope, Arkansas

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