Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 18, 1957 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1957
Page 2
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Established in 1914 APPLICATION FOR SECOND CLASS MAILING PRIVILEGES IS PENDING AT FAYETTE, IOWA N A T I O N A t EDITORIAL —== AsTbcf /VTl 'SN AUIUATf MfMBf» DONALD L. KIMBALL WAYNE BARNES MRS. RALPH DICKINSON MRS. FRANK CUMMINGS JAMES R. SHAFFER . MISS ANNA WILSON JT7- n (iouifl m\ r 7 0 tatifmon J j / Publishei Linotype Operatoi Lima Correspondent Maynard Correspondent Maynard Advertising Managei Fayette Correspondent EDITORIAL Adopt The Hoover Report: BETTER GOVERNMENT FOR LESS "BETTER government at a better price" is a short definition of the Hoover Report, key portions of which remain to be adopted legislatively and put to work. Basically, H R 8002, now headed for House action, is a bill to modernize Federal budgeting methods. The Senate already has approved that. The President has urged it, along with four other measures bearing on econ omy in the governmental operation. Maybe what is needed now is insistent demand by citizens to finish this program. WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN. Former President Hoover has estimated that if all the commission's recommendations are enacted and im Plemented, annual savings would be $5 billions a year If Congress really is interested in economy, here is one good opportunity to show it. Citizens Committee for the Hoover Report again is accenting proposals having to do with these purposes: Annual accrued expenditure budgeting. (Under present law Congress appropriates in full for projects that may require years; when these programs are changed' the carryover accumulates—as right now, when as Senator Byrd reports such funds total some $70 billions.) Unification of non-military supply and service activities in the Defense Department. Extension of the Reorganization Act of 1949; Elimination of hidden subsidies to federal lending agencies; End of the Postal Savings system; Elimination of duplicate staffing (or triplicate) in defense support activities; A broader training program for federal employes; Modernized procedures in the Civil Service system; Improved management of surplus property disposal; prcv»& 1 likterp > r\se un ^ a " r stovernment comnetition with These are a few of the recommendations remaining for action— and essential to money-saving. Central to them is H R 8002. That is the taxpayers' money that is being spent, and the taxpayer has the RIGHT, certainly, to instruct concerning his own wishes in a matter so vital. It is not a proposal, or set of proposals, to cripple the government. It would provide "Better government at a better price." CHURCH SCHEDULE Grace Lutheran Church J. D. Wangerin, pastor Divine Worship 8:30 a.m. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. First Methodist Church Paul L a Huicher, Minltfer Sunday School 9:30 a.m Morning Worship — 10:30 am Wesleyan Methodist Howard W. Johnson- Pastor Sunday SchooS 9:30 a.m Morning worship 10:30 a.m Youth Service 7:15 p.m. Evangelistic Service 8 p.rc Prayer Service Thurs. 8 p.m St. Francis Church Father John Roikopf Sunday Masses: 7:30 St 10:30 a. 1 Weekday Mass: 7:15 a.m. Confessions: Sat. 7:30 to 9 p.n By Bob Hullihan If you're weary of taking the same old dangerous chances on the main highways, there's whole new field of hazard opening up within easy reach of every driver. More und more drivers, apparently, are exploring this new field and some spectacular re suits are being reported. Quite often these reports don't come direct from the drivers involved but they are passed on by usual ly reliable sources — ambulance drivers, sheriffs, highway pa trolmen. Little as you might guess, this Mr. Donald L. Kimball Editor and Publisher Fayette County Leader Fayette, Iowa Dear Mr. Kimball: I am taking this means, a Letter to the Editor, of placing before the people of Fayette a matter upon which a decision must be made forthwith. The original section of the Grandview Cemetery is rapidly filling and it will be necessary within a very short period of time to open the new section Thus is posed the problem the manner in which the n< section will be developed. Shall the new section be platted and opened to m- discrimate markers in the same manner in winch the old section oped? has been dove! 2. Shall the new section he platted as a MEMORIAL GARDEN, with appropriate statutes, drives and the landscaping with all in .uk- ers at ground level'.' The Board of Directors seal ized that there are advantage., and disadvantages to both suggestions however feel that the Memorial Garden Plan is the most practical, in that the typography of the new section lends itself beautifully to this type of lay out and the use of ground level markers materially reduces the expense to the lot owner in the erection of a marker and re duces the cost to the Cemetery Association in maintenance. CREEK BOTTOM COMMENTS o by Reuben u not ihe i> of ,iny value ! people of Mam U Day lie-;.should he some a>sct Island Park to have : iver hank scythe mowed, th< ti-ecs Cammed, some sprouts cut That l.n: nettle | Kid's Fish i the busi- Street. it to Klock's the west tin itt le sand 1 with the It should h just east of nil could he 'city" tractor done. A- we saw the nr s:.-:ts.»i heme, haul, (1 "I'f to the tiered what Til AT corn. of the httli h. eon.e one nioi witii y.iwnim Will -omothm thitlU needles Pel hap • tile should le a:;auisl a >!d Cities Serv- npped up and lump, we won- could become of ;n the very heart lleye city. 'Will it vacant space basement hole? useful or some- he built there? ical urocerymen so Ihe space to insure super-miu ket, haul in itile ear! jardeji the,-. plant a lovely Professional & Business Directory Diamonds Jewelry Elgin and Bulova ~ Silverware and Hamilton Watches SABOE JEWELRY WEST UNION, IOWA SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Auio-Fire Liability and Hospital Insurance Insurance you can depend on' Phone Blue 229 Fayeile BELLES FUNERAL HOME Prompt Courteous Service Ambulanoe Service Phono 199, Fayolie Fayette and Maynard The Board of appreciate any sions of either approval. Director: and all approval : would expi es Yours truly, Marcus Baker President of Gerontology at the State University of Iowa. j„_ .... 6 ... 6 „s,— , ».„ 0 . Interested in longevity, new field of traffic adventure islmysteries and problems, tin the calm and peaceful country road. The rural silence is split these days with the bang and clang of more traffic accidents than ever before. Some motorists are finding new thrills of high-speed driving on the country roads because they are beyond the sway of sheriffs and patrolmen. The only disagreeable aspect of this "fun" is that a lot of the drivers are losing control on tricky road surfaces and ending up dead or in hospitals, Mahy more drivers find relaxation in the comparatively light traffic of the country roads. They enjoy drifting along without the chore of paying attention. Unfortunately, many of them are So, if it's adventure you're looking for, if you are itching to risk life and limb, drive carelessly on the country roads. The death rate there is just terrific. Over 400 lowans Have Reached 100 Iowa City, Iowa — The more than 400 lowans who have reach- their 100th year are VIP's (very important persons) in an intensive new search by the Institute its In stitue is starting the nation's first statewide hunt of this type conducted by Mabel Edwards, research associate. It hopes to locate the Iowa centenarians, put them on the map—with red flags for each woman, green for each man—and get acquainted with them. In its newest bulletin the SUI Institute asks all lowans to send Mrs. Edwards names, ages and addresses of lowans 98 and older, along with names and addresses of their closest friends and relatives. One "why" is that Iowa—with less than two per cent of the nation's total population—is believed to have close to 10 per cent of persons 100 years old Qnf l _mv. . TT r, . Bureau estimates tnat out of some 4,500 American centenari ans, at least 420 of them are lowans, with the women outnumbering the men by three to one. Behind the Institute's "treasure hunt" is also the fact that old age is becoming fashionable with increasing proportions of persons of retirement age in most communities—particularly in Iowa. And as medical science con tinues to discover barriers to healthy aging and to remove the obstacles, specialists in geria tries and the physiology of aging believe that many human beings will achieve life spans of 125 to 150 years. Dr. Edward L. Bortz, for in stance, a past president of the American Medical Association, has pointed out that the life span of animals is roughly six times the length of time required for the completion of physical growth. Man's physical maturity age averages around 25. Dr. Steven M. Horvath, SUI specialist in the physiology of aging, concurs with Dr. BorU's conclusions in the new issue of "Adding Life to Years." LIVE BEmR ...£/ectr/ca //y Bristle growing by the minute, while you whistle for hot water? Why worry—switch to electric water heating, for hot water that's as quick and dependable as your electric light. Turn the Up any time—and enjoy the steady stream af kot water that's ample for every need. 1 Whether you want hot water for the morning shave, or a midnight shower, your electric water heater gives you worry-free, effortless service. It's completely dependable— entirely automatic—the one appliance you'll install, and forget. See the new electric water heaters at your dealer's. Have him show you how the size and model water heater for your family will help you LIVE BETTER . . . Eiecirically. VISIT YOUR ELECTRIC APPLIANCE ^.Jkif tdvtniwnent published by Uttntute Power in the m ten it p/ iltaric living. Regardless of what some of ,.u think of ceit.iin others, or wiiy we sickest vor drive by the irk.- not h-shop. take a good look .it t lie ..I ettv petunia bed. A -. ely sU '.llt indeed, compared ill Millli of the >l;;|lts over Oil M .i in Street. . . . • A poo; I'< i; i n 1 1:r iis not hall' .1- lain.c.iiii; .is an ill clunisen end inc.. We thmk l'AHKANT niaga ie'.. ., 1 -1 1 .1.'. "Ila\e We Hepe .i /ed The Vlii Commandment" i timely well written chronicle ol I pieseiit d.iy situation . . . up to In- ve;y l.tht. 'I'll.it last statement. II the final paragraph, is unfortunate indeed. Trouble yourself to read this ai ! icle, >ee if you agree. * • • • « While on the .subject of el'iti eism, how about a little self criticism.. We sun "goofed," last I'Yiday evening in Oelwein. St) 1JUSY changing from meter parking to free parking and spending a few of our own too lew bucks, we completely forgot about the appointed time for the give away hux. We will NEVER forget that ridiculous thoughtlessness. • * • • • The not-so-young spinster was telling the "giils" at the canastji lull, "I never go to bed without, first looking under my bed Never found a man under there yet . . . but a girl can have hopes Keep Cool In Hot Weather Gene Wm. Singer PLUMBING & HEATING FAYETTE, IOWA Phone 247 for Your Plumbing, Healing 8c Wiring Needt Insurance - Real Estate FAYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY Phono 14 BOU ANTHONY JOHN IIOf 'MKVhn Co-op Elects Ni'w Officers Maynard (Special) special meeting of the Hi Directors of Ihe Mayminl Co. Howard Smith was president, succeeding .1 Hamilton, who served as Radio & Television SERVICE Schneider Electrical Appliance Store Call 96 Fayeile, la. DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPRACTOR Open Daily and Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Fayette DR. E. J. DAHLQUIS1 Veterinarian Phone 171 Fayetle. It Dr. Harry 1. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Houri: 9 a.m. Ph. 156 oic. Black 79 res. p.m. FaytrtU Iowa YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union, Iowa dent the past man Streeter president and At a aid of ('(i -op dected a m e s presi son, secretary -treasurer. three years. Nor- was elected vice- Kranklin Thump- Well Drillin ShawverWell Co. Fredericksburg, Iowa Phone 114 (3 57p) Fayette County Leader Page 2 18 July 1957 Ik. John Hofmeytr Bob Anthony ABOUT THIS QUESTION When I realize that my farm machinery can be damaged by fire- lighting, windstorm, theft, overturn in operation and vehicle damage, it's no wonder I pay to many machinery bflls. Does your agency have farm machinery insurance to cover all such losses? Fayette Insurance Agency ; Fsysits Phone U ' It's human nature! It's the natural thing to do! To wear lower and briet'ei clothing during the summer is not only natural, but good sense However, a word of caution ...i uuin e o'out in me not sunsnmej for any length of time without a hat. Sunstroke is more than just a word . . . and you better believe it it you stay outside a good part of the days during the summer! Caused by too long exposure to HOT sun, sunstroke could be fatal, but . . . can be prevented by sensible care. For instance, don't expose yourself unnecessarily or over­ ling to beat; don't wear heavy or tight clothing; don't exercise strenuously in the sun unless you are conditioned to it, and then allow yourself frequent rest periods. Avoid strenuous exerise just before or after meals and don't overeat or overindulge in alcoholic beverages. Do drink water often throughout the day, one glass at a time. If you perspire freely it may be necessary to increase the amount of salt you use. Fruit juices and milk contain salts and will replace the loss due to perspiration.. So . . . 'it's smart to drink lots of |r:i:!:!: them during the hot weather Should a person collapse in hot weather call a doctor at once! Move the victim into the shade and loosen any tight clothing. Feel his skin ... if it feels hot, take his temperature if you have a thermometer. If it is 105 de grees or higher try to cool him as quickly as possible. Wet his clothes with cold water, cover him with cold wet sheets or bath towels or put ice packs around his head, neck and body. Fan him and rub his arms and legs to keep the blood circulating. If you have no Thermometer, do not give first aid, wail for the Doclorl Use your head and keep cool in hot weather! Proclamation WHEREAS the City Marshall and Members of the Town Council of Fayette, Iowa, have reported to the reg ular meeting of the Town Council held at the City Hall in Fayette, Iowa, on July 5, 1957, that many licensed and unlicensed dogs are running at large within the City limits of Fayette, Iowa. WHEREAS citizens have complained to the lown Council that dogs running at large in Fayette have injured property. WHC.P.EAS raUito In u vciy painful and frequently fatal disease to humans an 1 ' to animals, is an expensive disease to treat, and is prevalent among the wild and do mestic animals of Iowa. WHEREAS rabies could easily become an epidemic in Fayette, Iowa, being carried by infected dogs running at large. WHEREAS the Public Health, Safety and Welfare demand it. WHEREAS I have been directed by resolution of the Town Council of Fayette, Jowa passed at a Meeting of the Town Council of Fayette, Iowa held at the City Hall in Fayette, Iowa, so to do, NOW -THEREFOR I. R. E. Cousins, Mayor of the Town of Fayette, Iowa, do hereby proclaim that all per sons owning any d og or dogs shall confine the same from running at large within the City limits of Fayette, Iowa, for the period from July 18, 1957, at 8 o'clock a.m. until October I, 1957, at 8 o'clock a.m. R. E. Cousins Mayor Town of Fayette, Iowa NOTICE In cooperation with the State Safety Department all traffic laws and ordinances will be strictly enforced by order of the City Council. Understanding Iowa Children By Lloyd Lovell Mrs. Smith was determined. l I am not going to have you going off swimming with the gang whenever you feel like it," she said. "Goodness knows what fool things you'll be doing, or where you'll be swimming. You can go when the family goes, or when your big brother can take you." Whether her decision about her )—•••••• 12 -year-old son was wise depends | competence OPEN FOR BUSINESS Effective Monday, July 15, the owership changed. Open hours will be same as before BROWN'S BARBER SHOP Ralph Brown, Prop. Fayette, Iowa und readiness for a good deal on herown son. Many swimming. Any decision about boys his age do have good sense when to teach or permit such ac- about water safety and adequate tivities involves a calculated risk, swimming skill, but some do not. Some of .us may feel strongly If Mrs. (Smith has a realistic con- that swimming and shooting are ception of her own son's judg- »° dangerous that our children ment and skill, she car. decide should be discouraged from whether he can be allowed to go learning them. Other parents feel with the gang, or whether older ' ha t they are such typical raaft supervision is required when he activities that boya -should be swims. taught them very early. Either As in many other activities, attitude moyblihd us to the real­ like bike riding in city traMlc or Mic capacities of our own chtl« learning to handle a gun, age dreu; one may be ready at one alone la no gauge of Ui« child'* age while hla brother should wait until his judgmenT or strength increases. The calculated risk must consider that all ol us occasionally do on impulse some thing that we would never do if we took time first to think. Here, all we can do is trust our knowledge of our children's common sense, and hia knowledge ot sate and sane procedures. But we must not let our own feelings about the activity • obscure our recognition of our cliUdren 'a capacity to engage 4n it, . •

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