Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 20, 1952 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1952
Page 15
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THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 19S2 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGB PTPTttBN for February was announced today Alton's MFT Share For Febrtiarv $9072 by Jospph Pols ' " late d ' rcetor of i finance. The gross allotment was SPRINGFIELD, M"arch 20. ~ (Special.1--Allotment of $1.975,509 I $2.021,238 from which $45.72!) was i withheld for retirement and inter- Amounts alloted to various cities include: Alton, $9072; Bcllrvillr. J9l.ll; Carllnvlllc. J1392; Collinsville, $.1752; East St. Louis, $22.405: Kdwnrdsvlllc, $2-122: C.ranifp Cily, to Illinois municipalities as their, ... .,„._ ,. .. net share of motor fuel revenue iwt on a $30 million relief bond j $8060; Jerseyville, $1617; Madison, $2118; Venice, $1627; Wood River, $2846. Kxporls from the Union of South Africa to the territories south of the Sahara have grown tenfold since 1939. Hoy Capture* Storekeepers in Absterdnm, Holland, have been displaying tremendous bargains to draw crowds to winter sales. A now phonograph was offered for n penny. A 12- year-old boy brought n chair, Ml nil night In front of the store and bought the phonograph next morning when the sale started. Turkey Is to spend about S5fi,- 000,000 on defense and a bigger army. ion Wealthy Egyptians have been paying upto $84 a blossom for exotic flowers to send as tributes to the crown prince bom to King Karouk nnd Queen Narrlman. Farouk also was congratulated In Cftlrtt by m fdmir- 'tfftrtli; f Ida, to whom three girl* vWfr bom, on the realisation H "dearost wish." The charter of the United Nttt has 111 article*. fill We are proud to announce,,, mm NON-OVERFLOW Pie Pans Reg. 1.29 SPUNTEX NYLONS Dupont 51 Gauge 15 Denier Firsts All Sizes New Shades 9-Iilch Outer. .Special Brim. • Here,'* the answer to overflow juices that moss your oven . . . Special brim holds julcei. HAMMER $50,000 Chocolate 7-OuncK Can With Each Purchase of Park Lane ICE CREAM $1 DuPont HAIR BRUSH Nylon Bristles $1.00 SPORTSMAN KNIVES Fine Cutfinif Black Bone Handle Cutting: Hlndo {'up Opener Itruss Kincd Ciin Opener Screw Driver $'!.50 Chesterfield •• WALLETS $2,50 ALARM CLOCKS HAND TROWELS For Gardening Dependable 21-Hour Movement SCOOP! ^ «* «' /ORI&ML HAND PAINTCO DINNERWARt Reg. 5c SHOE LACES 27-INCH 2 for R«g. 29o Cellulose Sponge* 13 PRICES GOOD TONIGHT, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY llerfi Is bl|T news for Ihn people of our community! VV« nrc now Uo,xftll Drug Stores. Wts havn heroin* our of n group of 10,000 Individually Owned Drug Store* who nr« handed toRptlicr to uivo you the Itcni-flts of mnm production nnd urns* buying of the finest linn of everytlny drug store commodities throughout Ihn world. It Is big news to you brcniiso It means bigger, better values for you In the very highest quality werehnmllae — exclusive Kcxnll tnorehandlse tltnt can bo olitnlnexl only at Kexnll Drug Mtnres, For Men. 2<to'Value*, flammed All Around HANDKERCHIEFS For i li«m 6 for UOHT BULBS ISO Sylvanla 2« . 40 - 80 Watt*. 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