Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1939
Page 5
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.Thui-adtyy, October 12, 1939 Sminoles Wary of Weather Balloon MIAMI. Flu. ~.</lM-- Florida's first. \v,ir scare occurred d.-cp in Die Evt-r- Rluili's. among Hie slate's real pid. m-erx-• (ho Seminolc Iiulirms. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS CHILLS AND FEVER Cere's Relief From Malaria! Don't lot Malnrin torture .you! Don i shiver with chills and burn with fever. • At first sign cf Malaria, take Grwc'.s Tasteless Chill Tonic. A re ill Malaria medicine-. Made especially rot- the purpose. Contains tasteless quinldine and iron. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic actually comLi;its Malaria infection in the blood. It relievos the freexir; chills, (ho burning fever. Jlolas you feel better fast. ' J .']H>u,sandK take Grove's Tasteless Unil tunic for Malaria and swear uy.il. Pleasant ti take, too, L'vcn children lalu- it without a whimper Don't shiver and burn. At Malaria':; lir.st sign lake Grove's Taste, less Chill Tunic. At all drugstores, Buy tin- largi; iii/.e as it gives you much more' for your money. Since word of a greet conflict had filtered into the wilderness, thd Indians were suspicious when they noticed a strange balloon high in ihe sky. Iiulinn watchers followed it cautiously for HO mile-.s or more, and inspected it nl a safe distance when it finally settled to earth. It turned out to be a mechanical Mr.itosphere observer from the United Slates weather bureau at Mimni, and the Indians were rewarded for returning it. LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS Wo ore now in the market for Onk and Gum logs, White Oak, Ovcrcup, Post Oak, Hod Oak, nnd Ash Heading Bolts, Also Round SWKET CUM Blocks. For pricesjind specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, /t rluuisns Phone 245 S1WU Preparing for Notre Dame Battle Group of Sophomores to Face Fighting/Irish at South Bend DALLAS, Tcxns -l/l'i— The South- cm Mt-tbodi.st aerial circus hoists tlu- Ijijr (op n ( Smith Bond .Saturday, uii'.l. fur i< bunch of raw sophmores, they're incredibly calm nboui performing before Notre Dumo. No football loiiin. reason the Method is t kidx. could ci.'jne much tougher (him thr> Oklahoma Soonors—and did not they nuiguin Oklahoma in a 7-7 tii' just ;i couple of weeks ngo? Didn't the- OldnhoiiitiMs turn right nrrnnul mid slay Northwestern, 23-0? Tim Methodists, who picked up 227 yin-fls to Oklahoma's '.17 hi their druw. fil'.uifd they mu.st 'he-long." Not even lour .sophmnres. po.ssil)ly more, in the Martini- lineup against Notre- Duma's :;cnior eleven worries them. Bui if i-aii.ses lean Mnlly Bell, ringmaster of the air show, to make a pus-sin^ cMimm.-nt: 'Notre Dame, jis ustinl, has n great I-"!' club. They b;ive belter Men! than SMU. Seniors play on their stnrl- UIK team every year—no sophimires. I'li-sl yen,. ,„(,,, happen to be our key men. 'Hut my boys feel all right. They're not afraid of Notre Dame—or any-' body else, They arc plenty confident.' I look for them to play n plenty smart ball game," \ I One man may not start the itum? j and that has Bell moaning in his deepest 'bass "Our blocking hack and line hacker—Will Mullcnweg, has >i badly bruised hip and I just don't know whether he can go, Honestly, t could lose anybody on our ball club quicker than Mullcnweg. He's our defense. Hell, in his .sweeping statement, in- chidede .some pretty good football flesh, not'ihly Sophmore Presto Johnson, a hoy who, Methodist backers iirRiib. put the threat in triple-threat. The 187-pound genius who average 44 yards per kick against Oklahoma, did,most, of the running and tanlali/.- ed tacklers constantly from his safety position, is (he hottest sophmoro in the Southwest Conference-ami the host Methodist hack since little Bobby Wilson of the 1935 Hoso Bowl team. He's carried the bull 1!) times for a (i.ll average If .subs; keep plowing. British shipping under the waves, it looks like Davey Jones will have to he getting u new, larger locker to take care of the overflow Paris announces a new lipstick for wartime makeup. While it may lie a nreeaidion againsl mass attacks from the i>ir, it will probably only inciL more ardent advances from individual soldieis A^ ^ Friday October 13th is the ^ Lucky Day at Burr's; it will also be your Lucky Day by coming to the Harvest of Value Sale. Bargains galore, hundreds of out- i iTr-ir^ ™,^" g values at luck y prices. Don't miss this Sale LUCKY PRICES FOR YOU. NO BLACK CATS AT BURR'S Women's Satin SLIPS Sizes 34 to 44 39c IICYVCOI i-an oiyies ana materials in DRESSES Especially Priced For This Big Sale $098 $Q95 L AND 0 Fur Pile Coats $9.90 Children's Leather Sole Brown and Black Newest fashions, extra fine tailoring; all routs lined with I list u rcms satin, fully interlined. CHILDREN'S CLOTH COATS $3.95 Ladies Costume SUITS Newest Styles and Patterns New Fall Dress Lengths Enough for "I i 1.4 a Dress 9 4 Unbleached Burr Beauty yd. 27 in. yd. Cushcn Dot yd. BROADCLOTH Rayon BED SPREADS Cotton BED SPREADS BURR BEAUTY SHEETS \\ (mien's — K.vlrn Sixt Quality Kavcm Panties, Step-ins BLOOMERS Hoys' Athletic SHIRTS SHORTS ea. • Hoys' llvnw Cotton SWEAT SHIRTS 49C ftlen's Si/.es 5'Jc Hoys' Fancy DRESS Men's Sanforized SHORTS Men's Work Leather Sole Men's Fancy DRESS Plain Colors yd. HHHH^HHI (81x99) •• Men's Slecvi-le.ss Single Cotton Blankets IH 1 ;, Wool Sini-le BLANKETS Fancy Robe Sweaters Men's Heavy MELTON JACKETS Men's Now Fur Kelt llcriiiifjlione Stripe S'aiifori/ed Shrunk SHIRTS To Match Misses Cotton Each SHIRTS SHIRTS Fast Colors Non-Will Collars Ladies House Coats Floral Patterns and Checks SALE STARTS Fridav Oct.' 13th HUNDREDS of Other BARGAINS Star Dust By LEONARD ELLIS The Hope High School football tenm, in preparing for its game with ..'onesboro Friday night, should bear two things in mind. 1. That 33 to 12 defeat handede out lust season by an inspired uncl wcll- i cached Hurricane team. Upsets always occur when least expected. 2. It's Friday the Thirteenth! ! ! ***** That date is a bad omen for the Bobcats. It was only a few years ago when the Bobcats were sailing along it fast clip—and had challenged n certain team for the championship. The came Friday the thirteenth—and Ihe DeQueen football team. You know the rest! ***** The feature Arkansas High Con- fcrc-nee game of the week brings to- (,'cthcr El Dorado and North Little Hock. Both teams will be fighting to stay toward the top—for a defeat would eliminate either one for title hopes. Jt looks like n hot ball game. Too hot for North Little Rock to handle, and we're picking the ElDorado team to win by a score of 14 to 7. ***** Other probable winners, and probable scores: Hope 27 Jonesboro G. Little Rock 21, Hot Springs 0. Pine Bluff at, Fordyce—anywhere beyond 50 points for the Zebras. Arkansas 20, Baylor G. Oklahoma 14, Texas 7. ***** Diisscllville football fans insist thut the Hussellville and Nqrlh Little Rock game was no Upset, Pi ess dispatches say that Rus.se!- Iville has the biggest high school team in the state, a 200-pound line npoi-ating in front of the fastest hackfielcl in Arkansas. At present RussellvJJJe is undefeated but hnvf five conference games yet to play. Two of those five games include baltlej: with Blytheville and Fort Smith. ***** We note from Louisiana way, that it's getting to be unhealthy to strike up the 'prisoner's song" -at LSU foot- hall games! Officials have given the warning to all would-be hecklers. Press dispatches also say that no more holidays will be granted LSU .students following victorious games. Dr. Paul M. Hebert, acting university president, outlined the new policy formulated since the scandals broke involving Dr. James Monroe Smith, former president of the school. No more cross-country football junkets, large loans to students or frequent holidays will be granted. Dr. Hebert declared. LSU's student football trips were inaugurated by the late Huey P. Long when he ruled Louisiana politics. He once gave students $7 each and chartered several special trains to carry the student body and football team to Nashville, Tenn. A salute to David Coleman, rounding out three years with the Bobcats as a blocking back! Coleman seldom gets in the head- i lines—because he seldom carries the ball. But it's players like Coleman who enable ball carriers to look good. A hard fighter, dandy blocker and a Sood defensive back—that's Coleman. Keep it up, Sonny! MayGeTaW From Light Rays Ultra-Violet Light May Relieve Fatigue and Depression the question of time nnd economics," he sr.yK, 'stands in the way of a world in which clectiricity will endow humanity with pure, germ-free air, mountain breezes and year round 'mood control' by light.s. abundant crops of choicest fruits and vegetables 12 months out of the year, and daylight visibility ,at night. Gives Off Ultra-Violet Hays Elaborating on mood control." 1 he took up n black-coated lamp and explained it was a source of ultraviolet radiation. No light came from the lamp until Dr. Thomas placed a scries of glass shells over it. one after another Then it gave off light corresponding to the color of the various chemicals with which the shells had been t rented. These new type lamps produce colors of warm white, daylight while, gold, red, blue, pink, and green, and they use practically invisibile ultraviolet radiation to make these colors.' 'With this lamp,", he asserted, it requires little imagination to picture n world in which people will suit their light to their mood—a practicable mood control made possible by Ihc recent development of an illuminant employing the principle of flour- escene." The "flood control" lamp is one of a number of developments in the electrical and illumination field Dr. Thomas will demonstrate in u nationwide tour. A research engineer for the Weslinghouse Electric and Manufacturing company, he will lecture before engineering associations. Brightest Thing on Earth' Another of his gadgets is a finger- size lamp that, |ve says, casts a brilliance equal to one-fifth of the sun's .surface brightness. A two-inch fer- cury vapor arc lamp, he calls it 'Ihe brightest thing on. earth." Despite its size, it produces 1,000 watts ot light but gets so hot it has to be cooled by circulating water, like tin automobile radiator Indians at Niagara Falls are being taught how to make arrow-heads. Things are pretty bad on all the reservations since the war shut down im ports of knick-knack souvenirs from Czechoslovakia. PITTSBURGH — The lime may be coming when the fatigued and depressed can get u lift taking a dose of "light cure," like a pill for a head ache. Dr. Phillips Thomas, research engineer, thinks it is possible. "Only Legal Notice THE BIG NAME IN SHOES FOR LITTLE FEET... and the Health name too BUSTER BROWN SHOES For 35 years Busters have been guiding young feet right .and keep, ing young feet smart. Mothers, bring in the children for a demonstration of our new Buster Brown 6-Point Perfect Fit Plan. ! NOTICE Q»F SPECIAL SCHOOL ELECTION IN NASHVILLE SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1 OP HOWARD AND HEMPSTEAD COUNTIES, ARKANSAS Notiee is hereby given thai a special school election will be held in Nashville Special Schoiil District No. 1 of Howard and Haripstead Counties, Arkansas, at which the qualified electors of said school district shall vote on the question of a Building Fund tax of 8 mills, said Building Fund tax to be collected annually on the assessed valuation_ of all taxable property in the ; District, beginning with the taxes collected in the year 1940, for the purpose! of paying the principal and interest of a proposed refunding bond isue of W.OUO.OO which will run for 20 years, taid tax to continue until said bonds' and interest are paid. j Said election .shall be held in said' District on October 28th, J939. between I Die hours of 2:00 p. M. and fi:30 P. M., I and otherwise in the manner provided ] by law for holding annual school elec- , lions, at the following polling places, : to-wit: ' • School Building Bingen, Ark. Witness my hand this 5th day of October, 1939. : E. E. Austin | County Examiner ! Get. 5, 12. 19, 26 ! Girls Mocha Elk and Smoke Elk Blucher Q/fords. Moccasin Vamp. Si?.es 3 to fl 2-95 mm Brownbilt Shoe Store October Sax-ings On DRESSES Tailored! Dressy! Smart Paris'Copics S7.95 LADIES Specialty Shop Reliable Phone Order Filling Whether your doctor phones in n prescription, or you phone an order for drug .supplies—we'll till it promptly and satisfactorily Ttt'o graduate druggists on duty. SEE YOUR DOCTOR \Vlit-n prescriptions are needed c«U WARD & SON The Leading Druggist "We've Got It" PHONE 62 Motorcycle Delivery PAGE FIVE Storting in this Sunday's CHICAGO i SUNDAY TRIBUNE IIVESOF ume . o d • HO 1500 C SECE Another of the Sesies ''GUARDING the DICTATORS" Tells you how the Russian dictator is guarded day and nighl against assassins! Tells you how those who conspired against him were put to death! A sensational revelation! WITH THIS SUNDAY'S

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