Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 20, 1951 · Page 14
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 14

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1951
Page 14
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74 THE REGISTER.NEW5 — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 1951 HOW ARMY USES U. S. MANPOWER ZONE Of INTEUm COMBAT ZONE TRAINEES 13,000 HOSPITAL PATIENTS / Sick and \ .1,950 ADMINISTRATION, SUPPLY,RESEARCH, PORT FACILITIESyETC 1,300 INFANTRY COMBAT DIVISION SUPPORT 18,000 23,600 TOTAL MANPOWER 65,000 LINE OF COMMUNICATIONS UNITS 7,150 COmBAT TOTAL 48,750 W men shouldering rifles? A breakdown of how the two nations organize and use their army forces shows that the U. S. gets almost as many combat troops out of a given number of men as the Russians. A General's Testimony Brig. Gen. D. A. D. Ogden, chief of the Army's organization and training division, acl\nowledged in testimony to a Congressional committee that the Russians get along with somewhat fewer non-combat troops than the U. S. does. But he said that's because the Russians don't take the same care of the lives of their soldiers. Ogden told the committee that: 1. Russian soldiers do not spend such a large proportion of their time in training as U. S. troops. They serve longer in the army, and very little training is given them befpre they join combat units. 2. Russian soldiers don't get much medical attention. A large proportion of the sick and wounded is allowed to die. 3. The Russians are closer to their fighting fronts than the U. S. Thus they need fewer men along their lines of communication. 4. The Russians ar^- civilians or part-time soldiers to man much of their anti-aircraft artillery and make extensive use of forced civilian labor in jobs done by military personnel in the U. S. Red Division Is Smaller What makes the biggest difference in the number of divisions, however, is the fact that the Ru.s- sian division is smaller than the U. S. division. And the Russians designate as divisions a lot of units which in this country are not organized along division lines. The average U. S. infantry division at war strength contains 18,000 men, compared to the present Russian average of 8,000. Our forces are backed up in the combat zone, moreover, by fighting men who are even more numerous than the men in the divisions — combat troops in the artillery, armorecl forces, reconnaissance, engineers, signal communications, etc. In many small theaters of war no divisions are used—just regimental combat teams or' special purpose forces. One high -ranking Army expert BY CLARK BEACH AP Newsfeature Writer 'ASHINGTON—How do the Russians get 175 divisions out of 2,500,000 army men while the U.S. gets only IS divisions from 1,800,000 Does the U.S. waste most of its manpower in armchair jobs and non-combat frills while the Russians have most of their on personnel says the Army has about 65,000 men for one division of 18,000 men. To e.xplain where the e.xtra 47.000 men are stationed he sets up the idea of a division "slice" of the Army. To picture the division "slice" he assumes the division is in combat 1.500 miles from U. S. shores. Many of the men in the "slice" have nothing to do with a division. The "slice" is just an account of the number of men who are assigned to various duties when a division is in combat 1,500 miles from U. S. shores. Fii^t are the 18,000 men in the division. There are 23,000 more who would be combat troops in artillery, armor, signals, etc., not assigned to any division. That means 64 per cent of the total "slice" would be in combat. Communications Takes Men Not in combat would be 7,500 troops in communications work or 11 per cent of the total "slice." They man port facilities on the foreign shore, store and deliver supplies over there, keep highway transport and railroads going, run hospitals, maintain telegraph, telephone, radio, etc. In the United States would be by GREYHOUND! V^O"'^^ idea what a grand va- •*• cation your budget canhuy until you check with Greyhound! 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Utah, June 20.—Three prisoners held a Utah state prison guard hostage at the point of a knife last night and then hid out in the new multi-million dollar structure for two hours. The guard eluded his captors unharmed and the three prisoners were hunted down and returned to their cells. The Utah prison was the site of a four-hour riot several weeks ago, during which more than "200 prisoners took virtual control of most of the institution. There was no riot last night. Most of the prisoners were held in the yard where they had been watching a ball game until the •three men had been found. the remaining 25 per cent of the "slice"—16,250 men. Of these, 13,000 or 20 per cent would be in training, including transients — men shipping out and coming back. Sick aiW wounded in hospitals would number about 1,950. or 3 per cent. And 1,300, or 2 per cent would be engaged in administrative work, research, supply, home port facilities, etc. 70 Routed From Hotel by Bomb By Associated Press .TOLIET, 11!., June 20. — More than 70 residents in the National Hotel near the downtown district were aroused from their sleep at 3:20 a .m. today by a bomb explosion. Scores of windows in the three- story stone hotel building were shattered by the blast. No one in the hotel was injured. " Tlie bomb exploded in a doorway leading to a second floor club room in a three-story stone building at 217 West Jefferson strecV, across the street from the hotel. Sc\eral windows in the building, which houses the Greek-Bellcnic Veterans Club on the second floor and a grocery store on the ground floor, were broken. Damage was estimated by police at §5,000. Interiors of the buildings were not damaged. Five men in the club were not injured. However. Emmet McCanna, 21, working nearby in a tow truck, was hurled off the truck and suffered minor injuries. Police Capt. Paul Metzger said lie believed it was a dynamite bomb. Police investigated to determine the motive for the bombing. YOUR MANNERS Callers drop in and your husband goes to the kitchen to mi.x drinks. WRONG: You follow him to the kitchen to help him. RIGHT: You stay in the living room with the guests, so that both the host and hostess don't desert them at once. In tlie crop of one cormorant were found the remains of 76 an- cliovies, each of wiiich was four or five inches in length. Soothing Relief from itching dut to ,in Irrilolien Poison Oak Poison Ivy Chafing Pimples' Chopping Simple Pilot Dry Ecxemo Blackheads* Sunburn Windburn Minor lurni Diaper Raih •Exiernolly caused Fanny Brice Had i2,m,0Q0 Estate By Associated Press LOS ANGELES, June 20 — Fanny Bricc's two cliiidrcn will get the bulk of her I5;2,000,000 estate. The famed "Baby Snooks", who died May 29, willed $50,000 yearly for life to her daughter and son, Mrs. Francis Stark, 31, and William Brice. 30. TIME TO BUY LIQUOR IS NOW from the only Liquor ^tore m Mt. Vernon. East Side Square — FREE DEUVERY. PHONE 100 or 708 t^rce Parkinn in Rear AND SOAP li's the Talk of the Town! T Continued All Week of mses All-New tHOfT'nifC '^l^^'i'ig^i'ator the only REFRIGERATOR thot COUNTS I Westinghouse FROST-FREE—the world's first completely automatic refrigerator—is the only one that COUNTS! It counts door openings, because door openings let in warm air which causes frost to form. At every 60th door opening, which is just when defrosting is need&i, FROST-FREE automatically defrosts itself. . . automatically disp^es of the frost water! 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DUNCAN & GARRISON TIRE SERVICE Ovner-Manager, — Stan Koziara 12th & Bdwy Phone 817 BLOOD MOBILE AT THE ARMORY FRIDAY, JUNE 22 12 NOON TO 6:00 P. M. PHONE 2083 FOR APPOINTMENT MRS. KEOUGH TELLS A LIE! BUT... WINS A NEW '51 UUNDROMAT 7^w^ TRUTH" a radio quiz program sponsored by the Wesfinghouse Dealers of fhis area over sfahon KMOX each Tuesday evening 9:00 to 9:30 has awarded Mrs. Edward J. Keough of 308 N. 16th St. Mt. Vernon, Illinois a wonderful, work-saving '51 Laundromat for her contest wmning "Mis-statement." # Budget Bl^es! Poor Fido never gets a bone these days, we have hamburger so often. Maybe the budget will allow a Fillet Mignon steak soon. • 4NSWf TO MIS - STATEMENT — Fido still, wouldn't get a bone, because Fillet Mignon is a boneless steak. MRS. KEOUGH TELLS THE TRUTH when she says, "My new Laundromat saves me time and 'wash day blues.' All my clothes are bright and clean in less time with my Laundromat." You, too, con join in the fun and prizes... 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