Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 20, 1951 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1951
Page 6
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THE REGISTER NEWS — MT VERNON, ILLfNOIS MASS TRAINING OF YOUTHS FOR ARMY^NEARER Tnimon Nomet Commitsion to rion Details of Uni- ¥«rtol Conscription. •y AiMciiM Prtii WASHINGTON, June 20.—Senator Russell (D-Ga) today promised speedy Senate approval for President Truman's five nominees for the National Security Training 'Itommission. • The Commission must spell out details for the vast UMT program, luch as policies of training and discipline, a code of conduct, benefits for dependeiits and similar program. This is the first of a number of steps that must be taken before • long-term program of Universal Military Training (UMT) for most young men of the nation can start. The President announced his five nominees yesterday at the time he signed into law an extension and expansion of the draft act linked with a foundation for the UMT program. Russell, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and an ardent advocate of UMT, told a reporter he hopes to haive congressional action on the UMT machinery completed at this session. That may be about six months away although no one can safely guess now when actual mass training of 18 year olds may start. The Senate Armed Services Conrmittee and then the Senate will consider these five nominees to the special commission: Former Rep. James W. Wadworth (R-NY), a veteran of both the Senate and the House who has been a longtime advocate of a strong national defense; Will L. Clayton, former Undersecretary of State and a cotton broker; Karl T, Compton, former president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in 1947 chairman of a presidential commission that recommended UMT as an "urgent necessity"; Admiral Thomas C. Kin- laid; and Lt Gen. Raymond S. ilcClain. FOUCE COURT Fines assessed before W. O. Page in police court included: John Monroe, $15.40 on drunk charge; Ted Kocol, $10,40 for running a stop light/ Fines assessed, on charges preferred by state police, included: Junior Wright, $14 for speeding; E, L. Starkey, $9 for failure to have safe^ sticker on truck; Ray Klingenberg, $9 for failure to have safety sticker on truck. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 1951 PAGEANTRY OF FAST IN MODERN ROM E-Xhls is "Ancient Cbariot Race" in ft pageant held In Rome's modern Marble Forum. Nine chariots, from each of Rome's alac qoartcrs. parUclpsted in the nee seen by "Emperor Nero" himself. NEAL BROTHERS ROOFING COMPANY Oenoine Ru-Ber-Oid Roofing, Siding A Bockwool insulation Office: Mt. Vernon. lU. SLMVtb A CENTURY AUO—iiorn m slavery 100 years ago was Frank Sampler, above. His wife, Ophelia, was also born a slave, but a mere 99 years ago. Neighbors plan a big centennial celebration for the old couple, who live just • mile away from the bouse near Anniston, Ala., where Mrs. Sampler was bom.' From their own small, stone house, the Samplers can sit and watch their grandchildren, born in freedom, play on the steps of the old plantation hous*. Britain Prepares For Winter War By Associated Prtss LONDON, June 20 — The British government is making preparations for the continuation of the Korean campaign during the coming winter. Several questions were asked in the House of Commons today about the provision of heating equipment for British troops there. War Minister John Strachey said the government has made arrangements with United States authorities for stoves "for all our troops in Korea in time" for the cold weather. First territorial legislature of Oregon met in Oregon .City in 1849. ALUMINUM SCREENS NOW AVAILABLE SCREEN-TEST YOUR HOME! •' •^••••••^ liitliiiiTl.i n ri T 1 M 1 I I I IT I r 1 1 1 I W M I I TI I M M 11 T T T T 1 Never Need Pointing—Lost a Lifetime EGYPTIAN BLIND AND FLOOR COVERING CO SIO S. 10th Street — Phone Sm-J DR. W. R. HAYMAN CHIhOPODlST FCXXr SPECTAUST TMe. 1741 for Appointment Mt Vemoa. lUlmrfs Open IBvenipgr by Appointment Dr. Whitaker DENTIST First Natioiul Bsn4 Bldg. Phone mt TIME TO BUY LIQUOR IS NOW from the only Liquor Store in Mt Vernon. East Side Square — FREE DELIVERY. PHONE 100 or 108 Free PArkiojc in Rear Hold Racketeer On Murder Charge By Asvctatcd Press CHICAGO, June 20 — A wealthy south side policy wheel operator was booked today on a charge of murdering a man he claimed was trying to kidnap, rob or assassinate him. The state filed the charge after Theodore P. Roe, the negro numbers game boss, tried to win freedom on a habeas corpus writ. The criminal court denied the writ yesterday but ruled that police could hold him without charge only until this morning. FOR LEASE Service Station MAJOR OIL CO. Coll 3537 offer 5 P. M. or write 412 S. 22nd Sf. ma POWER Come in to^y for a no -obligation demonstration •f Powersiide automatic transmission . . . easiest, smeotheit driving you ever experienced! Diaeover tiie '"drive thrill" of the low-price field. Find out how •MX Poweigttde driving is ... how smooth . . . how different! PowergUde (ivet • continuous flow of power ... no "steps" and "•UISM" between gpecd ranges. Come in and try it today 1 Powtglldu h ewn*r«proverf over o biltion milet. 1 DAVIDSC^N CHEVROLET COMPANY fif xSQVfV TES^U gTBJBET PHONE 8120 The, fighter pilot gets a picture of the weather by Long Distance Tomorrow 's weather is on the wires today for the forces which guard this nation's skies and shores. The largest Long Distance network of its kind brings them detailed "isobar** weather charts around the clock. These charts are sent by a system known as "facsimile" from the Weather Analysis Center in Washington, D. C. There, an electric eye scans the weather "picture** as it turns on a special drum. The signal waves produced go out ovflr Aousanda of milM of wire to military installations throughout the country where the picture is automatically rgproduced. This weather network was designed and completed in less than two years. It's another demonstration of the importance of Long Distance lines to the security of the nation--especially now, when stormy weather may lie ahead. • To kefp »P( M 4 yoar LoRfl ObtaNce cell, please fhre the operator the outK>f-town telephone numbeTt Telephone lines are busy wiih national defenst. VHel fe • •froaf AmtrttaT' ILLINOli BILL TILIPHONI COMPANY FIREMEN'S PET DRAKE CHASES DUCKLING OUT OF THE WATER MOLINE, ni.. June 20. — The Mollne Park Boafd is trying to decide whether Demon, the M B U lard drake, is Just plain mean to little ducklings, or pursues them in search of romance. Firemen at Moline'a No. 4 station and Riverside Park officials are locked in debate over whether he should be caged or allowed to roam the park's lagoon at will. The drake is a pet of the firemen in the station next to the park. T»vo days ago park employes placed 20 17-day-old ducklings in the lagoon, but Demon chased them out of the water and against the park fence, where they cowered until rescued. Ralph Birks, park superintendent, called the police. They ejected Demon from the lagoon and put him in a pen beside the fire station. But in some mysterious manner Demon was back In the lagoon yesterday again pursuing ducklings. Birks promptly removed the ducklings from the pond, saying he wouldn't put them back until that "vicious" drake was put away. But the firemen scoffed: "He's just lonely." they said, "and using caveman-type courting tactics." The controversy has been turned over to the park Iward for a decision. 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