The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on June 13, 2006 · Page 15
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 15

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Page 15
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TUESDAY, JUNE 13,2006 THE HAYS DAILY NEWS B7 FAMILY CIRCIS Dunlin MENACE CttOM M KIM. Inc. Dw by King Fntum Synd. "HI, Grandma! Does the candy In your , purse make It too heavy for you?" BEETLE BAILEY i THINK TMEV GAIL ir KIPS'MUS/C 'CAUSE GROWNUPS CRAZY!" ILIKETOSEEWHATS GOING ON AROUNP CAMP 60, WHAT'S GOING ON AROUNP CAMP? GARFIELD THOSE OUP BONES PON'T MOVE LIKE THEV U86t7 TO. HUH,GARFiei_P? OR PIP THEV EVER? THAT'S HARASSING- THE AGER FELLA r\ * WIZARD OF ID BUT SIR, WHATA&OUT ^ MAP COW? r (WHATEVER Srfe WANTS •» K J.I-'J/ii i i;J i .-v.ii t i _i..'i- . BUY DUES FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE we AieeMOVJiMVCAcewu . PO 0ui?wu.Pt0T&VAev (2esT.''ovecineize leoyiz | rwce FROM ON& ~ you <t\ovi wrtffr Tftey 6Ay LOCAflOM. LOCPffiOH, BLONOIE I ALWAVS THINK BETTER ON A FULL STOMACH OF COURSE.' THAT'S A SREAT IDEA/ HOW ABOUT SANDWICH? HONEV, I NEED TO • DESIGN A LOGO FOR THE SANDWICH SHOP I'M THINMN6 ABOUT OPENING BlUEIf SATAN'S VENDOR HAVE IAANY BENEFITS AFTER OUP. TECHNOLOGY JS IRREVOCABLY INPLEttENTED IN YOUR NETWORK, FOR EXAMPLE, WHEN ONE OF OUR PRODUCTS STOPS WORKING, WEtL BLAKE ANOTHER VENDOR WITHIN 2H HOURS. DO YOU HAVE FREE T-SHIRTS? YES, THEY'RE IAADE OF THE FINEST ALLERGENS. Annie's Mailbox Dear Annie: For several months, my manicurist and I discussed her purchasing my husband's old car when he buys a new one. The day after my husband bought our new car, I called my manicurist to see if she was still interested in the old one. She said yes, and that she would try to come see it that weekend. I told her there was no hurry, but we would need to close the deal within the next two weeks, as I was going into the hospital. The next morning, my neighbor asked what we wanted for the car. I told him the price, but also said my manicurist was interested in the car. I promised to keep him posted. Friday night, I called my manicurist at work and left a message telling her when we'd be home and to feel free to stop by. Saturday came and I didn't hear from her, so late that afternoon I called again and left another message, saying someone else was interested in the car, but I would hold it until Monday, noon. By Monday noon, I still had not heard from her, so my husband sold the car to the neighbor. Wednesday, I got a call from my manicurist saying she just heard my messages because her son had been in the hospital for emergency surgery. She asked whether we had sold the car. I told her we had, and she was very angry. She said I had promised it to her. I apologized, but said my husband didn't want to continue paying insurance on it. She hung up in a huff and has not returned my call for an appointment. Where did I go wrong? — Dumped by a Manicurist in Bay City Dear Dumped: You told the manicurist there was "no hurry," but you wanted to sell within two weeks. By our count, you gave her about seven days. If your neighbor had not come by, the car likely still would have been there on Wednesday. We think you owe your manicurist a major apology, and if you want her to keep doing your nails, stop by with a nice gift as a way of making amends. Dear Annie: My husband and I Wbved to Kentucky several years ago. Through clubs and the church, we have met many nice people and have had them for dinner at our home several times. Though I don't have the most expensive china, it's quite lovely and I make what I would call great meals, yet no one invites us to their homes for dinner. These people are all friends of ours. I understand some folks feel their homes aren't fancy enough or they don't cook much, but it's the company I'm looking for. We've lived here eight years and have never received an invitation for dinner at any of these homes. Why? — Don't Understand Dear Don't Understand: We think your "lovely" china and "great meals" may be intimidating to those who feel their skills and dinnerware can't match up. If these friends reciprocate in other ways, leave it alone. If not, you can always stop feeding them, but we suggest giving them one more chance: Invite them for pizza on paper plates, tell them you hope they don't mind the informality, but it's their friendship you cherish. We hope they get it. — Write to Annie's Mailbox, P.O. Box 118190, Chicago, IL ore-mail REAL LIFE ADVENTURES CLOSE To HOME X THOUGHT AFTGK. OUR. AR6VM6H7 YOU W€R.€ LfA\//N& FO* GOOD. Z DONTHAVG GNOU6H POfr A HOT€L, 2 0CW7 HA VG ANY FfclfNDS TO STAY WITH, AA/O z CAN'T ser /A/ TO THE OFFt^eAT Nf&UT. I Occasionally, reality rears Its ugly head.^ A veteran of many horrific blind dates, Barb carried a copy of "Fodor's Guide to Restaurant Back Doors" with her at all tir Daily Sudoku ft«ViN a.-. U^^ty.-^.^, \^».^^^t*^|i^, ]M yS.- r-^-i^. 6 2 5 8 6 3 9 8 7 8 1 3 6 7 4 2 5 5 4 7 9 2 1 '.'-';' !"!. ^ 9 3 Level: Beginner To solve a sudoku puzzle, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. Use the numeric clues provided in the boxes. 8 9 / e 9 * 6 Z I Z 6 1. 9 Z e f 9 e 9 e t> i. z 6 z 9 9 9 I Z f 8 / e 6 9 L 8 9 Z 6 e t fr 9 6 V e 9 I 9 8 L Z t Z 8 6 C 9 9 L L e 9 9 / fr 1. Z 8 6 1. L 6 8 9 Z 9 e t' Dr. Paul Donohue HEALTH DEAR DR. DONOHUE: What effect does alcohol have on vitamins? I take my vitamins in the morning. At dinner, I have two beers. My wife thinks that the beer interferes with the absorption of vitamins from food and from the capsules I take in the morning. That sounds ridiculous to me. — F.S. ANSWER: Two beers at dinner won't affect vitamin absorption from your food or the absorption of vitamins you took in the morning. The morning vitamins have been absorbed well before you drink any beer. Drunk in large amounts, alcohol can affect a person's vitamin status. For example, excessive amounts of alcohol can block the absorption of the B vitamin thi- amlne. Furthermore, it hastens thiamine's breakdown. The result of chronic alcoholism, when it creates a thiamine deficiency, is known as Wernlcke's encephalopathy—a destruction of brain cells. People with the condition lose control of eye muscles, and they see double images. They are unsteady when walking, even when they aren't drinking. If they develop memory problems and make up stories to cover their memory lapses, then the disorder is called Korsakoff's syndrome. - Write to Paultonohue, M.D.. P.O. Box 636475, Orlando, FL 32850-647$. AXYDLBAAXR LONGFELLOW *-'•: One iettefistalhds for another.TrTtriis sample, Als iiscd for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. 6-13 CRYPTOQUOTE OC OH E HEL CFOUD NFJU GJU FEZJ UJOCFJA CFJ NOC CM HQJEX NJKK, UMA CFJ RWLDGJUC CM FMKL CFJOA CMUDWJH. — RJEU LJ KE IAWVJAJ Yesterday's Cryptoquote: THERE IS NO EEL SO SMALL BUT IT HOPES TO BECOME A WHALE. — GERMAN PROVERB CROSSWORD By THOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 1 Broken arm holder 5 River deposits 10 Spoken tests 12 Untied 13 "Wedding Crashers" co-star 15 Language suffix 16 Good name, for short 17 "Ice Age" sloth 18 Private answer 20 Army post 21 Iron output 22 Really fond of 23 Straighten 25 Hit ABC series 28 Gives temporarily 31 Aware of 32 Shoe part 34 Sky sighting 35 Misery 36 Siesta 37"! Love Lucy" co-star 40 Put in office 41 Similar 42 Fix a clock 43 Not as much DOWN 1 Quail group 2 Gets up 3 Most rational 4RN's specialty 5 Smack in the face 6 Debtor's letters 7 Enters a Yesterday's answer 11 Continued 29Johnny story Depp 14 Vivid red film 19 Old treaty "— org. Brasco" 20 Helsinki 30 Pants natives 33 Fencing password, 24 Swiss city swords perhaps 25 Shutter 35 Power 8 Casual part unit top 26 Available 38 Motel 9 Address for freebie label reference 39 Corn- words 27 Ranges pletely NEW CROSSWORD BOOKI Send $4.75 (check/m.o.) to ~~~ Thomas Joseph Book 2, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 0-19

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