The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on March 28, 1998 · Page 44
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 44

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1998
Page 44
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16 - SATURDAY, MARCH 28," 1998 Tune in Tomorrow Soap opera summaries for March 23-27 By Nancy Reichardt • United Feature Syndicate • ALL MY CHILDREN: An upset Janet learned Trevor has been checking out Axel (the imposter). Axel Interrupted a tender moment between Janet and Trevor. The real Axel made plans to go to Pine Valley after receiving an email photo that Tim and Amanda sent him. Brooke showed Dimitri a life Insurance policy for big bucks that Jim took out on her and Edmund. Dimitri nixed letting Brooke call the cops after she had a phone call from Edmund that made her suspect he was In trouble. Dimitri gave Brooke a gun. Adam went ahead with divorce proceedings despite Liza's plea that they stay married. During the divorce hearing, Stuarttook the stand and stunned everyone with his admission that he, not Adam, who slept with Marian. Marian fainted after Stuart's confession. Liza insisted to Camilla that Adam could not be responsible for Joy's death. Erica received joint custody of Bianca. . Kelsey considered leaving town. • ANOTHER WORLD: Nick comforted Donna over Michael's death. Nick and Sofia argued after he came home and found her in Matf s arms, and Nick said he quit his Job at the newspaper. Joe suspects Paulina has gone to Gold Street, but decided that he must find the person who burned down their home before Paulina will believe he doesn't think she was responsible for the fire. Joe served as a decoy while Jake and Gary broke into Grant's apartment, where they found an Incriminating audlotape. Jake told Vicky that It's over between them, then gave her his wedding ring. Jake assured Steven and Kirkland that he still wants to be part of their lives. Vicky was suspicious when Grant said he has dropped his efforts to get custody of Kirkland. Grant warned Ula to drop her civil suit against Jake. Lila talked Dr. Nolan into helping her make Matt think Shane is the father of her baby. Rachel was suspicious when Carl hired a new chauffeur. • AS THE WORLD TURNS: John was devastated that Barbara rejected his Idea that they adopt a baby, then filed for a divorce from him. John cried on Lisa's shoulder after Hal threw him out when he got angry Hal was with Barbara to explain the divorce to her sons. Samantha and Kirk renewed their marriage vows. David won his lawsuit against Lily, then announced he was -*> changing his last name to Stenbeck. Molly and David made love after she left the Hughes' home and moved in with him. Margo and Tom took the children to a carnival where Margo and Jack ended up In a Shootout with a drug dealer. Emily told Tom that she's getting on with her life. Nikki ran away, but returned, when she was unable to tell Hal that she learned of Carly's feelings for Jack. Carly told Nikkl that she's in Hal's Ufa to stay. Hal confronted Nikki when he found Carly's pregnancy test kit but thought it was Nikkl's. Carly told Jack they never had a future together. • THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Rush tied Johnny up, then shaved so he could pass for Johnny. Lauren was suspicious when Johnny (Rush) kissed her passionately, then suggested they get out of town for a while. Johnny (Rush) nixed getting In the hot tub with Grant, Macy and Lauren because the scar on his chest would tip Lauren that he's really Rush. Rick's family rallied around him at the hospital after his car crash. CJ told Amber to keep mum that she was with Rick at the time of the crash. Brooke thanked Amber, who was taken into surgery after learning she was a compatible kidney donor for Rick when his kidneys failed. • DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Laura flashed back to firing a gun while she was at Blake House. John found Laura's pill bottle at Blake House. -. Mariena quizzed Laura, who said she didn't see Kristen the night she "died." With Laura as the only suspect, Abe reopened the Hie on Kristen's "death* after John told him about the pill bottle, and Mariena admitted Laura had been at Blake House, Kristen (as Susan) was pleased Laura Is the suspect In her "murder." Kristen (as Susan) talked John Into teaching her how to dance so she could be In his arms. Susan (Kristen) kissed John, then lied that she thought he was Edmund. Edmund noted Susan (Kristen) Is acting strange. Mays agreed to help Susan get back to the U.S. The doctor warned Bo that Billle's pregnancy Is very high risk. Craig Wesley pretended sympathy when Mike toW him Carrie Is married to someone else. Craig tokj Mike that he is also after the chief of staff job. « GENERAL HOSPITAL: Tony Ignored Robin, who is wonted that she was locked in the cabin wttheul her medjcsto. Refeta's cenditton worsened as Tony attended the birthday party Bobbie threw for hint. Alter accusing Moreno of kidnapping Michael, Jason reaped Tony was the kid, „ rapper. Jason then rescued Mtehsel and Bobto, * wrwwMhosp«afcedwi^pneunwnJa, After Tony Carly and Bobbie had a mother-daughter moment after learning Michael was fine. Sarah was upset Audrey opposed Liz joining a rape support group. Later, Audrey told Sarah that she had been raped years ago by her then husband, Tom Baldwin. Lucky nixed giving Luke a second chance. Luke fumed to see Helena with Lucky, who wants Helena to tell him about the time Laura was with the Cassadines. Mac, Felicia and V think the Quarter- maines are behind the plot to assassinate Jax. Stefan admitted he went to see Laura. GUIDING LIGHT: Cart accosted a terrified Beth. Beth put Hartey In danger when she told Carl that Hariey is the person who has been asking questions about him. Beth refused when Hariey wanted her help to set a trap for Cart. Lillian was shocked to learn about Beth's violent past relationship with Cart, Buzz, who was leaving for London, urged Hariey not to let Phillip ruin her life. The now teen-aged Reva clone gave Michael and Josh a run for their money when she proved to be as stubborn as Reva. Josh covered with Cassie and Billy about why he has been with the Reva clone. Josh told the Reva done, who has crush on him, all about his past with Reva. Cassie was shocked when Michael told her the truth about the Reva done. Reva encountered the man who Is on the Island with her. Dinah tried to get Rob off her back, but he has no intention of leaving. Blake came dose to telling Hart about her problems with Ben. • ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Max apologized for accusing RJ of being involved with the kidnapping of his twins, but later broke into RJ's office looking for the videotape Claude sent RJ. Jacara and RJ made love, and then he proposed after they admitted their fnellngs for each other. Later, Jacara found the vidaotape in RJ's home, then watched it with Max, who was ecstatic to see his twins are alive and well. Hank was about to propose to Carlotta when she broke off their romance. Nora told Sam that Todd had been abused by his father. VI- kl asked Sam to help Todd, who wants to win Tea back. Tea and Andrew got romantic after he asked the Bishop for a leave of absence from his parish. Rachel is curious about Georgia's "secret affair.* Georgia was pleased Nora went out of town on business. Blair impersonated Kelly as part of a scheme to get her hands on Kelly's share of lan's estate. Dorian was upset Mel was on a date with Renee. • PORT CHARLES: Lucy was not happy Kevin had Victor move in with them without clearing it with her first. Kevin and Lucy were surprised when Victor located Rex's money electronically. Lucy nixed Scott's'offer to help her financially for fear he would lose all his money. Grace was injured when Matt and Bobby had a Shootout. Before dying, Bobby warned Matt that the feud with his family hasn't ended. Matf s parents arrived, and his father, Salvatore, confronted him about Booby's death. Matt was stunned Salvatore said Chris set him up. After making love, Jake learned Lark is "Chloe.* Lark fantasized about Frank. • SUNSET BEACH: Ben, who Is being held hostage by his twin brother Derek, managed to call Meg on his cell phone, but Derek hung up on him. Derek got to the warehouse in time to stop Ben from calling the police. A stunned Ben realized Derek Is the serial killer and that Meg Is his next intended victim. Ben (Derek) came dose to strangling an unwitting Meg before telling her their elopement Is off because he wants a big wedding. Virginia was pleased to hear Dr. Estrada tell Vanessa that she may have Martin's Syndrome. Cole and Olivia are determined to keep their past affair a secret. Annie panicked when Gregory brought Dr. Brock to the house to see Olivia. Gregory blamed Olivia for their baby's death after Brock's file showed she authorized the cremation of the baby's body. Cole rushed to rescue Olivia, who was about to drink a mixture of sleeping pills and champagne. Gregory kissed Annie, who came on to him. • THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jack found Nikki after Veronica shot and killed Josh and left a wounded Nikkl to die. Jack phoned Nik- kl's sister Casey, who flew to Genoa City to be at Nikki's hospital bedside. Victor and Diane cut short their second honeymoon after Jack phoned them on the Newman jet and tokj them about Nikki. Veronica checked into a seedy rnotel after removing and disposing of her Sarah disguise. After discussing Victoria's evening with Tony, Nick admitted that Cassle's presence Is causing trouble between him and Sharon. Sharon told Doris that she thinks ifs too soon to tell Nick that she's Cassle's mother. Phillip was upset Tripia moved In wltt) Ryan right after he received his divorce from Nina. Ryan Insisted he wUI always be Phillip's father. Malcolm warned Dry she could tose her family If she accepts Ski's modeling Job otter. Michael begged Chris to help reinstate his law Ucense. •' DAYTIME March 30-April 3 LATE NIGHT 1:30 B FOX SporU News Rewind (Won, Wed) NBA Action (Thu-Fri) ID (1:35) Arizona Sheepdog (Mon) (1:45) Goofy's Freeway Troubles (Wed) (1:40) Cosmic Capers (Fri) B (1:35) Movie (Fri) ** "Machine Gun Blues" (1:27)14860013 QD (1:36) ABC World News Now (Mon- Thu) (1:38) Viper (Fri) (5) (1:37) Martha Stewart Living (Mon) Gayto King (Tue-Thu) 7924975 (1:37) Walker, Texas Ranger (Fri) (27) (1:35) News TCM Movie (Tue) * * * "Mildred Pierce" (2:00) 1554062(1:45)(:45) (Thu) *** "Angels With Dirty Faces" (1:45) 91522690 (Fri) *** "Caged" (1:40) 4804704 2:00 B News I Gayle King 8811528 Community Bulletin Board (Tue-Fri) (2:06) Dating Game (2:11) ABC World News Now (Tue- Thu) B (2:12) LAPD:Ufe on the Beat (Mon) (2:12) CBS Up to the Minute (Tue-Thu) § 2) More Than a Game (Fri) (2:10) NBC News Nlghtslde (2:25) CHIPS (Mon, Wed) Movie (Tue) * * * "Antonia's Line" (133) 1345468 B (2:05) Movie (Mon) ** "Scorpion Spring* (1:32) 1078851 (Fri) *** "Michael Collins" (2:12) 48020568 S Crossfire 923219 Movie (Mon) *» "Annabel Takes a Tour" (1:30) 546493 (Tue) *** Tales of Manhattan" (2:00) 510994 (Thu) ** "Meet Danny Wilson* (1:30)485932 S Happy Days Music Videos (Fri) Rowan Atkinson: Not Just Another Pretty Face (Tue) B Christopher Ctoseup (Mon) Faces on Faith (Tue) Lifestyle Magazine (Wed) Scriptures Alive) (Thu) Our Family (Fri) B Up Close (Mon-Tue, Thu) Racehorse Digest (Wed) Inside the PGA Tour (Fri) B Inside Drag Racing (Mon) NBA 2Nlght (Tue-Fri) B Movie (Thu) *** "Sergeant Rutledge" (2:30) 405661 (Fri) **»"Bustin' Loose* (2:00) 141723 S Boris Karioff Presents Thriller (Thu) Lassie Movie (Tue) * * * "A Doll's House" (1:50)8542710(2:05)(:05) (Wed) ** "Gunmen of Abilene" (1:05)53678918 B Women's College Gymnastics (Mon) Last Word (Tue) FOX Sports World (Wed, Fri) Tennis (Thu) a Law ft Order (Mon, Wed-Fri) B J«s Scene (Mon) Jazz Central (Tue- Thu) Jazz Discovery (Fri) S Maria Isabel 517509 Movie (Mon) **X "$1,000,000 Duck" (1:32) 294073 (Tue) **KThe Three Lives of Thomaslna* (1:37)166246 (Wed) ** "A Goofy Movie" (1:18) 4072531 (Thu) *** The Sword In the Stone" (1:20) 4049203 (Fri) ** "Jungle 2 Jungle* (1:45)6279988 B Movie (Mon) *** "Maybe... Maybe Nor (1:33) 3560702 (Wed) * * * "Othello" (2:04)39213550 (6) (2:07) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon) (2:07) Martha Stewart Living (Tue-Thu) (10) America's Store (Mon, Wed-Fri) TMC (2:05) Movie (Tue) ** "Blueberry Hill" (1:35) 50991994 (Wed) **K"Car- rtngton" (2:05)63120463 WON Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Mon) Adventures of Sinbad (Tue) Movie (Wed) * * "A Tiger's Tate" (2:00) 698192 (Fri) *** "Jeremiah Johnson* (2:00) 685278 Colombo (Thu) 2:30 • Keenen Ivory Weyan* (Mon-Thu) 2914870 GeraWo Rivera (Fri) 3851433 • Sally 954342 (2:37) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon- Port Charles 3259493 ) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon) 2:41) ABC Worm News Now (Mon) _ 2:42) CBS Up to th :42) Almost Live I (Fri) (2:39)8hot (Mon-Tue) Movie (Fri) The Agony and the Ecstasy" (2:15)27950297 B Movie (Mon) ** The Killer Condom* (1:47)8142064 (2:45) Movi* (Man) *** "In Coun(2:00) 11456431 (Tue) *** Movte patbigs **** Outstanding * * * » Excellent * * Not bad *** Very good *s Fair **x Good * Poor B (2:45) try' (2:0 •Yanks" (2 f (2:20) 37887655 (2:46) (:45) (Fri) ***ThaSn r" (1 :45) 48674836 (Thu) Front* (1:45)63419314 B Movie (Fri) * "Silk 'n' Sabotage* (130) 981617 B I Love Lucy B After Hours (Mon-Thu) B Auto Racing (Mon, Wed) NBA Today (Tue) Senior PGA Golf (Thu-Fri) B NHL Hockey (Mon-Wed, Fri) Auto Racing (Thu) CD Flipper B (2:40) Movie (Mon) **X The 500 Pound Jerk" (1:20) 11457967 (2:35) (-.35) (Thu) ** The Cruel Tower" (1:25) 14503816 (2:45) (:45) (Fri) ** "Never Con a Killer" (1:15) 13278433 a v-Max (Tue) America's Castles (Tue) B (2:35) Movie (Thu) * *M "Hollywood Boulevard" (1:23) 68477425(2:55) (Fri) it * "Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back" (1:30)50736384 OD (2:38) In Concert (Fri) (S) (2:37) CBS Up to the Minute (Tue- Thu) (2:37) F/X: The Series (Fri) (10) America's Store (Tue) TMC (2:50) Movie (Mon) ** "Alphabet City" (1:30) 1562832 (2:50) (:50) (Thu) ** "Chameleon" (1:50) 95565135 (Fri) * it "Relative Fear" (1:35) 2436443 3:00 B Community Bulletin Board (Mon) B Real Stories of the Highway Patrol (Mon-Thu) Real TV (Fri) B (3:06) ABC World News Now (Mon- Thu) (3:08) In Concert (Fri) 1(3:12) Fishing the West (Fri) Movie (Mon) ***» "Chariots of Fire" (2:05)22538986(3:15)015) (Tue) **!5 The Pursuit of Happiness" (1:45) 19962975 (3:15) (:15) (Thu) **» "Somewhere in Time" (1:45) 19906319 B (3:25) Laveme ft Shirley (Mon, Wed) B (3:05) Movie (Wed) **H The Doom Generation* (1:24)55968685(3:20) (Fri) ***x "Marathon Man* (2:05) 69632452 B Movie (Wed) **» "Oedipus the King" (1:45) 85130598 (Thu) *** "Family Business" (2:00) 9368222 B (3:15) Movie (Tue) *X "Amityville Dollhouse* (1:37)88952807 S CNN International (3:15) Movie (Fri) ***» "Romanoff and Juliet" (1:45)88878891 B Acapulco H.E.A.T. (Tue-Wed) Siren* (Thu) I Mary Tyler Moore After Hours (Fri) Major League Soccer (Tue) Movie (Mon) ** "Nobody's Perfekf (2:00)643239(3:05)005) (Wed) *** The Naked Prey" (1:55)94624753 Kung Fu (Tue) I Tales of Tomorrow (Fri) Gentle Ben (3:10) Movie (Wed) *K "Desert Trail" SI) 37991579 Musclesport USA (Mon) This Wsek In NASCAR (Tue) B Movie (Mon) * * 14 "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (2:00) 516783 (Tue) *** "Fail-Safe* (2:00) 411284 (Wed) * * * The Pumpkin Eater* (2:00) 108208 (Thu) *** "All That Jazz" (2:00) 638796 (Fri) *** "UlitrT (2:00) 303654 I Success NLMe (Mon-Thu) Criatina: Edteton Especial (Mon) 773238 Primer Impacto: Edtelon Nocturne (Tue) Fuera de Serif (Wed) Bten- venldos (Thu) El Bateon de Veronica B (3:25) Switzerland (Wed) (3:25) Mag. te of Walt Disney World (Thu) B (3:15) Movie (Tue) *** "La Heine* (1:37) 72949807 (S) (3:06) Movie (Fri) * * "Curse of the Black Widow" (1:54)19381655 TCM (3:16) Movie (Mon) * * * The Story of Louis Pasteur (1:45) 95490783 (3:15)(:15) (Wed) *** "Gold Diggers of 1935' (1:45) 14935192 (3:10) 010) (Fri) ** is "West Point Story (1:60)93705487 WON Xena: Warrtor Princes* (Mon) St. Jude's ChWren's Hospital (Tue) 3:30 B (3:35) NBC News NI«ht*Me(Mon- Thu) Keenen Ivory Waysns (Fri) 8668028 ! Jenny Jones 704649 Headline Newt (3:42) KwtkWte (Fri) (3:45) Movie (Wed) tt' I Devil" (1:45)92106753 m (3:65) QonwrPyle.USMC (Mon-Tue, Thu) (3:40) Andy GrttWh (Wed) m (3:45) Movd (Tue) ***X "Presumed Innocent" (2:Q8) 2026280.7 (Thu) *K "Project Shadowchaser II!" (1:39) 2248512 B (3:35) Movie (Mon) * * * "She's the One" (1:36) 91298696(3:35) (Wed) **!4 "Hamburger Hill" (1:50) 14129734 (Thu) Top of the World" (1:39)9889390 B Newsroom B Movie (Mon) **X "Glorifying the American Girt" (2:00) 411899 (Thu) **X "Stranger in My Arms" (1:30) 857135 Taxi Lights Out (Fri) I Adventures of Sklppy the Kangaroo (3:50)Shot (Tue) Lento Loco (Wed) (3:50) Goofy and Wilbur (Fri) (3:45) Movie (Mon) **» The Deceivers" (1:52)38698783 (S) (3:37) Due South (Fri) TCM Movie (Tue) * * * "Disraeli" (1:30) 9888246 (Thu) **» "Crime School" (1:30)9815390 TMC (3:40) Movie (Tue) ** "Princess Caraboo" (1:40)29559371 4:00 B Headline News (Mon-Thu) Movie (Fri) B (4:15) Abbott and Costello (Fri) B (4:15)lnterstttlal Fill (Tue-Thu) Laverne ft Shirley (Fri) B (4:20) Movie (Mon) **» "Flirt" (1:24)32543431 B (4:15) City Dump: The Story of the 1951 CCNY Basketball Scandal (Fri) B CNN International B Movie (Tue) **!S "Buck Benny Rides Again* (1:30)521604 B Bloomberg Television (Mon-Thu) Street Sharks (Fri) ~ Newhart Gllllgan's Island (Tue, Fri) _ Boris Karioff Pressnts Thriller (Fri) OI Jeffe Collie Asia Market Wrap (Mon-Thu) Movie (Mon) ***K "Chariots of Fire" (2:05) 25096073 (Tue) *** "Pathfinder (1:20) 7200212 (Wed) ** "Cover Girls" (1:15) 2155163 (Fri) ** "Penn of Pennsylvania" (1:30) 946810 Shot (Thu) B FOX Sports World (Tue) Goln' Deep (Wed) Celebrity Sports Invitational (Fri) B Miracles Do Happen (Mon) Divine Plan (Wed) Abundant Ufe (Thu) 0 Primer Impacto Extra B Ink ft Paint Club B (4:05) Movie (Wed) ** "Wind" (2:05) 26555208 (Thu) it "Downhill Willie* (1:29) 578241 (ED Pralse-A-Thon Continues TMC (4:20) Movie (Mon) **** "12 Angry Men" (1:40) 94394870 (4:05) (:05) (Wed) **K "Mother Night" (1:55) 96115227(4:05)005) (Fri) *** "Our Man Flint" (1:50)96078742 WGN Adventures of Slnbad (Fri) 4:20 B Movie (Thu) **M "Never Love a Stranger (1:35)23347834 4:30 B (4:35) NBC News Nlghtslde (Fri) _ Vibe (Mon-Thu) 875035 Nick News Fri) First Business (Mon-Thu) (4:45) Peeler's Study (Fri) (4:45)Perfect Moment (Fri) . Headline News (Mon-Thu) Interstl- I Fill (Fri) B Movie (Wed) ** "Parasite* (1:25) 423395 B Hollywood One on One (Mon, Wed) 64750764 Ento Btyton (Fri) B CNN/Sports Illustrated B Gotta Dance, Gotta Sing (Wed) B Bloomberg Television (Fri) B Teacher to Teacher With Mr. Wizard (Mon) Nick News (Tue-Wed) Hugrats niu) Dick Van Dyke (Fri) ' After Hours hue) Up Close Mon, Thu) Scholastic ts America (Wed) Racehorse Di- it (Fri) NHL ZNtaht (Mon-Wed, Fri) . GiltlBMft Island (rue) Rough Cut huKHir Gang Shorts (Fri) " Tlmmy and Lassie Before the Bell (Mon-Thu) Crefto A. Dollar jr. (Mon-Thu) R.C. *•», Sr. (Fri) Notlclero UnMslon Edteton Noctur- B Movie (Fri) ** 14 "Hidden in America^ (1:35)9029297 ») Agp« [Mon-Thu) (4:37) Beverly HUM. 90810 (Fri) TMC (4:40) Movie (Thu) *** "Land and Freedom' (1:50)85841672 4:49 B Teacher to TesxsherWHh Mr. WU- ardJMon) 445 B Qllllgan's Wand (Fri) Jean curry 27J7B«imonf We'll always &e there for you. , sonar iniuranCTBjt.. Kami PMC* ctumntm. BO

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