Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1939
Page 3
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nKST PHi-: <?nVTE ni,\ \ f Tin*, nrrwstrr, Minister Sunday .school 9-.1.1 o'clock Sunday wild classes for nil :i«c groups, nil <nir fulks are urjif'd to attend. Morning worship 10:55. Senior YOUIIK I ; ftiplo mcciinK (MO p. in. Bvrlilntf sffvvico 7::iO. Monthly incf|in« of Wiftiian's Avix- ilini'v Momlny nt .'! |>, 117. No Mid-week prayer service on Wi-'diiowliiy because of the nnnunl Acting of the Synod of Arkntoms in Ti'x ;) ikimii, opiMiinK Tuesday nif(hl niul i-onlinuimi through Thursday. Yon ure coi.linlly invited to worship will) us. Invlclns Out of the nijjlit Mint rovers mo. Black us Hie pit from p,,i c („ p (l | p I lh;ink whatever KIK!S nuiy lie Km- my ill'uviiuiiifi-iihlc soul. ™ the fell clutch of nmnnstmicfs ' i hnvo no( wiiu-ed nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeoning of chance My hi»:id is hl/.ivly. hut unbowed. Hryond this plaee of wrath .-Mid te.irs Looms but the liorror of the .s)i.,de And yet ihe ineiiiire of the y'enra Kinds ami sh.-il |f,,,,| „„. w>ll (,' ili( i Saenger DOUBLE FEATURE SATURDAY ROY ROGERS -in"WALLSTREET COWBOY" and "RIO" BASIL RATHBONE LEO GARRILLO IOC 15c It mutters not how straight the gate, How chnrgcd with punishments the .scroll. I ii'ni the master of my fate, 1 inn the captain of my sonl. —VVillijim Krne.st Henly. Afier hemirtg Wulter Houston rending the rjlxivo poem over the nidio. last night ii number of my friends culled up mid requested Unit 1 use it in this column (which I have done before) so thai they might get a copy of sninc, imd it is with great pleiisure 1 mil passing it on. The Wonuins Atixiliury of St. Mark's Episcopal church will meet Monday iifternoon ut :)::)() at the home of ivfrs. IA. 1,. Bliick, North Louisiana St. The Wo'/niin's Auxiliary of (he Firs! Prosbyterian church will meet Monday afternoon ut ,'1 o'clock at the church. Circle No. 2 First Christian church will meet ut 3 o'clock Monduy after- noonat the home of Mrs. Konxn Moses, off Er,st Broadway, with Mrs. Kntc Webb us joint hostess. In celebration of her lllh birthday anniversary. Miss Doris Urrcy enter- tiiined 2G young girl friends with a delightful party on- Thursday afternoon ;tl Ilie IHIIIIO of her grandmother, Mrs. T. E. Urrcy. West Division street. A beautiful birthday cake, with 11 burn- inn candles, made the formal announcement. Games were played on the lawn, and delicious refreshments were served. Assisting Mrs. Urrey in the courtesies of the afternoon were Mi.ss Christine lioyett and Miss Audrey McAdmns. A beautifully appointed luncheon at the Hotel Bin-low, Thursday, October 1^. in celebration of President's Day opened the fall activities of the Friday Music club. The officers, distinguished guests were seated tit one long table, which held two lortg sprays of lovely mixed flowers. The me'mbcr- ship and their guests were coated at five small tables, which were centered with small vases of red Radiance roses, Mrs. Hendrix Sprnggin.v, First vice president, presided and introduced Die club president, Mrs. Dick Watkins who gave a very gracious /-residential Prelude and" Welcome, and lined plans for the year, asking for the cooperation of the members. Mrs. R. M. LaGrono was introduced as .second vice president, and introduced as her guests-Mrs. E. E. Williams, of Texarkana, president of tlv- Cumden district of Stale Federated Music clubs, and Mrs. Martin Patterson, also of Texarkann president of Die Wednesday Music Club of Texarkana. Mrs Williams and Mrs. Patterson responded, expressing their pleasure at being present, and outlined some of the objectives for the work of the fall '-,*• SERIAL STORY JOAN.OF ARKANSAS TfRSTEnDATt Joan of M* , rt » thf AlllM lVB m i: ttr <il (..IN hrr thiH Ki>HI> 1* n knril-fo.tfM Klnriiur boy, .fddn «***»*• <!•«• .'hrm.-,,*,; Th* „*. Jlynl of hrr lii(t K n K i. — |, vn trunk*. ratlr Hllf(cn»FN— .ntlkr tlif K lfU IMd "# r *''" «»»im n drpnrlmriK CHAPTER III 'J'HEY regarded Joan quizzically as slio supervised tlic job of dragging her belongings upstairs. "If you don't mind me asking," satd Kay, "just what do you have in all thoso onsc.s?" Joan registered surprise. "Why, there isn't much here at all. Had to leave a lot of wtufT at Home because I didn't think tliere'd be enough room for everything." "You mean you had more Ihart this at Northwestern?" Bonnie Harris inquired incredulously. "Sure." Jotin struggled with n Jock. "But there were only two in a room there." "Oh!" Kay said significantly. Joan caught the note. "But don't Ret me wrong," she added hastily. "There ought to be plenty of room here." "Of course," Carol cut in. Then, glancing at her watch, "Just about have time to unpack before dinner, Joan." "I'll help you," Marianne' offered | brightly, and set about unstrap- ping suitcases. For more than a half hour Marianne "oohed" and "ahhed" at each thing they hung away or plnced la cramped drawer space. "The telegraph company n>!tl be glad to furnish a messenger to stand in line and pn\j my fees," Joan explained. "You're too damned cicver," Dan answered and Kall(cd arva\>. those fortunate souls who can eat anything." "I'm glad," Carol said simply, and Joan knew exactly what she meant. After dinner, girls who were expecting dates went up to dress. The rest, Joan included, adjourned to' the terrace. The cool late September air was like a tonic as Joan relaxed' in a comfortable wicker chair. STARTS RIALTO MIDNIGHT SATURDAY-11:15 SUNDAY MONDAY - TUESDAY IN NAME ONLY with «,, Charles COBURN-Helen VINSON* Katharine ALEXANOER-Jonathan HALE-Maurice MOSCOVICH PLUS NEWS and CARTOON There were six formal gowns, when no one else in the house had more than three . , . tricky sweater sets and sportswear of every description . , . and Marianne counted 11 pairs of shoes. "Ceo," she said breathlessly. "Where we going to put all this? The room is bulging at the seams already." Joan looked up, her face flushed. "I give up," she replied mournfully. "Guess I'll have to ship some of this junk, back home." There was a sacrilege in Marianne's voice. "Junk! I wish I had ! junk like this." Carol met Joan at the foot of the stairs after she had showered and changed clothes. She ushered her into the living room for more introductions. Freshmen were required to live in university dormitories, but! there were about a dozen girls she 1 had not yot mot. It wasn't instinct which told Joan she was the center of all o.vos. It was all too apparent. Suddenly she wished her arrival hadn't been quite so theatrical. Not that she' had meant- it that way—but as far back as she could remember, everything she did was along the lines of the spectacular. As graciously as possible she set about breaking through their reserve. "Have any trouble with diets?" she asked Carol. Carol laughed. "Oh, once in a while some of the girls start counting calories, but for the most part wo manage to please everyone." She looked at Joan for a moment and then continued. "Why—anything in particular- to which you're allergic?" "Absolutely^nothing. I'm one of Marianne nnd Elaine Chcsbro lounged in a glider beside her and told her about school, the Tech chapter of Alpha Nu, and themselves. About an hour later Carol came out and suggested they walk down to the Varsity for cokes. *' *' * 'pHE Varsity was a typical college hangout. Twosomes and foursomes filled small booths. On the wall hung pictures of Tech football teams, varsity men, pic- lures of homecoming queens and their court, and prom shots. Someone put a coin in the electric nickelodeon' and got a hot- Kay Kyser number. They squeezed into a booth and after a few minutes a perspiring, harassed student waiter took their orders. "Wo did okay," Chesbro observed. "Orders taken in four minutes as the crow flies. Usually wait 15." It was just after they finished their drinks that Keith Rhodes walked in with Barney Hughes, football captain. Almost immediately, it seemed, Keith spotted them and picked his way over while Hughes stopped to cha'f at another booth. "Howdy, folks," he greeted, but ho looked directly at Joan. They returned his greeting in chorus and then he looked above their table and grinned. "You sure picked the right pew. Couldn't done better myself if I'd ushered you over here." They glanced up. Right above them on the wall was an action picture of Keith Rhodes. "It's simply awful how that man plagues us," Chesbro sighed. He squeezed her straw in the middle, cutting of! the flow of liquid. Then to Joan: "How about me picking you up in the morning for a sightseeing tour of the campus? Best guide in these parts." "Sounds good to me," she said. "Better pick me up at the administration building. I've got to pay my fees. Will 10 be okay?" "It's a date," he promised, and waved a goodby salute to them all. "Our great Mister Rhodes is wasting little time," Marianne observed as they walked back to the house. "But if you'i'c smart you'll discount that grin of his about 70 per cent. Three dates with onii girl is just about par for the coursa with him." * * » CHE wore a sweater set in two shades of blue next morning. And no one could wear .blue the way Joan Johnson did. ( Walking up the stops at the administration building she almost bumped into Dan Webber. "Hi, there 1 ," she cried. "What're you trying to do—block me out of the play?" For the briefest second—but not too brief for her to notice—he ] took in the glory of two shades of I blue. "liooked to me an though' you were doing the blocking. Anyway —\vjoat',re you doing here?" "Paying my fees," she told him as they walked through the double doors. "Me, too," and then he stopped in his tracks. There were about 2SO students in line outside the bursar's office. "Looks like all the late-payers in school had the same idea we did—got here early and avoid the stampede. Well, we're just doomed to a long session in line." "Hey," she wailed, "that'll take an hour. I can't wait that long." "You will—and like it," he said flatly. "Oh, will I?" Her tone was challenging, conspiring. She walked over to a pay station by the wall. Ho followed more out of curiosity than anything. "Going to call Prexy and tell him what you think of the nasty way he treats newcomers, no doubt?" he inquired. "No doubt—not. But the telegraph company will be glad to furnish a messenger to stand in line to pay my fees for me," she explained brightly. "Clever girl, aren't you?" "I think so." "You're too damned clever," he replied almost venomously, and walked over to take his place IP line. (To Be Continued) Westinghouse RADIOS scnson. Other guests were Miss Opul Cheek, Hempsteud county health nurse, Mrs. Martin L. Sigman of Monticello, Mrs, Charles Huynes, Mrs. L. A. Foster, Mrs. George Ware, Mrs. John P. Cox urn! Mrs. Joy O'Neal Efl- wai-ds and Mrs. C. E'nvmett Karson of AlliinUi, Ga., lifter which Mrs. Spraggins in her usual graceful manner introduced Miss Evolyn Bowden, pianist who gave an unusually brilliant piuiui program including selections Iroin Beethoven, Schumann, Mendelsohn and a group of modern composers. Different officers of the club were introduced, Mrs. Busil Yorke, recording secretary, Ms. J. C. Carlton. treasurer of the Camden distict; Mrs. C. C. McNeill, auditor of the Cumden district, and Mrs. F. L. Padgitt, retiring president of the club. Mrs. YorUe chairman of the year book committee, which included Mrs. M C Butler and Mrs. B. C. Hyatt dis- Inbuted iJie new year books, filled with beautiful as well us instructive programs, in most attractive folders. The next 'meeting of the club will be held October 27, with Mrs. McNeil as leader at the home of Mrs. J. O. Milam with Mrs. Jim McKenzie as joint host- ess. Study, "Stephen Foster." Circle No. 1. W. M. S. First Christian church will meet at 3:30 o'clock Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. G. Coop, South Elm street, with Mrs. C. D. Dickinson as joint hostess. We acknowledge the receipt of a useful new city directory, in very attractive holders, and certainly most interesting to one who has watched our town grow from a village into a city that rales a directory. Blanks to our Chamber of Commerce. Miss Margie Sandnge of Arkadelphia was the guest Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Williams. Miss WiliiKi Jones lias returned to her home in Hope from Little Rock where she visited Mrs. Homer Pool and Miss Margaret Jones. The stunts of chin balancing heavy objects done by Milo Brinn never have been equaled. Brinn is capable rl balancing a cannon, with carriage and all, on bis chin. BARBS F ootball Games High School Hot Springs at Little Rock. North Little Rock at El Dorndo. Catholic High at Brinkley. ftudora at Arkansas School for trie Deaf. Jonesboro at Hope. Bauxite at Benton. Dordnnelle at Russellville. Fnragould at Blytheville, Forrest City at Mai-ianmi. Pine Bluff at Fordyce. Fayelteville at Fort Smith. Cahvden at Malvern. Clarksville at Paris. Carlisle at Atkins. Corning at Rector. Murfreesboro at Amity. Warren at Monticello. Prescott at Nashvillb. Foreman at Gurdon. McGehee at Ci'ossctt. Ashdown at Die Queen. Alma at Harrison. Searcy at Wiilnut Ridge. Balesville at Beebe. Lake Village at Dermott. Morrillon at Lonoke. College Murray (ky.) Teachers vs. Arkansas State Teachers at Conway. Arkansas Tech vs. Henderson at Arkadelphia. Gluichita vs. L. S. U. Northeast Center at Avkadelphia fnight). Hendrix vs. Union University at Jackson; Tortrt. stadium Her-? Friday nfternoon fof o tilt with the University of Arkansas ft-osh. ft will be tlie bally Porkers first encounter of the season. Reports from Stillwater are to the effect that the Aggie first year squad is one of the best in several years: The Oklahoma will find the, little- Razorbacks long on backfield and 1 sttbit on line material. Probable starters for the Arkansas frosh. Clayton Wynne and Bratton Haynes, ends; Albert Kopert 1 and Robert Green, Tackles H. G. Bunch and j. T. Hariby, guards: Don McConnelJ, certt'er; Babe Cialone, Aubry Reeves, Murr'y Thompson and Wallace Stall-' naker, backs. Wa* aH To hdp keep paintea cl«in, apply a thin coat *a* to t«e parti mbsf spotted. colotless ffrtger- . The c&cktoo Is the noisest ih the world; The din made by a singfe' Bird is- rtotigri' to drown a dbieh automobile horns. Snug-Waist Coat!? PARIS — (#)— three-quarter-length coats for fall' in maple leaf red and in bever brown are forecast-by Jacques Hei'm. The silhouette will show a snugger waist for these, a shorter skirt, a wider hem. Striped materials will do dizzy turns, sharp angles- and queer slants. Furs are fdrecasf 1 for gloves, and two fur gloves combined to make by some subtle trick, one large mliff. Cups' Of Nuts There are about 45 Brazil nuts, with shell on, to a pound. That will produce about 2 cupfuis of shaved or coarsely ground nutrneaf. r3 OUT Of 5-i MOTHERS relieve' misery t of cold* exfemoHy with' I Porkers In Good Shape for Baylor Howard Hickey, End, Is Ready; Eakin In Tip- Top Shape FAYETTEVILLE, Ark ~lff>)~ A squad of 31 Arkansas Razorbacks— in the best physical trim of the season—left here Thursday for Waco and an engagement Saturday with Ihe Baylor Bears. Kay Eakin, triple-threat halfback was in tip-top shape, nnd End Red Hickey ready for service. Coach Fred Thomson left End John Freiberger and Guards A. J. Yates and Howard Pearce at home to treat injuries. Loser to Mississippi State at Memphis, the Porkers came back strong last week-end here to defeat Texas Christian, 14 to 13. Making the trip to Waco were Ends Hickey, Maurice Britt, O'Neil Adams. Bill Southerland. R. C. Pitts and Paul Zuber; Tackles Jan Carter, Dudley Mays, Bobby Allinson, Saul Singer! John Sutton, Rbllo Simmons, Jeff Coats; Guards Wilfred Thorpe, Milt Simington, Sam Parker and Bo Ss- son; Centers Da'ryl Cato, Zeylon Holly. Ken Hayden; Backs Eakn. Ray Cole, Walter Hamberg, Gloyd Lj'on. Ralph Atwood Joe Campbell Joe Scarlet, Junior Mitchell Aubrey, Neal, Harold Schmidt and Estes McDoniel. - SATURDAY ' HOOT GIBSON —in- ''LOCALBADMAN" So. 2 FAYETTEVILLE, Ark — (IP) —The Oklahoma A and M College freshman football (earn will invade Bailey BROADCAST AT RADIO STATIONS KAKK Little-Rock . . . 890 Kilocycles KELD El Dorado .... 1370' » KFPW FbrtSmith .... 1210 . , . 120$ » Sponsored By LION OIL REFINING COMPANY Dorado, Arkamas Rumor has it that Stalin signed the new Nazi-Red pact after hearing a phonograph record. This establishes that Joseph's finger movement is in top form, but, prompted by a swing disc, can he cut a rug? The- world's fair, we read, will close its first year with a substantial sum of cash in the bank. Prosperity, it seems hasn't been around the corner, bin rather in Ihe World of Tomorow. Wisconsin reports a surplus of cranberries. One more reason why we can ii.se a double Thanksgiving thsi year, i London reports that several Nazi' chieftains have large .sums salted away in case things go a bit awry. Thus we find rackettering. as introduced by American movies, spreads to the realm of dictators. A resident of rural Connectitcut, reports hearing a whillingcow.Adis-! reports healing a whistling cow. A! distant relative, no doubt, of the pink i elephant and the lavender alligator. AND SPEAKING OF SLEEKNESS .HOPE HARMARE eOMMRY Be thirsty JACKSON BREWING CO NtW ORLf ANS I A Have you ««n the ne\V MUNSINGWEAR Foundettes? They specialize in the new long-Jined gentle curve control tiiat brings out your best feminine fea* hires,..curbs your pet peeves. Waists are minimized, hip«< smoothly rounded, bosoms beautified! And 1 it'* done with a' touch...light as a' magic wand and just as wonderfully effective! Povrer not ind one-way stretch satin topped by a "New Feature" pet and "Lwtex"* bandeau that lift* Aid hold* your botmm firmly for a youo»]jne. Peach. & to 38; $1.98 to $4.98 Geo. W. Robison 6- Co. 'Knitted or woven of "Lastex" yarn. We Give Eagle Stamprf The Leading Department Store

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