Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 22, 1942 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1942
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, NOPE, ARKANSAS of ID Activity Washington Heatedly Airs Pros, Cons About LaGuardia |c% .> 'ijf JACK STINNETT S7 ' WASHINGTON—Pros and cons con;K Cerning the success of the Civilian De- Ll&nse Program under Director La- fKGttiardia have kept the air circulating f" heatedly in Washington for weeks. "»'?' The woods arc full of opinions on I. whether its a success. The capital, '- however, often mistakes a political v sideshow for the main attraction. The "",. Stumors of LaGuardia's alleged argu- iJ_ ments with the President's wife, con- if gressional potshots at the Little Flower and the attendant cracks and counter. cracks have kept Washington thrilled. ^ That's unimportant. Washington is I only one town. This civilian defense V program, in this time of war for ex- J istence, admittedly should be fully ors ganized and in full blast all over the > country. - Is it? , •• There's one certain way to find out. Check the home town newspapers of ' America. They mirror completely the activities of the people in each town, s If civilian defense in Podunk is en,, grossing the best efforts of the peo- - pie, you can bet your shirt that the £ Podunk Clarion is full of the doings ,'of its people in behalf of civilian de„ fense. i< , To get the real lowdown on this ' civilian defense business, its success or , v failure, I grabbed an armful of papers Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights Doctors say your kidneys contain 15 miles many people have to get up nights. Frequent 1 or scanty passages with smarting and burning •ometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't neglect this condition and lose valuable, restful sleep. When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it m»y also cause nagging backache, rheumatic. pains, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, •welling, pumness under the eyes, headaches And dizziness. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Doan'a Pflls, used successfully by millions for over 40 yean. They give happy relief and will help the 15 miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waste from your blood. Get Doan'a Fills. Before you put a license plate on your new car put a liability policy in your_vault?' Roy Anderson INSURANCE Phone 810 Hope thai come into my office from all over the country. The verdict of America's representative newspapers seems to indicate the success of the civilian defense program is spotty. It's a question of geography in some places, a question of failure to "sell" the program to the people in others. Out on the Pacific Coast, xvhere ships have been sunk in sight of shore and hostile planes have flown over U. S. soil, there's no fooling about civilian defense. It's hot stuff in daily newspapers there. Editors know what their communities want, and those communities which feel the breath of war on their necks out there want columns of dope on how to protect their homes in wartime. The papers are full of it. It's clicking. In Portland, Ore., they're fully staffed and really working. The people oversubscribed an $18,000 voluntary contribution budget to implement the program. Seattle papers are full of neighborhood defense meeting announcements. Switch across the country, and you find industrial Baltimore, a prime target and loaded to the city limits with defense contracts, brushing off civilian defense. Cartoonists suggest the governor and the mayor of Baltimore —his opponent in the last election- are making it a political tug-of-war. Siren tests were a flop. They couldn't recruit within thousands of their required volunteer staff. The Midwest is pretty generally lukewarm. Papers in Minnesota and Indiana reported test blackouts were "planned,"' organizations meetings were "scheduled." This is a month after Pearl Harbor, remember. Editorials in the Midwest were chiefly concerned with what the war would cost the people in comforts, what the budget meant in higher taxes. A Michigan paper carried its only civilian defense item on the society page. You get the idea some club- women think it's an idea that will bear looking into. Galveston, on the Gulf Coast, really got into harness. Up in Alaska, the papers show the people are talking it seriously. There are isolated instances even in the most complacent areas where civic authorities have kicked the program into high gear, but they're all too few. There's evidence the OCD general staff hahs't sold the people in the behind-schedule areas. The Red Cross was staging its war drive at the same time I checked the papers. Even in localities where civilian defense was completely absent from loial news, the Red Cross was getting space because its people were doing a newsworthy job. That indicates people in areas remote from war are willing to hit the ball for the war effort, and that something has failed or else they'd be doing the same job for civilian defense. It seems there's nothing like the proximity of a bombing to stir activity. [ "Mosquito", Navy's Hero, Bites Japs Thursday, January 22, 1942 . , NEA Service Tclephoto Lt. John Bcnton Bulkcly, right, commander of Motor Torpedo Boat Division 13, whoso ship, identical to the one nt left, raced Into Subic Bay on the Philippine Island of Luzon mid torpedoed a 5,000-Ion Japmtcsc under the fire of three inch shore batteries and machine guns. ARKANSAS *.*„* Movie Aid Drive to Nab Pickpockets MEBICO CITY — (fP)— Movie-goers here can look over the pictures of the city's most notorious pickpockets and sneak thiefs now while they wait for seats at a super-production. The police force, which posts pictures of a new cast of characters every week in the movie lobbies, put this notice under the photographs: "Possibly this criminal is beside you now. Be careful!" N £*]•<: HER 1*1 •0iLL DICKEY |i A LITTLE pfioPUCr- AND \WEHT To THS HAJoft THE LITTLE YRAVE.UE.es .. io 010 BUY UNITED STATES VINOS ONDS AND SUM PS t>EpoSiT,i $ 1^,000,000 IN AfcKAN 5AS / TO NATIONAL AMERICAN . MBS. AS E.LEC C+/&PLAIM IN 1941 Library Flower Gets Attention Rare Plant Now on Display at Hempstead Library A beautiful bronze color plant called Galax has attracted more attention than any other decoration ever placed in the Hope-Hempstead County Library. This lovely vace of Galax was given to the library by Mrs, S. G. Norton. It was sent to Mrs. Norton from North Carolina by a relative. The galax is a genius of plants, of the family Galacacae, occuring from Virginia to Georgia, chiefly in the mountains. The plant is a perennial, with basal cluster of leaves and slender simple flowering stems terminating in slender spikes of small greenish flowers. The leaves are rounded heart-shaped, somewhat leathery and shining. In autumn they assume a beautiful bronze color and then, as well as at other times, they are gathered in large quantities to be used for decorative purposes, especially for wreaths and for Christmas greens. BADLY 51 BY HOII'S COMPOUND Suffering From Gas, Bloating, Sluggish Bowel Action Was Routed By Hoyt's. Now I Eat, Sleep and Feel Better, Says Mr, Taylor. Mr. W. C. Tnylor of 805 South Market st., SliHwnec, Oklii., says: "I hove lived in Shawnec for 15 yeiirs <md have suffered with indigestion, gas General George C. Marshall, chief of staff of the United States Army, is not a West Pointer. He was gracl- y;<ted from Virginia MilKtaty Institute. ! Fogs are almost constant on the Aleutian Islands. Men, Women! Old at 40,50,60! Get Pep Feel Years Younger, Full of Vim Don't blame exhausted, worn-out,run-down feeling on your age. Thousands amazed at what a tittle pepping up with Oulrex will do. Contains genera) tonics often needed after 40—by bodies licking Iron, calcium phosphate, Vitamin Bi. A 73-year* old doctor writes: "I took It myself. Result* were fine." Special introductory size Ostrex Tonli Tablets costs only 35c, Stop feeling pepless, old. Start feeling DepDlot and younger, this very day. For sale at off good drug stores everywhere —-in Hope, at Cox and Gibson Drug. Japs' Pocket Subs of Mexican Origin? MEXICO CITY— (ff)— A Mexican banker says the pocket submarines the Japanese used in the attack on Pearl Harbor papear similar to one he invented and turned over to the foreign ministr yin 1935. Gonzalo Sanano Anita, of the Agricultural Credit Bank, said the published descriptions and pictures appear to describe the same machine he invented. He said if they were built from his plans, the plans must have been taken from the Foreign Relations files because he did not discuss thorn with any foreign government. ( Nothing Couid Be Fairer Than This CAMP DAVIS, N. C.—(/Pj—Seen anyone with a pay telephone station? Well, you might notify the Camp Davis signal officer who posted this notice: "Will the person or persons who inadvertently appropriated pay phone from wall of recreation hall for souvenir, please return telephone. Coin box may be kept as a personal memento. Telephone is urgently needed. We have a number of customers waiting for service." The bamboo tree sometimes grows sixteen inches a day. Prescoti News DICKIE'S SHIRTS AND PANTS zg- If you want really superior work clothes at no extra cost, buy Dickie's. These better-made.longer- wearing garments are designed to give the greatest service and comfort to all classes or workers. No short cuts here, inferior materials there! 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The purpose is Medical Care, as well as hospital services, must be furnished to clients of the State Public Welfare Department by hospitals which share in the department's hospitalization program if medical care is needed. Subscribe to the Hope Star now, delivered at your home in Prcscott each afternoon. Mack Greyson, Tele- hone 307. MR. W. C. TAYLOR and bloating for the past several years. I would bolch up bitter liquids. My kidneys caused me to arise nights. I hnd muscular aches and pains in my back and limbs, was very constipated, "Since taking Hoyt's Compound I am relieved of gas, bloating and indigestion. I seltlotn have to arise nights and do not have any aches or pains in my body. My bowels are regular. In fact I cat, sleep and feel better, thanks to Hoyt's!" Hoyt's Compound is recommended and sold by the John S. Gibson Dru£ Store and by leading druggists everywhere. —Adv. COULDN'T BE MUCH FRESHER IF IT FLEW TO YOU .... MMJt tYtHt WtUOM Oil MOHI 8u V «"> Iconomltol Pint Slid BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and CITY BAKERY DO False Teeth Rock, Slide or Slip? FASTEETH, an improved powder to bo sprinkled on upper or lower plates, holds (also teeth more firmly in place. Do not slide, slip or rock. No gummy, goooy, pasty taste or fooling. FASTEETH is alkaline (non-acid). Docs not sour. Chocks "plate odor" (denture breath). Got FAS- TEETH at any drug store. C. C. Bowman & Associates Accountants - Auditors Phone 422 or 51 PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS Income Tax Matters State and Federal • Have your Income Tax Returns prepared by one who knows — and save money. • Don't wait until March 15th deadline — Time is required to do a good job. Rotary Club The Rotary club has a unique idea for buying defense bonds. Every Tuesday at its meeting slips of paper with numbers one to thirty-three on them are drawn from a hat by members. The numbers on the paper drawn, is paid in cash. The member not present has to take the highest number of 33 and therefore has to pay 33 cents. The money derived from this drawing goes on a defense bond. After the war the money will be used as a school fund. The club met Tuesday at the Broadway Hotel. Mr. S'am Logan was in charge of the program. He gave a very interesting talk on "Conditions of time Now and During The Last Wold War." He discussed fully the prices of different commodities. Society Mis. fmon Gee is spending a few few days in Little Rock as the guest of her daughter. Mrs. Wells Hamby and Mrs. J. B. Hesterly arc spending today in Hope. Mrs. Sam Vick Scott, who has been jnaking her home in Scward, Alaska, ! has arrived home to atay for thy dura-! CONCRETE HIGHWAYS PAY FOR THEMSELVES Three reasons why concrete is the most economical pavement; 1; Long life and low upkeep —funds which would otherwise be spent for repairs may be used to complete your highway system; faces. 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