Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1939
Page 2
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H[ fB«*|4f.W .,<.ftt"—«*** HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKAKjIAg MGfi TWO ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Star of Hop*. 1899; Press. 1927. Consolidated January 18. 1929 Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor niul Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass n. . oMhe safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscnpts. Dizzy Dean Likely to GrtSalary Cut Owner Wrigley Undecided OnManager for Next Season CHICAGO -OPh- P- K - Wrigley. owner of the Chicago Cubs, got a few things off his chest Wednesday. He was 'undecided" on the manager- ial status of Gabby Hartnett for 1940 But. lie said. Pitcher .Dizzy Denn could stay with the club, if he want- OC 1 to—after a likely slash in salary. Wrigley also was definite an another point—his dissatisfaction with the 1939 club, which even lost the city series. "Save for occasional spells, they didn't look like a real team. They didn't seem to operate as one unit. I would like Questions on Pngc One \. Lublin was temporary capital of Poland. Dublin is capital of Ireland (Erie). Goblin is nn evil, mischievous spirit. 2. Baltic is a sea in northern Europe. Balsa is a light wood raft. Balkan* is a range uf mountains in southern Europe. Balmy means soft and refreshing. 3. Jig is a lively dance. The Whig party preceded the Republican political organization. Gitt is ii two-wheeled, open carriage. Wig is a marble. Danzig is a former free city in Europe now a V>art of Germany. 4. Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. Bosnia, with Herzegovina, forced a pre-war Slavic province in Europe. Bothnia is a gulf Finland and Sweden. Bolivia is a South American country. It must be a pleasant surprise for American school children to return to geography classes and find one less European country whose capita] and principal products must be memorized mediate appointment. His contract runs into December." Regarding Dean, Wrigley declared, 'he can stay with us. I believe he is • "Th* Mora You Tell the Quicker You Sell" * You Can ITalk to Only One Man • Want Ada Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP AM Want Ada cash in advance Not taken over the Phone FOR SALE—Wo snve ,you money on our furniture buying. Complete lock new imd 'used furniture, stoves. >eds. We pay highest prices .tor fur- ittue. Seo us. Franklin Furniture Co. O2 1m One .-., word, minimum 30c Three tHne*-3V4c word, minimum I "" word, minimum 90c One month-i8c word, minimum 12.70 Rates, are for continuous Insertions only. For Sale FOR tEALE-My modern six room stucco country hrtrte. Well 540 ft. deep, voung orchard bearing, barn and all other out buildings: 50 acres. Hotf proof fence. Springs and lake. Chas. Hanson. ______ Underwood See Wanda 9-31 FOR SALE-Good used typewriter. Standard si?.e. Roberts. Hillard's Cafe. Wanted Lost More-College Grads Keep On Studying STATE COLLEGE. Pa. ~l/l'> ~ Mm' 1 ' mid more John and Mary Collegian- are continuing their i-olleut; rdm-aliim beyond the normal four years, according tho figures released hv Ine rcnnsylvsmia Stale College today. More advanced degrees were awarded hv Penn State last year than in the LO'ST—Ten dollar bill, at Centerville church flth of October. Return t. W A, Austin, Cenlerville, Reward 10-3tp es us niiin.N R 1 ' ,, v) For Rent KOH RENT—Unfurnished apartments in Dr. Weaver high school. on m thc'l OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS WANTED—New or renewnl sut scription for any magazine. See Chi Reynet-son at City Hall. 7-Gtc Service* Offered FOR ?1.00 This week only Shipley Studio will nuike 1 HxlO or 11x14 for 51.00. Come early. You nuist be pleased is out 1 motto. 9-3tc FOR perfect SALE—36 condition- Chevrolet ••new tires. Tudor- I SERVICES OFFEHED-See to operate us uuu umu i »rvwiv - -^ e can aiuj wuu us. A to find out why and correct the trouble, i ent itled to a full spring training with "As to Hartnetfs return." he said.! the club." Asked if that meant Di/. "I am'undecided. Whatever is for the could remain at his old salary figure best in crests of the team. I am for estimated at §20.000, Wngley remarked naturally. I haven't talked to Hartnett { 'That would be the fly m the omt- •al all recently, nor have we any im- | ment." • SERIAL STORY JOAN OF ARKANSAS See Pete Shields. Call A bar- | stead Mattress Shop, 870J 9-3tp I tor new and , Cobb G58-J Going Fast. Fell Base $5.00-Rugs while the present ,-siipply lasts fit $.147 Franklin's, 112 S. Elm. ^""l FOR SALE — Rough and Dressed Lumber and Shingles. Phone 298W or see Claude Waddle. 12-3tp Our plant Is again open for Meift Curing and your patronage will be appreciated. Home Ice Company, East 3rd Street. Phone 44. O2-lmo FOR 'SALE—Bass Violen, good condition, new strings. See or call Pink W Taylor Phone G13J. 700 Washington street. BYJERRYBRONDFIELD, COPYRIGHT. 1930. NBA SERVICE, INC. FOR SALE 4 r i acre. Two houses, one barn, orchard, on gas, water, light and telephone line. 'A mile from High School, near city limits on Highway 29. 40 acres open and pasture. Good wire fences, fine to put .icrease. At a bargain. C acres East of 13th St. Cornelius Mights', at a bargain. Have several nice homes on South Main St. for sale. 'Good Terms. Floyd 1'orterfield Illustrated by Art Krenz "Rememier that Purdue .game ivnen K»A scored (p. toachJovn* In the last five minutes? couldn't loud, him. And Webber leading the way. They YKSTEUn.VY: A cryp<ic telegram announces tlie iirrlvnl of a •Mrnnxfcr" to Alplin XM Jiororlly. Ti-cli'M foollinll hero, Kt-ilh Itliodes, lil.s hlm-ker. Dan \\rli- l<rr .-iiiU Carol Uriel, i-hnnlcr prfMl- di-nt. »ieet the train. Tin- eifl— .(..an I'^hnson—in the most lienu- tifiil eatd they have CTIT SI-CM. Ki-HU ttuublcN iuun »Oh you aren't?" Her tone was icy. "And with what do you concern yourself besides football?" "Ceramic engineering," he answered curtly. "How quaint," she murmured. Keith laughed. "Sure—I tell him he's wasting his time, but he "You abide by all the rules, don't you?" Joan observed. "His only bad habit," Keith cut in "Okay, Web—let's go before you work yourself up into a frenzy and kill some poor third-string end." „ "Well, there goes the varsity, CHAPTER II «VOU'RE going to like It here at Tech," Carol said enthusiastically. "But how come you transferred from Northwestern? And why didn't you let us know? Not that it makes much difference," she added hastily. ''But was it a sudden decision on your keeps harping on the fact that he doesn't want to sell bonds or teach phys ed when he graduates. But you'll like him when you get to now him better. Great guy, Web s lived with him for three ears and I know." Joan turned reanvard again. Hear that, Mister Webber? You're getting a plug. I'm being told I'll ike you when I get to know you Joan looked back coolly. "Just wanted a change of scenery, I guess. Have a successful rush wc-fcl;?'' she asked in turn. "Swell . . . best in years. Fourteen pledges all sewed up." "All swell lookers with plenty of money," Keith chimed in ••Alpha Nu certainly gets th cream of the crop—the bestes ;,r.I the mostest. Incidentally, th J-...I.S art- wondering i£ they're get ling a lemon in you. They'll ^b breaking their necks to see whatj they got. "Pay no attention to him," Carol advised, "and tell u.s more about yourself. That is, if you don't mind the auditnce." "Not at all. 1 was born in Arkansas but have lived in Connecticut for the last fi"e years. I was having a pretty fair time 'at Northwestern, but Dad thought 'it would be better if I w/rit to 'school nearer home. You see 'mother died last year and Dad figured it would be more con- ; ^ venient for me to come home i __.,., week-ends or for him to pay me a flying visit for a day. So I transferred here for my last two years. Dad wanted rne to come here in better.' It's doubtful," he dourly, and both girls laughed. * * * rpWO more blocks and they drove said Carol when they had gone. "You said something then. Elaine Chesbro added. "Especially Keith. Gee—remember that Purdue game last year when he scored two touchdowns in the last five minutes? They just couldn't grab him. And Webber leading the way." * * * pAROL led Joan over to •*- up before the Alpha Nu house. There were a half dozen girls on the terrace and as she walked up the flagstone path Joan felt, rather than noticed, their frank looks of appraisal. "You sure had us guessing," Kay Granger said during the course of introductions, "but then, you couldn't blame us, popping in at the last minute." Joan smiled in agreement and I ^ glider. "There isn't a girl on returned the campus who wouldn't go wild over Keith Rhodes if he gave her half a chance," she explained. "He's the glamor boy if ever there turned to hear "Pay your fees Chesbro chatter: yet? There'll be j.iu a mi; giw»*iw* *~f"j •- — was one. But he just isn't the kind that can be pinned down. And the best have worked on him." There was a slight gleam in Joan's eye. "That so?" she purred. "Maybe people around here don f. have what it takes." Carol detected the challenge in her voice and smiled. "It's an oper. field, darling." "May I be so bold as to ask you're one of those who tried?" Carol laughed heartily goshawful lineup at the registrar's office tomorrow if you haven't." "I refuse to be worried," Joan replied lightly as they entered the "Really," she went on to .plain, "Keith is a swell kid. They went on a tour of inspec- t(j hjm y lie is j us t a lurk liouse. "Lord, no. Keith and I come from the same town up-state . . . went through high school together. I probably know him better than anyone on campus. lion -„,«.»,«" major?" Dan asked curtly, entering the conversation 'for the first time. Shr- glanced back'. "Why/none really Just fiddling around with a general arts course, learning how ' t0 "Not surprised at all," he''re- marked, but was surprised at himself in turn for having the nerve to say, as much.. and shewed Joan the room t ...,. was to occupy with Marianne Burrowes and Chesbro. Marianne was a junior from Cincinnati with small, almost doll-like features and dusty blond hair. "Hope you don't rnind three in a room," Marianne laughed, "taut it won't be so bad because I take up hardly any spac" at all." They went dow...stairs and found Keith and Dan ready to leave. "Web's afraid we'll be late to practice and wanted to dash off I insisted on staying to say good- toy—for the time being, that is." "I wasn't just rushing oif," Dan blurted. "Keith knows darn well we're due down at the stadium by 3:30, latest. Only have four days before the arst game." uu iniii j»i\- *-^ j«-- — -- ^ j( he's never heard of clipped wings. It was then that an express truck rolled up. "Luggage for Misa Joan Johnson," the driver announced, coming up the walk. "That's me," Joan called, standing up She hailed a red-headed pledge. "Helene, shosv them where my room is, will you please?" The girls on the terrace stared wide-eyed as the driver ""' ^ helper started to bring luggage. First a steamer trunk, then a •=maller hand trunk, four full-sized Mjitcases, and numerous hat boxes. "Would you look at that stun, Chesbro whispered to a pledge. "If that isn't a traveling department store it sure ought to be. (To Be Continued) M-M- 'MOIJ6rl TO A MOM'TH.' ' SPIT THAT TAR. OUT AWP DROP THAT I DOM'T KMOVM WHV THEY DOW'T H-XVE MIoH 1 WON'T GET NOME ON) ME--I GOT A LOMG STICIA AW WOM'T NEAR. IT, HOME5T WILL Y/ MVST 1 POR. t HERBERT A DAB OF TAR. AM 1 IT LOOKS LIKE KMOCKE.D OUT TEETH FOOL VOUC MA - 712 West Fourth re-built. Phone Paul Sept. 20 1M. Radio Repair Guaranteed Radio Kcpnlr Service anil replacement parts. Tubes tested. Radio Service, Phone HOC. Ray Alien • '*" NOTICE—I have taken up year-old grade Jersey heifer Biorselh. FOR RENT—Room for rent to men only. Private entrance, adjoining bath on South Hervcy St. Claude Stuai- FOR RENT—Furnished t> room brtcl bungalow. East Third street. 12-ltc .• Floyd Porterfield 12-:tt BORk) THIC.TV VEAR.S TOO EDOAR MARTIN ou Never Can Tell BOOf S"AND HER BUDDIES U|M<5C>V \*3 ONJ^E Of s TOO V ' Hit \<VS>SED VOVXtt- X.WV, By ROY^RANE Oh, That's Different! ; "~ —T\THE GREEKS,'AV BOV, \-~ WHAT'S \ W / ' ^ Where Ignorance Is Bliss WASH TUBES OBOVl ITS CERTAIMUV > A RELIEF TP KtJOW THAT I WHAT SHALL OH,TEU HIM TEUU HM -SHE'S OM HER WAW HOIAE. AVJP IT COLLECT. '<, AUOTHER \ HOW SHOULP KUOW HOW ff K. EA6Y. WITH 2) A6MM.; J CAROL BEIM 1 OUER >N EUROPE - "" CA6UE5RAW fKOM CAROL'S SAFE AW .> MR. ruees ASKWS i -m' VJAK BROKE KlWOA WORRIED. . IF WfA fAcKEE IS / THEY 'P GOT I OKAV, 6IP. / OUT OP THE \ .i/WAR. ZONE AND x 7 — Y REACHED SWTZ.- ER.LAMP, VJHEP.E 1HE OLD MAW W .-, OR.PEREP TD RES-T // ' V • OM ACCOUWT OF 'ODD ys.7 By MERRILL BLOSSER A Big Flop FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WMAT F0f~? SME KNOWS -U?. IVIA'I' GIRC. | ' THE 1' THAT GONWA CALL- ll ME NOW AND. -I- DOMT KINGSTON 432-5- It RATC .' i'Ufctoor tHL- Tl-lf; PARS SAID vor.s '\ II-IE PARS SAIL, LIKED \ vv VtiP" A! !O f'-it: E, BUT •,i^-'i—_-:?A'V.._ M TMC PHOMC TURhJ- ,G COLO!-?, HAIR: «., __ ..., --,---'•—"' v G OUr 'fO fclL'. VALERIA - ' THAT WENT. IT AND BINGO.' KCPCi".' AMD : EVtT- COULDNT, I ALV/A--C-; SEE K\E/ DtClOE' I VOTES .' OF.; AM I- fc ./HEI1 i I U--R K , Tur;;js UP . / Hif< Kcsc t ^ c ,T-- s o ; ,' L . ^ ; ;7 S ~ ; '•'. '• ", ') V. By FRED HARMAN Speak, Red Ryder RED RYDER SPEAKUr^> 1 md his up the

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