The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 27, 1963 · Page 7
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 7

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1963
Page 7
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WMNB Radio Programs Schedules for Week of July 28th-August 3rd WMNB—1230 KC Transcript News 7:30 a.m. — 8:00 a.m. 12:15 p.m. — 12:30 pja. 6:00 — 6:15 p.m. 10.30 p.m. — 10:45 p.m. SUNDAY 8:00 — Sign On. 8:01— Lead Kindly Light. 5:15 — Organ Moods. 8:30— News. News and Soorts with We»tbef 8:45 — Christian Science Program 9 .00 — "Joseph Conrad," with Louis Roberts, assistant professor of English, Northeastern "University. 9:30 — Sunday Best. 10:00— Polish Varieties PoISas. Prank Galuszk» 10:53— Sews 11:00— Church Service Union Summer Service (Methodist-Congregation- ali at the 1st Methodist Church, conducted by the Rev. Virgil Brallier. 12-00— Sunday slangs 12:30— Italian Melodies With Frank Esposlto. 1:30 — Mormon Sennonettes. 1:43— The search. 2:00 — News. 2:05 — Music You Want. 2:30 — Heartbeat Theater. 3:00— News. 3:05 — Sunday Matinee. 3:15 — Here's to Veterans. 3:30 — Sunday Matinee. 4:00— News. 4:05 — Sunday Matinee. 5:OO— News. 5:05— Sunday Matinee. 6:00— News and Weather. 6:15 — Guard Session. 6'30 — The Hour of the Crucified. 7:00 — Dinner Concert. 8:00— Recitation of the Rosary. 8:15 — Howard Kershner's Commentary on the News. 8:30— Choir Date. 8:45— Hour of St. Francis. 9:00 — Concert Under the Stars. 10-30 — Transcript News and Weather. 10:45— Nightcao. 11:00— Sign-Off. MON.THRU FRI. 5:30— Sim on mva new* Marie. New*. WeaUur. TlBM-checki. and Sftrti Kesnlt* 6:00— Angelus and New* 6 : 07 — Daybreak 6:15— Sacred Heart Talk 6:23— Daybreak. 6:30 — Spraeue LOB of Air— Monday Wednesday and Friday 6:35— Daj break 7:00— Spragne Lou of Air— Tuesday and Thursday. 7:15— Daybreak J:J»— WMXb- Newi Cnal- CMtc laternatiMial New* An* •Ink. Sttrtt Brief* L»- eal ami Befftanal Men an« Weather 8:30 — Family Safety. Mon.. Wed, FrU S^S— Daybreak. 8:55— News 9:00— Morning Devotion* Northern Berkshire Ministerial Asm 9:15— Companion. 10:00— News 10 :05 — Companion. 11:00— News 11 :05 — Companion. 1Z:15— New* Lceal. ReKiMuL. Nation' al and World -Wide Summary. with Weather and Stock Market 13:30 — Noontime Sports Review Capsule summary ot sport* with Bucky Bullett 12:36— Song Shop 2:00— News. 2:05— Band of the Day. 2:30 — Moods in Music. 3:00— News. 3:30 — Boston Symphony Orchestra at Tanglewood (Monday) 3:45 — Music World (Monday) 3:30 — Social Security (Thursdny Only i 4:00— Newjt 4:03 — The Music World 5:00— Ncws. 5:05 — Supper Club. 5:30— News. 5:35 — Supper Club. 5:50 — School Lunch Menus. 5:55— -In Town Tonight. C:M — Six VCIoek Beport. Four- long News Stmuaarr. fn- elndes loeal newfl from the Transcript Ntwsrttin, Sports. Barometer ot Business. Commentary and World »na National News with Wither SummnTy- «:45 — Report From Bonn (Monday) 6:45— Family Safety. (Tues., Thurs^ Sat."* 6:45 — Wednesday — "Your Hospital, with George Lcrrigo. 7:00— News. 7:05 — Supper Club. 7:30 — Mon.: Supper Clhb. Thurs.: Guard Session. Fri.: Serenadte In Blue. HAWAIIAN EYE — Connie Stevens and Troy Donahue become involved wHh a jaii musician and his problems in -the repeat of "Blow Low, Blow Blue" on Hawaiian Eye over ABC Tuesday from 8:30 to 9:30. WMNB-Red Sox Baseball Sunday — 1:25 Los Angeles at Boston (Doubleheader) Monday & Tuesday — 7.55 Minnesota at Boston Wednesday — 1:55 Minnesota at Boston Friday — 7:00 Boston at Washington Saturday — 8:00 Boston at Washington Buclcy BulJeti's Warm-tip Time precedes each game. •J-.4S—Wed.: The Navy Swings. 8:00—News. 8:05—The Swing Shift. 8:55—Boston at Kansas City. (Tues.. Wed., Thurs * Boston at Chicago (Fri.) 9:00—News. 9:05—The Swing Shift. 9:30—Just Good Music: Semi- Classical and Mood Music <Mon_ Wed. Fri.) Jazz. Tues_ Tnura. 10:»—New* Frm Transcript News- r o • B and Associated Press, with Wemtlier 10:45—Sports Final Late Scores and Sport* Highlights 10:50—Nightcap. 11:00—Sign OH SATURDAY 5:30—Sign On »nfl News 5:35—Daybreak 6:00—AngelUS and NtWl 6:05—Deybreak 6 -30—News 6:35—Daybreak 7:00—News 7:03—Daybreak 7:3O— WMNB News Cavalcade 8:00—Daybreak 8:55—News 9:00—Morning Devotions. Northern Berkshire Ministerial Assn. 9:15—Music Makers. 10.DD—News 10:03—Saturday Serenade Latest Albums 11:00—News 11:05—Saturday Serenade. 11:45—The Good Life. 12:00—Showcase 12:15—News 12:30—Noontime Sports Review 12:35—Songshop- 1:30—Moods in Music 2:05—News 2:05—Band of the Day 2:30—Music lor You 3:00—News 3:05—Music for You. 3:15—Music lor You. 4:00—News 4:05—Music for You 5:00—News 5:05—Supper Club. 5:30—The Bowling Show 5:45—Music for You 5:50—Family Salety. 5:55—In Town Tonight. »:00- -News • :1S—Sport* Trail 6:20—Supper Club. 7:30—Saturday Night Dance Party 8:00—News. 8:05—Dance Party 9:00—News 9:05—Dance Party 10:00—Just Good Music 10:30—News and Weather. 10 45—Sports final 10:50—Nigh trap. 11:00—Sign Olf Newsman Mueller To Start 25th Year With NBC on Aug.! By JOAN CROSBY NEW YORK—On Aug. 1, NBC newsman Merrill Mueller will begin his 25th year of broadcasting and telecasting for NBC and perhaps because he has finally stopped to think of all those working hours, he leaves for vacation the next day. . Papal Specialist Mueller has returned from a five-week stay in Italy, where he became a papal specialist. Back in New York he has settled down to a schedule that includes: two weekly radio pieces, one on money and one on leisure; daily radio newscasts and daily local television newscasts. Plus "roving assignments on politics, space and popes," he added. The two dozen years since Mueller did a Paris broadcast for NBC on speculation ("I was scheduled to do two broadcasts, then someone else was to be tried out. The first broadcast I did turned out to be the night Paris was blacked out in World War II. aand I never stopped") have passed very quickly, he says. There are three outstanding memories for him. "The first," he recalled, "was D-Day when I was with Eisenhower. I was serving the world radio pool, and so broadcast from Portsmouth, England. It was wonderful to be able to get on the air that night and announce that we had made the landings and the cost, in casualties, was one-tenth what we expected. "The second outstanding memory was the Japanese surrender. I was on the Missouri, and we ALL PROGRAMS IN THIS SECTION ARE SUPPLIED BY THE STATIONS. ALL STATIONS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE LAST- MINUTE CHANGES. had drawn lots to see who would handle the broadcast. Two guys in the Navy won, but two minutes ' before the event I was paged over the loudspeaker. I found out later that Gen. MacArtbur, with whom I had spent a lot of time, insisted that I do the Army side of the announcing. It was a very emotional moment, and very difficult to hang on to control-Control of me, that is— during that one." Glenn Orbit The third big event for Red (that's what everyone calls him), was the John Glenn orbit, during which Voice of America, Armed Force* Radio, BBC and 25 other countries were hooked in on Mueller's mike, with simultaneous translations being sup- piied listeners around the world. "1 had covered the Shepard and Grissom flights and had butterflies during those, but I really had butterflies during Glenn's flight. When all those countries plugged into my mike, this really shook me. I found out later, when Edward R. Murrow sent me a letter, that three hundred million people heard that broadcast." From the time he was in high school in Connecticut, Mueller was working on newspapers. "At five cents an inch, I was the richest kid in high school." He won a scholarship to Springfield University. "It was during the depression, and I lasted three months, then my parents ran out of money. So I got a job on the Buffalo Times." Eventually, Red completed college at the Sorbonne and London University. TV Questions And Answers WEDDING BELLS — Wasn't Mitch Miller married tfl Faye Emerson once? Has Kate Smith ever been married?—Pat Johnson. ChillicoUie, 111. Mitch and Faye have never been married to each other. You are probably thinking of Stitch Henderson, another bearded musician, to whom Faye was married. Miss Smith has never married, * * * I LOVE LUCY — The other day while watching a re-run of Peter Guiui I recognized a girl I knw in Arizona. Her name is Lucy Marlow. I would like la know II she is married, and where I can write her. — Mary Jane Martin, Fort Wayne, Ind. Lucy is married to Andy Carey, who played baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers last season. He is out of baseball now, and working as an investment broker. They have a house in Malibu Beach, Calif, (you can write her there), and they are the parents of two children. * » * WHO'S WHOSE — To whom is Sally Ann Howes married? — R.S.M., Miami Fla. Sally, who appears frequently on To Tell the Truth, is married to composer Richard Adler. WILLIAM SHATNER William Shatner Thinks Television Improving Daily By JOAN CKOSBY NEW YORK — Hooray for William Shatner, a successful young actor who has some nice things to say about television. Shatner, who has played the male lead Lrv two Broadway successes, "The World of Suzi Wong" and "A Snot in the Dark," has recently moved to California because he enjoys working in television, and California is where the majority of television work is. Fine- Things "In some ways," Bill said, "television is going into a phase of finer things. Television producers are finding good artistic creations draw a large audience. Quality is improving daily to the extent that one artistic medium doesn't offer any more to the performer than any other." Bill was in New York filming an episode of The Defenders, set for next season, his third appearance on the show. And he was explaining his move to Hollywood. "I have become somewhat disenchanted wrth Broadway, which is purportedly the criteria for all art forms. It's supposed to be where the artists go. Well, that's not so. It is as commercial as any other medium. My loss of innocence about the theater was hard to face at first." Shatner, a handsome young man whose personality alternately takes poetic and comic turns, found he was being called to Hollywood so much lie had to maintain an apartment there as well as a house in the East. "They work so close to the bone in Hollywood, that sometimes I would just make it out in time to start production. It's harder to live in New York and be called to the Coast, then to live there and come back here. With Reluctance "I never did like the cold and the dirt and the rudeness and the violence in New York, but it was still with utmost reluctance my wife and I decided to move to California. In New York we lived in a beautiful place, an old house that I felt was truly home. We're a young couple with two young children, and I felt as if I was giving part of my little girls' childhood away when we left that house. "I'll always remember the snow settling in the winter. It was so white. And we had a tree that bloomed in late April, and in April I kept thinking, I should be watching that tree bloom. And even today, when the early morning sun is in a certain position, or I see certain cloud shapes scudding across the blue sky, I think I'm in the wrong place, and I should go home." In California, Bill says he has gone Hollywood to the extent of having a swimming pool. "But I have rationalized it," he said with a laugh, "In New York I walked M blocks a day sometimes. In Hollywood, you can't walk. But keeping fit is important, so I need a swimming pool. Right?"

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