The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on July 23, 1963 · Page 5
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 5

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1963
Page 5
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TUESDAY AFTERNOON. JULY 23. 1963 Mayor Doesn't Feel City Can Afford Teen Center THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT FIVE Mayor Francis C. Florin!, pre senled a teengage canteen petiliot with 606 signatures yesterday af ternoon, said he didn't feel the city "can afford « leen cente as such.' ' The city's chief executive sail Facfs To Buy By! By Peter Tomczok When you buy new mat-, tress, if youf are the typical} intelligent buy- ; er you want QUALITY . . . quality as embraced in four, things: fir ness, support, construction and durability. A recent survey proved this. Put it in terms of the maker of mattresses. Every one of these things is a matter of construction and materials. But, to you they are a matter of GOOD REST, COMFORT, WONDERFUL SLEEP, for a long time al the right price. Knowing this, we have assembled what we believe to be the very best buys on the market today. We know this merchandise inside and out, as inli- malely as we know the palms of our hands. We are proud to offer the merchandise and the value our prices represent. We assure you, it will provide you the WONDERFUL BENEFICIAL BOON of SUPERB REST at insignificant coat per night. Ws urge you to come in now and learn the full story of value at Stevens. You shouldn't feel obligated to have a salesman point out all the features in bedding that make it last for many years. And remember our highly experienced decorators, always on hand to suggest and help at no charge to you at Stevens, Allendale Shopping Center, Pittsfield. Open Wed., Thurs., Fri. till 9 p.m. Free parking for 1200 cars. he favors some sort of accele- ated recreation program for teenagers but not one that would involve the cost to the taxpayer of building. More Pressing ProJ*cli He feels the city has more press ng projects, such as new schools and a variety -of public works irograms. Many of the names on the peti- ion were teenagers' and the prop- ;r method of obtaining registered 'oters' signatures were not observed. Mayor Klorini said this neans the petition "is more ir he line of a public opinion poll" Itan a legal document. 'Mr. Klorini told 16-year-olds Nancy Davis of 187 Houghton St and Alice Davis of 36 Bank St. spearheaders of the canteen drive their next step should be setting up a committee of teenagers. This committee, he said, snoult discuss the type oi facilities ant activities they would like to have at a canteen. The girls had sug »ested Hie city buy the teenagers an old mill that the youngsters would help convert to a center To Set Up Committee The girls said they would set up the committee. Mayor Florini told them when the group had worked out its plans, he would meet with it and .he Park and Recreation Commission to see what can be done. The girls brought up the Boys O nd Girls Clubs in Pittsfield, the mayor said. But he told them these were : ..pported by contributions not by public funds. Youth, 19, Crashes Into Parked Car, 11 Stitches Taken A 19-year-old Center Stree youth required 11 stitches in hi face this morning after his sport roadster crashed into a parke car on State Street about 3:0 a. m. today. Thomas A. Francis of 65 Cente St. was treated by Dr. Arthur O Rosentha! at the North Adam Hospital and released. The accident, occurring nea the N. Walnut Street intersection caused $700 damage to the Fran is car and approximately $1,«X damage to the parked vehicl owned by Dorothy Farinon of 19 State St. HEARING PROBLEM? FREE DEMONSTRATION QUALITONE HEARING AIDS QUALIFIED SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES OF HEARING AIDS THURSDAY, JULY 2ST), 1 P. M. — 2 f. M. WHITNIY'S DRUO 5TO»I il Main St., North Adamt, Man. Phaiic: MO 34180 H you can'V com* in, wriU or pHoi\« and Mr. HtworlFi will call if your Komt without charge or obligation. Fifth Occasion For War Requiem At TanglewoodJuly27 The performance at tangle- wood on Saturday of Benjamin Britten's War Requiem will be the fifth occasion at which the Boston Symphony Orchestra or the Berkshire Music Center have presented the American Premiere of a Britten composition, Serge Kous&evitzVty conducted the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the first United States performance of the Passacaglia and Four Sea Interludes from "Peter Grimes" at Symphony Hall, Boston in March of 1946, and the following .summer at Tangle wood the Berkshire Music Cen ter gave the first American performances o( the opera "Peter Grimes," which had been commissioned by the Koussevitzky Music Foundation. The opera met with great success at Us 1946 Tanglewood premiere and since has been translated into many languages and been performed ai most of the world's opera houses Again at Tanglewood, but in 1949, two works of Britten's were performed for the first lime ii this country. The opera "Alber Herring" was produced by the Berkshire Music Center on Aug ust 8 and five days later at a Berkshire Festival Concert Serge Koussevitzky and the Boston Symphony Orchestra played Ben jamin Britten's Spring Symphonj for the first time in the United Stales. The War Requiem, written foi the dedication of the rebuilt Ca thedral of St. Michael in Coven try, England, will be conducte< by Erich Leinsdorf at Saturday' Berkshire Festival concert. Wei over three hundred people will b on the stage of the great Musi Shed at Tanglewood for this per formance as the War Requiem requires, in addition to a large orchestra,-two choruses — mixed and boys — and a chamber or chestra of twelve players. Solo ists will include Phyllis Curtin soprano, Nicholas DiVirgilio, ten or, and Tom Krause, bass. The choruses will consisl of the Cho rus of pro Musica of Boston am the Columbus Boy-choir. Th principal players of the Boston Symphony Orchestra will form the chamber orchestra. Appropriately, in view of hi close connection with Benjamin Britten, Saturday's performanc of the War Requiem will be dedi cated to the memory of Serg Koussevitzky. Auxiliary to Hold Picnic for Patients Berkshire District, A On Beaeon Hill Senate Favors Seat Belts And Autonomy for College! BOSTON (AP)—The MaHachu- jetU Senate, after acme confusing maneuvering, has passed n bill requiring all cars, buses, taxis and commercial vehicles to have seat belts if sold after this year. The Senate Mgan by reconsidering its action of last week In approving a bill requiring all new cars sold after next Jan. I to have seal belts. H reconsidered and adopted the measure. Then it amended the measure to include commercial vehicles, aking in taxis and buses. The amended bill, adopted after a three-hour debate, was sent to Ihe House for action. Tax Formula The Senate has advanced a bill updating the formula for assessing valuations in cities and towns Elvin R. H.worth HEARING MO SPECIALIST 14 Yri. Experieno Uon with a public office and to abolish the executive council are on the agenda for a joint constitutional session ot the Legislature tomorrow. The Senate paused an order calling for the convention — the fifth this year—yesterday. The voting amendment would add to the list of those barred from voting, any person convicted of an offense "pertaining to public office of any transaction involving the state or any department, agency, officer or subdivision there." At an earlier constitutional session the legislature rejected one proposal for abolition of the exec utive council. A second such proposal is still awaiting action. Pound Law Sen. George D. Hammond, R- Jobless Pay laims 53% Over 1962 e Northern Berkshire unemploy- i. ment claims last week ranged 53 per cent above the number re- lorded the same week a year 1(0. According to statistics of the ocel Employment Security office, there were 773 claims this week compared to 5fX for the same seven-day period in 1962. This year's figures have regularly been ligher than those for the first six months of 1962. Last week new claims at 137 were down 16 from the week be- ore and continued claims at 636 iropped SO. The office paid out $18,814 in 75 compensation checks. HIE VrUUiUUWia ill imicn niiu wTT»*j " _ and for distribution of some slate Westfield, has Fi ed a bill m the o7 h animals could be , n( Senate that would repeal a 19 The bill, already passed by the animal pound law under whic House, would set local valuations ™cla™ed animals could b al 75 per cent of IMS valuations, turned over to medical research- plus 25 per cent of the 1961 valu- ers. a tions Hammond said the heads of the It was approved on a roll call Massachusetts Society for the vote 31-7, over the opposition of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals senators from Boston, who con- and the Ajiimal Rescue League tended the city would lose $2.6 had Informed him they intend to jiHion cease collecting strays in Septem Sen. \Villiam D. Fleming, D - »er. This would make cities and Worcester, said he would vote for town* set up their own pounds the bill despite the fact Worcester would lose some of its stale rev- Vacation dropped Republican members of Ihi Democrat-controlled House have lost first on a resolution to speed bill that would have extended things up and then on one to slow Daylight Saving Time an add' them down. Rep. Sidney Q. Curtiss of She field, Republican floor leader, tended the time period from Feb filed an order calling on the 22 to the second Sunday of No- Rules Committee to report imme- vember. Daylight time in Massa diately some 30 bills it has been chusetts currently runs from th< holding. last of April U> the last Sunday The existence of Curtiss' order of October, became known during debate on an order to extend the commit- _._ „ „__,_ tee's reporting dale from July 10 Committee has approved a bil that would require competitiv bidding on all construction or pui to Aug, 9. The extension passed 110 uie exieiidjun ya»acu jiu - *v.* oidajng on 311 construction ui &JLII- despite Curtiss' protests that the cn ase projects by any agency of bills probably would be thrown in- government, The bill would cover to the House on the final day of 3 n levels of government — from the session when there would be s t a te departments down to the no time lor proper debate. Chachvick Proposal After passage of the extension order the House took up a prc- iierKanire uj^uiut, nuiirjjiau - - Legion Auxiliary, will entertain the end appears far off, he said, patients of one ward at the Vet- the members should plan for erans' Administration Hospital, some time off. Northampton, at a picnic Thurs- Chadwick's r ._ r .._ day afternoon at 3:'30 at the hos- cepted, then reconsidered, and pita!. Mrs. Albert H. Jandro o finally rejected 01^ a voice vole. Dalton, district VA hospital chair man. has asked for aid in serving UlUtl Hit llvuat; v^fn U[< *» J*»~ ICJJgLalallVC ^VUIIUIVV^C Ikcalulf, Jta posal filed by Rep. Harrison terday on a bill to permit layini Chadwick, R-Winchester, that the underground cable on state owne< House hold formal sessions only lands in western Massachusetts, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from Aug. 16 to Sept. 16. Chadwick contended that if the House leadership wanted it to the legislature could wind up its affairs within a week. But sine Constitutional Convention mo,,. ,»» ..D.ICI. — ^ ... ~.,... s Proposed constitutional amend- Ihe picnic menu, from all units nients to bar from voting persons in the district. convicted of a crime In connec- Peter Pitts Says: EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW LATEST RATE you get iTOP interest on your savings at City Savings Bank NOW 3 OFFICES M With Inter-Office Convenient* DOWNTOWN: 116 North Street DA1TON AVENUE: )0 Devonshire Ave., Opposite Zayre PITTSFIELD PUZA: West Houiatenic Street ON INVESTMENT SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Suggested Deposit $500 or Mor« 4% on Regular Savings • ••••••• CUP AND MAIL TODAY! •••Oil CITY SAVINGS BANK I 16 North St., Pittsfield, Moil. Enclosed it $ Pleoie open an/a [~] Investment Savings Account Q Regular Savings Account as cheeUd ond mail passbook to address below. Pleoie send more information en D Investment Savings Accounts Individual Account in my name Joint Account with Trust Account for —•..I Norn. I Address | City Zone Stote I Send check or money order — not cosh said. The 1967 act was a victory fo the medical societies in a battle with anti-vivisection groups. Daylight Time The Senate has killed a House tional three months a year. The House bill would have ex Require Bidding The Senate Ways and Mean municipal level. Underground Cable No opposition was voiced at legislative committee hearing yes A spokesman for the Americai Telegraph & Telephone Co. tolt the committee the cable is part oJ a coaxial cable which will link Boston with the west coast as a supplement to an existing radio relay facility. The bill asks permission to lay cable on state property in Chester Worthington, PhilJipston »nd Pe tersham. State Colleges Bills granting fiscal autonomy to the state colleges, the New Bedford Institute of Technology and the Bradford-Durfee College of Technology in Fall River have passed the Senate and been sent a the House. The bill would enable them to transfer funds within their appropriations without approval of ^tal« fiscal agencies and lo salary scales. The University of Massachusetts and Lowell Technological Institute already have autonomy. Tideland Arui Mayor John F. Collins of Bosan has urged legislative approval to cede title to tideland areas on Boston's Atlantic Avenue, to clear Ihe way for a waterfront development. Collins, in a letter lo a legisla live committee, said the development is a matter of great urgency to the city. Frank S. Christian, president of the Downtown Waterfront Corp., which seeks to promote the waterfront development, said it cannol go ahead unless temporary licenses to use the tidelands are matle irrevocable. The licenses cover 9 acres, anc plans are for a complex of apartment houses, hotels and other buildings, which would be built under the redevelopment law, The Feds Came NOGALES, Sonora, Mexico ITI -Federal troops were called in to patrol the streets of Nogales Mexico, on Jan. 4. The reason: It was Naliona Policeman's day and the entire Nogales police force was given holiday. f ON TIMES SQUARE 1 AT RADIO CITY •ear-— • i» 7,000 m«4tfN roems lath, Radii * TV Snobs from W.OO DwUts from fll.50 TIM1 WMI M UMO (m 8 Teenagers Will Share $1,000 Bonds for Driving A total of $1,000 in U. S. Government Bonds will be awarded to eight teenage drivers in the state this summer for safe and courteous driving, it was announced today. The prizes will be given by the Massachusetts Citizens Organization for Highway Accident-Prevention Inc., in cooperation with the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Massachusetts State Police. Nominations for the awards, which close Sept. 9, will be by registry examiners and reg istry investigators, and members of the stale police. Atty. A. C. Rome of Boston, president of the contest-sponsoring organization, will serve as one of the judges, along with Rcgiji- trar of Motor Vehicles James R. Lawton and Commissioner of Public Safety Frank Giles, The two top prizes of $200 U. S. government bonds will be awarded to one girl driver and one boy driver. The next six winners will each receive $100 U. S. government bonds. Did it Hurt, Hurt? JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (AP) — Harold Hurt caught a whopper made while out fishing near here but he wasn't happy about it, What troubled the 20-year-old fisherman was that the whopper he caught was himself. A fishing hook was removed from Hurt's uppe lip at the Memorial Hospital emergency room. FOR A WELL DRESSED HOME! Hurxfrad* of N»w P»tUrni • Pr«-T>imm»d • Plastic Bonded • Colonials, Traditional! and Moderns from roll GAZZANIGA WALLPAPER - PAINT FLOOR COVERING COR. BANK »nd SUMMER STS. DIAL MO 4-9530 STKICTIY FIRST DUALITY GIRLS' SHORT SETS 2-Pc. Sfyle, Screen Prints and Solid Colon. Siiei: 2-8. 2 1.38 CHILDREN'S EMBROIDERED SUN SUITS 39' Solid Cotton Poplin. Full Bib. Sizes: 1-2-3. Comp. s' 59c STRICTLY FIRST QUALITY BOYS'KNIT or SPORT SHIRTS 1.37 Large Variety of Patterns and Colors, Sizes: 6-18. At Long As Quantity Lasts. STRICTLY FIRST DUALITY MEN'S KNIT or SPORT SHIRTS .37 Ivy and Reg. Collars. Many New Colors and Fabrics. Sizes: S-M-L Ai Long As Quantity Lash. 1 State Rood At Demand Avenue Open Monday Thru Saturday 10A.M. TIM 0P.M. REPEATED BY POPULAR DEMAND! STRICTLY FIRST QUALITY. FAMOUS MAKE GIRLS' SUNDRESSES Made of Fine Cofton. Lafesf Styles and Color Combination. Siies: 3-6x, 7-14. 1. Compare at 1.99 LADIES' AND MISSES' Jamaica Shorts .27 Solid Colors. Plaids and Checks. As Long As Quantity Lasts, 1 Compare at 2.E9 Comp. at 1.99 FAMOUS BRAND. LADIES' & MISSES' BLUE DENIM JAMAICA SHORTS 2 And Knee Knockers. Sizes: 8 to 18. Comp. at 3.2? HARDWOOD CHARCOAL ZORIES Final Clouout of Hw Season For Beach, Patio, and Pool. 17** TODDLERS' CHILDREN'S MISSES' & LADIES- MEN'S BRIQUETTS 10 it* 63 Charcoal Lighter 31c FAMOUS FIREFLY SEAMLESS AND SEAMLESS MESH SHOP, COMPARE AND SAVE! NYLONS Never Sold Before For Less Than 73c! In Latest Summer Shades. All Lengths. 49 Sizes: 8'A-II. tm Week Only) •J Compare DOUBLE EVERY WED MOTOR OIL SAE 20 or 30 Gallon Can 27 FLY DED INSECTICIDE 57 11 or AEROSAL CAN Compere And Savel

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