Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1939
Page 2
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; 1899; Plteg; 19S?f. Consolidated January 18. 1929 ••- .-..i--- -..'•'• , --. •_ -— ^---- ••- .-..i--- -..'_•'• ^ _ ,___ j. _---,._ ________ _______ _____ _______________ , Q Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report- J*Qblishcd every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co. t Inc. C. fit PsMserjaWAtex: H; vrashbura; nt the'Stm- Btnidinr, fl C. E PSLMEft; President ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor nnd Publisher ~~ • _ _ _ ... ..... ... .. .. (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NEA>— Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. it Bale (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week ISJJiStr" month 65c; one year SS.50. fiy mail, in Hempsteatl, Nevada, Hiwartf, MMleV'arid LaPayette counties. $3.50 per year; elsewher*'$6.5(K 11» Associated Pres.%: The' Associated Press is (&cUisi\fely us* for republicallon of all news dispatches creflitexl to'if oV in this pope* and' also the local news published hereto. Charges on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be made for 1 all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers frcaw a deluge of space- taking memorials. The" Star disclaims 7 responsibility or the safe-keeping ot return of any unsolicited manuscripts. •SUNDAY .SCHOOL LESSOM The Temptation of Jesus Text: "Matthew 4:1-11 Ry WILLIAM E. GORY, D. D. Edltfcy of Advance: Jesus; according to the writer of the pistlo to the Hebrews, was 'in' all points tempted like aS we are. yet i '•"- •••«>»iw m guynness ana service without sin." He Bases upon this fact •' an <* life saving for dreams of power to the sympathy and understanding of) be realized through violence and hate the ^Master as-a'great high'priest'who rt & the" great significant fact of all is "touched wjth a feeling of our J human history Uiat the greatest and t nPK nf nil man 'it»*. 4W« !*..«..._ — t i • * whether his life was to be lived'simply for the sake of a career and the fulfillment of worldy ambition, or whether it was to have some deeper and nobler purpose. John Stuart Mill, who even less than Carlyle was of the Christian faith and way. experienced much the same thing. If this experience of crucial decision had an im[Jortant place in the lives of such men. how rriuclt' more mu?t it be in the Jives of those who have a sense of a Christian call and a Christian work.' The world today has plenty of evidence of those who have renounced the mission of goodness and service HOPE STAR, ttOJ>E, Friday, 'Home Economic jHol<? Regular Meet The regular school meeting of the Hope Ifigh School Home gcnomlc club v?aS Held Wednesday. October 12. in the home economic cottage with the president, Carolyn Barr. presiding. The-meeting was called to order by the president, the roll call, the minutes of the last meeting and the home . economic constitution war read by! the secretary , Lucille Ruggles. A report fVorh the nominating committee was h^ard. Ballots were distributed and votes were taken for vice president and treasurer. j > One tiw*^-Sj woW, ihinitnUm 30tf Ttfr'ee time*—3VSC WbM, minimum Me A talk Was given by Verln Allen f Six tlme*^-4K woKI, rtiiniriluwrwff OJhie month—IScWord, mirflnrtjtfi 12.70 on the recent American Hoirie ficono- j| Rates, a•**' *"• —»'''" mic meeting htfld in San Aiumiu.' ' " rr "^"~ Texas. The next meeting will be held I For Sale October 2C. j • • • ••- - • "Ths More ton * Y&i Cdn *' Wdnt Ada SELI^RENT BUY OR SWAP All W&HJAds dtfsfc in advance Not ia&M tivtrtlke PAone (he Quicker You Sell" r Onty One Sfan to Ratea. aft' for pofitlriutou.? iaserlloria — --- __^ ^^-^ ' . When Gloves Are Sleeves I FOR SALE—My modern six -room PARIS -«V- Sleeves- without end | slueco count '->' htfme. \Vell5-IOft.deep, are numbered among the new dinner P' 0 ."" 8 orchartl 'x-anng. barn and all other " llt blliltlill gs- 5 » acres. Hog S l jri "S' ! un 'l l»kc. Chas. l»-5tp diess&f. They continue into gloves c , , without a wrist break, and Paquin j P root fcllce ' m n kes them. Tlie gown is pale lav-1 Han -°"- etider crepe, and soYrreWhere up the ] FOR SALE allow the glove part to be tucked under. Swains tired of retrieving gloves rt-ill call this progress. ANSWER tO CRANIUM. CRACKER Good used Underwood Standard size. See Wnndt> Roberts, Hillard's Cafe. 9.31 FOR SALE-SB Chevrolet Tudor-, perfect condition—new tires. A bargain. See Pete Shields. Call 870J W«nted or renewal subscription for any magazine. See Chas. Reynerson nt City Hall. 7-glc Service* Offered FOR SAliS^-We wive you money on your furnlttire buying. CortHiletp stock rto\v and used furniture, stoves, beds. Wd pay highest prices for furniture. See us. Franklin Furniture Co. 02 1m Lost LOST—Ten dollar bill, at Contor- ville church <J(li of October. Return to W. A. Austin. CcnterviHe. Reward. 10-3t|) With the reports coming through Ihnt French soldiers me spending their time fishing in the Hhini 1 nnd Gorman soldiers me pl.i.vina football, we can expect to ll!1V1 ' tll; ' "'''" od bnek tn the sports p.it' now. Zipper lli:i< Mown lit -i.ii<-tMl /.i|>|XT i-li>sing.s. A fi'onl'mi! Ih -.pins in tin cclt of n lilnck middle when thr i>'illr,l A Fflr Rent ock n| en-- up in Ihr Molym-ov.''. u'.-iy i>f KOH KKNT iipartim'nts in high school. --Unfurnished two-room Dr. WIMVIT hniiir hy 12-:'l|i HKNT •-D.Hviistnii-s it! luth. in-line 1121. bed room, i;i-:)tdli hunch nf of j'.i .iftcrnoon • siiini- w.'iy. This HildiiiK a ilPfo- ii pi .n.-liciil iViitmc, and nhitic -ill< cntbniidpry ,i!l,'ilfi. i.l M.ilay.-.i.i mil their tier lit'Miu'li iiud lush irniilh of tiu'ir .slender OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS Sl.OO Tlus week only Shipley Studio will make 1 8x10 or 11X14- for $1.00. Come early. You must be pleased is our motto. 9-3t c oing Fast. Felt Base S5.00 Rugs infirmities."' bes of all men in the hour of trial . e our o ra Here we have in our lesson the spe- ' and temptation, chose he way that fi - enabled Him to say with truthfulness am come s- cific story of the- temptation of Jesus, We think .of this as a .three-fold incident in His life: the temptation, e mg, ave e and that •When He Was hungry, to make stones ! tne >" ma y have it more abundantly " m.to bread; the temptation to cast Himself down from the pinnacle of the temple, trusting to the sacred ness of His body and- person to protect Him and the, temptation to find all the kingdoms of th'e world under His sway if He would- fall down and wor- of His mission to men. "I „,„ tulllt . that they might, have life and that may ha%>e it more ah CHURCH NEWS ship the tempter. It would be a mistake to think of this three-fold incident as- constituting all the' temptation- in the life of the Master. On the contrary, we have evidence that He was assailed with weakness and' temptation again and again, even as we are. There were times when, He went into the mountains and continued all night in prayer to Gotf; times when unquestionably He felt-His weakness and some temptation incident to His 1 real humanity. sociation will bring the message at 11 a. m., come and hear him. He is a very able man of God, and will do you good—our Pastor will bring the evening jnessage—come to all ser- us and re—.— r —~-..-.* *.. i*ic 5«aiucn 01 ijei— ^.»»t u >jg.Fii ivutu j_>ic:^£uig and a Real semane; when 1 it required all' the re- Welcome. We -have Sunday School *••" —"".«**-*«dti. iw ma real aumanity. LIlt: eveiiijig message—come There'was-that last filial hour of agony vice? and Worship with i ^and temptation in the garden of Get- cive a Spiritual Blessing a 1 sources .of- prayer and discipline to "— • *** ^»«jci uziu uiacipiine to »-"^>=«^ iui- uu- ugt^i. n-iio o. x. r. i. o. enable Him to say as He prayed that classes for all! Attendance is increas- thc cup- of final suffering might pass m S and interest is' great. Gods Spirit ""GUI Xilni_ *rJf*VAT^V»^lilt?i- nn* .-— T 1C noonrTnl-.%»i»^ rr as\r\\-> 0n-^»i « n from aim. .'Nevertheless not as I will but as Thou wilt." This story of the temptation, following ,His. baptism and at the outset cf His- ministry would- seem to have «otne special place and significance. V r.at was its real meaning and significance? Wais it "not the sort of temp- liUcn that every man, great or small ieels af some' stage in his career frequently at its beginning? Every such man is assailed with a «ense of his human weakness. Moses felt jt When He 1 shrank from the responsibility to which God called him. The greatest prophets of Israel felt it. even in the very hour of their destiny and call. It is said that Thomas Cariyle, who was not a. religious man IP the cnventinal- sense of the term experienced in his early life a crucial turning point which he compared to the-Christian experience of conversion. If was a -facing .of the question LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We are now in the market for Oak and Gum logs. White Oak, Overcup, Post Oak, Red Oak, and Ash Heading Bolts, Also Round SWEET GUjtf Blocks. For prices and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Arlmnsas Phone 245 Reliable Phone Order Filling Whether your doctor phones in a prescription, or you phone an order for drug supplies—we'll nil it promptly and satisfactorily Two graduate druggists on duty. SEE YOUE DOCTOR When prescriptions are needed call.... WARD & SON The Leading Druggist "We've Got W PHONE 62 Motorcycle Delivery UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH 511 South Elm Street Elder C. D. Sqllee Pastor Sunday School lOa. m. Preaching service 11 a. m. B.' Y'. P. f. C. at 7 p m Elder J E. Cobb Secretary Treasury of American Baptist and As- classes for all ages. Also 3. Y. P. T. is accompying each seiVice. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Rev. James E. Hamill, Pastor Four hundred and forty five attended Sunday School at the Hope Gospel- Tabernacle last Sunday. More than 500 is the goal for next Sunday. Help us make this number on the Lord's day. The sermon subject for Sunday morning is, "The Second Mile Life," and Sunday nights theme will be. 'The Man At Thfe Carpenter's Bench" The pastor will deliver both sermons. The' Children's Church, Junior and Senior Christ's Amabssadors, and Bible class all meet at 6:45 in their respective rooms. The building was well filled both Questions- oit Pugip One 1. Grand Duches Charlotte rules Luxembourg)!. 2. King Boris III heads Bulgaria. i Kyo5ti Kallio is President of Finland. •i. King Carol rules Rumania. 5. The ruler of Latvia is President Karlis Ulmanis. Tabernacle, and we anticipate a greater day on next Sunday. Worship with us. Rev. Bert Webb will pseak nt the Tabernacle Wednesday night. j while the present supply last.v at S3-17 Franklin's. 112 S. Elm. iz-3i.- SERVICES OFf*EHET>-See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, (or new and re-built. Phone Paul Cobh 858-J Sent. 26 1M.' Our plant is again open for Meat Curing and your patronage will be ap- ] preciated. Home Ice Company Eort 3rd St "• reet. Phone O2-lmo j FOR SALE — Rough nnd Dressed j Lumber nnd Shingles. Phone 298W or ! see Claude Waddle. i 12-3tp | Radio Repair FOR SALE—Bass Violen. good con^ dition, new string.-). See or call Pink W. Taylor. Phone G13J. 700 Washington street. 12-3t Guaranteed Radio Repair Service "',. r ^ lacrtllent P^ls. Tubes tested. u( | 1( , service. Phone SOC. Ray Allen ' NOTICE Spring Hill Methodist Church Rev. C. V. Mashburn. Pastor FOR SALE 45 acre. Two houses, one orchard, on gas. water, light and telephone line. 'V mile from High .School, near city limits on Highway 29. -!0 acres open and pasture. Good | wire fences, fine to put in small j acreage. At a bargain. 'acres East of 13th St.' Cornelius i NOTICE — I have' taken up barn, i >*ar-old grade Jersey heifer. Biorseth. ' ' a Iwo- A. W For Rent FO'R RENT—Room for rent to men only. Private entrance, adjoining bath — — O . . . .1 . T T -, ^ (1 ° M. Claude Stunrt. 12-3tp at 10 a. m. conducted by A. A". Hamil- I ton. Superintendent and the new | H-ivc N i • > ~ - 1C H^. 0. Bake, .strict S.perin-! ^ ^ ^T>~ ^ \ *£^Z^£T ^ U-ndent will preach at 11 a. ,n. and I F '°- vd Porterfield . ]2-3tc! Floycl Po ,,er?ieW 12-3tc hold fourth Quarterly Conference --^-^ in the afternoon. At 7:30 p. in. the pastor will preach using ns_ his subject, 'Mother". You i cordially invited to all .services. V Wfe CRAWLED AROUMO OM THE. SftOUMD AK1D PICKED UP SOMETHING AWC? PUT IT IM HIS MOUTH AMD THEM FELL OVER OM HIS BACK AMD RUSBEP SOME FLOUR. OR. WHITE POWDER. OM HIS FACE--WHAT r>OES THAT MEAM 1 AMD WHAT'S HE HOLDINJ6 THAtf OIL CAKI AMD> BEP CASTER. UP FOR."? , HE'S TELLIM' ME TH 1 B.ASV PICKED UP A CIGAK. RUTT AMD IS SICK,AM 1 IS'/V IF CASTOR Oil.. I WHUT TO USt. TUTORIMG THE TUTOR Hinton Mctliodist Church .>frs. Vera Reaves. Church School Supt. Come to Sunday School at 10 a m and study "Choosing High Moral Purposes." Scripture lesson Matthew: 4:1-11. We had forty-eight at Sunda>School last Sunday . Let's have more next Sunday. Come from Sunday School to Fourth Quarterly Conference at Spring Hill. 'Battlefield Methodist Church Rev. C. V. iWashhuni, Pastor The pastor will preach at 7:30 Saturday Evening. Oct. 14. This is nis second time to preach on Saturday night at regular services. We had sixty before. Let's have one hundred this time and set an example for all time Saturday services. r .^,, u =( morning and evening lust week at the | welcome. First Christian Church Bible School 9:45. Regular Sunday morning worship with preaching both morning and evening by Brother S. M. Lambert of Texarkana. Subject 11 a. m. "The Urgency of the Gospel". Subject 7:30 P. M. 'Frozen Assets" All members of the church urged to attend services for the day—visitors •- CLUMSY ANIMAL • HORIZONTAL : I Pictured wild i beast. . 5'It belongs to • the —— \ family. 4 10 Turkish { officer. ,11 Papa. : 12 Uncooked.. 113'Stiffly nice. : 1.4-tettuce dish. • 16'Lion. ! 17 To consume. }19 Silkworm. • 20 Paid publicity '22-Wild goats. i 24 Electrical Answer to Previous Puzzle term. i25 Fertilizer. 30 Threefold. 132 Suit maker. J34 Electrified i particles. 135 River gorge, 38 Elf. [39 Gun. ( '40 Water rodents •42 To chatter. <43 Railroad. '.44 Blemish. 45 Greek letter. 47 Chinese measure. 48 Roman buildings. 50 Fodder. 52 Group of eight, 54 Male bee. 55 Gnawed. 56 Garment clasp: 57 It has a or undeveloped tail. VERTICAL 2 Auriculate. 3 Money changing. 4 Battering machine. 5 Overturns. 6. Sun deity, 7 God of vat. 8 Valley. 9 Conscious. 13 Its' feet are or used like man's. 14 Minute groove. C 15 It is widely or spread in al) climates. 18 Stern. 21 Soft brooms. 23 To clip. 25 Faint color. 26 Plural. 27 To postpone. 2« To molt. 29 Lively. 31 Swaggering fellow. 33 Makes a speech. 36 Musical note. 37 Myself. 40Founded. 41 Mouthlike opening. 44 Food list. 46 Acidity. 49 Drone bee. 50 Meat. 51 Japanese money. 53 An essay. By EDGAR MARTIN , TH' SPE.LL. THAT PUTS OW FOLKS'? MOBODV SHOULDN'T COW\E OUT1A TILL OF TH' ALLEY HOP 1919 BVHEA SERVICE, INC. T M. nrc. u No Way for Ladies to Act By ROY CRANE HERE, HERE, YOU GIRLS.' GOODMESS (GKA.CIOUS/ VEH.' WHAT'S THE HA OF SUCH DIS- RACEFUL GOIM6S- OM 2 WASH TUBES Don't Take It to Heart, Wash V. T. HAMLIN THE WEAKER WE COIAE TO THE U.S,A.,TH' tAOBE I DREAD FACW MB. THECES WOTHIN6 TO WOPRV ABOUT WA,6H. GET IT C3UT OF YOUR HEAD THAT WE'RE FAILURES. THAT'S MOT OUR. FAULT. TK9 LAVA WAS BLOWN AWAY DURING THE ERUPTION, NO MAN ON EARTH COULD HAVE PREVENTED IT 6ETCHA WILL 6£ HE MAS BE Hf; WILL E\J6N SET. 1 SCRAPED UP <\ JUG OF VEUCAf L(\Vf\ IN ... HtS RESEARCH PM1TM6NT CAN it ftNp FIND A SUBSTITUTE. PLANNEP ON Jr\RS OF BEAUTV SECRET, ALL OVER TH' WORLP. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS AH Is Forgiven —>i NOW Ti^AT By MERRILL BLOSSER So You've COME BACK, HAVE YOU.' -LYE H6ARD ALL ABOUT IT— i HEARD THAT FINALLY MET THE GIRL WITH THE CHARMING voice/ SHE LIKED You OVEPL THE PHONE, AMD THEN Vv/HEM SHE MET BLOND HAIR. ODNT APPEAL TO HER.' V/HA.T ARE YOU DOING TONIGHT JUNE? WELL, COM P OVER. ABOUT EIGHT.' Y DOWN , YOU THINK YOU CAM COME BAC< HERE AND FIND ME WAITING ' RED RYDER No Place to Visit By FRED HARMAN ME K/viOW ' : - V - :TH BACK TO -THIS CABIN LITTLE ©EAs'SR? LOOK. AWFUL /

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