Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1939
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS TKuracIgy. October 12J03JL Britain Healthy , \ Before War Came LONDON. Eng -<£•>- British death rates in three major categories drop- ptid to new low levels in the statistical year 1938-39, it is disclosed in the annual report of the Ministry of if it's HANES! WE H AV E IT I TALBOT'S • Even a millionaire couldn't buy a more comfortable garment than these HANES Crotch-Guard Shorts. You look trim ntid youngish. The scat won't tussle with your bustle. And you feel the gentle athletic support of the IIXNESKMT Crotch-Guard—with its conve« orient, butlouless fly-front. You're really niiss- ing something if you don ' t try this gar ~ merit. Sec your llANES Dealer today. Yerger Grid Team to Meet Nashville Game Will Be Played at Hope Friday Afternoon' at 3:30 o'clock The Yerger High School football team, winner of its first two games, will meet Nashville at Yergcr Park Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Admis- ••ion will be 20 and 35 cents. < The locals are in good shape ande he probably starting lineup is us folows: Grady, right end 179 Greene, right tackle 165 Wright, center 150 Kountz, left guard 160 Coleman. left tackle 182 Shaw, left end 190 Pondexter, quarter 172 Carrigan, fullback 168 Carson, left half 160 Stuart .right half 160 EUROPEAN RULER Good U. S. Salaries HANES WINTER 50c to 79c SETS THE GARMENT Choose a sleeveless or short-sleeve shirt. Then pick one of the popular WINTER SET Ktyle*. Combed yarn or 10% wool. HAKES HEAVY. •WEIGHT CHAMPIONS SI. Other, Hs»y»tijH T9c to $2. Ctimplan MERCHANTS - Lirgeit slock ot HANES underwear in the South. Let us serve you' WM. R.MOORE'S MEMPHIS (Continued from Page One) from within. They organized a Communist party in Finland, filtered into trade unions, the army. In 1929. young Communists, staging a demonstration at Lapau,. were scattered after hand- to-hand combat with an organized group of neighborhood vigilntes. This outburst of defiance by the Finns spread into the 'Lapua movement," an association of local anti-Red clubs. Lapauns hooted Communist leaders out of the country, finally awakened the government to the necessity of passing strict measures against Russian agitators. Thus did Finland maintain her independence. She is determined to keep it and to remain neutral in the current, conflict. But Russia has already taken a long step toward complete mastreship of the Baltic. Further progress along this line will open the way for Russian dominantion of Finland again. Germany, however, is the real villain of the piece to the Finns. Whil? the Nazis hated the Reds. Finland relied on Germany to offset Soviet pressure. It granted Hitler privileges so the strategic islands reportedly sought by Russia. Now Germany seems to he willing to give Russia complete control of the Baltic as far west as East Prussia. .W.V.V.V.V.V.W.V.V.V.V •I Dr. J. D. Johnson • /Announces (he opening of offices'* 5 First National Bank Building • 5 Practice Limited to Eye, Ear Nose and Throat. V.V.V.VdW.W.W.WUVJ MOilZONTAL 1 Present ruler of Belgium. 10 Ocean. 11 Hoisting . machine. 12 Fruit decay. 13 Hauls. 14 A saying. 15 Salamander. 16 South America. 1» Golfing device 19 Because. 20 Position of affairs. 24 Coffee box. 29 Male ancestors. 30 Pale. 31 Conversed. 32 Turned into cash. 34 Emitted Answer to Previous Puiile 35 Guided. 30 Genus of rodents. 37 More somber. 41 Tribunal. 42 Solar disc. 45 Heavy calamity. 46 Solitary. 48 Building site. 49 Genus of auks 60 Vampire. 51 To twist about, light. 53 His wife, Queen was killed accidently. 54 His heir is his son, Prince " • • ' i ••-t 19 Device for cooling air.\ 21 Baking dish. 22 Circle part, 23 Beverage. f 24 Vulgar fellow 25 Mineral spring. 26 Male cat. 27 To piece out 28 Fortification. 30 To marry. 33 Forerunner. 34 Chest of drawers. 36 Frenzy. 38 Shoemakers' tools. 39 Numskull. 40 Elk. 41 Explosive shell. 42 Too. 43 Balsam. Soviet Grab Meets (Continued from Page One) Tokio VERTICAL 2 Small island. 3 To require. 4 Fence doov. S.Rcsounds. 6 Pope's scarf. 7 Part .of hand. 8 Numeral. 9 Pupil's assignment. 12 His kingdom's -14 Toilet box. capital. 47 Musical note. 17 Springs up. 49 Lava. 18 To scuffle. 52 Print measure Health. The report shows a standardized death rate of 8.5 per 1,000; an infantile death rate of 53 and a maternal mortality rate of 2.87. The number of deaths from tuberculosis in England and Wales was the lowest in history. 21,930 compared with 23,971 in 1937, It was the first time in the country's history that maternal mortality fell below the rate of three. A slight upward trend of the birth rate which was observed first in 1938 carried,:it to 15.1, but at that it was still below the figure for every year before 1933. ARKANSAS LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION GROUNDS NORTH LITTLE r flT' r. K.F. Milnce, S^ntc "HOLC Mann- pel. $5,300. Blake A. Williams. Assistant Internal Revenue Collector, $-1,200. James O. Park, Chief of Field Deputies, $:>.600; Jnmes E. Chnmbcrlin (6th) Superintendent Bureau of Engraving's Transportation Division, ?2,900; Colin K. McRne, Uth) Chief Clork Office of Chief of Ordinance, War Department, 53.401); Preston P. Pntrnu, Superintendent. Hot Springs National Park I $1.600. Malcolm E. Garner 17th) Acting Superintendent Natchez truce Parkway, SS.8UO; John B. Daniels, AAA Administrative Officer in charge at Little Huck. $1,000 Kiehard T. DouBhtie. Jr., (1st) Cotton Technologist at Memphis. Sli.fiOO; James A. Marks (3rd) Marketing Specialist Philadelphia. S3.-IUO; Howard Miller of White River Migratory Miitcrfoul Refuge, St. Charles. Ark. SII.200. Horace E. Thompson, State FSA Director of Rehabilitation, 51,600; Malcolm R. Stephens (3rd) Chief of Station at St. Louis for Field Inspection J.eiviet; Food and Dnig Administrnt- ion. 54,600; Henry R. Keen Arthur L. Nelson. Supervisor Ouchita National Forest. Hot Springs $4.600. Charles Mclichnr (tith) Supervisor Mantahala National Forest, Franklin, N. C.. 53,800; Hampton G. Dasher j (2nd> Area Conservationist,. Soil Con- I nervation Service, Tifton, Ga., $J,00() | Edgar A. Hodson (5th) Soil Cnnscrv.it- j ion Service( Fort Worth, 5-1,600; Glenn I E. Riddcll, State Cooreinator Soil Con- versatin Service. Little Rock. S-I.GOO. Thomas N. Abboud. Area Conservationist at Russellville, Ark., $3,800; Flunk R. Stanley. Area Conservationist at Hope, 53,400 Fred Keller (lst> Assistant Regional Administration SCS Region. 4. 53,900. Albert G. Thomas, Project Manager Land Ulaliation Head quarters, Marianna, $3,200. Edward M. Chappell, (3rd) Assistant Meleorogotist. Anchorage, Alaska. 53.200: Harvey S. Cole, Associate Nct- erologisl Little Rock, $3.300; Walter C. Hickman. Assistant Mctrologist. fort Smith, $3.900; Paul R. Birgo. tiiuli Senior Administrative Assistant Census Bureau, 53,200. Samuel M. Laudcrbale iGthi Senior Safety Engineer, Civilian Conservation Corps, 54.600; Frank D. Noalistcr lath) Chief Justice Department Achiv- cs. S4.6DO; J. W. Hull, Director Arkansas NYA. $4,500. J. B. Hutson was u business visitor to Nnshville Saturday. V. A. McLaughlin was in Nitsh- ville Saturday on business. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McLarty were business visitors to Murferocsboro Friday. Born to Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cooley Saturday n girl. Mr. »nil Mrs. C. T. Spankhawks and children have returned from n business trip to Texas. Ed Kii-kpatrick was n business visitor to Nashville Friday. Mrs. Nara Cooley has returned from Arkadolphia wher she visited relatives. A. C. Half was n business wisitor to Na-shville Saturday. Mrs. Charles Higgins is visiting! her son and her brothers families ul ] Hot Springs. j B. J. Steen was a busines visitor to Nashville Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Hurshel Wisdom of Hot' Springs visited Mr. and . Mrs. Oscar Dulic Holt was shopping in Nashville Saturday. Miss Faye Stewart returned home Saturday from one of the Hope Hospitals whore she underwnt a major operation. Otis Warren and daughter Miss O/.ie of Wynnicwood Oklahoma arc here tin a visit to relatives Mr. Warren intends to carry back a truck load of Pumpkins. E. L. Warren and family of Mur- Ircesboro visited here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wisdom of Nashville visited their parents here Sunday. J. S. Harris visited in the Utiy community Sunday. "We. Outfit the Family JSt With Quality With Style * HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD Scribe Spends Vacation at Movies to Escape Heat Wave in California Ozan By PAUL H/VRRlSOiV j I wouldn't open my mail, enter a NEA Service Staff Correspondent j theater, or read a line of movie news. HOLLYWOOD — This correspon- i If anybody came around in the day- dent has just returned from a va- I time I'd smear a little more mortal- cation. ! 011 my face and say, "Senor Harrison, I am not as bronzed and robust, as a result of it, as you might imagine. In fact, I haven't exactly "returned 1 because I didn't go anywhere. Nor was it much of a vacation. First it was the heat, and then the rains— and always the telephone. But I did get to see Marlcnc Dietrich kick Charles Winningcr in the pants, so probably I shouldn't complain. There are thousands of people who'd drive across the continent to watch Miss Dietrich boot anybody in the dignity. At first my plan for a vacation seemed like a swell idea. I would have the telephone disconnected except for outgoing calls. I would go Id bed early rise with the dawn, gobble n prodigious breakfast, and then biuld that brick wall and steps between the terraces. (Brick laying is my favorite manual therapy.) he gone China, six months." But nothing of thu sort happened. On the first Monday morning. I'd thought I would sleep until noon. The telephone began ringing., at 9 o'clock. This is RKO. We're having a preview tonight—." "How about lunch" "Bob Hope is having a. little dinner for—." 'We're previewing 'Black mail' tomorrow at—.' "This is the Screen Actors' Guild. We—." Then a lilting feminine voice: 'Mr. Harrison? Did you ask to have your John Jr. Barrow, who is attending Ouachitd College, spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Earrovv. Mrs. C'hlora Citty. who has been recuperating from a tonsilia roperation. is able to resume her household tasks. Dr. and Mrs. Roland Robins, and little daughters, Linda and Ann. of Caindcn. were the Sunday guest,-; of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Robins. Mr. and Mrs. Hcrvey Huh. of Hope, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Sparks, of Cain- dcn. and little Misses Barbara Ann S.milh and Mary Sue Thornton were the dinner guests of Mr. amf Mrs. F. P. Citty, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Truman Hill visited relatives in Scvior county. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reed and son, of Hope, were the guests of Mr. uul Mrs. Earl Robins, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Murphy nnd son, nf Texarkana, visited Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Robhvs, Sunday. Tlie.' Washington school bus that is transporting a number ot school child ren ut school at Washington has extended its route to tin; forks of the O/.an-McCatkill road two miles east of O/iin. HELP KIDNEYS PASS 3 PINTS A DAY Doctors say your k tiny tubes or filter.-! At Prices Yon Like to Pay Gloves Suede Leather and Combinations Now Fall Colors New Doctors say your kidneys contain 15 nulcs_of ...iy tubes or fillers whii-h liclp to ] blood and keep you healthy. Kidne; I thought, "Well, this isnt last, so I spurned my breakfast,as usual and drove into Hollywood and ordered 2000 bricks. Then I walked three blocks toward a hardware store and suddenly the boulevard began tu whirl lik c;i crazy montage. "Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford and llinijnun. j^iu j-wn ci.Ti*. iw >»i v i. ( r ui.il i _.-... .-., —. telephone disconnected for incoming I "fsalind Russell, said a sign. "Repulse calls? | NMI Couiilc-r-Drive.' Maybe the last So I got out of bed, boiling. While | shaving—a special conce.ssion to habit—, I realized with surprise that I was still boiling, and my choleric spells never had lasted so long before. Pretty soon I realized that it was just an extra-hot day. It was hot enough to melt a casting directors heart. to purify the _ _ .Ineya remove excess acida anif poisonous woato from your blood. They help most people posa about 3 pints ; a day. . . ; When disorder of kidney function nennlt-s i poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it J may cauao nagging backache, rhiMinmtir. iminji, , leg pains, Ions of jicp nnd energy, KcttmK up i nights, BWeUinK, puflinesa under the eyes, head- j nchea and dlninesa. Krocment or srunty p:i«- ; (aftes with BnmrtinK iincl uuniinK fniniatiiitra | showa them is aonicthinii wroni: with your kidneys or bladder. , ; Don't wait! Ask vour druggist for (Jonnn i Fills, used, successfully by millions for over -1C) . years. They give happy relief nnd will help tho i 15 miles of kidney tubes flush out poiRutimis waste from your blood. Get Down's rilli. : to match any Costume 98 Ladies I'arlu'r Wilder Flnnm'y SKIRTS Luscious new Fall shades in pleated or gored stylus. Zippers. 12 to 20 $1.95 r *,, ^^^^ ^L. I *»«*& 8F i^«r«*k ^V I ^I/ r *j»QQCASH PREMIUMS for ARKANSAS LIVESTOCK E SUPER, MUSICAL EXTRAVAG AN Z A BRILLIANT STAGE SMASH HIT IOO STARS STAGE * SCR&&N * RADIO GENERAL APMIS5IOM 50* GRAND STAND 751 BOX S£AT54|-.00 SECOND ANNUAL i&OOOinCASH PRIZES SUITS fia^U S22.50 A wtlcome that's well merit- td, too, «i thouundi of viluc-wiic man will testify. Comm«nd«r Suits are low in price, but look and wear like many dolltu more. It'i no wonder Commander hai won luch a host of friends . . . and better ttill, keeps them. Lined with Earl-Glo Trouiirt with 7i/on Fastener W \ Don't Cheat Yoursc-lf SEE THE NEW STETSONS $C $^50 HAYNES BROS. There is no Profitable Substitute for Quality headline of a , Oomph Brassieres and Money to Lonn, with Irene Dunne untl Ch.-irles Boycr. 1'omebody said, "Hi, Paul!' and I looked around to find Sir Cedrie Hardwickc roller-skating toward me in his Dr. Livingstone costume. He led ;ne into an air-conditioned movie and I sat there five hours. Ccel off Rt Previews After that, I didnt leave my house except at night. Nights, we would go to previews to get cool. Days I would sit around in nothing much and rend (he newspapers and the movie trade papers and the movie trade papers and answer the telephone and cu.ss. Rich's mulliLv would say, 'Don't bother Daddy. Daddy is having a vaca- liun. A va-cu-shun is a time when a man doesn't have to work. Isn't that nice'.'" Twice I called 20th-Fox to ask if Sana Home's new ice stu«c- had been finished, because if it had heen I was going out nnd live on it. But it wasn't ready. The t'irl ;it the telephone company called and said they had disconnected the WJ-OIIR number and would I excuse it please and they would disconnect mine right fiw;iy. dice 1 thought I heard a clap of thunder, but it was only a truck dumping 20(10 bricks on the wrong. Of sunny, side of the house. A man from Universal called and jsuid Mai-lene Dietrich was about to • kick Charles Winninger, and did 1 (want some of (lie champagne she had given the studio publicist? I said I didn't believe it—about the champagne—so I went down to see. It was true, all right; so was the kicking. On my way home, some big, dirty drops of water began falling from Husky. I thought it must be a publicity stunt f 0l . "The Rains Came." but it turned into a legitimate six-inch downpour that lasted three days. It run into the- cracks in the ground that the hc,.it had made, and it washed uway the terrance where I had intended to build a wall. This morning I'm buck at work. Jf s ne-irly noon, but the telephone hasn't rung once. They finally gut around lr . FLANNEL GOWNS PAJAMAS Warm flannel gowns in white, pink, blue. Wash beautifully. 49c Jackets Flannel Newest Styles and Colors 53-95 BAGS New Designs and Materials in Rich Fall Shades Mojud HOSE Clear, .sheer stockings. Reinforced at points of wear. Now colors TOM SAWYER BOYS SUITS Double or Single Brested styles expertly tailored. Now fall and winter colors. For dress or school wear Sixes G to 18 $9-75 to $14-75 BOYS PANTS In Longies or Shorts. New good looking fabrics. Miide to stand tough wear. to Boys Shirts Well made- Fast colors SKY RIDER WANT LOG TRUCKS and UK; CUTTKRS Virgin Hardwood Phone 215 Apply tu Boys Dress Oxfords ong, well made shoes. Genuine lea t soles. In black and tan. All .sixes $1-95 . $2.95 Men's Dress Pants plain, pleated or slack models. 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