Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 25, 1957 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1957
Page 4
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Doctors Liable For Military Call Doctors and dentists, since July 1, are liable for military service under the Selective Service law in the same way as other registrants — ending the special liability of these professional groups which has been in effect since 1950, Colonel Glenn R. Bowls, State Director of Selective Service for Iowa, said today. The former "Doctor Draft" act. physicians and dentists were liable for service at older ages than other registrants —- at one time up to age 50. Under the new law, the upper limit of the THIS WEEK —In Washington Clinton Davidson Current eflorls to destroy the farm program reminds us of the story about the farmer who burned his barn to get rid of the rats. • Almost everyone, It seems U "against" the present farm program. Few farmers like It, the Secretary of Agriculture doesn't like It, and many city critics want to do away with It entirely. There are legitimate complaints against the farm program as now drawn by Congress and operated by the Department of Agriculture. There can be no denying thnt the program has many faults. It is costly. Congress since 1950 haa appropriated nearly $20 billion to operate a program that Includes large payments W) farmers and huge subsidies for export of surpluses. The program has not stopped orer-productlon and the build-up of surpluses. It has not halted the 7-year decline In farm prices and income. It has put the government deeply Into the business of managing both farming and farmers. There are hundreds of farm laws and more than 100 thousand government agents supervising farm production and marketings. But, to repeal nil farm program laws to get rid of the faults makes no more sense than burning the barn to destroy the rats. That would be an admission of complete failure. The farm program has faults, but It hasn't been a complete failure. It helped farmers weather the depression 30s and prepare for the big production Increases vitally necessary in World War II and Immediately afterward. The fault la that we haven't made the necessary changes tu meet changing conditions since 1962. We have clung blindly to old programs that no longer apply to changes In production methods, and In market demand. The government, on one hand has forced reduction in crop acres, and on the other has taught farmers how to produce more per acre. It has supported prices of some products, and not others. It has paid farmers for not farming as well as they had been taught how. The problem now is how to strengthen the farm program and tlons, not repeal* 1>i~Mr'Tatrnr "fflAVi. To do so would bankrupt, most farmers without helping city consumers. Merchants who buy from and sell to farmers could not survive. There seems to be a widespread smear campaign aimed at convincing the country that (l) farmers are getting rich oft the government; and that (2) consumes pay twice for their food, once in the market and again on their tax bill. The facts are: Farmers' income Averages less than half of the average city worker's; farm Income la down 33% in Ave years, but city Income Is up 21c;.; farm income per hour averages lot, but factory workers earn an average of $1.95 an hour. The farm program has bene­ fitted city consumers far more than It has farmers. It hah encouraged abundant production, resulting in a 22% decrease in farm selling prices since 1952, despite a 17% Increase in farm operating costs. .Consumers, according to the Department of Labor, pay less lor their food than in 1052. Middlemen have increased their cluu-gcs by 20%. COMPLETE PROTECTION AUTOMOBILI rUILIC TRUCKS FARM LIABILITY ttENRRAL LIABILITY WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION FIDELITY AND SURETY BONOS ACCIDENT AND HEALTH HOSPITALIZATION Stat* Auto and Casualty Underwriters DBS MOINES, IOWA Earl Schneider Insurance FREE CAKE EVERY SATURDAY Register on Saturday only, A name will be drawn for the FREE'CAKE. You do not have to b* present to win. „. r t-i h ..<: ''..'tSUihT *>o icq TRY THOSE TACTICS FZI6HT AWAY.' JRANDALIA .NEWS Mrs. Howard Turner of St. Louis, Missouri. visited h<;r brother, Ben Tunvr mid wife Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hack are slaying evenings in the home of his mother, Mrs. Mabel Smith and visiting other relatives during Die day. Mr. and Mrs. James Hra(( and two children of California have been visiting ids Mr.mdparents, Mr. and Mrs. Art Ural! and his uncle and aim!, Mr. and Mrs. Hen Turner the past week. Mr sn * Mrs. J. W. Frye were called to. Ludington, Michigan Wednesday by the death of his mother, Mrs. Kathcrine Frye, 89, who has been making her home the past four years with her two sons in Ohio. The family home was in Ludington for many years and she was buried in the family plot beside her husband, son and daughter who had preceded her in death. Mrs. Kenneth Upham and Laurie of West Union and Robert. Frye accompanied their parents to Michigan for the funeral, they returned home Saturday. .ii^e of Iialulity for doctors and dentists is Mi l'oi llio.se deferred on or after June 1!». 1P51 — th« <nmv provisions that apply to all men. The ni w amendment-; to th? basic draft .»•!. when published, are exp^-cled supply the mili- lary forces with '.heir tin-dual specialist tneds The amendment.-, inc. in thai no doctor or dentists older than T2 at the time the amendments were adopted is liable for service under the draft law. The changes also .-.-ovide for election of these professional men apart from other registrants; for ordering such specialist to active duty from the Reserve; and pruhibita the induction pf doctors and dcntUU who apply or have applied for Reserve com mis-u'ns and have bet-n rejected solely on the basis of physical disqualification. Virtually .ill doctors and dentists who will complete their training over the next two years were, in the past, deferred for study and are liable to age 35, the military service estimate. With the service liability extended by such deferments to age 35, practically all of these specialists are expected to apply for commissions in the armed forces reserve components and to perform periods of obligated active duty, following commissioning, as needed by the services. The authority to draft younger doctors and dentists is retained in the law in the event insufficient numbers voluntarily apply BUILDING AN APPETITE . . . Men of the »peclal five low* Navy recruit companies practice physical drill with armi before lunch. The exercises build muscles In addition to appetite. The Hawkeyes will honor their state during; Great Lakes Navj Homecoming's "Salute to Iowa" week, August 12-18. the special train- loot was ad"3ecl to Iowa recruit company in ing here with the return of their uniforms from the tailor this week. The Hawkeyes will be wearing their snappy white uniforms when they graduate during Great Lakes' "Salute to Iowa" week, August 12 through 18. Their graduation on August 17 will be part of the summer-long open house, Great Lakes Navy Homecoming, being held here. The Hawkeyes were introduced to rifle operation and care during the past week. Later in their training they will spend several days on a rifle range The ability to handle small arms is a must for bluejackets of (OffloUl U. 8. Nnvy Photo) the fleet. During every" warin called on to form shore Iparties for rescue and demolition purposes. Company commanders of the Iowa companies are expected to pick their recruit petty officers this week. Five weeks remain before the Hawkeyes finish their recruit training and graduate as the highlight of "Salute to Iowa' week. Other weekend features will include atomic and electronic ex hibits, shipboard visits, a model of the Navy's 'Project Vanguard, the earth satellite, and displays depicting 50 years of progress in the Navy. ARA NOME PERMANENTS THE PERMANENTS WITH PROFESSIONAL WAVE ' LOTION... NO BEAUTY SHOP PERMANENT WILL OUTLAST THEM . GET 2 CARA NOME "FAST" PERMANENTS for the price Of one! Neutralock Neutralizer locks in the wave at the exact softness you want! QENTLE ") REGULAR y SUPER 1 Each, Reg. $1.50... NOW 2 for 1.50 RlU* Also, PIN CURL and FOR LITTLE GIRLS NATIONALLY ADVERTISED /ttOcvi ggg^ Viuq Stare NEW.' "LITTLE WARRIOR" tiUIK- BANOS Rexall's adhesive bandages for children. Indian design! In bright colors.. Box of 32 39« NATIONALLY ADVERTISED REXALL ALCO- MIST Refreshing aerosol body- eprey. 8lmply spray on and rub briskly. Contains skin-soothing emollient and antiseptic hexechlorophene. 7-ounce Aerosol _ . NATIONALLY ADVERTISED Davis Rexall Store] I'm I.'CM'I \v optiiinissitui:; ami active dul>, the Stab.- (.iirectiirs .-.a kl. Mrs. Earlc Ol Randalia Wins Cake Mrs. >•']«. relive Karle of R.m- ilalia w,i> the winner of the cake fiiven away at the Fayette Bakery ilir'uwing. COME AS YOU ARE — EAT IN YOUR CAR SEE the BIG WHEEL ! A new summer treat ICE MILK SANDWICH $.10 Everyone goes for ice cream Serve it tHtytiftroi Walnut Dairy Ice Cream MALTS — SUNDAES — SHAKES Cones 5—10—15 — 25 Frosticks and Drumsticks - jr HI DRIVE IN- Fayette- Iowa ITS 7-UP FLOAT TIME at GOEKEN'S ALL DAY Saturday 7-UP 6 pack 33c __ Case 24 Bottles $1 .25 Potter* Polar Pak Vz £Gs* ICE CREAM gal wC Kitchen Charm | Q _ WAX PAPER roll LUC Instant Drink A 9C#» E Z POP ifpkgs. sCOC Duo Dustin /in_ SHEETS reg. *KFC only 35c CANTELOPE Lg. 39c Ground OA,, BEEF lb. OUC Weiner «>r BUNS LOC WE1NERS lb. 33c Thank Nite $25.00 Saturday Nite Goeken's Food Mkt Phone 10 Fayette, Iowa wow What Service MARFAK LUBRICATION HA VOl .INK MOTOR OIL DENMAN TIRES HOWARD'S TEXACO Fayette, Iowa Consider These! CHOOSE YOUR HOME IN FRIENDLY FAYE1TE For Outstanding Quality See: 3. Bedroom frame, next to campus, like new. 3. Bedroom frame, completely remodeled, nice lot. 2. Bedroom frame, insulated, oil furnace, below S5000. For Excellent Income See: 7. Bedroom, ideal for students, near campus. 5. Bedroom, two baths, upstairs now rented. 2. Modern apartments in home, low priced. For Economic Price See: 4. Bedroom, slolcor, redecorated, will contract. 3. Bedroom, modern, just $3500.00. 3. Bedroom brick, partly modern, $3000,00. For Farms See: 120 acres, improved, S175 acre. 160 acres, good land and buildings, $175 , acre. 80 acres, near Fayette, SI 00 , acre. 237 acres, slock farm, $180 , acre. 240 acres, Bremer County — the very best, S325 / acre. We help you finance! The Fayette Insurance Agency Licensed Broken* Bob Anthony John Hofmeyer Phone 14 Fayette, Iowa ^) SEE WHAT YOU GET WITH THE NEW G-E I8CU:FT. BOOK-SHELF FREEZER! Twice as much rood* within easy reach! Takes half the floor space of a chest freezer! 8 Fully refrigerated surfaces—For fast freezing! I8-CIJBIC-F00T UPRIGHT FOOD FREEZER Here 's a new, 640-pound capacity G-E Freezer that stores your frozen food like books on a shelf! No bending—no rummaging—no lifting—all foods are within easy reach Other great features, ioo: ' SEE IT TODAY BEFORE YOU only $429.95 As little as $0.00 tit WUK offer small down payminf fafco up fo 00 months to pay! • Now |utc« can cll«poM«r» hold* 20 tan* • tec Cream CondMoMfs hoMt 4 Mf gallon packagw • StrotghHiM dotlgn for bttBfc In look » In lovoly O-E "MiK-or-MtttcK* colon BUY ANY FREEZE*! at Schneiders Electrical Appliance Store FAYETTE

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