Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 20, 1951 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1951
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 1951 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS II GREEK SOLDIERS WOUNDED BY U.S. TANK GUNFIRE Potroh Cross Pofhstin Korea; Longuogo Borrier it Handicop. •y AtMtlalcri ^r «ft WITH THE GREEK BATTALION IN KOREA. June 20 — There were two stretchers. In one, a Greek infantryman lay critically wounded. "There's where the language •barrier hurts," said Lt. Edwin Watklns of Burlington, Mich., forward artillery observer with the Greek Battalion. The two Greeks had been hit today by fire from an American tank. "The Greeks were out on patrol and the tanks were out on patrol and they just crossed paths," Watkins said. "If we had known there was a tank patrol out there wc would ^have been on the radio channel with them and this wouldn't have happened." The Greeks said the tanks fiiat •hot at them were American Shermans. A third Greek was hit in the le^. Still able to walk, he was not considered wounded. ]l«turna To Foxhole "That kid will be back in his foxhole in a minute," said Wat- ^ktnt. "In an American unit he •would have been sent to the hospital." A Greek medic was bandasing one of the wounded men, who was unconscious. "I don't know whether he will live or not," Watkins said. This Greek forward observation post is atop a hill overlooking Chinese territory. The Greeks would have to carry him half a mile by stretcher to a bump mountain trail. From there it was two 3 miles by jeep to a medical aid station. The patrol already had carried its two casualties four miles over mountainous terrain. "The Greeks will be bitter for • while," Watkins said. "Not bitter at Americans but bit ter at the tanks. They won't have anything to do with tanks for a few days." . . FOR JET SUPREMACV '-A new G.E. turbojet engine, developed by General Electric and being tested at the Lockland, Ohio, plant, is far more powerful than its battle-tested predecessors of the same size. Described as "an Important step in the world race for jet supremacy," the new J-47 engine will be the power plant for such fighting planes as the North American F-86 "Sabre" jet and the six-jet Boeing B-47 "Stratojct" bomber. Total power of the new engine is a secret, but It puts out far more thrust than the current J-47, rated in excess of 5200 ponrfl.«;. Prepare Form For Families of i War Prisoners By Atia«Ut«4 Praia WASHINGTON, June 20.—The governiiient has prepared a form for use by families trying to communicate with relatives who are prisoners of war in Korea or communist China. Announcing this yesterday, the Defense Department emphasized that so far the Reds have not supplied prisoner information through the International Red Cross. The form to be used was prepared by the Postoffice Department. It requires the name, rank and serial number of the supposed prisoner. Letters must be addressed "Care of the Chinese People's Committee for World Peace, Peking, China." No postage is required, but the words "Prisoner of War Mail" must be written in the upper right corner of tht envelope. Tke return address should be in the upper left corner. Through June 8, 153 Americans were listed as prisoners and another 10,211 as missing. MINOR RUBBISH FIRE Mt. Vernon firemen were called at 1:50 p. m. yesterday to the Mt. Vernon Iron Company to extinguish a rubbish blaze. Firemen reported there was no damage. DM I BFTA "IC APPLE"— A family affair was the initiation of Mr. Tnd Mrs Edward I^e Davis, Jr., into Phi Beta Kappa national SolasUc honorary society, at the University of Missouri Columbia^ It was the first time a husband and w fe had won the honor Both maiored in social work, and both wlU do graduate study In the subject at the university. LEGAL NOTICES . T.*X PURCHASER'S NOTICE •TATK OF ILLINOIS ) COUNTY OF JEFFERSON i TO; Persons In possession or occupancy of the premises lierelnafter described; to agseseee asalnst whom the taxe.i hereinafter doscrlbefi were Assessed: to owners of or parties interested In said propprty: and to trustees or mortKaffe.<! of record: and to unknown owpers and parties interested. TAKE NOTICE: That at a sale of lands and lots for general taxe.o • duly made In the Coiintv and State aforesaid, Interstate Bond ColTipany, a GcoFKia corporation dulv qnallfipd to do business In the State of rili- _^nols. purchased on the 10th day of ^October A. D. 1949. Cert. No. 3 and Sl^'-^,,.?/^ ^^fj? See 2-1-1. 20 Acres NE NE hec. ll-i-l. 40 Acres—said '•iV^fc'^.'L ."he were taxed for the year 1918 in the nama of Peter Kamber- .\OriCE OF CLAIM DA\ Notice Is hereby Riven to all persons that .Monday July 2. 1951, Is the claim (late in the estate of Calvin E. Glenn, Deceased. pendfnK in the County Court of Jefferson County. Illinois, and th?t claims may be filrd against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of sumni'inp. MATTHtJU' WYMAN GLENN. Administrator with the Will Annexed. LOU ANN PDRO'l'HY Attorney. ."10 Xnrth .Seventh St. Mt. Vernon, Illniois. «-20 Ronald Amundsen journeyed to the South Pole to raise funds for a trip to the North Pole. The normal tide wave is about four feet high in the open ocean. FOR SALE $250 down bu,yg 4 room house with bath. Close in on paved street. 80 acres land, 4 room house, electricity, good road, WAter In Price only $50 per acre. 6 room all modern home. Close in at 524 North 11th street. Please call for appointment to see this reasonably priced home. Very attractive 5 room efflency modern home at 1005 South 23rd street. Can be seen by appointment only. Will sell low as J1250 down to responsible party. Nearly new 5 room house, barn, garage, other outbuildings, with 6 acres land, V/i miles from city. $750 down, balance like rent burs 4 rooms modern except heat. Nice South 23rd street location. E. S. COOK 918Main — Phone 387 or 4520 Cert. No. 9—EH NE NW bee. 8-1-3, 20 acre.s—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 194* In the nam* of John Howard. XOTICE OF CLAIM DAY Nolife is hereliy poven to all per- son.s tliiu Monday, August 6. 1951, I.'! the claim date in the estate of Charles C. Potts, Deceased, pending in the County Court of .Tefferson County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed ajialnst the said estate on or before said date without Issuance of summons. CORA R, POTT.S, Executor. DKWITT & WOODRUFF, First .National Bank Building-, Mt. \'ernon, Illinois, Attorneys. 6-27 Cert. No. 27—Lot 158 Mannen's HlRhlands sub pt E'.i SK% Sec. 25-2-2—Said lands or lots were tax- ad for th« year 194S In the name of Bill Lee. Cert. No. 44—W side W'i SE SR WV4 Sec. 36-2-3, 26 Acres—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1948 In the name of P. S. Cum- mlnga. Cert. No. 4 7—Ex 55 ft. and 42'4 H NW cor. Lot 2 In Blk 30 Storm's Survey—Said lands or lots were tax- ad for the year 1948 in the name of Ivan K. Marlow. Cert. No. 72—Lot 639. Cltv Park Addn—Said lands or lots were tax- ad for the year 1948 in the name of Claud* Hutchison. Cert. No. 89—Lot 1 In Blk 1. A. C. Johnaon's Addn.—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1948 in the name of S. W Smith. Cert. No. 106—E 100 ft of Lot 173, Wlnslow's Addition—Said lands or lots were taxed for the vear 1948 in the name of .T, C. Keyes, Cert. No. 114—Lot 9, Wards Parkview Suh Dlv of 18 C. F. Holts 3rd t)lv.—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1948 In the name of Casey B. and Alleen Jones. Cert. No 119—N '/o SW SW Sec. 37-2-4, 20 .•Veres—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1948 In the name of Vlrgle M. Bailey. Cert. No. 150—NW SE Sec. 4-4-3 40 'Acres—Said lands or lots were taxed for the year 1948 In the name of W. A. Puckett. PUBLICATION NOTICE In the Circuit Court of Jefferson Cctmty, Illinois Walter F. Rixmann, d. b. a. Rixmann Lumber & Hardware Company, Plaintifl vs. A. B. White, Lenora J. White and the First National Bank of Wayne City, Illinois, Defendant—No. 51-2086. You, A. B. White, Lenora, J. White, will take notice that on the 5th day of June A. D. 1951 a complaint for Foreclosure of Mechanics' Lien was filed against you in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois, to be held in Mt. Vernon, in said County; to which complaint you must answer or otherwise make your appear- ancejDn or before the 16th day of July A. D. 1951 the return date, or default will be entered against you. HARLEY V. WARREN, Circuit Clerk. ALVIN LACY WILLIAMS, Attorney for Plaintiff. 649-651 Rogers Bldg., (Seal) Mt. Vernon, Illinois. 6-20 IWil a. Murphy REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Marvin L. M^o«'e - Frank Hopkins Salesmen GLJEIHN MMRPHY. Broker 1118 Main St. —Phone 217 1.— Income property consi.stinff of 4 unit apartment buildint with all furnishings. Income $167.50 per month. 317 South 9th street. Out of town owner will sacrifice for quick sale. t. —Mr. Investor—of all the investments in Mt. Vernon do not overlook this one bringing in $500 per month. Building 40x160, has four 4 room apartments, two 3 rooms and one 2 room apartment upstairs, office and garage with double duty car or truck lift on ground floor. Another feature is the location—602 Main street. Don't let this bargain pass. S.— 6 room modern ranch type home, hardwood floors, modern kitchen and bathrooms, utility room with oil furnace, lot 75x200, located close in east. 4.—4 room bungalow, garage, coal house and chicken house—only (2500. 5.—Good 8 room house nicely arranged in two 4 room apartments, located close In on 15th street. 6. —Excellent building site corner lot, Northbrook Drive. 7.—Out of town owner will sell 5 room modern bungalow, Venetian shades, insulated, full basement, furnace, garage—west part. 8. —Grocery stock of goods and fixtures, good location. 9.—90 or 133 acres, 4 miles southeast of Mt. Vernon on Lynchburg road, house and barn, 3 ponds and 3 wells, improved road, close to school and high school bus line. Ground has been limed and improved; farm mostly in corn. If sold soon will let 1/3 of crop go. 10.—4 room bungalow, modern except heat; also 2 room cottage on same lot. Priced to sell—18th street. 11. —5 acres more or less on the Fairfield Road, with or without buildings—^good building site. 12.— S'/i acres, 4 room house, good out buildings, electricity—-Waltonville Road. All of tho above situated in .said County and State, for the delinquent taxes levied and as8es .sed thereon for the year 1948. The time of redemption from ^ald certificate of purchase ,vill expire on the 10th day of October A. 13. 1951. Redemption may also be made after the expiration of said last mentioned date at any time up to date a tax deed Is Issued upon said certificate of purchase, in the manner as provided for In Section 263 of the Revenue Act of 1939 as amended. INTERSTATE BOND COMPANY 120 South LaSalle Street Room 646 Chicapro 3, nilnois ST ate 2-2474. Redemption should be made at the office of the County Clerk. 6-20 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Coal bid specifications for Mt. Vernon city schools are now available in Superintendent's office at Junior High School. 6-21 ROU TICKETS 2,000 in Roll Double or Single Numbered Double Roll $3.00 Single Roil $1.75 MT. VERNON »«^-»STERNEWS CO. 9) BEN E. SMITH Office 1744 V. H. QUIGLEY SALESMAN 815 flnnth lOtb Rtrei>t • Boom duplex, modern except heat; corner lot, paved street, eloae in, WMt —easy terms, f Booma, newly decorated inside and out, water system, garage, S lota in DValtonville—$5500. t Boom house, water, electricity, large chicken house, at edge of town—easy terms. 4 Boom, new house, insulated rockwooi, 2 lots, glassed-in back porch, water in house, $4250. Located in Bonnie. 5 Booms, water and lights, 605 Bell street. Can be bought on terma. 4 room new houac, modern except heat, west location, good termi. Price 14750—a good buy. 4 rooiti, modern except heat, west location; 9600 down—total price, 95000. It Room apartment bouie. all furnished and modern—$7500, low down payment. Farms—7, 8, 10, SO, 40, 80, 180, 200 acre. LISTINGS WANTED; FARM and CITY PROPERTY FOR SALE Suggests 6-Year Grammar School By A(McltU4 Wrm CHICAGO, June 20.- -TTie president of Loyola University suggest that grammr school terms be reduced from right to six years. The Rev. James T. Hussey, S. J., said that "if military training is essential for the welfare of the country I see no compelling reason why it cannot begin after the sophomore year in college." "By a reduction of two years of grammar sch DI," he added, "the young men would have completed their sophomore year in college by the time they were 18." Father Hussey made the sug gestion in his annual report to the Loyola citizens board. GETTING IN THE GROOVE - Stnger Perry Como drives while TV star Daf mar. acting during National Celebrities Golf Toumament, WwhlnftoB, D. C U.S. Sends Arms To Yugoslavia By Associated Preti WASHINGTON, June 20.—A "small" shipment of rifles, grenades and other small arms and ammunition has been sent to Yugoslavia, the Defense Department announced yesterday. A department spokesman, declining to estimate the number or value of the arms, said most of them came from army surplus stocks. They were paid for out of Defense Depaftment funds. EXCAVATING BULLDOZER AND TRUCKS Land clearing, pond and basement work. All kinds of dirt work SHAMROCK TRACTOR SERVICE — Phones 1644 — 2913-W - 2310 — S484-W. The "Million $ Grape" building in choice location on Salem Road. This property Is adaptable to many types of businesses—2500 square feet of space; lot is approximately 97x300 foot depth; city water, Janitrol gas heat, 350 gallon propane tank. Immediate possession— attractive terms. 1,—$500 /!i;wn, 130 per month buys business building in Opdyke, III. Has four room apartment on second floor, located on V. S. highway No. 460. Price only $3150. X.—$800 down, $61 per month fuys 8 room duplex, partially famished. Located at 1112 Jones street—full lot. S. —Modern duplex with five room unit and four room unit; private baths, good location—price $12,500. 4.— Income property on north 5tb street; two house* on 100x80 ft. lot. Total income $95 per month—^price $6000. L L PHEMISTER REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 1007 Moin~T«l. 187 JULIA RUTHERFORD —REAL ESTATE JOHN R. WOOLSEY, Solesman Phone 400 or 48 1011 Main St. 9 room modern home in west part— 2 baths, basement, suitable for duplex; cottage in rear. Immediate possession. A real buy for quick sale. 41 acre farm, 5 miles east of city, 4 room house, barn, chicken house, electricity, telephone—price $3500. $500 cash, balance like rent, buys 4 room all modern bungalow, west part; built-in bath, built-in cabinet, hardwood floors, posiession July 1— a real buy. Price only $5500. •4 AGOOD ^ INVESTMENT FiiM LocaliMi Nofflk SMt Cleic In. A 4-ROOM APT.—A t*IIOOM APT. AND A BA9CMBNT APT. uith monthly lncom« off $150.00. Two bntha, hot air heat, double narave. nlMly d**> orated. Here la » a»fe Inveit* ment with a Rood Priced to aell and on re»Miii« able terms. The furniture la lii< eluded. ED B. MOSS at 1442 or Itt, or V. E. RICilARDSOM at UN New ranch type 4 rooms, hardwood floors, built-in cabinets, automatic heat, attached garage, city water, on hard road. 5 rooms, all modern, full basement, stoker heat, newly decorated, now vacant. Choice location—408 south 19th street. 6 room house, modern except heat. Can be purchased on easy terms. On South 12th street. New 4 room house, hardwood floors, fireplace, built-in cabinets; also large shop building. Close in on Waltonville Road. 6 room house, close in on Cherry street. Will trade for small suburban property.. Real nice 5 room house, built-in cabinets, modern bath, basement with furnace and stoker, 20 acres nice level ground, good roads, across from block school house—reasonable. 30 acre farm, now vacant, 5',i miles east; fair buildings—only $3800, Good 77 acre farm, good buildings, 2% miles north of Texico—only $7700. New 4 room house, modern except heat, barn and other outbuildings, 2 acres ground—close in. 6 room home in Bluford at a very low price. Reol Estate Brokers HINDMAN & HENSON 309 S. 10th Phone 3622 ROBT. L. HARVEY, Broker Harold E. Chambliss, Salesman HAVE YOU EVER LIVED.. In A Modern, Well-Constructed Home With a full dry basement with a door leading out to the ground floor terrace, built-in kitchen cabinets, ample closet space, two large bedrooms, kitchen and dinette. LOCATED IN THE EXCLUSIVE Jamison-Mannen Subdivision A LARGE LOT THIS IS A REAL BARGAIN! A VERY USEFUL GIFT WILL BE GIVEN TO THE PURCHASER OF THIS HOME DURING THIS MONTH If you have never lived in a real home. It will pay you to see this one! JAMISON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENCY TELEPHONES: 372 -373 Buy this 7 room ultra modern ranch-style, extra large Uvint 11/2 built -in baths, modern ki .tchen, 3 bedrooms, df breeieway, utility rom, garbage disposal, large garage, plot 148x380—only |14,00f. Nice 5 room house, 2 fine lots in Opdyke, III. Beautiful 5 room, modern, hardwood floors, built-in bath, modern kitchen, oil furnace, insulated, storm windows, garage, concrete drive, west—only $8500. Prewar 5 rooms, all modern, full basement, GI flnanced, 1512 Herbert street. Nice 5 rooms, modern, hardwood floors, built-in bath, full basement, gas heat, large plot of ground—Fairfield Road. $750 down, $45 a month buya 4 rooms, all modern, oil furnace, water heater, garage, paved street, west—only $5000. Beautiful .8 .room*, .nodera, built-in cabinets, fine basement* parage, 4 blocks from square. 4 rooms, modern except hmi, garage, 2410 College atreet. 5 rooms, full basement, fsrafe, barn, V4 acres. Airport road— S750 down, $40 a month. Ultra modern 5 room raneh* style, long living room, bcautlfal kitchen, built-in bath, bieeaeway, len, garage. Coiy 5 rooms, modern, hardwoed floors, built-in kitchen and both, -"arage, 1001 South 23rd atreet Beautiful 5 rooms, strictly mod> ern, garage. No. 2 Shaw's Garden. Bargain for quick sale. A. HAROLD WILLIAMS LOGAN C. RICHARDSON "YOUR REH^UBLE REAL ESTATE DEALERS" 315 South 10th Street, Room B — Telephone 251 -75S Evening Calls — Telephones 4254 or 2667-J , lie. rv HOMES FARMS SS LEASES NEW LOCATION TENTH & HARRISON - Soma Phon«t 62-789 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE 'TREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS" .. .1. i.... i -J$1000 down or less for a GI (owner will wait on GI nntil he turn obtain GI loan)—and balance like, rent bays S room modan bungalow adjacent to Summersville sehool, east; a fine home; owner leaving city. Immediate possession, owner Just reduced price, a fine spot, cheap taxes, and think of it! the school nest doer and it is really a flne school. Letter Hicks, principal, one of Southern Illinois' better educator* sees to that. 719 Harrison, 6 rooms, full basement, built-in cabinets, fine porch, close in. Convenient to grade and high schools. 6 rooms, all modern, 2 baths, full basement with, play room, oil hemt, nice shade, hardwood floors, fireplace, built-in baths, large bedrooms with double closets, finest location north. 7 rooms, colonial brick, full basement, Z baths, shade, nicely lani- scaped, garage. A wonderful new home. Will exchange tor smaller. 1716 Perkins, 3 bed rooms, close to shoe factory and garment factory, sl paved street, full basement. A flne home at a sacriflce price. Terae. | Duplex, 10 rooms, 2 baths, 2 furnaces, hardwood floora. A real lavctt- ment, 2018 and ?016 Lamar. GI loan payments iacladinf taaia only $57 .22. Will sacriflce for immediate sale. New trailer, 3 rooms, electric refrigeration, modern. A few months old. Will exchange for city property. • rooms, all modern, extra large lot. basement, every modern convenience. A fine home at a bargain price. Terms—910 S. 31at. The only bakery downtown, 1011 Broadway. Splendid equipment. A real money maker. Owner must sell. Might exchange for city property. Out of town owner will sell 5 room efficiency home, near city park; hardwood floors, built-in bath, buUt-in eabineU. only $45«0, with $500 down, balance $40 monthly. An unequalled value. $3500 will buy a S room house, modern except heat. Near Wfll school—paved street. 170S South 10th — barfain. 1500 down—balance like ront, boys your choice of many hoMSi te Mt Vernon; some new with hardwood floors, built-in bath. oU heat; suburban homeo any direction. Save time and money MM see the finest selection of homes on terras you can affonl to mnrv i roMn home, modern except heat A to*I Consult 0 Reol Estot. SptcloHtf who know. oM >i»»i hot hod o^or twenty yeors of successful VP^*^)^ will moke you o CASH OFFER for yoit ^o*"*

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