The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1940
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corrwwjw cp^rtM" tint uxiutj But; a Button Re a Sponsor VOLUME XXXV1I-NO. 4}. TJ1K W«'NANT NKWSPAPKU OP NORTH** ETT ARKANSAS A»n 0 ™~~?,Z:* ^ ^ "^ * * O Blylhcvlllc Dully N lilyihevillo Courier Mississippi Vnlley 1/eiuler Illylheville Ili'mld Be a Sponsor Buy a Button' CLAIM BATTLESHIP CEN'IS Chamberlain Needs Norwegian Victory; Doubt Italian Move ^S*'»J^^^- ^ " w- , . (DP)—Helling in official circles was about even today Uial Italy would oiler UK: war in thn immediaLi; I'ulnrc. . State department officials maintained complete secrecy ns to Die details of President Roosevelt's admitted effort to prevent the war from spreading to new areas. So closely guarded were Amerlc.ii) diplomatic maneuvers thai only a few top-ranking officials in the department were permitted to sec the correspondence between the slate dparlmnt ami the American ambassador William Phillips in Rome. The -few "in Hie know" refused nil comment, Others advanced their personal opinions, with the ad- mlssiion thai they were "not better informed than their interrogators. The activities or the stale department and American representatives in Italy indicated that this government was making unusual The Allied powers intern! I. light OH in Norway with (In greatest vigor, an' niilhonla five •.slalemonl cmphasi/fit lotlay while n iiolitkTil loin post threatened tlm cabinc of Prime .Minister Ncvillt Chamberlain as a result o reverses in tho Scamlinaviiii campaign. It wns up to the Ih-itish nav and landing forces to win a victory at Narvik on the norm Norwegian coast, observers believed, b order to temper (.ho attack on tin Chamberlain government when i faces parliamentary debate Tnes- dny. An announcement, by (he Norwegian official news agency that British and French troops abandoning Nairn-os had landed snfe- ly elsewhere in Norway was sup"'" ""' «!' reports that the AI- efforls to dissuade Italy "from join-' ^ es |J ml s''"'!"! a big senlc attacking actively in the war. Authorita- on Narvik. British and Norwegian troops had responslble official felt, would be doomed to failure even before it was advanced. It wns believed that the president had pressed to Premier Mussolini every argument lie could devise against becoming actively engaged in the war. The president, bombarded by questions concerning his activities and those of his diplomatic representatives In the Mediterranean area, said merely the government . was doing everything It could to prevent the wnr from spreading., . ,: Acting Secretary, of State sum- neV Welles declined lo interpret" or expand upon the president's statement, I'nilllps' messages from Rome were reported in press dispatches to have been unusually long. One report stiid Phillips had sent one message of 10,000 words. In some quarters it was believed the departure of President Roosevelt for Hyde Park, N. Y., for tho weekend, and the continued absence of Secretary of State. Cortlell Hull, indicated lhat administration official believed n new crisis would not develop over the weekend. Hull-went to Atlantic City, N. J., Tuesday evening for n rest. It was recalled, however, that be at home In the mountains between Narvik and the Swedish frontier. It wns Indicated that there were Allied troops at several bases between Ti-ondlicfm .and Narvik. The farther north they were the safer they would be from the shattering German airplane bombardments which caused them to abandon Andatsnes and Nnmsos. The Allied objective, the expulsion of the Germans from central and southern Norway, seemcu very remote now. For the moment British and French strategy was unpredictable. iBiil" paralysis of Narvik, which not only is an import- suit iron ore. port but even when the Gulf of Bothnia is ice free has most of the northern ore crushing machinery, would be a blow to Germany for a long time. The war office in an early morning communique said that the Norwegian commander in chief liad been conveyed to an undisclosed destination and that "any order of the day announcing negotiations for an armistice were obviously made without his authority." There was no foundation, it was added, for a statement lhat ihe Norwegian commander in chief was not informed of Allied decisions to evacuate the Trondheim Six Killed, Many injured l]y Tornado BY AIR BOMBS \ lomitdo Hint- struck nenr Beiilon, Ark., 24 i mps n down. E. If. Hicks, lill, and hi* daughter. K | S | C nicks. •>», wWe killed In tho wre< .ome shown In n, E above picture. William nnd Hay, 110 ,ul i.lck s .'soils of M, lllcks were se nnd arc in hospitals.(NBA Telcpjioto). of I heir Held OH Spy Suspicion Mr. Hoosevclt anil Hull were awav • slom '° evilcllate Ulc Ti-ondheim from Washington when Germany i aren ' ol ' " lttl " e Wils '"^tinting —_.._. ,., _ J nn armistice. marched into Denmark and Norway. Mother Of Twins Dies At Hospital Mrs. Essie Mask, mother of 12- day-okl twin daughters, died last night, at Walls hospital. Site ''was 28; and the wife of George W. Alask of near Yarbro. Tlie bnbies arc in excellent condition although one of them lind to be placed in an incubator for several days but is now back in the nursery. Funeral services for the mother will be held Sunday afternoon, 2 o'clock, at Cobb Funeral Home, by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptist church, with burial in Eimwood Cemetery. Mrs. Jfask, who moved to Mississippi county with her parents from Wayncsboro, Tenn., at the age ol eight years, is nlso svir- vlved by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fran): Henson; four brothers, Louise, Willie. Floyd and Jlarley Henson nnd one sister, Miss Evelyn Henson. This was n denial of I lie implication in n communique issued by n Norwegian troop commander in the area north ot Trondheim thai he hail not been informed of liie Allied withdrawn! nnd that therefore he had been compelled to conclude nn armistice. Presumably if Ihis commander wns not notified it was because his own chid liad not loki him. Notification or no notification, it was conceded that nny troops lefl in the Nnmsos area would have to give up soner or later, nut it was reported that there were many Norwegian trooixs. aided by civilian volunteers, who were still offering the Germans itch resistance as they could. New York Cotton May July Dec. Jan. Mar. prev. open high low close close 1069 IOCS 1008 1000 1071 1043 1043 1040 1041 1043 997 1000 9DB 1000 999 980 986 980 986 932 970 970 970 970 D80 967 9C9 064 9C9 966 Safe Defies Ye£gnirn MERIDIAN, Conn. (UP)-Burglars trundled a huge, 100-pound safe from the home of Salvatore I'uglisi to a nearby lot. All night (hey worked to get it o|wn. But. when morning came, they had to give it up as a bad job. Inside wns $6.00fl in bonds and 590 in cash, which was returned to Piiglist. n-l 90 29 84 Chicago Corn open hgih low close May 631-4 651-2 551-4 631-2 July 6G 1-4 CO 1-2 6GI-8 661-2 New Orleans Cotton May . July . Oct. . Dec. . Jan. , Mar. . prev. open high low close close 1080 1080 1078 1078 10841 1051 1052 10-50 1050 10531 1000 1003 999 1003 1002' 980 D87 9S4 987 98?' 979 979 918 919 984 971 911 968 968 980 Stock Prices A T & T : . . Am Tobacco ... ,• Anaconda Copper Belli Sleel '' " Chiyslcr '.. Cities Service General Electric Gnecral Motors Int Harvester Montgomery Ward N Y Central \'.'.'.'. North Am Aviation Packard Phillips ".]". Radio ','.'.'.'. Republic Steel Socony Vacuum ...'..... Studebakcr Slandard Oil N j ...... Texas Corp ... 0 S Steel ". 1-4 Advancement In German' Aircraft Has U. S. Ex- perls Worried WASHINGTON. May -I. <m>)— hair-man Elmer Thomas of the 1 cnnte military appropriations sub- : oininiUee "said todiiy that expert ' estlmony Indicating American wm- lancs nrc inferior to those of Jc German air force may prompt immittce members lo ndd $20- • 00,000 to the pending army bill 11 or additional planes. The committee, he snld, probably would supply that amount for 100 latest type aircraft in addition lo the 57 planes approved In the house version of (he 5785.000 measure carrying 1941 appropriations for the war department. He suld that testimony of Major General H. H. Arnold, chief of the air corps, and other nrmy foul ami im 10 GO 10 JOfi! II Congressman Takes Slime And Denies Intcni To Violfilo Law Awarded $5,000 For Personal Injuries CAiiUTIIERSVILLE. \!o., May 4 (UP)—E. G. Mitchell was given n verdict for $5,0(!0 in his damage suit, agninsl the Gordon Transport Company In circuit court here yesterday. It was n personal injury case. Doyle Henderson of Hlythcviilc Pass. Texas Hot- niresl wns ramie' lt " lc vc(ci ' nns Petition got thin, by immigration lli^cto"- who.! »«">y *li™lmw the first day It lifter Investigation fcimil ..-lins wn ;J (l - whieh lead lo n .sii.<nirin» itmi . ''' re >en«l to Ihe discharge pe- 01 me air corps, and other nrmy "oni lji>l Rlnntos. 20-ycnr-olcl cfricinls. convinced ihe committee | French Cunudinn girl who Is being that developmenls in the northern llclt ' « s » spy suspscl u|. Eagle-1 European war show Amcrlcnn """" " planes are not ns goou ns Gor- miinyVi although there are Indicn- tions lhat all Oerninn technical advances will be available tr> our technical engineers. Arnold testified Unit Nn/l planes are outfittcrt with protective armor for crews. :n milimeler guns and self scaling gasoline tanks which make tlicm virtually impervious to maeliine gun fire. Aclion To Force Halcli Bill Vote Gets Considerable Backing WASHINGTON, May 4 (UP)— Supporters of the lialch "clean politics", bill ncnrcd Ihe half \vny murk today In their olfort to'brlnt? the measure lo the floor froin Us pigeon hole in the house puilleliiry When the house adjourned yes- 1 terday n (olnl of 103 members Imd signed the discharge petition filed by Repj-csentnlive John ,1. Oemp- sey (Dem., N. M.) a majority ol the house membership or 218 Is necessary. Since signatures inny be signed only when the house Is In session no additions will be possible before Monday when Ibr- chamber next convenes. "This is n very unusual showing," Oompsey salil. -| don't recall rans petition got thin UAINKSVI!,!,],;. fin., jtuy .( , ( —The federal uriill. trial of Hen Trunk Whelehel i !),.,„., A | H _, „,,„,.. cd u eluse tudny us Die novel nmenl'.s net' prosoi-ulor. o. John Hoggo, wmulil tci convince n Jury of moun- Inlnrulk Hun ihci,- cBiiKi-nssiiiun Imd chained Inrgu r ce « f,>r appoint- il! his con.slltnenl:; ( 0 , ms i,,] , son .. t 1 Jobs. Till! cnse wns expected lo reneh I lie Jurors by nightfall nfti-r a week of sciisiilloniil testimony IllKlilhililwl by; 1. The government's rlmrj-c, snp- )rtcd by u muss or drciunslnnllnl 'Idenee, (lint Wlielchel cxneleil monetary tribute from aspirant reilc::>.l Job-holilns before. ulv Ilium Ills I'ccointiK'iidntlon 2. The defense replv Hint \Vhtl- lel luul never been inllucm-eil by "cash amslilernlions" In lining tl Inl service vacancies, but had t,v- ceplcd several "tree will ciunpnlun conli-lbiitlon.s." ....e. nsslslanl U. S. nltorncy Koneral mill speclnllsl In proscciilliiR public otficinls. wus scheduled lo umke Ihe final .smumntlon for the Kovernmeiil, Whelchi'l's llnnl word of defense wns expruteii (o come from one of his legul .stair, i>,,ui Carpenter. Wlielchel nnd IMckens County Commissioner II. Orndy .limes, nlso on trial and accused ul being (he congrcssinnn's go-belween m n n, luted lengthy |,,-| so n sentences nnd heavy fines If fouml guilty. The maximum sentence for the counts ngiilnsl Wlielchel would be 13 ycnrn Imprlsoimicnt nnd n $'22,000 tine. ,'Joncs \viis tlirentcned with n fiHl- ernl prison sentence 'or 10 yem-i nnd fines up lo $12,000. | The congressman wi« on the witness stand for nearly .three, horns lute yesterday, testifying In his own behall Mint while he may him- committed sonic "Indiscretion. 11 he cerlnlnly wns not guilty of "an In- lent lo violate Die |,,iv." To government charges Dint he cllclled money from his constituents before obtaining small lown pnsl- mcislershfps nnd rural mall routes for them, he replied: "II mny be nn Indiscretion on my part Ihe fuel thnt these nppolul'- menls were mude nboiil the lime thnt I received contributions—" Olsricl Attorney Ijiwrencc S. which lead io n .suspicion tliiil. she was galheriii}; military liicls lor Oerrnmiy. iVhniy Ihive No! Bouglii Billions, Says Group Head Al n meeting of the National Cotton Picking Association Saturday morning, members of tin- executive committee estimated (hat "mere than 2.000 Blythcvlllr ciii- ton ricking Contest." An appeal out n bill providing pensions for widows nnd dependents of nil World War vclimns. Hniikln's petition has achieved the neccssnry 218 names and it. becomes eligible for consideration nn May ill. Senator Gerald [', Nye (Hep., N. D.>^ coimtictitcd thnt tin- house Hutch iii-l situation wns "ffiiilc un- bcllevnble." He snld ilioi. Die house "must, vote on this very Important legislation" and expressed Ihe belief that Hie senate should remain In session until (lie house nets. tVhclchel pleading wood to "slnlc Ihe (acts. 1 continued in n grave, voice: "I Imve not sold n route or n post office, l would not if l could, mid It I hnd, r would have gone nbmil Boast Of Nazis, If True, May Be Answer To Grave Question iy hnd ove ry Six Clubs Have Al tendance Al Held Here Perfect Annual The imiiual Norlh Mlsshslpnl Coimly Doys nii ( l Girls -l-|i Club Rnlly, held nt Walker Park yt-slcr- by IOQU c | n ], meiiibers ami sponsors from 29 clubs In Hie North District. Chilis nt Cole HIclKc, Hut I.ukc. Lost Cunu Ileecu, ihyinn mid skUveu Imd t(io per cenL mcmbei'shlp prcscni. Alhlellc events, names, n picnic liini-h mid „ thmU-r nnvty iniule up IJie nil iliiy proynun for this largest event of Us kind ever held In the comity. In ihu coiiU'sl.s. nii'inters from nl«n schools were classed in "A" •reams mid those from elcnumlary schools were classed In "U" Tennis with some schools entered In both divisions. On tin,' relay nice, "A" Hoys, winners wen: Lone Ouk, Ym-ljro and Lost Cniic, for first, second and mini places; ,''B" B6ys, Rocky Urmvii, Cole nidge. "A" Girls, Clos- airls, Ynrbro, Brown; "H" Mt Cure. Cioxiiell, Kcecc, Winners In Die ihree la'W'i were: "A" nays. Lost <lni\s. Oak,' Oosnell;. "H" Hoys," Ciosnell. Brown; "A" Girls,'GosneiL Boynton. in-own; "H" Girls, Closnoll, Jiocky, ilrowfi. Soflbnll Ihrow wlmier.s "A" Hoys, Ciosnell, ||n); Ynrbro; "11" Uoy.s, llnlf l-ost Cnne, Boyntnn; "A" ffosr.oll. Ynrbro, I'nwhccn; dlrls, lx)st Cnne. Promised Moon, Moon, Girls. •-+ Tin-' high comtnnnd snid the bat- IH'shlp hnd been struck between the two forward turrets by heavy caliber bombs. .--... "Hnlf n minute Inter there wa;s ii TiDO-ynrd Jlnine followed by tlilck Muoki; from she ship," the high rammnnd communique snld, "Nothing further wns visible except flouting debris." ^'1'lie Win-spile Class (the Queen l'.ll/nbeih class, according to Jane's lighting ships, mtthorllittlve nnvnl nnnunl) comprises five, ships: the Queen Ellznlicth, Wnrspltc. Vnltnnt, Uni-hnin nnd Mnlnyn. All are old, Imvliig been commissioned between' 19U nnd 11(15. Bach .carries more Minn 1,100 nipn, A sinking such ns described in Ihe communique, pro- sumnbly with nil or most hands, would be ono of the greatest single disasters of the wnr. The Wnrspltc Itself wns known lo have been eugnged In tho Norwegian campaign, it led n flotilla of deslroycrs Into Narvik April 1'J nnd helped sink several German destroyers and transport ships In i Imtlle there. (The Wnrspile took part In the world wnr battle of Jutland. It's rutldcr was disabled nnd it ran In circles during the hent of (lie lighting. The Germans claimed that it hud Ijctii! sunk, but • It rcnched homo, wns repaired nnd returned to duty.) Olllclnl quarters here snld that, the airplanes had , nlUioked the biillte-hlp-ln successive waves; scor- I'tfr lutincroiis full hits before the .ship went down. First reports of Ihe sinking hnd reached here from Ocntiiin quarters nt Oslo liie night. It Imd been announced In' London yesterday that the British expeditionary force hnd abandoned Nnmsr*, pulling bnck to sen short" followlnj} the British evacuation Ihe Andnlsncs nrea, which left nil Shniiy 'I'lie Orovi.'. Ihrow 11. Bry- it- differently, iini the D f Iloyntiin; "A" Girls, nut, Ynrbro; "H" Cilrls, Flat I.fik'e, Hroivn, Oosnell. Gosncll won n loving cup for Irsl honors In sweepstnkrj in "A" mil Rocky lor "U" division, Indl- vldiml medals were presented first ilncc winners In the relny mid luce lesgeil races nnd Individual silver miniature bnscljalls and solt- , IHc Germans In full control of Noiwny except (lie barren, fur north, nnd for scattered spots ol Norweglmi reslslimce. innllcr anil I have not Intended wrong." wns packed long i . '" « nlh "»- '"""»• Lo . 1 of member!; of the Judiciary corn- Ark., and Ward and Reeves rcprc- i ec ca " carry ,,?" lls P ul) ««:lly work sentcd Mitchell nnd R F Bavncs ,°' n "?' """' " 1C C0ntcsl is ll( '" 1 and O. E. Hooker were counsel for, ""^/'''V 1 . , . the defendant company I " Wc lmvn trlc " lo "' akc s "°" s01 ' • buttons available to everyone in (the city but we have inissc (" Students Tie For Scholastic Honors LONDON (UP)--Don't wear eyebrow pencil in nn air raid, the security has niittee who claimed lo have voted , lo bring ihe bill to the lloor wn.s | Increasing. 'Hie seciet vote Inken measure wns * to have been H lo 10. "Duo to confusion on this poinl," Dcnipscy said. "I do hope the yoiic in Judiciary committee w!;i rccon- cd him-1 : ' iflsr lts VMp - Jn view of the .sltu- wns made by lioscoc Crn „ , es- ™bri», M I n T n "" nVB V0t idem of tho association, lo every ° ', "« "'? n ' )l " tn lllc llon1 ' « clvic-mindcil resident to purchase 1^1" ^. n ."u "n' 1 ' 1 """ ^ a button now so lhat the cominil- ^. ay . !° " ll>lcl llic tee can carry on Us publicity work '. c .' mn "( ^' '"embcis before oppni lion of legal fIi ewortts. The cnse lins altractcd Intense Inlr-icsl H.S both sides plied up testimony mid evidence estimated by Cinut Ite- porler Calvin Castlen nt nearly 500.000 words. WJiclchrl drew an owrllow crowd ycslcixlny, composed largely of local business people and relatives, ns he made n dramatic, .sometimes llsht-licnrtcd pica for forgiveness of his ''indiscretion." At Store Counter Frnnk Cruse walked Into Hny;.' Store nt 9:30 o'clock this morn.nM nnd dropped dcnd a few minutes Inter ns he stood nt a counter. The (15-year-old mnn hnd been In apparently good health and hnrt snld nothing of feeling ill. Funeral rites will be held Sunday s- unera res will be held S oalis to winners or first plruvs in ! nflcrnoon. 3-30 o'clock at liicse events j funeral i( omc . M . fmA { Ki to nr- In the contest for the mosl gh-l ra,«cme,,ls which hai | „„. been " 1< -""' (lf « wcnring their 4-11 mil- complcled at nccn lodny ministry ol home warned women. Eyebrow pencil of Ihe city but we have missed him-1" 1 "- 1 " Ils VMp - Jl > view of the .sltu- drcds of people," Mr. Crnfton said. iUI °" l tlotl 't sec how it can do 1 ••The American Legion members ""jailing else." j liavc worked diligently to sell tlic buttons but many people who arc bcoslcrs ot om- cause have either been out of town or unavailable. We have placed buttons In several downtown stores in an effort to * doumown stores in nn enorc iu ! mnkr It ensy for everyone to buy the nun- • n button." Mr. Crafton said that every pi-r- waterproof type is liquified by the temperature inside a gas mask nnd i sou appearing on the sheds aid that interest Police to Accidents '• throughout the South and South- s , s | lirllCBlC( | by u , c noon of 5-8! 8-81 GREENWICH. Conn. (UP)_Tlic 1 Federal Communications Commission stepped in when complaints were made that local garagemen were listening in to police brond- Cfncaao Wheat requests for Information which comes lo the Association's offices. He reported lhat a large newspaper syndicate has requested » (cn- turo- article of 2500 words ivllh pictures which will appear in nnjnox- imalcly 1500 papcrts throughout the nation. 'Die article will appear Int- the police. All FCC rule prohibits use of! information from a police a this material costs money and the only wny we can carry on our work In nn efficient manner is for everyone In lilytlie- ville to buy n sponsor button." Mr. Crnfton said. The committee Is scliecluled to hold Us next regular mcellni' on Tuesday. Clearing House Helps War Talent Search TORONTO, Out, (UI'l-A "clear- Ing house" has been established in Toronto for thousands of trained' men needed in llic scheme for' training Empire nlr pilots. | The men nrc being trained in nil the skilled branches of aeronautics nnd mechanics that nrc needed for servicing ftjhling planes. Heart Attack Fatal To Miss Maggie Minyard Miss Maggie Minyanl died .suddenly M her home nenr Ucll yesterday allernooii after having been slrickcn with n licnrl nltnck -j few minutes before, she was 39. Mineral rites were to be held till Is afternoon nt Wilkins cemc- Icry by the Kcv. j. w. Horn in Ml.wlsslppi, u, c family moved here IS yenrs ago. She Is survived by her fnthcr. A M Minyard; four brother!), Ford. Nrnl, John and Given Minyard. nnd one shier. Miss .Mnltle Mlnvnrd, nil of IJlylhcvllle. Holt Funeral Home Is In charge. plane in proper trim. Missouri I'rninl of Maple Syrup FULTON, Mo. (UI>) — Missouri, nationally known for its mules, now makes a hid (or From Parked Auto Muss Mary Lee Warren turned from the outdoor mall box nt the postofflce enrly last " lctler ' lo .., from the sap maple trees. <™ few V «lrl» in Mr. Cruse, who hnd spent most - ereen uniforms won first; lirown wns second nnd Ciosncll «ns third. Cups were awarded. ,„ L. C. McCain, ol Lost Curt-, wns ) lei's, Mrs I awarded n hog by .Slnnion pepper ingloii, Mo., the hog-calling con- as winner of Icsls. V In ciinrgc of the event, which wns concluded with n Ihcntrr pnr- lj with Mr. nnd Mrs. O. W. Mc- Cntchen ns host ami hostess, were: J. J. I'lckren, comity agricultural agent; Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent; E. N. ShH-cley, chairman of rally committee; Von MiilJim, official starter of contests; Miss Margaret Snide, chairman student committee: Roy Ashabranner, chairman softball throw contest; Aubic Smith, chairman softbnll throw contest; !•. J). Hubbard, <-lulrin;in three legged race; T. R. ivy. chairman relay race; J. Louis Cherry, who eon- dueled the games. Rumania Largest Buyer At Leipzig Trade Fair of his life- In fanning, 'made his home on South Lilly street. Hi- Is survived by four daugh- Coffel of Form- Mrs. Helenn Stone, Miss Mary Evelyn Cruse nnd Miss Lois Cruse, all of Blythcvllle, nnd three sons. Woodrow, Frank nnd Thomas Cruse, all of fllylhevlHe. Three Months Old Cooter Baby Dies Glendn Grimes, . Ihrce-months- olcl daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Grimes of Cooler, Mo., died nt Walls hospital yesterday a few minutes after having been admitted. The baby had been ill several days. The remains were returned lo Cooler for funeral services. Leipzig G. C. Hawks Market Burglarized Last Night' G. C. Hawks' market nt the corner of Main and Lake streets was burglarized last nigtlt by some Fnlr, recently concluded, wns nt-|°"e who gained entrance Into the tended by 115,607 business men building by pulling olt a board from 35 neutral countries. In a report on activities it was revealed that Rumania wns the largest buyer, followed by Holland. Hungary nnd Italy. Tamo Quail Ucbiiff Hunters OROVlLLE.'Cnl. (UP) — A flock of about '20 fpiall here hns solver! (he problem of how lo become im- cn the rear wall. Five cartons of cigarettes was the litss estimated by Mr, Hnwks today. WEATHER central Missouri's I r,, the iiurVe ' O f monev Ul IJliniLy. Arkansas —Partly cloudy and warmer tonight, Sunday partly • . -.- ----- ;cloudy, warmer in-extreme east, mime from the hunter, They be- center \ n northwest, thundershow- camc tame, and now gather on cis In northwest portion, the rooftop of the residence of Memphis and vlcliiHy-Falr and V. V. Rickett. eat off tho lawn ] siijhtly warmer • tonight, lowest —. i •• "• 'x"-iu;ti. cm uu uic ntwn i snjntiy warmer tonisnt, lowest i n small amount j ard traternlze 'with the public like' t f nWrat«r« about 52, Sunday gen- I'te™ 11 *- • ... (orally fair and warmer.

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