Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR STAB,; .HOPE; ARKANSAS Chesapeake Bay OYSTERS Dressed Hens and Fiyers Every Day Phone 767 CITY MARKET We Deliver Bruce Catton Says: Fight Raises Congress Issue of Preserving Neutrality £ or Aiding Allies By BRUCE CATTON NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTOiV — The real question at stake in the fight over revision of the neutrality Inw is both simpler and more profound than the general trend of argument so far has revealed it to be. Basically, it \s just this: Is this country, going to decide now, once and for all, that the most im- HEATH HE/ Made from Imported Scarsdale SUITINGS Handcmftcd to perfection for n faultless fit. New Tweeds. Worsted. Diag- ionnls. in rich patterns and tones. $24.50 USE TALBOT'S BUDGET PLAN 10 Weeks to Pay FAMOUS K SUITS Include all that is fine, new ant! smart, made from rich, long wearing fabrics. All wanted patterns. Single and double breasted models $14.75 TALBOT'S "We Outfit the Family portant thiny is to see Hitler beaten—or is it going to decide that the most important thing is, to stay at peace even if that may mean having to swallow a Hitler victory over En gland and France" Underneath all of the window drc.ss- ing. that is what is at stake. The struggle over repeal of the arms embargo has become a symbol. Boiled down, what it symbolizes is— do we take sides, or don't we? The one driving force behind the effort to remove the arms embargo is a conviction that this country cannot afford to stand by and see Hitler •win. Is Administration N'ciitrqJ? That conviction rests on the belief that the world just won't be big enough, in the long run. to hold both democracy and the totalar- ian idea. Because of that'belief, Oils administration is not DOW neutral. It wants to help England and France and that is why it wants the arms embargo lifted. And since the actual, concrete effect of lifting the embargo is less important than its symbolic effect, the administration—in the Pittman revisions to the Bloom bill—is willing to consent to practically any stiffening of the present law if only the embargo clause can be lifted. It ought to be added that the revisionists are entirely sincere in saying that they do not believe that lifting the embargo will lead to war. There is no need to doubt that the administration means what it says when it announces that it proposes to keep the country at peace. But It is equally true that the reason for trying to get the embargo lifted is a desire to exert America's influence against Hitler. The administration wants to see Hitler beaten. That is the basic fact that underlie.! all of the talk about "true neutrality,*and the like. On the other hand, there are the isolationists. Like the administration, they are centering all of their attention on the arms embargo itself. The fact that the Pittman revisions give them practically everything but the embargo leaves them slid. For the conviction which holds them together is the conviction that the one important thing for America is to stay at peace —that the calamity of going to war is so much greater than the calamity of a Hitler victory that the latter ought to be risked rather than the former. Private Opinions Brought to Surface And the bitterness of the fight now being waged can't be understood unless you understand the thing which many men in Washington are saying privately—but which few say in_public. OUR BOARDING HOUSE. yf i ._: \$ MY CHECK FOR #2oO, MAJOR HOOPLE , AND NOW WILL YOU PLEASE SIT DOWN AND SIGN A SILL OF SALE FOR THE APPLIANCE? JUST AS A MATTER OP RECORD, OF COURSE/ ' REMEMBER. GRANDPA B1TTS ONCE- PURCHASeD A SLOT MACHINE THAT 6PONGED SOUP SPOTS FROM THE VEST WHILE YOU WAIT, AND A SCALAWAG INVENTOR MADE HIM PAY FOR. T14E- CONTRAPTION! THREE TIMES/ with '. . . MAJOR HOPPLE „ MR, 8»TTS-^~- A MERE FORMALITY ^^> A UOOPLE'S WORD \S A 6ILT-EDSED SECURITY- M AR-RUAAPH/? ^-^ AND MAY T WAVE A COPY OF OUR A6REEAAENT—— H AK- KAFF/f — JUST FOR MY FILES? I REGRET :eENLY T LACKED THE CAPITAL TO LAUNC14 TUE OE\MCe EGAD/ WWAT A •REMARKABLE BIRD/ HAPPY HOOPLE/ UAPPY HOOPLE/ rr ~—• t9OLD FOR*2OO TO TME GENTLEMAN IN THE KIMONO/ JjMke* SERVICE. INC.. T. M, R£C. «. •). PAT . OFF. |Q-|3 count .this effect in any form of injection treatment. Every person with nrtlhritis represents im individual who requires special iittl'iitinn ncording lei his own chin-actor line! his own cundition. ll ijs mil possible by any routine technic to contreil nil cases of arthritis. The Cherokee Indians eif Oklahomn have their own newspupcrs, printed in their nwn alphabet. QUALITY PIANOS SU-iiuvny, Hiulclorff. Cable. Iil7<-r. Now Models $2« up. Drop us ii c-nnl for caUilnns. nf .somclliiiiH - for - nolliinU HEASl.KY'S. Toxarkaiiii. IIAKVKY <)I)0!M I.nciil Hoprcsontiilivt 1 . Ww Terms, Ark. These private opinions boil down lei this: That because the arms embargo does symbolize so much beyond its actual content, we are liable'to commit ourselves to something we can't back out of if we repeal it. If. that is. we have an administration that whole-heartedly wants Hitler beaten, and if we repeal the arms embargo in order to mke Hitler's defeat more likely, then the die is cast and we are in for it whenever something beyond mere repeal of the arms embargo is necessary to keep Germany trom winning. That argument goes beyond everything else in explaining the isolationists' tenacity. It weights more with them even than the pros[H;ct that repealing the embargo might build up a war boom which would "automatically" draw iis in as the 191« war boom is supposed to have done. Such a boom could easily develop under the present law, in the materials other than munitions. Indeed, the Pitt- i i man revisions are tighter in this res- '"" pect than the existing law. But the embargo clause is the crux of it—not because of its aetuul concrete effect, but because of the implications which are becoming bound up in th whole fight ovei the proposal to repeal it. THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. mta. u. *. PAT. off By DR. MORRIS FJSHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical AsMetatto*. mm* *l Hygcla, the Health Magazine No Single Cure Found for^Arthntis; Vaccines Have Good Effect on Mind know today that rheumn- nrthritis are the .second most cause.-: of disability in in- Doctors ism and important ;lustry. There art? 'many causes of arthritis and one would think that there are almost as many treatments. There is no single triMtmcni for arthritis that iuiy doctor rei.oym/L>s as being a specific cure for the condition. Of the better known treatments of irthritis. the injection of vacincines or ' " be ' ' - sllots " sti ' n d out. These may /7 about the NEWS l\ GAS RANGES and HATER HEATERS? Added to which there is the steadily growing feeling among the isolationists that a definite and conscious current to put this nation into the war si now in motion. NEXT: The background of the embargo-ro|)e;d movement. CHURCH NEWS Gas Range News FREE RANGE! If your stove is the oldest one traded-in during this sale we will gjve you the new range free. The old range must be in use at time of trade-in. Call our office for more information about this offer. 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Guaranteed to give yoii $ dependable supply of really hot water without attention on your part. Only Si down payment —balance in 30 months. Methodist Revival The Methodist revival continues to draw large crowds. The Wednesday evening service brought the officers, teachers and department heads into meeting as a group and the sermon Was for them as special guests. The sermon Thursday morning was given over to the first chapter of Paul's Epistle to the Roman,s which is considered 'the greatest of all the writings of all the Apostles." Reverend Kenneth L. Spore, who lias been preaching soul-searching sermons all week, brought out a challenge to individuals in their Christian lives in the first verse of that groat !he Gospel." v. riling that Paul was 'sopcrated unto from the patient's own gers, taken from his nose, throat, tonsils or bowels. Or they may be stock preparations made from germs collected trom many patients. Injections with germs not related to arthritis are given to produce a shock of the patient's defensive system. Physicians feel that the best any vaccine can do is produce a nonspecific protein reaction. Among chmeicals frequently used in arthritis treatment are preparations of gold and sulfur for injections. Evidence thus far available indicates that just about as many people gel well useiug vaccines or hot bath and physical treatments as from re- modins containing gold or sulfur. Many doctors bcleve the effect of treatment on the mnd s one of the largest and most important factors in the cure of cases of arthrtis or rheumatism. Physicians have injected ordinary s,alt solution in patients instead of the vaccine and, in some instances, have found the results were just about as^'oorl as with the vaccines. One group of physicians substituted salt solution for the vaccine in a group^of 20 cases of atrophic arthritis and 15 cases of hypertrophic arthritis. All (jf the patients who had been responding favorably to the vaccines were changed over to the salt solution and continued to improve. Another group of patients was given just, the injections of salt solution without having been given the vaccines. They did just about as well as those given the vaccines. Doctors know that the injection of remedies imo the body has a strong psychic effect. It is diffilcut to dis- Definite Fashion-Hit! RICEMOR . COATS Softer, more flattering lines here too! Note squared shoulders, .smaller collars. New tweeds, solids, novelty weaves. Fitted and swag'g-er styles. Interlined wjth a quilted pure wool lining. $14-95 $19.95 $22-50 Haynes Bros. There Is no Profitable Substitute for Quality Paul';: further expression 'I am debtor to both the Greeks and Barbarians, to the wise and the unwise." Faul recognized his obligation in owing t-:cmethin» to ail mankind, so we like wise as members of the church of the living God, owe .something to all people. The services Thursday night will begin at thp usual hour of 7:.'i(). Boy iincl Girl Scouts, with their stout m;.ilors and leaders, will be special ;uests. The meeting of the youii;.' •enple under the direction of Reverend ". B. Wyatt continues to draw large lumbers. The morning services Friday will be the final meeting until the regular Sunday mornng hour im October 15. ALWAYS REMEMBER Blue Ribbon Bread ai'V^-v-c. <•«**!« i:> At Your Grocer and City Bakery , •• , i • •- Wesiinghouse RADIOS "Sv p,,v,A X/lGUARANTEEDI It's Got to be Good KROGER'S Country Club Qualify RED SOUR PITTED CHERRIES 3£A29c • • . . New 1909 crop—orchard packed! M . . Fully ripe and iirm! A PRODUCE-CONSUMER SENEflT SAUI HOPE HARDWARE COMPANY BUY NOW! HEll^ rOUfiSELf TO SAVINGS! HELP PRODUCERS MARKET SURPLUSI 2 f<ll 23c N.IJ.C. Premium SODAS lOc 24 oz. CLOCK BREAD lOc Giant C. C. Pork & Beans lOc SPOTLIGHT COFFEE Ib. l3«/ 2 c 3 Ib. 39c C. C. COFFEE INTRODUCTORY OFFER 1 Deal I'cr Customer 2 Ibs. 35c CREAM MEAL 24 Ib. 43c A. &H. SODA 3 10c 46 Ib. C. C. FLOUR S1.49 FLOUR ° 2 T,r 95 COUNTRY CLUB 79c 8 Ib. Carton COMPOUND 85c 1 Ib. C. C. Soda CRACKERS 15c Fruit & Nut Bread lOc RYE BREAD lOc SUDAN SPICES •<nanMVQHDBUL_ Pure Cane SUGAR 3 20c I0lb -57c Cloth FLEECE TISSUE 6 25 oz. C. C. Baking Powder 15c FRENCH COFFEE Country Clul) M I L K • PRODUCE • Fresh r_ COCANUTS ea. 30 PEACHES Evaporated APRICOTS S 07.. ALPINE VANILLA French BIRD SEED French BIRD GRAVEL French MUSTARP Barbara Ann TOMATO SOUP CRISCO 3 Ibs, Red or White POTATOES Yellow ONIONS FANCY APPLES Jonathon or Delicious cloz. SOAP SALE . bar 5C 3 for 1 ?C 3 for 1 ?C CHOICE BEEF ROAST Ib. 19c PAIJVIOIJTVE CAMAY Soap LIFE BUOY COMBINATION DEAL Both For . Pan Rolls 1 Ib. Brookf ield Sausage WESCO FEEDS SKIN ON WHITJNfj DKESSKlt Bl'KFAI.0 SLICED CATFISH SEIJ-X'T O YSTICKS K. J, Caplinger, Market Mgr. Cecil W. Dennis. Gro. Mgr.

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