Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 1, 1971 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1971
Page 4
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editorials PAGE 4 Garden City Telegram Tuesday, June 1," 1971 Two Better Answers One of the most telling arguments against the investment of tax dollars in a supersonic transport was the fact the country was still a long way from a solution to the problems of mass transportation. T2ie thought was that the billions labeled for the SST could serve a better purpose just getting the plain folks from here to there. Flying the jet set to London in two hours seemed somewhat less important. Fortunately, that's the way the Senate saw it in burying the SST for good. Whatever misgivings there may have been about the demise of the SST were in the loss of jobs in the aerospace industry. Counter arguments were that it would be better to spend the money on mass transportation and in the process create far more jobs than would SST production. Now comes Sen. Edward Muskie with a bill to do just that. It would provide $100 million to employ people in the development of mass transportation systems. Another measure which aims at the heart of the unemployment problem is the Cranston- Nelson-Javits bill to provide funds to local governments for public service employment of jobless citizens. Both programs together would be far less costly than the SST project and do far more good. It will be interesting to see what their fate is in a Congress that spent an inordinate amount of time on what Sen. Tunney of California called a "profligately expensive technological toy which only a handful of rather silly people would ever use." a Sid* By d. h. THE TRADE schools are after us again. Inside an envelope addressed to the "Mrs." at our number, an urgent letter tells how we can make an added $2,000 to $5,000 a year. "There is a way!" it promises. "A way thousands of men just like you have already taken to reach an income level that most men can only hope for. The way is through an excting new program developed to qualify men for well-paid careers in one of today's most dynamic fields — ELECTRONICS." It goes on for three pages. We dont know if our being included in this amazing offer is due to computeritis or if Women's Lib has made a big breakthrough. * Jf * THERE'LL BE no trouble fitting the out-of- school students into the household again (well, not much) but hanged if we know what we're going to do with the loads of stuff tihey extracted from their school lockers. How large are those lockers anyway? Or is there a course kids take on locker-cramming? * * * TWO GERMAN Shepherd puppies were dropped-off in the Valley View Cemetery vicinity not long ago. The kind family that has been caring for them would like to find good, permanent homes for the pups. Call 6-2676. * * * SOME YEARS back someone said, "It makes a man sort of humble to have been a kid when everything was the kid's fault and a parent at a time when everything is the parent's fault" We understand that the generation-in^the-middle has been making this complaint for years. And we thought it was just our unique predicament. ^^ . n ' ^ AT MCDONALD'S last month they were serving fortune cookies. The one I chose incuded the good news: "You are going to marry soon." How unfortunate that this cookie was wasted on one so very married already. Tfie Needle ... Hot pants and miniskirts are getting higher and thigh-er. * * * Fashionwise the Mason-Dixon Line was passed long ago. Hemlines have gone so far north they now feature a southern exposure. * * * In ttie polite old days a gentleman might suspect that ladies had legs but he couldn't be certain. * * * It wasn't until after my grandfather got married that he knew for sure that grandmother possessed ankles. * * * Women's duds, we always say, should be fashioned to engender suspicion without revealing the naked truth. Garden City Telegram Published Daily Except Sunday and Six Holidays Yearly By The Telegram Publishing Company 276-3232 310 N. 7th Garden City, Kansas, 6784* Fred Brooks Le Roy Allman John Frazier Editor Advertising Managei Managing Editor Second clan portage paid at Garden City, Kansas. 47846 TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION " By carrier a month in Garden City, $ 1.94 plus applicable sales tax. Payable to carrier in advance. Local and area college students $10.30 including poitage and applicable tales tax for 9-month school yeer. By carrier in other cities where service it available, $1.50 * month plus applicable sales tax. By mail $15.45 a year including postage and applicable sales tax. Carrier rates apply where carrier service available. Member of Tho Associated Prm j i, t A "°» rBt » d Pr «" '• «n«»l«d oBolusively to the use for reproduction of all local news printed in this newspaper ai well as all AP mw« andVdiipitchti. All rights of publication ef special •n also reserved. ART BUCHWALD WRITES: Does Country of Paranoia Sound Familiar to You? WASHINGTON — In <the city Sinice the people know it's im- sales, which everyone assures of Mamrodepressia, on the banks of the Schizophrenic River, live the rulers of the great country of Paranoia. The rulers of Paranoia are constantly announcing a plot possible to do both, they are everyone else wiUl never be very depressed. There are not enough jobs in Pairamioia, amid therefore the people who are working suspect people on welfare of clev- against the government by the erly dodging work, and the citizens. The citizens are al- people on welfiare suspect 1flie aways announcing a plot by people who are working of the government against the keeping them off * payroll. people. Since these plots are passed on by the news media, the rulers suspect there is a plot by the media to destroy the government. This has made the news media suspect that them is a plot against them by the rulers. The leaders of Paranoia believe thait if the newts media would stop pointing out what To make matters worse, the is wrong in the country, the leaden of Paranoia believe problems would go aiway. The that other counitaieB are plot- news media think unless they (jmig against them, so they point out the faults of 'the wpeoid more than 50 per cent of official tdd Paranoia's ambass- goveromeinit, things will get their budget for defense. ador, "Since 1 we ';<tatft (have; worse. ' A great deal of this money any suclh- problems ;iti our coun- Skin tone means <a lot to thie goes for digging 'large holes in try; we used. Every might before they go to sleep, the nHew of :Paranoia look under their beds to see who is plotting against them. In the mornjinig they check again. Even i£ .they don't se« anybody, they suspect tine worst. Because of this the citizen] of Panamok are, always looking over their shoulders and wondering if their phones are tapped. .. . Witih eveiryone suspecting everyone else of a conspiracy it's impossible to solve any;'of Pairanoiia's presstog problems. In depetration the leaders of Paranoia have a,sked the TJni. ted for help. But so.far the U.S. ., refuses to get involved. A high-ranking American "Surely y water little troubled are you, mortal?" people of Paranoia, and the UgihtHskanined people irahaibit the best houses, have the most money amid live in deathly fear that the dark-skinned people wall marry their daughters. The dravk-tskiranied people live in deaitMy fear that the light- stoinraed peopile will kdM 'them. Both the ligk-okumed people and the diairk-skinned people aire istbocMng up on gum, as each os suspicious that the other b plotting against them. The youmg people suspect that thnStepeSe^TL leaders are gotog to get them to some senseless war. ground to gtreat big. mis- to start.'-' '" HAL BOYLE SAYS: JACK ANDERSON REPORTS: FBI Transfers Secretary Because of McGovern Link lieve that there is a plot to prevent them from making the ]7 ?"£,? Ute 6 T*r ^°" . WeJ1tPa ^ !ad down «» ™ mor De8pM» Thompson's grata- mestac mtetogence Division be- to a closed session of the House itous nomfaation and Hays's cause bar roommate works for AdmSntetkm Committee, prompt endorsement, Gettys is things the people want. The c»&— to ' «. ''•''.• S? P " W 2T d '• Sttsa^etme ? • to raose ..,.-..• NEW YORK (AP) - Things ' . j, A psychiatrist's : .. a -columnist might never know diagnosis of. a patient: * he didn't open his mail: - problem is that^HE ; j«aC a Everybody claims lie doesrft very happy duldljod^nd is;^ . know where his money goes tremely guilty ^boj^ rt. ^ So the young people have taken these days, but most of it Worth remembering: J> to «he staelfc Tto protest. S seems to go out in checks, flatum: That means- your man, has made^oMer«Bonle SUB- Americans now cash 22 billion ey won't buy as much today aa checks annuaUy-but since it would during the depression, some of tfoem .are rubber no when you didn't have any" «» *»«" *™ far ^ would Stogy: Kmg Midas * •*" «***• ® ^ €nd to end ' most "*** <* a11 misers ' bu *> Ma °y bird watchers think the probably was a piker compared swan is mute. It isn't. It can to the most famous American ^ when angry and when miser _ Hetty . Green, onetime Many of the people m Para- callm g jtg young it emits a Queen of Wall Street. She read nma bateve that ithe large feeble lbark> newspapers she picked up from campaniles in the country are Red ,. isn , t m American the streets awd ate cold par. that nhn i « the system. wiho was so Hier EFoo'mmatie ELS Sharon AVa* tenmiami, 26, a demure, soft- spoken seioreiiairy on McGov- em's sitaff. The two girls met not at same hippie toamigiouit but at the Bibaid Youraig Women'® 'Christian Home, a masidenoe ifior women on Oaipiitol Hill. They liked each oHher and moved into their own apartment last February. By April, womd olf their re- latiionsih'ip toad tneadhed J. Edigar "Wihen my diisltoguiistoeid col- *»»», Mr. GeWw," goes to the <>«*; W8 can ex- ia loit <* dai«oaltion," said ' ° Bibfe Thought u« * th?£LaM $95 million, including $31.4 tail,! ™ <\™ Uon cash in a single bank.- ..... ?. TSSdSSi Folklore- Trouble will follow »s*h. QfpA Thompson mdsdhievously. ^ ft^- conversion . . "I hope," a©reed Chafomian witness to others for Him. PUBLIC PULSE Tells of Discrimination . . J m Vf ™ m S »s totter in an- White children had passted anid hairdsfhips to get it. Hoover who, apparently, looks swer *° Amy I>to ii' ]aiil P9 ami whiat lefit itihe classroom, and tods was No, there aren't many Mexi- upon an FBI employieie as a ^? e haid to 8ay fl:boult Manuel a Catholic sahool. And my -par- can-American teachers, but if security risk if she rooans with Flierro - emits piromtee Us that they will it took us this long to realize the secretary of Senator Me- ^ m eas y *»" ^ White-Anglo not salt back and tot 4Ws hap- (bait, I assure you it won't Govern. Amttieans to criticize the Mex- pen to us, as it happened to take much longer before there The FBI chief assigned his loan-Araertioan race, maiinly be- them, wall be more Mexican-American steufflhs'to the case. They diis- cause you've never been a Mex- As fior the Stlh and 9th gnad- teachero. covered triumphantly that Mdlss ^ iarad you never wjai be! You ens dropping out of sdhool ??? And .as for housing well we're Haitoher not only rooms wiltih ™ m neveir lhave to S° through Sure, they could 'get jobs to sitarting to better ourselves al- McGoviern'® secretary but that ™ e . alwa ys being criticized and earn their own money to buy ready by buying low^income their apartment had been visit- wdtoouted of your naitrionalliity. their lessenitiaib to continue new homes from the governed by a Sormer FBI clerk who You ] caa ^ raot * hinlli: w* aTO && ^^ education. But (the thing is mient, we'l make it, it wil ta'ke was fired for doing peace work criminated iagatost in school or Ohte: A lot of them try, just time to encourage al of our Sn her spaire time. m housdmig or in employment, like I tried to find a job after migrant workens. Hhait if you're Weil, we OK, we've always school >anld weekend®, but my going to work the rest of your This wiais considered so damn- bBen . dss-onimfoaited atgaanstt and seefchig wais an endleisis task. lite slaving in the fflelds then at tog, lafDpawemiy, thiat Miiss l ^^ ®' s ltimie vm wak ® «P And if you just look around, do least haw a nice home and a Hatcher wais .summoned by her Bnid ®& &a k back! you see very many Mexicans giood bed to rest your weary suipervisor. He cross-examdned Manuiel Fierro is ome of Us, working in 'goxwery stores as botiies. her about her npoommate and h ' e *™ws how life has been stock boys or cashiers? No., With the problem of doctors', her visit from the fined FBI for a Mexioan-American, and and why not? Because the man- there ane good doctors here that clerk. Then draimatocaly, he ""W be ' s * I ^ sa S to help, and ager of the stores wH hire will wafit for .tlhieir pay and then pulled out an underground tlhere aire ia loit of us . $&* realize maybe one or two of Us, just to again there aire doctors «hait are newspaper which he claimed <flialt: to te SO^S to help us to shut us up, and when anoitiher prejudiced aigainst us, I've been bad been found in a newspaper beit * eir teducaite, house, and em- Mexican goes to apply along to one here" in Garden who was box outside the girls' apart- menit buM'ing, Miss Haltcher, a Louisianan with a lilting Southern sense of humor, could hardly believe whait was happening. She con- _.„ were both sides of the win- tened on the same day of^the dows washed on the same day. week that it was born. If "you Black widow spiders get their have moles on your feet;, or name because every now and hands, that's a sign you'll have . . then they eat their husbands, many children. Yellow is an unto the gross national product and Entomologists believe this depl- favored color; during the give people fuffl employment. ora y e ^3^. is a result o£ ex . Middle Ages it was worn!, only ~~~ ' treme nervousness, by bankrupts and slaves. Quotable notables:. "I believe It was Oscar Wilde who ob- thiat the able industrial leader served, "As long as war is who creates wealth and: em- looked upon as wicked, itAyHl ploymenlt is more worthy of his- always have its fascination, toricial notice'than politicians or When it-is looked upon as^yul- soldiers." — Oil billionaire gar, it will cease to be popu- lo~>» . T '" John Paul Getty. lar. CROSSWORD - - - .By Eugene Skeffy\ HORIZONTAL 40. Sloth 1. Member ' 41. Greek . of the family 5. Hart 0. Frightening sound 12.Winglika 13. Western state i 14. Large tree |16.Hoaatman'3 bailiwick 17. Resort to be equal as You, and wiitih a few other Whites, who actually afraid to touch me, I we wdl stand behind him al do you RUnk gets «he job? So, guess he thought ithe color of my * aie way!!! what's teft for Us??? The fields skin would rub off??? As for itihe isc/hool sysltem you of course and that's wtoat our The WeMaaie, as far as I'm say You toave never seen a teeroage kids aire itoed of, a lot concerned ithe sooner the Mexi- „«„ „„ ,, ttw ,^ 5 . «,„ vvu . M . c ! n J*® ** < ?*fJ lfaa * ed <* ^^ a* 16 smart mA hav * can-Americans can alfirad jobs, fessied to rooming with Sharon a £' ami f- Wel Ifl tel ?<**> mv «» ability to work in some of then this will be someone else's Waterman aod to knowing -the P 8 *" 11 * «•» watt w h*n U*y these Baraks or to offices as file problem. were school kids hare in Gar- clerks or cashiers or just sales I also could go on endlessly, den City how all the Mexican- ladies but we are not trusted., mudh more so than you, know amce with the underground pa- i" 1 ^ 10 ? 11 ™ ta » *fd !° ^* a ! So ' * latfier lttoan to touslt * you whv « because I'm a Mexican- per ™ e iast SB . alts ^ ®* e back °* Just don't hire us, so there. American and I'm Proud of it. """ classroom and at the end of We are trying to teach Our And I assure you Fitemro wil younger brothers and sistera to not shut "up until we can have get an education even if it equal rights 1 !! .'—-CHRISTINE takes back-breaking work and JALOMO, 504 N. Gth. fired girl, Kitty Hoomes. But Barbara denied any acquaint- house 19. Optical maser 21. Down: a prefix 22. A firearm 24. A spice 27. Indian 28. Mischievous children 31. Mr. '4 Gershwin 32. High card S3. Epoch 34. To brace 36. Nourished .37. Hoarseness •38. River in > Africa letter 43. Disclosed 47. Drinking vessel 48. Site of . Mesabl. Range 51. River in Asia 52. Baal, . for one v 53. Implement 54. Head- of the fairway 55. Not one (dial.) .. 56. Girl's name VERTICAL 1. Gives bad review. 2. Nautical term 3. Chesa piece 4. Covered passageway 5. Fonder '. 6. Baseball great 7. Girl of song \ 8. Ledge 9. Big name in steel 10. Leather•flask ",.„ , 11. Bradley • 16. Devoured 20. Fourth/caliph ; 22. Mania ^ track meet 23. Frosted ' 24. Russian •plane 25.Onassia 26. Steel . manufacturer 17. Umpire's • call , 29.Notanovlo» 30. Harbor '. SS.Excavatd • gr.'Festivai ; 39."Street 'I ' urchin an- A week later, she was in laigain and grilled inlberasavely about hier roommate. She repeated the same truthful ewens. A flew day® later, was abruptly transferred to a statistical section in the Criminal Records Division. So unexpected was <ftue move that she was shunted into a comleireince room with make- office facilities. Disgust- Consider Other Half Hes Not Council Director Concerning the insult to Manuel Fierro: Finst of all $12,000 is not The Chairman of the Board Leoti, Ulysses, Goodland, and of the Kansas Council of Agri- Garden City, Kansas. Each .... -, .,---__„ cultural Workers and Low In- councl bias its own set of of- ed by toer bizamre misitreatment, much considering, he does his come Families (KCAWLF), the fleers. she quat amd is now working job. He doesn't sit down and try officer® of the Garden City N KCAWLF has been informed to dream away the problems Council, and the membership of a possible $49,000 admuiis- we have here in western Kan- of said council wish to clarify tration grant from the Regional "is. , the relationship of KCAWLF Office of OEO. Also a grant of Second of all you may have with Manuel Fierro. $49,000 from the Indian and Mi- for a law firm. Miiss Haitclher spoke wiitih us rducitanitly alboont her experience. She (harbors no bitfcemness cals. Since Hoover »rkn.1rac!,tvi^, spokesmen come hard to reach. U be- • lit has been whispered around Washinig'ton thatt the next 814- preme Court appointment will go to Thomas Smifchwick Gett/ys, es, but Shave you stopped to look at the other half that do not have the same opportunities? Manuel's job is to help the peo- with good cars 'and good clothes. Sure HA, we've got a lot of problems, but if people like you would stop laughing and try to help we might have a 'er world!—CLEMENTINE 1 CON, Box 222, Ulysses. -V the interests of the Kansas Human Needs Corporation. Mr. Fierro is not the Director of KCAWLF nor will he be the wish to thank Mr. Fierro for his assistance in the organization and the Initial funding of KCAWLF. KCAWLF is governed by a 24 man board of directors elected from local councils existing «t Work is presently being done to coordinate the two proposals to set up the staff of KCAWLF. —AL VALENZUELA, president of the board, vice-president of the Garden City Council; LOUIS J. SUMAYA, treasurer; JA- f CINTO ZAVALA, president; JOE 0. GARCIA, board member; MARY ELLEN GARCIA, secretary; D. C. GARCIA, and PETE IBARRA. 18 24 31 34 41 38 Answer to Saturday's puzzle.; 41. Neglect 42. Farm animal 43, Single 44, Midday 4R Kind of ;i ! 'jacket 46. Poet's '•i. valley ; 49. Mountain i vfe Concrete Average time of golntlon; 27mhinteg. ISO; And not 35" 13 27 32 40 20 28 53 n 44 10 II 7SJ CRYPXOQUffS •> I.WYP KBNJ*DOY PDIZKPR 'RPJj' YWHWNHBOZ^D. Saturday** Oryptoqulp—TICKTACKTOB GAMES Wllli Jin mo OAION'S WJNNJNG3, ^ ** L

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