The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT t™™Vp3M (ARK.) COURIER NWS After You've Answered the Census Questions'' Beautiful Homes Visited In. Osccola Districl Tom C. 8F C. . I Proposal Submilled In-j eludes Many Suggestions i I'or City Betterment j The Blylhcville Chamber of Commerce will- adopt an ambitious plan for improvement of the city if a program, submitted by a .special planning committee, is voted to be curried out linrlnj; ihe remainder of Ihe year, j Taking suggestions from cards received by Ihe Chamber of Com-' .mcrcc from ils members, a program ' has been diagrammed which, il carried out. would be the most. successful in the history of any; city of 10,000, it is believed. I While the program which covers' sue)! activities ns trade stimulants, conventions, good roads, industry, (.'Ivic and orjjiuilKtlion, is a prc-.' lentioiis one, it is not. iin impossf- j ble iimbilion. In the opinion n! FRIDAY, MAY 3, famou™!micii A pili'i^!ii!,.« r7 wk" i 'r^T"'' 0 ' 1 l " i 110 " an " |ll:i> '' lhrn -SKsllllJl. lllr> A ami On; Magnolia C;na\?.iK ulh Carolina jnny be larger and more spectacular than Missis- si|i])l County can .show, Inn none could show more progress In proportion to the time, effort ami •frails ol Alu- I sit under the huge pergola covered wMl climbing rose.s and ga/.e into Ihe reflecting i )n il mirror that stands in t), c center of the «cll- soddcd lawn. White picket fences divide the various suctions of the yard In contrast with the brilliant red of the azalea beds. Dl a iill-day Garden Pilgrimage through .South Mississippi Comity on Thursday beginning early in the morning at Hie Pecun Point home and gardens of Mrs. E. li. Chiles nnd cud- ,„„, ing the day with a lea and out- C[eoe mv „ <l«»MHirty at the-J. H. Crnln liomn I s(llrtc(1 by Something of the past seemed lo live In the atmosphere surrounding tlie A. S. Crttchinss home at Bas- selt as guc.sls examined the broad leafed l!)e fotijxinlions ol ihr- houso. The foundations have l>reji l;ild [of the new nursery on tiie north side of the house for the pleasure of tht ' son, Lee Wilson Wessons' small Wesson. Mrs. rtoy v.'llson was kept busy iinswcrliijs questions ol the guests regnnlliig tlje n x( . :im i | 1!U , 1( , S ,,l Hie plants In Ihe sunken Bimlcn at the rear of the Knulrsh countryside residence. Seen in the garden \vere bcatiUful specimens of 'ihe American Tret: iiox around one hundred years old, dwarf bo on the ijtoaci lawns, screened porches and formal gardens of the J. il. Crain home, one of (he /in- examples of Southern C' , architecture in northeast Arkansas. The many young water oaks lining the drivowny to the home make the name "Oak Meadow" appropriate. Stately hollyhocks line the lirkli walk Dial enclose tlir: service yard; euonymotis outline the walk lo the swimming pool and native redbud and bush honeysuckle border the tennis court. :1 columbine., The tea table set in the gardens j-.«i.i ««i, unnn uox ana commrnnc., ><>u iea tame set in the gardens Mr.s. li. E. i,. Wilson ill und .Mrs. | «'»s centered with an arrangement Carl Hird assisted Mi.s. Wilson in "i; in Wilson. It Is clalniert. Details and plans fwr UK, were worked out. by the Siusel Garden Club of Basset t of which Mr.s. Chiles Is president; tin- Wilson Cooperative Club with Mrs. Carl Hird, president; and Miss Incx Kin<-aid. home demonstration agent, for ' South Mississippi Comity. '1'hi 1 75 members or (he two clubs iir.d their guests urrlvcd around !i:30 lit the home of Mrs. Chiles to view the results of her work in receiving tin: guests ami showing them the Eli/abeihan living runm and library furnished in massive - - u.-im-.onk pieces and hung with 15th and mielcaied evergreens, I Ccnlnry FJc-mish tapestries. The lilacs lliat were fireplaces were imported from rrn > ls - Cachings' parents, ble ambition. In the opinion of After you've answered the census Inker's qiipslloiis. ,, , , , j , }' lew | ,, ' 1cslllu- * of I"* work in numerous cifens who have studied Ule C( , nslls )Jm . ral ,.. s )ob „„,„.„„ ,„,„„, ,,„„,„„„, " l "« 1 "" s of cle "« " re '•' : "" 1 ™ 1 ><"' «'«« m'Climu,-, '^'"B WOO.,K mr, .nmn., of ih, ; the plan since il was drawn up. In taking up the trade iiimu- limts, the National Cotton Piel;inK Contest heads tlie list with a Fourth of July celebration, coimly- \vide baseball an;l Hie County F.iir as other phases. There should be a Fourth of July celebration in Blytheville every year to bring trade to this city for some sort of observance such as automobile races, barbecues, picnics and the like witli fireworks al night, according to the proposed plan. Because there arc some 20 or 25 baseball teams in the county, it, is believed that, double header baseball yames could be played at Walker Park-Mississippi County Fair Grounds eacli Sunday afternoon, if the situation was properly handled. The Cotton Picking Contest is being taken care of by n separate Association as is the County Fail- but the planning committee feels the Chamber of Commerce .should assist boih of these groups in every way. In taking up conventions, of, which Blytheville has few. Il wns! pointed out thai a Boy Scout Slate j Jamboree,- farm conventions ami i singing conventions should be held here. ! The park, with Ils swimming pool, lake, athletic field, grnnu stand, camping ami ami permanent buildings and fair grounds would make an excellent state encampment for Doy Scouts each year, the committee believes. Mot only would It add impetus lo the/ Boy Scout movement but It would draw large crowds lo Blytheville without any cost to the city. Farm bureau meetings and picnics nnd kindred affairs should be encouraged by the Chamber of Commerce lo use Blytheville. The singing conventions which are becoming very attractive to the rtirnl population coUld be held at Walker Park and draw large crowds from Ihe rural section, which should be encouraged, the committee believes. In taking up good ronds, il is advocated that efforts for ihe local fnim-to-market, roads should rc- . celve .support of the Chamber of Commerce instead of each member's wanting lo get n particular rcad for his own benefit. The Chamber of Commerce should cooperate in the beaulilica- tion and improvement of Highways 61 and IB in the vicinity of Blytheville, according to the committee's findings which includes the statement that ihe highways entering Blytheville pass through a dilapidated section which makes n poor advertisement for Ihe city. The group should cooperate in the work necessary to improve the highways ol this section and to complete short, lengths of farm-lo- markct. roads, according to the proposed program. In taking up the industrial phase of Blytheville. alfalfa mills .should be encouraged until there Is a dehydrating mill within a radius of about. 10 miles so as to allorU a cash market for the farmers «t a time they are receiving no cash; a soybean bill should be secured for manufacture of oils, ghie and varnishes to increase employment- a mill should be secured for manufacture of mixed feed and corn products for Hie Census Jjureau'.s job has only begun. Tnbiiliillng the mums from millions of t-iti^rjis and breaking down the information iiito .slalisllca) grouping.-; is u gigantic liisk. Above, returns, arrivinc In Wash- Ingioj) by io.'lstcri'd nitill, give receiving clerks plenty of excreta;. ary sorting of census returns. The thousand.-; of y( ' i "'' . Amoll = thc interesting things forms sc-n ,n this phoU, are but a drop in the £"),»' K^^X. bucket compared with ihe lorrest thai Hows across ! low-growing junipers, lu crepe myr- Census Bureau desks. Above, returns are sorted j ties and wall of shrubs and uvcr- hy slates. From here on, ingenious machinery '• Bi'ecns that divide the service <mar- nnalvzes and segregates groups of facts. ' el ' s ami l' ollll T ynrds from Ihc > front yards. A. feature that caught i ihe eyes of the visitors were the beds j of red Inpll.s bordered with white Iris at o«ch coiner of the driveway. Thc south side ot the yard is being enlarged lo provide balance to the picture. An attractive rock garden nnd lily pond bordered with dwarf phlox nnd pansios were thc chief interest nt the L. p. Uowden home which also has an outdoor living | room, several new varieties of the tlack walnut, many fine native ( shade trees, willows and chinabcrry j trees. Mrs. Gowilen lias plans ready 1 for an attractive outdoor furnace. Thc largo tennis courts at the home of Mrs. Polly llodwen Intricate machines, used foi co-relating'u. S. census statistics, "count" with uncanny magic. The operators above arc punching holes in tabulator cards, one of which is made out lor each return. Moles arc arranged iu code groups. Like player- piano rolls, they are run through tabulators, .which register Ihe Una) statistics. The lost step in making a U, S. census .seems like Ihe nightmare of n stock-clerk in a retail store. /Ml the millions of cards on which census result. 1 ; arc tabulated arc carefully packed, labeled line! stored away in special vaults, as pictured above. Cards arc kept permanently, for fuluve reference. n lute Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hell, pioneer citizens of the Hiisselt community. The two-story home built by Mr. lie!) was one of the first, of tlie larger modern homes to be built in thc southern end oi the county. The modern home ol Jack Uz- /elle, built on the high terraced lot of the old tto.ello home place «'«s the last visited in the morning. Four homes in Wilson made up the schedule for the afternoon, beginning with the yard ol Mrs. A. J. Cole to enjoy the elm, hackberry and cottomvood trees thai seem to fit nalurally into Ihe setting of her place so near the river. Interesting plantings of fern, iris, other Hovers have been made at. (lie bast of ihe trees. Blooming liee hydrangeas outline the driveway and form a background for the lily pond. Ascending the scale in proportion and cost of construction and landscaping were thc homes of Lee Wesson, K. E. Lee Wilson, and J n Crain. Outlining the driveway approaching the Cnpe Cod cottage of Lee Wesson are the recent plant- Ings of willow oaks. Mis. Wesson has accomplished much in Ihe few months of residence in ths new home in tlie way of formal beds of lulips, pnnsies, and rose.s in the terraced gqrden al the back of the house. One tiling that evoked many qneslions from the "tourists" was the planting of a low ground cover plant caller vinca minor around EttgUird. Mrs. Wilson .says she IJiixcs mty:t the large cypress trees thai grow on the filty-anr grounds tlint once formed the fringe ol the old northward six mill The of while Iris, .splrea and tulips. Mrs .loo Cnllom Jr. and Mrs. Lee Wc.s- KOJI poured. Assisting Mrs. Crnln in receiving were Mrs. John Enochs, Mrs. M. I, Gresham, Mrs. Curl Hint. Mrs. Joe Culloin Jr.. Mrs. Lee Wesson and Mrs. N. li. Ellis. Oscools guests on Die pilgrimage were Miss Inca Kincaid, Mrs. K. II. Jones, Mr.s. George Abrey thai extended nnd Mrs. I). H. Wen/.. liojn Wilson.! ready to relax The word "ornery" is a corrup- " »"tl lie "refreshed" at 4:30 o'clock j lion of "ordinary." The News is Spreading! «ESSO CASOliliE ...MfAHS MCRE MIIK PER | CAtlOll AT LESS COST.» O. W. WtfKS HOT.SPRINGS DXUC SAIESMAM « €sso j^^^^ ^^^fc. Csso EXTRA « ESSO EXTRA HAS GIVEN ME BETTER PfRFORMANtt THAU ANY GAS I HAVE EVER USED.JJ H. 5. GAL'BEKKr PINE BLUFF Mill OWNER STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA THE HOUSE OF .MEAD E lion cooperating with the Garden Club so as to stimulate, the planners believe. Stop lights at the corners of Main and Second. Main and Franklin. Fourth and Main. Fifth and Main, Main and Division nnd In- - ,......, — — ^ v . _ „ ., tersccllon of Chickasawba and bers are suggesting mat various Miss Ilelener Jurralt. financial condition and other mat- lers of this nature arc business matters which should receive attention 01 ihe Chamber of Com- son, Jerry, whose Illythcville htfine was destroyed by fire Saturday night,- are visiting Mrs. Hanks' parenls. Mr. and Mrs. .1. C. Wll- luuns. nierce, it believes. uuu>». In concluding the drawing up Miss Rachel txin Cleveland, of of the plan, the committee mem- Oosnell. \vns ihe Sunday guest of Highway lit al Sixth street are in- committees be appointed for these luded in Ihe automobile campaign sUKgestions. Such events as Christmas tlc:- orations, PK'sMtcnCs birthday Itall and other items overlooked last year should be included in the Community Chest, in the future in an elfort to eliminate as many drives as possible, according lo the new plan. The group should study the school situation in this section with nn aim of consolidation so as to safely phases'of activities. Various com miltecK of directors would be urged to increase members of their com FROM Hitching 1'nsts to Ilimur Tust OrtOVILLE, Ciil. (UP)— This city ] dclennhic-d to (ice ilsell from Taurus to Scorpio YOUR WEATHER HOROSCOPE POINTS TO ... „_ ...... ,„... 1; , vlt ll l llllllnl W) I«IL H^jl;ll MIJ1U nilitees by conlnctlng members or memories of the horse and buggy non-members of Hie Chamber ol Commerce in connection wilh par days. Thn live remaining granite hitching posts will be used to form ticular work, if the entire plan is | » protective fence around the accepted. New Liberty News Ifirlhilay Chili Jlwis mi aim MI ivMiM>mmuon so as 10 Mrs. D. Garratt and Mrs. W. H. give high school facililic.s to all de- Dyess were hostesses lo members Mother Orange tree— the first or- iitiKe tree planted In California and the mother of Califoiuia'.s present mange Industry. siring them, save the taxpayers "f the Birthday club and Iwo money and result iu better schools, 1 guests. Miss Jimmy John und Mvs. i the plan read. Enlargement of the J - P- Wheat. Tuesday afternoon at school district and ellminii- > ll( > home of Mrs. D. Garratl. A tiou of many school districts is a committee was appointed to send | matter of business instead or poll-i curds to members when-they are i tics that the business men of Dry- ; ill- After tlie hosle.«e.s had ]>ce:i theville might well consider, sponsors of the plan believe. Parking in (he business area of Blylhevillc lias become a serious problem and some plan looking to acquiring of a public parking lot in or near the center of town and on 1 Michigan cut and shipped 25 limes as much white pine at one time as it-'cnn provide or spare today. presented gifts in honor of their birthdays, they served a salad plate with iced drinks. They were assisted in serving by Miss Opal Garratt. Mrs. J. M. Aycock is spending week in I'arina, Mo., with her -. ....,.• i in, v.i, i ML I uj ILMV JJ if Jill Oil [ V"V tt i-LJV ill i ill (JliI, 1UU., tt Jill HVi Kimc property thai, is a drag on daughter. Mr.s. W. S. Aycock. Mr. thc lax lists and which is a civic ' Aycock and tlieir infant son born eye-sore might easily be converted '• Saturday. ....... .,...„ ,,,, vl tu ,,, into this purpose, according to the Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Marshall are ,«™i.,..o im the same reason: a i I''" 1 '- Parking of trucks and taxis visiting (heir daughter. Mrs ,\I C picking plant should be established! should be prohibited on Main .street ; Worslcy, and Mr. U'orsley u-ai especially for hogs ar.rt poultry so or nl ' easl regulated so as not to i Mansion. Mo. as to benefit both farmers "aim allmv '<>"£ trucks to park, it Is 1 Mr.s. Henry Neal and daughter, merchants and ibcm eimni,i i— „ brlit'vrrl ! .1.,,, ,,r n~i»—, >.. merchants and there should be curb market established immediately, the planners believe. Pointing out that all new Indus-! lll sed- iries should be connected with ag-' w '"lc saying thai the dumber riculture, the planners, in a writ- 0( Commerce should slay om ot brlipvctl - i Ann. of llollaixl. Mo. was the Cooperation in the census Ink- I week end guest of her parents Mr ing. now routing to an end. island Mrs. L>. Garratt. and family. Try One of Our Dcliclnus PIG SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn \crnsa From High School BUY Mr. and Mrs. John Banks aii:l STANDARD TIRES <£ politics if it expects to accomplish ', thc desired results, sponsors of the ten report, urged prompt establishment of a curb market wilh the suggestion that the Chamber ot''"'"' W01 * l' !l >" also point out lhat Commerce establish thc curb mar- "slaying out" menus only to refrain ket which, after development, conltl trom espousing ii le candidacy ol' be taken over by private capital an >' particular persons Kxwmll- i with advanlges both to ihe farm lurcs of I he city government main-1 families and housewives. . ttnance of its credit, eltcctlvc op- 7hc civic program proposed in- "'«tlon of its fire department' ana eludes city beautillcation. auto- resulting lower insurance rates mobile safety campaigns, enlarge- i mailer Involving taxation, (he city's ment of the Community Chest " sco'^e, consolidation ot nearby small schools Into larger ones, the pvib- llc parking menace, cooperation in Die census taking and improvement . of city government. i The planting of flowers and' shrubs, Improvement of yards, whiteways lighted and. street cor-1 ners lighted, along with Improve-' ment.of vacant lots, poorly drained streets, .unsightly alleys should be carried out with the orgarfei- PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock (iiiiiriinlci'd Ucst IVicos Kirby Drug Stores EXPEKT BEAUTY \VOKK CALL 106 . , F » r Appointment Margaret's Beauty Shop T.kes Jms ott j. our , vpemi —"Si yens to your life, VAPOR BATHS Salt Claw «ntl stmwtr WANTED Two men wilh cars for rural sales work in this and afl- jaccul ccunlles. Expense allowance plus large commission. Hefcrcnces required. Sec H. M. U.iker, GurT Hold Gulfweight the ideal suit to wear from today to October O ' Ihf sijrn of Taurus, lite Hull, is during May, throw off (he 'nnxten of heavy winfct- clothes. C;<> wilh the Hart Srhaffner & Murx suit lh;t| weighs 22', less than a suit. Tailored by Hart Schaffner ft Marx •OTHER SIZES 'ROPORTIONATELY LOW// At Today's LOW PRICES! 1>cr On Our Low As BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 810 And from (oday on (o October — when Scorpio reigns — your weather horoscope advises (lulfweishl all the lime for complete .'J-.sea.son comfort. As far ;is the iiclual weight of the suit is concerned 22' .', less is mathematically correct. (iulfwcighl is tailored of /cphyr-weiglH fabrics that are A to I ounces less per yard. Hnl in lidded comfort, (iiilfwui^hl feels 100',' lighter than any suit you've ever owned liefore. ' In models ami patterns that are identical lo those you'll find in our regular weight collections. 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