The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 27, 1963 · Page 4
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 4

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1963
Page 4
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FOUR THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT SATURDAY AFTERNOON. JULY 27. 1963 Five New Homes Among 14 Permits Issued Lasf Month *Five new homes were among the construction projects for which 14 building permits were issued hist month by the inunicl pal building inspector's office. 510,500 Restaurant A permit was issued to Valley Park Lanes on Cumin Highway lor the construction of a $10,500 restaurant. New home permits were issued to: Ernest Blake, a ?IO,500 dwelling and garage on George St.; Heating Systems NewBathrooms FREE ESTIMATES NO OBLIGATION Ashley Swift PLUMBING.4 HEATING "Remodeling Specialists" Master Plumber Reg. No. 5267 434 State Road North Adami MO 3-7204 Getting Harder To Get Bargains At Country Auctions By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfcatures Writer This is the time of the 'country auction, bam and garage sale. Those drawn irresistibly to the little arrows that lead to sale sites should learn to shop for the more-likely-to-be-found useful articles rather thar. priceless treas- ires. ; Most auction fans are intrigued 10 South St.; Doria Rondeau, to by the illusive, romantic aspects William L. Bolt, a $12,000 house and garage on College Ave.; Clarence Degrenier, an $11,500 dwelling and garage on Chanlilly Ave.; Alfred Demo, a $12,000 house and garage on Biltmore Ave.; and Leo LaBonte, an $11,500 house on Daniels Hd. Olhcr Permits Other permits were issued to: Tlie Berkshire Bank & Trust Co., to raze a two-story building at 70-74 Main St., Vivian E. Donovan, to repair a side porcli at raze a shed at 48 Ivory St.; Joseph Domenichini, to rnze a portion of a store at 87 Hathaway St. and to convert it into a garage, a 5200 project; Joseph Allard to build a $1,200 garage on New St.; Julio Pedt'in, for a $200 porch addition at 1341 State St.; the Catherine O'Shca Estate, to raze a barn at 407 Church St., and Wayne Beimel, for a $1,500 addition to 534 W. Shaft Rd. Total value of the projects for which permits were issued is $71,too. MOHAWK Homes and Garages Builders of the "Home Even You Can Afford" ' Prices Start at §10,500 Complsfe, No Hidden Coils. On Your Lot MOHAWK HOMES 356 WALNUT STREET Dial MO 2-2769, MO 3-3263 or PownalVA 3-7263 Modern Living at Half the Cost Comfort, spaciousness end fivability can aN be yours In a new, completely furnished MOBILEHOME Many Models New on Display at ....... . r ' Williamstown GL ,.„,„ For the Best in Rugs and Carpets Stop Askin'—See Taskin" The Best Values in the Berkshire* •Wool 'Acrilan * Nylon • Room Size Rugs • Wall-ro-Wall Carpet Installation Our Specialty • Direct Factory Purchases Save You Money • Free Estimates • Large Selection • Immediate Delivery Taskin Furniture Co. EogJe Street Dial MO 3-3784 WOTICE ... Afl Confractors, Carpenters, Boat Builders! NOW AT STANLEY'S LUMBER! Adams MARINE EXTERIOR PLYWOOD Stanley's has added a good supply of Boat-Hull Marine Plywood with solid innorplies. Good 2 sides! . . . Ideal for use where appearance of both sides is important. 1001 Uses For Exterior Work! • Patios • Carports • Fences •Signs •Enclosures CHECK OUR SIZE LIST! 4' x 8' — % 4' x 1 O 1 — '/ 4 4'x 12' — >/4 4' x |4'_ i/ 4 4' x 16' — 'A 4'x 8'—>/, 4' x 10'— y, 4' x |2'_ % 4'x 14'—% 'Thick 'Thick 'Thick 'Thick ' Thick 'Thick 1 Thick ' Thick 'Thick 8' — '/! [0'— i/j 12'— '/> 8' — V, \ 0' — % 4'x 16'— V," Thick 4' x I 2' — V, 4'x 8' — % 4' x 10'— % t'x 12'— % 'Thick 1 Thick 'Thick 'Thick 1 Thick •Thick 1 Thick ' Thick 1 Thick STANLEY'S Lumber, Hardware, Coal, Grain and Building Supplies 20 North Summer St., Adams Dial 743-083 I of (he display — that a valuable letter could be hidden in an old desk or lhat a horde of cash is stuffed in the upholstery of a beat- up sofa, They pay more than the object is worth with these ideas in mind. Rare Incidents Old documents have been found in desks, and some lucky bidders have found caches in upholstery, :>ut these incidents are rare. Some auctioneers glamorize this aspect of bidding, nncl while this adds to the fun, it shouldn't be taken seriously. It's far better lo keep in mind the purpose of your visit to the sale. Do you need an extra chair, perhaps one that will fill the bill ,ntil you can afford what you i-ant? End tables? Snack trays? Picnic table? Step ladder? Tractor? Inspect these things at the sale preview. If they are not available, jt may be belter fo skip the sale. Killing time at an auction is fun, and educational, if one can ex- [ercise self-control. But it can be an expensive paslime for compulsive buyers. Bargain-bent bidders often pass up a much-needed article be, cause someone outbids them $5 and then go home with a myriai of little things from Victorian bird cages (o andirons, though have neither bird nor fireplace. In the end one has "things" that one could have done without. Gelling Harder It is true lhat a good investment can be made if one is lucky t.iough to hit the jackpot. But it is getting harder to get a bargain with all the knowledgeable people — auction dealers and oilier professionals — outbidding you. Antiques are getting scarce.. If you are at an auction of authentic old furniture you have an advantage over the dealer, it you need the item. He can go just so high with his bid, as he must add profit to the resale price. You can get a good buy by bidding where the dealer leaves off. If you know about antiques, and you can afford lo buy a treasure, be an optimist, and wait for an opportunity. Don't be anxious to bid just to have something to take home with you. A good rule for amateurs is lo buy only what can be used. English furniture is slylish and bringing very high prices; early American furniture is scarce; French furniture always brings good prices 1 Spanish furniture is popular and any authentic piece brings a good price. Any decent painting commands a price, Worn Oriental rugs, once a nuisance auction item, are up in price. 'A-FRAME TYPE CAMP — This camp u being builr at th» juncrion of How* Pond and Rosi Road, partially hidden in the green of Soufh Hill. It is completed outside. Work on the interior is being finished up. It contains * large living room, kitchen, bedroom and bath on the main floor, haj a full cellar and loft for extra sleeping room. Joseph Bokowskis Buy DO-IT-YOURSELF CAMP — William Laf-ounfain, shown with his two hunting dogs, stands on porch of camp ho built himself nights and holidays on South Hill at Howe Pond. It has a full base- mant, living-dining room, kitchen, bed- room and bath on the main floor. A balcony bedroom runs along one wall. Sliding glass walls close off this seclion in winter. It has an 80 mile view, with Howe Pond, a 60-acrs lake in tha foreground. sand them off very lightly, wipe (town wilh turpentine, dry and then paint any color you wish. (A) "I have a serious plumbing problem in our new house. One of our bathroom fixtures overflows continually when it is Hushed. The plumber has probed and tested and swears the line is clear of any obstruction. The trouble continues and he refuses to call at the house again, because it never happens when he is here. I really need help, and you are my last resort." M.A.U. (A) From your description I am quite sure that the trouble is not in obstruction, but comes from he simple fact thai the fixture n question is not vented. I am nlso quite certain that your plumber knows it. All fixtures must be vented in order to run off proper- s'. If they are not, there is no atmospheric pressure behind (he •un-off of the fixture. My advice s to call in a different plumber, who, not being involved, will probably tell you the truth and correct the difficulty. (A)' "You seem to answer about everything, so I wonder! if you happen to know about! silver. My parents gave me a wonderful lea and coffee set on a lavish, large tray, A friend made a slurring remark that it was not silver but Sheffield Plate. What's the difference?") W.N.! (A) Sheffield Plate is made of Romeos Building In Oakes Project Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Romeo of 02 Front St., North Adams, lave purchased a lot on Slony Brooke Drive in Clarksburg 'rom Gordon Oakes of Clarks A-Frames Replacing Cows On Hillsides of Vermont Dy KENA1.ENE COLLINS A-Frames and other type sum- purchased with garage from Mr. and Mrs. Waller Tatro of 69 Lime St., in Adams. The new owners, with their (hree children, plan to occupy the Mr. Homeo is the proprietor of Romeo's Auto Radiator and Body Works at 33 Willow Dell. The Romeos have two daughters.! They hope lo be in Iheir ncvv|<; iucs nomic importance to the state. The bvuUling boom in A-Frame and such weekend cottages goes ^ler^of an?¥H,jF SiSp ' Si Mrs. Marion H. Conro Buys in Williamstown _ . Mr and Mrs. H. Dubois of 16 Make it Darker Charles St., Williamstown, have sold tlieir four-room cottage (o Mrs. Marion H. Conroy of 73 Hoi- brook St,, this city. She ami her son are moving info their new home today. The transaction was handled by Samuel D. Kerson Heal Estate Agency of North Adams. the quiet and clean air among the green of the Vermont hills. Some of the weekend collages are fancy, some arc not but nearly all arc being winterised. Southern Vermont's camp popu- lation is liking the hills so much the greater portion of them plan to retire to their parl-lime homes. Natives welcome them. Though there is little intercourse between them — Vermonters mind their own business and campers welcome this talent — most natives are glad they are here. They bring money which pumps new life into Vermont's economy. Though the cow is disappearing from Vermont's pastnreland, there's activity going on up [here in the hills. The brush is being cut back — to gain a view — and up pops another A-frame. Do you want to darken that light finish on the wood panel-! ling in the den? Apply a darker] varnish stain on the existing finish. Varnish stains are available in many .shades. For a sue-1 ccssful job, lightly sand the pre-j sent finish to get a good bcmdj for the varnish stain, I We'll Help You Wilh Your Plans and Estimating Plan from tli« tMrt wilh expert, unb!«i»d advice. W» iH«ll gladly con lull with you and h«lp you m«V» !mprov»m«nfi of gr**+«it value. Estimates will b« furnithed without obligation or exptntt on youf par). OLESON, Builder NORTH EAGLE STREET DIAL MO 3-9075 Glarefree, Carefree Patio Living ADD BEAUTY ON WITH FILON TRANSLUCENT FIBERGLASS BUILDING PANELS Add colorful bcauly, {larcfree p.ilio ihade wilh guaranteed FILON fiberglass panels. Translucent FII.ON panels soflen trie sun without creating darkness and shadows. Complement your home and landscaping wilh FILON patios, fences, carports, awnings and room dividers* All easy lo inilall with ordinary lools. • Shatterproof * Superior Strength • Weatherproof • 20 Decorator Color* • Wide variety of shfipei unrj size* Imiit o* ifie fILON httt OH tirry f>*tul )°* 1*1 uiil Iki EXCLUSIVE FILON GUARANTOR FREE BOOKLET I FIION korni Mm, plllo p|jn», color chut. Wrlti, phone or pick up copy it.., / jjT SCARPITTO Lumber Co. 420 Curran Highway Norlfi Adams Dial MO 3-3766 Home Repair Problems Taped Table Legs Protect Floors From Black Marks By DOUGLAS TUOMEV (Q) "We have s dinette set with plastic tap and apron, and with Iron legs which spread out at the bottom about foui inches. These are making black marks on the linoleum floor and I fail to see how I can attach rubber to them. Can you suggest anything?" R.T. (A) This type of table leg is best treated by winding heavy gummed tap* around the portion (hat rests on the floor. If this is done neatly in a spiral design, it will protect the floor and not be noticeable, as the tape can be painted to match the legs, (Q) "I have been trying to find some redwood storm-sash without success. The lumber dealer lells me that everyone is using aluminum and that I will be unable to get the wood to match the old ones I now have, My question is, can aluminum be painted so that it will match my old storm sash?" G.F. (Ai Aluminum sash and doors can be painted with any good exterior oil paint. The procedure is solid copper, usually triple-plat«< with «ilver. There It nothing cheap or low-grade about it. It will last for many years, and then may require replating. This type o! plated ware stands up better than you might think, and is less liable lo be dented or damaged than straight silver. St. Pierre's Buy Six-Tenement Apartment House Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P. St. Pierre of 23 Taft St., have purchased from Mrs. Mary A. Eisner, widow of Herbert A. Eisner, a six-tenement apartment house located at 39-49 Taft St., which contains 40 rooms and las a large plot of land. Mr. and Mrs. St. Pierre anc (heir children will occupy one of the apartments following completion of repairs and modernization. The transaction was handled by the Frank Roche Agency. M slM h»m« healing G*t n*w MOBILHEAT with RT-98 "You Pay MUCH L.I. To Heat B«tt«r With Oil" Blackinton Coal & Oil Co. Charles E. Kroniclc, Prop. 26 Eagle St. MO 3-9265 North Adam» NVo Maintain 24-Hour Oil Burner Service VACATION NOTICE CARPET CORNER CLOSED JULY 27TH RE-OPEN MONDAY, AUG. 5TH William Rudnick Co. 136 Ashland St. (Next to A&P] Dial MO 3-5107 FOR LOT OWNERS DID YOU KNOW? You may own a NEW home for $10,500 without sacrificing qualify. For Information About « Custom-Built Home Call WARREN WINTERS Hancock Road, Williamstown GL 8-3447 Is your heating system pre-historic? IT'S TIME TO UPDATE YOUR COMFORT ZONE Have a new modern world of comfort! Call us now for details on the latest advancements in home conditioning ... 365 days a year, Delco 365 COIMDITIONAIR HEATING « AIR CONDITIONING 24- HOUR SERVICE Mobil BURNER SERVICE PLANS "You Can Heat BETTER for LESS With Oil " IAYDEN OIL (SUPPLY CO. INC. ioMFORT BY THE HOUSEFUL 483 Ashland Street Dial MO 3-6588 North Adams

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