Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1939
Page 2
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A/JY^Wifciv.*™,™, *> HOW STAK, HOPE, Star Consolidated January 18, . _ . _ .-,. ,--- ._ _ __. _ __ _. ' 0 Jtt&ft'c*. Dfttwr Thy Herald From False Report: Published every \veek-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. B. Phbner and Alex. H. Wnshburn, at the Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. • , ' ' C. E. PALMER, PrcsldeM ALEX. H. WASIIBURN, Editor ami Publisher , (AP) — Means Associated Press. (NBA)— Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Ante (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per wwsk ISct per month 6Sc; one year $6.50. By mall, in Hempstead. Nevada, HoWard, Miller and Lafayette counties. S3.50 per year; elsewhere Sfi.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is cxc'.usively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited In this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers front a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. An Anniversary Americans Might Do Well to Recall One hundred am! forty-seven years ago. on October 13. 1792. a little group of people gathered in David Burnes' cornfield by the Potomac to lay n cornerstone. There* were only the most rudimentary signs of civilization about them, the nearest real town being Georgetown, two miles up the river. They were beginning a President's House, designed on classic lines and moHeled on the county seat of'an Irish duke. It was a trememtoils Undertaking for a tiny, struggling republic in the wilderness. "Three"weeks before, the French revolutionary armies beat off a Prussian atiack at .Valmy. A couple of months later the head of Louis XVI thumped rntrt a basket in Paris' Place de In Concorde. AH Europe was ablaze with the Song: running fight between the French Revolution and the reactiton which attacked it from all sides. - The youthful Republic, not unconscious of these world-shaking events, had its own job to do, the building of a house for its President. Three years after the cornerstone-laying, the house was almost ready tor its roof.-In 1800. eight years after the beginnings of the White House, President John Adams got lost in the woods as his carriage brought him to Washington ft-om Baltimore. The house was still unfinished; Mrs. Adams hung up her Washington' in the "gre.at audience room" (the East Room) and complained that in a place surrounded by forests she could not get enough wood for fires tb keep the place warm. The building was not really finished until 1826, for it was badly damaged by the British in 1814, who tried to burn it. To eliminate the stains of this fire, the sandstone was painted white, and ever since, this building has been known around the world as The White House. . Many buildings in olden days stood for much longer than 147 years yet saw the world change far less than it has through the events which this lovely white mansion has looked upon. fr Yet there is a strange augury in the facf that 147 years ago, when the workmen cleared a site in the Potomac cornfield and began the White House Europe was convulsed in war. just as it is today. That war was regarded no less as the end of everything." than in today's war in Europe. Conservatives saw it ^s the conquest of Europe by the rough Parisian mob. Progressives saw it as the suppression of the "people' republic" by the rotting monarchic.; of reactionary countries. All agreed that the world was falling apart. . _ Today ' t* 16 man m ** whit « House is closely in touch with a new war in Europe. His nation has grown great and powerful. But his task is the same as that of the men who sat in the same house and watched the Napolenic wars It is to see that that house remains the home of a freely-chosen head of -i great and free people. a • THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. nca. w. •. »AT. or* . _,, *9 »«< MOMUS nSHBON KdltK. ItnuMl •! Uw Anwrioa M0«e Hygeia, (he Hnlth Mai Overeating, Not Glandular Action, Causes Children to Become Fat Many parents who have before them the problem of children who are extaordinarily fat are willing to temporize, with one hope that the child will become thinner as it grows older and eventually develop a normal form. Others realize that overweight in a child is a handicap to participation in sports and in social life. It may produce emotional and mental reactions in the ehUd that might mark it for life. Physicians continue to study the problem of the obese child with a view to determining what science can do to help those who are handicapped in this way. In the Children's Department of Columbia University in New York they studied 102 children from 2 to 13 years of age whose chief problem was overweight. It was found that execusslve weight at birth does not necessarily lead to the early onset of obsity. Children who become fat may actually be below normal weight at fne time of birth. Analyses were made of the growth of the children's bones and glandular constitutions, for deficient action of the thyroid gland is a cause of overweight. There are also definite changes in the body at the time when it LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We are now in the market for Oak and Gum logs, White Oak, Overcup, Post Oak, Red Oak, and Aah Heading Bolts, Also Round SWEET GUM Blocks. For prices and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Arkansas Phone 245 Reliable Phone Order Filling Whether your doctor phones In a prescription, or you phone an order for drug supplies—we'll (ill H promptly and satisfactorily Two graduate druggists on duty. SEE YOUB DOCTOR When prescriptions are needed call.... WARD & SON The Leading DruffM "We've Cot II" FHONfc 12 Motocyote Delivery FOOTBALL SCORES' College Tech 40, Henderson 0. Union U. 21, Hendrix 6. Un versity Frosh G, Oklahoma A. <S« M. Frosh 0. State Teachers 21, Mim-y (.Ky.) Teachers 0. OunchUn 12, L. S. U. Northeast Center 6. High Scllnn) Little Hock 2, Hot Springs 0. El Dorado 13, North Little Rock (!. School for Deaf 12. Euclora G. Brinkley 27. Catholic High 0. Pine Bluff 38, Fordyce ti. Fort Smith 32, Fayetleville 14. RussellVille 14, Dardanclle 0. Blytheville G5, Paragould 7, Hope 33, Joiiesboro 18. McGehee 20, Crossctt 0. Seurcy 7,-Walnut Ridge G. DeQueen 19. Ashdown 0. Forrest City 31. Marianna 0. Marked Tree 38, Osceota (I. Benton 0. Bauxite 0 (tie). De Vails Bluff 54. Des Arc 7. Frescott 6, Nashville 0. Murfreesboro 7. Amity I). Harrison 1.3, Alma 6. Bcntonville 31. Berryville 14. Gentry 3.?. Hardnan 0. Ucbcr Springs 31, Clinton I). Van Burcn 41. Rogers 0. Sheridan 2(i. Boardcn I). Newport 40. Pocahontas 0. Lake Village 13, Derinolt 0 ClarksvJile 34, Paris G. Malvern 13. Camden 12. Texiirkuna :t8, Horatio 0. Helena 35. West Helena G • "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • . * You Can Talk to Only One Man o Want Ads Talk to Thousand^ SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One tims—3i word, minimum SOc Three times—3%c word, minimum Me Six times—M word, minimum SOc One month—I8c word, minimum 12.70 Rates, are tor continuous Insertions only. For Sale FOR SALE—My modern six room Stucco country hrtme. We'll 540 ft. deep, young orchard bearing, barn and nil other out buildings. 50 acres. Hog proof fence. Springs and lake. Chas. Hanson. lU-5tp Wanted WANTED—Now or renewal subscription for any mngnzinc. See Chns. ReynersOn nt City Hall. 7-fite WANTED: Good used bedroom suit mid heritors. Phone 787-M. Mrs Dnvid Dtwis. . H-:Up. Service* Offered FOH SALE—Good used Underwood typewriter. Suuulurd size. See Wnndu Huberts. Hilliml's .Cafe. 9-3t VOn $1.00 This week only Shipley FOR SALE—38 Chevrolet Tudor—j Studio will nuiko V SxW or ItxU for lii.M-fcct condition-new (ires. A biir-1 S'.*'• Come early. You must lie U;iin. Sec Pete Shields. Cull 87UJ I'loa.sed is our motto. 9-3tc ' 3tp _ | SEHV1CES OFFEHED-See Ik-mp- Oding Fnsl. foil Huso. SS.W) Rugs j stead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, while the privcnt .supply l;i.-;ts :it $3.<I7 i for new and re-built. Phone P;ml Franklii 1 S. Elm. 12-:Hc C58-J Sept. 20 1M. ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Questions on Page One 1. Warsaw, wur, warden. 2. Cracof, cravat. I;. Baltic, Balboa. 4. Moscow, cow, cowslip. 5. Ironside, side sidereal. «»••-•» . Success! KUTZE INLET, B. C.-fP)-It was necessary to get three tons of mining supplies to this remote point by airplane. Consignees thought it over, then prepared a large soft mud puddle, the pilot dropped his cargo without breakage. matures sexually. The investigators concluded that 1 the chief factor in the overweight of these children was overeating. When a child has deficient action of the thyroid there is not only increase in the body weight, but also Joss of mentality. This is not found among most children who are obese. The pituitary glland is important for controlling growth, but none of the changes in body tissue that occurs when there is excessive activity of the pituitary gland was visible in these children who were too fat. The food intake of the fat child is so high above his need.s that the excess is stored as fat under the skin after the food necessary for a rapid rate of growth has been used up. Obese children seem to have a specific capacity for storage of fat which may perhaps be related to their heredity. The chief cure, then, for overweight in children is control of the diet. This is far more important than the provisions of various glandular products which may have the capacity of speeding up the chemical activities that go on inside the body tissues. FOR SALE — Riitieh Lumber and ShiiiRles. [ SL-I« Cliiudo Wnildie. Urcsswt 298W or 12-IHp FOR SALE-Bnss Violen. K£><)<7 con- | dition. new string;;. Sec or cull Pink i W. Tiiylcir. Ph'iiitKfil.W, 7(1(1 Washing- j ton street. ' 12-31 i Our plant is figaln open for Meat Curing and your patnma(;e will be appreciated. Home lue Company. East ,'lrd Street. Phone 44. 02-lmo Radio Repair FOR SALE | 45 ncre. Two houses, one barn, | orchard, on gas, water, light and I telephone line. '4 mite from High School, near city limits on Highway 2!l. 40 acres open nnd pasture. Good wire fences, fine to put in small acreage. At a bargain. (i acres East: of 13th St. Cornelius Ifighls. at a bargain. Have several nice homes on South Main St. for sale. Good Terms. Floyd Porterfield . 12-3tc Ciiinrimtt'ed Rudio ({c'puir Sorvicc -incl repluc'C'iiient .parts. Tubes testoi.!. R:idio Hfrvice, Plioiir Hfl(!. H;iy Allen For Rent j FOR TiENT—Room for rent to men i only. Private entrance, adjuinint; butli, i on South Hervcy St. Claude Stiuirt. FOR RENT—Furnished .1 room brick bungalow. East Third .street. Floyd Porterfiekl 12-310 FOR SALE—We save you money 6n your furniture buying. Complete stock new and used furniture, stoves, beds. We pay highest prices for furniture. See us. Franklin Furniture Co. Q2 1m Lost LOST-Ten dollar bill, at Cenler- vllle church 9th of October. Return to W. A. Austin, Cenlerville, Reward. Ill-Hip FOR RENT—Unfurnished two-room apartments in Dr. Weaver homo by high school. 12-2tp MOROANTOWN. W. Vu->'Vi-- tv-one yonrs of •icat-hirip, in llu 1 Fit-, ijiWt 1 lit'-- FOR RENT~Twe 220 West Ave. C. room apartment. M-:itp FOR RENT—Downstairs lied room, adjoining bath, prone 321. 13-3tdh FOR RENT-Now r, room liouse. fi miles out on Hopo-Blcvin.i roml. Oooil well water, hoji proof pn.sturr>. Jhn Reed. Phone U4W. M-litp OUT OUR WAY / PB ROOF HE'S ' LEAK,DE PLESTER HE'S FALL ON PE HEAP, DE PIPES HE'S BUST, PE STAIRS HE'S NO PAY DE RENT TEEL HE'S PEEX.' By J. R. WILLIAMS POOR OL' DAVE" HE SAVEP AN' SKIMPED TO BUY A COUPLE OF HOUSES TO RENT so HE COULD GET OUT OF TH' WORKING CLASS --HE'S MORE IN IT THAN EVER I THINK HE r-iUST TAKE THE STUFP OFF ONE TO FIX THE OTHER, BECAUSE HE'S NO MORE THRU WITH ONE THAN THE OTHER NEEPS TH' SAME.' CpPP. 1539 BY MCA ^tBVICC. ISC T. M. BEC. U. S. PAT. Off. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES , OARUW6 '. Boots ! ! ! ! By EDGAR MARTIN MASTER ARTIST HORIZONTAL 'l An old master painter, 13Patt in a drama. 14 Professional athlete; 15 Bearded monkey. 16 Streamlet. 17 Giver. 18 To serve. 20 Small shield. 21 Sesame, 22 Portuguese coin. Answer to Previous Futile 16 His master- 43 Father. 23 Note in scale. 44 To come by 24 Person under 45 To gossip. age. 26 Spain. 27 Aperture. 28 To tolerate. 30 To. profit, 32 Public auto. 33 Away, 35 Small hotel. 36 To eat sparingly. 37 Beret. 38 Natural power. 39 Drunkard, 40 Varnish ingredient. 47 Stream obstruction. 49 To dry up. 51 Name. 53 Prejudice. 55 River. 56 Prince of Afghanistan. 57 Beast of burden. 58 He was a Flemish painter, who lived in —-. 39 He was a rich 12 Baseball' or man. teams. VERTICAL 2 Genus of evergreen shrubs. 3 Balsam. 4 Measure of length. 5 Note in musical scale. 6 Fable. 7 Decorative pitcher. S Card game. 8 You and me. 10 Flying mammal. 11 Water cress. painting. 17 Noise. 19 He was also a or statesman (Pi.). 21 Point. 24 Male. 25 Having a beak. 27 Cotton separator. 29 Astern. 31 Conjunction. 32 Morsel. 34 Knock. 36 Period. 39 Goat antelope 41 Advertisement. 42 Intrigue. 44 Manner of walking. •45 Silk and wire fishline. 48 Puffed. 48 Haze. 50 Eagle. 51 Paving material. 52 Sooner tiian. 54 Tree. ALLEY 1OP So Long, Helen By ROY CRANE -I' WHOLE CVOU SAID IT--AWD/COME! WE'VE PUMPlSGOIW'(l LED'EM, YOU ( GOT TO GET IP IM C.HAOUC I i r>ODC=, lk.lc.lDP /Ol ITDPUPDP'i I SMOKE.' THEM PESKY CrREEKS / DOPES.. .IMSIPE, , THE WOODEN! HOC2.SE I! OUT OF HER TROY IS "DOOMED.' -( IF HE HADN'T WANTED YOU BACK, / BUT, DOC- \ HE'D hJOT HAVE FOU3HT TCCY /TOP.,TH'MK ) THESE PAST TEW VEAKLS-I ) \ HOW AW? / WOOW WHEREOF I SPE-AVi" ,.J \^ HE'LL i- 50 R.UKJ ALOMGAN1D GET t &£: ^7 ALL PRETTIED UP ? ? S WASH TUBES 6WP 10 HONOLULU, 6V CLIPPER HOME. Bitter Disappointment By V. T. HAML1N M\SS CAROL? UjHV, 'SHE STILL OU^ IU EUE3PG. AH t)OU' KNOW WHEN SHE W WISTA WcKEE HOWE- DEV 5HO % HAVIW 1 A TiWE 6ITTIH 1 A BOAT AH 1 . MAWBE FOUK10 AUOTHER BOV I CAVi'T B'HEME IT. TOO LOVAL AVJ' TRUE FUWNV. I WIRED CAROL, CAW'T UHDEB.'iTAttO WHV -SWE i^W' HEGE TO MEET FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Quite Unnecessary I DON'T MEED To KNOW 'EM .' You JUST err RUNNIN' DOWN THE FIELD AND WHEN YOU GIT FUR • ENOUGH AWAY I'LL FLIP THE BALL' I DON'T WANT IT I XF'N L HIT SOMEBODY IN THE STUMMICK WITH HEAD, HE'LL NEED THE PADDIN' NOT ME I HOW GOOD is THE RUBE,COACH? COULD You TEACH HIM ANYTHING ? " TfiLY.' DON'T To BOXIW6 LESSONS To A BOLT OF LIGHTNING / YOU SURE YOU KNOW THE SIGNALS, NU&BIN ? HAVING A PRACTISE GAME TODAY. AMD NUBBIN IS IN RED RYDER By FRED HARMAN L£t'6 HERE. RED RXOER." TRAP DOOR CLOSING

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