Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 23, 1942 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, January 23, 1942
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*',-, Worvd-Wlde News Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press Hope Star The Weather Warmer Friday night [ VOLUME 43 — NUMBER 86 Star of Hopo, 1899; Press, 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929. HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 1942 (AP)—Mean* Associated Press (NEA)—Means' Newspaper Enterprise Ats'n PRICE 5c COPY Heavy Jap Attack Halted ft ft ft British Forces Throw Full Weight at Main Jap Army Our Daily Bread By NEA Commentator WILLIS THORNTON Let's Not Kid Ourselves Power and Responsibility Twins Because a 56-year-old man who insisted on boxing with '.heavyweights, running a quarter-mile in close to a minute, and swimming rivers suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack, some amateur strategists assume that the German high command is falling to pieces. This is wishful thinking, and it docs -®no good at all to speculate along these ines. Von Rcichenau, the German jencral concerned, may have had no icart trouble before, but he has certainly been flirting with it for a ong time if the reports of his athletic exhibitionism arc correct. After grueling military campaigns in which lie has been under great strain continually, he falls dead. So what? As to his own internal condition it proves something or other. As to the internal condition of Germany it proves nothing. Mussolini is a vain, f;\t baldhcaded man of 59, who also loves to go around thumping on his bare chest in emulation of youthful virilly. He, too, may well be flirting with the undertaker, but that doesn't prove that Italy is about to break into thirty thousand Oil Commission Fixes Rules of New Oil Field -j Fourteen New Drilling Permits Granted, Three r Others Pending LEWISVILLE, Ark.—Arkansas' Oil and Gas Commission members met in special session here Thursday to fix rules and regulations for the newly discovered Midway field, seven miles •"forth of Lewisville—a field that, in the opinion of competent oil men, may be one that will rank along wit! Smnckover and perhaps compare second in importance only to the grea East Texas field. Chairman O. C. Bailey and .memberj C>f tlie commission decreed that well: in the new area should be drilled in the center ot each 40 acres. They also continued their previous daily allowable order of 400 barrels for the Ed Bond No. 1 discovery well \y,iat was brought in by the Barnsdall v Oil company of Oklahoma in NW SW 11-15S-24W. Allowable on the second well completed in the field will be 350 barrels daily and for each completion thereafter the allowable will be reduced JO barrels until five wells have been completed after which each well will be allowed to make 200 abrrels daily. 14 New Permits and Locations Early Thursday night Production Director Crowcll said that 14 permits '.x drilling wells in the new area had ''been granted and that three others would be granted shortly. He explained that three applicants had failed to fully complete their applications. The 14 permits issued for the Mid- \vay field arc as follows; Barnsdall Jil company. Roberts No. 1 Dobson et al No. 1, Bond No. 2, Bond No. 3, all in section 11-15-24, and Dodson ct af No. 2 and Creek No. 1, both in section 10-15-24; Arkansas Fuel Oil company, Creek No. 1, in section 10-15-24; 3£, R. Rutherford, for the Stamps Land 'Company, Inc. No. 1, in section 3-15-24;. J. I. Roberts, for the Bond No. 1, section 11-15-24; E. P. Wingfiold, for • Rodgers No. 1, suction 1-15-24; Southwood Oil Company, inc., W. E. Hod- nelt, No. 1, section 18-15-28; M. M. M'cClmn et al No. 1, Mary E. Turner No. 1, iind M;iry E, Turner No, 2, all in section 12-15-24. Barnsdull is moving in drilling equipment to begin four offsets immediately to its discovery, the Bond 1. pieces. The sooner we stop wishful thinking about how soon the axis countries are going to fall apart, and get busy tearing them apart, the better it wil" be for us. We must fight all the way. It wil not do to mark time complacently until 1943 when our legendary volume o production will so astound the Axis partners that they will all simultan eously fall flat on their faces, _.,,We,..niust fight m 1942. We mus fight now. We' must figlVt m' fn Philippines, giving General MacArthui and his admirable fighting men any Dutch Bombers Score Hits on 8 Jap Warships Enemy Invades Australian Territory of New Guinea, Solomon Islands SINGAPORE-W-British, Auslra- ian and Indian soldiers who have checked the main Japanese army for hrcc days threw their full and des- >erate weight into a tremendous counter offensive which blazed some !0 miles across the stale ot Johore. Artillery crashed on the east Malaya coast; forward troops were fighting the Japanese in the center and in the western Malaya which held the greatest threat to Singapore; the Austral- ans and British were locked in close quarters fighting with the Japanese. The British command communique acknowledged that there were indications the Japanese were filtering into the coastal regions in the Batu Rahat area 60 miles northwest of Singapore but the main action was being fought out around Bukit Payong, a hill area some 9 miles north of Batu Pahat. The Japanese were throwing planes over all sections of the front and once more raided Singapore wherein the last three days their bombs have been officially credited with killing 426 persons and wounding 1,049. Axis Recapture Agedabia in Counter Thrust Russians Continue to Push Nazis Back at Rate of 7 Miles Per Day CAIRO—(/I 3 )—General Erwin Rommel's mechanized desert army, apparently making a desperate new bit for Axis re-conquest of eastern Libya has recaptured Agodabia in a thrus 90 miles northeast of El Agheila where the Axis forces made their final stand the British announced officially Friday. Indicating strong aerial reinforce menls had bolstered Rommel's counte attack the British Middle East hoad- uarter's war bulletin said the Axis dvancc was "strongly covered bj Jcrman and Italian bomber aircrat vith fighter protection." The communique said the Axis for var dmovement was continuing anc [cclared that "light forces of Britain'; th army had withdrawn to position: ast of Agedabiu." Jsfo. Carter Oil company's Hancs No. 2 test in the McKamie field, section 3117-23, is experiencing difficulty with stuck pipe, and operators said there will be n elcUiy of several days before completion can be accomplished. .• Three tests arc rigging up in the new Midway field of Lafayette county. They tire Arkansas Fuel Oil company's No. 1 Bond, J. I. Roberts' No. 1 Bond, and Barnsdall Oil company's No. 1 Dodson estate, on 40- acre spac- i «. The new field was discovered 'January 2. Also in Lafayette county McAlester Fuel Oil company was drilling at 4,712 feet at No. 1 Jeffus, wildcat. In the McKamie field Carter Oil company was attempting to dislodge ( *i:aick casing at 7,100 feet. Commission members attending the meeting beside Bailey included Basil Hoag, Texarkana; Ed Holleyfield and Robert Short, both of El Dorado; J. D. Reynolds, Camden; J. W. Patten, Lewisville, and R. S. Warnock, Magnolia. f >' 6fficials and engineers of Barnsdall Oil company suggested the 40-acre spacing rule and a maximum 400- barrel daily allowable. In executive session during the lunch hour, commission members reported ,y^y pledged all gas they could possibly produce from the various fields for the state's national defense plants without injuring the respective fields. Officials of Barnsdall reported thai their wildcat success was capable of pjziducing 18,000 barrels of oil daily on , ->pen choke. The well has been on a support we can. We must fight in Malaya, and al Midway Island. We must fight in the Dutch Indies and in Australia. We must get the men and planes on the scene and fight- now. Fortunately there are signs that it iu being done. It will not do to sit and dream of some overpowering offensive in 1943. If nothing more is done than that, we may wake up and find that the Axis has won the war in 1942. Germany, badly mauled as her eastern army has been in the Russian campaign, is by no means through. No competent military observer doubts that she is able right now to take the offensive in other theaters, and may well be back pounding in Libya, while magnificent, is inconclusive as long as Tripoli remains in German- Italian-Vichy hands. Japan has not yet lost a trick, and shows no sign whatever of weakness. This year is not just one long yeai to sit and wait for 1943. The Frcncl tried that on their Maginot Line anc regretted it later. This is a year to fight, not to sit open-mouthed waiting for a break in the from of Axis cave- Miss Perkins, whose cabinet career IHI.S come in for considerable critisism, nv.iy or may not be the greatest Secretary of Labor since William Nucklcs Doak. But in her annual report to Congress she said a mouthful. Now that organized labor has become "an established American institution," she warned, it must look about it, at the other established American institutions which became powerful factors in the national wel- 8 Jap Warships Bombed BATAVIA —(/P)— Dutch bomber: scored 12' direct ••hits' on 8 Japanese warships and transports in the Macas- sar Straits between the island of Borneo and Celebes, it was announce: ifficially Friday. A communique released through he news agency Aneta said 300-pounc jombs dropped directly on large warships, a heavy cruiser, smaller cruiser and large transport while dive jombers scored with their 160-pounc Dombs on a destroyer and throe ransports. The Dutch suffered no losses it wa announced. Singapore Bombed by Japs Surprise Attack LONDON—(/P)—Advancing behind he curtain of a blinding snowstorm led army units Friday night were reported to have launched a surprise attack on German positions in the 40 mile sector between Novgodod and the Moscow-Leningrad railway in a drive to flank the Leningrad besiegers. Australiun Territory Invaded MELBOURNE, Australia—(/P)—Sea borne Japanese troops have invade Australian territory, landing presum ably under cover of naval guns an carrier based aircraft on the Ne\ Guinea and in the northermost Sol-1 omon Islands, 2,100 miles from Tokyt, it was announced officially Friday. On the mainland of Australia, now within close bomber range of the Japanese landings, blackouts were ordered in all cities, militia manned the beaches and a million gas masks were ordered from Britain and the national holiday, Australian day, January 26, was cancelled under emergency defense regulations. Where the Japanese landed on New Guinea was not disclosed immediately. Deputy Prime Minister Frances Fordo announced that the only confirmed landing in the Bismarck Archipelago wi-st of New Guinea wus at Kicta, principal city on Bougainville at the northern end of the Solomon Island chain. Advance,! Miles'.Day . ••••-•• ,• MOSCOW —(/P)— Russians,' pursuing 1 the German forces in flight from the Mozhaisk salient before Moscow, have pushed 23 miles west of Mozhaisk, establishing a rate of advance of from 6 to 7 miles a day since Mozhaisk was. taken. The Red army was repeating in many localities the triumphs their forebearers scored against Napoleon in 1812. Front line dispatches .said tha while there was alarm and confusioi in the ranks of the retreating force the Germans were still fighting stub bornly in many sectors. At Borodino, a dozen miles west o Mozhaisk, it was said the Nazis burn cd the famous napolenic museum destroying relics of the battle whic Napoleon fought there. Japs Confident TOKYO — (Official Broadcast Re corded by AP)—Foreign Ministe Shigenori Togo told the house of rep •escntatives Friday that Jit the vei outset of the war in the Pacif lapan had received assurance fro :ie Soviet government that Russi would observe her neutrality pac •vith Japan to the letter. Premier Gen. Hideki Tojo said: War is not won by money" and ex- iresscd confidence that Japan's re- ources in training manpower would offset the material resources of the United States. fare, used that power irresponsibly, lost the confidence of the people, and were then subjected to regulation and control by government. Nothing is more clearly true than that power and responsibility are Siamese twins. Any affort to exercise citherwithout the other is not only doomed to failure but to amendment by the indignant public which is inevitably the victim. (Continued on Page Two) Cranium Crackers Island Battlefronts The war in the Pacific is being fought largely on islands, some bigger than the state of Texas (like Borneo), some only a few blocks square (like Wake Island). Don't let these questions about island battelfronts catch you at sen. 1. What British island off the coast of China fell to the Japs after a few weeks of fighting? 2. How many islands are there in the Philippine group? In the Hawaiian group? 3. Are the Dutch East'Indies larger than the Japanese islands? 4. Luzon. Oahu and Guam were among U. S. islands hit in intial Jap attacks. Where arc they? 5. Britain's greatest Far East base is on an island. What it its name? Answers no Comic Page Must Buy Auto Tax Stamps by Feb. 1 The- owner or operator of an automobile, a truck or a motorcycle usi the public highways must have affixed to his motor vehicle not lutei than February 1, 1942, a Federal use tax stamp. Failure to do so makes such owner or operator liable to tin penalty provided by law. Stamps are now on sale at any post office or office of collector of in ernal revenue at a cost of §2.09 fo he five months period ending June 30, 1942. Avoid the rush and the penalty b, mrchasing your stamp at once. Argentine, U. S. leaders Confer Holdout Republic Submits Proposal to Conference RIO de JANERIO-(ff)—Argentina's foreign minister Dr. Enrique Ruiz Guinazu held a half-hour conference Friday with the heads of Brazilian and U. S. delegations to the Pan- American conferences and it was> learned on good authority he had submitted an Argentine counter proposa for the rupture of relations with Axis nations. The counter proposal, the source said, had been drafted by Ramon S Castillo, acting president of Argeiv Una. The Argentines Thursday balked at the present wording of the con- ferencc's anti-Axis resolution. Conference leaders were expectec to meet immediately to consider th Argentine proposal, the provision o which was not disclosed. Benefit Cage Game at Blevins Friday Friday night, January 23, there will t>e at Blevins gym two of the most interesting ball games of the season. Blevins will meet the Gurdon team with the net proceeds of this game going to the Infantile Paralysis campaign. Hope Boy Enters School on Aircraft FAYETTEVILLE — Albert Jewell Hope student at University of Arkansas was one of 47 male students, ^V^f^'sv? : 3^&&2&m£MZm^.:::.-.?®'t j fesd NEA Service Telephoto Air Raid workers clean debris from the sidewalks in front o£ a bomb- scared modem building in Raffles Square, in Singapore, after the first Japanese air raid 011 that city. Says U.S. Musi Control Air House Committee Takes Up Plane Proposal WASHINGTON — (IP) — The .house heard an appeal Friday for speedy action on a $12,525,872,474 appropriation for 33.000 new planes to help achieve control of the air over the Russian front, the Mediterranean, and the Pacific for the U. S. and its allies. Opening debate on the unprecedented appropriation—the largest single military fund in the history of congress—Chairman Cannon (D. Mo.) o the House Appropriations committee told his colleagues: "Until we have secured contro over the Russian front, the Mediter ranean and the Pacific we cannot be gin our first step toward winning thi war." Lewisville Man Treated Here Suffers Slashed Throat Following Fight Thursday Claude Cabincss, about 53, of Lewisville was reported by Josephine hospital attendants here to be "doing very well" following u fight in which he was severely slashed on the neck. Lafayette county officers said the wound was inflicted by Lewis Watwood, 22, iiLso of Lewisville following a quarrel over money. Coc St-ward also suffered a slight neck injury inflicted by Watwood, Cabincss was brought to the hospital here late Thursday afternoon to be given honorable discharge from where attendants said he would re- classes to join the armed forces or take i cover. a defense job. craft school. . Jewell is at an air- The Romans introduced the bagpipe into the British isk-s. Daily Drilling Report of S. Arkansas Watwood was arrested and jailed Sheriff Oce Griffin of Lafayette county announced. The Federal Bureau of Investigation secured S3 convictions of crimes aon the high seas in the last fisca year. By ARK. OIL & GAS COMMISSION McKamic 1160 acre spacing) Carter: Hanes No. 2, Kiev. 297, 5'i inch csg. utsck at 7100. Atlantic: Bodcaw No. 9. Drlg. 8898. Bodcaw No. 10, Loc. C-SE Sec. 32, 17-23. Macedonia (80 acre spacing) Atlantic: Warnock-Brewer No. 1, Loc. C-SVa SW Sec. 1', 18-21. Brewer- Warnock No. 1, Drlg. 8890. RI(. Holly (40 acre spacing! Atlantic: Davis B-l, ;iltompting to squeeze at 7179-81. © Big Creek (160 acre spacing) J. W. Love: Stager No. 1, Drlg. 6204. Ulidway (40 acre spacing) Barnsdall: Dodson Est., R. U. Arkansas Fuel Oil Co: Bond No. 1, M. I. R. J. I. Roberts: Bond No. 1, 1. U. Dorchcat (40 acre spacingAJtlantic: Pinewoods B-l, testing Thursday in C. V. Wildcats: McAlester; Jeffus No. 1, drlg. 4867. Cotton By Ihc Associated Press NEW ORLEANS March May July Close .. 19.09 .. 19.20 .. 19.35 October 19.60 December 19.66 NEW YORK March 19.07 May 19.18 July 19.30 October 19.22 December 19.46 January 19.48 Middling spot 20.59. N.L.R.toPlay Here Friday Ouachita Easily Whips SPG All- Stars 78 to 20 The Ouachila College Tigers easily defeated the SPG all-stars 78 to 20 here Thursday night before a large crowd in a Red Cross benefit contest. The champion Tigers looped the basket almost at will and held the all- stars to three points in the last half. Red Cross officials announced the game netted the organization $46, all of which went directly to the Hempstead county quota. The Hope Bobcats play the strong North Little Rock Wildcats here Friday night at 7:45 in a conference contest. Keys Stolen From Autos Local Persons Warned to Take Keys From Cars The Hope police department Friday urged all drivers to remove the key: from their automobiles when parked following a series of thefts in thi. downtown area. Several sets of automobile keys hav been reported stolen in past few days with four sets reported lost Thurs day. The department also reported thi theft o ftwo automobiles owned by Herman Downs and M. L. Smith, both of Hope, whs stolen from a repai shop. Police also were looking for th driver of a buick automobile pullinj a trailer who late Thursday afternooi drove off with $20 in cash and gasoline during a busy hour at the Bundy service station. The driver pulled a S20 bill to pay for gasoline bought and drove off with both the large bill and $18 in change while the astonished attendant was making out a receipt. U. S. Forces on Batan Repulse Enemy Thrusts MacArthur Says Jap Assaults Continuous Without Regard to Losses WASHINGTON — (/P) — General Douglas MacArthur reported to the War Department Friday the repulse of all Japanese attacks on the Batan Peninsula in the Philippines which, he said, had been extremely heavy in. the past 24-hours, The War Department said in a com- munique that apparently the enemy r was making continuous assaults without regard to losses with intent to crush the American-Philippine defenders by sheer force of numbers. Strong Jap Reinforcements Japanese assault troops have been strongly reinforced, the communique said. Meanwhile reports from the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, more than 500 miles south of the struggle in Luzon, were that the Japanese had organized a local military force composed of some 10,000 Japanese resi- lents in that locality. Davao is Invasion Base Davao on'Mindanao is a city popu- ated largely by Japanese who for years have dominated the production of Manila hemp. Early in the invasion the Japanese made Davao a lase of offensive operations against Borneo and other parts of the Netherlands Indies.* i^* -"•--—V.fcjjrffV "General MacArthur is in receipt of a message from Gen. Sir Archibald Wavell, formally congratulating him and his command for their magnificant defense of the Philippines," Friday's communique said. U. S. Flyers Down 17 Planes RANGOON — (/?} — American and British fliers smashed a mass air raid by more than 60 Japanese planes on the Rangoon area Friday and shot down at least 17 enemy planes. The air battle saw the Yankee volunteers go sailing into the formation of enemy bombers and action that brought the Japanese fighter planes escorts down from cloudbanks into dogfights. The bombers were forced to dump their loads to escape the sharp-finned American built Tomahawk (Curtis) planes. Barlow to Re-Open Its Dining Room Clay Hairston, owner of the Barlow Hotel, announces the reopening of the Hotel Barlow Dining Room Sunday January 25th. The dining room has been closed for several months. State Board Denies Patmos Proposal LITTLE ROCK — (IP) — The State Board of Education Friday denied th< Patmos School District No. 9, Hemp county, permission to incu $2,500 temporary indebtedness on grounds that it obligates the distric beyond ability to pay. Submarines can stay at sea as Ion, aud travel as far as battleships. Proving Ground 97% Complete Based on Facilities Which Could Be Used Based on a stale at which all facil- ties may be effectively used, the Southwestern Proving Ground is now 97 per cent comlpele. This percentage does not represent a complete 'turn-key" job, but reveals that 97 per sent of the work necessary for putting the project into use has been accomplished. On a 100 per cent basis, or a "turnkey" job, completion of the Proving Ground is 89 per cent complete to date. In summarizing the progress of construction on the project, officials released ihe following information 26 facilities are 95 per cent complete 45 facilities are from 85 per cent to 94 per cent complete; 23 facilities from 60 per cent to 84 per cent; 12 favilities, less than 60 per cent complete. This picture reveals the fac that excellent progress is being made The spring-like weather that has pre vailed this week has been a contri buting factor in speeding up construe tion on the various facilities. Quota of Red Cross in Sight Chairmen Report Contributions of $3,900 Friday The Hempstead county Red Cross emergency relief campaign neared its quota here Friday when officials reported total deposits of $3,900, only 5100 short of the quota. The employes of the W. E. Callahan Construction company turned in con- •ibutions of 51'>315 it was announced. reviously employes of the CQM, Architect-Engineers and other Soutli- vestern Proving Ground units released :ontributions of $300. The benefit basketball game be- ween the Ouachita Tigers and an SPG all-star team netted the Red iross 946.75. The college cagers paid .heir own expenses to Hope and the •eferees officiated free. The operating division of the Frisco ailroad went one hundred per cent with employes donating a half day's work. Red Cross workers urged that persons turn in their contributions as soon as possible as every effort is being made to close the drive Saturday. Speaker Sam Rayburn rang thi school bell an dswept the building to help pay for his education at Eas Texas Normal School. Molotov, the Soviet Commissar Foreign Affairs, was one of the editor of "Pravda" where it was founded. Willisviile Cagers to Play Hermitage The Willisviile boys and girls basketball team will play Hermitage at Waldo next Wednesday night. The Hermitage teams have won the District 8 title for the past several years. Last week the champion Byng, Okla., girls team defeated the Willisviile girls 51 to SO in a fast free scoring contest Evelyn Casey and Louise Marcelle used almost every shot in the book to score 42 points for the visitors. 3 i j ) '\ A. } •, ••m IP !Vi «•! ft The first national billiard match in the United States was played at Do- troit in 1S59. The stake was $15,000.

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