Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 18, 1957 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1957
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OA Poite* Permit Ho. IS • 1C. »4.M PUW Fay«tf». low* VOLUME 42, NO. 3 Price Five Cents FAYETTE, IOWA Price Five Cents 18 July 1957 thru the week with the editor 1 !<>l a im i : unhurt) over llu' '.'.e. I.finI A IMP :M l)lur gills. l-oi.-- Davi.- r;illrd right after I n MMIH|.I\ In h 11 me (here « • H- la!' -.lii>|>j)iii!'. (I.IV;. lt-1't '111 I 'li: i- Im ' I \\ ,i. worneil alujut t li .1 .ill morn ing, ul' eourse. •M "u ll,.,u!. . U. \lr .in.l Mrs. J.'.'ill .\li-l . -.11! till the nll-l- bou- que; Hi, > I,: ,..i : .|u |,n tlii- ..Hi, e I'.ill I'l ilrli.i:,! ,|,l:; a lull of . ot.lloe- ,' ,:lli.l ,v Kt-pol Is tour ..bout .1 In.", .i.-. golf lulls and ah,, l( t .. h.di do/en others in tin' lull. « • * • Kndeisl.md Haiold Mulliii.-. is C|Uile .1 r.oose hiillti-r. Ask Jui 1 U'l n-.lil Finch i.. I/.irk :it llu Li'.ADKi;. Tliiin;.-: were going pi el.' v I>:M| mil il lie came hack In I 'i.In I you Hunk tin 1 pictun Ol llu- laiU [.,:,( week looked Ilk Jeanie (la: bee',' Somewhere along the path of ill,- I lies;,in In pnl my lull money HI my i ight iVniit pocket instead ul' tin- billfold. Did this uniil Siuul;iy whi'il I lost a S. r ) lull Mow il .ill goes in the bill- fnlil When you're not making air. inoiiev V.HI sine can't afford t,. lose if' * * * * • \Vi were completely unimpressed with the iiinvie "Saint Joan" \vhii-h \ve saw at the Suinner Theatre early this week. It was a playback which never portrays a 1'ieal story accurately. Iowa's nun .lean Seller;', of Marshall- li.wn did do a fine job of acting. IlilU eVel . f 1: * * Talked with llerschel Loveless ;.n,J ..i.iue li'.'.i.-.la'iii .-i at Uultu Ckolioji Saturday where we at' leu,U-d All Inwa Days. 1 don't think anybody knows about this special session affair and that include.-' the (!,.\ . ***** Loi- Davis .-.ays she's going lo chaii.'.i- I'mkv's name to Kdey hi.eatlse her dog is the iinlv oile who live.-; the hie of. « « « • Was talking with Ralph Brown, the new barber. Monday. He didn't know whether lo call his plai-e 'Ralph's' or 'Brown's'. He ehose Ihc latter. If the former, you'd meet someone and they'd tell you they were going to Ralph's. Then you wouldn't know whether they were going for a haircut or a beer. SENIORS THIS SUMMER — Several of (he gi adual hi'; e!as. oi 1:1,r, ,,ie workim; around Fau-lti Uiri'il above is Betty PaUisun. daughter ol Mr and Mi Mi ; le I'aiiis.'ii of Favette. Billv i- seen.tai-y and receptionist in the law and real estate olliie.-, ol John Hofmoyer Robert Anthony. Winners Of Pish Derby Announced The Annual Pish Derby .sponsored each year by the Fayette Gun and Rod Club was held Sunday at the City Park, Kloek's Island where part of the river had heel) fenced off for the "Young Fry" and on Saturday morning were stocked with 100U or more bull heads. Ninety seven youngsters registered and the estimated attendance at the Derby was more than 250. The following prizes were won: I. Most fish, Mike Conner; 2, First fish caught, Anita Kauffman; 3. Smallest bullhead, Peter Vermav.eii; 4. Longest bull head, Zonna Martin; 5. Largest fish. Peter Veniuizuii; H. Shortest pole, Ronald Pattison; 7. Longest pole, Mike Conner; H. Crooked pole, Ronald Cue, Elizabeth Kauffinan, Kenneth Puffett and Roger Puf- Lult U Vitiinuuul fi^hurii\ur\. PtuL* gy Weineiger, who was 23 months; 10. First bass, Ronald Pattison; 11. First sucker, Lee Burns; 12. Those who caught If) fish, George Kauffinan, Robert Cole. Tommy Thomas, Ellen Thomas and Mike Conner; lit. Most unusual pole, John Craw ford; 14. Largest hat, Sandra Miller; 15. Tallest fisherman, Barbara Fish; 1(J. Longest stone roller, Patty Fish; 17. Longest hair, Carol Weineger; 11!. Handicap boy, Kenneth Puffett; 19. Largest, family, Doyle Kauffinan; 20. Farthest away, Alicia, Pat and Mike Conner of Cedar Rapids; 21. Most freckles, Sharon Pattison and 22. Reddest . hair, Karen Kauffman. A bottls of pop was given each contestant. Pete Busta is president of the PARKER STORY TO BE PRESENTED AT UIU FAYETTE — Upper Iowa University will present another in its series of centennial year events Tuesday morning. Julv -if, at !):4f) a.m. in the auditorium of the Colgrove Walker Memorial building. The program will be open to the general public. The presentation. "The Par kers", written and directed by Mrs. William Ksters. honors the Parker family of Fayette for Ms part in the long and illustrious history of Upper Iowa. Included in the cast of charac ters will be William Hullman. reader; Robert Whittenhaugh. Dr. Charles Colemau Parker; Joaim Murk, Sara Maria Lakin Paker or Mrs. C. C. Parker; Carol Ha- herkamp. Mrs. Davis; Lloyd Haberkorn, man: Loren Steidl. Dr. Daniel Parker; Shirley Johnson, Sarah Sherman Parker v >r Mrs. Daniel Parker; Ronald Kocher, Dr. James Parker; Marilyn Heiple. Nellie Klcmme Parker or Mrs. James Parker: and Donna Ni ale. Aunty Howe. Members of the Parker family are b\-ing j n Fayetle at the present time. They include Mrs. J. D. Parger, Mrs. Dorothy Goebel .md Hugh Parker jr.. Mr. Parker is currently on the summer school faculty of Upper Iowa. Among Fayette's Future Citi/ens are the four children of Mr. and Mrs. John Tripp of Route 2, Fayette. Pictured from left to right are Bonnie, 8, Norma Jean, 7, Charles Warren, (i, and little. George Hubert who is 22 months. TOWN.... Ai t Fish and family have ! ol; the HIP Uni-l; U,i.. ( | 1 '•' A M Di.-i! -rii h h, ad ..f Hei.g'i'U: I'Mucation Dll'ice m 1)1 Momes. ol Die Mcthodisi church. met Tuesday evening uith members of (he Dl'fiei.d Board, all members of comme, :oii.-., u/ermii ndetits, and piv-.i- denls ol organi/ations to dis- cu... the eilucaliunal needs .is I.H as l.udduu', is coiu'fi ned. Dr. I lietli Tieli i.-, an i Xpert in Ihis ' K 'ld and his suggestion* could pio\e vi-iy valuable to the mem- '"•i':'- of the First Methodist church before they take further steps ill the budding program. Mr and Mrs. Don Vaildcrsee md three children spent the A-eek end in Cedar Rapids at the nome ol Mrs. Vandersee's sister •md family, the Kicron Odekirk's. • * • « Mrs. Karl Hanson returned to s ' Paul I'm- a visit with he." laughter. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson' md daughter, following a visit ol 1 Die Anderson's with their mother. Miss Lucia Pierce- of Bnml. Indiana and a friend from Atlanta. Georgia and other friends from Indiana were in Fayette to attend ihe committal services of Simonson, who died Georgia and whose brought to Fayelte Miss Ruth in M.u-oji. body was for buriel. The Wesleyaii Me t h o d i s t Church plan to have Worship Service in their new church 1'iiilding .July 21st. The work on tin- Church will continue for .sometime but will not keep them from using the Church for their services. The pews are slated for delivery and installation early in Setember. The folding doors will be installed in a few weeks lo n.c;:me ihe Sunday MC'.nooi—.'rr Tin- a! cn iic-eim ,.i imt.'h \u H new C'hureh are simple and grac full. Tin- interior features beauli- /'ully finished laminated beams and purline. Behind, Ihc pulpit i a panel of beautiful cut stum The windows are amber nlass m Ion;', panels. The whole C'hureh leiulr, an atmosphere of worship- (idness. Gun and Rod Club and Kenneth Wilke is secretary. The Fayette CJarden Club wili nol hold their jjicnic this week, as planned as several are on vacation, tin.' picnic will be held at a later date. « • * « Mrs. Ida Burns and Ihe Howard Burns family attended a reunion of the Burns Clan in Cedar Rapids at the Lloyd Freeman home. ;i2 were present. Howard Burns of Fayette was chosen president for the coming year and Mrs. Ida Burns secretary. The 1!)01! meeting will be at Ihe new home of Howard Burns in I'*ayette. Members of the family were there from .l-'uyeltm Waterloo, AiiiM.ra, and (.Vdar Rapids, .',li awberry Point, and Karlville, I Ilinois. Mrs. Harold Humiston of Mon.ana, is visiting her mother- in-law, and sister-in-law, Mrs. Ed Humiston and Miss Florence Hnmiston. The three relumed today from a trio visi in the vicinity. • * • Mr. and Mi's. Will Leverington accompanied their daughter am son-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Floyi Oakli y to Michigan City. Indian; to at.end the luneral services ol Mrs. Levcrmgton's sister-in law Mrs. Louis Meska. which wa ; Saturday afternoon. The Leverington's drove thru the severely flooded areas annum .Joliott, Illinois early Saturday Mrs. Ada Beaver Dies At Fayette very bad They returned [,, Fayette .lav e- Mr.-:. Helen Km., .md i\ljs :; rssie • Schneider are leaving sdav to visit then s,m and ..- -.,v, , vi, t i.'ii vi n 11 >\MI ill HI family, and nephew find laiuilv, 'he Du.mc Knos family m Kansas City. The Du.uie Knos family recently moved into a new home m Kansas City. • • • • Mr. and Mrs Ronald Koclier •md Garth spent Die week end in La Porle City with Mr. Koeher's parents. Mr. Koclier returned io Fay. tie o n Monday and Mrs. Kocher and Garth remained for i longer visit. Mr. Koeher with several others A-dl spend part of the week fish- nig in Northern walers. • • * « Mr. and Mrs. Henry llettler. Mrs. l.ucie Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Sperry, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Carpenter were among those who attended the Three-quarter Century dinner held last Wednesday in Oelwcin. • * * • Mr. and Mrs. F.. '['. Weguer .iave sold their reside n.-e on •ast Madison stive', to Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Copper. Mr. Copper .s the new Farm Bureau field .nan and they jlan to move here .-.oon. Mr. Copper stalled his work with the Farm Bureau the first of Die month. Mr. lo the which year a; md Mrs Weguer moved residence in West Union they purchased about a word of the promotion" of Tiei on m-law. Robert Kskridge ti Districl Salesmaiiager ol lb< Kent Feed Co., and will hi ti d at Mareiigo, Iowa. • • • • Mr. and Mrs. Kskridge will move 1 this week from F.ureka, Illinois, where they have been located lo Marengo, and Mrs. Maurer will go to Marengo to assist them in DM settling. Mrs. Kskridge i Rosanna Johnson. * * » • Dr. and Mrs. Fjigene Beck and children accompanied the body of Mrs. Ada Beaver, !IM years, who died late Friday evening in Fayette Nursing home to Omaha, Nebraska on Sunday, where Monday afternoon services were held for Mrs. Beaver.. •Mrs. Beaver is the mother of Mrs. Beck and has made her home in Fayetle with her daughter the past two years. • 4 • ' • • Miss Marsha Schupbacb has returned to Cedar Rapids after spending two weeks in the Gi orgu Ziibriskif home. FAYETTE (Special) — Mrs. Ada B.aver. 8:i, mother of Mrs. Eugene Beck of Fayette, died at a Fayette nursing home Friday evening. She had been in ill health for several months. Funeral services were held at 1 p.m. Monday in Omaha, Neb., with burial in Omaha. The body laid in stale at Belles funeral home here until 7:00 Saturday. Mrs Beaver had ma de her home with her daughter the past I wo years. She is also survived by two grandsons and one broth- Miss Elise Pike Kngaged Miss Ehse Pike, who has been Instructor in Art at lUpper Iowa I'mversiiy the past two years has completed her work here at Ihe clo.,e of the First semester of Summer school, and returned to her home in Paris, Ontario, Canada. Miss Pike is announcing her engagement ;im | approaching marriage to Jack Learman of F.vanstun. Illinois which is to lake place July 22nd, in Paris, Ontario, Canada. The cou.ile plan to make their home in Kvanston, Illinois. Miss Pike will teach art in National College in Evanslon. Vic. Lcarnian is an Artist, and ilso instruct'.r i,, art in . the Junior Hi[;n, naven School in Kvanstun. Farm Section On Page Five The LEADER'S new FARM SECTION will be found on page five of this edition. News concerning agriculture, markets, larm organi/.ation activities and 4-II club reports will be located i:< necally in that section. Due to the rich agricultural area around Fayette, Maynard, Wadeiia, Randalia and other towns served by tin- LEADER, it was decided to Use this space for a FARM PAGE instead of a World Page as was original}}' planned. , T!".'J t '" 1 '-"" 11 - VARM OUT- will be included "i'ffthi' EEAGEJE each week and will contain ma- jo/- /'arm developments and information of importance, eon- d. used from such media as Wallace's Farmer, Department of Agriculture reports, Wall Street Journal, Cargill predictions and several other major publications dealing with agricultural information. The LEADER, northeast Iowa's fastest growing weekly newspaper, is proud to bring you this sect ion and this feature as a ,>arl of its serivce to the mid- Fayette county area. Mrs. E, A. Billings has re- lunied from attending a Diamond Jubilee, in Early, Iowa, where she was born and spent her girlhood. She, also, visited relatives and friends in Lite, Onawa, and Storm Lake. Charles Harvey Billings and family of Kansas City, Missouri, are expected for a week-end visit in the parental E. A. Billings home. • * * « • This wei it's Former Citi/en i;: this stalely appearing gentleman. Last week's picture was identified by Mr.-:. Nick Samuelson of Maynard who reports Iho picture to be that of Nclle Jewell, originally of Decorah, and now Mrs. Harold Meyriek of Chicago, 111. Center-Do-R-Best 4,H Club The regular meeting of tin 1 Ci nter-Do-U-Best 4-11 club was held at the home of Sheila ail' Emily Suffinan Wednesday, July 10th.' Mrs. Arthur taked on Style Review, Style Show and Living Booth for the fair. Tin following demonstrations were given: Janet Davis on "Threading the Machine", .Marjorie Davis oil "Threading a Bobbin", Marilyn Arthur on "Darts", Sheila and Kmily Sullivan on "Kind treat ,-nuits on coats and Gloves 1 ', Doris Alley on "Pro.ier Placing of Buttonholes." Marlys Benter gave a "Matching Plaids". Lunch was served by tessts. on thebos- Fayette merchants are welcoming Dave (Fibber) McGee to their Main Street. He is operating the Locker Service formerly owned by Mrs. Dorothy Grim. Dave features a line of fresh, cut meats and butcher* daily Monday thru Friday. With his wife, Doris, he plans to make his home here in *uy pate, ette. SCOUTS TO GATHEH AT INGAWANIS 450 Cub Scouts and their Dads will be on band Sunday morning for the opening ceremonies ut the "Westward Ho" event to 'lie held at Camp Ingawanis near Waverly on Sunday, July 21. Pack HI, Fuyetle, will partici Pictured above is .fc'ayelte's Mrs. Luciu Wilson, who among others, attended the Oelwein Register's dinner for its Three-Quarter Century club at the Elks Country Club last week. (Register Photo)

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