Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 7, 1998 · Page 11
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 11

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 7, 1998
Page 11
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THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Forum SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 1998 — A-11 Meadows Letters Continued from PageA-7 Some 69 percent of Americans are attending a church or synagogue according to a 1994 Gallop poll. Maybe more parents need to spend time with their kids in churches, synagogues or mosques. That's up to them and, I might add, it's a personal and individual decision that has nothing to do with government. That's the way we started out in this nation and that's the way it should stay. Personally I gave up organized religion a long time ago. That doesn't mean that all those Sunday mornings and Thursday afternoons were wasted. I still Srieak an silent apology to God when I've pondered something particularly vicious or unfair. I still don't use the word "adore" because one of those Thursdays a Catholic nun told me it would be a sin to use that word unless I was referring to Jesus Christ. I subconsciously erased the word from my vocabulary and it wasn't until I was in my late 20s that I realized what I had done. But I still can't say it. I think my Mom -,an agnostic with a sense of fair play unmatched anywhere - and our housekeeper Ora, whose Southern Baptist upbringing gave her a moral authority no one could argue with - were probably a far greater influence. The proponents of this "Religious Freedom" amendment, as it is inaccurately called, cite several examples of the terrible harassment of people with religious beliefs by our public institutions: •>•• The case of Kelley DeNooy- ef whose parents, in 1990, sued a Michigan elementary school because the teacher would not allow the girl to show her classmates a videotape of herself singing a religious song. The Christian Coalition would have you believe that the religious song was at issue. In fact, the teacher rejected the tape because the assignment was for the students to come to class and per- form or speak in person. The purpose of the class was to promote comfortable public speaking. • The case of Brittany Settle Gosset who, in 1991, sued a Tennessee school board after she was given a failing grade on a report she had written about Jesus Christ. Another example of religious persecution? What really happened was that the teacher had assigned the students to write about something totally unfamiliar to them. Brittany's choice was something the teacher was aware she knew a lot about. The teacher told her she should pick another topic. She didn't and got a failing grade. • A North Carolina police officer was fired in April 1996 for handing out religious tracts while on duty. The officer was giving out religious pamphlets with traffic tickets. He was told to stop. He didn't. He got fired. The man's religious beliefs were never at issue. The one example the proponents give which has merit is the case of the Virginia school girl who was told to stop reading her Bible on the school bus. But H.J. Res. 78 is not needed because of it. That case was wrong because of school district ignorance . The Supreme Court ruled long ago that students can bring religious material to school for their personal use. In this case, the conservative Rutherford Institute called the school on the girl's behalf, explained the law (as it exists) and the school policy was changed. It never went to court. So who needs a constitutional amendment? Much wailing over religious persecution is actually a lack of knowledge about the law. We've got complete religious freedom in this country. We don't need to tamper with our Constitution to simply give the GOP and the Christian Coalition a means by which to dictate their beliefs to the rest of us. Find the pet for you in Journal Classifieds l + M + l + l + l + l + l + l + l + l + l + l + l- Regalos Catholic Gift Shop JQpen Tuesday thru Sunday |10:00 am to 7:00 pm 463-0611 2195 South State Street Ukiah, California 95482 Gifts of Christian Faith • Videos • Books • Jewelry • Baptism Gifts • Rosaries • Pictures • Spanish Gift Items • Music • Cards • Statues •Wedding Gifts • Devotionals • Children's Gifts • And Much More! 16th Annual Redwoood Empire Basketball Camp June 22nd thru June 26th Ages 10 thru High School 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Conducted By Local Basketball Coaches Held At Ukiah High School Application Forms Available From Your Coach - Your School Office * ORca\\ 462-9391 or 462-4662 Continued from Page A-6 stores. Come downtown and take a look. Kris Rasmussen Main Street Program Ukiah Year 2000 problem real To the Editor: Re: The "Millennium Bug" in Mendocino County. America is and has been asleep and complacent regarding everything that has, does, and can negatively impact every living being on this planet. Have you ever heard: "That can't happen in America?" Do you recall the big ice storm on the east coast last winter? Multiply the recent problems created by the G4 satellite by 20 times and you may realize the potential magnitude of a few problems created by the fast approaching computer problem referred to as the "Millennium Bug" or "Y2K" (year 2000). In a single month, 20 million computer-dependent train cars transport goods and food across America. Railroads are totally dependent on electricity and computers today. Remember the infamous Russian nuclear reactor in Chernobyl? There are presently 105 nuclear power plants in America, all of which depend on computers for their safe, efficient operation. Y2K threatens a real possibility of no electricity or food for an undeterminable length of time. The purpose of this letter is not to unduly scare or panic, but to call attention to and heighten awareness of this undeniable pending disaster. Most Americans are in a state of denial regarding this very real problem. "Big Brother" acknowledges the possible magnitude of this pending disaster but complacently ignores survival plans, let alone informing Americans for the purpose of our own preparedness and self-preservation. All responsible, knowledgeable citizens have a civic duty to inves- tigate the reality of Y2K, and to educate our elected officials and neighbors regarding the significance and possible magnitude of this pending, man made, disaster. Surviving this or any one of many possible natural disasters can be a real challenge individually. Survival rates increase through collective preparedness of an entire community. Together we may survive the worst conditions, individually, our chances are greatly reduced. The information available regarding Y2K is considerable, but intentionally suppressed, thus the truth is dependent on our individual cognition and effort to research. I implore investigation into Y2K and that we all take a part in affecting preparedness within our communities. Think of the possible affect of such a disaster on your family and your children. Please take the time to access and If you do not have access to the Internet, locate a relative or friend who does! The negative affects of Y2K are already starting to appear worldwide, and the time for even minimal preparation is rapidly diminishing. Let's all examine the possible magnitude of this pending disaster and exercise our civic duty to educate our neighbors. James Kenney, Sr. Willits The Daily Journal welcomes letters to the editor. Only letters that include a legible signature, return address and phone number will be considered. Shorter, concise letters will be given preference and names will not be withheld for any reason. All letters are subject to editing. Fax to 468-3544, mail to Letters to the Editor, P.O. Box 749, Ukiah, 95482 or e-mail them to Featuring Your Family Photographs A limited number of copies are available - while they last! . Call or stop by for your copy A GREAT GIFT IDEA! Downtown Ukiah, circa 1937. Shown are the Mendocino County court house, Wayne School Car, 17 passenger, 22 horse power, circa 1928-1930. the Maple Cafe and bus station (background right). Courtesy of Ruby Leek Courtesy of Ira GUI/and Reflections Armando jack Lucchesi, his wile Jesse, Esther (Lucchesl) and harry Gtanucci, Irene Lucchesl. Angela Lucchesl, Dominic, Joe and Matilda Lucchesl, circa 1934. Courtesy of Hazel McWhorter A Pictorial History of Inland Mendocino County, California RETURN ORDER BLANK TO RESERVE YOUR COPY i_ «•••••• M* M_mf« ^ •••••»••*» ^ ^ ^ ^« ^ ^ •"••••» "••«••• ••••••••«•••• «•• — • Please enter my order for Reflections of Inland Mendocino County-Vol II copy(s)STANDARDEDITION @ $34.95 plus J2.54 tax NAME. ADDIESS- an. .STATE DP- •HONE- I have enclosed an additional $5.00 for tith L. MAltTO: Ukiah Daily Journal 590 S. School St. Ukiah, California 95482 Phone:707-468-0123 H-U-R-R-Y AND ORDER TODAY! LIMITED SUPPLY!! Ukiah Daily CALL... H ^M^ ^ w^**i * » -r -— w»**««fcr ^^y ^^^•^.^ / 468-0123 OUrTld.1 590 S. School St., vv ^ Ukiah

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